Heres Why the DEA ReScheduling Just One CannabisBased Drug Is a Very

first_img Here’s Why the DEA Re-Scheduling Just One Cannabis-Based Drug Is a Very Big Deal Advocates for Cannabis Legalization Each week hear inspiring stories of business owners who have taken the cannabis challenge and are now navigating the exciting but unpredictable Green Rush. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. October 12, 2018 Medical Marijuana –shares Guest Writer Image credit: rgbspace | Getty Images Next Article For decades DEA has insisted marijuana has no legitimate use, even as it made research into medical marijuana nearly impossible. That contradiction is coming to an end. 4 min read Last week, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency made a historic move, re-scheduling “FDA-approved approved drugs that contain CBD derived from cannabis and no more than 0.1 percent tetrahydrocannabinols [THC].” This meant that FDA-approved drugs containing CBD were moved out of the Schedule I category, which they previously shared with highly-addictive drugs like heroin, to the Schedule V category, which implies signifies medical uses and low potential for abuse.For the time being, this change is quite limited to just one cannabis-derived drug approved by the FDA: GW Pharmaceuticals’ cannabis-derived Epidiolex, a drug for treating patients with treatment-resistant Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, or LGS, a rare form of childhood-onset epilepsy. However, the significance of the DEA’s decision cannot be overstated. It sets an invaluable precedent as it is the first time the federal government has acknowledged the medical potential of CBD and, by association, of the cannabis plant that is its source.This decision opens a new road for other CBD-containing drugs to pursue FDA approval and a subsequent DEA re-classification. It is the first crack in the previously impregnable Federal stance against anything cannabis-related.Related: This Is Non-Negotiable: Cannabis Legalization Must Include Restorative JusticeInformation is power.As of 2018, research on cannabis’ therapeutic potential in the US was virtually barred by the DEA’s Schedule I classification of the plant. The lack of scientific information on cannabis created a veil of ignorance that made it impossible to combat prevailing misconceptions. In this sense, Epidiolex represents a paradigm shift, as researchers (under a federal charter in the United Kingdom) were able to perform a scientific study on CBD and found measurable medical benefits.Of course parents, physicians, and other advocates have known about these benefits for years. However, they now have the scientific study to back it up. Presented with verifiable data on the health benefits of Epidiolex, the FDA chose (or maybe was compelled) to approve its use.With this approval and consequent re-scheduling of a cannabis-derived drug, marijuana can no longer be disregarded as an escapist drug for “stoners.” Instead, cannabis has to be seen as what it is: a medicine with scientifically verifiable benefits.Related: The Next Big Thing in Cannabis? TerpenesWhat’s Next?The cannabis industry may have only gained an inch of ground with the latest DEA decision. But that inch was fought over and won with passion and empathy; and there is no going back now. Time only marches forward.But the battle is far from over. Next up is the re-scheduling of THC-based cannabis products. This is going to be an arduous, uphill fight against decades of propaganda and entrenched business interests related to the War on Drugs. Nowadays, most health benefits related to THC are overshadowed by irrational fear of the intoxicating effects, which evoke concerns about substance abuse and related public safety concerns (i.e. driving while intoxicated) and the archetype of the “lazy stoner.”The battle to re-schedule all CBD-containing products might be easier. CBD, a chemical compound almost unknown to popular culture until recently, doesn’t carry the same stigma as THC. In fact, CBD has emerged in recent years as a “wonder drug” with a long list of potential benefits and no dangerous downsides. The difference between CBD and other buzzy “wonder drugs” is that recent scientific study has proven the health benefits through exacting clinical trials.But the struggle goes on and is far from over. We, the people in the cannabis movement, need to continue to erode the facade of control that the Federal government wants to exert over a non-toxic, non-addictive substance like CBD and other cannabis-derived compounds, substances with the potential to bring profound benefits to our society. Add to Queue Green Entrepreneur Podcast Evan Eneman and Javier Hasse Listen Nowlast_img read more

Campbell to offload Kelsen Group to Ferrero affiliate for 300m

first_imgCampbell to offload Kelsen Group to Ferrero affiliate for $300mPosted By: Martin Whiteon: July 12, 2019In: Business, Food, Industries, Mergers & Acquisitions, SnacksPrintEmailCampbell Soup Company has agreed to offload Denmark-based Kelsen Group to Ferrero affiliate CTH Invest for approximately $300 million, as the company continues its debt reduction strategy.Based in Nørre Snede, Denmark, Kelsen is a producer of baked snacks, and its primary brands include Kjeldsens and Royal Dansk. Kelsen had net sales of approximately $157 million in the last 12 months.Belgian-based CTH Invest has said it will assume control over Kelsen’s two production facilities in Denmark and add new biscuits assortments to its portfolio in future.Kelsen is part of the Campbell International division, which also includes Arnott’s biscuits, Campbell’s simple meals businesses in Australia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Japan, and manufacturing operations in Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia.Last year, Campbell outlined its plan to divest both its Campbell Fresh and Campbell International businesses and launched a portfolio review in August 2018, as the company aims to significantly reduce debt and boost its balance sheet.As part of the portfolio review, Campbell completed the full divestiture of its Bolthouse Farms arm to private equity firm Butterfly in April for approximately $510 million, in a deal which completed the full divestiture of the company’s Campbell Fresh division.The company claimed that the sale of the Campbell Fresh businesses allowed the company to reduce its debt by approximately $570 million.According to a statement from Campbell’s, the process to divest the remainder of Campbell International, including Arnott’s, is still ongoing.Mark Clouse, Campbell’s president and CEO, said: “The sale of Kelsen Group supports our strategy to focus on North America where we have iconic brands and strong market positions, while reducing debt.“Throughout the divestiture process, we have considered many options for our valuable international assets.“Selling Kelsen separately from the rest of our international business generates the greatest possible value for Campbell. We are committed to the divestiture of the remainder of our international operations and will remain disciplined as we move forward.”Share with your network: Tags: Campbell SoupFerreroKelsen Grouplast_img read more

How One Couple Saved 1 Million in 4 Years to Retire by

first_img This story originally appeared on CNBC Kathleen Elkins Next Article How One Couple Saved $1 Million in 4 Years to Retire by Age 43 Add to Queue August 16, 2016 Register Now » –shares Free Webinar | July 31: Secrets to Running a Successful Family Business 6 min read In 2013, “Mr. and Mrs. 1500″ — the pseudonym of soon-to-be early retirees Carl and Mindy — decided to get serious about their savings goals.”I was having this horrific day at work,” 42-year-old computer programmer Carl told Farnoosh Torabi on an episode of her podcast. “I was 38 at the time, and I’m like, ‘There’s no way I can do this until I’m 62 or 65 or whatever age people normally retire at.”Inspired by the idea of retiring early, the husband-wife duo with two kids vowed to build a portfolio of $1 million and no debt by February 2017. This would allow them to retire in 1,500 days at the ripe age of 43.They achieved the $1 million mark ahead of schedule — in April 2016 — and now aim to reach $1.12 million by February, at which point they’ll officially retire.The good news is, anyone can do the same — and you don’t have to be an investment banker raking in millions. All it takes is “smart decisions along with intelligent saving and investing,” they write on their blog.Here’s a look at exactly how Carl and Mindy are making early retirement a reality:They figured out exactly how much money they needed to retire comfortably.The couple started by analyzing their spending habits. “My wife and I wrote all of our expenses in a book,” Carl explains on their blog. “Every time we returned from shopping or paid a bill, we logged it.”Based on their logs, they determined they could live on $24,000 a year. To be safe, they added a $6,000 cushion and bumped that estimate up to $30,000 a year.Using the “4 percent rule” — the slightly controversial rule of thumb used to help you determine the amount you can withdraw from your retirement savings each year without running out — they came up with their magic number.”Based on the 4% rule, I need about $800,000 to retire with no debt,” Carl wrote on the blog in 2013. “However, I’d like very much to be able to help my children through college, so I’m going to bump the number up to $1,000,000.”They committed to putting $2,000 a month toward their investments, which stood at $570,000 when they started, in order to build their portfolio up to $1 million in 1,500 days.To be sure, they had a big head start. They’d spent years building their up their portfolio by maxing out his 401(k) account, flipping houses and saving a good amount of their income. Carl noted that his programming job paid well, but did not share specifics.You can read more about their initial financial standing and calculations on their blog.They tracked their expenses and cut their spending.Once they settled on contributing at least $2,000 a month, the couple immediately looked for ways to cut their costs. It’s a good starting point for anyone, they told Torabi. It’s “something you can do immediately.”They also recommend recording each and every expense, which will allow you to see exactly how much money you’re spending and where there’s room to save.”You’ll be surprised,” they say. “We started doing this and were like, ‘Wow, we spent that much on groceries? What were we thinking?’ After you do that, evaluate every one of those line items and see how you can cut those down.”They downsized.Shortly after making the decision to retire early, the couple sold their 5,000-square-foot lake house in Wisconsin and bought a 1,400-square-foot fixer upper in Colorado. It meant a significantly smaller mortgage. Plus, “those extra 3,500-square-feet added absolutely nothing to my happiness,” Carl adds.They also note that their location in Colorado is a big part of the reason they’re able to retire in their 40s with a million-dollar portfolio: “If you lived in San Francisco or Manhattan, I don’t think you’d be able to do it, but we live in a very low-cost area in Colorado. … Life is pretty cheap here, and we can get by on about $2,000 a month.”They focused on increasing their income.Next, the couple focused on earning more. Carl’s main side gig is blogging, but he also fixes up homes and writes smart phone apps. Mindy, who was previously a stay-at-home mom, landed her current job as a writer for a real estate investing website through their blog. They both plan to continue working on the side in retirement.They also made smart investments, including buying the $176,000 fixer upper home that they estimate is now worth over $400,000. Another major investment vehicle for Carl and Mindy is the stock market. Although they don’t recommend picking individual stocks — which is much riskier than investing in low-cost index funds — they did have success buying shares of Facebook.”I don’t endorse it and it’s not my new methodology, but I bought 2,000 shares at Facebook at about $30 a share and now it’s like $120 a share,” Carl told Torabi. “I’m an index-fund guy now.”Whether you choose to invest in real estate or the stock market, or neither, the point is that focusing on increasing earnings is just as important as saving. Increasing income isn’t always as easy as cutting costs, but most people don’t work more than 40 hours a week, they said on Torabi’s podcast. They said you can drive for Uber or Lyft and rent out a spare room through Airbnb to increase your income.They changed their mindset about money.”I learned that you don’t need a lot of money,” Mindy told Torabi. “My quality of life has not changed since we became laser-focused on cutting out our expenses. I don’t need the cable TV. … I don’t need a super-expensive phone plan.””I don’t miss all this stuff because it didn’t really add to my life,” she said. Learn how to successfully navigate family business dynamics and build businesses that excel. Money Managementlast_img read more

More States Have Made Marijuana Legal So Why Are More People Getting

first_img More States Have Made Marijuana Legal, So Why Are More People Getting Arrested? Each week hear inspiring stories of business owners who have taken the cannabis challenge and are now navigating the exciting but unpredictable Green Rush. The latest crime statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigations show a strange trend has continued. The more states that legalize cannabis, the more people across the country get arrested for marijuana-related crimes.According to the FBI’s annual Crime in the United States report, released in September, there were 659,700 marijuana arrests in 2017. In 2016, that number was 653,249. Overall, marijuana arrests made up more than 40% of the 1.6 million drug-related arrests in 2017 across the country.So, why is that happening?Based on the FBI numbers, arrests for sales and manufacturing are actually down slightly from 2016. However, what’s gone up are arrests for possession. About 91% of all the arrests were on possession charges.Related: ‘Microdosing Moms’ and ‘Divorced Dads’ Emerge Among Cannabis ConsumersCounter to Public OpinionTo put the number of marijuana arrests in perspective, there were 518,617 arrests in 2017 for violent crime, far less than those arrested on marijuana-related charges.“Actions by law enforcement run counter to both public support and basic morality,” Justin Strekal, the political director for NORML, said in a statement. He pointed out that these arrests are going up “in a day and age where 20 percent of the population lives in states which have legalized and nearly every state has some legal protections for medical cannabis or its extract.”Race and economics also play a role in the reaction to drug arrests. Reports have shown that minorities and those in disadvantaged communities are far more likely to get arrested than those who are white and living in middle to upper class neighborhoods.For example, a recent report by the Southern Poverty Law Center found that black people are three times more likely to get arrested for pot possession in Louisiana.Related: 7 Interesting Things to Know About Canada’s Legalization of MarijuanaStrange TrendArrests for marijuana possession and marijuana sales had actually fallen for a decade until 2016. In both 2016 and 2017, arrests went up.This change comes at a time when nine states have legalized marijuana for recreational use and 30 have legalized medical marijuana. Two more states are considering legalizing adult-use marijuana on the November 2018 ballot (Michigan and North Dakota).Voters in Utah and Missouri are considering legalizing medical marijuana.However, the federal government still lists marijuana as a Schedule I illegal drug that has no medical benefit. Many states still completely prohibit the possession or use of marijuana.The region with the biggest percentage of drug arrests involving marijuana is the Midwest where more than 53 percent of all drug arrests in 2017 involved marijuana. In the Northeast, the number was 49.6 percent, while in the South it was 48.7 percent.The only region with significantly low marijuana arrests was the West, where many states have legalized both adult-use and medical marijuana. Only 15 percent of all drug-related arrests involved marijuana.Follow on Instagram to stay up to date on the latest cannabis news. Guest Writer Next Article Add to Queue Image credit: Daniel Truta | EyeEm | Getty Images –shares Listen Now Easy Search. Quality Finds. Your partner and digital portal for the cannabis community. Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Legal Marijuana Hundreds of thousands of people, particularly those who are poor and nonwhite, are still arrested annually for simple possession of marijuana. Green Entrepreneur Podcast 3 min read October 18, 2018last_img read more

Down and out in Disneyland study finds most LA workers cant cover

first_imgOutside in America Homelessness In southern California, where soaring rents are worsening a severe homelessness crisis, this may not go very far, even with the help of food banks and shelters that Disneyland often supports. Report co-author Peter Dreier said he was surprised by “the magnitude of the suffering that people are going through”. Dreier, a professor of public policy at Occidental College, mentioned what he called “ironies” at Disney, like the fact that Disneyland requires its employees to smile yet 43% say they need but can’t afford dental care.The study, which follows protests over conditions at the resort, notes that in three consecutive years, Disney’s CEO, Robert Iger, earned more than 2,000 times the income of an average Disneyland worker. It also compared the low wages of employees with the resort’s enormous financial success. The study found that from 2007 to 2016, attendance grew 21%, ticket prices went up 59%, and revenue 98%. But since 2000, the average hourly wage for Disneyland Resort workers in real dollars dropped 15%, from $15.80 to $13.36.“The higher-ups are just so out of touch with what the cast members go through,” Taylor said. “They’re in a whole different world than we are.”Her own situation unraveled when her decade-old SUV broke down and she could not afford the $250 repair. She took a payday loan, which ultimately cost her $1,000, and fell behind on rent. By Christmas, she was sleeping in the car she just had fixed. “I don’t want to be a victim,” Taylor said. “I’ve had offers to move out of state, but I’m 59 years old. I’m established there, at Disney. That’s my job, that’s my career. It may not be much, but it’s something that I do very well, and I’m proud of what I do.” “For the last couple of weeks, I bought a packet of little individual cheese packets and crackers. And that’s what I’ll have for dinner when I get home.”Despite their hardships, three-quarters of the survey respondents say they are proud to work at Disneyland. Shevlin says she fell in love with Disney’s stories when she was a child in Oklahoma, and that moving to California and working at Disneyland was a dream come true. “They write great stories, they make money off those stories, but I don’t feel sometimes they walk the walk or talk the talk when it comes to me.”Disney’s largest unions are launching a ballot initiative for Anaheim that would require large hospitality business such as Disney, who are benefiting from the city’s subsidies, to pay their employees at least $15 an hour beginning in 2019, $18 an hour by 2022, and subsequently continue to adjust wages for inflation. Inequality Facebook Los Angeles Topics This article is more than 1 year old Pinterest Last modified on Mon 17 Sep 2018 08.02 EDT Veronica Chavez, a housekeeper at a Disneyland Resort hotel, and her three sons. Photograph: Courtesy of Veronica Chavez Social exclusion Share via Email Poverty New survey finds three-quarters of employees don’t earn enough for basic expenses, while one in 10 have experienced homelessnessCinderella is homeless, Ariel ‘can’t afford to live on land’: Disney under fire for paySign up to our monthly Outside in America newsletter Housing She’s not as sunny when she talks about her life outside of work.Earning $11.50 an hour, Taylor cannot afford anywhere to live in Orange County, where Disneyland is located, and is sleeping on friends’ couches. For a long time, Taylor thought she was the only person who struggled with homelessness and poverty on Disney wages, but a new study indicates otherwise.Almost three-quarters of the 5,000 respondents to the survey, which was commissioned by 11 union organizations, said they do not earn enough money to cover basic expenses every month. And more than one in 10 reported having experienced homelessness in the past two years.Those in need include a food worker who can only afford to eat one meal a day and a hotel cleaner who had to choose between Christmas gifts for her children and rent.The findings are contested by Suzi Brown, a Disney spokeswoman, who called the report “inaccurate and unscientific” and said it was “paid for by politically motivated labor unions and its results are deliberately distorted” because only a self-selecting portion of the 17,000 unionized employees participated. She said the full-time, hourly wage of Disney staffers was around $37,000 in 2017. At Disneyland California, some workers report skipping meals, or choosing between rent and Christmas gifts for their children.Photograph: Benoit Tessier/Reuters Down and out in Disneyland: study finds most LA workers can’t cover basic needs Facebook Share on Facebook Paulina Velasco in Los Angeles Glynndana Shevlin, a food and beverage concierge, at work. Photograph: Courtesy of Glynndana Shevlin The Silicon Valley paradox: one in four people are at risk of hunger Her full-time, hourly wages have gone up only $1.60, to $15.70 since 2008, and she struggles to pay for healthcare and cholesterol medication, a storage unit, the phone bill, and car insurance. She doesn’t have enough money to pay rent for March. Walt Disney Companycenter_img Share on Twitter Pinterest Walt Disney Company Reuse this content Billie Taylor is in her fifth year working at Disneyland in California as a front-of-house employee at a restaurant called the Smokejumpers Grill. Warm and vivacious, she says she loves interacting with guests from around the world. “This is one of the best things that happened to me,” she said. “I was born to do this.” Twitter Read more Share on Pinterest Share on Messenger Shares511511 Supported by This article is more than 1 year old news Share on Twitter Billie Taylor in her role at the Smokejumpers Grill. Photograph: Courtesy of Billie Taylor Employees who are parents are the worst-affected by low wages, according to the study, with 80% reporting they cannot make ends meet at the end of the month.Veronica Chavez is a 35-year-old single mother of three young boys. She’s worked for seven years as a housekeeper at a Disneyland Resort hotel. On $13.11 an hour and a full-time schedule, she spends most of her paycheck on rent, and could not afford gifts for her children for Christmas. Her youngest son’s birthday was days before the holiday.“You try to give them everything,” Chavez said, “but you can’t even give them a birthday party.”Do you have an experience of homelessness to share with the Guardian? Get in touch Sign up to Chronicling Homelessness, our monthly Outside in America newsletter The report suggested that two-thirds of Disneyland Resort workers are food insecure, meaning they lack a sufficient quantity of affordable, nutritious food. They include Glynndana Shevlin, a food and beverage concierge at one of the resort hotels, meaning she serves wine and appetizers to suite guests. She has worked for Disney for 30 years.“Food-wise I try to spend under $60 a week, but that only gives me about one meal a day,” she said. She can’t touch the fancy appetizers she takes up to the suites – mushroom ratatouille, teriyaki beef kabobs – and she can’t afford the employee cafeteria. 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Steve Bell on Trump and Kim Jonguns second summit – cartoon

first_img 4 Share on Twitter Steve Bell on Trump and Kim Jong-un’s second summit – cartoon,Illustration: Steve Bell Share The_Watcher_Watches Report Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Facebook 28 Feb 2019 3:32 Show 9 more replies Share Donald Trump Report Kim Jong-un Report 52 53 Report 28 Feb 2019 3:29 Reason (optional) View more comments | Unpick Share on Twitter Facebook Share on Facebook oldest 7 8 Show 25 Share | Pick 100 All Twitter GrumpusMelanchtonicu Reply Share 3 Share on Facebook 28 Feb 2019 3:28 28 Feb 2019 3:53 … 28 Feb 2019 3:46 Loading comments… Trouble loading? Facebook 28 Feb 2019 3:18 Thanks Facebook Still nearly two years to go.. It’s possible that it could be the longest two years in history. Goodness knows what he’ll do with a real crisis on the world stage… 2 28 Feb 2019 4:37 28 Feb 2019 3:34 Report Share on Facebook Facebook 4 32 33 Share on Twitter | Pick 28 Feb 2019 4:15 next Facebook good2go 6 7 Share Facebook | Pick Shares131131 0 1 28 Feb 2019 3:41 No….this was just a wee birdie. The noise coming from Mr. Cohen is not so melodic!More akin to yet more cow floppy hitting the fan in the life of the current Prez. Facebook When is he going to be impeached? Reply My button is bigger than yours !! 1 2 1 2 Reply Report marshwren Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Share Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Gelion Twitter Report He might ask Kim for political refugee status for him and his family. Twitter 3 Report Share 28 Feb 2019 3:26 sejong Share Tony Stopyra Share on Facebook Share on Facebook next | Pick GrumpusMelanchtonicu Waterllili Share 11 12 Reply Facebook A distinction all previous and sane US Presidents refused to grant to him and his predecessors. Trump is only there to boost his ego and excite his rabid base back home. 211 212 5nufk1n4prez Gelion zelablue what does Kim want in order to ditch NK’s nuclear capability. my guess is Kim (or rather China) wants the US out of the region altogether. & Japan ain’t gonna want that… Twitter “America voted this man in.” No. America voted for Clinton by 3m more votes. Trump was put into office by the corrupt Electoral College. Reply Share SterlingPound Facebook Reply 28 Feb 2019 3:56 Share on Twitter FlamParadiddle 30 31 Twitter Washington? Report The US is adjusting and realised what they did by electing Trump.He will try to stay in power if just to save his own life but will fail.most people who voted for him will not next time round. But, as for this side of the pond, people would still vote the demagogues in In fact, I reckon his election cleared the way for more social politicians on the democrats side to be elected. Not done yet, but odds on. Share ghotiface Share on Facebook Share on Twitter kristinezkochanski 0 1 q321gg8cla Share on Twitter Twitter | Pick 28 Feb 2019 4:02 Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Threads collapsed eileanmor Share on Facebook 1 2 28 Feb 2019 3:26 Facebook Reply Please select Personal abuse Off topic Legal issue Trolling Hate speech Offensive/Threatening language Copyright Spam Other | Pick Share on Twitter Share Guardian Pick Facebook Has the Orange Lunatic actually read the United Nations’ report on the North Korean regime? His warm words sit pretty uneasily next to “extermination, murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape, forced abortions and other sexual violence, persecution on political, religious, racial and gender grounds, the forcible transfer of populations, the enforced disappearance of persons and the inhumane act of knowingly causing prolonged starvation”.But hey, we love this little roly-poly guy! he has weird hair, but he’s a great leader. I wish Americans would love me the way his people love him!Just occasionally, Trump makes me want to vomit. Like every time I see him. Reply Report Twitter No – if you look at the original Pitt the Younger & Bonaparte are sitting at a table carving the world up. These two are sitting on the table & Trump is about to roll the poor globe over the edge. A very effective update. Reply 0 1 SterlingPound Report Share on Facebook itz4kixAKA Reply Reply Is that a downgrade? We were America’s poodle, now we’re just the poodle’s gas. Share on Facebook Share Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Report 29 30 Trump’s head is turned by his new love while his arse deals with pressing world issues. ID1892516 Report Shouldn’t that be : – ”Steve Bell on Trump and Kim Jong-un’s second moob fest.” Share on Twitter itz4kixAKA Share on Twitter Twitter 28 Feb 2019 13:11 Facebook Report Share Twitter Share on Facebook Rudy Giuliani? SterlingPound Show 3 more replies 28 Feb 2019 3:32 the donald must be wishing ri chun-hee was currently the cnn news anchor reporting his glorious & beautiful ‘achievements’ in hanoi rather than the usual ‘fake news’ back home during this difficult time. x Share Report 23 24 Share on Facebook Reply Share on Twitter Twitter Facebook Reply Share on Twitter Share on Facebook 28 Feb 2019 3:23 Share TroyChapelII 6 7 Facebook Share on Facebook 20 21 Share getuzachoppa 5nufk1n4prez 10 11 | Pick Email (optional) Reply | Pick No. Just Great Britain. Close report comment form 1 2 Share on Facebook Facebook Twitter Show 8 more replies Facebook Reply Share on Twitter 0 1 Twitter quaysideB 13 14 26 27 Reply FBPEFBPE This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs. comments (631)Sign in or create your Guardian account to join the discussion. Reply Twitter Report | Pick Share on Facebook Reply Twitter Reply Not sure there is one (that’s more a Rowson thing), but seeing shapes in clouds is a bit like a rorschach test… Report 6 7 eileanmor Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Report Facebook Share on Facebook Facebook 0 1 Share on Twitter ID1892516 5 6 North Korea,View all comments > Share on Twitter Share Share good2go Facebook Share on Facebook | Pick It’s hilarious but scary so you’ve got the mark again. Truth is stranger than the satire. Weird upside down world we live in. Reply I’d trust Kim over Trump any day. Facebook Twitter The scary bit is that his supporters won’t be fazed to be told he’s a conman, racist and criminal. That’s why they voted for him. Either they are that way inclined themselves or they rather admire Godfather figures as they get things done, by whatever means and over however many bodies that takes. They’re all great human beings who proudly love their country and their Lord. A shame they’re destroying one and by so doing I don’t think the Lord will be impressed either. sgtdixie Share Share Report Report Share on Facebook 1 Trump is actually managing to make Kim look like a Stateman! Facebook 28 Feb 2019 3:23 Twitter As this cartoon cleverly illustrates, the economic help offered to Kim Jong-un if he disarms, will go up in a cloud of fart if Michael Cohen keeps testifying. Mr Trump will be leaving the white House before Theresa May gets her Brexit deal approved by Parliament, or Chris Grayling’s hired ferry makes it to Dover with a pack of aspirins. Share ID1892516 Share Share on Facebook 28 Feb 2019 3:48 Sorry to be pedantic, but he only dodged the draft once. The other times were deferments as a student. I believe Bill Clinton used the same excuse. sgtdixie Share 211 212 Share on Facebook 28 Feb 2019 3:20 Report Reply Share | Pick Facebook Facebook Share Show 5 more replies Reply 28 Feb 2019 3:24 Facebook Waterllili Reply | Pick If you read the US press, even the anti Trump press, Cohen has been caught lying in his testimony. The trouble is his lies devalue his entire testimony so even the true stuff loses its value. | Pick Aw, I’m going to vomit, Mr Bell. Also, HAH! Also, also, this is the only Gillray Plum Pudding I could find, does anyone have a reference or am I barking up the wrong tree? WOOF! 5 6 28 Feb 2019 3:24 3 4 eileanmor 40 41 Report Hi Eilean, glad you are bearing up with the help of beautiful nature (I’ve been out on my garden doing what I can and talking to a robin) but the news these days does tend to drive one between a frenzy of cheerful hope and weepy despair so I agree and sympathise. bigbobcolorado … Share on Twitter Reply Facebook 28 Feb 2019 3:45 eileanmor 28 Feb 2019 3:42 hermionegingold Facebook Share on Facebook | Pick Report 28 Feb 2019 5:27 | Pick Donald’s really let himself go. Sad. Order by oldest Report 28 Feb 2019 3:41 28 Feb 2019 3:53 Share on Twitter Facebook | Pick Report Share on Twitter Facebook Grotesquely brilliant. Share on Twitter | Pick America voted this man in. They have to accept the consequences of his behaviour. Of course, backed up by power at any cost Republicans! Share on Facebook A confused mess of a shit show with a rebirth of McCarthyism for added flavour. Share Twitter I know and I’m sorry but we can’t trust the pm especially since she threw herself at him two years ago, possibly a harbinger for the speshull relationship to come after brexshit. One I hope never happens because if it does, he’s going to squeeze us dry. 28 Feb 2019 3:35 28 Feb 2019 3:48 28 Feb 2019 Report Fat Man & Little Boy…names of those two nuclear bombs. | Pick | Pick | Pick Share on Facebook 22 23 greendreamer Twitter Share Report ClubberLang | Pick Twitter 28 Feb 2019 16:12 Report 28 Feb 2019 3:25 Share Share UnrepentantPunk Twitter FlamParadiddle Twitter Reply Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Gelion Get the nukes out and it really will. Reply Share on Facebook PaulJB Facebook Facebook Twitter 28 Feb 2019 4:12 | Pick Report Report eileanmor Share on Facebook hermionegingold Share Reply Share on Twitter | Pick 28 Feb 2019 3:21 Share on Twitter Share Reply Share on Facebook Twitter | Pick Twitter Share on Facebook 30 31 Twitter | Pick Twitter Reply Share on Twitter Reply | Pick 28 Feb 2019 15:31 Share on Facebook Share on Facebook 2 Mar 2019 1:04 Twitter | Pick Reply Share quaysideB ClubberLang Perfect! Share on Twitter After today (and I’m sure further revelations to come) you have to think he and his flock are living on borrowed time, while prison time seems a distinct possibility. Twitter Report Report 28 Feb 2019 3:43 28 Feb 2019 3:42 Share on Twitter Reply Reply 28 Feb 2019 3:33 Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Share on Facebook | Pick ZzDuskyzZ Show 6 more replies itz4kixAKA timbartlett 4 5 28 Feb 2019 3:24 Report Share 34 35 | Pick | Pick Twitter 28 Feb 2019 3:39 collapsed FlamParadiddle recommendations SterlingPound 2 3 Comments 631 Facebook SlowRoastedBantz Deptfordwife kingcreosote Twitter Twitter | Pick Share on Twitter Has the Orange Lunatic actually read the United Nations’ report on the North Korean regime? His warm words sit pretty uneasily next to “extermination, murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape, forced abortions and other sexual violence, persecution on political, religious, racial and gender grounds, the forcible transfer of populations, the enforced disappearance of persons and the inhumane act of knowingly causing prolonged starvation”.B… itz4kixAKA Share on Twitter Twitter UnrepentantPunk Twitter timbartlett Share Share on Twitter 50 beadmaker 4 5 Show 11 more replies Facebook sejong Share on Twitter Report | Pick Report Share Share 28 Feb 2019 3:36 Share 28 Feb 2019 11:19 Share | Pick timbartlett Waterllili Report Is the Orange one’s fart in the shape of the UK? | Pick Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Reply newest Twitter Show 35 more replies Report Report Report Twitter 9 10 expanded StephenChips Reply Share on Facebook 14 15 56 57 Twitter Twitter SOUTHERNBIAS Twitter Reply Twitter Share on Twitter The emetic president? SlowRoastedBantz Facebook zelablue | Pick Share on Twitter Twitter Reply Guardian Pick 2 3 Guardian Opinion cartoon Steve Bell Oh for a moment there i imagined your Song Thrush reference was to Michael Cohen’s testimony to Congress…i’ve rarely heard sweeter sounds than that… Now that you said it, I can’t unsee it. Is that thatcher’s head on top? And the Russians | Pick Share via Email Report 28 Feb 2019 3:49 Twitter | Pick No. It wouldn’t be serendipitous if “it takes one to know one” has anything to do with it. 28 Feb 2019 3:27 28 Feb 2019 3:49 Twitter Facebook No accident, I’m sure, that the parts of the globe that Steve has left visible include very prominently India, Pakistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia. Got to love Potty-Head’s golf-club-shaped nappy- (I suppose I should say diaper-)pins, too! Share on Twitter Reply Twitter Share on Twitter Facebook Twitter Share on Twitter Share on Twitter Twitter Share Yes. Looking at it, he is besieged on all sides now & may well be impeached AND go to prison one his presidency ends in 2020 for many years. | Pick | Pick | Pick Facebook Facebook Facebook 61 62 | Pick Topics Floppyears itz4kixAKA Share 3 4 Strummered Share on Twitter Share Share on Facebook Twitter mikedow Share mikedow Share on Facebook 0 1 Just as Kim planned. Twitter Report Facebook Reply Share Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share It won’t be popular on here but I have wondered if in a “Takes one to know one” way Trump’s “bull in a china shop” tenure might have some serendipitous outcomes? Reply Reply 28 Feb 2019 3:36 Report 28 Feb 2019 3:34—or—state-epicures-taking-un-petit-souper-by-gillray Reply Reply Share on Facebook Twitter Report Share It’s denuclearisation of the *peninsular*. Trump hasn’t worked that one out yet… | Pick Share on Facebook Reply Twitter Report Share on Facebook HuBrisJohnson Share SterlingPound Steve Bell on Trump and Kim Jong-un’s second summit – cartoon Share on Twitter Reply | Pick Share Report Reply 13 14 Reply Reply i was gonna post something ‘original’ like how: Trump is an orange twat & i don’t like him… but someone beat me to it;-) Share on Facebook Waterllili | Pick Share on Twitter 28 Feb 2019 3:29 Report Share on Facebook NotSoLittleMouse 1 Mar 2019 3:44 28 Feb 2019 3:40 The irony is He spent his life dodging Vietnam and when he finally gets there he gets crushed at home. Seth Myers 28 Feb 2019 3:30 Share Share on Facebook Facebook Facebook Donald Trump 7 8 Share on Twitter We should perhaps learn something from American, I very much hope one day Mrs May and her Brexit allies are call to testify in a public hearing all the controversial and perhaps illegal issues done during the negotiations with medicines and more. Joe Dert hermionegingold Reply Twitter Share on Facebook This comment was removed by a moderator because it didn’t abide by our community standards. Replies may also be deleted. For more detail see our FAQs. NotSoLittleMouse Twitter | Pick beadmaker 28 Feb 2019 3:38 Report 2 Mar 2019 0:56 Share 28 Feb 2019 3:22 Half an eye on the Commons, where another amendment to the Brexit negotiations is about to be defeated. I think they are all saying ‘ Rhubarb, Rhubarb, Rhubarb ‘…awful racket. More shabby revelations on the Trumpster’s apparent character and nature today. And pictures of him glad handing his newest best buddy, the Kimster. Steve Bell has the right of it. Spot on. Spent 10 minutes listening to a Song Thrush pouring his heart out from the top of an Oak tree,against the background of a golden sunset sky this evening. Sheer beauty. I felt quite weepy! Then I put the news on…..And felt EXTREMELY weepy. Oh well. San Fairy Ann, as Auntie Nellie used to say. | Pick | Pick marshwren O, that this too too solid flesh would melt… Facebook Twitter | Pick 2 Guardian Opinion cartoon Report | Pick 13 14 Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share Don’t hold your breath… 26 27 Sign in or create your Guardian account to recommend a comment | Pick Strummered | Pick Share on Twitter 28 Feb 2019 3:32 Twitter Show 7 more replies Share on Twitter Reply Share 21 22 Twitter Facebook Genuinely angry about what’s happening in British politics at the moment… and It’s Trump. I can’t be arsed with America. Night. x Probably for the best. Twitter Share on Twitter 28 Feb 2019 3:24 4 5 FlamParadiddle I can’t be arsed with America. San Fairy Ann Share on Twitter Report Share ClubberLang Facebook Show 2 more replies 3 4 Twitter 28 Feb 2019 3:21 28 Feb 2019 3:31 UnrepentantPunk ClubberLang 28 Feb 2019 3:46 Share bookworm48 | Pick Reply Share on Facebook Share on Facebook Reply 6 7 Reply My mum used to say that too and I’ve always wondered whether it was the anglicised version of ‘ca ne fait rien’ or ‘sans fair rien’ (or perhaps nothing to do with the French at all). Perhaps you (or Auntie Nelly) could enlighten me Facebook Report Share on Facebook globalgypsy Share on Facebook hmm… what does Kim want in order to ditch NK’s nuclear capability. my guess is Kim (or rather China) wants the US out of the region altogether. & Japan ain’t gonna want that… the question is: will Trump do such a thing in order to deflect from his increasing troubles at home? 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Duracell Powerpack

first_imgBrian Norton, Manager of Clinical Assistive Technology at Easter Seals Crossroads shows you how to use a Duracell Powerpack to power Assistive Technology devices if there is not a power source.Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint RelatedMonday Tech Tip: Duracell Powerpack and Assistive TechnologyDecember 16, 2013In “Videos”Missouri Assistive Technology ConferenceFebruary 26, 2010In “Conferences and Events”Glow In The Dark GripperOctober 22, 2013In “Products and Devices”last_img read more

Top 10 Tips for Buying Toys for Kids with Special Needs and

first_img5.Current Popularity –Is it a toy that will help the child with special needs feel like “any other kid”? Does it tie in with other activities, like books and art sets that promote other forms of play? An example of a toy that meets these criteria is the Kurio 7s Android Family Tablet. This wi-fi enabled tablet has an HD video player, music player, e-book reader, camera and more. It has over 60 education games and apps preloaded and parental controls. This toy is great for kids who want to have a tablet but need more parental control. Lekotek partnered with Toys R Us to make this guide and prepared theirTop Ten Tips for Buying Toys 1.Multi-Sensory Appeal– Does the toy respond with lights, sounds or movement to engage the child? Are there contrasting colors? Does it have a scent? Is there texture? An example of a toy that meets these criteria would be the Orbeez Luxury Spa. This is pedicure spa that has warm and vibrating Orbeez balls with LED lights to massage a child’s feet. This toy will stimulate kids with the lights and the texture of the massage balls. 8.Child’s Individual Abilities– Does the toy provide activities that reflect both developmental and chronological ages? Does it reflect the child’s interests? An example of a toy that meets these criteria is the Leap Frog Kindergarten Learning Kit, which provides essential activities to prepare a child for kindergarten such as beginning math and reading skills. The creative activities reinforce early education objectives and offers a fun learning experience. 3.Places the Toy Will Be Used- Will the toy be easy to store? Is there space in the home? Can the toy be used in a variety of positions such as side-lying or on a wheelchair tray? An example of a toy that meets these criteria is the Design and Drill Activity Center, which allows kids to create their own designs on activity cards using power drill and screwdrivers. This toy encourages hand-eye coordination and pattern recognition. Toys R Us publishes a wonderful toy guide, Toys R Us Toy Guide for Differently-Abled Kids, that helps parents pick out gifts for kids with special needs. Their goal is to help people find the right gift based on a child’s ability and identify toys that will stimulate them and promote development. The guide lists the toys with a symbol next to them that identifies the skill-building categories. These categories are: auditory, creativity, fine motor, gross motor, language, self-esteem, social skills, tactile, thinking, and visual. These toys have at least two or more symbols that help people identify toys that will build or reinforce a particular skill. There is also a helpful toy finder index that is divided into the above skill-building categories, with a list of all the toys that are recommended for that skill. This is their 20th year providing this toy guide.This resource guide was put together to help people determine toys based on a child’s individual needs and these toy recommendations were selected by the National Lekotek Center. The National Lekotek Center is a not-for-profit organization that offers many services to kids with special needs using toys and play to learn, develop and interact with others. As part of their services they offer AblePlay Product Evaluation and Rating System to evaluate toys and provide product information about the products ability to help kids with special needs. They research toys with the goal of making play accessible for children of any ability. They identify toys that assist in development in kids that have physical, cognitive or developmental disabilities. 10.Potential for Interaction– Will the child be an active participant during use? Will the toy encourage social engagement with others? An example of a toy that meets these criteria is the Hedbanz Act Up! Game. This is a game where players wear a headband and place cards with words on it. The other player then acts out the clue to get you to guess your card. This is a great game to get kids to interact with others. The game is for 2-6 players. 6.Self-Expression-Does the toy allow for creativity, uniqueness and making choices? Will it give the child experience with a variety of media? An example of a toy that meets these criteria is the Melissa & Doug Musical Instrument Set. This set includes a tambourine, cymbals, maracas, kazoo, tone block and stick and a triangle. This toy is great for letting kids express their individuality through music. 9.Safety and Durability– Does the toy fit with the child’s size and strength? Does it have moisture resistance? Is the toy and it’s parts sized appropriately? Can it be washed and cleaned? An example of a toy that meets these criteria is the Oball. The Oball is a 4 inch bendable ball. This ball has a smooth design with large finger holes that make it safe and easy to catch. 7.Adjustability– Does the toy have adjustable height, sound volume, speed and level of difficulty? An example of a toy that meets these criteria is the Fisher-Price Grow 2 Pro Junior Basketball Set. This basketball goal grows with your child. It has a large basket, which makes it easy for them to score a goal and then you can eventually adjust the height and rim to be smaller to provide additional challenges as they grow. 2.Method of Activation- Will the toy provide a challenge without frustration? What is the force required to activate? What are the number and complexity of steps required to activate? An example of a toy that meets these criteria would be Hot Dots Jr. This toy has lesson cards that have early learning skills such as colors, patterns, numbers and more. It is a self-checking electronic quiz that has a hot dots power pen. A child touches the pen to the dot to answer and it responds instantly with four positive rewards sound and will give a “boing” for an incorrect answer. This toy helps kids get ready for school. 4.Opportunities for Success– Can play be open-ended with no definite right or wrong way? Is it adaptable to the child’s individual style, ability and pace? An example of a toy that meets these criteria is the Imaginarium Connect and Create Tub. This tub has 70 colorful building pieces with rotating parts that kids can stack and link to create things. This toy is great for creative play. Toys R Us Toy Guide is a great resource for anyone buying gifts for a child with special needs. This guide will help you find toys that will encourage kids to grow, achieve and interact with others. This booklet is also available online at: INDATA Project hosts 5 FREE full day trainings per year and this past year we were fortunate to have Lekotek provide a training on Making Play Accessible. Those trainings are archived and you can click here to view that full day training.  Click here if you are interested in joining our mailing list where we send out invitations to our FREE full day trainings.  They were also part of our Annual Holiday Shopping Episode where we discuss all kinds of great assistive technology gift ideas. Click here to listen to that podcast and be sure to catch part 2 on Friday December 5, 2014.Finding the right gift for a loved one is a great feeling. We hope this guide or our holiday podcasts help you find that perfect gift for those on your list.Happy Holidays.Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint RelatedAM162 – Toys’R’Us Toy GuideDecember 18, 2015In “Accessibility Minute”Differently-Abled Toy Guide from Toys R UsDecember 23, 2009In “Products and Devices”ATU181 – Lekotek’s Toys and Games for kids with disabilities, Microsoft’s 3D soundscape, Virtual Conference for People with DyslexiaNovember 14, 2014In “Assistive Technology Update”last_img read more

Nearby Explorer App

first_imgYesterday I discussed a handful of apps that are fully accessible using VoiceOver.  One I didn’t discuss is Nearby Explorer, which is a GPS app for people who are blind.Nearby Explorer is yet another app from the American Printing House for the Blind (APH).  (If you’re unfamiliar with APH, it is a nonprofit that offers thousands of products and services for individuals of all ages with visual impairments.)This app was first available on the market back in 2013 for Android phones.  It is now available for iOS devices.  Instead of simply providing directions, it describes the environment in ways comparable to reading signs or observing road characteristics.It uses the phone’s GPS and compass to provide real-time information about the user’s surroundings.  It also displays maps on the screen that provide audio feedback with touch. Results are enhanced with “onboard data with Google Places business listings and Foursquare (iOS only).”Because the app uses a GPS receiver to read signals sent from an array of satellites, some of the following may impact accuracy:Low cloud coverLarge buildings or physical landmarks that prevent a clear view of the skyInside buildings or underground where there’s no clear view of skyUnusual atmospheric conditions, such as solar flares or magnetic stormsFeatures of Nearby Explorer:Provides surrounding and approaching streets, businesses, institutions, and public facilitiesContinually updates distance and directional information to nearest or selected destinationUsers are able to control the amount of detail they desireThe app provides a sense of the surrounding streets and their relationship to the user’s current locationIt allows users to monitor or aid a driver with navigational informationIt allows users to virtually explore the mapRequires the following:iPhone, iPad, or iPod running iOS 9.0 or laterGPS receiver either on the device or via BluetoothAt least 4.2 GB of free space on which to store complete North America downloaded maps May consume a lot of the battery; click here to learn more about battery consumptionClick here to learn more about the Nearby Explorer app!Share this…TwitterFacebookPinterestLinkedInEmailPrint RelatedLazarillo GPS on Google PlayDecember 19, 2017In “Apps”BlindSquare: Using Assistive Tech to Get AroundFebruary 27, 2014In “Tech Tips”The Future of BrailleMarch 22, 2017In “Apps”last_img read more

How Sleep and Fitness Trackers Work and Whether Theyre Worth It

first_img Little Jenny From ‘Forrest Gump’ Is 34 Now and Gorgeous Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Tagged In extremetech explainshealthfuture healthsleepquantified selfdigital healthecgekgfitnesselectrocardiogramfitness trackersBeddrSleepTrackersleep trackingFitness trackingHuawei Band 3 ProFitBit VersaZeTime Post a Comment 10 Comments Popular Memes That Completely Destroyed Innocent Lives If you’ve read articles about fitness trackers, they were probably written by compulsive workout junkies who compare them for how well they can track those zillion mile bike rides or marathon training runs. Well, I’m not one of them. But the tech in sleep and fitness trackers is pretty amazing and well worth writing about. And yes, they can also provide health benefits for the rest of us who get exercise as time permits.Trackers, as with much of the digital health movement, have come a long way in the last few years. From the simple and not-very-accurate step counters of a few years ago, they have evolved into devices that can monitor your heart rate, sleep, and other vital signs. However, they’re far from perfect, so they can also provide an undeserved impression of accuracy.How Step-and-Stair Tracking WorksThe simplest form of counting steps is to use the data from the device’s accelerometer and Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to detect rhythmic motions that are consistent with the back-and-forth movement that typically goes along with walking or running. By using the data from both sensors, the device tries to filter out false positives.Once the device has a step count, then it multiplies that by an estimate of your stride to calculate how far you’ve walked or run. Worst case it uses a generic guess at your stride, but typically you’re able to enter your height to give it a more accurate starting point, or even enter your stride length directly. Some devices go a bit further and will calibrate your stride by comparing GPS results with its estimates. Because consumer GPS has limited accuracy, this process usually requires several minutes of traveling at a consistent speed. Some also calculate separate stride lengths for walking and running. Until recently, that meant remembering to tell the tracker when you started a hike or run. But many newer devices do a good job of auto-detecting when you start some type of exercise and classifying it appropriately.From having owned various fitness trackers over the years, it’s clear that counting steps and stairs is as much of an art as a science at this point. Even when using several current state-of-the-art trackers at the same time, their step counts can differ by as much as 15 percent. Typical wrist trackers and watches don’t have the processing power to run a lot of sophisticated AI-based analytics to help clean up the data, either.Devices with altimeters often also let you count how many flights of stairs (or equivalent) you’ve climbed. Here, too, sensor fusion is required, so that altitude gained while driving or flying doesn’t get credited to your fitness (a shame for tech journalists who spend a lot of time on airplanes).Tracking climbing can be even more of a crapshoot. For example, my Fitbit Versa regularly reports dozens of floors climbed while I’m playing tennis — even though each floor is supposed to represent 10 feet of altitude gained while walking or running. In contrast, my Huawei Band 3 Pro isn’t fooled. However, the Versa does a better job keeping up with my running up and down stairs during the day.Fitness Tracking: Another Field Turned on Its Head by AIAs with so many areas of technology, digital health has been vastly improved through the use of AI. For example, instead of writing long sequences of complicated code based on physical models to count steps, modern trackers rely on neural networks that use machine learning to determine strides. Similarly, instead of relying on human analysis of sleep data for each patient, trackers have systems that are trained on huge amounts of human-labeled sample data. As a result, they can categorize the sensor information from users into not just sleeping or awake, but even the specific type of sleep.How Heart Rate Monitoring WorksIf you’ve ever had a heart issue, you may have been hooked up to a machine with a variety of electrodes to monitor your heart (an ECG or EKG). Those electrodes measure the small electrical currents emitted by the “pacemaker cells” in your heart. The best consumer-grade heart monitors use a simplified version of the same technique. A chest strap with electrodes on the inside is used. With that approach, it is possible to get both a very accurate measurement of heart rate, and also calculate Heart Rate Variability (HRV), an increasingly popular metric of fitness.As you can imagine, that’s something of a hassle, so most trackers rely on a less accurate but lower-hassle optical system. Optical heart rate monitors use a process called photoplethysmography (PPG) to calculate your heart rate by shining light into your skin and measuring the reflectance. The light is emitted from LEDs (usually at least two) on the inside of the tracking device. Multiple LEDs at different frequencies help provide better results across the wide range of possible skin colors and thickness.Unfortunately, the readings from an optical tracker placed on your wrist, or in a ring, are susceptible to fluctuations as you move. In particular, if you are running or jogging at a similar pace to your heart rate, then it is possible for a tracker to pick up on that cadence and think it is your heartbeat. This is often referred to as the “crossover problem.” Since only about .1 percent of the light reflected from your skin is related to the heart rate signal, there are plenty of opportunities for error to creep in.To help with this, many trackers also incorporate an accelerometer to help them disregard incorrect data. The amount of light reflected also varies with ambient light level, as unless you are in a dark room or have your hand and wrist completely covered, some pollution of the light from the LEDs will occur. Higher-end devices include ambient light monitoring to minimize this problem.Because of these issues, the most accurate of the optical heart rate devices appear to be armbands and clips that go on your finger. Of course, neither is quite as easy to use as a wrist-based tracker or even a ring, so a lot of work has gone into making more accurate heart rate tracking for popular devices that can be worn all day (and night). Manufacturers of brand-name models from Garmin, Fitbit, and others claim accuracy within 5 percent of a medical-grade device for their wrist-worn trackers. That’s pretty reasonable if you just want a general measure of your health, and an estimate of how much “cardio” time you’re getting from exercise each day, but certainly not good enough for training elite athletes.As an experiment, I outfitted myself with five different heart-rate-capable tracking devices. For starters, we have a Sleeptracker from FullPower under our mattress (which uses pressure and vibration to measure heart rate while asleep). Then I tried a ZeTime watch, a Fitbit Versa, a Huawei Band 3 Pro, and an inexpensive fingertip pulse-oximeter. While the data from the ZeTime nearly gave me a coronary (it showed some massive spikes while sleeping that certainly didn’t look healthy), the other four trackers were generally consistent in pattern, and fairly close in actual values. I’m sure some of the differences were caused by having to wear several at once, so none of them were really in an ideal location. None of these devices are accurate enough to calculate HRV, though. Leading HRV app maker EliteHRV only fully supports chest strap devices for that purpose.Using an ECG to Detect A-fibWhile the Apple Watch 4 isn’t the first wearable to be able to provide users with an electrocardiogram (ECG), it is by far the most popular. Specifically, on demand, the latest Apple Watch can provide an ECG trace and detect whether the user may be suffering from an irregular heartbeat — in this case atrial fibrillation or a-fib. It does that by measuring the electric pulses sent out by the heart as they reach the watch. To get a reading, the user lays their finger alongside the watch for 30 seconds to close the circuit. By itself, diagnosing an irregular heartbeat may not mean much, but it is enough reason to consider further evaluation by a medical professional. Apple helps the process along by providing a PDF of the ECG that the user can forward to their physician.To validate the effectiveness of this capability, Apple has funded an extensive study showing that wearers of its Watch 4 using this feature receive similar benefits to those wearing a medical device in a more typical week-long evaluation. There are clearly benefits to early detection of symptoms of possible heart disease. However, the medical community is divided over the value of diagnosing a-fib in otherwise healthy people with no specific propensity for heart disease. In any case, this capability is certainly a taste of what are likely to be further developments in tracking heart health through popular wearables.Sleep Tracking Compared With Sleep StudiesIf you have a sleep disorder or have ever suspected that you have an issue with sleep apnea, you were probably referred to a clinic that could load you up with electrodes and charge you a ton to let you know how, and how well, you sleep. But if you simply wanted an idea of how well you’re sleeping, and what you might be able to do to improve it, wearing a dozen electrodes every night certainly isn’t practical. Enter sleep trackers. Using one or more sensors, they rely on science and machine learning to estimate when you are sleeping, what phase of sleep you’re in, and suggest various health tips and tidbits.My experience with five different trackers that report on sleep indicates that consumer products can do a reasonable job of creating a rough outline of your sleep and waking states, and perhaps of roughly the total time spent in each of the labeled sleep states. These are commonly called Light, Deep, and REM, although a sleep researcher I spoke with said that medically REM is important enough that they start by classifying sleep into REM and non-REM. In any case, no two of the trackers matched on a consistent basis.Sleeptracker’s AI-powered cloud and proprietary sensor results in the sleep data I feel most confident about.The sleep tracker I’ve been using the longest is the Sleeptracker. The sensor pod goes under your mattress so it is totally hassle-free. Fullpower has also done an excellent job of building health statistics based on your demographic profile compared with its community of users. That lets them provide some interesting and potentially useful coaching tips. Placement of the sensor also helps them measure breathing rate — something the typical fitness trackers I’ve used couldn’t estimate. From speaking with Fullpower, the company credits its in-house design sensors that detect motion from under your mattress coupled with an AI model based on 250 million nights of sleep with giving the device 90%+ accuracy and putting it ahead of the competition. I also asked about the large variety of mattresses and learned that the device auto-calibrates, again based on the company’s cloud-based AI models. By using dual sensors, Sleeptracker can also monitor two sleepers in the same bed, which is pretty impressive.Fitbit Versa sleep data from the same night. The overall pattern and total time are similar, but the specific stages varied by quite a bit.Most other sleep trackers in use are simply fitness trackers that can do continuous heart-rate monitoring. They analyze data including how much you are moving and your heart rate to estimate whether you are asleep or awake, and which stage of sleep you’re in. Currently, none of the standard fitness trackers are certified as medical grade devices or for use in diagnosing sleep apnea. However, startup Beddr has a device you can attach to your forehead that also includes a pulse-oximeter and can be used to detect apnea events. Fitbit markets that its Charge 3 and Versa have SpO2 (pulse-ox) sensors, but they don’t actually do anything currently.Huawei’s sleep data from the same night (worn next to the Versa) shows a lot more time in deep sleep than any of the other trackers, which is consistent with its 20-60 percent reference data, which also seems high compared with the benchmarks used by the other companies. Caveat: Wearing two trackers on the same wrist or even one on each wrist (I tried it both ways) is certainly not a perfect way to compare them.The Quantified Self Is on the WayWhile consumer fitness and sleep trackers clearly have a long way to go before they are on a par with medical-grade procedures, progress has been and is likely to continue to be rapid. Sensors are getting smaller, less expensive, and more accurate at the same time that increased processing power and improved analysis tools are becoming available. What took a large watch a couple of years ago can now be done with a ring. As a next step, look for increased integration of personal tracking devices with the professional health care system. It is already starting to happen on a limited basis but is likely to become commonplace.[Image Credit: PPG]Now read from PCMag:The Best Fitness TrackersThe Best Fitness AppsThe Best Heart-Rate Monitors<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>  You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet Cartoon Episodes So Controversial They Were Banned 10 Comments 10 Scientifically Proven Side Effects of Growing a Beard Celebs Who Died Tragically in 2018 The Hilarious ‘Aquaman’ Reference You Missed in ‘Endgame’ By David Cardinal on March 26, 2019 at 7:27 am Jon Favreau Has a Funny Idea for ‘Iron Man 4’ Movies That Are Practically Flawless How Sleep and Fitness Trackers Work, and Whether They’re Worth Itlast_img read more

Hubble Spots a Black Hole That Shouldnt Exist

first_imgHubble Spots a Black Hole That Shouldn’t Exist Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest Google Plus Reddit Hacker News Flipboard Email Copy 0shares This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. The Biggest Challenge To Animating ‘Alita’ Isn’t What You Think Conventional wisdom holds that most large galaxies harbor supermassive black holes at their centers. Scientists also believe that only so-called “active” galaxies should have visible accretion disc of matter, but the Hubble Space Telescope has found one around a black hole with unusually low luminosity. This galaxy might bend the rules a bit, but it offers an opportunity to study how the theory of relativity applies in the real world. NGC 3147 is a large spiral galaxy just a bit smaller than our own Milky Way. It sits about 120 million light-years away — you’ve probably seen pictures of it because it’s quite stunning. Active galaxies like quasars are easy to spot. The matter falling into them produces emissions across the electromagnetic spectrum, and the accretion discs are quite visible. Everyone thought NGC 3147 was far too dim to have a disc of its own, but a new analysis from an international team suggests otherwise. Hubble collected data from the central black hole in NGC 3147, which has a mass about 250 million times greater than our sun. The object turns out to have a thin disc of material similar to what you’d find around an active galactic nucleus. Observations from Hubble show the disc spins at about 10 percent the speed of light. Researcher Stefano Bianchi from the Università degli Studi Roma Tre in Italy says this discovery indicates the current models for low luminosity galaxies have “clearly failed.”This discovery could have far-reaching effects on the way we model galaxies and black holes, but it also could lead to a better understanding of the physics underlying supermassive objects. The fast-moving disc combined with the low apparent brightness of NGC 3147 could make it possible to test both general and special relativity. General relativity deals with the mechanisms of gravity in the universe, and special relativity describes the relationship between space and time. Since NGC 3147 is dimmer than a typical active galaxy, we can make out the accretion disc around it much better. The disc is inside the black hole’s powerful gravity field where scientists can study the way it affects light. Based on findings in NGC 3147, astronomers may now go on the hunt for other weakly active galaxies. Some may even be closer to Earth where we can make even more precise measurements to test Einstein’s theories.Now read:Cold Quasars Could Change Our Understandings of Galactic DeathAstronomers Capture Historic First Photo of Black HoleResearchers Use Supersonic Fluid to Test Hawking’s Black Hole Theories Maisie Williams’ Transformation is Turning Heads You Might Also LikePowered By ZergNet The Tragedy of Marie Osmond Just Keeps Getting Sadder and Sadder Tagged In sciencespaceastronomyphysicsblack holeshubblegalaxiessupermassive black holes Post a Comment 13 Comments Things Only Adults Notice in ‘ThunderCats’ 13 Comments Proof Henry Cavill Isn’t a Very Good Dude at All Ginny From ‘Harry Potter’ Is 28 Now and Absolutely Gorgeous By Ryan Whitwam on July 13, 2019 at 8:20 am The Emotional Way ‘Riverdale’ Paid Tribute to Luke Perry at SDCC Actors Who Could Barely Stomach Kissing Each Other on Screenlast_img read more

Aiven Closes €8 Million Series A Round on Back of Strong Performance

first_imgAiven Closes €8 Million Series A Round on Back of Strong Performance PRNewswireMay 9, 2019, 1:01 pmMay 9, 2019 Aiven has completed an €8 million Series A funding round to enhance its leading cloud data platform with more integrated solutions and to accelerate international growth.“We see a tremendous number of companies around the world now implementing their new real-time data platforms in the cloud. The new funding will allow us to better cater to their requirements,” states Oskari Saarenmaa, co-founder and CEO at Aiven.The round was led by Earlybird Venture Capital with participation from Lifeline Ventures and Nokia chairman Risto Siilasmaa. Hendrik Brandis, partner and co-founder of Earlybird, joins the Aiven board of directors as part of the transaction.Marketing Technology News: Vaimo Accelerates Global Growth with USA Expansion“Aiven’s ability to outcompete established market players and build a highly capital efficient international business is impressive. We’re eager to become a part of the story and continue growing the company,” discusses Brandis.Aiven launched its data cloud in 2016 with a suite of the best open source data infrastructure services that now include the Apache Kafka event streaming engine and databases such as PostgreSQL and Apache Cassandra. Aiven services cover all the needs of complex internet applications and have earned the trust of a growing number of customers, such as Atlassian, Comcast and OVO Energy.Marketing Technology News: Lattice Engines Announces Spring 2019 Release of Its Atlas Customer Data Platform to Lead Industry into ABM 2.0 EraCommitted to open source, Aiven recognizes the importance of the communities behind these projects and will step up its participation in them. This will mean creating new open source tools such as Kafka connectors as well as participating in feature development and quality assurance of the core projects.Aiven’s mission is to enable developers to focus on their core business and build great applications without worrying about software infrastructure. The next step in this journey is offering more integrated solutions on top of the individual building blocks that are currently available on Aiven’s data cloud, which will allow teams to build what they couldn’t imagine before.Marketing Technology News: Amazon Tops Q1 2019 Industry Report Ranking Digital Media Partner Performance Aivencloud data platformMarketing TechnologyNewsOskari SaarenmaaPostgreSQL Previous ArticleCall Journey and Avtex Harness the Power of Voice Data to Enhance Customer Experience Across North America By STS News Desk On May 8, 2019 58Next ArticleTATA Elxsi States Why Experience Technologies Hold Key to Media & Entertainment Industrylast_img read more

Outsmarting Deep Fakes Researchers Devise an AIDriven Imaging System That Protects Authenticity

first_imgTo thwart sophisticated deep fake methods of altering photos and video, researchers at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering devised a technique to authenticate images throughout the entire pipeline, from acquisition to delivery, using artificial intelligence (AI). In tests, a prototype pipeline increased the ability to detect manipulation from approximately 45 percent to over 90 percent without sacrificing image quality. To thwart sophisticated methods of altering photos and video, researchers at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering have demonstrated an experimental technique to authenticate images throughout the entire pipeline, from acquisition to delivery, using artificial intelligence (AI).In tests, this prototype imaging pipeline increased the chances of detecting manipulation from approximately 45 percent to over 90 percent without sacrificing image quality. altering photos and videoArtificial Intelligenceimage authenticityMarketing TechnologyNewsNYU Tandon Previous ArticleSeal Software Announces Version 7 of Award-Winning AI-based Contract Analytics PlatformNext ArticleSessionM Deploys Capabilities to Help Marketers Maximize the Benefits of Their Data Management Platform Outsmarting Deep Fakes: Researchers Devise an AI-Driven Imaging System That Protects Authenticity PRNewswireMay 30, 2019, 8:32 pmMay 30, 2019 center_img NYU Tandon Researchers Implant “Digital Watermarks” Using a Neural Network to Easily Spot Manipulated Photos and Video Determining whether a photo or video is authentic is becoming increasingly problematic. Sophisticated techniques for altering photos and videos have become so accessible that so-called “deep fakes” — manipulated photos or videos that are remarkably convincing and often include celebrities or political figures — have become commonplace.Paweł Korus, a research assistant professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at NYU Tandon, pioneered this approach. It replaces the typical photo development pipeline with a neural network – one form of AI – that introduces carefully crafted artifacts directly into the image at the moment of image acquisition. These artifacts, akin to “digital watermarks,” are extremely sensitive to manipulation.Marketing Technology News: How Digital Can Save Brick-And-Mortar Retail with Customer Experience Objectives“Unlike previously used watermarking techniques, these AI-learned artifacts can reveal not only the existence of photo manipulations, but also their character,” Korus said.The process is optimized for in-camera embedding and can survive image distortion applied by online photo sharing services.The advantages of integrating such systems into cameras are clear.“If the camera itself produces an image that is more sensitive to tampering, any adjustments will be detected with high probability,” said Nasir Memon, a professor of computer science and engineering at NYU Tandon and co-author, with Korus, of a paper detailing the technique. “These watermarks can survive post-processing; however, they’re quite fragile when it comes to modification: If you alter the image, the watermark breaks,” Memon said.Most other attempts to determine image authenticity examine only the end product – a notoriously difficult undertaking.Marketing Technology News: StarfishETL Partners with PeopleSense, Inc.Korus and Memon, by contrast, reasoned that modern digital imaging already relies on machine learning. Every photo taken on a smartphone undergoes near-instantaneous processing to adjust for low light and to stabilize images, both of which take place courtesy of onboard AI. In the coming years, AI-driven processes are likely to fully replace the traditional digital imaging pipelines. As this transition takes place, Memon said that “we have the opportunity to dramatically change the capabilities of next-generation devices when it comes to image integrity and authentication. Imaging pipelines that are optimized for forensics could help restore an element of trust in areas where the line between real and fake can be difficult to draw with confidence.”Marketing Technology News: Sauce Labs Named Gold Stevie Award Winner for Best Software Development Solution in 2019 American Business Awardslast_img read more

Top 10 Apps Like Instagram

first_img InstagramSocial MediaTop 10 Apps Previous ArticleDun & Bradstreet Survey Reveals One in Five Businesses Loses Revenue and Customers Due to Incomplete DataNext ArticleTellius Partners with Google Cloud to Provide Enterprises with Multi-Cloud Augmented Analytics Top 10 Apps Like Instagram Maria (Kuz) RedkaJune 25, 2019, 3:00 pmJune 24, 2019 Instagram is the current ruler in the kingdom of Social Media. If you have any doubts about it, check out the numbers behind this social giant: this network currently has 1 billion monthly active users, 60% of which log into their profiles every day. With 20 million businesses present on Instagram, it is hard to estimate even roughly how much revenue the platform gets. No wonder there are many Instagram lookalike and clone apps. Each of them is trying to get into the spotlight of user attention.Read More: Navigating GDPR: Preparing for What’s to ComeIn this post, we will take a look at 10 Instagram alternatives you can use for your personal and marketing needs. Let’s go!SnapchatWait, but it’s completely different! You are right, the Snapchat interface is nothing like Instagram. However, it is an insanely famous visual social media network that has features, similar to Instagram. You can share posts, stories, and videos on this platform. Currently, Snapchat has over 300 million daily active users. Most of them are millennials and generation Z.PinterestWhile Pinterest is not what one would traditionally call a social network, it’s hard to argue that it’s one of the most influential visual apps in the world. Pinterest is a social photo-sharing service that has over 750 million ideas for anything from arts and crafts to family and career life. Sophisticated Pinterest feed algorithms make it very business-friendly.FacebookSocial media app development service providers all over the world still look up to Facebook when working on their apps. Regardless of being called clumsy by many, this giant remains a leading social media network. What’s more, it either buys or imitates other social apps that have cool features that users like. Facebook is similar to Instagram in many ways now – it has stories, lives, image and video sharing pretty similar to those of Instagram and Snapchat.TwitterTwitter is the town crier of the modern world. Millions of people click on the bird icon on their smartphones to get the latest news from this social media. Twitter has gotten a lot more visual over recent years. Now, users can view images, gifs and videos on this platform. Just like Instagram, Twitter uses hashtags.TumblrIf you consider Instagram to be loud, too perfect and too pretentious, it might be a good idea to give Tumblr a try. This visual social network and blogging service uses hashtags as well. Unlike Instagram, Tumblr lets you customize practically anything about your profile page and feed. You might miss the lives and stories though.Read More: Key Social Media Monetization Tactics for Mobile-First Gaming BrandsFlickrThis is a visual platform for posting, sharing, discussing and archiving photos and video materials. On Flicks, users can search for anything they need easily and upload their content in next to no time. Even though this platform is not as vibrant as Instagram, it remains a popular original hybrid service for image storage and sharing.YummiAs you open the app for the first time, you might think that it’s simply Instagram for food. However, as you browse through you notice it’s bigger than that. It’s a social media app for foodies that lets them share their favorite dishes, geotag and discuss them. A user’s food log is a reflection of their nutrition lifestyle and food adventures.DribbbleDribbble is a social network for designers and everyone who wants to get inspired by their work. This platform lets you discover and follow the best designers from all over the world. Currently, most of the platform subscribers use their profile as a portfolio. They can also search for ideas and interact with other designers from anywhere around the globe.TikTokTikTok is a social media app that is pretty much the next Vine. The platform is popular among the younger audience. This service lets you share lives and short videos with everyone or your contacts. TikTok has a massive following of 500 million monthly global active users. It was also the most downloaded social media app in 2018.UnsplashIf you use Instagram to browse through inspiring images and search for ideas, you might like Unsplash as well. The app lets you use the massive photo library for free. You can find images for your next project, smartphone wallpaper, or simply for inspiration. All of the Unsplash images are allowed for personal and commercial use.Final ThoughtsIf there is anything successful in the world, someone will likely try to copy it. What’s more, similar needs and ideas lead to the creation of similar products and services with no copycat intentions.No matter what Instagram alternative you choose for your business or personal needs, we recommend you to still keep an eye on Instagram. This social media giant isn’t going anywhere in the nearest future.Read More: How Can AI Boost Your Email Personalization Performance?last_img read more

UK Businesses Spend £2 Million Redesigning Products to Meet EcoDemands

first_imgUK Businesses Spend £2 Million Redesigning Products to Meet Eco-Demands MTS Staff WriterJuly 10, 2019, 4:02 amJuly 9, 2019 BazaarvoiceEco-DemandsJoe RohrlichMarketing Technology NewsNewsSupplY chain Previous ArticleHow Businesses Can Decipher Customer Data Using VoC Analytics Programs | A Free Resource by QuantzigNext ArticlePutting Paid Social to Work for Amazon Prime Day and Beyond Consumer Demands for More Environmental Goods and Services Tops the List of Business Challenges Across UK, France and Germany According to New Research From BazaarvoiceAccording to new research launched today from Bazaarvoice, UK-based retail marketers and supply chain managers are investing just over £2million per year on remanufacturing products.Conducted across Europe, the study found that meeting consumer demands around environmentalism tops the challenges faced by British (55%) and French (49%) respondents – where remanufacturing expenditure hikes to nearly €3.5m.Interestingly, this figure drops to €1.6m in Germany, where businesses list the quality of products as their greatest challenge (46%), followed by environmentalism (40%).Joe Rohrlich, Chief Revenue Officer, Bazaarvoice comments, “The figures highlight the expense associated with driving the green agenda higher up the supply chain. It’s clear that the process of remanufacturing products is not to be taken on lightly and where businesses are prioritising consumer demands for greener products, we’re seeing the highest cost figures.”A drop in the ocean With climate change and sustainability currently at the very top of the business agenda nationally, almost half of UK respondents express that greener materials within products (49%) would be a feasible solution to making businesses greener as a whole.Certainly, remanufacturing products appears to be largely geared towards increasing the product lifecycle, at least three quarters (75%) of European retailers are investing in higher quality materials to this end.Elsewhere however, less progress has been made. While 88% of British respondents state their business has looked into recyclable packaging, only 36% currently report they have successfully made the change. Sadly, this is almost double the uptake seen in Germany (20%), and nearly 3 times higher than in France (13%).Marketing Technology News: Leadspace Acquires ReachForce to Offer Customers Even More Robust B2B Customer Data PlatformBalance of powerExploring where challenges to driving change occur, the study finds less than half (45%) of European professionals with oversight of the supply chain report that they feel they hold power over transformational change. In retail, one third of UK businesses admit the balance of power is split equally with manufacturers. This is even lower in Germany (29%) and France (22%).In a bid to close the business-supply chain gap, around a quarter of UK (25%) and French (27%) businesses feel new legislation would help to drive businesses towards greener production and packaging materials, rising to one third (31%) in Germany.Marketing Technology News: Community Management Is the Main Course for Hospitality SectorTipping the scalesWhile regulation might take years to arrive, businesses are driving change in the supply chain by proving the issues they face with real customer feedback.In fact, 9 in 10 respondents have used ratings and reviews to inform the conversations they have with manufacturers, with 44% stating that this authentic customer content helps them obtain wider business insights on a day to day basis.“These findings attest to the power of ratings and reviews in helping businesses to drive transformation through the supply chain. Brands and retailers that harness this rich customer content will be best placed to meet the environmental demands placed on them by consumers”, Joe Rohrlich explains. “Only by listening to customers can businesses deliver what they want, leading to reduced costs and increased loyalty.”Marketing Technology News: SeQuel Response Hires New Director of Marketing to Propel Brand Awarenesslast_img read more