La Loche school shooter facing life in prison to appeal for youth

first_imgThe Canadian PressA lawyer for a young man who shot and killed four people and injured seven others in northern Saskatchewan to argue in court today that the offender should serve his sentence as a youth.The shooter was weeks shy of turning 18 when he killed two brothers at their home and then a teacher and a teacher’s aide at the La Loche high school in 2016.He was sentenced as an adult last year to life in prison with no chance of parole for 10 years after pleading guilty to first-degree murder, second-degree murder and attempted murder.Defence lawyer Aaron Fox plans to ask the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal to sentence the shooter as a youth or order a new hearing.The shooter, now 21, is to appear in court by video.A publication ban ordered because of the appeal prevents identifying him.‘Lost soul’In January, Fox filed documents with the Appeal Court that said his client is a “lost soul who slipped through the cracks” as he suffers from different mental disorders and fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.Fox argued the sentencing judge focused on the gravity of the crime while failing to consider evidence that spoke to cognitive problems affecting the offender’s maturity, empathy, ability to understand consequences and, above all, his level of blame.“All of which were aggravated by a multitude of surrounding circumstances, not the least of which was the failure of the education system in La Loche, to supply him with the help that he needed,” said the documents.They added that the shooter had an IQ of 68 and, at the time of the shooting, was repeating Grade 10 for a third time.The Crown previously argued in court that the shooter should be sentenced as an adult given the seriousness of the crime and the offender’s circumstances.In her sentencing decision, the judge found the shooting involved sophisticated planning. Court heard the shooter researched different kinds of guns and the damage they could do to people. The night before the shootings he did an online search asking, “What does it feel like to kill someone?”Fox said the shooting was a result of his client’s depression, anxiety and hopelessness.“His ‘sophisticated plan’ was to shoot people at the school and then die,” said the documents.last_img read more

Kenney says Legault has shaky grasp of history when it comes to

first_imgThe Canadian Press QUEBEC — Alberta Premier Jason Kenney shot back at his Quebec counterpart Monday, saying Francois Legault does not understand the history of equalization.On Sunday, Legault defended equalization against criticism from Alberta, saying the program was part of the “original deal” when Quebec entered Confederation in 1867.Kenney pointed out that the first equalization system was introduced in 1957, and the principle of equalization was included in the Constitution in 1982. Legault had said Quebec, which received $13.1 billion in equalization payments in 2019, has a right to equalization, and no province can unilaterally change the formula under which Ottawa distributes the money.He acknowledged that other premiers, whose provinces are running budget deficits, expressed unhappiness at last month’s premiers’ conference in Saskatoon.“There is something I don’t like,” Legault said. “There are premiers of rich provinces who look at Quebec and say: ‘We are sending you a big cheque. We’d rather keep the money here.’ ”In a Facebook post Monday, Kenney corrected Legault on his history and took him to task for opposing new pipelines while his province benefits from Alberta’s oil and gas wealth.“If Ottawa and other provinces want to benefit from Alberta’s resources, then they must not oppose the transport and sale of those resources,” he wrote.last_img read more

Abdennaboui Reminds Drivers Skipping Tolls of MAD 7001400 Fine

Rabat- The Prosecutor General’s Office has urged prosecutors to be strict with the increasing numbers of toll road violators.Morocco records 5,000 cases of drivers avoiding tolls daily. Due to the growing numbers of toll violations, Mohammed Abdennabaoui, president of the Prosecutor General’s Office, has given instructions not to tolerate the phenomenon.In an official statement, Abdennabaoui wrote that failing to pay road tolls causes major losses to the country’s revenue and hinders traffic flow, leading to accidents at toll stations. Abdennabaoui reminded the public that toll road violations are “a first degree offence that is punishable by a fine ranging from MAD 700 to 1,400 according to Article 184 of Traffic Law 52.05.” He called  for the law to be implemented strictly.“Due to these widespread violations and the different harms they cause, I urge you to pay thorough attention to the complaints that the National Motorway Company presents concerning the issue, and to stress on the judicial police to immediately open relevant investigations,” he stated, addressing the King’s prosecutors. read more

Commonwealth Chief telephones GL over Shirani

Sharma expressed appreciation for the briefing provided by Professor Peiris and the readiness of the Government of Sri Lanka to discuss concerns that have been raised regarding the impeachment of the Chief Justice. The Secretary-General and Minister of External Affairs agreed to remain in contact on this matter. Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma has telephoned External Affairs Minister Professor GL Peiris and discussed moves in Sri Lanka to impeach Chief Justice, Dr Shirani Bandaranayake.“The Commonwealth at large and Commonwealth governments in particular are set apart by a commitment to uphold in word and deed the shared values and principles which we ourselves have defined. In particular, all Commonwealth governments have recognised the importance of maintaining the separation of powers and the integrity of the roles of the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary. And all Commonwealth governments have recognised that access to justice and an independent judiciary are fundamental to the rule of law,” Sharma said in a statement . “We encourage full and practical application of shared Commonwealth commitments with regard to the impeachment process,” the Secretary-General concluded. read more

How Hollywood hailed bright new talent Dame Judi Dench 40 years late

first_imgDame Jude Dench began her career as a Shakespearian stage actress A Midsummer Night's Dream performed at the Rose Theatre, Kingston Indisputably one of Britain’s best-loved actresses, Dame Judi Dench has been dazzling audiences and gathering rave reviews for more than 60 years on stage and screen.If she hoped to receive such recognition in America though, she may have been mistaken.A documentary about the life of Dame Judi, has revealed how she was greeted in the United States in recent years as a bright new talent, despite four decades on stage under her belt. One journalist asked her, “What have you been doing until now?”, while Harvey Weinstein, the movie mogul, initially believed he had spotted the new ‘next big thing’ after seeing her performance in Mrs Brown in 1997. Dame Judi as Queen Victoria in Mrs Brown Dame Jude Dench began her career as a Shakespearian stage actress Samantha Bond, the actress, said: “There is an extraordinary story she once told me. She had gone to America to do the pre-publicity for Mrs Brown.“And she was being interviewed by the American journalists and they said to her, in all seriousness: ‘We all know you from the Bond films. So what did you do before?’“That’s 40 years of a career where she had to go, ‘well…I’ve done quite a lot of Shakespeare…’“Completely oblivious to the magnificence we’ve all been watching for as long as I can remember.” A Midsummer Night’s Dream performed at the Rose Theatre, Kingston Dame Judi as Queen Victoria in Mrs Brown By then, of course, Dame Judi had played more or less every great Shakespearean role, with six Oliviers and six Baftas already on her mantlepiece.“I saw this amazing performer, who England knew and the world didn’t,” Weinstein told the programme, of his first viewing of Mrs Brown.“And I just go ‘who is this girl?’”Dame Judi went on to be nominated for an Oscar for her performance as Queen Victoria, at the age of 61.She went on to build a new career in Hollywood with the help of Weinstein, with roles in Shakespeare in Love, Iris and Philomena as well as 17 years as M in Bond. The programme, Judi Dench: All The World’s Her Stage, tracked Dame Judi from her first, disastrous appearance as Ophelia straight out of drama school to the modern day, with photographs and footage of her as a young actress.Dame Judi told how a “deep well of sadness in her” had helped her create her most emotional performances, disclosing she enjoyed the variety of the stage because “I don’t have much quiet inside me”.Sir Richard Eyre, the director, said: “Her great gift as an actress is to make people feel she’s accessible to them.”“But she’s much more private and there’s a core of her that is hard to know. And when you do know it, you feel there is something there, a soul that is far from untroubled.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img read more

Admiral Nelson paedophile slurs forces auction house to withdraw telescope from sale

The brass telescope was withdrawn from sale following the bogus claim William Thomas Cook claimed he was wounded in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805 William Thomas Cook claimed he was wounded in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805Credit:Louis Philippe Crepin/Getty Images/The Bridgeman Art Library Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The brass telescope was withdrawn from sale following the bogus claimCredit:Hansons/BNPS Charles Hanson, owner of Hansons, said in a statement: “We deeply regret any offence caused by stories relating to the sale of the telescope and bucket, particularly to members of Nelson’s family.”The information comes from stories passed through the generations in our vendor’s family.”Importantly, we are now fully investigating all the academic information we have received about the item’s provenance and will consider all views with due care, respect and diligence. “The item has now been withdrawn from sale pending further investigations.” We consider this claim to be a ridiculous slurProfessor Dominic Tweddle Mrs Burns, 88, who lives in Southport in Queensland, had said: ” It was whispered in our family that Cookie was abused.”Lord Horatio Nelson may well have been called a paedophile today – that’s the sad truth.”But respected Nelson expert Andrew Baines, the deputy director of heritage at the National Museum of the Royal Navy, said after conducting further research he could ‘state categorically’ Cook was not known to Nelson. Professor Dominic Tweddle, director general of the National Museum of the Royal Navy in Portsmouth, labelled the remarks a ‘ridiculous slur’ on Nelson’s memory.He added there was no evidence Cook served on HMS Victory or any other ship at Trafalgar.Hansons has now withdrawn the telescope from sale ‘pending further investigations’.The auctioneers acknowledged there was no evidence that Nelson had abused any boys in his charge and they ‘deeply regretted’ repeating the allegation. Navy historians have attacked an auction house for repeating paedophile slurs about Admiral Lord Nelson, which forced them to withdraw a telescope from sale.The telescope, said to have been gifted by Nelson to a cabin boy, was withdrawn as an upcoming lot after a claim made by the seller sparked outrage.Australian vendor, Audrey Burns, consigned the instrument for sale after it had been handed down through her family from her great-great-great grandfather, William Thomas Cook.Passed down with it were Cook’s ‘tales’ that included him serving as cabin boy to Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar and being abused by him.The allegations were repeated by Hansons Auctioneers of Derbyshire when they advertised the sale, prompting naval experts to intervene. Audrey Burns alleged her great-great-great grandfather, William Thomas Cook served under Lord Nelson Audrey Burns alleged her great-great-great grandfather, William Thomas Cook served under Lord NelsonCredit:Hansons/BNPS “We are pleased it has been withdrawn from sale.”William Thomas Cook was transported to Australia in 1820 after being convicted of theft and took with him a brass telescope.His scurrilous stories, which probably earned him a few drinks back in the day, also included him being wounded in the face by a splinter at Trafalgar and ripping a piece of the Victory’s flag off Nelson’s coffin at his funeral. Prof Tweddle said: “As custodians of HMS Victory and a keeper of the flame of the immortal memory of Nelson, we consider this claim to be a ridiculous slur. read more

Western Copper receives Robert E Leckie Award for outstanding mining reclamation practices

first_imgWestern Copper was awarded the 2009 Robert E. Leckie award for the major reclamation program carried out on old abandoned workings at its Casino project. During the reclamation of the old exploration camp at Casino all old buildings, structures, equipment, material, and debris were removed and the area was recontoured to re-establish natural vegetation. Other areas of the property where debris had been allowed to accumulate over the many years of exploration by previous companies were similarly cleared and regraded.The Robert E. Leckie award was created in 1999 to acknowledge innovative approaches to planned reclamation, research, and cooperation between the Government and the mining industry. It is presented annually during the Yukon Geoscience Forum in Whitehorse, Yukon to worthy recipients for exceptional reclamation and restoration efforts. “It is a great honour for us to receive this award and I would like to thank everyone who worked with us to make this event happen” said Dale Corman, President & CEO “While completing the cleanup activities we were committed to go beyond our ordinary obligations and to operate in a way that is consistent with our sustainable development goals. We are focused on developing our projects in a manner that respects and protects the environment and enhances benefits to nearby communities”.Western Copper’s world class Casino project is located 300 km northwest of Whitehorse, Yukon and has a NI 43-101 compliant reserve of 8 Moz of gold, 4,400 Mlb of copper, and 475 Mlb of molybdenum, contained in approximately 1,000 Mt of ore. Western Copper completed a positive pre-feasibility study on the project in June 2008 and is currently focusing on exploration with the goal of increasing the size of the resource. The company is also advancing baseline environmental and socio-economic studies in preparation for submission to the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board (YESAB), the first step in the permitting process.last_img read more

Islamic scripts reveal the art of writing at Art Gallery of SA

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Writing serves to preserve languages and history as well as reproduce cultural practices. The Phoenician alphabet, which was created and introduced about 1000BC, is one of the world’s greatest inventions, based on an easily deciphered code making it possible for anyone to read and write. However, many people remained illiterate in the Middle Ages and early modern periods. Printing gradually made books affordable for the masses, not to mention more readable than handwritten texts, where the form of a letter could vary according to the sequence it is found in and the writer’s consistency or mood. Comparing scripts of Perso-Arabic adaptation used for writing Persian, Urdu and other non-Semitic languages, to early books printed in Greek, historians and graphologists found that Hellenes were the only ones who printed texts based on different styles of calligraphy often indecipherable to the uninitiated. Greek typefaces in the 16th and 17th centuries were modelled on contemporary calligraphic practice, featuring forms that joined two or even more letters, and sometimes turned a group of letters into a new sign. Two centuries ago, the same separate letters we use for the Latin alphabet were adopted.Perso-Arabic continued to be written by hand, and there was never any rationalisation of the relation of letter and sounds (several sounds can be represented by more than one letter) or of the multiple graphic forms of letters according to their place in the word and their conjunction with other neighbouring letters. To make matters more complicated, short vowels, though pronounced, are not written. This led, as we can see in the small but thought-provoking exhibition at the Art Gallery of South Australia, to the density and complexity of the Islamic lettering. Persian calligraphy especially is highly refined and abstract, and had a long dialogue with Greek civilisation to the west and Indian to the east. ‘More Ink than Ocean: The Art of Writing in Islam’ will be showcased at Gallery 19b , in the Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide until 27 March 2016. Admission is free. For more information head to read more

Un séisme de 62 secoue les Philippines

first_imgUn séisme de 6,2 secoue les Philippines Cette nuit à 4h47 heure locale, un tremblement de terre de magnitude 6,2 a frappé l’archipel des Philippines. Aucune alerte au tsunami n’a été émise et le séisme n’a fait ni dégât ni victime. Ce matin, L’Institut de géophysique américain (USGS) a annoncé qu’un séisme de magnitude avait secoué l’archipel des Philippines dans la nuit de lundi à mardi. Dans un premier temps évaluée à 6,6, la secousse s’est produite à 4H47 heure locale à 125 kilomètres à l’Ouest de l’ile Negros et à une profondeur de 19 kilomètres. À lire aussiInternet pourrait être le meilleur système au monde pour détecter les séismes”Nous n’avons émis aucune alerte au tsunami. Nous avons vérifié les zones alentour et on ne nous a fait part d’aucun dégât ou de blessé”, a indiqué Nazario Caro, responsable de l’Agence de gestion des risques cité par Composé de 7.000 iles, l’archipel des Philippines est le siège de fréquentes activités sismiques et volcaniques car il est situé sur la Ceinture de feu du Pacifique, une zone de rencontre entre des plaques tectoniques. Une des lignes de fracture se situe même directement sous Manille, la capitale des Philippines. Les sismologues du pays ont ainsi prévenu que la ville n’était pas préparée à l’éventualité d’un grave tremblement de terre, comme le rapporte  Le 12 juillet 2011 à 09:38 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Gets Spooky Christmas Episode

first_img Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is providing fans with the ultimate Christmas gift: A spooky holiday episode that will debut on Netflix next month.On Monday, Netflix released an “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Netflix” holiday campaign on YouTube. The video, which is captioned with, “Feel all the feels with Netflix this holiday season,” opens with a brief clip from the new Chilling Adventures of Sabrina episode, “A Midwinter’s Tale.” The episode will be available on Netflix on Dec. 14.“A Midwinter’s Tale,” isn’t the only Christmas treat from Netflix. More Netflix Originals movies and episodes are airing this season, including The Christmas Chronicles, a film about siblings that rescue Santa from a crashed sleigh and Neo Yokio: Pink Christmas, a holiday-themed Christmas special featuring the characters of the hit anime series.More on Slam Netflix With Lawsuit Over ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’The First Trailer for Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Lives up to Its NameNYCC 2018: Must-See Trailers from Marvel, Netflix, and More What to Stream on Netflix This WeekendZach Galifianakis Hits the Road in ‘Between Two Ferns: The Movie’ Trailer Stay on targetlast_img read more

Mission Bays Paradise Point Resort to transform into Margaritaville

first_img KUSI Newsroom July 31, 2019 Updated: 1:36 PM Posted: July 31, 2019 KUSI Newsroom, center_img Mission Bay’s Paradise Point Resort to transform into Margaritaville SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The Mission Bay’s Paradise Point Resort will undergo a several changes, including a name change.The resort executed a licensing agreement with Margaritaville holdings to covert the property name to Margaritaville Island Resort.The Pepplebrook Hotel Trust plans to spend $35 million on an extensive renovation that includes upgrades to guest rooms, enhancements to hotels pools and the addition of several attractions.Changes are expected to take place sometime next year. Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitterlast_img read more

MV Redeemer Heads for Scuttling After Decades of Salvage Work

first_imgDan Magone stands in the wheelhouse of the salvage vessel Redeemer. (Annie Ropeik/KUCB)A legendary Western Alaska salvage vessel has reached the end of its life. Salvager Dan Magone is getting ready to sink his old tugboat, the Redeemer.And it means he’s also getting ready for the next phase of his own storied career.Download Audio:These days, even getting onto the Redeemer is a bit of an adventure. The tug is separated from the dock in Dutch Harbor by two other Dan Magone projects — old vessels in disrepair.Magone: Oh, I guess the only place to cross is right here…Magone is finding a tricky path out to the boat where he built his career. The Redeemer had its last mission in 2013, when the crab boat Arctic Hunter went aground outside Unalaska.Now, the tug is past its prime. It’s littered with remnants of old jobs – wood pallets, rusty scrap metal, an old National Geographic in the wheelhouse – all waiting for a proper send-off.“I spent a lot of the last 25 years on this boat,” Magone says up in the wheelhouse. “Lots of days and nights, lots of adventures.”The Redeemer at sea during the salvaging of the M/V Cougar Ace in 2006. (Charles Homans/KUCB)The Redeemer was built in WWII, then became an oil drilling mud-ship off the Gulf Coast. In the 1980s, Magone says a company heading to the Nome gold fields took it on. They wrecked it on the sand dunes there, and it stayed put for almost a decade.“During that time, I saw it over there and people suggested it’d make a great boat for me,” Magone says. “I told them no — it would probably cost me $100-grand to get it off the sand dunes and get it to Dutch.”Instead, he says the boat wound up with loggers from Sitka. They patched it up and headed south, but wound up abandoning the ship in Sand Point.“And then it sank at the dock,” he says, laughing. “Everywhere it goes it’s leaving people with their head in their hands, right?”Meanwhile, Magone had just paid millions to set up his floating Dutch Harbor office, and was losing local business to shorter fishing seasons. He saw a new opportunity in the stranded boat. He rebuilt it for cheap, with scraps from his own yard. The yellow-green hull was painted a bright blue, and Magone renamed the boat Redeemer.He says its first job was hauling horses, dogs, hay and cowboys to the other side of Unalaska Island to start the Chernofski cattle ranch.“And so we did all manner of anything, all over the Bering Sea and the Aleutian Islands, Alaska Peninsula, and we managed to survive,” he says. “We managed to find enough work to keep going.”Over the next two decades, he says the Redeemer was part of “almost every significant salvage job in Western Alaska,” from the small, like stranded barges and fishing boats, to the huge: deadly groundings and oil spills on the M/V Kuroshima and Selendang cargo ships, and the capsizing of M/V Cougar Ace, a car carrier.All those accidents – plus the Exxon Valdez spill – helped usher in new environmental protection and safety standards. By 2013, Magone says the Redeemer couldn’t keep up – and work on its replacement was just as pricey.Dan Magone crosses the deck of the salvage vessel Redeemer. (Annie Ropeik/KUCB)“It eventually cost so much that I just had to sell the company,” he says. That sale to Resolve Marine International went through last year. And the Redeemer has been taking up valuable space in their new shop.Shipping it out as scrap isn’t cost-effective – so Magone is asking the federal government for permission to scuttle the boat. He says that’ll mean cleaning it out, setting up explosives and sinking it at mile-deep spot north of Unalaska Island, where he’s been allowed to sink ships in the past.“See all this equipment, the winches and the cranes, all the hydraulic lines and stuff? That all comes off,” he says, pointing around the Redeemer’s deck. “There can’t be any loose debris in or on the boat. So there’s a great big bunch of work to do.”Increasing regulations have made scuttling harder, too, but Magone is confident this one will happen in the next couple of months. He’s already taken the ship’s bell from the wheelhouse.“Otherwise, it’s just another piece of metal that might be worth something to someone,” he says. “But that one – I don’t want to sell.”His new work boat, the Makushin Bay, is visible outside the window — built for the future, but the same blue as the Redeemer. Magone says it marks the start of a new era, and the Redeemer’s scuttling will be the end of another.“The old days, the seat-of-your-pants, the ‘just go out and git-er-done’ type of thing — those days are gone,” he says. “With all the regulations and oversight and everything, it’s not the world that we were able to operate in.“That world is past now,” he says — the world where he was a cowboy, too, like the ones he once took for a ride on the Redeemer.last_img read more

Dugars set to launch luxury Tea Room

first_imgHyderabad: Hyderabadis are soon going to witness ‘Tea’ afternoons, the way Hyderabad’s royal families of bygone era served tea to their guests. This was disclosed to the media here on Thursday by Amrit Dugar, an event industry veteran. His start-up GMFI Food Services LLP, which he founded along with his wife Nimisha Dugar, a well-known self-taught baker, will formally launch India’s first Tea Room, ‘Morsel & Tisane Co-The Luxury Tea Room.’ Also Read – International Persian Summer School concludes at MANUU Advertise With Us The highlights of the Tea Room are stylishly luxurious lobby, an exclusive retail area, grand walkaway with Tea tables, cozy tea corners, privy tea rooms, an eight-seat conference room and Hyderabad’s first cigar room. “At the Tea Room, we are exclusively retailing TWG Tea and Tea accessories, shared Amrit Dugar. Located in the centre of the city in a lane in Banjara Hills on Road No. 7, this 2500 sqft, the tea-centered place will be the destination for social interaction, chat, socialise, network, collaborate, carry on with one-on-one meets in private and enjoy small bites of food along with the tea. It is set up at an investment of Rs 2 crore. Soon it will also expand to different parts of the city. By the end of 2020, the startup will have four more tea rooms in the city.last_img read more

Drug dealer held with phensedyl in Jessore

first_imgMembers of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) have arrested an alleged drug dealer along with 850 bottles of phensedyl from Kannadaha village in Sharsha upazila in Jessore on Wednesday night, reports UNB.Major Mohammad Ziaur Rahman, camp commander of RAB-6, said tipped-off, a team of RAB-6 conducted a drive in the area around 11.30 pm and arrested Abdul Aziz, 34, son of late Anisur Sardar, a resident of Kannadaha village of the upazila.Later, three sacks loaded with 850 bottles of phensedyl were recovered from his possession.Other drug dealers managed to flee the spot sensing the presence of RAB, said the Rab official.The detainee was handed over to Sharsha police station. A case was filed under the Narcotics Control Act.last_img read more

Alleged gunfights kill 2 more toll reaches 143

first_imgProthom Alo IllustrationAlleged gunfights with police killed two more men in Rangpur and Thakurgaon districts early Friday.The deceased are Abu Musa alias Bish Kalai, 27, son of one Kuddus Ali, from Hanumantola in Rangpur district town, and Shamim Hossain, 42, son of a certain Abdus Sattar of Bhabanandapur village in Ranishankoil upazila of Thakurgaon.With the death of Abu Musa and Shamim Hossain, the number has risen to at least 143 during the anti-narcotics drives across the country in the last 26 days.Among them, a total of 77 people were killed in alleged gunfights with police and DB members, 34 with RAB and 32 were killed during ‘gunfights’ between rival groups, claimed law enforcement agencies.However, the law enforcement’s descriptions of the incidents could not be verified independently.In Rangpur, Abu Musa was killed in a reported gunfight with police in Kukrul Amertal Tinratar Mor area of the district town around 3:30pm, said additional superintendent of police in Rangpur district Saifur Rahman.Abu Musa was a drug trader, claimed police.Acting on tip off that Abu Musa and his cohorts were staying in the area, police conducted a drive there, said Saifur Rahman.Sensing the presence of police they opened fire, prompting the law enforcement to shoot back that triggered the gunfight, he added.Abu Musa received a bullet injury while fleeing the scene, the additional superintendent of police said.Police recovered a locally made pistol, three rounds of bullet, 50 pieces of yaba pills and five bottles of phensedyl from the spot.Deceased Abu Musa was accused in 10 law suits, Saifur Rahman added.Police sent the body to Rangpur Medical College Hospital morgue for an autopsy.UNB adds: In Thakurgaon, Shamim Hossain was killed in a so-called gunfight with police at Bhadreshwaribandar in Ranishankail upazila.Tipped off, a team of police conducted a drive in the area in the early hours on Friday.Sensing the presence of the law enforcement, Shamim and his cohorts fired gunshots on police forcing them to fire back in self-defence, leaving Shamim dead on the spot, said Abdul Mannan, officer-in-charge of Ranishankoil police station.He was wanted in several cases, including that of drugs, he said.Two policemen were also injured in the incident, the OC added.He claimed that police recovered 340 pieces of yaba tablets and two firearms from the spot.last_img read more