Disappointed with re-election of Mayor

first_imgDear Editor,Over the last three years, as a resident of Georgetown and a business owner, I have always wondered why the City budget is always a top-secret document just like the infamous parking meter contract.There are never proper discussions with residents and relevant interest groups, but merely a sham consultation and instead of properly publicising the estimates of income and expenditure, as they are required to do by law, there is only a vague, pie in the sky, long-winded budget speech by the Finance Chairman each year.This year, just like the two previous years, the draft 2018 budget was surreptitiously rushed through, and passed in the Extraordinary Statutory Meeting of the Council on Wednesday March 7, 2018, and now I am beginning to understand why.It is clear that the City Council does not want the citizens to realise through the details contained in budget, the level of contempt they have for them as this budget contains no creative solutions for improving the quality of life of the residents but rather focuses on the re-elected Mayor, some of the Councillors and the administration thoroughly enjoying themselves by spending lavishly on itself, partying, travelling, and having a good time.How could they explain allocating $20 million for city anniversary celebrations, $5 million for a Christmas party, tons of money for overseas travel, billions on salaries and wages, new vehicles, etc. Comparatively, very small amounts have been set aside for the rehabilitation of City Hall, for the maintenance of roads, for street lighting, etc.In such circumstances that prevail at City Hall, it is disappointing but not surprising that the Mayor was re-elected for a third term. Are we to understand by that that she is the best of the lot of city fathers and mothers? Are we to understand that her dismal record for the last two terms does not matter, only what instructions were given by the party’s hierarchy? So what can we look out for in the next nine months? Lots more travel and another scam like the parking meters?Sincerely,Magagula Jacksonlast_img

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