Sutton Foster Goes Into the Woods in this Week’s Younger

first_imgFor the second week in a row, we’ve been treated to two statement necklaces from Diana. The first, in a call to last season’s gilded ouroboros collar, takes “sucking one’s own dingus” to a new level. (Happy New Year, Grandma.) Speaking of tail eating, the second piece symbolizes a historic moment in Younger history: it’s the first time a statement necklace has been worn during intercourse. Incidentally, it’s also the first time someone’s [eggplant emoji] was broken by someone wearing a statement necklace. Sutton Foster, Lyle Friedman & Ashley Skidmore in ‘Younger'(Photo: TV Land) Once upon a time in a far-off kingdom, there lived a 40-year-old passing off as 26, her tattoo artist boyfriend and a domineering boss with a bevy of equally bold necklaces. This week’s Younger took us to a music festival, the bedroom and a hospital, so needless to say, a lot went down. Let’s get to it. And before you ask, yes, this episode is titled “Into the Woods and Out of the Woods,” so let’s get one thing out of the way.SEASON 2, EPISODE 7: “Into the Woods & Out of the Woods”Emoji UpdateJosh’s bluegrass band plays a Brooklyn bar before heading to the Hudson Valley Bluegrass festival. Over at Empirical Press, Charles is debating what selections to make for his upcoming “By the Book” profile in the Times, and Liza proves to be very helpful and guiding him to a proper balance of literary picks. After work, she heads to the festival—the cold, wet, festival. While there, Liza fields a call from Charles, who’s in need of some “By the Book” and ultimately life guidance. Liza and Josh meet two peen pipe-clad attendees at the whittling tent (a bluegrass festival staple, apparently). Back in the city, Diana continues her tryst with Hugh Shirley, and by “continues her tryst with Hugh Shirley,” we mean “breaks Hugh Shirley’s penis.” Just as Josh’s band is about to go on, Liza unsuccessfully juggles sexy time with Josh and shop talk with Charles and accidentally sexts her boss. Before she can rectify the crisis, her phone dies. After battling a fellow patron for an outlet, she charges her phone to apologize to Charles. All is well, until she gets thrown out of the festival for phone charger-induced violence. Diana takes Hugh to the hospital, and we don’t think he and his broken penis are going to stay in Diana’s love life much longer. Charles arranges for Liza and Josh to stay in a bed and breakfast after their music festival snafu. Just as Liza’s about to send him a thank you selfie with Josh, she opts not to.Biggest OMG Moment:Any moment featuring the topless, day-glo groupies, Jasper and Luna (played by series writers Ashley Skidmore and Lyle Friedman). From the aforementioned peen pipe to their synchronized “that’s hilarious,” this duo captured everything we love(/fear) about an outdoor, multiday music festival.Millennial Glossary:Drop a Pin:(verb) To send someone your GPS coordinates using Google Maps. Especially handy when telling someone where you are at a music festival, or which corner of 45th and 9th you’re on (southeast, next to Schmackary’s, obviously).Moment That Made Us Go:When Liza makes a decisive action by not sending Charles a picture of her with Josh in the bed and breakfast. She’s certainly noticed the dormant chemistry with her boss, but this is one of the first times she’s done something about it, albeit by not doing something. While this complicates things, and despite Josh being far less objectionable this season compared to the first, we’re excited for where this goes. The beginning of the season suggested Kelsey and her fellow millennial squad would be the next to know Liza’s real age, but is Charles also on deck?Diana’s Statement Jewelry Update!center_img View Commentslast_img

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