Los Directores: Mexico’s Famous Filmmakers

first_imgGet to know the three Mexican filmmakers dominating Hollywood and the Oscars. Let’s take a look at los Directores — the Directors.Cover Image: Alfonso Cuarón, Guillermo del Toro, and Alejandro González Iñárritu via LA TimesOver the past few years, nearly every major filmmaking award can be tied to these three filmmakers either through nominations or wins. Not only do they all come from Mexico, they frequently collaborate with each other. Each of their successes has pushed the trio further into the spotlight.Together, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Alfonso Cuarón, and Guillermo del Toro have created some of the best films ever made. Not only do they share their successes together, they have also made careers for master cinematographers, writers, and actors.Alejandro González IñárrituImage via IndieWireAlejandro González Iñárritu was born in Mexico City, Mexico. At 16, he was expelled from school and began to travel the world as a sailor.Actually, when I think about growing up, I feel most affected by two travels that I made working in cargo boats when I was 16 and 18. One of them crossed through the Mississippi and Baton Rouge and Mobile, Alabama, and another went all the way to Europe. On the last trip, I stayed in Europe for one year with $1,000, working everywhere I could, doing everything. Those years shaped me a lot and taught me the value of exploring different things. I didn’t have a normal academic career. I never studied cinema. I learned from life. – A.V. ClubAfter his travels, he returned to Mexico City and attended college at the Universidad Iberoamericana. There he studied communications and landed a job as a radio DJ on the rock station WFM. He became the director of the station four years later, turning WFM into one of the most popular radio stations in Mexico. He also began composing music for a series of films.Iñárritu eventually made his way into making commercials and eventually met writer Guillermo Arriaga. Together the two would go on to make the film Amores Perros. The film masterfully combined three different stories tied around a single car crash. It was also the film debut of actor Gael García Bernal.Amores Perros won the Critic’s Week Grand Prize at Cannes and earned an Academy Award Nomination for Best Foreign Language Film. The film lost to Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.Iñárritu next worked on the Mexico segment for the film September 11 as well as returning to commercial work. He created ads for Volkswagen, Coca-Cola, and BMW. He made it a point to always write the commercials as well, which helped him in his storytelling.I don’t have anything against commercials, and I really like BMWs, to tell you the truth. [Laughs.] One of the reasons why I agreed to do it is that they gave me complete freedom. I just had to have the car in it and write a story around it. I wanted to do something serious set in a Latin American country, but again, it was an exercise in style for me. I want to make something with a guerrilla documentary style. I didn’t care about the car, you know what I mean? In this particular story, there has to be a car, so I put the fucking car in there. If they give me a BMW, then great. But I considered it a chance to make a good short film, and fortunately, they paid me well for it. It wasn’t difficult for me to accept it as a commercial, because I had no restrictions. If I presented that short to somebody who doesn’t know about the BMW film series, I doubt they’d even notice it was a commercial. – A.V. ClubFollowing his successful collaboration with Guillermo Arriaga, the two teamed up again on the film 21 Grams. The film follows a similar format to Amores Perros, in which three stories are intertwined around an accident. Unlike the first film, this film was made in English. The two followed this film with another tragic tale, this time intertwining four stories in Babel. Together, these films are commonly referred to as The Death Trilogy.Babel was a hit with critics, receiving seven Oscar Nominations. Alejandro González Iñárritu was the first Mexican director to be nominated for the Academy Award for Best Directing and the Directors Guild of America Award for Outstanding Directing. Babel earned Iñárritu the Best Director Award at Cannes, the fist Mexican-born director to have won the Prix de la mise en scène.Iñárritu’s next film, Biutiful, was filmed in both Mexico and Spain. The film earned an Oscar Nomination for Best Foreign Language Film. Possibly more impressive, Javier Bardem earned an Oscar Nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role. It was the first time an actor had been nominated for an entirely Spanish-speaking role.Biutiful was the fourth and final collaboration between Iñárritu and his cinematographer Rodrigo Prieto. Since then, Prieto has gone on to work on projects like Ben Affleck’s Argo and Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street and Vinyl.He followed this film with a series of shorts. His next feature became one of the most acclaimed films in years, Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance). The film was a technological masterpiece, as it moved like a single continuous take for the entirety of the film. Shooting was constantly rehearsed and shot in sequence. It only took two weeks to edit the final picture.The film went on to earn nine Oscar nominations, winning four. Iñárritu walked away with three Oscars himself for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Writing. His cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki walked away with the Oscar for Best Cinematography — making him a back-to-back winner. More on that later.Currently Alejandro González Iñárritu is producing the upcoming tv series The One Percent, in which he directs the first two episodes. He also just wrapped his next feature film The Revenant. Working again with cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, the two are pushing their filmmaking knowledge. Much of the film is practical and natural sets shot with natural light. Want more articles on Mexican filmmaking? Let us know in the comments below. Alfonso CuarónImage via IndieWireAlfonso Cuarón was also born in Mexico City. He studied philosophy and filmmaking at National Autonomous University of Mexico. It was there he met cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki. Together the two made their first short film, Vengeance is Mine.Alfonso and his brother Carlos Cuarón wrote Sólo con tu pareja, a romantic comedy that went on to earn the Best Original Story at the Ariel Awards. Alfonso was nominated for Mejor Ópera Prima (Best First Work) and Emmanuel Lubeski was nominated for Best Cinematography.In 1995, Alfonso made his first American feature film, A Little Princess. The film earned Emmanuel Lubeski his first Oscar Nomination for Best Cinematography. He followed with a remake of the Charles Dickens classic Great Expectations. It wasn’t a particularly memorable film, but it was a decent adaptation.Alfonso Cuarón returned to Mexico for his next feature film, Y Tu Mamá También. The film was released a year after Iñárritu’s Amorres Perros, making Mexico an up-and-coming powerhouse for films. Both films starred Gael García Bernal, who would go on to become an international movie star, producer, and eventually a director himself.Y Tu Mamá También earned the Cuarón brothers an Oscar Nomination for Best Writing, Original Screenplay. It was a monster hit all over the world. Its success earned Alfonso the opportunity to direct a major American blockbuster franchise, Harry Potter.Cuarón directed Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, which many critics heralded as the best film in the franchise. It took a much more serious approach than the previous installments, and set the tone for all of the following films. This film made the Harry Potter franchise become one of the most successful blockbuster series of all time.Following the success of Harry Potter, Cuarón was able to choose his next project. He adapted the P.D. James novel Children of Men. He was able to bring Emmanuel Lubezki on board as his cinematographer, and the two once again made another masterpiece. The film is packed full of tiny details and exquisite cinematography. Take a look at this breakdown of the minor background details from Nerdwriter.Children of Men earned Alfonso another Academy Award Nomination for Best Writing. He also earned a nomination for Best Editing, and Lubezki earned his fourth Best Cinematography nomination. Children of Men was praised for its technical work as well, and the film’s famous long take is still studied. They built a custom car rig specifically for that scene in the film.As impressive as all of that is, it wouldn’t come close to the technical advances and achievements in Alfonso Cuarón’s next film, Gravity. Pre-production for the film started years before cameras rolled. They crew actually had to wait for the technology to catch up for the shots they had in mind. With technological advancements, like robotic camera arms, they were able to start production. Take a look behind the scenes with this video from The Wrap.Gravity earned ten Oscar Nominations, winning seven awards. Alfonso Cuarón walked away with Best Director and Best Editing. He was the first Mexican to win an Oscar for Best Director. Emmanuel Lubezki won Best Cinematography, and would win again the next year with Iñárritu’s Birdman.Alfonso Cuarón is currently writing, producing, and directing the tv series Believe.Guillermo del ToroImage via BlastrGuillermo del Toro was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. He was raised in a very strict Catholic household, which would go on to influence his mythical world greatly. He grew up making films on his father’s 8mm camera, and his passion led him to study at the Centro de Investigación y Estudios Cinematográficos.Del Toro was fascinated by special effects and makeup. He studied under legendary special effects artist Dick Smith and would go on to spend ten years working as a special effects and makeup designer. He began directing short films, eventually writing and directing several episodes of the cult series La Hora Marcada. The show was the equivalent to a Mexican Twilight Zone. Other writers and directors included Alfonso Cuarón and Emmanuel Lubezki.Following the series, Guillermo directed his first feature film, Cronos. The film was his first collaboration with cinematographer Guillermo Navarro. The vampire horror film is still considered one of the best in the genre. The film won eight Ariel Awards from the Mexican Academy of film. Guillermo del Toro won the Golden Ariel, as well as Mejor Dirección (Best Director), Best Original Story, Best Screenplay, and Best First Work.Here’s a great interview (with subtitles) of Guillermo del Toro on filmmaking and Cronos from Gabriel Gal.Following the success of Cronos, del Toro secured funding for his next feature, Mimic. It became known that del Toro earned a $30 million budget for the film. Guillermo was plagued by a multitude of micro-managers, and he was struggling to work on the film. Then things took a turn for the worse. Guillermo’s father was kidnapped and held for ransom.We would get ransom notes with many syntax and spelling errors. It affects you. – UproxxKidnappers demanded $1 million for the release of his father. The del Toro family had nowhere near enough money to pay the ransom. As the negotiations dragged on, Guillermo wrote notes to help him cope with the ordeal. The kidnapping went on for months, and the story of the ordeal began to make headlines.Guillermo del Toro had previously made friends with director James Cameron, who had given Guillermo notes on Cronos. Cameron took del Toro to a bank, and handed him over $1 million in cash. Guillermo used the money, and his father was finally released after 72 days in captivity. Following his release, the entire family moved to the United States.I cannot go back to Mexico as a director because of the kidnapping of my father. A film is a highly visible venture, and I can’t risk it… Every day, every week, something happens that reminds me that I am in involuntary exile [from my country]. – TimeGuillermo del Toro returned to directing with The Devil’s Backbone. Soon after, he undertook several comic book adaptations with Blade II and Hellboy. It would be his next feature that would earn him critical acclaim.El Laberinto del Fauno — Pan’s Labyrinth — is considered to be Guillermo del Toro’s masterpiece. He had turned down several Hollywood producers who offered double the budget to make the film in English. He did not want to compromise the story and was determined to film in Spanish. In fact, del Toro himself translated the English subtitles for the film. The film was partially produced by Alfonso Cuarón, and Iñárritu helped in the editing bay.Pan’s Labyrinth was nominated for six Academy Awards. Del Toro was nominated for Best Original Screenplay, and cinematographer Guillermo Navarro won Best Cinematography.Following the success of Pan’s Labyrinth, del Toro was chosen to direct the live-action adaptation of The Hobbit. Following the success of the Lord of the Rings trilogy, The Hobbit was set to become the next major entry in the franchise. After two years of pre-production and development hell, Guillermo del Toro left the project because of MGM’s financial problems. The Hobbit would eventually be split into three separate films, for which del Toro is still credited as a co-writer.During that time, Guillermo had been working on his first novel. The Strain, and its two sequels, garnered enough of a following that the book was adapted into an original television series years later.After completing Hellboy II, del Toro turned back to an original story with the kaiju film Pacific Rim. The film was a solid summer blockbuster that spawned comic books, an animated series, and a VR experience.This is my most un-modest film, this has everything. The scale is enormous and I’m just a big kid having fun. – Shock Till You DropGuillermo del Toro is seemingly all over the map. He is working on feature films, producing television series, creating comics, writing, and more. His latest film, Crimson Peak, was released in October of this year. In this video, del Tor sits down with Christopher Nolan to discuss the film and directing in general.last_img read more

Sales Is a Numbers Game (But Not the Numbers You Think)

first_img Get the Free eBook! Want to master cold calling? Download my free eBook! Many would have you believe that cold calling is dead, but the successful have no fear of the phone; they use it to outproduce their competitors. Download Now “Sales is a numbers game,” they say. Then they propose that, “if you want better numbers, just make more calls.” And when low activity is the problem, this might be a reasonably good answer.But most of the numbers that really matter aren’t captured in any format in which a sales manager can easily see them. Sales is a numbers game, but not the numbers you think.The NumbersOn a scale from 1 to 10, with 1 being “a disaster” and 10 being “off-the-charts amazing,” how effective is this salesperson?Oh wait, I should have mentioned that it doesn’t matter what you think. It matters what your prospective clients think. How would they answer these questions?On a scale from 1 – 10, how much value does this salesperson create for you during your interactions? How much through the process?1 – 10, with 1 being “a complete inability to listen to anyone other than themselves” and 10 being “the best experience I’ve ever had,” how well does this salesperson listen?On a scale from 1 – 10, how much do you trust this salesperson to help you with your biggest, most important results? From 1 – 10, how much do they care about you and your business?1 – 10, rate this person’s initiative, determination, and resourcefulness on your experience with them to date.How well is this salesperson going to do as an extended part of your team. Answer 1 to 10, with 1 being “doesn’t last a day” and 10 being “they’re my secret weapon and my strategic advantage.”1 – 10, how likely is it that this salesperson can help you convince the rest of your team to move forward with the solution she proposed? In hours, how much time has this salesperson spent with you and your team?If you had to pay a premium over and above any competitor’s proposal to buy from this salesperson and their company, as a percentage, how much more would you pay for the value that this salesperson created?On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being “we are so, so very dead in the water” and 10 being “they’re going to beg us to act faster,” how much has this salesperson helped you to justify the price to the rest of your organization?None of these numbers are being captured in your salesforce automation. None of them are easily counted, making them difficult to measure. Much of what matters isn’t easily measured, and good bit of it is invisible.If sales is a numbers game, the numbers aren’t the ones you believe they are. You can’t capture these numbers, but you can go see for yourself.QuestionsWhat numbers really matter?Is more activity always the right remedy for poor results? When is something else a better solution?If more activity increases your chances of creating more opportunities, what increases your chances of winning those opportunities? Okay, how do you count that?last_img read more

Photos – The Caroline Wozniacki Story

first_imgAdvertisement AdvertisementCaroline Wozniacki ( born 11 July 1990) is a Danish professional tennis player.She is a former world No. 1 in singles.She was also the first woman from a Scandinavian country to hold the top ranking position and 20th in the Open Era.She finished on top of the rankings in both 2010 and 2011.Wozniacki won her only Grand Slam title at the 2018 Australian Open and returned to the No. 1 ranking on 29 January 2018.She has won 29 WTA singles titles, including six in 2010 and 2011, the most in a year by a WTA player from 2008–2011. She was runner-up at the 2009 US Open and the 2010 WTA Tour Championships to Kim Clijsters, and at the 2014 US Open to Serena Williams.She won the 2006 Wimbledon Girls’ Singles title and also holds two WTA titles in doubles.In 2008, Wozniacki won the title of WTA Newcomer of the Year. In 2017, Wozniacki won the season-ending WTA Finals in Singapore for the first time in her career.In 2018, she lifted her first Grand Slam title by winning the Australian Open.Wozniacki’s best friend is her fellow Danish tennis player Malou Ejdesgaard, who has been her doubles partner in five tournaments.Wozniacki is also close friends with Serena Williams, Agnieszka Radwańska and Angelique Kerber.In fact, Wozniacki was one of the few tennis stars to attend Serena Williams’s wedding.Picture courtesy – Caroline Wozniacki (Instagram)last_img read more

PSL: Petron averts collapse, turns back Cignal to stay unbeaten

first_imgMatteo Guidicelli had saved up for Sarah G’s ring since 2014? LATEST STORIES MANILA, Philippines–Petron wasted eight match points in the fourth set and had to scramble in the deciding frame to overcome Cignal, 25-11, 20-25, 25-22, 25-27, 16-14, Saturday to remain unbeaten in the Philippine Superliga Invitationals at Caloocan Sports Complex.ADVERTISEMENT The defending champions Blaze Spikers appeared to be cruising to a win with a 24-17 lead in the fourth until it all went south with a rash of errors and crucial hits by top HD Spiker Mylene Paat.Still reeling from that collapse, Petron dug deep in its experience, climbing from 6-11 in the fifth frame to steal the match and score their fifth win in as many games.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSGreatest ever?SPORTSFormer PBA import Anthony Grundy passes away at 40SPORTSBecoming his own manSisi Rondina blasted away with 33 points, including a thunderous kill that pushed the Blaze Spikers to within 12-13 in the fifth.The Blaze Spikers also practically settled the score with the HD Spikers who dethroned them in the last All Filipino Conference. Maroon miracle: Pat Pesquera wins it for UP Lady Maroons from halfcourt Duterte calls himself, Go, Cayetano ‘the brightest stars’ in PH politics Canadian vaping study details danger from ‘popcorn lung’ chemical DTI creates Marahuyo, a luxe Filipino fashion brand for global buyers Trending Articles PLAY LIST 00:50Trending Articles00:50Trending Articles01:57Taiwan bridge collapses, at least 14 injured; rescuers fear six trapped02:11Makabayan bloc defends protesting workers, tells Año to ‘shut up’03:07PH billiards team upbeat about gold medal chances in SEA Games01:38‘Bato’ to be ‘most effective’ CHR head? It’s for public to decide – Gascon02:07Aquino to Filipinos: Stand up vs abuses before you suffer De Lima’s ordeal01:28Ex-President Noynoy Aquino admits contracting pneumonia00:45Aquino agrees with Drilon on SEA games ‘kaldero’ spending issue Cignal dropped to 5-1 although it is already assured of the semifinal spot along with Petron.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Becoming his own man MOST READ Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Drilon apologizes to BCDA’s Dizon over false claim on designer of P50-M ‘kaldero’ This jewelry designer is also an architect View comments Ethel Booba on SEA Games cauldron: ‘Sulit kung corrupt ang panggatong’last_img read more

Kolkata to host ISL final, inaugural game shifted to Kochi

first_imgNew Delhi, Nov 2 (PTI) The final of the fourth edition of Indian Super League (ISL) will be held in Kolkata while the inaugural game has been shifted to Kochi.The franchise-based league kicks off on November 17.Football Sports Development Limited (FSDL) today announced hosting the Hero Indian Super League 2017-18 final in Kolkata.As a result, the season opening game that was scheduled to earlier scheduled to be organised in Kolkata, has been moved to Kochi.The decision to shift the final has been taken post the grand success of Kolkata in hosting the FIFA U-17 World Cup final recently.”ISL started its journey from Kolkata in October 2014 with a glamorous ceremony, the city of Kolkata for the first time will play host to the Hero ISL grand finale on Saturday, 17th March 2018,” the ISL said in a statement.The reverse game between Kerala Blasters FC vs ATK, earlier scheduled in Kochi, will now be played in Kolkata on February 9 next year.All other fixtures remain unchanged.ATK are the reigning champions, having beaten hosts Kerala Blasters FC in the final of the last edition in Kochi. PTI AH CM CMlast_img read more

Umesh Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah and Kuldeep Yadav rested for final T20I vs West Indies

first_imgIndian team management have tweaked the squad for the third and final Twenty20 International against the West Indies on November 11 in Chennai, having decided to rest some of the key players.Umesh Yadav, Jasprit Bumrah and Kuldeep Yadav have been given rest from the final T20I while Siddarth Kaul finds a place in the squad in place of them.According to the BCCI press release, the decision has been taken to allow the trio to be in the best physical condition ahead of India’s tour to Australia.Bumrah and Kuldeep have been the two premier bowlers for India in the ongoing T20I series against the Windies. While Kuldeep has returned with five wickets in the two matches, Bumrah has scalped three.While it is Kuldeep’s wicket-taking abilities that makes him so invaluable, Bumrah holds perhaps the most important place in the Indian bowling line-up.Bumrah not only picks wickets, his ability to bowl in the death overs and the way he stems the flow of runs benefits the bowlers who bowl along with him.With Bhuvneshwar Kumar’s form being a bit of a worry for India, Bumrah, along with Khaleel Ahmed, has played the role of the major returners with the ball.With Bumrah rested, India will depend on Bhuvneshwar and Khaleel, who has also picked three wickets in two matches, to hunt in pair.Yuzvendra Chahal, who has not yet played a T20I match against the Windies, might find a place in the playing XI now with Kuldeep, the other wrist spinner, rested.advertisementIndia have already won the T20I series against the Windies by taking an unassailable 2-0 lead. Virat Kohli has been rested for the series and Rohit Sharma has been leading the team.India’s squad for the 3rd T20I series against Windies: Rohit Sharma (C), Shikhar Dhawan, KL Rahul, Dinesh Karthik (WK), Manish Pandey, Shreyas Iyer, Rishabh Pant (WK), Krunal Pandya, Washington Sundar, Yuzvendra Chahal, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Khaleel Ahmed, Shahbaz Nadeem, Siddarth Kaullast_img read more

Alabama Linebacker Joshua McMillon Denies Report That He Will Transfer

first_imgJoshua McMillon, a redshirt freshman linebacker, will not be leaving Alabama despite a report that he will transfer, he says.McMillon, who is originally from Memphis, Tennessee, took to Twitter to shoot down a story that appeared on Touchdown Alabama on Saturday, saying that he will leave the Crimson Tide. The linebacker says that he is “a member of the Crimson Tide for life.”McMillon protected his Twitter account shortly after sending the tweet.joshua mcmillon transfer falseFrom the original story, written by Stephen M. Smith:Alabama will lose a sixth player from its 2015 recruiting class to a transfer, as redshirt freshman Joshua McMillon takes his leave from the program. A source confirmed to Touchdown Alabama Magazine with the news, on the heels of him missing the last two days of fall practice.According to those who saw his other tweets before he locked his Twitter account, McMillon missed the pair of Crimson Tide practices to attend a funeral for his uncle.The report about Joshua McMillon transferring is inaccurate. He was out of town following a death in the family— Matt Zenitz (@mzenitz) August 28, 2016Smith has since apologized for the error.My dearest apologies to UA linebacker Joshua McMillon and his family. He’s not transferring. It was a mistake on my end. Won’t happen again.— Stephen M. Smith (@Smsmith_TDALMag) August 28, 2016McMillon redshirted last season, after starring at Whitehaven High School. He was a four-star recruit, per 247Sports, which ranked him No. 16 among all outside linebackers in the 2015 class, and No. 9 in the state of Tennessee that year.We will update if there are any changes in this story, but it certainly sounds like McMillon is not going anywhere.last_img read more

Buy Knives. Cut Steak. Alleviate Homelessness.

first_img 12 Classic Sci-Fi Novels Everyone Who Likes Reading Should Read If you’ve never heard of Ball and Buck, then perhaps the company’s phone number will help serve as a shortcut to understanding what the brand is all about. The number is:617-262-1776That 617 area code tells you they’re based in Boston, and that’s not an irrelevant detail here, what with all the history and patriotism and whatnot. The 262 part? That’s just three numbers that happen to be together. The 1776? Well, that’s pure America, baby. And in some ways, many ways, even, so too is this brand. It says it right there on the site: EVERYTHING MADE IN USABall and Buck is a purveyor of fine clothes, accessories, and sundry goods intended for use by the rugged but refined gentleman. If you know how to make a perfect Old Fashioned and also once built a fire using some goddamned flint and steel, chances are you’re going to like that they have to offer.And if you know that part of enjoying a great steak is slicing into that ribeye/fillet/flat iron with a great steak knife, then you’re probably going to want to go ahead and order this $198 Premium Steak Knife Set that comes from a collaboration between Ball and Buck, R. Murphy Knives, and Boston HandyWorks. (Yes, that’s 198 bucks for a set containing four knives, AKA $49.50 per knife. But not exactly that math, because the box is so lovely… but yeah, expensive. And yeah, worth it. Read on.)First let’s talk about the knivesThere are four of ’em. Each knife in the set has a 5-inch, full tang blade made out of 420HC high carbon stainless steel. The blades are mounted into their elegant walnut handles with solid brass rivets. They balance beautifully in your hand, and Jesus H. are they sharp. Like surgical instrument sharp. Like Connery’s Bond in a tux sharp. Like… they have a very fine edge, is the point I want to make clear. The blades are fashioned by R. Murphy Knives, a company based in Avery, MA, and dedicated to crafting peerless cutting implements. (When the company was founded back in 1850, they made dental and surgical tools, so go figure.)Now let’s talk about the boxSure, you’re not supposed to judge a book by its cover, but let’s be honest: presentation matters. You got dressed before leaving the house today, right? (Or… maybe you’re not leaving the house today?) You put a sprig of parsley atop your entree, yes? Well the box in which these steak knives are stored is every bit as elegant as the knives themselves. It’s hand-crafted out of polished American maple wood and features four magnetic closure points that ensure it stays sealed unless you wish otherwise. It looks great, and it does its job.But that’s not what’s important here: the reason this elegantly simple knife box is notable is that the brand behind it, Boston HandyWorks, is dedicated to helping people out of homelessness. And not through handouts, but through the teaching of a trade that leads to meaningful employment. They “provide on-the-job training and transitional employment opportunities to individuals who have experienced homelessness and have been estranged from the workforce.” So that lovely box containing your lovely steak knives? That box was made by someone on their way to making something of themselves, one piece of woodwork at a time. How to Cook Steak in the Oven The Complete Guide for Learning How to Mow a Lawn 16 Best Action Movies on Netflix Right Now Editors’ Recommendations The Best Steakhouse Whiskey Collections in the United Stateslast_img read more

2 teenaged boys die after being electrocuted in Ghaziabad

first_imgGhaziabad: Two teenaged children have died of electrocution after they came into contact with the live wire coming out of the air cooler of their house in Khora area of Ghaziabad on Saturday.Family members said that one of the victims had come to his grandparent’s home to attend his grandfather’s farewell which is scheduled a few days later. The incident occurred in Azad Vihar colony in Khora area on Saturday. Cops said that the victims identified as Aditya (12) and Kuldeep (13) accidentally got trapped with the live wires while playing at the roof of their house. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderHiralal, who has served Indian railways for years was supposed to get retired and the farewell was scheduled on July 30. Hiralal’s grandson Aditya had come to attend the function along with his mother just an hour before the incident occurred. Aditya had gone to the terrace to play with another child, Kuldeep, from his relatives when accidentally both of them got trapped in the live wire coming out of the air cooler. The family members immediately took them to a nearby hospital when doctors referred them to Lal Bahadur Shastri hospital in Delhi where doctors declared them dead on arrival. Police handed over the bodies of both the victims to their families on Sunday when the last rites were performed. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsMeanwhile police have not registered any case into the matter. “The duo of kids has died after they accidentally came into contact with the live wire coming out of the air cooler. The family has not given any complaint to police,” said Satendra Prakash Singh, Station House Officer of Khora police station. Neighbours alleged laxity from the electricity department as the high-tension live wires passing from the area are naked and such incidents have reported in past too. On April 23, a young boy aged 25 years died of electrocution while two kids received critical burn injuries after they got trapped with a kite string which was dangling from a overhead high tension wire in Khora area of Ghaziabad on Tuesday. Police officials said that the kite string ‘Manjha’ was China made and was coated with a thin metal string through which the current had passed.last_img read more

welcoming new beginnings

first_imgMax Fashion with an endeavour to brighten up Durga Pujo for underprivileged, aims to donate new clothes to 5000+ children from different NGOs. With regards to this initiative, ‘The Wall of Kindness’ will be inaugurated on the day of Mahalaya, for which the announcement was made recently. The wall will display clothes before being handed over to the kids. On the occasion, Max Fashion also unveiled its Pujo Collection ‘Sinduri’ – a collection inspired by festive shades of vermillion, mustards and ivory to celebrate supreme power and welcome new beginnings. Present at the event were actor Rajatava Dutta; Rajib Mukherjee, AVP Operations East and Central India, Max; and Piyush Morjaria, AVP Brand Experience Marketing, Max, along with the underprivileged children of Bengal.last_img read more

Nelson Mandela to be honored at 20th Fes Festival of World

first_imgFez – The 20th Fes festival of the world sacred music, to be held from next June 13 to 21 will pay tribute to Nelson Mandela, the first African president of post-apartheid south Africa who passed away lately at 95.This year’s festival, themed, “conference of birds, when cultures travel ” will feature a much-awaited concert of Youssou Ndour and Johnny Clegg in the mythical Bab Makina square.Youssou Ndour is Senegalese singer, percussionist, songwriter, composer, occasional actor, businessman and a politician. In 2004, Rolling Stone described him as, “perhaps the most famous singer alive” in Senegal and much of Africa. He has been holding since 1985 a mega concert in Dakar for the release of Mandela. Johnny Clegg has always linked his music to the anti-apartheid struggle.The famous Fes Forum will debate aspects of Mandela’s personality as a militant and politician. The African leader will also be present in the Batha museum for a debate titled “Is a Mandela possible in the Middle east?”last_img read more

Georgia UNICEF sends school supplies to displaced children from South Ossetia

More than 500 children are among the thousands of Georgians who began to flee when the clashes broke out last week.UNICEF has sent 35 school kits and 10 football kits, along with information materials for parents and social workers, to the local government, which will pass them to 970 displaced people currently being housed in nine sanatoriums and hotels of the region.The agency emphasized that these sports and educational supplies are key to helping children overcome the trauma they experienced during the bombing of their villages in South Ossetia.On the health front, the agency is working with the country’s health authorities to immunize the displaced against measles, mumps and rubella to prevent an outbreak of epidemics. Vitamin A capsules, essential drugs and first aid kits are also in the pipeline.Currently, over 2,500 displaced women and children from South Ossetia have been relocated to various hotels and sanatoriums in six regions of Georgia.School kits form a core part of UNICEF response in emergencies. Each serves 40 students and contains basic school supplies such as exercise books, pencils, erasers and scissors. In addition, the kits provide a wooden teaching clock, plastic cubes for counting and a set of laminated posters for teaching math and reading. The kit is supplied in a locked aluminium box; the lid can double as a blackboard when coated with the special paint included in the kit. read more

Central Eastern European leaders warn against new status quo of instability

President Bujar Nishani of Albania addresses the General Assembly. UN Photo/Kim Haughton “Despite all the propaganda that was thrown out from Russia, the Ukraine crisis had nothing to do with protecting the rights of ethnic Russians. It was much simpler; it was, since the very first moment, about one’s country’s ambition to redraw its own borders to satisfy a territory appetite of a more powerful neighbour,” he said. On other matters, he said that to safeguard development gains, the world needs to once and for all eradicate all forms of poverty everywhere, address environmental degradation and promote inclusive economic growth. His region, the Western Balkans, is fully committed to a path of political stability and the European Union membership obtained in June enables Albania to take the first steps to intensify its reform process. “The Independent State of Kosova, the youngest state in the region”, has managed, he continued, in less than six years, to integrate into major international organizations and in that time also become an important factor of peace and stability. It is recognized to date by some 108 UN Member States, Mr. Nishani noted, calling on countries which have not yet done so to recognize it. Sustainable development was the focus of Janos Áder’s address to the General Assembly, for whom the Hungarian President had tough words about climate change. President Ivo Josipovic of the Republic of Croatia addresses the General Assembly. UN Photo/Cia Pak Mr. Josipovic said he was deeply concerned about the situation in Ukraine and said there was no other but a peaceful solution to the conflict. The violence must end and all sides must resort to political solutions that uphold the principles of international law including the territorial integrity of Ukraine. The President of Croatia said a world at peace meant a world without weapons of mass destruction, and he urged leaders to reinforce the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. The UN has a special role in maintaining peace and particularly advancing the role of women in conflict resolution and the sustainable development of post-conflict societies. On climate change, he pointed out that Croatia is a vulnerable country that is currently devastated by unprecedented floods. Cutting down greenhouse gas emissions must remain one of the main pillars of a post-2015 development agenda.“Having in mind the need for progress, we have committed ourselves to implement the Millennium Development Goals- this is our unfinished business,” he said, adding that Croatia has pledged itself to a truly transformative and people-centred framework of Sustainable Development Goals for post-2015. President Josipovic also pledged solidarity to Ebola-affected countries in West Africa and reiterated the need for Security Council reform. On a regional matter, he said that consolidating European space will be possible only with further stabilization of Southeast Europe. To that end, the region is finding ways of cooperating and laying foundation for joint development. Taking to the podium this afternoon, Romania’s Prime Minister, Victor Ponta expressed great concern for the current situation in Ukraine, given its impacts on the security of the countries in Eastern Europe. President Rossen Plevneliev of Bulgaria addresses the General Assembly. UN Photo/Kim Haughton Climate change needs to be urgently addressed, and no real transformative post-2015 development agenda would be possible unless loopholes of the current MDGs are dealt with. Mr. Plevneliev said Bulgaria does not recognize the “illegal annexation” of and referendum in Crimea, and condemns the Russian Federation for violating international law. He welcomed regional integration including through the Association Agreements of Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia with the European Union.The situation in Syria and Iraq was extremely concerning, he said, condemning in the strongest terms possible the killings of religious and ethnic minorities. The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) fills a serious gap in international law as it establishes regulations for trade in conventional arms. He also condemned the recurrent trend of brutal and “disgusting” manifestations of anti-Semitism. Natalia Gherman, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration of Moldova said her country had chosen a “European future,” having this year signed, ratified and applied an economic agreement which makes the economy more competitive and integrates it into the mainstream of global trade. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs Natalia Gherman of Moldova addresses the General Assembly. UN Photo/Kim Haughton The next goal is to apply for a full-fledged European Union membership. Now we must focus on enhancing energy security, developing rural communities and strengthening good governance, she said. Recently a pipeline has been finalized that connects Moldova to wider Europe and similar projects will be developed in the years to come. Jobs, salaries, pensions and benefits will rise and travel to the EU along with trade and economic opportunities will open.These benefits should be shared with the people of the Transnistria region as well. The political settlement must be based on sovereignty, territorial integrity and a special political status. Continuing presence of Russian military forces is contrary to international commitments and Republic of Moldova’s national Constitution, she said, calling on Russia to withdraw and for the international community put in place a multinational peacekeeping mission. The Republic of Moldova has also faced “unjustified restrictions” on its exports to the Russian Federation, which she said she hoped could be resolved through dialogue with Russian partners based on World Trade Organization (WTO) rules. In this regard, the EU was helpful in lessening the hardship of farmers and other agriculture producers. President Bronislaw Komorowski of the Republic of Poland addresses the General Assembly. UN Photo/Cia Pak “This ideological background of the conflict is the return to the rhetoric from the first half of the previous century…the logic of the law of the mightier and the ruthless imperial domination over weaker neighbours,” Mr. Komorowski said. In recent years, Europe has witnessed a “great wave of unification” through mechanisms of integration of the European communities. Indeed, the European Union has become a guarantor of peace in Europe and far beyond its borders. “What happened six months ago in Eastern Europe dealt a blow to that and threatened security on our continent. In our part of Europe, people are again asking themselves whether war as a method of obtaining a political goal will also be the European long-term reality,” he said.He expressed solidarity with the people of Syria, Libya, Israel, Gaza and many African nations in conflict. Nobody could ever take the place of the UN in providing aid to refugees and other victims of these humanitarian catastrophes. These conflicts were driven by absolute power, which is almost always corrupt and incapable of lifting countries out of poverty. Hence, it is essential to attain the appropriate inclusion of these questions in the new UN development agenda. Also today, Albanian President, Bujar Nishani said that while maintaining peace and security was a top UN priority, disasters were erupting at a frightening pace and the world spiralling into insecurities in South Sudan, Syria, Iraq and in his region, in Ukraine. Prime Minister Victor-Viorel Ponta of Romania addresses the General Assembly. UN Photo/Cia Pak The crisis started with the “unilateral annexation” of Crimea, an integral part of the sovereign State of Ukraine, by Russia. Romania was against any form of external pressure towards the states in Eastern Europe having European integration aspirations. “A strong, united and sovereign Ukraine, committed to its European path and to reforms in the economic and political fields is in the best interest of Europe,” he said, calling on the international community to get involved in finding a solution. Mr. Ponta commended the UN for its constant presence in the field and its efforts to monitor the day-to-day developments on the ground. For years, the countries of Eastern Europe and the Black Sea region have been for peace and cooperation. But instability in Ossetia, Abkhazia and now Donetsk, continue to obstruct these goals. Regional cooperation is essential for ensuring stability, in building confidence and in promoting the universal principles and values of the UN. Another source of concern is the spread of extremism throughout the Middle East, namely in Iraq and Syria. The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) threatens to destabilize the entire region as well as international order. In the field of development, he said a future agenda must address poverty, good governance and the rule of law. But to combat extremism, the future global development plan should also provide a platform for social inclusion, gainful employment and hope to future generations. At the podium this afternoon, Poland’s President, Bronislaw Komorowski, said that the international community needs to emphasize with “all might” that the “occupation of Crimea” and aggression in Ukraine is a violation of international law and runs roughshod over the fundamental values of the UN. “A year ago, we Europeans, could hardly imagine that after investing so much effort in reaching peace and stability a new armed conflict would arise in our neighbourhood,” said Mr. Kiska, as he also denounced the violation of the territorial integrity of any state. “What Ukraine needs today is to restore peace, stability, implement reforms and be reassured of guarantees of the inviolability of its territory,” said the Slovakian President. Only dialogue and diplomatic solution of the conflict, with the participation of Russia, will lead to a sustainable peace in Ukraine. He also underscored the need to stand united in Iraq to prevent ISIL from taking hold of any more territory and extremist ideologies from becoming successful. Slovakia, with its history of transitioning from a totalitarian regime to a democracy, knows first-hand the importance of security sector reform and the establishment of stable security institutions, such as army and police. President Kiska also pledged his commitment to stabilizing Afghanistan, where a Slovakian national led the UN Mission. Disarmament is essential for eliminating potential sources of tension and conflicts, President Kiska said, urging nations to sign the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) to help monitor and regulate the international trade of conventional weapons. Also speaking today, Croatia’s President Ivo Josipovic called on world leaders to come up with a “zero tolerance policy” towards terrorism and agree on a joint global effort to prevent extremist organizations from flourishing and gaining ground. János Ader, President of Hungary, addresses the general debate of the sixty-ninth session of the General Assembly. UN Photo/Kim Haughton “Speeches I heard in the past few days deflected responsibility and presented a narrow-mindedness,” he told the high-level debate. “Why can’t we listen to the advice of our scientists? Why can we not accept the signals of our own planet? And why are we not learning from our own example?”Mr. Áder has said Hungary was able to reduce its carbon emissions by 40 per cent, overshadowing the pledged 6 per cent in Kyoto. A successor to that protocol is due to be finalized in Paris next year.In his address, given in the renovated General Assembly Hall on a more eco-friendly UN complex, Mr. Áder highlighted Hungary’s efforts to increase its energy efficiency and use more alternative energy resources. “If you want calm, you have to prepare for disasters,” he told the 193-Member body. “It’s no longer to reduce emissions, we have to prepare for more serious natural disasters.”Taking to the podium this evening, Bulgaria’s President, Rosen Plevneliev said that over the last few months Bulgaria and the Balkans have suffered unprecedented floods and thousands of people lost their homes, crops were ruined, and many innocent people died. read more

Let us renew our will to cooperate for peace Ban declares at

“I always take great inspiration whenever I pass by, and of course when we ring it each September to mark the International Day of Peace,” Mr. Ban said.“As I remember, there was only one year we were not able to hit this Peace Bell – that was 2001 on September 11th. We were ready to have this Peace Bell ceremony on the day of the opening of the General Assembly. On that day the September 11th terrorist attacks happened, so we had to evacuate this building,” Mr. Ban recalled.“I was serving as Chef de Cabinet to the President of the General Assembly. The [President of the] General Assembly, Secretary-General Kofi Annan and myself and all other staff had to either evacuate to the basement or outside of this building” he said. Unlike many other gifts, the Peace Bell came to the United Nations courtesy of a non-governmental organization, the UN Association of Japan, even before Japan became a UN Member State. It was a sign of support of the goals and ideals of the Organization.The idea for a “bell of peace,” as it was originally known, was proposed by Mr. Chiyoji Nakagawa, a representative of the UN Association of Japan who attended the General Assembly’s sixth session, in 1951. “After surviving the cruelties and deprivations of the Second World War, Mr. Nakagawa wanted to create a symbol for humanity’s hopes for global peace,” Mr. Ban said.For five years, as the United Nations renovated its Headquarters complex along Manhattan’s East River, the Peace Bell found a temporary home in the Rose Garden. It is currently placed at the intersection of the General Assembly, Secretariat, and Conference buildings. “Over the last five years that the Peace Bell was away, too many innocent people around the world have heard only the sounds of guns and bombs,” Mr. Ban said. “Now that it is restored back to its home, let us also intensify our work to restore the bells of peace in villages and cities and countries around the world,” he added. Also speaking at today’s ceremony was President of the General Assembly Sam Kutesa who called the Peace Bell both unique and emblematic, having been cast using coins collected by the United Nations Association of Japan from children of all existing UN Member States in 1952. “Today, as we return this prominent icon of peace to its permanent location, let us recall the Declaration on the Rights of Peoples to Peace, adopted thirty years ago by the General Assembly,” Mr. Kutesa said. The Declaration reaffirmed that the aspiration for peace is universal among all peoples and that every human being has the right to live in a peaceful environment. “Each time we ring this bell in the future, we should recall our commitment towards the peaceful resolution of conflicts and the building of lasting peace,” he added. Yesterday the Secretary-General and General Assembly President planted the ‘Tree of Unity and Peace’ at Headquarters marking the end of the Second World War. Later that morning, General Assembly held a solemn ceremony remembering all the men, women and children who lost their lives during the war. read more

Adele dresses up as Catherine Tates nan for 29th birthday

first_imgShe shared a set of four photos of her costume on Twitter in which she can be seen in a variety of poses, while one picture shows the hair of her wig standing on end.She captioned the post: “Nearly 30! Thanks for the well wishes. See you soon x”.The British star has shown her flair for costumes in the past. Last Halloween she was unrecognisable as Jim Carrey’s character in The Mask, complete with a green face, while for her 27th birthday she dressed up as her friend George Michael.The star has recently been on a world tour, which will end in London on July 2 after four sold-out dates at Wembley Stadium. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. She may have just turned 29, but Adele has shown she is already embracing later life after dressing up as a famously foul-mouthed grandmother. The singer celebrated her birthday on Friday by posing as Joannie “Nan” Taylor from The Catherine Tate Show, complete with pink cardigan, wild red hair and chained glasses.center_img Nearly 30! Thanks for the well wishes. See you soon x pic.twitter.com/j15vjkMcye— Adele (@Adele) May 5, 2017last_img read more