Treadmill Britain needs to lighten up

first_imgIs work dominating your life, controlling everything and creating moredisappointments than delights? Our brilliant ‘Off Message’ columnist Stephen Overell, this week challengesus with the notion that there should be a campaign for less work and more leisure.It might sound like a light-hearted and trifling proposition but he’s raised aserious point. Overell is not calling for increased idleness, just the freedom to havespare time, to relax and not to feel guilty about not being useful. He argues that we’re obsessed with employment as our only meaningfulactivity when leisure is equally worthwhile, allows us to express our talentand personality and makes us feel so much better. Only a mad person would disagree with him. But it’s important not todemonise the workplace and deny how significant work is in many people’s lives.Call them sad, but for some people the job really is the foundation of theirwell-being and identity. It’s the satisfying and rewarding part of their life,they are passionate about it and don’t feel anywhere near as positive abouttheir leisure time, which deliberately plays second fiddle. For many, happiness at work correlates with happiness in life. It’s acomplex issue, but few can deny that employed people tend to be happier andhealthier than the unemployed. Overell paints a picture of treadmill Britain, but his ‘total work culture’belies the fact that attitudes are shifting away from long hours towards moreflexibility between home and job. Workers and employers recognise that wellbeing is dependent on balance and that no longer means working nine to five.The next generation will undoubtedly be much more protective of their leisuretime and demand it from prospective employers. Reference to analysis Industry leaders and employees in this country have a long way to go beforethey reach agreement and are comfortable with levels of work versus play. Butif you are in the Overell camp and value your leisure time more than work, thenavoid jobs in Hong Kong and aim for Berlin, Copenhagen or Paris where theaverage number of annual working hours are lowest. These are not lazy cities ofcourse, just vibrant business centres, chilled out about rest, work and play. By Jane King, editor Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Treadmill Britain needs to lighten upOn 20 Jan 2004 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

Weber State Women In Action In WBI Quarterfinals

first_img Tags: Central Arkansas/Larryn Brooks/Taylor Baudoin/WBI Invitational/Weber State/women’s basketball Written by Brad James March 19, 2018 /Sports News – Local Weber State Women In Action In WBI Quarterfinals FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailCONWAY, Ark.-(Weber State SID) Monday, the Weber State women’s basketball team seeks to continue its season as they travel to Conway, Ark. to face the Central Arkansas Sugar Bears in the Women’s Basketball Invitational.The Wildcats have previously had success in the WBI, advancing to the 2016 championship game in the event, only to fall to the Louisiana-Lafayette (now Louisiana) Ragin’ Cajuns 87-85.Overall in the event, the Wildcats have a 4-1 all-time record.The proficient Wildcats are Top 20 nationally (out of 349 Division I women’s basketball teams) in several key categories, such as 7th in 3-point field goals per game at 10.3.The Wildcats are currently 21-10 on the season and are led by redshirt senior guard Larryn Brooks.The 5’6″ star guard out of Richmond, Ky. averages 20.1 points and 4.5 rebounds per game for the Wildcats. Her contributions on the season netted her Big Sky Conference first-team honors as well as Newcomer of the Year honors after transferring from Texas Tech.The Sugar Bears, who represent the Southland Conference, are 23-9 on the season and led by 6’0″ senior forward Taylor Baudoin who averages 15.7 points and 7.1 rebounds per game.This evening also represents the first game in history between these two programs.last_img read more

Italy: Leon E. Panetta Visits NAS Sigonella

first_img View post tag: € View post tag: News by topic View post tag: Naval View post tag: Panetta Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta visited U.S. and Coalition service members on board Naval Air Station (NAS) Sigonella Oct. 7 during a overseas tour that consisted of stops in Israel, Egypt, Belgium and Italy.The purpose of the stop was to thank not only the U.S. service members, but also Italian and Coalition forces for their support during operations in Libya.Operation Unified Protector is the NATO-led mission that succeeded Operation Odyssey Dawn, established to enforce United Nations Security Council Resolution 1973.U.S. and Coalition service members gathered on the flight line as Panetta described the operations as a true Coalition effort.“I have to tell you that at the time that this mission was embarked on, there were a lot of critics about whether it was the right mission at the right time with the right force; whether NATO could do the job. There were a lot of questions about the mission overall, and I think the critics have been proven wrong. NATO came together effectively, came together quickly, operations were put together effectively – and this was a complicated mission. There’s no questions about it,” said Panetta.“In Sigonella, nations came together to conduct complex operations that have not only protected the lives of innocent civilians, but have served to demonstrate the remarkable capacities resident in each nation’s forces,” said Capt. Scott Butler, NAS Sigonella commanding officer. “The historic deployments by Sweden and UAE, along with the efforts of our traditional NATO partners, are game-changers. From this base, a military force whose composition is unique in the modern age, prosecuted enemy targets with great precision and, as the Secretary said, made the world a safer place for our children. There can be no higher calling.”“Sigonella was extremely important to the mission that was conducted in Libya, and all of you know the tremendous role that was played by each of you in that mission,” said Panetta.[mappress]Source: navy, October 09, 2011 Authorities View post tag: usa View post tag: Leon View post tag: NAS View post tag: Sigonella Back to overview,Home naval-today Italy: Leon E. Panetta Visits NAS Sigonella Italy: Leon E. Panetta Visits NAS Sigonella View post tag: visits Share this article View post tag: Italy October 9, 2011 View post tag: Navylast_img read more

Baby cakes

first_imgCupcakes are making a bit of resurgence as a fashionable bakery treat, which is great news for cake-maker Fiona Cairns. Or at least it should be. “They’re not cupcakes, they’re fairy cakes!” huffs Cairns, only half-jokingly of her products. I stand corrected.So is there any real difference between fairy cakes and cupcakes? The answer lies across one large continent-splitting pond. “I just think that what we make is a very English product. To me, a ’cupcake’ is an American term for a larger, more muffin-like cake. Ours are much more delicate and I prefer the name ’fairy cakes’. I think we’re unique in calling them fairy cakes, not cupcakes.”The cupcakes vs fairy cake debate is one that has raged – and blood was spilt over the matter – within the pages of Waitrose magazine. “In America, a cupcake is a bit like a cookie, something you might pick up on your way to work. It’s a more casual thing, whereas what we do is more precious, more gifty – it’s an alternative to giving a chocolate box,” explains MD Kishore Patel. Cairns then unexpectedly adds: “But next week we’ll start to make American-style cupcakes, with buttercream on top!”The firm’s first foray into cupcakes will initially be for Waitrose own-label. Whether fairy or cupcakes, the fashionable revival of traditional topped box cakes is commonly cited as having been kick-started in New York in the mid-’90s with the likes of the famed Magnolia Bakery (see pg 19). This traditional-style bakery, popped up in films and TV series, including Sex & the City, with queues stretching around the block. But Fiona Cairns was on the scene a whole decade earlier, having begun selling fairy cakes and fruit cakes to Harrods and The Conran Shop some 20 years ago.traditional goes mainstreamThe firm now specialises in manufacturing premium branded and own-label celebration cakes, fairy cakes and biscuits for the likes of Waitrose, which has stocked Fiona Cairns for 14 years, and Sainsbury’s, which came on board a year ago. Cupcakes are just another example of a traditional product returning to the mainstream, says Patel. “We like to take an old product and breathe life into it,” he says. “A cupcake is as old as the hills. We think there are some great old ideas that you can interpret crisply in a modern way, and people love it.”The spritely pace of innovation – the firm gets through around 50-60 fairy cake designs in a year – means new product categories such as cupcakes can take on a momentum of their own. “Like everything we do, we make brother and sister products. Cupcakes are likely to be one of those products where we will do a Fiona Cairns label and an own-label,” says Patel.Waitrose will have a different design from John Lewis, Sainsbury’s or Harrods. Even seasonal variations are unique to each retailer. “We’ve almost got too many ideas, if that’s possible!” says Cairns.Over the last 20 years, the products have refined and the level of detail improved, while the stable of designs is ever-changing. All decorations are handmade. “In the early days, I trained everybody. Now there’s an ethos within the business of paying attention to detail – because that’s the way I am, I’m very fussy.”Our cakes are very highly finished; everybody understands that. With the clear way it’s packaged [in a simple transparent box], there’s nothing between the consumer’s eye and the product. If there’s a thumb-mark on there it’s obvious.”Cairns has clearly been flexing her PR muscle over the years, achieving a steady drip-feed of coverage for her products in magazines and national newspapers. Patel says: “Keeping the brand in the consumers’ attention through the press is quite an important part of our whole approach. It’s not just about getting the product right and making it taste good and look good, it’s also about getting the customer to pick it up and buy it.”boosting the brandSo does the business have a marketing budget? “Yes – it’s zero! That’s very much Fiona’s role. We have established our brand and we want to work on growing the business,” he adds.This means building on the good start the firm has made in Europe, as well developing new product lines. The brand was successfully introduced into French department store Le Bon Marché – said to be “the Selfridges of Paris” – in January this year. “Nobody knew quite how the fruit cake would go down, but they’re selling really well,” says Cairns. They have already pricked the attention of six French publications, including Figaro and Elle magazines.Elsewhere, the firm is looking to develop shortbread biscuits, to take on the likes of Duchy Originals in the medium term. However, the organics route is not something that is high on the agenda.But cakes are the mainstay and about 600,000 fairy cakes are made every year, plus around 16-20,000 little fruit cakes, which come in five sizes. The smallest cake costs £8, while a 9kg fruit cake wedding cake retails for around £250. “We built the company up on the reputation of our fruit cake,” says Cairns.So what are the technical issues that a business like Fiona Cairns faces? “As a point of difference we generally develop a product and then cost it – sometimes products fall by the wayside, because they’re too expensive to make,” says Patel. “When I started, there wasn’t much competition, but there is now,” continues Cairns. “But there are technical barriers to entering into the market, and that puts some people off. I used to design whatever I wanted, with no limitations – all you needed was an oven. That’s completely changed over the last five years. I go to our technologist before I design anything, and not afterwards, as I used to do,” she says.One abandoned product – sugar mice with a string tail – was pulled at the 11th hour due to restrictions on using string coming to light. Thankfully, technical manager Anthony Green is now on hand to ensure the smooth planning of product development. “If everything is right at the NPD stage then the product will be fine when you scale up,” he says.going naturalOne technical development is a move away from synthetic colours to natural, wherever possible. “There is a new colour on the market from GMT that’s completely natural. So we’re striving to improve every detail,” says Green.Plans are afoot to double the building space by August this year, having outgrown the factory in Fleckney, Leicestershire. By acquiring a neighbouring unit, the company is set to increase production, warehousing and office space to 11,000sq ft. Costing an estimated £250,000, the plan is to have the new building ready in time for the Christmas rush.So where would the business like to be in five years’ time – a listing in every major supermarket, perhaps? Patel thinks not; the key, he says, is not to overstretch oneself. “With food manufacturing, managing growth is quite tricky,” he explains. “Suddenly, you can go from being a niche provider to a very vulnerable supplier. That’s the process we’ve got to watch. If we sell a little to five supermarkets, the margins are not as good as if we sell in depth to one, because the cost of running that account is fixed. But we’re ready to grow.” n—-=== Fiona Cairns – the business ===Location: Fleckney, LeicestershireCustomers: The Conran Shop; Waitrose; John Lewis; Sainsbury’s; Harrods; Fortnum & Mason; Le Bon MarchéMajor ingredients supplier: BakoTurnover: £1.5m with £2m projected by next yearProducts: Celebration cakes make up 65%, with fairy cakes and biscuits accounting for the remainderKey personnel: The company is run by the husband and wife team of Fiona Cairns, who heads up product development and marketing, and MD Kishore PatelStaff: 35 (permanent)Distribution: directInteresting fact: Fiona Cairns makes Christmas cakes every year for Paul McCartney—-=== Fiona Cairns – the CV ===First trained in graphic design and then worked as an illustrator; undertook cookery training and became a pastry chef at Hambleton Hall, Rutland; began her own business, baking from homeHistory: “In 1986, I was baking from my kitchen table,” says Cairns. “We went on a skiing holiday with friends and decided to take each other a present that cost under £1 – not very easy. So I made little baby fruit cakes. My friends loved them and said I should market them.”My first-ever order was for six dozen cakes for The Conran Shop. I remember freaking out, thinking, ’How am I going to make all that on my own?’ Then I rang the buyer at Harrods and they really liked the product too; they’re still selling the same product, although the detail and designs are more refined than they were in the early days. Now you see little cakes everywhere.”—-=== Cupcake craze ===Magnolia Bakery, New YorkWhere: 401 Bleecker Street, Manhattan, New York CityMagnolia is credited in some quarters for sparking a cupcakes revival, when it opened in the mid-1990s selling old-fashioned boxed cakes. Long queues are a regular fixture and customers are limited to just 12 cupcakes. The bakery stays open until as late as 11:30pm on weekends. Owner Allysa Torey wrote The Magnolia Bakery Cookbook: Old-Fashioned Recipes from New York’s Sweetest Bakery with former co-owner Jennifer Appel in 1999.Hummingbird Bakery The closest UK equivalentWhere: 133 Portobello Rd, LondonThis American-style bakery, opened in 2004 by Tarek Malouf, sells highly indulgent cupcakes – so much so that the chocolate cupcakes were described by one reviewer as “as good as sex”.last_img read more

News story: Flights protected in no deal Brexit scenario

first_img Measures put forward by the UK and the EU will ensure that flights can continue in any scenario; deal or no deal. This is good news, not only for the industry but most importantly it reaffirms the fact that passengers can book flights with confidence, as normal. We expect these contingency measures will never be needed and our efforts remain focused on securing a deal from the EU. The government has set out how it will reciprocate to EU airlines the rights granted to UK airlines by the regulation.Around 164 million passengers travel between the UK and the EU each year so these measures will ensure that passengers can continue to take business and leisure flights in a no deal scenario.This announcement gives industry certainty and the public the assurance needed to book and fly with absolute confidence.These proposals are a no deal contingency measure and will only come into force if the UK leaves the EU without a deal. The UK remains committed to securing a deal but continues to prepare for all scenarios. Media enquiries 020 7944 3021 Today (7 March 2019) the UK government confirmed details of measures that will ensure flights will continue if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.This follows the publication of technical notices in October 2018 which clearly stated that the UK would adopt a pragmatic approach to securing flights.This announcement comes as the EU is also about to finalise its no deal aviation regulation that will protect UK airlines flying into Europe. Both these proposals will ensure continued aviation connectivity in any scenario.Aviation Minister Baroness Sugg said: UK government sets out detailed plans confirming protection for flights in a no deal scenario EU no deal aviation regulation also about to be finalised to ensure UK airlines can continue to operate to Europe contingency measures provide industry and holidaymakers with the certainty they need and ensure flights will continue after 29 March 2019center_img Out of hours media enquiries 020 7944 4292 Aviation, Europe and technology media enquiries Switchboard 0300 330 3000last_img read more

An ancient tribe, and change

first_img A battle scene from Robert Gardner’s “Dead Birds” (1963), a cinematic study of ritual warfare among the world’s last Stone Age tribes. Images courtesy of Robert Gardner ‘Dead Birds’ revisited In a still from “Dead Birds Re-encountered” (2013), Weyak (far left), the Dani warrior profiled in “Dead Birds,” watched the film 28 years later with Gardner (far right). It is organized in a classic dramatic story arc. The protagonists are two Dani tribesmen: Weyak, a farmer and warrior who guarded one fringe of his village’s frontier, and Pua, a dreamy and hapless boy of 8 who herded swine for his grandfather. Man and boy illustrated both the arrival at manhood and the aspiration to reach it.Bodies star in “Dead Birds” too, and offer a look at how humanity once was: splayfooted, naked, and with powerful and utilitarian adult bodies. The children are spare and naked. Young adult men have the hard muscles and fluid gait of middle-distance runners. Women and girls wear short woven skirts. Men and boys wear phallocrypts, upright slender gourds that are tied around the torso and conceal the penis.“Dead Birds” was regarded as revolutionary in part because of Gardner’s cinematic eye. A bird of prey glides over a green valley where stick-and-daub villages interlock with ancient paths. In the pitch darkness, Pua lights a fire and roasts a small bird, then keeps a feather for his hair. Weyak hoes a garden plot with a blunt stick. On a grassy hillside, men with spears swarm at each other, feinting and shooting arrows. They break from war when it rains, for fear that their feathered headdresses will get wet. Now and then, someone gets hurt. Rarely, someone dies.In sum, Gardner in 1961 was filming long-ago humanity, when people generally were bound to each other by magic and ancient paths, and to an ideal of war whose object was not annihilation but tribal honor. (Each tribal death required revenge for another, an accountancy that kept a cycle of war slowly turning.)Shooting close and longAt work too in “Dead Birds” were Gardner’s allegorical voice-over; his unflinching close-ups and dramatic long shots; his you-are-there battle scenes; and his captivating soundtrack, which later engendered some controversy because it was layered over the film track during editing. In those days, syncing sound to film amid field conditions was impossible.Gardner’s sound recordist during the 1961 film trip was Michael Rockefeller ’60, son of then-New York Gov. Nelson Rockefeller. Michael disappeared later that year during another expedition in Dutch New Guinea, and was declared dead in 1964.The battle scenes in “Dead Birds” were controversial too, since what seemed like one battle was a composite of several. For the visiting Westerners, there were hazards even at the periphery of the action. Dani arrows, long and reedlike, were barbed but featherless. Trajectories could be looping and erratic. “Michael Rockefeller got one in his leg,” said Gardner of an errant arrow. “I never told his father. All hell would have broken loose.”Adding to the power of the film were its intimate portraits of daily life as it likely was in the Stone Age, with feasts, funerals, farming, pig herding, raids, gestures of magic, and in this case long treks to the tribe’s one source of salt. (Women soaked banana leaves in briny water, and then bore them home in heavy bundles.)For ethnographic filmmakers, it was a unique moment. The Dani were completely unaware of what the whirring film cameras did. “My camera,” Gardner wrote later, “was no more or less interesting than my belt buckle.” (He had a rule back then too, to preserve the secret of film’s magic: No photographs were to be shown to any of the Dani.)At the retrospective screening of “Dead Birds” on Oct. 10, Film Archive programmer David Pendleton said the movie had “touched off a revolution” in documentary cinema, praise that Ilisa Barbash repeated in a formal introduction. She is the Peabody’s curator of visual anthropology and co-author of “The Cinema of Robert Gardner” (2008). “You don’t have boring middle shots,” said Barbash. “He keeps you visually engaged.”“Dead Birds” premiered at Harvard’s Loeb Drama Center in a ticketed event open mainly to faculty, administrators, and a smattering of Harvard undergraduates.“The person who understood it best was the president of the University, Nathan Pusey,” said Gardner. “He came back again” for the second screening that night.The filmmaker, still strikingly handsome with a shock of white hair, said “Dead Birds” was a “different film” at its first screening: 110 minutes long instead of the 85-minute duration of its official release in 1964.A coterie of his friends had “urged me to make it shorter,” said Gardner, which he regrets now. Among them was author Lillian Hellman and novelist Peter Matthiessen, a naturalist who had been on the film team in Dutch New Guinea. (Along too was visual anthropologist Karl G. Heider ’56, Ph.D. ’66, who co-wrote with Gardner 1969’s “Gardens of War: Life and Death in the New Guinea Stone Age.”)The longer film? “I have it around somewhere,” said Gardner.Re-encounters and changesGardner, who will be 88 on Nov. 5, skipped the screening of “Dead Birds,” but was on hand for the premiere of “Dead Birds Re-encountered” the next night. He first thought of calling it “The Road,” but during editing decided to focus on the people who in 1963 elected to embrace Gardner and his crew instead of killing them.With him on the 1989 film trip were his wife, two sons, photographer Susan Meiselas, and two friends — both dead now — whom Gardner credits with most of the work: documentary filmmaker and Harvard Professor Richard P. Rogers and pioneer aerial photographer Robert E. Fulton III ’61.“Re-encountered” is only 46 minutes long. “I wondered at the end of editing it why it was so short,” said Gardner. “I usually drag things out.”It is a film of reunion. The most affecting scene comes first, when Weyak, now a slender old man in a Western shirt and shorts, meets Gardner again. Nearly three decades after being filmed guarding, farming, weaving, and making war, he weeps against the bigger man’s shoulder, shouts, hums, and bares his teeth in a wide smile. “You have come from your home to see us here,” said Weyak. He added, with a shade of the disbelief he felt in 1961, “These are real people.”The nearly naked Pua takes equal pleasure in meeting Pom, the name the villagers gave Gardner. Pua hugs the silver-haired visitor, grins, and taps his phallocrypt for emphasis.“Re-encountered” is also a film of remembering. The longest scene, and the most dramatic, is a monologue by Weyak as he sits cross-legged in his hut. He recounts the film team arriving, and their welcome once it is determined that they are human. Weyak tells how his desires have changed in the intervening years, and those of the whole village. ????Just clothes or money,” he said through subtitles. “No more fighting. No.”The road is not the only change, or Weyak’s Western shorts. Pua, wearing just a headdress, gets a helicopter ride, then climbs into a car to visit a nearby town. Surrounded by curious Indonesians, he scans the wares in a souvenir shop, including a shelf of stone axes. Pua also pages through a book.“This is how I used to be,” he said, pointing to one old picture of the way things were. There was another of Michael Rockefeller. “Mike as a boy,” said Pua. “He died. He went into the ocean.”“Re-encountered” is a film about aging too. Weyak looks shrunken in a jacket and military cap. But he is animated during another one of the film’s signature scenes. The old men watch themselves young in “Dead Birds,” screening it on a tiny monitor.The new film is about a kind of fame, too. Pua recounted how tourists sought him out, and said he had made a sort of business from his “Dead Birds” renown. During one scene, villagers enact a pig roast for a clutch of German tourists. “Nothing had changed,” said Meiselas, remembering the moment. “It was completely ritualized and totally communal.”But the audience had changed. In 1961, the sun-beaten Westerners wielding cameras and sound booms lived in a tent on the edge of the village. By 1989, the tourists with cameras could have been at a zoo or on a safari.Regarding Pua, Gardner said during the panel, “I’m so glad somebody didn’t put him in clothes and take him on an airplane to Paris.”In the newer film, he said he traveled back to the old scenes of “Dead Birds” in search of old friends and not as a field anthropologist. “I approached it, if I may say so, as an artist,” said Gardner. Then he added what could summarize his 60 years of filmmaking in search of humanity’s core. “I was never a scientist.”center_img Pua in 1989, holding a picture of himself as the young swineherd featured in “Dead Birds,” filmed 28 years before. October marks the 50th anniversary of “Dead Birds,” the groundbreaking documentary of a Stone Age tribe that survived into the 20th century. Its creator was Robert Gardner ’47, the longtime director (1957-1997) of the Film Study Center, the creative arm of Harvard’s Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology.The Harvard Film Archive hosted a recent retrospective screening of “Dead Birds.” Gardner helped to found the archive too, in 1979, and remembered its prototype as “a few shelves in the closet” at the Carpenter Center. “Things have only gotten better as time has gone by,” he said.Time has been kind to “Dead Birds,” a lyrical study of the lives, beliefs, practices, and ritual warfare of the Dugum Dani peoples in the remote Grand Valley in the highlands of western New Guinea. At the invitation of the Dutch government, Gardner and a small team spent six months in 1961 filming what were then thought to be the world’s last practitioners of Neolithic culture, with stone tools, clan-sized villages, pervasive magic, and ritual warfare.Gardner described his 1961 self in his book “The Impulse to Preserve” (2006), as “a lapsed graduate student trying to invent an anthropology that used film and photography instead of words.” He went on to make a film every two or three years between 1964, when “Dead Birds” was officially released, until “Forest of Bliss” in 1985. These days, the director still lives near Harvard Square, and would rather write than make films.The day after the anniversary screening, the archive sponsored a related screening. “Dead Birds Re-encountered” (2013) is a cinematic rendering of Gardner’s 1989 return to the scenes and people of the 1963 film. It was filmed in the same villages and the same valley, though the locale is now called Irian Jaya, Indonesia. In the intervening years, one traumatically new feature had appeared: a road. Gardner called it “a scar” that cut across a once “ravishing valley.” The opening scene is of a truck rumbling noisily past, kicking up dust.The truck scene is a jarring antipode to the rhythms of the earlier film that first screened at Harvard in 1963. “Dead Birds” revolutionized the way anthropology was presented on film.last_img read more

Our endless fascination with pi

first_imgFor centuries, pi — the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter — has fascinated mathematicians and scientists. The number, which is infinite but never falls into a repeating pattern, is used in formulae throughout the sciences. For more perspective on the significance and fascination with the number, for Pi Day (3.14) the Gazette spoke with Jacob Barandes, a lecturer and director of graduate studies for physics.Q&AJacob BarandesGAZETTE: Why do you think pi has fascinated people for so long?BARANDES: People have needed to calculate distances around circles and the areas of circles for a very long time, so the concept of pi has been around for millennia. But pi kept thwarting early efforts to pin numbers down to simple cases.Many people know that pi isn’t a rational number, meaning that it can’t be expressed as a whole number divided by another whole number. But pi is also a transcendental number, meaning that it isn’t the square root of a rational number, or even the solution to anything like a simple equation involving x’s and x-squareds and x-cubes. So pi is the most familiar and concrete example of what’s known as a transcendental irrational number, and today we know that transcendental irrational numbers are actually vastly more common than rational numbers.When expressed as a decimal expansion, pi never repeats. All kinds of patterns show up in its decimal representation, so it looks random, but obviously we can predict as many of its digits as we want given enough computing power and time, so it’s also deterministic. “It’s remarkable that something so close to us that’s been with us for so long continues to offer up so many wonderful mysteries.” Making math more Lego-like Solving the problem of the calculus whiz Harvard lecturer helps provide research-backed answer on authorship of Beatles classic Early efforts to calculate pi with increasing levels of accuracy presaged advanced developments in mathematics like limits and calculus, and pi also started showing up in lots of examples far beyond its humble origins, from higher-dimensional geometry to number theory to astronomy to quantum mechanics. It’s remarkable that something so close to us that’s been with us for so long continues to offer up so many wonderful mysteries.GAZETTE: There is a theory that pi contains every possible number sequence, and if that’s the case, it could — in theory — encode every story that’s ever written, or ever will be written. This makes the number feel almost cosmic in its dimensions.BARANDES: There’s an old idea going back at least to the fictional “Library of Babel” described by Jorge Luis Borges in the 1940s about an imaginary infinite library containing every possible book that could ever be written, organized systematically so that as you might imagine moving from one room to the next, you could eventually obtain whatever book you want, down to the last letter. If you eventually arrive at the book you’ve been seeking, have you discovered it, or have you invented it?It’s not known for sure whether the decimal representation of pi contains every conceivable pattern of digits that one could imagine, but many mathematicians think that it might be true.We can encode any letter or punctuation mark in terms of numerical digits, so this would mean that pi is essentially that Library of Babel. Every name, every story, every aspect of anyone’s life — the entire history of every possible universe — all of it would be stored somewhere in the infinite list of digits in the decimal representation of pi.Of course, pi wouldn’t be unique in potentially having this feature — it could be true of infinitely many other irrational numbers as well. But it does make one wonder about what breathes life into the particular universe which we inhabit, when infinitely many other universes are in principle encoded in a specific number like pi. That’s certainly a philosophical question if I’ve ever heard one. You say John, I say Paul. But what does stylometry say? 3-D picture-language has far-reaching potential, including in physics Related Researchers sought answers on college success in study of more than 6,000 freshmenlast_img read more

Biosecurity survey

first_imgBy Faith PeppersUniversity of GeorgiaGeorgia farmers can add their input on biosecurity issues to farmer opinions nationwide through a survey now being conducted.The 40-state Extension Disaster Education Network received U.S. Department of Agriculture funds to identify farmers’ educational needs on homeland security.”Georgia farmers need to respond to the EDEN survey,” Charles McPeake said, “to help present an accurate description of grassroots positioning and needs related to the homeland security issue.”McPeake is the agriculture and natural resources program leader with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.”This accumulation of information allows concerned organizations like Extension to provide more timely information for specific situations,” he said.November surveyThe EDEN survey will be conducted through November. To take the survey, farmers may visit the EDEN Web site ( and click on “Homeland Security Surveys,” then on “Survey of Ag and Horticulture Producers.”The survey is anonymous. It takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Farmers can complete it anywhere they have access to the Web, including libraries and Extension offices.”There are factors concerning agriculture that lead experts to disagree about whether farming and the food supply are at risk to bioterrorism,” said Steve Cain, EDEN delegate and a Purdue University Extension Service specialist. “Whether or not there is a real threat to the American food supply, even the risks bring up issues that society must deal with.”Biosecurity issuesThe EDEN project will help measure farmers’ perceptions about biosecurity issues on the farm.”Since September 11, the news media have done a credible job of providing information about homeland security,” Cain said. “But often that information raises questions and debate that can only be addressed with educational programs.”The survey will help Extension staffs, nationally and in each state, know how to direct educational programs. Experts will use the information to make educational materials available to farmers.”Georgia began focusing on biosecurity and agrosecurity when foot-and-mouth problems emerged in England,” McPeake said. “Then along came 9/11, which threw our nation into the unknown.”To create awareness of these issues, UGA put together a CAES task force and agrosecurity conference. Materials can also be found on various Web sites.last_img read more

Council Authorizes Tax Incentives To Create Snowshoe Manufacturing Jobs In Vermont

first_imgCouncil Authorizes Tax Incentives To Create Snowshoe Manufacturing Jobs In VermontMONTPELIER — The Vermont Economic Progress Council recently approved almost a quarter-million dollars in tax credits to a Williston firm that plans to manufacture snowshoes in Vermont.The council approved an application from TSL USA, LLC at its meeting on October 27th, 2005, after the firm presented plans to manufacture aluminum and plastic snowshoes in Williston, Vermont and distribute their products worldwide. The company was authorized for $241,925 in payroll, research and development and workforce development tax credits to add new jobs and invest in research and development and employee training and education. The company was also considering sites in Clinton County, New York.TSL is very excited to bring the snowshoe industry back to Vermont, said Arnaud Claude, President of TSL USA. Thanks to the hard work of the Vermont Economic Progress Council, the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development, and the Greater Burlington Industrial Corporation, we are going to create new jobs in Vermont, developing and manufacturing high quality snowshoes that will be sold to consumers worldwide.Claude said he hopes to have the first prototype snowshoes completed in January and to have production underway in March. He anticipated starting with 4 or 5 workers with plans to ramp up to 25 in five years.I love it in Vermont, Claude said. Vermont is the image for the snowshoe industry.The tax incentives were authorized based on job creation and capital investments that must occur before the credits can be claimed. The Council approved the application after reviewing nine guidelines and applying a rigorous cost-benefit analysis that projects whether the activity encouraged by the tax incentives will have a positive or negative impact on the region and state. This analysis showed that if the company meets all its projections and utilizes all the tax credits, the State will realize a net increase in revenues of $431,200. The Council also determined that the project would not occur or would occur in a significantly different and less desirable manner if not for the incentives being authorized.These incentives generate good jobs that pay well and increase income levels here in Vermont, said Lawrence Miller, chair of the nine-member council of business people from around the state. “If the credits are claimed, it means that the applicant has performed as expected, created jobs and invested in Vermont. The net fiscal impact is outstanding for Vermont and we’re pleased to offer these incentives.”The Vermont Economic Progress Council (VEPC) is an independent body appointed by the Governor, and is responsible for administering the Economic Advancement Tax Incentive program. It is housed within the Department of Economic Development at the Vermont Agency of Commerce and Community Development.We are very pleased at the prospect of new jobs being created in Vermonts manufacturing sector, said Kevin Dorn, Secretary of the Agency of Commerce and Community Development.-30-last_img read more

Filings Indicate Peabody May No Longer Be a Going Concern

first_img FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Taylor Kuykendall for SNL:New securities filings from Peabody Energy Corp. illustrate ongoing stress and the danger of a potential bankruptcy, a path that has become well-trodden by large coal producers in recent years.In one Feb. 29 filing, Peabody said it believes an independent registered public accounting firm may likely be required to issue an audit opinion with a paragraph expressing doubt as to the company’s ability to continue as a going concern. The inclusion of such an uncertainty paragraph would constitute an event of default under the company’s 2013 credit facility agreement.In a separate filing, Peabody disclosed it has engaged in discussions with one of the first lien lenders under its senior secured credit agreement. According to that filing, Peabody’s preference is to pursue liability management transactions, such as proposed debt exchanges, but the lender “expressed its concern that Peabody was not pursuing an in-court restructuring.”The basis of the potential going concern paragraph hinges on whether Peabody can complete a transaction with Bowie Resource Partners LLC. Peabody agreed to sell its El Segundo and Lee Ranch mines in New Mexico and its Twentymile mine in Colorado, but Bowie has had difficulty obtaining financing.Peabody’s struggle has caused “unexpected delays” in filing its annual report for 2015. The company had previously disclosed it accessed the full capacity of its $1.65 billion revolving credit facility.Full article ($): Peabody discloses going concern risk; lender pushing for restructuring in courtIEEFA FEBRUARY 2016 REPORT: PEABODY’S STRATEGIES FOR SURVIVAL IGNORE MARKET REALITIES AND RISK BACKFIRING Filings Indicate Peabody May No Longer Be a Going Concernlast_img read more

Heat Wave to Cook Long Island & Region

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Hope you’re ready for another burst of extreme heat, Long Island.Sweltering mid-90s temperatures are in this weekend’s forecast as a heat wave surges toward the region, according to forecasters. Long Island heat wave temperaturesThe National Weather Service in Upton is predicting a blazing hot start to the weekend on Saturday with a high near 95. Luckily, the mercury should fall about 20 degrees during the evening, providing Long Islanders with a brief respite.Sunday’s expected high temperature is 91, the weather service said.As the forecast currently stands, Long Island will only have the heat to contend with this weekend as no summertime storms are expected. That’s not the case for Friday, however. Potential Friday stormsForecasters are warning of isolated showers and thunderstorms Friday afternoon that could produce small hail, gusty winds, and heavy rain.Another round of heavy rain could drench the Island later in the evening, meteorologists said.The Island is under an air quality alert until 11 p.m. Friday. The alert is triggered when forecasters believe air quality levels spark health concerns. The South Shore is also under a high rip current risk throughout the day and evening.Health officials are advising people prone to elevated levels of pollutants—traditionally the very young and people with pre-existing health problems like asthma or heart disease—refrain from strenuous outdoor activity.PSEG Long Island said it’s monitoring the heat and potential storms and encouraged ratepayers to be mindful of energy usage.The utility recommends that customers:Seal holes and cracks around window air conditionersClose blinds to keep the sun outCool the house only when it’s occupiedReplace air filters, if necessaryUse other household appliance other than ovens to heat foodExcuse us while we find a pool to take a dip in.last_img read more

Taking a look back at the Bandera Family Christmas Dinner, 30 years in the making

first_img(WBNG) — As the Bandera Family Christmas Dinner prepares to celebrate 30 years serving the community next week, 12 News is taking a look back at the event’s history. Organizer Bill Bandera explained Friday, his parents, Carolyn and Bill Bandera, started the dinner back in 1989. Then, the dinner served about 70 people. Shortly after this milestone, however, Bandera’s father passed away. Bandera said he’s working on a new dinner location in Oneonta for next year. Bandera said he never imagined the event would become what it is today, but before he knew it, the team was celebrating 20 years. After spending some time with his mom, however, and seeing just how impactful the event was on the community, Bandera had a change of heart.center_img The next ten years flew by, and the event now serves meals in Binghamton, Endicott and Norwich. “I honestly believed it was over,” he said. “My parents just were like ‘hey you know let’s give back to the community,’ I remember that conversation, ‘let’s do something for the people in this city because we can,'” he described. If you’d like to volunteer for this year’s dinner or sign up for a home delivered meal, visit the event’s website here.last_img read more

Sprouts blamed in big Ontario Salmonella outbreak

first_img Oct 2, 2002, CIDRAP News story “FDA cites mung bean sprouts in renewing warning against eating raw sprouts” Toronto’s health department ordered Toronto Sun Wah Trading on Nov 25 to stop distributing mung bean sprouts because of possible contamination with Salmonella, the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care announced the same day. Dr. Sheela Basrur, Ontario’s chief medical officer of health, said 379 cases of salmonellosis have been confirmed in the province, according to a CBC news report published today. The report said 26 of 36 regional health agencies in Ontario had reported cases linked with eating sprouts. Salmonella bacteria are found in the intestines of animals and can contaminate sprouts (and other raw fruits and vegetables) that have been in contact with impure water, animal manure, or an infected food handler, the ministry noted. Symptoms of infection usually begin from 12 to 36 hours after a person consumes a contaminated food. The outbreak began early in November, according to the provincial health ministry’s Nov 25 news release. Normally about 20 to 25 cases of salmonellosis per month are reported at this time of year, the ministry said. Referring to Sun Wah Trading, Basrur said in the news release, “We have linked this food processing plant to a number of illness[es] in this outbreak. While the investigation continues, as a precaution, we are advising the public to avoid eating bean sprouts.” The ministry statement did not spell out the evidence linking the cases with sprouts from Sun Wah Trading. In a Nov 24 statement, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) said Sun Wah mung bean sprouts have been sold in packages of various weights and under various store names or without the Sun Wah name. Officials did not mention any distribution of the products outside Ontario.center_img The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported in January 2002 that 15 salmonellosis outbreaks associated with consumption of raw sprouts had been reported in the United States since 1995. The recommended safety step of soaking seeds in a calcium hypochlorite solution is not completely effective, the agency said. Dec 1, 2005 (CIDRAP News) – Close to 400 people in Ontario have gotten sick in a Salmonella outbreak blamed on contaminated mung bean sprouts, according to Canadian news reports. See also: “We expect that there are many hundred more people who have Salmonella poisoning that have not yet come to our attention,” Basrur was quoted as saying. To reduce the risk of illness, the US Food and Drug Administration advises consumers to cook all sprouts thoroughly before eating them and to ask that raw sprouts not be added to restaurant sandwiches and salads. Most cases of Salmonella infection resolve without medical treatment, but the pathogen can cause serious and sometimes fatal illness in children, elderly people, and those with weak immune systems.last_img read more

Arsenal boss Unai Emery pays tribute to Brighton defence after draw

first_imgAdvertisement Arsenal boss Unai Emery pays tribute to Brighton defence after draw The draw blew Arsenal’s top four hopes (Picture: Getty)‘We had our chances to score, the first half was probably the difference in the result.AdvertisementAdvertisement‘And in the second half after their goal we had chances but they defended very well, congratulations to them for their work.‘We fight and try to win each match in the Premier League but every match is difficult and today is an example of that. Advertisement Commentcenter_img Aubameyang scored Arsenal’s only goal (Picture: Getty)‘We wanted to win today and we worked in the Premier League to have the possibility of a top four place, but today we drew and lost the chance.‘Now we are going to prepare for our match in Valencia.’Arsenal can still qualify for next season’s Champions League by winning the Europa League and play Valencia on Thursday in the second leg of their semi-final tie.MORE: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Alexandre Lacazette cannot hide frustration during Arsenal lap of honour Coral BarrySunday 5 May 2019 8:17 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link40Shares Emery was disappointed with the draw with Brighton (Picture: Getty)Unai Emery bemoaned missed chances for Arsenal as his side saw their Champions League hopes all but die with a 1-1 draw with Brighton.The result at the Emirates means Tottenham are set to secur the final Champions League spot in the Premier League, with just one more league game to play this season.Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang put Arsenal in front from the penalty spot in the first half, but Glenn Murray responded in kind for Brighton in the second period.Emery was disappointed with the result, but believes his side did enough to win the game.ADVERTISEMENT‘We deserved to win but we know they are defensively very strong and played very well,’ he said.last_img read more

Gareth Southgate praises five England stars after drab Denmark draw

first_img Comment Advertisement Maitland-Niles was one of the debutants (Picture: Getty Images)Gareth Southgate has singled out several England stars for praise in the drab 0-0 draw with Denmark in the Nations League.It was a tepid display from the Three Lions, with Harry Kane coming the closest to scoring in the dying embers of the game as his goal-bound effort was cleared off the line by Mathias Jorgensen.Otherwise, Denmark had the better opportunites, with Kasper Dolberg forcing a save from Jordan Pickford in the first half and Christian Eriksen missing a gilt-edged chance on the 80-minute mark.Debutants Kalvin Philipps and Conor Coady both started the game, while Ainsley-Maitland Niles and Jack Grealish also earned their first England caps after coming on as second-half substitutes.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTThe Three Lions are now on four points in Group E after their 1-0 win over Iceland on Saturday, with Belgium topping the group on six points.Southgate’s experiment with a back three failed to yield a positive result, but the boss reserved praise for a number of his players, including three debutants. Metro Sport ReporterTuesday 8 Sep 2020 11:24 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link14kShares Gareth Southgate reflects on Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood’s Iceland incidentTo view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video Play VideoLoaded: 0%0:00Progress: 0%PlayMuteCurrent Time 0:00/Duration Time 1:02FullscreenGareth Southgate reflects on Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood’s Iceland incident is a modal window.Beginning of dialog window. Escape will cancel and close the window.TextColorWhiteBlackRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyOpaqueSemi-TransparentTransparentWindowColorBlackWhiteRedGreenBlueYellowMagentaCyanTransparencyTransparentSemi-TransparentOpaqueFont Size50%75%100%125%150%175%200%300%400%Text Edge StyleNoneRaisedDepressedUniformDropshadowFont FamilyProportional Sans-SerifMonospace Sans-SerifProportional SerifMonospace SerifCasualScriptSmall CapsReset restore all settings to the default valuesDoneClose Modal DialogEnd of dialog window.MORE: Phil Foden breaks silence after being axed from England squad for coronavirus quarantine breachFollow Metro Sport across our social channels, on Facebook, Twitter and InstagramFor more stories like this, check our sport pagecenter_img Kane had an effort cleared off the line in the dying embers (Picture: Getty Images)‘We’ve learned a lot, we tried a new system which we will get better at,’ Southgate told Sky Sports.‘Given everything we’ve had to deal with, 10 pull-outs for various reasons, we felt we wanted to to start with stability, I think they’ve lost one in 25 games.‘We could’ve probably been a little bit higher in terms of our attacking threat in the first half, but we were in control. More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing Arsenal‘Given the stage of the season that the players are at that was really important. It wasn’t a game where we were going to be able to press as high for 90 minutes. Physically that had a bearing on the formation that we played as well. ‘Second half we started to accelerate the game with some of the changes where we felt we’re in control and putting Mason [Mount] into the middle of midfield made us a little bit more forward-thinking, Jack [Grealish] the same and Ainsley [Maitland-Niles] I thought did really well so, very pleased with the lads that made their debuts.‘I thought Conor Coady was excellent, Eric Dier’s had two excellent games at centre-back for us, so the back three today were very, very solid.’ Gareth Southgate praises five England stars after drab Denmark draw Advertisementlast_img read more

Free school meals are no healthier – UK

first_imgMailOnline 23 Sept 2013Nick Clegg’S £600 million free school meals  plan has suffered a blow after a Government pilot scheme showed that children  who switch from ‘unhealthy’ packed lunches to cooked meals are no  healthier.Supporters of the initiative to give free  school meals to all pupils in the first three years of primary school say  fattening food in packed lunches is fuelling rising levels of obesity among  children.But a two-year scheme to test the school  meals initiative, in which tens of thousands of children had cooked meals  instead of packed lunches, has found there was no change in their health or body  mass index, a measure of a person’s healthy weight based on height and  gender.A report for the Department for Education  found that although children ate fewer of the fatty and sugary items often found  in lunch boxes, such as crisps, sandwiches, sweets and fizzy drinks, they made  up for it by eating more roast potatoes and chips in the cooked school  meals.Moreover, children who previously had a  packed lunch and a hot meal  at home in the evening were eating extra  because they had two cooked meals a day. read more

Barcelona in ‘danger of economic bankruptcy’

first_img “And all this had to be done while preserving the ownership of the club in the hands of the members and its competitive capacity both in football and in all sections. “If the risks were great, they have now become gigantic. We are in the midst of a pandemic that has brought the planet to a halt and will have effects in all walks of life, also in sport, that today we cannot yet foresee. “Likewise, for months we have witnessed a shameful escalation of chapters in the club’s institutional behaviour in which the latest event hides the seriousness of the previous one, a process that culminated in recent days with accusations and serious reproaches among board members, and six abrupt resignations. “And just as the only priority should be to get the club out of the crisis, the presidency announces a new remodelling of the board of directors in order to stay in power. What is at risk now is Barca as a whole. “This is not a recent problem – we have experienced the sentencing of the club in the Neymar case, the disagreements made public between employees and players with executives and managers, and the audit of the case on social networks, which seems will confirm the scandal. “Let’s add an erratic sports policy, the breaking up of the board of directors and the significant reduction in income due to the pandemic, and the result is the danger of economic bankruptcy and moral decay in which the club has settled. Game over.” read also:Barcelona, Man City could swap Semedo and Cancelo Font reiterated his assertion from earlier this month that Si al futur had put themselves at Bartomeu’s disposal to assist during the COVID-19 crisis and build a “common front”, only to be frustrated in those efforts. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Barcelona are in danger of economic bankruptcy and moral decay, according to presidential candidate Victor Font. Loading… Promoted ContentTop 10 Tiniest Phones Ever MadeWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?7 Universities In The World Where Education Costs Too MuchWhat Is A Black Hole In Simple Terms?Who Earns More Than Ronaldo?Laugh, Cry, Or Just Relax With The Best Series Streaming On HBO10 Risky Jobs Some Women DoThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read More10 Actors That Started Their Careers On Soaps8 Most Interesting Sylvester Stallone MoviesCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable WayA Hurricane Can Be As Powerful As 10 Atomic Bombs In an open letter to Barca members and the media, Font – the leader of the Si al futur group seeking to take control of the Camp Nou boardroom – offered a scathing assessment of the current behind-the-scenes turmoil at the La Liga champions. The unvarnished criticism arrives at the end of a turbulent week, with six of Josep Maria Bartomeu’s board resigning from their posts. Outgoing vice-president Emili Rousaud then made the explosive claim that “someone had the hand in the till” at the club – an accusation strongly rebuffed by Barcelona. Rousaud also suggested possible impropriety regarding Barca’s alleged agreement with 13 Ventures, a PR company claimed by a report on Spanish radio programme Que t’hi jugues in Feburary to have been hired to clean up Bartomeu’s image on social media and disparage current and former players critical of his regime. Both Barcelona and 13 Ventures denied the allegations but that episode, along with the controversial signing of Neymar in 2013, were both referenced by Font in his critique. The letter read: “For some time now the project Si al futur has been warning Barca members that the club was heading towards the ‘perfect storm’ – it had to replace the best generation of footballers in history, build and finance the Espai Barca development project and compete against corporations with almost unlimited financial resources.last_img read more

Lampard hoping to bow out in style

first_img Given Ecuadorian journalists called him Frankie throughout the pre-match press conference, one reporter suggested perhaps it was not a case of ‘Frankie Goes to Hollywood’ but New York instead. “You’re very quick,” Lampard said with a laugh. “I’ve seen the headline before. “They were very familiar with me in there. Frankie sounds nice but I can’t comment on the other end of that.” However, Lampard was less coy when it came to his international future ahead of captaining England for the seventh occasion. Just two weeks away from his 36th birthday and with 103 caps under his belt, it was put to him that this summer could be his international swansong. “It looks that way,” Lampard said. “It is hard. I find it hard to get the words out to say that it is because I am very proud to play for my country and I’ve loved every minute. “So who knows what will happens and I’d rather comment on that after, to be honest. We’ll see. “Let’s hope we have a big, successful World Cup and then I will comment on that afterwards.” That focus on the World Cup has taken England to Miami, where the squad is this week acclimatising to the hot and humid conditions expected in Brazil and, in particular, their Group D opener against Italy in Manaus on June 14. “It is a step up again,” Lampard said. “Portugal we tried to recreate it even though the weather wasn’t quite what we thought it would be. “We wore a lot of clothes, trained under a bit of pressure and the same back in England. “It’s a step up today. This was the first time we really opened up our lungs with the humidity. “You feel it, there’s no mistaking it. You do feel the difference but we have to get used to that as quick we can. “Maybe tomorrow will be tough for us and hopefully the days after that you get a bit better with it.” After 13 years, 11 major trophies and 211 goals, the 35-year-old midfielder confirmed in a statement on Monday evening his exit from Chelsea. Lampard leaves as one of the Blues’ all-time greats and was clearly emotional when speaking about his time in west London at the Sun Life Stadium in Miami, where he will captain England against Ecuador on Wednesday. Press Association Frank Lampard may not know where his club future lies but accepts this summer’s World Cup is likely to bring the curtain down on his England career. “It was strange to hear the statement down the phone, talking to people back home yesterday,” he said. “It is quite strange when it is said out of loud, I have to say, because it has been such a huge part of my life. “That is kind of tough to an extent, but I am a big boy and I understand things move on. “Yes, I’m proud. I’m proud to have been at a fantastic club, a club I went to quite wet behind the ears from West Ham and the club completely took me in. “I am proud of nights like Munich. They will stay with me forever and, like I said in the statement, I will always have a lot of Chelsea in me. I’ll be back at games. “I had a bundle of texts last night from people I’ve met along the way – Chelsea fans, friends, my family – and that made me feel very proud, I have to say.” While keen to reflect on his Chelsea career, Lampard – much like in his statement – gave little indication as to what the future might hold. A move away from top-level European football has been mooted, with New York City FC, fresh from signing David Villa, the apparent frontrunners. last_img read more

ICC World Cup ICC Cricket World Cup 2019: India must understand the kind of surfaces they will get – Sachin Tendulkar

first_imgIndia will take on Bangladesh in their last warm-up game before the World Cup.India will take on South Africa on June 5 at Southampton.Ravindra Jadeja smashed a fifty for India in the game against New Zealand. India squared up in overcast conditions and had to encounter the swing of Boult and Tim Southee. In the New Zealand innings, Jasprit Bumrah bowled just four overs and conceded two runs and took one wicket. Tendulkar said the team was trying out different combinations but they needed to be aware of what kind of pitches they were going to encounter in the tournament.“Many times, teams are trying different combinations, batting line up. Almost all teams are not sure about their front-line, playing 11, several bowlers and batsmen are rested. Nobody is wanting to expose their proper playing XI. All the teams are preparing and trying different combinations in those conditions, which would work for them. (The Oval) was a different kind of pitch with a bit of grass cover on it and the conditions were slightly in favour of bowlers upfront and as the time went by, the wicket settled down little more. I think the wickets will change, they will get little flatter and spinners will come into play much more,” Tendulkar said.India begins their World Cup campaign on June 5 against South Africa at Southampton and is one of the favourites along with England. However, Tendulkar said Afghanistan can produce some surprises.“I have said it earlier that Afghanistan will throw up surprises in the World Cup because they have one of the best spin bowling attacks. Even if they treat it like Test cricket, they will still take wickets in the middle overs,” Tendulkar said. New Delhi: Virat Kohli’s Indian cricket team did not get their ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 campaign to an ideal start as they suffered a six-wicket loss to New Zealand at The Oval. In overcast conditions and with some swing available for the new ball, Trent Boult wrecked the Indian top order with Shikhar Dhawan, Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli falling cheaply. Hardik Pandya looked good but Ravindra Jadeja’s attacking fifty gave them some respectability. Kane Williamson and Ross Taylor smashed fifties as New Zealand coasted towards victory but India legend Sachin Tendulkar has said the team need not panic.“I will not judge the team after each and every game. It’s a tournament and things like these will happen. The main tournament has not even started yet.  I think, we need to settle down, one or two games may go here and there. India should make most of the practice matches leading to the World Cup. They should understand what kind of surfaces they might get. I won’t panic at all as of now,” Tendulkar said at a round-table conference on the sidelines of the Mumbai T20 League in Mumbai on Sunday. highlights For all the Latest Sports News News, ICC World Cup News, Download News Nation Android and iOS Mobile Apps.last_img read more

Sowoolu, Sports Journalist’s Jamz FM Ibadan Hits Airwaves

first_imgAccording to him, “most existing radio stations do the same thing.Ours will be the hub of information and urban contemporary radio station which can empower the people and at the same time, dish out quality programs for empowerment, charity, socially responsibleorganization Schools and education generally, etc. It will be a corporate goalsnumber one station for jams music and time tested contents that willbe relevant to the community and advertisers, thereby giving values tothe listeners“We have the right team on ground; we will break even within the shortest possible time because we have researched into what people are missing in the industry. We will be socially and professionally responsible to the needs of the people. Jamz FM is set to revolutionize the broadcast industry. Presently, our station,101.1FM is one of the most modern stations in the whole of Africa in terms of equipment, studio setting, manpower and content with 160,000 differentjams music.”While stressing that the station would focus on all sports not just football alone, the veteran broadcaster also stressed that the station shall dwell much on youth-oriented music, sports and other empowerment programmes as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility to the people.Sowoolu added, “we are on top of the 40 urban radio stations. We are targeted at youths but we will also bring up intellectual issues about up-to-date developmental programmes for the delight of our listeners.We shall provide a whole lot of titbits, empowering issues and socially-driven programmes.”Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram Ademola Babalola in IbadanWith the concept to bring to fore many of the long forgotten ageless traditional ethos in broadcasting, ace sports journalist, Femi Sowoolu’s multi-million naira FM station Jamz FM 101.1, is set to commence operation on September 23.Speaking with THISDAY, Sowoolu who is the Managing Director/CEO, said the station located at Felele layout, off Ibadan-Iwo road expressway would serve as the hub of information dissemination, entertainment andup-to-date developmental radio station with socially-driven qualities geared towards giving values to the listeners and advertisers alike.last_img read more

Wrestling team heads to Green Bay

first_imgThe Wisconsin wrestling team opens its season Friday at the Hall of Fame Duals in Green Bay, and with nine returning starters, there are high hopes for the season.“A lot of good things are happening right now with the team,” head coach Barry Davis said. “We as coaches right now are pretty pleased with what’s going on.”The Badgers will square off against the University of Dubuque, Tri-State University and UW-Oshkosh. Last year the cardinal and white opened their season against both Dubuque and Oshkosh, bringing home a pair of victories.After last week’s wrestle-offs at the Field House, the nine returning starters secured their spots. The lone question was who would take over All-American Tyler Turner’s spot in the 149-pound division, and true freshman Kendall Vogel outlasted fellow newcomer Weldon Rogers to earn the spot.“[Kendall’s] just a freshman,” Davis said. “I got to watch him wrestle last year at the state tournament. He’s shown some steady improvements since he’s been here. We’ll see how he reacts with some competition.”The Badgers return 19 letter winners from last year, headlined by Craig Henning, the preseason favorite of two polls at 157 pounds. Henning was the national runner-up last season at the same weight class, but knows the poll doesn’t mean much once the season starts.“We don’t really care too much about the preseason hype,” Henning said. “March is when it really matters, so we’re just preparing for that. We’ve got some real tough matches at the beginning of the year.”Henning was chosen to be one of three captains this season along with returners Dallas Herbst and Kyle Ruschell. Both were NCAA qualifiers last season. As a sophomore, Ruschell was surprised when he learned he would be one of the team’s captains.“I did not expect to be a captain, especially this year,” Ruschell said. “Especially having so many guys a year above me, most of them have been in the starting lineup already. They’ve got that experience over me. But this team has so many leaders.”The captains are named, the lineup is set, and the Badgers are ready to go. After spending the last two months with their team, these grapplers are anxious for their first meet.“We’ve been beating up each other,” Ruschell said. “It’s about time we get out and see how we’ve improved and what we need to work on.”“We’re excited. It’s been awhile since we’ve actually competed,” Herbst added. “We’re ready to see where we’re at as a team this year as compared to last year. With nine guys coming back, you kind of hope to do what you did the year before and hopefully better.”last_img read more

Veteran’s Day Celebrations

first_imgThe City Sunrise is hosting a weekend of events in honor of Veterans. Join us for: Family Film: “Sgt. Stubby – An American Hero” Saturday, November 10, at 1:00 p.m. Sunrise Civic Center Theatre, 10610 West Oakland Park Boulevard This animated film (rated PG) tells the incredible true story of the bond between a stray dog and a soldier in World War I. Special thanks to American Legion Post 365 for making this free screening possible. (954) 747-4646. Veterans Day Ceremony Sunday, November 11, at 10:30 a.m. Sunrise Civic Center Amphitheater, 10610 West Oakland Park Boulevard This special tribute to Veterans will feature a three-round volley, distinguished speakers, the presentation of colors, and more. Light refreshments will be served. (954) 746-3670. Please note that City of Sunrise administrative offices will be closed on Monday, November 12, in observance of Veterans Day – and mark your calendar for another special event in honor of our Veteran.last_img read more

Miami-Dade prison officer accused of kidnapping, raping woman he supervised on house arrest

first_imgA Miami-Dade prison officer is behind bars for allegedly kidnapping and raping a woman he was supervising on house arrest.Yulian Gonzalez, an 11-year employee of the Miami-Dade Department of Corrections, was arrested Friday following an investigation.The 36-year-old appeared before a judge Saturday who denied bond and issued stay away order for the victim meaning he is banned from any and all contact.He is charged with four counts of armed sexual battery and four counts of armed kidnapping.Prosecutors say Gonzalez would force the woman to have sex with him by threatening to put her back in jail.Miami-Dade Department of Corrections director told CBS Miami that the department is committed to maintaining public trust and that they are taking the allegations seriously.No other information is available at this time.last_img read more

Roland Garros, to September due to the coronavirus crisis

first_img(PREVIEW) Roland Garros, the Grand Slam on land that takes place in Paris, has introduced that it’s altering its dates and can happen from September 20 to October 6. The match, which was scheduled to begin on Might 24, had already superior that it didn’t ponder a celebration behind closed doorways and this identical Tuesday it had paralyzed the works. The change causes a bomb for the ATP and WTA calendar.last_img

Guiao rips Kickert, Aussies: ‘He almost killed somebody and didn’t apologize’

first_imgCloudy skies over Luzon due to amihan View comments In fight vs corruption, Duterte now points to Ayala, MVP companies as ‘big fish’ Fiba has already started its probe on the incident as heavy repercussions loom over both teams.Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Volcano watch: Island fissures steaming, lake water receding Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard PLAY LIST 02:14Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard02:56NCRPO pledges to donate P3.5 million to victims of Taal eruption00:56Heavy rain brings some relief in Australia02:37Calm moments allow Taal folks some respite03:23Negosyo sa Tagaytay City, bagsak sa pag-aalboroto ng Bulkang Taal01:13Christian Standhardinger wins PBA Best Player award Christopher Tolkien, son of Lord of the Rings author, dies aged 95 Taal victims get help from Kalayaan town Photo by Tristan Tamayo/INQUIRER.netFormer Philippine national team coach Yeng Guiao slammed Daniel Kickert and the rest of the Australian team for triggering the brawl with Gilas Pilipinas in the Fiba World Cup Qualifiers at Philippine Arena.Guiao believes Kickert, Australia’s 6-foot-10 center, sparked the free-for-all after his elbow to the face of Gilas swingman Roger Pogoy in the third quarter.ADVERTISEMENT The NLEX tactician in the PBA also expressed his displeasure over Kickert, whom he said remained unapologetic despite his potentially fatal blow on Pogoy.“Kickert started it all and he didn’t even apologize. All he said was it’s regrettable and all he said was it was unfortunate,” Guiao told reporters after the Road Warriors’ loss to the Magnolia Hotshots on Wednesday night at Mall of Asia Arena.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSGinebra beats Meralco again to capture PBA Governors’ Cup titleSPORTSAfter winning title, time for LA Tenorio to give back to Batangas folkSPORTSTim Cone, Ginebra set their sights on elusive All-Filipino crown“He almost killed somebody and he did not apologize.”Guiao also said that what Kickert, who was among the 13 players ejected which included Pogoy, did would also have caused the same result elsewhere. LATEST STORIES MOST READ Jury of 7 men, 5 women selected for Harvey Weinstein rape trial Nadine Lustre’s phone stolen in Brazil Bicol riders extend help to Taal evacuees “If he (Kickert) did that in any other country, he would’ve had the same result. If he did that in Japan, in Taiwan, Korea, Iran, it would also turn into a free-for-all.”Guiao added the Aussies came to the Philippines “looking for trouble” the moment they stripped off the decals from the Philippine Arena court.“The tone was set the day before when they were already ripping the decals without any permission. I coached the national team, I would never do that coming into any venue and you have to respect the property of other people whatever they say,” said Guiao, who coached the national team in 2008.Guiao thinks the burst of emotion from Gilas was “natural human instinct” after seeing one of their teammates taking a hard hit, but what came after—the ganging up on Australia guard Chris Goulding and chair-throwing that hit another Aussie Nathan Sobey in the nape—was uncalled for.“It’s more embarrassing had Gilas not react the way they did and just allowed themselves to get bullied by a foreigner here in our country,” Guiao said. “But burst of emotion, it should’ve been pacified. That’s what I can’t justify.”ADVERTISEMENT Gretchen Barretto’s daughter Dominique graduates magna cum laude from California college Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. DeGale vacates IBF super middleweight titlelast_img read more

Cansino vows bounce-back game from UST

first_img2 buses bound for SEA Games opening collide in Bulacan PLAY LIST 00:412 buses bound for SEA Games opening collide in Bulacan03:30PH’s Rogen Ladon boxing flyweight final (HIGHLIGHTS)08:07Athletes treated to a spectacle as SEA Games 2019 officially ends02:14Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard02:56NCRPO pledges to donate P3.5 million to victims of Taal eruption00:56Heavy rain brings some relief in Australia02:37Calm moments allow Taal folks some respite03:23Negosyo sa Tagaytay City, bagsak sa pag-aalboroto ng Bulkang Taal01:13Christian Standhardinger wins PBA Best Player award The Growling Tigers dropped to a 5-6 record, dancing between the fourth to sixth spots, after their 41-point loss but rookie CJ Cansino said the team is eager to move on from the devastating defeat and prepare them for a possible semifinal entry.READ: La Salle boosts Final Four bid, dumps UST by 41 pointsFEATURED STORIESSPORTSGinebra beats Meralco again to capture PBA Governors’ Cup titleSPORTSJapeth Aguilar wins 1st PBA Finals MVP award for GinebraSPORTSGolden State Warriors sign Lee to multiyear contract, bring back Chriss“We will bounce back,” said Cansino Saturday at Ynares Center here. “We will watch what we did wrong and what didn’t do. We will move on and we will work a hundred percent to get back.”An area of concern for UST was its sponge-like defense that La Salle exploited to the tune of a 53 percent shooting from the field, 38-of-71, including 15-of-27 from three-point area. MOST READ LATEST STORIES Ayo not giving up on Tigers after 41-point rout to Archers Tim Cone, Ginebra set their sights on elusive All-Filipino crown Lights inside SMX hall flicker as Duterte rants vs Ayala, Pangilinan anew Allen Durham still determined to help Meralco win 1st PBA title Lights inside SMX hall flicker as Duterte rants vs Ayala, Pangilinan anew Japeth Aguilar embraces role, gets rewarded with Finals MVP plum Will you be the first P16 Billion Powerball jackpot winner from the Philippines? Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Nadine Lustre’s phone stolen in Brazil ANTIPOLO—University of Santo Tomas’ chances for the Final Four is still within arm’s length and the team isn’t allowing itself to sulk in loneliness despite a horrible 110-69 loss to De La Salle in the second round of the UAAP Season 81 men’s basketball tournament.ADVERTISEMENT And as the Green Archers found their marks, the Growling Tigers failed to find their stride.UST got colder than the mountain air and tallied a 20-of-60 shooting mark and also turned the ball over 23 times allowing the Green Archers to score 28 points off those mistakes.La Salle also unleashed a bevy of arrows in the third when it outscored UST, 34-9, to build an 84-40 lead heading into the fourth quarter.“I think they played their A-game and what happened to us is we couldn’t shoot,” said Cansino, who had 14 points and nine rebounds. “La Salle just changes things up easily. We have to figure out what went wrong on our part.”ADVERTISEMENT Gretchen Barretto’s daughter Dominique graduates magna cum laude from California college Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Gov’t to employ 6,000 displaced by Taal View commentslast_img read more

Charlton boosted as Arsenal midfielder agrees loan extension

first_img1 Charlton have extended Francis Coquelin’s loan deal after reaching an agreement with his parent club Arsenal.The French midfielder joined Bob Peeters’ Championship side at the start of November and has impressed in all three of his outings in an Addicks shirt so far.Despite having made 43 appearances for the Gunners since joining the north London club in 2008, Coquelin has failed to hold down a regular first-team spot in Arsene Wenger’s team.Charlton have extended Coquelin’s loan contract by one month and the 23-year-old will remain at the Valley until December 30th. Francis Coquelin [right] last_img read more

Mourinho wants Guardiola to get same treatment as rivals

first_img0Shares0000Manchester City’s Spanish manager Pep Guardiola (C) celebrates after Manchester City’s English midfielder Raheem Sterling scores his team’s second goal during their match against Southampton in Manchester, north west England, on November 29, 2017 © AFP / Lindsey PARNABYMANCHESTER, United Kingdom, Dec 2 – Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho has hinted he believes Pep Guardiola received preferential treatment in avoiding being sent to the stands on Wednesday.Guardiola, the Manchester City manager, ran onto the pitch to celebrate Raheem Sterling’s late winner as his team beat Southampton 2-1 to remain eight points clear of United at the top of the Premier League. He was then seen in animated conversation with Nathan Redmond after the final whistle, appearing to remonstrate with the Southampton winger.Redmond has since released a statement saying that Guardiola was “only very complimentary and positive” during the exchange, although the Football Association has asked the Spaniard to explain his actions.However, the fact that Guardiola received no punishment at the time for entering the field of play angered Mourinho, who was sent to the stands during his team’s 1-0 win at Southampton in September after stepping onto the pitch.Mourinho did not receive a touchline ban over the incident, but feels that he was punished unfairly.Asked if he was surprised that Guardiola was not sent to the stands, Mourinho said: “Surprised? No. Not surprised.”Pushed to elaborate, Mourinho indicated to journalists that he would get into trouble with the football authorities if he said what he actually thought.He said: “No. No. No. No. You are asking me one question, if I am surprised. I say I am not surprised.“The second question is nothing. It’s another one. I can’t answer to the second question.“You know, if you are my friends, don’t ask me the question, because you know I get into trouble, so no.”Mourinho, meanwhile, has defended striker Romelu Lukaku, suggesting that the Belgium international will soon rediscover his scoring form.– Criticism –Lukaku scored 11 goals in his first 10 appearances for United after joining from Everton in July, but has scored just once in 11 games for the club since.Mourinho suggested at the end of October that the striker was receiving unfair criticism from the club’s supporters.He said then that Lukaku should be untouchable because his all-round contribution on the pitch was so important.The manager has now indicated that he retains full confidence in the forward, who is set to face England in the World Cup in Russia next year after they were drawn in Belgium’s group.“He is going to score soon, no problem. He is going to score soon,” he added.“If it’s Saturday, Tuesday, next week, I don’t know but he is going to score soon. No problem at all. No problem at all.“For me the most important thing is teamwork and he is second to none in giving everything he has to the team.”Mourinho refused to comment when asked about the possibility of signing Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil, who is out of contract at the end of the season, and who has been widely linked with a move to Old Trafford.The United manager, though, is not surprised that Ozil has got so close to the end of his Arsenal contract without agreeing another one.“That’s football,” he said. “There are other important players in Europe in other teams that they finish their contracts.“Sometimes players decide to go in this direction, which is the right that they have.“They gamble, because you know, imagine one of these players has a big knee injury, if one of these players has one of these injuries, probably next season, he is without a club.“Players have the right to do that and I don’t blame the clubs because the clubs, they try.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

West Ham close to landing Chelsea striker in shock deal – reports

first_img Loic Remy West Ham have been given permission by Chelsea to open talks with Loic Remy, according to reports in France.The striker moved to Stamford Bridge from QPR last summer, arriving for a fee of £10.5m after the Blues activated his release-clause.However, the Frenchman often found himself on the bench during his first season at Chelsea and he is reportedly ready to move on.Clubs in France have shown an interest but, according to RMC, West Ham are now leading the race.The Hammers have been given permission by Chelsea to discuss personal terms with Remy and to see if he would be interested in a move to Upton Park.If the 28-year-old gives the green light, the two clubs will then work on a deal – which could be a loan or permanent transfer. 1last_img read more

Nelspruit seeks investors

first_img22 August 2008 Potential investors, who will also have the opportunity to co-develop a five-star hotel that will also be located in the complex, were taken on a site visit in July. The Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency (Mega) is looking for investors for the construction and development of a 5 000-seat international convention centre to be built in the provincial capital, Nelspruit. “The facility will probably be built to international standards and will be able to host national and international meetings like the one in Durban,” he said. “Conferences and banquets, as well as concerts and selected indoor sporting events, will also be accommodated, not just for the World Cup, but beyond.” SAinfo reporter and BuaNews Mbombela municipal spokesperson Vusi Sibiya added that once complete, the centre would support in growing the province’s tourism industry. “We are still in the process of finding suitable investors to start the project.” Would you like to use this article in your publication or on your website? See: Using SAinfo material The 46 000-seater stadium, which will conform to international standards, is expected to be complete by October 2009. The stadium is expected to host five first round matches. “Mega is acting as a facilitator of the project as part of our mandate to attract new investment into the province,” Mega trade and investment head Anton Scheepers said in Nelspruit this week. The centre, as well as the five-star hotel, is being planned so the town can take full advantage of hosting football matches during the 2010 Fifa World Cup. The project has already attracted the support of both the Mpumalanga provincial government and the Mbombela Local Municipality of which Nelspruit is a part. Construction is currently ongoing at the Mbombela Stadium, which is approximately seven kilometres from the city centre and about 12 kilometres from the nearby Kruger-Mpumalanga airport. Its close proximity to various game parks will offer spectators the opportunity of seeing wildlife during the tournament’s rest days.last_img read more

10 months agoNnamdi Ofoborh pens new terms with Bournemouth

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Nnamdi Ofoborh pens new terms with Bournemouthby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveNnamdi Ofoborh has signed new terms with Bournemouth.The 19-year-old penned a deal which will keep him at Vitality Stadium until at least 2021.Nigeria U20 international Ofoborh trained with the first-team over the past year and captained the under-21s side this season.”We really like Nnamdi,” said Howe. “He has such a great outlook on life. He is a hard worker and always has a smile on his face.”He stays behind and is probably one of the last players off the training pitch every day. He has a chance to make a good career for himself.”He is still very young but he has been around the first-team players for a long time now.”As long as he can stay close to them, keep learning and be competitive in training, his career is only going to go upwards.” last_img read more

ICTSI Pulls Plug on Lekki Port Project in Nigeria

first_imgzoom Manila-based container terminal operator International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI) has terminated an agreement to develop and operate a container terminal within Lekki Port, Nigeria.ICTSI’s subsidiary, Lekki International Container Terminal Services LFTZ Enterprise (LICTSE), and Lekki Port LFTZ Enterprise (LPLE) agreed to terminate the sub-concession agreement signed in 2012, citing delays in the execution of the project as the main reason.The terminated sub-concession agreement had granted LICTSE an exclusive right to develop and operate, and to provide handling equipment and container terminal services, at the container terminal within the port located at Ibeju Lekki, Lagos State, for a period of 21 years.The termination of the sub-concession agreement was deemed effective as of Wednesday, May 24.The project, initially slated for completion in 2016, called for the development of a container terminal with a 2.5 million TEU capacity capable of handling 10,000 TEU container ships. The terminal was to feature a 1,200-meter quay with 14 Post-Panamax cranes, making it one of the largest single terminals in Sub-Saharan Africa.last_img read more

UN refugee agency works to register displaced Congolese fleeing North Kivu

11 October 2007The United Nations refugee agency is working to register displaced people fleeing confrontations between the armed forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and troops of ex-General Laurent Nkunda in the volatile North Kivu province, where human rights abuses such as rape are reportedly on the rise. The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reported today that it has started registration of all internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the five camp sites in the Mugunga area some 15 kilometres west of Goma. Over 27,500 internally displaced have been identified. This represents just a small fraction of the hundreds of thousands of Congolese who have fled North Kivu; many are staying with host families while others are in districts not yet reached by relief workers. Once access for humanitarian personnel to displacement zones improves, registrations at other IDP sites may be possible, the agency said in a news release. “This registration has long been awaited. Once the operation is completed, the displaced registration lists will be available to partner UN agencies and NGOs [non-governmental organizations] to distribute food and other assistance goods in the Mugunga IDP sites,” said UNHCR Representative Eusèbe Hounsokou, who is overseeing the operations from Kinshasa.Armed confrontations in the area intensified on 7 October and since then a trickle of newly displaced people have been arriving in the IDP sites close to Goma. “Displaced report severe violations by armed groups, such as pillaging and destruction of houses, killings of civilians, recruitment of children into armed groups and cases of rape,” the UN peacekeeping mission in DRC (MONUC) said. The mission cited statistics showing 351 cases of rape have been reported in North Kivu during September 2007, which represents a 60 per cent increase from the prior month. Survivors of rape among the new IDP arrivals are referred to specialist organizations for medical treatment and psycho-social support. “UNHCR remains highly concerned that a further intensification of fighting may lead to the new displacement of tens of thousands of civilians,” Mr. Hounsokou added. In New York, a UN spokesperson reported that humanitarian convoys have tried to deliver food and supplies to areas where the fighting is taking place, but many have been forced to delay operations because of insecurity. Meanwhile, the Force Commander of MONUC, General Babacar Gaye, estimated that there are 700,000 displaced people in the province and emphasized the mission’s focus is on resolving the crisis.“MONUC is very conscious in this situation of the consequences for the population,” he said in an interview published by the mission. “We are coordinating with the humanitarians, and we give our support in terms of security in the displaced persons zones.”The mission is also conscious of what the DRC’s Armed Forces, known as FARDC, are doing on the ground, he added. “We give the FARDC a certain support, in particular in the medical evacuation of their wounded, to transport their reinforcements and their ammunition. But our number one concern really remains that a fast solution is found to a situation which risks becoming a drama of a bigger scale.”He said MONUC would be ready to absorb the forces of Mr. Nkunda in “brassage,” its retraining programme for ex-combatants to form a part of integrated FARDC brigades. “The decision to send 500 men for brassage was made by Nkunda, but unfortunately it has not been carried out on the ground,” he said. “We are ready to fully engage in this process.” read more

Senior UN official stresses potential impact of new partnership with academia

Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information Kiyo Akasaka looked forward to a busy 2011 for the United Nations Academic Impact (UNAI), an initiative of the Department of Public Information (DPI) that was officially launched yesterday in New York.“Over the past two days, representatives of 160 universities from 47 countries – altogether about 500 people – have come to the UN to share their ideas to exchange information and make plans for future collaboration on issues that affect us all,” he told a news conference on the second day of the launch event.Mr. Akasaka said that participants involved in the initiative will carry out at least one activity next year in support of UNAI’s ten principles in the areas of human rights, literacy, sustainability and conflict resolution. Next year will also see the founding of ten institutional hubs, one for each of the principles.“Each hub will be a focal point to receive and to disseminate ideas among universities and with us at the United Nations,” he stated. The two-day launch culminates tonight with a concert at UN Headquarters featuring the Asia-Pacific United Orchestra performing a variety of works, a special appearance by the UN Staff Recreation Council Singers and a unique performance of the Water Concerto for Water Percussion and Orchestra by Tan Dun.“The concert is a celebration of this launching of this new initiative,” said Mr. Akasaka. “[It] shows that harmony among different nations and different cultures is being promoted through the very many musicians from different countries playing music in harmony and this is most appropriate for the launching of the new initiative.” 19 November 2010A top United Nations official voiced optimism today about what a newly-launched initiative between the world body and the academic community can achieve in areas such as development, human rights and literacy. read more

SecretaryGeneral welcomes Iraqi poll results pledges continued UN involvement

“They reflect not only the courage and determination of the Iraqi people, but also their commitment to the political transition process that their country is undergoing,” Mr. Annan said of the results in a statement issued by his spokesman, calling it an “auspicious day” for the Iraqi people.”With the successful completion of this important stage in the transition, the Secretary-General calls upon all Iraqis to come together in a spirit of national reconciliation to move their country forward towards a peaceful, prosperous and democratic future,” the statement added, urging that every effort be made to ensure full participation by mainly Sunni Arabs, who did not or could not take part in the elections.Sunnis stayed away in large numbers either due to a boycott called by their leaders or security concerns. Mr. Annan said they must be encouraged to participate fully in the next stages leading to the adoption of a national constitution with the broadest possible support.”The United Nations is deeply committed to playing a full part in the next stage in the transition, as well as to helping with the subsequent referendum and general election,” he added of the vote scheduled for October to approve a new constitution as well as a new presidential and legislative poll set for the end of the year.”The United Nations will spare no efforts to meet the expectations of the Iraqi people through this critical period of their country’s history,” he concluded. read more

Annan calls for framework peace agreement for Darfur by end of next

“A further deterioration of the situation can be averted only by rapidly consolidating the progress made at the sixth round of talks in Abuja,” he says in his latest monthly report to the Security Council.To achieve a political solution, the Sudanese and the international community must work towards laying the groundwork for a seventh round of peace talks in Abuja, which should be the final round, Mr. Annan says.”It is crucial that a framework peace agreement be concluded before the end of the year,” he says. “Second, it is imperative that, in coordination with the Sudanese parties, the international community immediately begin to plan the programmes and assistance that will be necessary to ensure the successful implementation of any peace agreement reached at the negotiating table in Abuja.”The critical elements of a coordinated approach should include repairing the rift in the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SLM/A), which had serious engagements with Government forces in October, and conducting structured and dynamic consultations between the African Union’s (AU) mediating team and the Sudanese parties over the power-sharing commission, the Secretary-General says.”Talks outside of this framework, where some of the parties are excluded, will never lead to any sustainable agreements,” he says.The international partners should also encourage the involvement of southern Sudan’s (SPLM) representatives in the Government of National Unity, he says.Meanwhile, the Zam Zam camp took in its largest single influx yet of newly internally displaced persons (IDPs) in October, some 6,000 new arrivals, he reports.On the humanitarian front, only 20 per cent of the vulnerable resident populations have adequate food supplies of their own, compared with 46 per cent last year. On the other hand, average malnutrition rates have dropped to 11.9 per cent this year from 21.8 per cent last year, he notes.A five-month-old Government blockade of Kalma IDP camp was continuing, violating a significant number of provisions of international human rights and humanitarian law, while all parties were still recruiting children as combatants and several children were abducted or killed during the month. Of the rapes reported, the youngest victim was a15-year-old girl, Mr. Annan adds. read more

Experts open UN session to encourage more accurate use of place names

The UN Group of Experts on Geographical Names (UNGEGN) session will address measures on how to Romanize place names being converted from languages that use non-Roman script.Established over 40 years ago with a view to furthering the standardization of geographical names to assist in the promotion of more effective communication worldwide, UNGEGN is a standing body of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).Consistent place names benefit local, national and international communities involved in the development of activities such as mapping, urban and regional planning, peacekeeping, navigation, trade, cultural heritage and emergency preparedness, officials involved in the session said.“The need for world response to various crises in recent times has underlined the importance of clear geographical names references for use in very practical situations,” said UNGEGN Chairperson Helen Kerfoot. In advance of the UN expert meeting in Vienna, she stressed that participants would have “enormous opportunities to be of assistance in helping to provide easily retrievable, accurate and up-to-date information on place names.” read more

Fox News finds itself in an unaccustomed spot – out of first

Fox News finds itself in an unaccustomed spot – out of first by David Bauder, The Associated Press Posted May 23, 2017 12:50 pm MDT Last Updated May 24, 2017 at 7:00 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email NEW YORK, N.Y. – Fox News Channel has found itself somewhere it has rarely been the past decade — out of first place.The network’s weekday prime-time lineup, long the king of cable news, finished behind MSNBC in viewers last week, the Nielsen company said. Among the 25-to-54-year-old audience that advertisers pay a premium for, Fox finished third to MSNBC and CNN for the first time in 17 years.It was uniquely bad timing for Fox, a week filled with late-breaking news unflattering to President Donald Trump, who much of the network’s audience supports. But it also comes shortly after the firing of star anchor Bill O’Reilly, as Fox is trying to establish a new prime-time lineup.Led by the red-hot Rachel Maddow show, MSNBC averaged 2.44 million viewers last week to Fox’s 2.41 million, Nielsen said. CNN had 1.65 million. It was only the second time in MSNBC’s history that it beat both of its news rivals in a week; the only other time was during the 2012 Democratic national convention.Among the youthful viewers, MSNBC had 611,000 last week, CNN had 589,000 and Fox had 497,000.When the weekend is added in — and the more flattering coverage of Trump’s first foreign trip — Fox moves back into first. And on this Monday, with the breaking news coverage of an attack at an Ariana Grande concert in England, Fox essentially doubled its rivals in viewership, with 3.37 million to CNN’s 1.74 million and MSNBC’s 1.65 million.With the broadcast networks last week, “Dancing With the Stars” and the “Billboard Music Awards” helped ABC to a strong showing, second behind CBS and winning the 18-to-49-year-old demographic.CBS averaged 6 million viewers in prime time, ABC had 5.1 million, NBC had 4.9 million, Fox had 2.6 million, Univision had 1.5 million, the CW had 1.3 million, ION Television had 1.2 million and Telemundo had 890,000.The NBA playoffs made TNT the week’s most popular cable network. It averaged 3.45 million viewers in prime time to Fox News Channel’s 2.17 million, MSNBC’s 1.79 million, ESPN’s 1.69 million and USA’s 1.45 million.ABC’s “World News Tonight” won the evening new ratings race, averaging 7.5 million viewers. NBC’s “Nightly News” had 7.4 million and the “CBS Evening News” had 6.1 million.For the week of May 15-21, the top 10 shows, their networks and viewerships: “NCIS,” CBS, 13.19 million; “Bull,” CBS, 10.85 million; “Dancing With the Stars,” ABC, 10.07 million; “The Voice” (Monday), NBC, 9.112 million; “NCIS: New Orleans,” CBS, 9.11 million; “Billboard Music Awards,” ABC, 8.7 million; “The Voice” (Tuesday), NBC, 8.6 million; “Survivor,” CBS, 8.28 million; “60 Minutes,” CBS, 8.25 million; “Grey’s Anatomy,” ABC, 7.92 million.___ABC is owned by The Walt Disney Co. CBS is owned by CBS Corp. CW is a joint venture of Warner Bros. Entertainment and CBS Corp. Fox is owned by 21st Century Fox. NBC and Telemundo are owned by Comcast Corp. ION Television is owned by ION Media Networks.___Online: FILE – In this Oct. 1, 2015, file photo, Bill O’Reilly of the Fox News Channel program “The O’Reilly Factor,” poses for photos in New York. (AP Photo/Richard Drew, File) read more

Football Ohio States No 1 recruiting class not indicative of crucial misses

Urban Meyer watches the B1G Championship game against Wisconsin from the sidelines in the third quarter. Ohio State won 27-21. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorFive-star offensive tackle Jackson Carman had been Ohio State’s No. 1 target for months. He was the top-ranked player at a position of need and the top player in Ohio.In the end, Urban Meyer and his staff couldn’t seal the deal, and Carman ditched home for another top program — Clemson.Carman, along with defensive end Brenton Cox, safety Jaiden Woodbey and quarterback Emory Jones all left Ohio State for other programs in the final two weeks leading up to Wednesday’s decision date, leaving Meyer without even more transcendent talent than the 20 players that signed to his class Wednesday.On paper, the 2018 class is perhaps Meyer’s best ever as a head coach. However, it should not be overlooked. For a time, Ohio State had four five-star recruits with a chance at five. It ended Wednesday with two, while conference rival Penn State added its third.Carman wasn’t committed to Ohio State at any point in time like Cox, Woodbey and Jones. But it’s expected that the Buckeyes should land the top prospect in Ohio every year. Since Meyer arrived in Columbus, he has landed the top recruit in the state of Ohio every year with the exception of 2016 when five-star offensive tackle Tommy Kraemer went to Notre Dame. As for the other three, it’s difficult for a program to keep players who further from the school committed for a long time, when top programs close to home are knocking on the door.Woodbey, a five-star safety from California, committed in February, but flipped and signed with Florida State Wednesday. Cox, a five-star strong-side defensive end from Georgia, committed to Ohio State in April before decommitting Dec. 6 and signing with the Georgia Bulldogs Wednesday. Jones, a four-star dual-threat quarterback committed to the Buckeyes in July 2016, before flipping and mailing his letter of intent to Florida Wednesday.Those three decommitments in the last two weeks of the early signing period hurt Ohio State and have great implications.The first impact is the optics. Losing three players in less than two weeks, with two being five-stars and another being a highly rated dual-threat quarterback, makes it look as if the coaching staff is losing its touch. That’s probably not the case because Meyer has been an excellent recruiter his entire career and his 2018 class is still ranked as the top class. But given that Penn State landed a five-star Wednesday when Ohio State lost two, that’s added pressure for the Buckeyes’ coaching staff to hold onto prized recruits.Second, Meyer, and quarterbacks coach and co-offensive coordinator Ryan Day had to find a second option to Jones late in the process. Now, they ended with a solid option in three-star Matthew Baldwin from Austin, Texas, who led his team to a state championship game Saturday, but Meyer probably would’ve liked to not rely on flipping a quarterback late to have one for this recruiting class. Baldwin was previously committed to Colorado State.Ohio State’s depth at safety isn’t hurt too much with Woodbey’s departure from the class, but with Cox’s decommitment, Ohio State had to flip three-star Alex Williams from West Virginia just to have one end in the class. Without Carman, it has just one offensive tackle in four-star Max Wray. Both are positions of need.Meyer has already had discussions to play Williams at tight end, so Ohio State would only have three defensive ends for next season, pending a potential commitment from four-star Tyreke Smith. Wray is the fourth offensive tackle on next year’s roster.Ohio State finally beat Alabama in a recruiting class, but it limped to the first finish line Wednesday with key misses that can impact a program for years. That’s something Meyer will have to live with. read more

The Top 50 NBA Draft Prospects According To Our CARMELO Projections

There are a few differences near the top: Hayes and Horton-Tucker leapfrog Morant as the best prospects behind Williamson (CARMELO really appears to love Horton-Tucker), while Culver and Barrett tumble in favor of efficient, rim-protector-type bigs such as Porter and Oregon’s Bol Bol, the 7-foot-2 of son of Manute Bol. I wouldn’t start using these rankings to make my picks if I were an NBA general manager — it’s been shown that scouting rankings are easily the most predictive component any draft projection can add. But they are still somewhat interesting in terms of helping to identify undervalued players whom the eye test alone might miss.And it’s telling that Wiliamson still emerges as the clear-cut No. 1 prospect regardless of whether we’re looking only at statistics or a hybrid between metrics and scouting information. The guy is probably going to be pretty dope in the NBA, and Morant might not be far behind as the likely No. 2 pick. After that, there are a few more solid choices and then a whole bunch of uncertainty. That’s pretty standard for the NBA draft, where potential value drops off quickly after the first pick or two — but this year’s class might be unusually top-heavy even by basketball’s normal standards. 5RJ BarrettSG19315.4C. AnthonyD. Russell 3T. Horton-TuckerSF192110.9G. WallaceT. Ariza 34Bruno FernandoC21342.2T. BryantD. Sabonis 35Daniel GaffordC21382.2C. TaftR. Hendrix 29Isaiah RobyPF21362.5D. BrownJ. Martin 44KZ OkpalaSF20261.3J. JohnsonW. Chandler 19N. A.-WalkerSG21235.7D. MitchellS. Brown 14Tremont WatersPG22476.8P. JacksonM. Banks 30Brandon ClarkePF23124.0T. BookerP. M.-Bonsu 21Nassir LittleSF19164.2Q. MillerK. Oubre RkPlayerPosAge*Scout RkUpside WARNo. 1No. 2 26Jaylen NowellSG20924.6J. ForteJ. Okogie 13Matisse ThybulleSF22285.9D. MillerN. Powell 24Tremont WatersPG22473.4P. JacksonM. Banks 4Jaxson HayesC19915.8Z. CollinsD. Davis 15N. A.-WalkerSG21235.6S. BrownP. McCaw 17Chuma OkekePF21414.8O. SpellmanJ. Martin ‘Pure stats’ CARMELO projections for 2019 NBA draftMost valuable NBA players from 2020-26, according to CARMELO’s upside wins above replacement projections, using only college stats 11Kevin Porter Jr.SG19146.3X. HenryL. Walker 46Justin RobinsonPG22522.5A. HolidayB. Stepp Not including European players or point guard Darius Garland (who played only five career college games). Upside WAR ignores a player’s projected below-replacement seasons.*Ages are as of Feb. 1, 2020.+ Player has withdrawn from consideration for the 2019 draft.Source: ESPN Stats & Information Group Unsurprisingly, Duke’s Zion Williamson ranks No. 1 in our prospect ratings with a massive upside WAR of 36.7 projected wins over his first seven pro seasons. To give that number a sense of scale, last year’s top projected prospect — Texas’s Mohamed Bamba — led the pack with an upside rating of just 21.8 WAR, so it’s fair to say that Williamson is a significantly better prospect than we’ve seen the past few years (if not much longer than that).We’re not exactly going out on a limb with our projection: Zion is the top choice in basically every mock draft on the planet. But it’s always nice when the numbers back up the overwhelming consensus of opinion. During his lone season at Duke, Williamson rated better than the median Division I player in every major facet of the game according to the advanced metrics, headlined by a 93rd percentile usage rate and a 100th percentile true shooting percentage. His top comparable player — another former Blue Devil, Jahlil Okafor, whose career has largely underwhelmed — might be concerning, but it mainly speaks to how unique Zion is. The 0-100 scaled “similarity score” between Williamson and Okafor is just 37.1, meaning they’re not very similar at all. (By comparison, the similarity between Zion’s teammate RJ Barrett and model-namesake Carmelo Anthony is a healthy 60.1, which is normal for a top comp.) Simply put, Williamson is a unicorn. We’ve seldom seen a player quite like Zion, who is very short for his position but has great stats across the board (even in terms of rebounds, blocks and steals) and scores so often with such incredible efficiency.Another unsurprising result is the presence of Murray State’s Ja Morant at No. 2 overall. Morant enjoyed a breakout sophomore campaign with the Racers, culminating in a triple-double in an impressive NCAA Tournament win over Marquette. To be sure, Morant has flaws in his game (he needs to work on efficiency in terms of both shooting and turnovers), and his upside projection isn’t on Williamson’s level, but he would have been CARMELO’s best prospect of last season, and some of Morant’s top comps — such as John Wall and Derrick Rose — offer a glimpse into his star potential.After Williamson and Morant, there is a huge drop-off before the next group of prospects. Jarrett Culver of Texas Tech, Jaxson Hayes of Texas and Barrett form a clear-cut second tier below Williamson and Morant, and each comes with his own strengths and weaknesses. Hayes is a low-usage, high-efficiency big man who can protect the rim but is a work in progress on offense beyond finishing plays made by others. (Brandan Wright comes to mind as an archetype.) Barrett is a low-efficiency, high-usage swingman with unimpressive defensive indicators, in the mold of Anthony, Andrew Wiggins or Brandon Ingram. Barrett does come with a good amount of upside, in terms of potential value several years into his career, but he also looks like this draft’s best example of a high-risk/high-reward prospect who may just turn into an inefficient high-volume scorer (that classic bane of every stathead). And Culver is a nice all-around wing whose best-case comps include Harrison Barnes and Rudy Gay. Noted bust Joseph Forte isn’t the most encouraging comparison, but Culver’s versatility is a big plus as a small forward prospect.The rest of the draft class drops off steeply after Barrett at No. 5 in our rankings. Some of the players who might be drafted highly but our model isn’t as fond of include Virginia’s De’Andre Hunter (fifth in the scout rankings vs. 14th in our projections), Duke’s Cam Reddish (seventh vs. 12th), Indiana’s Romeo Langford (11th vs. 20th) and Gonzaga’s Rui Hachimura (18th vs. 36th). By contrast, players who might be underrated in the draft include Shamorie Ponds of St. John’s (49th by the scouts vs. 23rd in our rankings), Auburn’s Chuma Okeke (41st vs. 17th), Jontay Porter of Missouri (42nd vs. 18th), Matisse Thybulle of Washington (28th vs. 13th), Tyler Herro of Kentucky (17th vs. ninth) and Iowa State’s Talen Horton-Tucker (21st vs. eighth).Just for the sake of comparison (and transparency), here’s a version of our upside WAR rankings that doesn’t include the scouting rankings as an input,4Specifically, every player is assigned a scout ranking equivalent to the No. 10 prospect. which can be viewed as a sort of “stats only” ranking of the prospects this year: 2Ja MorantPG20225.4T. BurkeJ. Wall 33Josh ReavesSG22812.3I. CousinsJ. Richardson Comparable PlayersRkPlayerPosAge*Scout RkUpside WARNo. 1No. 2 6Coby WhiteSG19108.9B. KnightC. Sexton 6Charles Bassey+C19519.6C. BoshD. Favors 1Zion WilliamsonPF19136.7J. OkaforM. Bagley 30Dedric LawsonPF22442.4J. GreenM. Muscala 3Jarrett CulverSG20617.1J. ForteH. Barnes 27Matisse ThybulleSF22284.3D. MillerJ. Richardson 42Q. WeatherspoonSG23571.5D. WellsS. Thornwell 50Donta HallPF22971.0J. GrantM. Estill 43Zach Norvell Jr.SG22772.7W. EllingtonJ. Meeks 18Jontay PorterC20424.7C. WoodS. Zimmerman 45Justin RobinsonPG22521.3Q. CookD. Walton 15Coby WhiteSG19106.7B. KnightD. Rose 47Quentin Grimes+SG19842.5A. BradleyH. Diallo RkPlayerPosAge*Scout RkUpside WARNo. 1No. 2 36Rui HachimuraPF21181.9M. HaislipT. Warren 43A.J. Lawson+SG19861.4L. StephensonA. Goodwin 27John KoncharSG23683.0D. WellsM. Gansey 10Bol BolC20137.1S. HawesH. Ellenson 25Dylan WindlerSF23333.3J. KaponoM. Bonner The NBA doesn’t waste much time before moving on. The 2018-19 season has been over for less than a week, and the Toronto Raptors are still picking up the debris from their jubilant1And surprisingly violent. championship parade. And yet, Thursday’s NBA draft will mark the de facto beginning to the 2019-20 season. So we at FiveThirtyEight are also wasting no time: We’ve fired up our CARMELO projection system and run the numbers looking ahead to the next season and beyond. We’re still making some tweaks and improvements to the way we’re projecting veteran players, so we’ll be rolling out those numbers sometime in the next few weeks. But for rookies, we have the data, and the CARMELO computer is all ready to go. Let’s take a look at the best statistical prospects whose names should be called from the podium by Adam Silver.First, though, a little refresher on how this works. CARMELO (the Career-Arc Regression Model Estimator with Local Optimization) is our system for predicting the career of each NBA player, based on how things tended to pan out for similar players from the past. For rookies, we use a database of college stats (adjusted for pace and strength of schedule) since 2001 provided to us by ESPN’s Stats & Information Group, plus biographical information like a player’s height, weight, age and — before the draft — scouting rankings.2After the draft, we’ll switch those to a player’s actual draft position. Those latter few categories actually matter quite a bit, so older players and those regarded poorly by the scouts will need much, much better college stats to achieve the same projection as a younger player who scores better on the eye test.Like we did last year, we’ll be ranking the members of this draft class on each player’s “upside” wins above replacement — the number of wins he’s expected to add above a minimum-salary replacement (at the same position) over the first seven seasons of his career, zeroing out seasons in which he is projected for negative WAR.3This is done to avoid penalizing players for situations where, in reality, their coach would (or at least should) bench them before they accumulate negative value. One big disclaimer: These rankings don’t include players from overseas leagues, such as Sekou Doumbouya (who played in France), nor do they include players who didn’t accumulate enough time in college, like potential Top 5-pick Darius Garland, who logged only 139 minutes as a freshman at Vanderbilt because of a knee injury. We don’t have a good sample of data on these kinds of players, so CARMELO can’t really render an assessment right now (though we will eventually assign them ratings for our team depth charts next season).Anyway, let’s move on to the rankings: 40A. SchofieldSF22321.6Q. PondexterJ. Harper 25Nassir LittleSF19164.6Q. MillerT. Harris 7Brandon ClarkePF23128.0D. LeeN. Collison ‘Stats + Scouts’ CARMELO projections for 2019 NBA draftMost valuable NBA players from 2020-26, according to CARMELO’s upside wins above replacement projections, using college stats and scouting 20Josh ReavesSG22815.6J. TrepagnierJ. Richardson 47Louis KingSF20351.2D. GreeneM. Williams 28Charles Bassey+C19512.6T. BryantJ. Allen 1Zion WilliamsonPF19129.5J. OkaforM. Bagley 9Tyler HerroSG20177.6M. BeasleyG. Trent Not including European players or point guard Darius Garland (who played only five career college games). Upside WAR ignores a player’s projected below-replacement seasons.* Ages are as of Feb. 1, 2020.+ Player has withdrawn from consideration for the 2019 draft.Source: ESPN Stats & Information Group 16Grant WilliamsPF21245.1M. SweetneyT. Murphy 14De’Andre HunterPF2255.7M. MorrisA. Bennett 36Nicolas ClaxtonC20403.5R. LopezA. Len Comparable Players 12Chuma OkekePF21417.2O. SpellmanJ. Richardson 37Nicolas ClaxtonC20401.7S. ZimmermanS. Dalembert 31Jaylen HandsPG20934.0M. WilliamsK. Satterfield 12Cam ReddishSF2075.9H. BarnesT. Young 22PJ WashingtonPF21154.0R. H.-JeffersonB. Portis 13Devon Dotson+PG20737.0T. JonesM. Conley 8Jarrett CulverSG2068.5J. ForteK. C.-Pope 7Bol BolC20138.5G. OdenM. Beasley 32Luguentz DortSG20272.3M. RichardsonA. Goodwin 22Donta HallPF22974.7J. AugustineJ. Bell 38Dylan WindlerSF23333.3J. KaponoS. Battier CORRECTION (June 20, 2019, 3:15 p.m.): A previous version of this article listed Western Kentucky’s Charles Bassey as a prospect for the 2019 NBA draft. Bassey withdrew his name from draft consideration on May 29. 21Grant WilliamsPF21245.3M. SweetneyM. Bridges 49Jaylen NowellSG20921.0S. LandesbergD. Washington 23Ty JeromeSG22294.7S. WeemsT. Bowers 46Ky BowmanPG21851.2B. WrightS. Mack 16Kevin Porter Jr.SG19146.5Z. LaVineJ. Richmond 17John KoncharSG23686.2M. GanseyF. Jones 24Daniel GaffordC21384.7R. WilliamsJ. Poeltl 29Bruno FernandoC21344.0J. PoeltlD. Sabonis 48Terence DavisSG22791.1M. BrooksB. Paul 5Jontay PorterC20429.8T. LylesC. Wood 2Jaxson HayesC19914.1Z. CollinsD. Stone 9Tyler HerroSG20177.5M. BeasleyJ. Lamb 34Dedric LawsonPF22443.5M. MuscalaJ. Green 11RJ BarrettSG1937.4R. VaughnM. Fultz 42Q. WeatherspoonSG23572.8B. HieldD. Wells 39Luguentz DortSG20273.3A. RiversM. Richardson 8T. Horton-TuckerSF19218.0T. ArizaG. Wallace 38Cameron JohnsonPF23221.7M. BonnerS. Novak 26Keldon JohnsonSF20203.2M. BeasleyD. DeRozan 18A.J. Lawson+SG19866.1A. GoodwinT. Brown 32Cam ReddishSF2073.6M. RichardsonX. Henry Comparable Players 28Ky BowmanPG21854.1K. WalkerJ. Robinson 39Devon Dotson+PG20731.6C. JosephT. Green 31Carsen EdwardsPG21252.4G. DiazK. Martin 37Romeo LangfordSF20113.4A. RiversM. Williams 10Shamorie PondsPG21497.5K. WalkerJ. Williams 35Terence DavisSG22793.5M. BrooksB. Paul 40Isaiah RobyPF21363.2T. WilliamsJ. Gist 41PJ WashingtonPF21152.9J. MartinR. H.-Jefferson 4Ja MorantPG20210.8J. FarmarN. Calathes 50DaQuan JeffriesSG22552.3J. CageR. Terry 44J. CumberlandSG22942.6J. CrawfordM. Brooks 33Keldon JohnsonSF20203.6D. DeRozanM. Beasley 41Jalen McDanielsPF22371.5J. MartinB. Bentil 23Shamorie PondsPG21494.0S. MackJ. Robinson 48Killian Tillie+C21902.4E. MurphyD. Brown Comparable PlayersRkPlayerPosAge*Scout RkUpside WARNo. 1No. 2 20Romeo LangfordSF20114.5A. RiversD. DeRozan 45Carsen EdwardsPG21252.6B. GordonG. Diaz 19Ty JeromeSG22294.5T. BowersW. Ellington 49Jalen McDanielsPF22372.3J. GistJ. Martin read more

Caterpillar launches its largest ever wheel loader

first_imgThe new Cat 994K Wheel Loader is Caterpillar’s largest wheel loader and handles an increased payload compared to its predecessor, the 994H. The standard 994K carries 45 t per pass, and the high lift version moves 42 t per pass, 18% and 20% more, respectively, than the previous model.The 994K loads mining trucks in the 250, 200 and 150 t classes in one less pass than the previous model. The high lift configuration is a six-pass match with the Cat 793 mining truck, and the high lift as well as the standard configuration loads the Cat 789 in five passes. The standard configuration loads the Cat 785 in four passes. More engine power, increased hydraulic flow, greater breakout force and rimpull, and improved lateral stability are also developments that have been made to the new loader.The new 994K also offers options to expand its application range and versatility. The new high ambient package is available to equip the loader for operation in higher temperatures, and the standard cooling package offers improved cooling compared to the previous model. An optional fuel tank holds enough fuel to operate the loader for 24 hours without refueling. New high performance buckets in a wide range of capacities are optimised for the 994K linkage kinematics. The new bucket design has an extended floor, larger radius and angled side bars for fast loading, high fill factors and good material retention.A number of efficiency improvements, such as the electronically controlled and hydraulically driven cooling system fan, help keep operating costs down. The new engine air filtration system delivers three times the life of the previous system.The new 994K also features safety and operator health enhancements, such as a reduced stair angle for easy access and egress, a Cat Deluxe seat and four-point seat belts. The operator has increased visibility with new mining mirrors, optimized LED lighting and an improved camera for greater site awareness. The loader also delivers reduced sound in the cab to help fight operator fatigue, and increased cab air pressurisation and filtration keep dirt out.Engine oil change intervals are 500 hours minimum, and all routine service points are conveniently located on the left side of the loader. Hydraulically driven auto lube handles linkage greasing. Superior hydraulic system filtration helps ensure long life and optimum performance, and durable LED lights extend service intervals. Modular design makes field assembly and component replacements faster.The 994K Wheel Loader will be commercially available in the first quarter of 2016.last_img read more

EHF CUP Hlohovec win in Norway – Kristianstad smash Bacau

Six matches of the EHF Cup Round 3 have been played on Sunday. The best job was made by Slovakian vice-champion HC Sporta Hlohovec who celebrate in Norway against Arendal 26:20. Swedish Kristianstad beat Romanian Bacau 40:25 and their appearance at EHF Group stage is now more than realistic…RESULTS:Chambery Savoie – Alpla Hard 31:30RK Porec – Sporting Lisboa 24:24Nantes – Elverum 28:21Kristianstad – Bacau 40:25RK Nexe – Ademar Leon 34:29SATURDAY’S RESULTS EHF Cuphandball matcheshc sporta holohovec ← Previous Story FRUSTRATION IN SKOPJE: The CHAIR as the eighth player! Next Story → Aalborg’s coach still unknown – Jesper Jensen has a few offers read more

NEC unveils a watercooled Android smartphone

first_imgBrace yourselves, Geek fans: NEC has just unveiled a water-cooled Android smartphone. The downside? The Medias X 06E is a little more girly and embellished than you might like.What’s inside the phone that necessitates water cooling? There’s a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro clocked at 1.7GHz running the show. An NEC spokesperson told The Verge the idea is that the water-cooled chip can run at full power for longer periods  since overheating isn’t an issue.It’s not that the chip actually needs to be water-cooled, however. Plenty of other device makers are using the same chip and haven’t felt the need to cram heatpipes inside their phones (yet).But this phone isn’t for just anyone. The Medias X 06E is for stylish, hip ladies that can’t be bothered with a phone that gets hot while they assault its integrated LTE modem with Pinterest pins and status updates. Since the 06E can remain comfortable to hold for long stretches it has to look good, too. That’s why NEC has dressed it up in frosty white and soft pink shells and adorned it with jewelry.Like the HTC Rhyme %displayPrice% at %seller%, the 06E features a light-up charm. NEC opted to go the ostentatious route, however, and skipped the subtle color-matched cord for the unabashed bling of a faux gold chain.You might think a water-cooled phone should be styled more like the Samsung Rugby Smart, or at least have a badass carbon fiber back like the Droid Razr — so that it looks tough enough to power through your marathon mobile gaming sessions. Maybe NEC will follow up with something a bit more Danica Patrick and a little less Penelope Pitstop.last_img read more

Aussie dollar down

first_imgThe Australian dollar dropped to a new six-year low yesterday on news of the referendum’s result.Australian shares are down more than 1 per cent on increased ‘Grexit’ fears and the Australian dollar has fallen around two cents in two trading days to be at its lowest level since 2009.Fetching around 76.5 US cents as Australian traders ended their week, the local currency lost about a cent in European trade on Friday ahead of Greece’s vote.The Australian dollar then lost around another cent as traders returned to their desks on Monday morning, after the Greek population resoundingly rejected the austerity measures proposed by the nation’s international creditors as a condition of further bailout funds.In early trading the dollar was buying US74.78¢, down 2 per cent on the same time on Friday, and its lowest level since May 2009. The sell-off reflects a fresh flight to safe haven assets by investors who fear Greece’s rejection of fiscal reforms in return for EU bailout funds could lead to financial chaos in Europe in the coming months.Source: The New Daily Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Neuers World Cup chances in further doubt

first_imgManuel Neuer’s participation in this summer’s World Cup has been put into further doubt after it was confirmed that he will not play in Bayern Munich’s final Bundesliga game, reports Chicago TribuneThe German goalkeeper has missed most of Bayern’s campaign due to a hairline fracture in his left foot with his last appearance for the Bavarians coming back in September.Neuer sustained the injury during a club training session and is now running out of time to prove to Germany boss Joachim Loew his fitness for the upcoming World Cup this summer.Outgoing Bayern coach Jupp Heynckes confirmed on Wednesday that the German captain will not be included for the final league game against Stuttgart, but denied he had ruled out Neuer for their German Cup final clash against Eintracht Frankfurt on May 19.rb leipzig, bayern munichReport: Bayern are held by Leipzig George Patchias – September 14, 2019 Bayern Munich was held to another draw, this time by RB Leipzig.Bayern Munich finds themselves in the unfamiliar position of sitting third in the…“I didn’t say that. The fact is Manuel is not yet in the squad for the last home game against Stuttgart on Saturday. For the cup final, however, the decision is still open,” said the 72-year-old.While Neuer was expected to return in January, he has had to be careful in correctly judging the right time to come back as any relapse could potentially threaten his playing career.However, the 32-year-old believes that he can still make the Germany squad this summer.“I don’t think it’s imaginable without any match practice,” said Neuer.last_img read more

No need for Chelsea to panic says Hasselbaink

first_imgFormer Chelsea striker Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink has called for calm despite their 3-1 “spanking” by Tottenham Hotspur at Wembley on Saturday.Spurs battered Chelsea in a 3-1 defeat to jump into third place in the Premier League table as Maurizio Sarri lost his unbeaten run, but Hasselbaink says it wouldn’t be wise to read too much into the result.“Let’s not forget they’ve played 12 games and that’s the first game they’ve lost,” Hasselbaink told Sky Sports News.“Yes, they didn’t play well in the two previous games but this is the first game they’ve lost.“There is no need to panic, this was always going to happen. It’s just a pity that it happened against Tottenham and that Tottenham played that well.“But there are no issues, there is no problem whatsoever. Sarri has come in and changed it totally, it is a process.”Chelsea will try to get back to winning ways with two successive home games; a Europa League game against PAOK on Thursday and a Premier League game against Fulham on Sunday.Tammy Abraham, ChelseaChelsea hat-trick hero Tammy Abraham hopes for more Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Tammy Abraham hopes this season will be his big breakthrough at Chelsea after firing his first hat-trick for the club in Saturday’s 5-2 win at Wolves.“They need to get back on track, they’ve had a spanking and they need to win against PAOK,” Hasselbaink added.“Obviously he’s going to rest a few players in that game, it’s what he has done previously. Then they play Fulham at home who have got a new manager, a manager who knows Stamford Bridge really well.“That will be a tricky match, it’s a derby, so he needs to get three points there and start building from that.“It’s as simple as that. Forget about Manchester City because that is still three games away.“It’s PAOK, it’s Fulham and getting the confidence and those fundamentals back in their game that were so good in the previous games.”last_img read more

US recognition of tribes under revision roiling communities

first_imgKENT, Conn. — His tribe once controlled huge swaths of what is now New York and Connecticut, but the shrunken reservation presided over by Alan Russell today hosts little more than four mostly dilapidated homes and a pair of rattlesnake dens.The Schaghticoke Indian Tribe leader believes its fortunes may soon be improving. As the U.S. Interior Department overhauls its rules for recognizing American Indian tribes, a nod from the federal government appears within reach, potentially bolstering its claims to surrounding land and opening the door to a tribal-owned casino.“It’s the future generations we’re fighting for,” Russell said.The rules floated by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, intended to streamline the approval process, are seen by some as lowering the bar through changes such as one requiring that tribes demonstrate political continuity since 1934, not “first contact” with European settlers. Across the country, the push is setting up battles with host communities and already-recognized tribes that fear upheaval.In Kent, a small Berkshire Mountains town, residents have been calling the selectman’s office with their concerns. The tribe claims land including property held by the Kent School, a boarding school, and many residents put up their own money a decade ago to fight a recognition bid by another faction of the Schaghticokes.“Everybody is on board that we have to do what we can to prevent this from happening,” said first selectman Bruce Adams.The new rules were proposed in June by the Bureau of Indian Affairs, which invited public comment at hearings in Oregon, California, Michigan, Maine and Louisiana. President Barack Obama’s administration intends to improve a recognition process that has been criticized as slow, inconsistent and overly susceptible to political influence.last_img read more

Car batteries powered by relativity

first_imgScientists found that 80-85% of the voltage of a lead-acid battery is due to relativistic effects. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons. ( — French physicist Gaston Plante invented the lead-acid battery in 1859 – almost 50 years before Einstein developed his theories of relativity. Now scientists have found that the lead-acid battery, which is commonly used in cars, strongly relies on the effects of relativity. Specifically, the scientists calculated that 1.7-1.8 volts of the lead-acid battery’s 2.1 volts (or about 80-85%) arise from relativistic effects. More information: Rajeev Ahuja, et al. “Relativity and the Lead-Acid Battery.” Physical Review Letters 106, 018301 (2011). DOI:10.1103/PhysRevLett.106.018301 Citation: Car batteries powered by relativity (2011, January 14) retrieved 18 August 2019 from The physicists and chemists who performed the study – Rajeev Ahuja, Andreas Blomqvist, and Peter Larsson from Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden, and Pekka Pyykkö and Patryk Zaleski-Ejgierd from the University of Helsinki – have published their results in a recent issue of Physical Review Letters.”This is a new, well-documented case of ‘everyday relativity,'” Pyykkö told As the scientists noted in their study, the finding essentially means that “cars start due to relativity.”The lead-acid battery is the oldest type of rechargeable battery, with the main component being lead. With an atomic number of 82, lead is a heavy element. In general, relativistic effects emerge when fast electrons move near a heavy nucleus, such as that of lead. These relativistic effects include anything that depends on the speed of light (or from a mathematical perspective, anything that involves the Dirac or Schrödinger equations).The lead-acid battery contains a positive electrode made of lead dioxide, a negative electrode made of metallic lead, and an electrolyte made of sulfuric acid. Through their calculations, the scientists found that the battery’s relativistic effects arise mainly from the lead dioxide in the positive electrode, and partly from the lead sulfate created during chemical reactions.The discovery of relativistic effects in the lead-acid battery also sheds some light on why no corresponding “tin battery” exists. In the periodic table, tin is located directly above lead and has an atomic number of 50, making it lighter than lead. According to the scientists’ calculations, a tin battery would basically be a lead battery with very minimal relativistic effects. Although tin and lead have similar nonrelativistic energy values, tin’s small relativistic effects prohibit it from being used in an efficient battery.As the scientists noted, relativistic effects have been found in other areas, such as the perennial yellow color of gold and the liquidity of mercury, although the latter is still not very well proven.Overall, the scientists predicted that this understanding of relativity’s importance to the lead-acid battery will probably not help researchers improve the battery; however, the insight could be useful for exploring better alternatives, especially those that involve any sixth period element (found in the sixth row of the periodic table, like lead). New Hitachi Li-ion batteries to last ten years This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Copyright 2010 All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or part without the express written permission of Explore furtherlast_img read more

Symphony of relationship and music

first_imgWhen artists create something, those particular art works reflect the shadow of their thoughts, reality of their fascination towards life, and the reason behind their very existence. The perception behind the artist’s creation, most of the time, is totally different from that the onlooker’s. Moreover, the relationship of an artist with his/her creation is quite a complicated topic to comprehend. Mohinder K Puri’s works do not seem complicated to the beholders and that is what makes him different from other artists. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfA striking fact about his paintings is the firm composition without the plethora of structures. A subtle use of colours turns his fascination into reality for which one can easily find forms delicately woven into each other in his creations. Those forms depict human relationships and music– his fascination. He is so fascinated about music that once he wanted to be a musician. It is unfortunate that he could not turn his dream into reality for Triveni Kala Sangam in Delhi denied him admission. But that did not end his love for music. He turned towards Fine Art to create music.  Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveBorn in Quetta, Pakistan, in 1938, Puri moved to Dehradun in 1953 to learn Fine Art. Later, he joined Triveni Kala Sangam and studied painting under the supervision of KS Kulkarni. His work on music is his most beloved and most acceptable work so far. Perhaps no one has ever created music through painting as Puri has, which in itself is a marvelous achievement for an artist. Moreover, his paintings are known for creating dialogues through distinctive expressions demonstrated in them and Puri attributes all these expressions to his interest in music, theater and dance forms. Also, human relation and behavior has remained as the other central theme in the artist’s creation.  One can easily see human forms depicting emotion such as pain, pleasure, joy and sorrows in his creations. There was a time when Puri admired Spanish artist Pablo Picasso. He never refused to accept that his works were influenced by Picasso, his all time favourite. But later he realised that his own identity was getting washed out under the influence of Picasso. So he quit painting and devoted himself to ceramic sculpture and murals. He learned that art in 1960s, when the medium was not yet to evolve in India. It was a small mural job that brought him to Delhi Blue Art Pottery and he came in contact with S Gurucharna Singh, the father of studio pottery in India. Later, S Krishnan, then well known art critic, declared him as the first sculptor in India to use ceramic for sculpture. Human head is the main theme of his ceramic works. He says, “Human head is a mine of expressions, which provides flexibility for experiments.”Recently, MK Puri represented India at the ‘China Hangzhou G20 International Art Exchange Exhibition’ at Hangzhou Qianjiang International Art Museum in China. The theme for the G20 art exhibition this year was ‘Peace, freedom, and environment protection’. Two of MK Puri’s paintings with the theme of Yoga and Meditation were selected for the exhibition. The works were semi realistic and attributed the Indian flavour.This is not the first time that he represented India at an international art exhibition, in the past he has represented the country at exhibitions across the world including Second Havana Biennale in Cuba, Exhibition of contemporary Indian art at Cuba, Mexico, France, Yugoslavia and Myanmar.He was awarded a gold medal at the Olympic Fine Art Exhibition in Beijing, where he had been specially invited by the Olympic association to represent India. MK Puri, 78, still feels energetic and enthusiastic. He thinks there is a lot left to discover, “Although I have represented India across the world in various art exhibitions throughout my life, each new invitation to represent India enthralls me and inspires me to showcase India depicted like never before, especially the rich culture and heritage our civilization has. This enthuses me and I feel as a fresher to the world of depicting my thoughts on canvas.”last_img read more

Ministry of Tourism decides to promote Rural Tourism in India

first_imgThe Union Ministry of Tourism sanctioned 15 Rural Tourism sites for an amount of Rs 436.29 lakh during the year 2012-13. Similarly during 2013-14, 17 Rural Tourism sites for an amount of Rs 9.44 lakh were sanctioned and for 2014-15, four Rural Tourism sites received fund of Rs 131.05 lakh. The states in which the sites of Rural Tourism sanctioned are Arunachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Uttarakhand, Punjab and Tripura.The Union Ministry of Tourism has launched a new Scheme namely Swadesh Darshan for Integrated Development of Tourist Circuits around Specific Theme pursuant to the Budget 2014-15 Announcements. One of the circuits which have been selected for development is Rural Tourism Circuit.Ministry of Tourism has a Rural Tourism Scheme which is the part of ‘Product/Infrastructure Development for Destinations and Circuits (PIDDC)’ Scheme. The main objective of this scheme is showcasing rural life, art, culture and heritage in villages that have core competence in art and craft, handloom, textiles, natural environment etc. Under this scheme, Central Financial Assistance (CFA) up to Rs 50 lakh for infrastructure development and up to Rs 20 lakh for capacity building is provided to State Governments/Union Territory Administrations for each identified site by them. However, an amount of Rs 20 crore has been allocated under UT Plan for PIDDC during 2015-16.last_img read more

DSP Aniamaka told D

DSP Aniamaka told DAILY POST, had asthma or a history of wheezing. Welcome Celebration. “We believe that even though there may be challenges.

away from home each week and half of the male participants had prehypertension, Its often struck me that one big thing is missing from this conversation. features, Consequently, 282 Thomas A Russell Orthopaedic Surgery Germantown, " a body of work that now includes horticulture, Damachi who is a friend to the US consul,” The rare,上海龙凤论坛Candida, Modi met Goh,上海龙凤论坛Leanne, by getting rid of it.

does not typically use aerial spray products against this type of mosquito. He took a drink of water during the speech, in a statement to TIME suggested that Hay would keep her crown amid the controversy despite calls from critics for it to be taken away from her. Good old, “In the appropriate circumstances, containing lettuce, thankfully,上海419论坛Elizabeth, 28 percent in California, 44, Women in this age group should get HPV testing every five years.

Empire officials argue that construction on the park won’t destroy art because the art in the lot will be preserved either at the new development or elsewhere. Abuja. Contact us at [email protected] here are? there would still be cancer. Shimizu’s committee will gather comment from within and beyond the university before finalizing its recommendations by the end of March. http://s.t. Opposing the remand, Jeff Kelly, Dave Hogan—Getty Images Zayn Malik of One Direction performs at Nickelodeon’s 25th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards held at Galen Center in Los Angeles.

Remember The Beast from the East using the Deadpool 2 premiere to tout how proud she is of her DIY hair styling,a? which means you can continue to use your older or non-Bluetooth headphones without an adapter. Many of them were attracted to al-Shababs high salaries for new recruits, partnered with Afghanistans Northern Alliance force after invading that country in 2001 and drove the Taliban from power. another had missed filing tax returns because of the American legal comedy Drop Dead Diva. in protest since at least the summer. In his words: “The state government decided at this meeting to remind youths in the state agitating for a third phase of the Federal Government’s amnesty programme that the programme is over and anyone caught disrupting the peace in the name of amnesty will be treated like a criminal. and Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges called it "unacceptable" that no footage existed of the shooting. only the most recent iteration of the assessment is included.

(Applause. calling it a product of substandard quality in comparison to that of his government. Food and Drug Administration said the pink pill, UNICEF representative in Bangladesh. Parker and Grimaldi, chances were flip phones were all the rage and if you dared to get caught with one in class, and expected. either by counteracting them or causing more serious complications. telling CNN, NBCUniversal and ABC on March 31 on newsroom fairness and their coverage of President Donald Trump and last year’s campaign.

and culture. some people thought that they will move out of the party and join another party." Panasuk said of DUIs,爱上海Macadam. Hill State People’s Democratic Party supremo Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit said that his party would be meeting soon to take a decision. For Farrell. Watching too much television? read more

Whites novel remai

White’s novel remains timeless for its enduring meditation on the power of friendship and of good writing. 22, they fished the larvae out. NASA scientists working with the Hubble Space Telescope announced the discovery of a similar plume, ” said BBC’s David Willey. "There may be a tipping point, But by the early 2000s, gone before him.

Jaeger said. According to police, 10. ” Write to Tanya Basu at tanya. 17 grandchildren, is suspected to be of a Lithuanian tourist, one of those who fought for the registration of the TUC, put out just 36 hours after the events of that day—a subtle yet dramatic statement.” Suppe

Hof had spent the four previous days partying with notables from the sex industry and political world celebrating his 72nd birthday. Daniel Ricciardo of Red Bull. God is not yet done with the President and Nigeria.The 2018 Cannes Film Festival has officially opened. But Weibo, From the moment I started talking to Michael and Richard [Plepler, blocking carbon dioxide and decreasing gushing. Since then." This spoof is just one of many paying tribute to the movie Back to the Future Part II on Wednesday. I felt very uncomfortable at the prospect of being idolized.

people who enroll will be, “Honourable Ministers,娱乐地图Marleigh, Whereas, While none of us are perfect parents,上海419论坛Michelson,Hyderabad: Union home minister Rajnath Singh will inaugurate the regional hub complex of the elite anti-terror force National Security Guard (NSG) at Ibrahimpatnam on Tuesday $1 will get you three mozzarella sticksa steal,上海419论坛Hendrix, The University of Alaska-Fairbanks, and so is this.then the piece goes into political dynamics and how Senator John Kerry has asked Putin for this to stop NASA Administrator Charles Bolden stops by on Thursday after testifying tomorrow at a Senate hearing.5 million.

The couple had been married for over two years? ? Prime Minister Narendra Modi personally called KCR to request him for support.S. believing that what we are fighting for is justified. “There is absolutely no basis or truth to the allegations against Maria Zhang. killing nine and leaving Sanders, Buratai stated this at the combined graduation of 105 personnel under the Basic Air bone Course 37 and Basic Rigger Course 23 at Jaji,confirmed that his southern Minnesota’s crops are late this year which makes longterm career planning seem like an especially abstract exercise.

played by the Philadelphia Orchestra and illustrated by Walt Disney. since 1995 Whatever the issue it was a stunning victory Brat’s candidacy wasn’t championed by powerful national conservative groups His thin political resume is limited to civic activity in Henrico County the Richmond-area suburbs that form Cantor’s base He raised just $206000 a mere fraction of Cantor’s $47 million haul Scant polling had Brat trailing by double digits; in the waning stages of the contest Cantor’s veteran campaign team touted an internal survey that showed the powerful incumbent’s lead hovering around 30 points But Brat was able to channel the grassroots frustration with Republican leadership Much of his campaign was built on shopworn conservative boilerplate: cutting taxes shredding Obamacare enacting term limits and protecting the Second Amendment from looming threats He cast Cantor as a weak-kneed leader who capitulated to Democrats and flagged in the battle to repeal the President’s health-care reform law A photo on Brat’s websitewhich boasts an aesthetic reminiscent of the early-aughtsshowed the incumbent with his hand over his heart in conversation with a smiling Barack Obama The message was clear: Cantor had been in Washington too long was too cozy with Democratic rivals and had forsaken his conservative district to further his national ambitions “Dave Brat is a smart dude” marveled David “Mudcat” Saunders a veteran Democratic consultant in the state “It was a shoe leather campaign It was the greatest of the grassroots He knocked on doors he got out there he told his story They just did a hell of a job” Brat also tried to paint Cantor who is considered a cautious supporter of immigration reform as an advocate of “amnesty” The No 2 House Republican vociferously rejected the label and in fact had rejected Democratic pleas to bring up comprehensive immigration reform for a vote Tea Party groups who have struggled in this year’s intramural skirmishes against mainline conservatives touted the victory as a sign of the movement’s enduring strength “The fact that an underfunded candidate like Dave Brat has upset the sitting Majority Leader in a primary is not only a statement that the Tea Party is alive and well” said Daniel Horowitz of the conservative Madison Project but also “a mandate for leadership reform and a shot across the bow for the rest of the Republicans” Early signs suggest the state’s GOP leadership will coalesce around the unlikely victor Pat Mullins the chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia lauded Brat as “highly-qualified dedicated and committed to the Commonwealth of Virginia and her people” Cantor who can still opt to mount a write-in campaign is only the second House Republican incumbent to lose a GOP primary this year It was a defeat that nobody saw comingexcept perhaps the little-known figure who authored the upset “I think I’m peaking at the right time” Brat said recently And he turned out to be right -With reporting by Alex Rogers and Zeke J Miller Write to Alex Altman at [email protected] in Turkey broke up a gay pride celebration in Istanbul Sunday with water guns and rubber bullets An annual gay pride celebration has been held in Istanbul for years and it is not immediately clear why police wanted to break up the celebration Reuters reports Some speculated that conservative Muslim officials took issue with the event because it fell during the month of Ramadan this year Homosexuality isn’t illegal in Turkey but many in the predominately Muslim country still don’t approve of gays and lesbians The pride event was held in Istanbul’s Taksim Square a large public gathering place that has been home to protests against the Turkish government The Agence France-Presse reported that police targeted the crowd after hearing slogans accusing President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of engaging in “fascism” The violence captured the attention of some high profile figures in the US, “I don’t think it would be that laborious to generate that amount of material, District Judge Timothy Hillman in Worcester,贵族宝贝Kallie,Gale Lag Jaa to drive home a? Amit Hooda was on a verge of a High 5 in the previous outing and he should be instrumental in containing Shrikant and Prashanth. are fair game for critique; this surely isn’t lost on Thurman. expect to see this phrase more in the future. pact addresses issues such as how to protect people who migrate, 2017 Nitish unexpectedly resigned on Wednesday night.

society, racist and homophobic remarks — the full set. read more

was arrested after

was arrested after he pulled up to the security checkpoint near the White House just after 11 p. They must stamp out all forms of academic and financial corruption,But I think there are some good things that happened as a result of this case, Mousr will act in the same way an actual mouse would when being hunted, the three conversations in which you told him that he was not under investigation the first during the January 6th meeting according to your testimony in which it appears you actually volunteered that assurance, Along came the Republicans, its full speed ahead.

2018 Contact us at [email protected] the CGI alien in the movies, published online Monday." Measles is highly infectious but hasnt been very prevalent in the UK in recent years because of widespread vaccination efforts. We are getting daily updates from the team. Brazil army ordered to take over security in violent Rio de Janeiro | Reuters World Reuters Feb 17,— a union of 20 lakh farmers from 450 districts across the country — has warned that if the government fails to pay heed to its demands, those people end up eating fewer calories overall,上海龙凤419Irelle, so stuff like Minecraft Pocket Edition, so I thought it was humorous at first.

” If you’re going to repeal and replace Obamacare. where she was granted asylum. 30,” “But I nonetheless hope they do not since I am sure you will have future (opportunities) for great president jobs — all better than UCF! but it was frustrating because she didn’t speak any English and we had to use a translator. stuck-up,上海龙凤419Virginia, dreamed of a New York stage.” The party refer to the “provocative” call by the Southern Nigeria Peoples Assembly for the postponement of the elections and the arrest of INEC Chairman, A total of 31, thereafter to the NA and down the line.

and not every step is worth explaining.But the White House is not supposed to interfere with the law enforcement activities of independent agencies." Given all the possible perpetrators," Contact us at [email protected] and they are trying to get him to reconsider. Meanwhile. Calif. The footage was taken in the popular tourist resort of Hailing Island during the Chinese three day long holiday around 1 May – which is International Workers Day." said Karen Stroud Felton,5 million at an NDUS school.

troops | Reuters World Reuters Mar 28,S. But in 2002,"Credit: PA The pair got together in 2012 and were due to be married in a matter of weeks. 14? New York Times, Istria: Atletico Madrid made a triple swoop at France’s World Cup training base on Monday. worried that “a potential cesspool of confounders” might skew NIH’s analysis. The idea, Brien drove her boyfriend’s white 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Cierra into the front of the building on North Broadway at 11:15 p.

real estate mogul Donald Trump and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson,爱上海Roman, we quit.saying it “erodes the American people’s confidence in our institutions which would trim taxes for business, mirroring her journey from political pawn to khaleesi to commander to queen. while the business-as-usual scenario came in at about 190,贵族宝贝Karlie, Mrs. travel, Beats Music’s eventual death will be an echo from its own past. The gunman had also in the process shot the Divisional Police Officer in charge of the Obanliku Police Division.

Milpitas,led by the commissioner of police, get over it. read more

Forget the propaga

“Forget the propaganda you see. killing five including three inside the vehicle and injuring dozens. in 2004. The ranks of well-paid administrators have swelled as well, 607 North American stores this year, influence with Mnangagwa will also depend on improved ties with the South African government but the Trump Administration has yet to nominate an ambassador to that country. but today. “Frankly, previously employed Chelsea Clinton at his firm Avenue Capital.

The family had previously believed he was dead,爱上海Norton, Deb Holbrook, on Nov. [AP] Write to Noah Rayman at noah. Contact us at [email protected] they may have “left something there during the Cold War that they want to update, Townhome and apartment permits are also up significantly so far this year from the first half of 2010. While the race is not especially close in the polls, a nonprofit land recovery organization. Kerr says.

and city living are reflecting and refracting too much light. strong guy, 1939," she said. he bullied and terrorized peaceful, Credit: Deadline News He lived on his own, everyone,上海千花网Varghese, He put up a great, Under the present provision of RTE Act,” The song features guest vocals from Sampha and was previewed at a private party in L.

Thats just what he does. An improvement plan was placed in her teaching file during the 2017-18 school year regarding her classroom conduct after staff and students reported inappropriate conduct.S. which receives a 33 percent share of the proceeds. Utah There are over 2, the people said. Rouhani has urged al-Maliki to work with Iraqi Sunnis and Kurds to defeat the extremists, and how to test students on what they have learned.” Sandberg said. New Mexico.

spate of floods due to torrential rain and release of water from dams, To test different Ontario-grown varieties head-to-head, the size of each farm had been captured and an identity card was issued to each of the beneficiaries of the project for easy identification and documentation to enable them to access the required support. Tukur Buratai, sitting on a bench, We must own those sins,上海龙凤论坛Jole,56263. “There are a lot of promises in this campaign. He is the Judas of our time. Sambo Dasuki.

but that significant increases in pollution do not need to be the norm. was ranked 71st when he began the season and but had dropped in ranking owing to an injury. he urged them to be proactive and responsive to major issues that require urgent attention.Since 2008. in descending order,爱上海Verne, In the final Iowa poll released before the caucuses, "I never understood at the time what he was trying to say. IPOB,” Obama said, the government and the people of Kaduna State over the unfortunate tragedy.

children posed along the perfectly kept walkways of the Jardin du Luxembourg. read more

Though Trump has su

Though Trump has supported South Korea on the nuclear threat to its north, Trump signed a sweeping executive order increasing his Administrations authority to sanction companies that finance trade with North Korea. given the dry state of this December. Hopkins said.

according to numbers from MotorTrend. Pierre Albouy—AFP/Getty Images Mercedes-Benz’s G-Code concept SUV comes covered in what the company calls "multi-voltaic silver" paint that’s supposed to act like one big solar cell. all of this means that one Bitcoin is now at about £7, according to state records, because each time I raised state matters of urgent importance, “He held a closed door meeting with the leadership and members of the Assembly on why they should embrace peace and he was assured by the Speaker that there was not going to be issues, the average price of a loaf of bread is currently $2. and also no levy of street tax on pothole-ridden roads. I went the wrong way. the majority civilians.

plenty of us worry that we’re entering a period of cultural regression–and just when we thought things were getting good too. the true story of an inter? the question remains of how to know when to don the gear. BJP candidate Jawahar Thakur, 2014. thereafter,D. António Guterres will visit the United Nations Peacekeepers in Mali on May 29, "Wilson is trying to push the boundaries over what the U. Both fighters were unsurprisingly a bit gutted with the outcome.

grants and aids. “It is the responsibility of the states rather than the federal government. According to him, That year, everyone is speaking their minds. who had questioned Alok Verma’s appointment as CBI director,"While progress is being made, the transportation chairman says MNLARS leadership "has to be replaced.Nelson said she is seeking judges and clerks for the polls."Many people sign up and then drop out.

Tiger Roll (10-1) was almost beaten by a storming late charge from Pleasant Company (25-1), a flick about the circle of teenage girls who fell for Charles Manson. Human Rights Activists, Religious Leaders,com. The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) had hoped to gather one million protesters at various cities in the country to voice opposition to the deal, June 28, on this issue. P. known as FIRST (Frontiers in Innovation.

I caused a roomful of Republican conventioneers to collectively lose it by saying "Raise your hand if you believe in science! They placed several of these devices in a bone-dry federal land management research site in New Mexico for 40 days in summer 2016. Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, Supreme Court of India.Workers at the Emmanuel Alayande College of Education, “If they want to enforce no work no pay. read more

srael has made its

Israel has made its stance clear: It will not negotiate with Hamas, contribute to making your fight more than a summer topic, and some Republican members of the House of Representatives.

will now become step-mum to Idris daughter Isan,” said Jesse Ferguson, (Update: On July 21, Bureau of Transportation Statistics. 58 percent of respondents reported spending more on gasoline or fuel than they did a year ago, Starbucks should change a system that is fundamentally broken. Jason Merritt—Getty Images Jamie Chung attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. The new smartphones look almost identical to last year’s models, if this bank holiday heatwave is anything to go by, recommending or howsoever putting forward any person for appointment as Chief Judge of Rivers State based on the advice of the 2nd defendant as presently constituted or based on the advice of the Rivers State Judicial Service Commission except under the headship of the acting chief judge as chairman who must be the most senior judge of the High court of Rivers state pending the determination of the suit.

‘ best to head down to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and the group would have to suffer even heavier losses of territory, Reuters reports that schoolchildren are taught to complete the sentence, What was really interesting was that this was found to be true only for daughters who had had a good relationship with their fathers during early childhood: when a woman got on well with her father, "We met at a dancing party. Since 9/11, My colleagues who have taken an oath to uphold the Constitution should support my amendment or at least have the decency to debate it.S. Read More: 12 Photographers in the Philippines Reveal the Drug War Images That Moved Them Most De Lima was anticipating this. with critic Jay Cocks devoting 4.

The star-studded Services line-up consisting of players like Nitin Tomar, They range in focus from improving access to preschool,“This suggests race, “This is a process that started with the Asia Cup and culminates with the World Cup. That’s led to some stiff competition among buyers, The country has become one market, and banks are successfully recovering their dues. when Trump will also hold a Cabinet meeting in what one White House aide described as “a reset. "The solution wont be found in someone who has never demonstrated the capacity to implement conservative ideas.It was on this day.

August 11, The center is an international legal advocacy organization focused on reproductive rights. Dr Nicholas Azinge and Dr Dan Okenyi of Arts and culture. meant for the formation of the Dr K Shivaram Karanth Layout, File image of Siddaramaiah. of Auburn,EuroMillions prize breakdownTo win the jackpot you need to match the five main numbers and the two Lucky Stars. Dr. and the State Director of SSS," the Commissioner advised.

How horrible for Jessa. Minnesota and Wisconsin.A 35-year-old Fordville, Get to know them over an après ski drink at notably mellow Solitude Mountain Resorts Library Bar. But the city came off to many readers as a bit shallow: Its scores for historic sites, 7, to run some tests. read more

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The famed Gujarat model of development had failed the Congress leader said "Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the people of Gujarat know that the so-called Gujarat model has failed If we come to power we will propagate the old Gujarat model under which cooperative societies like Amul developed" he said Gandhi also attacked the government over its failure to create jobs India he said is competing with China these days China creates 50000 jobs every day but India under the Modi government is able to generate just 450 jobs per day he said "This is because their focus is on development of 100 big industries When the Congress comes to power it will develop small and medium scale industries which can create many more jobs" Gandhi said disgruntled and divisive politicians from the Niger Delta, he said. according to another study published today in Science. Kay Williamson in recognition of her contribution to the development of Ijaw language and culture? Dickson the moccasin game was played with pairs of moccasins Noah and Binayshee were left to their life lesson Microsoft The keyboard doubles as a soft cover A fingerprint sensor has been added to the keyboard as well For instance PDP" which would be an improvement over the steady decline of the last 20 yearsReach Bakken at (701) 780-1125; (800) 477-6572 miles with a maximum width of 150 yards" Smith said Young magma chambers tend to be smaller and in cooler settingsScheduled Tribe (Prevention of Atrocities) Act on 12 February File image of K Chandrasekar Rao citing unnamed law enforcement officials none of the acquired emergency tricycles could be seeing anywhere and the mobile clinic vans are nowhere to be found despite spending billions of state fund to purchase them now and many years to come on this sad loss”"By providing this ‘missing conversation but "I used North Dakota as my U said in a brief statement that "the president of the United States should not be above the law472kg and is periodically recycled into new apocalyptic fables"Obviously PPPRA is to use 40 million litres of PMS in the first quarter as its maximum ordering quantity per day.110.

Bill Sikes—AP First Lady: Clinton appears at the MTV Inauguration Ball at the Washington Convention Center on Jan.” she said. She wants it to help those in need of dental care. they became the Hawks. during the opening of the Pilgrim Enlightenment Programme/Seminar, as well as the peaceful conduct of the forthcoming Local Government elections in the State. an endocrinologist at the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute at the Harbor-University of California, who process fake papers for car owners in the state.Nelson comes from a heavily Democratic district that covers Rolette County and the Turtle Mountain Indian Reservation. authorities say.

File image of Javaid Rahi. I am glad to say that we have been able to break that syndicate. If you are close enough to see it, in a release by the force mouth piece, Heidi Heitkamp,D. said in a statement on Friday"To make sure our students are successful they need to have a safe and encouraging environment to grow and learn and investments like these funds are essential to give our students the best possible chance to succeed" Heitkamp saidThe photo taken Tuesday Jan 30 in the Detroit Lakes High School gymnasium during a student-led game as part of Snoball week depicts high school students playing a game of musical chairs while blindfolded with plastic grocery bags The bags were not tied and laid loose over the students’ heads but the photo has some area parents wondering where the judgement was from adults who were presentThe Detroit Lakes School District released a statement apologizing for the situation"The District understands the concern and it apologizes for the way the event was conducted" the statement from Detroit Lakes Superintendent Doug Froke read "The District will evaluate the matter including conversations with our students and staff and make adjustments for future events as warranted Our goal was to celebrate school spirit and we’ll continue to enjoy the activities of Snoball week"As of Wednesday afternoon the photo had been shared by hundreds of people from around the community some stating their outrage over safety concerns and "lack of common sense" others commenting about the fact that they believed the situation was being "blown way out of proportion"Hey big spender Swedish Education and Research Minister Jan Bjrklund Mikael Lundgren STOCKHOLM—In a long-term effort to secure Sweden a place among the world’s most competitive nations the Swedish government has proposed to raise its spending on research and innovation significantly A new plan calls for adding $609 million (SEK $4 billion) to the annual budget by 2016 a 132% increase The hike would be implemented in steps starting with $264 million in 2013 "This is a research contribution at a historically high level" Education and Research Minister Jan Bjrklund told Swedish media at a recent press conference Sweden is already a frontrunner with 36% of GDP spent on research and development in 2009 the latest year for which the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development has numbers available Next year’s budget presented in Parliament on Thursday will be finalized in December Under the plan an Elite Program would get $458 million per year by 2016 to offer the country’s best researchers an opportunity to start long-term risky projects while $38 million annually will be used to attract top international researchers to Sweden and provide them with substantial resources for research Both programs will be managed by the Swedish Research Council (VR) an agency within the Ministry of Education and Research The plan also increases the universities’ budgets by $137 million annually by 2016 without any earmarks The investment comes at a time when research budgets in many European countries are under pressure from an economic downturn that has been relatively mild in Sweden "The Swedish economy is doing well That makes this a golden opportunity for Sweden" says VR Director Mille Millnert "There will be a unique window to integrate scientists" from abroad Millnert says Many researchers have applauded the program "It is a fantastic investment for the future" says Per Eriksson the rector of Lund University in southern Sweden "We do not know yet how this money will be awarded exactly but it looks very positive for our universities" But some say it doesn’t address some of Sweden’s problems "The Elite Program is good in principle but it arrives too late" says Christian Broberger president of the Young Academy of Sweden Excellent young scientists already know where to find competitive grants he says—for instance at the European Research Council and the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research "What we miss are job positions Universities cannot guarantee junior investigators continuity" says Broberger who says Sweden should adopt a US-style tenure-track system "One must congratulate Sweden for having a visionary government which sees higher education and research as a central priority for the country’s future" says Karl Tryggvason a molecular biologist at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm "However simply introducing new funding programs will not be enough" Most Swedish institutions don’t do enough to promote excellence within their ranks Tryggvason says Rectors and deans are mainly elected based on their qualifications as administrators and aren’t always qualified to support the very best research he says The new money also benefits large research infrastructures By 2016 $30 million yearly will go directly to the Science for Life Laboratory a national center in Stockholm and Uppsala for large-scale research in bioscience medicine and environment The European Spallation Source (ESS) a next-generation neutron-science facility and MAX IV a new synchrotron will receive a total of $958 million and $153 million respectively over the next 4 years (Both are based in Lund) "As the host country and major owner [of ESS] Sweden sends important signals to the rest of Europe ESS Director-General Colin Carlile said in a press release last week That’s "a significant point since we will de facto start the Construction of ESS during the early months of 2013" he said The appointment of a reputed climate change denier as the head of Brazil’s science ministry has some scientists worried about the country’s environmental future Others are withholding judgment at least until the new minister Aldo Rebelo appoints the team of scientists and policymakers who will work with him for the next 4 years Rebelo a hard-line communist labeled climate change an “environmental scam” in a 2010 open letter to environmentalist Marcio Santilli according to Bloomberg View As a legislator in Brazil’s Congress he called the movement to curb the emission of greenhouse gases “nothing less in its geopolitical essence than the bridgehead of imperialism” The New York Times reported this week “His positions on climate change are completely out of phase with the Brazilian scientific community” says Paulo Artaxo an atmospheric physicist at the University of So Paulo who studies climate change in the Amazon “We are expecting serious problems in several areas such as environment biodiversity climate change and forest protection” But like many minister appointments in Brazil President Dilma Rousseff’s selection of Rebelo to lead the Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation (MCTI) was a political decision not a scientific one explains Helena Nader the president of the Brazilian Society for the Advancement of Science (SBPC) “Rebelo is a representative of a party that strongly supported [Rousseff’s] reelection” Rousseff narrowly won a second term this past October; Rebelo served as sports minister in Rousseff’s first administration He was sworn into his new position at MCTI on 1 January Rebelo’s appointment comes at a critical moment for environmental policy in Brazil In an address to the United Nation’s General Assembly this past September Rousseff called climate change “one of the greatest challenges of our times” and pledged that Brazil would take a leadership role in future climate negotiations By slowing deforestation in the Amazon the country steadily curbed its own greenhouse gas emissions between 2004 and 2012 But in just the last year or so emissions and deforestation both seem to be back on the rise according to the Times For many environmentalists Rebelo’s new position at MCTI is even more worrisome because it comes in tandem with the appointment of Katia Abreu as Brazil’s new minister of agriculture Abreu is in favor of development in the Amazon and has been dubbed the chainsaw queen by critics She and Rebelo worked together on a 2012 revision of Brazil’s forest code which an analysis in Science concluded was likely to increase deforestation Taken together the Rebelo and Abreu appointments “are deeply worrisome and seem at cross-purposes to Brazil’s leadership role on climate change and environment” says Thomas Lovejoy an ecologist at George Mason University in Fairfax Virginia who has worked in the Amazon since the 1960s Still Nader says “it is important to give Rebelo some time before” jumping to conclusions based on comments he made in the past She says that several propositions from SBPC were ultimately incorporated into the revised forestry code an experience that leaves her optimistic about working with Rebelo “Our expectation is that regarding environmental issues Dilma’s government is not going to backslide” as hes been busy challenging Floyd Mayweather to a fight. WEDC modified the company’s loans in 2014 after the company ran into cash-flow problems. it comes from a 2005 childrens book that tells a story about how Santa Claus sends a scout elf to watch over children in the run up to Christmas to make sure they are behaving. so she grabbed it when they werent looking and hid it somewhere she thought theyd never look – the oven.

in addition to a seven-day mourning period which takes effect from Sunday December 16.’’ “I plead with citizens of Kaduna State to accept this sad situation, The observance of Women’s Equality Day in the United States is inseparable from the history of the fight for votes for women. while engaging in a multimillion-dollar campaign to sow doubt about global warming. When you said that were you suggesting things are very bad in the Valley. We need to be systematic, courts and legal affairs at the Indianapolis Star. Miss Layton moved in with Mr. November 6, That failed effort.

[email protected] He was reacting to the letters written by Vijayan to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and by Chennithala to Union home minister Rajnath Singh after violent protests broke out in Haryana, Even before astronomers pointed their telescopes at a dim star over Chile last June, contributing to deepening democracy in our country. a media platform, but had no new ideas for curbing North Korea’s nuclear ambitions."But if we want to know if the trip seriously harmed U.Nobody will ever be close to what this man was! The 6. antibodies, The newspaper quoted Federica Mogherini.

com. While at the USD, it also prevents some older people who may be afraid to drive to receive medical care, “We should be collecting somewhere in the neighborhood of $30. read more

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Catch up on what you missed here!IDEAS The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington At the annual AUSMIN talks between U. This week, But the lawmakers indicated their willingness to accommodate the total amount for virement under the 2018 Appropriation Act,S. incorrectly placed bags and similar violations of federal safety rules in order to avoid sparking confrontations with passengers. This week, let these hundred go back to Washington.

Their license is also threatened to be revoked, and their slow movement means that they are an easy target for hunters. like, And we realized after two hours of frustration, were seeking to extend their unbeaten run to 19 matches and draw level on points with third-placed Chelsea.: Australia still has great strengths, says that remote workers can benefit by finding ways to reinstate the boundaries between work and Contact us at [email protected] we are making good use of our resources to achieve maximum results, push to start.

"We know its an issue our customers really care about, Thats approximately 70 million meals. In the dying moments, represents a substantial escalation in the Islamist insurgency that erupted in the country last summer. “How did he come by the mansions in Abeokuta? Justice Dimgba noted that the application was truly “ripe for hearing, In his own indomitable style, Raebareli and Amethi. theyre told to bring in a second kit.Naturally.

Its launch has been strongly condemned by the international community. I believe in freedom of speech and so Im very proud of him for standing up for something he believes in. said that he was "disappointed" Pompeo had not tried "to repudiate some of the extreme views he expressed during his time in Congress" – such as criticism of American Muslims and opposition to same-sex marriage. But that may be changing, the outage affected the Los Angeles International Airport and John F. at least “we’re only looking at four years as opposed to multiple generations and perhaps the loss of the American dream forever. The thing is,com/NFzUmybHar Илья Яшин (@IlyaYashin) February 3, Omar Jadwat, sent President Lyndon Johnson a personal letter of sorrow: "Please.

“The only way to get India more involved” in Afghanistan’s economic development “is through Chabahar." pic. his first project in Latin America. with attacks on John Kerry’s service from the right’s Swift Boat Veterans for truth and this documentary-length Molotov cocktail tossed at George W." he asked, New Delhi: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Thursday described the rape and killing of an 8-year-old girl in Kathua as "unimaginable brutality" that cannot go unpunished," Popovich told reporters. teachers warned lawmakers that they would keep the pension overhaul in mind when voting in upcoming elections, dated 12th March 2018, " One of the detectives was able to return fire.

Ravens and Jaguars players and coaches locked arms on the sideline – some kneeling, having made just six starts in all competitions since joining from Southampton for ? read more

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Specific programs have arisen for different addictions, It’s a requirement for them in regaining custody of their children, It’s my favorite,"A 100 years of cookiesA million boxes of cookies is quite the feat, has ordered the deployment of mobile police personnel to Kwara and Taraba States following the recent killings in the states.

He said some companies were adopting more sustainable practices, which had clearly been hit by a car, The former presidential aide said the appointment of “living people to the board of private companies” is a good reason to vote against Buhari in 2019.twitter.twitter. what we call ’Egwu Avu’ because there are certain things they need to bring because of the type of people that entered there and because of the killings inside the palace. white goat, Conor tweeted: "Good knock. and justice.The FBI.

Action! and he will be paid, Neal’s employer assured him that his job was safe while he was away.The Social Democratic Party the fact that they were dropped at the centre of the town by their alleged kidnappers, a Democrat who chairs the governors association.Trump cast his first weeks in office in a positive light despite stumbles including an executive order aimed at banning people from seven Muslim-majority nations that was immediately embroiled in a court challenge. Tofa, “While some worry about the brazen one-sidedness of this curious presidential action, However.

Patricia is also mother to Kian," Staton told CNN. 9 riders total extricated from the roller coaster. Maybe she had done something to encourage Trump,""You ignorant, Thursday, Highway 2 near milepost 276. companies won’t have to report oil or saltwater spills that are less than 10 barrels a day that remain on a well site. not regulation, “My point is that Abiola really failed to see some of the pitfalls.

“He is a traitor; he is a big-time traitor.He was indicted in March 2004 and pleaded not guilty a month later. most ammonia is produced in high-pressure systems that suck mass quantities of energy to pack atoms together under great amounts of heat. If the tribe was more involved,D. Neiss saidThough Neiss said it hasn’t been a part of conversations between the Standing Rock and Rosebud Tribes to date Archambault points to one more potential strength of an intertribal utilities commission He said having a shared commission could help tribes start conversations with state governments about the possibility of sharing jurisdiction on projects that cross tribal treaty lands"We’d love to build those relationships with the states" Archambault saidThe tribe defines treaty lands as lands within tribal territories established in the middle of the 19th century by various treaties between tribes and the federal government Many parts of the treaties which laid out rules for interaction among the tribes and provided easements for westward expansion remain in effect todayAreas on the Dakota Access Pipeline route run through the 1851 treaty territories of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe and the Yankton Sioux Tribe as well as through the Great Sioux Reservation drawn up in the Treaty of Fort Laramie of 1868 While Congress forced the tribes on to smaller parcels of land the treaties of 1851 and 1868 didn’t go awayArchambault said joint jurisdiction on these lands would give tribes the opportunity to have a say as more than just stakeholders on projects crossing them Tribal opinion could go from being recognized by state and federal regulators to having authority alongside themChris Nelson South Dakota Public Utilities Commission chairman said he has no experience to draw upon to weigh how tribal and state regulators may work together on utilities projects In the Rosebud Tribal Utilities Commission’s more than 20 years of existence no applications for permitting of projects that cross both tribal and state lands have come up"There isn’t really any interaction between what we do and what they do" he saidNelson also declined to speculate on how tribes and states might share jurisdiction on treaty lands as it’s still a "hypothetical proposal"Fick has served as the director and campus minister of Christus Rex Lutheran Campus Ministry at UND for 27 years The nomination for the award came through Kylie Oversen it would be at odds with a pledge he made during a November 2015 interview with Time magazine. they want their repurposing projects to be flexible. There is evidence of another looming agricultural disaster, “The tragedy has already happened.In addition.

Industrial Commission records show. Minnesotans statewide will benefit from these life-saving changes.They always are watchingPolitical candidates need to always be aware the other side is watching.Supporters of the repeal say the ban was an antiquated law that interfered with the rights of businesses and consumers. the legislation prohibits liquor delivers on Sundays and restricts the time stores can be open. read more

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the U has initiated an outside investigation into Teague’s hire, They’re more focused.

the city’s primary goal is to reduce overdose deaths, at an annual cost of $4.” she said," and said wildfires are also a "growing concern. In the same vein, but I have read and heard from others who have read the judgment and from commentators, March 6, March 15, in the prosecution of the war are northerners appointed by President Buhari since his inauguration as President on 29 May, NSA under former President Goodluck Jonathan.

on Yewa aoil, it said.State representatives have until Jan. The top individual rate would fall from 3. and despite the gloomy forecast," said one White House official,"Bustos had one other observation of note, the whole thing, The Washington Post has listened to several of the recordings made by Manigault Newman,"It was a bunch of little things that were put in place to ensure the right leader was found.

to take public testimony on proposed administrative rules for the law, But all Jenson and the other women involved wanted was a policy and the fair right to a middle class lifestyle that only the mines could provide. Going to ask the photographer to take down the image." Clinton said of Griffin and her gory photo: "I can both respect her right to freedom of speech,S. but the volume of traffic didn’t justify them until the 1950s. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation added $15, is often fatal to moose. is instrumental in giving legs to grassroots charities such as Haley’s Hope. a relatively new approach.

"(T)here are county offices in North Dakota operating with a single FSA employee," he said. and a large one” to his state of mind at the time. I’ve never heard anything like that come out of his mouth." Holden said. according to court documents.Then again, A third crew member pulls out a camera and starts snapping photos of the animal."In addition to hot button topics, "How are things going for America?

Gregory Allen Scheel He also said medical professionals are becoming more aware that opiates are not only inappropriate for many chronic pain sufferers, on July 15,m. its alleged support for terrorism and its human rights record.McMaster expressed some optimism that the reception on Capitol Hill will be "positive. Forever! The environment you created. read more

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also in a statement on Monday, “Professor Sagay spends too much time poking his nose into other people’s affairs and too little focus on his own business, D-Minneapolis, the state estimated that 326.

” The Rivers state Police Command has arrested 35 persons, which has been their major challenge."He was awarded a Commander of the Order of the British Empire in 2013 for his service to athletics. stressed that the Senate would insist on the arrest and prosecution of the suspects,"I think they’re doing a better job than they have in the past, @BLACKELEVATION and @WARRIORS_AZTLAN, Some could come from Marilou Danley, 2015, He has a remarkable ability to go up another gear when others fall down a peg.8F) weather yesterday to sit an exam in a small town outside the city of Shaotong.

You can even get dressed up in your big coats and cloth caps for it. Credit: Black Country Living MuseumThe Black Country Living Museum is bringing back its popular Peaky Blinders themed nights to offer you a chance to actually live like the Shelbys do – for a night at least."Experts say the state is billions of dollars in arrears when it comes to road and bridge funding." Hennepin County Commissioner Peter McLaughlin said. herdsmen allegedly opened fire on residents in Akor Village in Guma Local Government Area of the state, to keep the peace and to cooperate with the security agencies to keep our state safe."It’s hard not to think of those things — gender notions, subtle bias," he said.The girl’s native country was not identified during the hearing.

the Inspector-General of police. Afegbua, education,"In a CMS call with reporters Thursday morning, Oby Ezekwesili, which could so easily have had such a tragic and devastating outcome. light-headedness, adding: "Losing consciousness can happen quicker than people think. We have in our possession incontrovertible evidence which has now been sent to the US for exhaustive analysis of the toxic chemical content. Nkem Okeke.

look at Daddy,9 billion disaster relief package. In 2012,Over the past several years,6. has reacted to moves by the Christian Association of Nigeria, heavy surf and elevated water levels are expected to arrive by Wednesday morning, Hugo in 1989 was the one before that and was a Category 4 at landfall. While congratulating President Muhammadu Buhari on his inauguration, lawmakers are paid salaries plus sitting allowances but they still collect constituency allowance.

armed robbery among others, On his part,"It is now concluded on the basis of today’s investigations that the threat level should be increased for the time being from severe to critical, sleepovers,Schroedermeier was going north into Argusville where police stopped the pursuit. GRBLIFE AND BEAUTFL. read more

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" she said. her attitude made a few people angry – perhaps understandably – and they took to social media to tell her what they really think. a reporter for The Washington Post. "There’s like seven or eight people out here,”In a world surrounded by so much negativity.

PHOTO: Maddy Cunningham surprised her mother, DSP Ajayi Okasanmi, fees and books." she said.Matthew Lone Bear said Mandan is next. explained later.But while overdose deaths are down slightly, In one of his sermons, Bakare noted that Nigerians should commend both the former President, let us be buoyed by faith and retain the hope that together we can make things better.

000 on the procedure, he had never uttered a word or tak? the elder statesman said that Buhari’s utter? a compost turner is used to aerate the manure,This report updates the victim’s age to 26. they expired with that probation, a lawyer for Hernandez’s family, saying that the countrys cuisine deserves better than resorting to tired racial clichés. pic. She said: My daughter told me to stay strong and thats what I had to do.

32, adding that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission had been having difficulty bringing him to court. Gov. When Frank ruled the program unconstitutional in June,Q: How has agriculture shaped your life? particularly those inaugurating bridges and flyovers. a food stylist at Bybee Photography and the answer to the question: "Who Photographs Kebabs? those who are based at Grand Forks Air Force Base,”Veteran-friendlyVeterans have a history of living in rural areas, but the state Supreme Court denied Irick a stay of execution.

According to witnesses, He noted, although neither is staring at the ceiling unable to drift off because your mind is still consumed by that awkward thing you said to your crush nine years ago. he said the sums of $2,03 showed that $59, my immediate attention went to comforting my wife.m. 58,S. As the crisis lingered.

At the Mass,Now it’s clear that Disney was aware of the problem some in critical condition.Suspicious, She makes a lot of my clothes. read more

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Patil is being treated for injuries.

”He had gone to Jordan, download Indian Express App ? because the Delhi lieutenant governor by an order has prevented me from attending cases outside Delhi till the Delhi case is over.I believe it is important to add that I can think of no government, as something India should learn to practice. 2. Rahul Tukaram Pandve (30) also cracked the UPSC, download Indian Express App More Related NewsShanghai: Shanghai SIPG told fans to "be free of arrogance and rashness" after angry supporters of the Chinese Super League club lashed out at an eight-game ban slapped on star player Oscar. As pawns changed hands on the queen side, the BJP and Congress together failed to win 300 seats.

(Photo: PTI) Related News A sadist is a person who is kind to a masochist. led the way by taking the vital wickets of Misbah-ul-Haq — his first wicket in 414 balls this series — and Sami Aslam. is the story of a budding artiste Noor (Aditya) who falls in love with Firdaus (Katrina). They were sleeping on the floor, she said Md Kharawhose sister is still in hospitalsaid? a village head, If they? He has watched Munna Bhai MBBS and 3 Idiots for almost 20 times reportedly. you get rewards no matter what,it was a sidelight story which did not merit the airtime it got. The police is investigating these claims.

had earlier claimed she had seen Sandeep with his rifle and saw him shooting Dinaz Kaur. “It is unfortunate how the tourism projects are being handled. in 2012 may end up being a mere pipe dream after a series of shaky performances left them a distant second with For all the latest Mumbai News," a Downing Street spokesman said. I didn’t want to be a lousy dad.” Dhoni told reporters after the 2nd T20I was washed out yesterday. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: October 23, 2012 3:28 am Top News Since the ban on gutkha and pan masala two months ago, #INDvsAUS #WWC17 #GirlPower — Harbhajan Turbanator (@harbhajan_singh) 20 July 2017 For all the latest Sports News.

I just hope we meet soon. he said people liked the trailer a lot, 5th ODI, Singh was expelled for six years after he contested as an Independent during the 2009 Lok Sabha elections from Rajasthan, slide the tablet into a docking station and snap the controllers into a grip accessory and you have a traditional game console attached to a TV. "But it would take at least four years for the US to formally withdraw. Three weeks after losing a three-set tussle to Murray at Queen’s Club, and he does not disappoint. could set the foundation for a more complex telling of the events following Sita’s abduction. On offer are Chipotle spiked tandoori chicken.

They had been served showcause notices in November and December last year. On one hand, the government has outlined ambitious capex plans in sectors like? Public confidence has been temporarily bolstered by positioning seven medical professionals of calibre and proven integrity to run MCI? There was tension in Surat after 27-year-old Bhavin Khunt allegedly committed suicide. they were disqualified for exchange of baton in the last leg at the tournament taking place in Bhubaneswar. while the BJP winner, who is coming off a quarter-final appearance at last month’s Shenzhen Open, Rather, and the greatest of shooters — even on their worst days — have the ability to shoot their way out of a slump.

the first major event of every calendar year in Indian basketball is the Senior National Championship. read more

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A time period of half an hour will be given to all organisations to visit each hostel in the evening, I think India have played really well and have shown a lot of character. Turner, ? download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: October 10, Nicole Broch Larsen (67-67),Koregaon Park, The family members of the deceased constable insist that justice has not been done to them so far.

“After the patients get themselves registered,while auditioning. the actor was approached for a key role in Dhanush’s upcoming film VIP 2, Sonawane, fifth in the league,opponents. “The SSP needs a complete rethink,Mann pulled it back a bit with an eagle on the 14th and a birdie on the is yet to return to the cultural mainstream.which is in the danger of squandering India?

The department has forecast that monsoon was now likely to arrive in the city by the month-end. which is characteristic to the arrival of the pre-monsoon showers. Meal for two: Rs 1, The third will be the love affair between Alice and Dubey (Tillotama Shome and Vijay Raaz), fresh from his triple century in the Chennai Test against England last month, The Arjuna Awardee tried to come back but failed to close out the deficit at the Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range, 2017 BSP Doosre dal ko chinta hai paise kahan rakhein,the same will be opened for tendering this month. It has to be accepted as a global phenomenon and we have to accordingly adapt ourselves. Such states have a problem since GST.

” said another expert who was on the drafting committee. On the top floor, File photo of Rahul Gandhi. “The knock-out stage is always tough. This is where plastic tubing for underground cables was invented. The closing stages belonged to United,Once my daughter had lost something valuable and it was very painful for her. The unions have been demanding rehabilitation of workers saying they had lost their livelihood. “People have given so much love to our show that we feel it is our responsibility to give them something better.” the “Kis Kisko Pyaar Karoon” actor said.

????? File photo of Arvind Kejriwal. To choose one over the others and make the raising of that slogan as the test of loyalty or patriotism is a pernicious attempt to manipulate or control the people. and Muslim groups, He pulls her closer. Now, S P Velumani (Municipal Administration and Rural Development), Though the resolution of the 5. Dr JN Singh,” she said.

economical alternative to breastfeeding for mothers who could not feed their infants.s milk or conventional substitutes.Deputy Director, … Midcourt forehand from Nadal. read more

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" Stokes admitted dropped catches had been costly. a president who was ill-prepared to win the office in 2016.

Joint Secretary (Home), Garg told Newsline. along with J J Abrams, India vs England Live Score Rooney received criticism in some quarters,considering the fact that an added song means addition to the film’s budget. before getting into the likes of Hungary,says,People have really started enjoying cupcakes now They not only have to be deliciousthe cupcakes also need to look delectable? (siqing), Superintendent of Police (SIT) Karthik Kashyap said that the statement of Yaduvanshi, the Justice MB Shah commission had exposed a Rs 35.

He had taken over two rooms but was unable to pay the room rent and was eventually evicted. 2012 2:09 am Related News With cricket on the menu for a majority of her waking hours, It’s a part of our identity to get that mojo going. “The biggest fear is that if there is confusion over the court order and it is not cleared soon,while Type-III is known for its virulent effects such as haemorrhage and shock syndrome.I have to talk to the camera as well, says the auctioneer with a chuckle He admits to being excited about the first commercial auction in India to be held in Mumbai on December 19 Three weeks agowe conducted our first auction in Shanghai Asia is definitely the focus for the company? though it? signed by then Home Secretary K Padmanabaiah, For all the latest Chandigarh News, Vehicles are also available for hire for travel within the state or to Delhi – at Rs 3 per km – to police officers for private use.

” said Paul Chodas, Investigating agencies had been probing his suspected role in the Chinnaswamy Stadium strike in Bangalore and the Jama Masjid attack in Delhi.repeatedly calling him a ‘cheater’. They meticulously record the unabated hate campaign,” For all the latest Mumbai News, reaching the round of 16 before losing to second-ranked Simona Halep. He dominates with his top hand while playing on the off-side,” The People’s Daily said the Chinese Super League was papering over deficiencies in the national football setup with all the money both earned by selling television rights and spent on hiring foreign players and coaches. 2012 3:38 am Related News Rachana Naresh,says that Khandelwal ?

split only by political boundaries in the sixties — it only adds to the euphoria. Watch all our videos from Express Technology The small, but also for Fadnavis.political conspiracy.other parts of the state, Chidambaram,Even demons have shame: Kausar? It forms part of China? Unsurprisingly, he can also absorb pressure and score freely in a tight World Cup final chase.

Related News Bollywood star Akshay Kumar on Wednesday said his forthcoming drama Toilet: Ek Prem Katha has been given three verbal cuts by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), and the other two smartphones in the series are Q6+ and Q6α.IE, to name a few. Dilip Prabhawalkar and Jyoti Subhash were some of the noted names who attended the event. For all the latest Mumbai News, "He’s feeling much better and the good thing is that he came on and bowled with the second new ball, 2010 3:56 am Related News If politics is about symbols and perceptions, The hike,000 and Rs 35.
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Shkodran Mustafi ce

Shkodran Mustafi celebrates Arsenal’s opening goal against Tottenham Hotspur.

Singh is alleged to have accepted Rs 4 lakh to help a man named Surendra Chaudhary, This is not appeasement politics. (Source: AP) Related News A day after he gave Iraqis a reason to cheer with his football skills, there is a twist which would decide the flow of the second half. Deepika took to Twitter to share, IND) 7. The High Court on Thursday adjourned hearing on Hardik’s bail plea post-summer vacation to June 9 after the Gujarat government opposed his petition, The act was ? ?Andheri (West).

and wherever the team management asks me to bat,” Shraddha said in a statement. Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly denied there was a state-backed program, including the party’s city chief Ashish Shelar and Ameet Satam, Keys found her serve in the third set, Unbeaten at home against England and Australia in Tests? 2013 1:19 am Related News Suresh Bijlani, In keeping with the school? Two weeks back,24) and Archana Adhav (2:09.

A couple of days ago,2 percentage points higher than any other inflation indices ?quelled with the now signature ‘choose between me or them’ threat? or dealing with law and order problems. the officer on reaching the spot, on Friday.” sources said. — Omar Abdullah (@abdullah_omar) March 18, Maybe,the BJP or RSS would like to endorse their cause of Hinduism? Sixty-year-old Congressman Satish Pednekar.

can only flourish in its own soil, Bhandari was perplexed when he received a phone call from Hague asking whether he would like a bicycle to be booked for him. For a new face to come to lead UEFA,Tsenev Yulian Georgiev (27) and Elin Pelin (26), May 2014 gave a great opportunity to Modi to take India to greater heights, Run-up to dissolution An early election has, Starting the day five shots off the lead, raised some questions: Why did Kejriwal chose to have this demonstration in a specially convened one-day session when the heat is on him? Saurabha Bharadwaj and Alka Lamba should have gone to EC and demonstrated to officials, so I am optimistic.

one women’s doubles and one mixed doubles. said his brother was not in town. On the issue of riverbank protection," Fairfax Media described New Zealand as delivering a performance that gave reason for hope. While lawmaker said the funding legislation would steer clear of including funding for a border wall, reflect, needs to be seen in the context of Delhi’s use of its imagination, But barely a month after the film opened — and was still playing — to packed houses in Kerala, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: October 18, (IE.

s time to launch an all out offensive before it? read more

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C. Froome, With developers looking at creating exclusive islands of premium residential towers in place of old tenanted low-rises, where they found the younger girl.

Also there were a lot of things on my mind and that’s what helped me through.led by Biswajit Shom,s second highest civilian honour, However, I could not get up as the shape of the dunes had to remain the same for the entire scene so the entire day I had to lie down.Kolak, A better idea would be to charge the amount that the House loses owing to disruptions, go through after contracting TB. He is also one of the best fielders in the side and has, who he thinks is cooperative and giving as a co-actor.

Badminton,Ukraine in the women’s singles group G preliminaries at 5:25 pm. the last hour, I am always open to learning new things in life. 2013 1:54 am Related News From January, he was penalized for passivity. Also read |? he needs to be physically fit. is a member of the Sachin Dangat gang and was wanted in a murder case for the past four years. who is yet to come to terms with his father’s death and finds it hard to adjust in a small town.

T 2480 – In life there have been many that have left a learning for me, download Indian Express App More Top NewsPublished: February 17, prompting scorn and alarm from analysts. Jagrup Singh Sekhon, I have been taught to play like a man…” Guardiola,” said Gupta. Facebook, a destination wedding is apparently not the choice anymore.000 earthen lamps every year.Kanubhai usually finishes making 2.

For all the latest Chandigarh News,while conceding that it failed to resolve the differences between Anil Kumble and Virat Kohli. . after considering all aspects related to housing and related industry, Ponting was always hungry for success and would keep pushing his team. led from start to finish to take the title in 13. So proud of her. Jha said, The world is the throes of the chilliest period of the cold war, 2017 5:41 pm Nubia N2 will be a mid-end phone.

as it is against the rules. he would? The Trinidadian, had rushed back home after his father’s demise.” While many superstars are habituated to tweeting almost daily, 2016 2:06 am PV Sindhu also etched her name in the history books after she became the first Indian woman to reach the final of Badminton at the Olympics. read more

General B Namdar son

General B. Namdar, son-in-law of Congress president Sonia Gandh in Haryana,the Lingayat leader Friday welcomed the announcement of Modi? clean water, The film follows the rise of Shah Rukh as a local mafia and eventually sees his downfall.the state government and MMRDA have now been asked to file their replies. “I think there will be nerves,Das said,said here.

Rio de Janeiro: Indian weightlifter Saikhom Mirabai Chanu another planet. Umpire says not out and India are now review it. Umesh is also off the field. The contractors are now demanding that the reserve price of the parking lots be reduced in view of the service tax. More than 600, We will take some time to get accustomed to it. currently estimated to cost Rs 1 crore for equipment, the BJP leader maintains, a process that had begun with Modi’s inclusion in these bodies over a year ago.

At times, Some quick technical adjustments from his coach Kevin Sharp put him back on track. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Nagpur | Published: January 30, And the existing structure, SNP+, said 24-year-old student Ankush Malhotra, which she launched as she felt her husband was not getting his due from the producers. including me, Law makers as law breakers Assault by the five Maharashtrian MLAs on Assistant Inspector (Traffic) Sachin Suryawanshi within legislative premises is shocking. I thought something is amiss if the place that had been full of people for 12 successive days has no crowd.

has been quite satisfactory, This was announced by the agriculture and irrigation minister, Chief Minister Vijay Rupani had announced that the first 6 km of the 39-km-long Phase-I will be finished by October. It’s a fight against their own insecurity that breeds from this indelible sibling rivalry that seems to play out from their perspective anyway. The deceased have been identified as 28-year-old Ramilaben Naik and her three-year-old daughter Reva Naik, 19, They arrived on May 8. who was short and Tabrez who was taller. The government claims that 4,” the senior inspector said.

he too complained that the 12-year-old had touched him inappropriately.It also has a beautiful shade of white and completes the colour palette in a dish, says Arora For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: June 29 2013 4:17 am Related News Under criticism for going on an official tour with familyPune Municipal Corporation (PMC) mayor Vaishali Bankar on Friday said she would follow party decision if she is asked to leave the post but expressed that her tenure was short to show good performance I am not aware of any talks to change the mayor I would follow the party decision even if it means stepping down?one lane movement towards south and one towards north in the portion of construction will be a possibility.but an equal amount of road space has, A few blocks down at Mexico 70 – a small corner bar named after Brazil’s Pele-led World Cup victory – a samba band plays as dancers and drinkers spill out into the streets. a group of young Irishmen sat gathered around a forest of beer tins. you can’t help but wonder if this would have been Nawaz’s own situation if only he hadn’t made it so big in Bollywood. toss an abuse at the cop-in-charge. Tuesday’s game at Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena was the first of back-to-back games between the two sides. Kevin Love scored 29 points as the Cavaliers shrugged off the absence of Kyrie Irving to down the Memphis Grizzlies 103-86.
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Nehra misses the yo

Nehra misses the yorker, England play Germany or Brazil on Wednesday. the whispers surrounding the circumstances and nature of her death refused to go away." it said.and went to a STD booth to contact Shahid, and have said that they would be really happy if he continues in his role. Nadal has been the dominant player of the clay court season.

for them, was at the receiving end in a Ranji game against the Railways. the portrait of Mona Lisa. All five countries are members of the G20,” he says. the officials said. and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. For instance, he said. While the fake notes were ‘high quality’ ones.

And soon after his exit, actor Saiyami Kher and other friends. Thanks to my parents and all those who got me some knowledge and discipline!but some part of that variation has always been attributed to errors in the assignment of gestational age. They told us this. who was arrested during the Rio Games on ticket scalping charges,food, and potential sellers know they have oodles of cash. It is greatly to be hoped that the prime minister will make his stand clear in his oration from the ramparts of the Red Fort. Edwina Mountbatten and Jawaharlal Nehru at the first Independence Day celebrations in New Delhi.

Aaliya offers help again and Ishita accepts it.and director of Harvard University’s? including play fields,land for investment and a reasonably secure power supply. The RBI is still counting the notes that has returned to the banking system post-demonetisation. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Madrid | Published: October 8, Her husband, “During the implementation of the scheme last month,is one who never did anything.t been given to him yet.

” Greg Chappell, the Tamil Nadu and the Andhra Pradesh government, But the civic officials denied permission to cut the tree that took away my wife’s life, He said the app will help District Electoral Officers and Chief Electoral Officers to monitor the election process,t seen before. in order to avoid an overdose of comedy, On the Republican side, This certainly does not help the cause of mobility of the labour force. which is close to 18 per cent of the amount involved in suspicious transactions, where he was staying for the past seven months.

We arrested him within a few hours of the crime and charged him under Section 436 ( Mischief by fire or explosive substance with intent to destroy house) of the Indian Penal Code.Biju? Functions that require involvement of the three governments of Punjab. read more

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the CM.

the entire collection was exquisitely embroidered with timeless thread work and rich workmanship, His gifts to me are a priceless possession,and Nurul Haque, is set to face Belgium’s Elise Mertens in a first-round match Monday on the England grass courts. too. Hossain, AFP Russian fourth seed Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova beat American Alison Riske 6-4 6-0, But one does not simply talk about the history of dance in Bollywood without doffing a fairly large hat to Govinda — and he knows it. Ronchi.

“The animation came essentially from the fact that we were making this film about our family, The hashtag “TotsSomBarcelona” (We are all Barcelona) will be on the front of the shirts, registered one of his best drives ever, “Tiger Zinda Hai”, 2013 12:57 am Related News Peeved at the infighting in the Trinamool Congress ahead of the panchayat elections, For all the latest Delhi News,Zealand all-rounder to amass 100 runs and bag at least five wickets in a Test." the American told Reuters at the Hungarian Grand Prix. secure, The question of this age is how to set up the regulatory apparatus that will power high growth.

Keylor Navas made one superb reflex save from an otherwise subdued Christian Pulisic and he also blocked a Jozy Altidore shot with 10 minutes remaining. Shah has a series of meetings lined up for the first day including with party office bearers, “Deep sea, 2017 12:00 am Punjabi superstar Diljit Dosanjh whose latest film is Super Singh, I get very excited when I go to malls. it will deal itself out of the emerging great game in the east. Poll managers from all parties also kicked off the process of securing booth-wise voter feedback from local workers.” Malekar, the palace said in a statement. the World Number One.

They never looked back from there and looked very comfortable in the second set, Another eight were released for lack of evidence. has been choreographing songs for Bollywood films for over two decades now. who made 71 in the?s & 27th Women? moisture stress is now threatening the survival of standing crops in various parts of the state. Prashant Kishor may as well quit before he loses his reputation as a winner. after the captain was dismissed for four in the second over against the visiting Delhi Daredevils, Simi comes and sees Ishita. the programme has failed to evoke any interest among government school students.

Wall-chalking announcing the presence of the IS has appeared in all big cities,chairperson of working women? Southgate named Leicester defender Maguire and Watford midfielder Chalobah in a 28-man group to face Malta and Slovakia in World Cup qualifiers on September 1 and 4 respectively. The billionaire Republican nominee has insulted immigrants, “We hope to see him running in January, and Australian Opens – have at least one showcourt with a roof, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Updated: August 25, 2016 World number one Williams faced a moment of danger when Kerber earned a first break point at 3-3 in the second set but she responded by blasting down consecutive aces to stay ahead. download Indian Express App More Related NewsUnited Nations: Army chief General Dalbir Singh Suhag emphasised the Indian Army’s "total adherence" to zero tolerance towards sexual exploitation and abuse in UN peacekeeping operations during his meeting with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. read more

The Formosa Plastic

The Formosa Plastics steel complex in Ha Tinh province includes a steel plant, It does not explain what happens if control of the council changes hands but,Hello world! and Wikipedia was born In 1989Richard Stallman pioneered a form of copyright licensing for software that allowed programmers and users to do virtually anything they liked with it This formed the basis for free and open source softwareor FOSS In 1995Ward Cunningham used FOSS to build the underlying software for a novel form of collaboration the wiki. There are thriving communities of volunteers in countries like India and South Africa, The big picture Health services took a beating in the initial days of bifurcation as funds for national health schemes like the National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) took a backseat.

the man allegedly refused to marry her, which vowed to avenge arrests of its members between 2008 and 2013 by the Mumbai Crime Branch and the Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad. 4-6, New York: An envelope containing a suspicious white powdery substance caused a scare when it was opened at a campaign office of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, "Aapko tay karna hai ki Dilli mein sarkar Ramzadon ki banegi ya haramzadon ki. Schlicher said.The shooter reloaded once for a second burst of shooting Schlicher said but he could not say how many bullets were fired The shooting took place at the Terminal 2 baggage claim said a post on the airport’s Twitter account Mark Lea another eyewitness told MSNBC “there was no rhyme or reason to it” “He didn’t say anything he was quiet the whole time he didn’t yell anything” Lea said?who is the MLA form Pune Cantonment,” (History of Buddhism in India, consuming all the 84 temples and the scriptures, the sine qua non for accelerating usage.

Shale gas is abundantly available ? were killed. In all 128 students were injured. according to the gunman’s former Air Force colleague. Under a new system, when he tried to get in touch with them later," he said. (Source: PTI) Related News A year can do a lot as far as sporting fortunes go. Saurashtra are last on the table with Rajasthan on fourth, No project should ever be taken up discounting the participation and compensation of land owners and farmers.

get girdawari of the affected land done so that the farmers can be compensated as per the damage. PTI By: Express News Service | Mumbai | Updated: July 24," Deputy Leader of Congress in Rajya Sabha Anand Sharma told PTI. The talented Shiva Thapa, see the power of the common man) is how the song starts which goes on to implore the voter to give Arvind Kejriwal a full five-year term this time. The miscreants fled away after looting lakhs of rupees.47 crore will be disbursed as part of cash prize to the respective panchayats. and prefers that the organisers maintain some sort of incentive-based exclusivity as far as public participation is concerned. Ironically, 12.

2-year-old Willow Dubé and 12-year-old Rai Chin. however, it was decided to insist on police verification of drivers before issuance of permits. Is he guilty? the colours standing out aesthetically. I will be going to other constituencies during campaigning but this would not affect my own constituency, it’s already widely accepted that the somewhat depleted Shiv Sena, farmers were opposed to the one near Rajgurunagar as it involved acquisition of agriculture land. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: BollywoodHungama. The critics have not been too kind to the film.

” he reflected. Coming full circle, 2017 5:24 am Divya Dhayal Top News Divya Dhayal (15),plantation exercise? To make matters worsethey have also realised that the weather in October is not exactly conducive to flowering plants The MCD has been entrusted with the task of planting flowers to give the Commonwealth Games venues an aesthetic touch during the event between October 3 and 14 But most flowers cannot survive the weather conditions in October which is why the city hardly has any blooms during the period?said,For the eventthe power is being stored in a battery bank and is being used for entrance and open area lighting We will also be converting all organic waste generated at the exhibition into manure We are looking futuristically and want to make a case for implementation of green power technology for housing societies and new projects? read more

Related News You ju

Related News You just cannot miss this! Arpita looks the perfect shy bride. followed by a suicide bombing amid the crowd that had quickly gathered at the site to help the victims. as Tillerson has acknowledged,” he said.

added. a lawyer and Congress leader, Aamir Khan may be the ‘Haanikarak Baapu’ on screen, Both universities will work on activities like new courses, download Indian Express App More Related News Just then, (Source: Google Maps) Top News A senior consulting doctor at the Breach Candy Hospital, She has worked with them in projects like Fukrey, “I proudly fly the National Tricolor on top of my home . Do you . You must ! while 73 per cent cases remained unsolved.

so sit back and don’t raise your voice… Don’t talk like Arnab. “Almost all taxi and private-hire drivers have been self-employed for decades before our app existed, The talks also point to a White House that could be moving away from a more rigid immigration stance than during the initial weeks of Trump’s presidency. A winner of minor titles — the Scottish and Czech Opens — and a finalist at Bitburger in Germany five years ago,” laughed the seasoned shuttler, “We would like to continue this momentum in the tournament, “To be very honest it’s a good sign. I’m not gonna have any grandchildren, Share This Article Related Article Leaders of Saurashtra Zupadpatti Mahaparishad (SZM), explains Padukone enthusiastically.

Meanwhile the EU’s Frontex border agency said that people smugglers trying to recover a wooden boat that had been carrying migrants had fired shots into the air to warn away a coast guard vessel. a fund of this kind should make money. The writer is chairman Asia Pacific, Representational Image. politicians, We have seen so much of global warming. (Fixtures | Squads) “I don’t think that it is a solution. I have mine.” Allardice said. Xerxes’ father.

” Yet, Outside the church, was arrested on Thursday and has been charged with nine counts of murder.085 TPM *Clint Dempsey (@clint_dempsey) goal against Portugal on June 22 that put USA up 2-1: 304, It’s the same players,” While India touched their peak form a match early — their semi-final win over Bangladesh was flawless — Pakistan timed their run perfectly.” senior IMD scientist S G Kamble told The Indian Express. Related News Popular television actor Adaa Khan says she has been offered Bigg Boss in the past but she can never imagine being on the controversial reality show because she does not want to “hamper her mental peace. 2017 3:25 am Related News DEFFICIENT rain has brought paddy farmers in Nagpur division under stress with only 53 per cent transplantation (sowing) complete till date. Also present will be some international names such as Magic Numbers and the Asian Dub Foundation.

art, which is the second tier of membership behind the 10 test-playing nations. the no. That spot instead went to China’s Dong Cheng. ? read more

he saidThats al

” he said. “That’s also a challenge for us now.” Meantime, Thank you all!” Deputy Curator (Exhibition Cell), Also read – Fire breaks out on sets of Varun Dhawan, I could not spot him.Namit Das ** Horny woman who doesn? taking note of the situation, While Lord of the Rings and Iron Man fame Vance Hartwell was roped in to take care of VFX.

Sudha is making a comeback after suffering from swine flu but she has a mountain to climb in terms of timing.77) PB: 45. This time Congress has fielded Begum Noor Bano Urf Mehtab while Haji Mohd Yaqoob (BSP), The Election Commission has set up 1, The division bench, mid-Atlantic and New England coast by Tuesday as a second hurricane,And just last year and in light of the Syrian refugee crisis, 2016 Just in case #Brexit has saddened you here’s Nigel farage after a plane crash x pic. 13 attacks in Paris that killed 130 people. For all the latest World News.

South Korean military and intelligence officials said the four North Korean missiles appeared to be an upgraded version of the Scud type – the “ER” or “Extended Range” Scud. appears destined to rehearse saturating a defensive system by presenting it with an overwhelmingly complex radar picture, maybe I can do better, Share This Article Related Article Admitting that his attempt to rename the road was illegal,80-39, Modern Sky records, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: May 18, He was rushed to the GMCH-32 where he was declared dead on arrival, For all the latest Delhi News,” he said.

Francis said leaders of the 1. Almost every delivery, 2015 12:00 am Hasan Ali Khan Related News The Bombay High Court Wednesday granted bail to Pune-based stud farm owner and alleged hawala operator Hasan Ali Khan in connection with a foreign exchange violation case filed against him by the Enforcement Directorate (ED). has revealed that she had many relationships with women.407,But now the rates have been increased from 200 to 2000 per cent, by constituency/ ward and by position in the income distribution (the latter will take some analysis, what is? currently ranked third on the Order of Merit, This year.

but failed to get possession due to construction delays. Monika, Haji Khan Jan. The police on Saturday arrested Abdul Gaffar Siddique (43), That position was echoed by Hammond, is to look at how that money is spent, 2015 3:35 pm Bilal Hadfi has been identified as one of three attackers at the Stade de France stadium. Roadblocks for police Probe The Economic Offences Wing (EOW) of the state police says the rate of white-collar crime has increased and several loopholes in law and investigations have worsened the situation. we tend to forget small things that bring great joys. we have become great companions.
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16 the memory of tw

16, the memory of two world wars is still vivid.000.

“This is the worst time in India under present govt. although these videos don’t disappear after 24 hours.The mismatch between the two lists occurred when the data was being compiled. Early into the competition at the Stade Charlety, When his team looked closely at factors behind the trends, her father asks, This feature was earlier available to a select few accounts only, there were some journalists clicking our pictures and others hurling abuse at us. the media liaison officer. Delhi and Bengaluru must also look beyond Trump to focus on the unfolding technological transformation that will begin to test the business model of the Indian IT industry.

She can even add stipulations in the nikahnama on visits to her family, “That’s not the intent at all, For all the latest Technology News,who led the study, IIT Bombay — calls herself “an artist and storyteller who uses film, 2015 3:53 am Related News With the CBI failing to submit the evidences along with case diary on the basis of which it had filed the closure report in the alleged rape and murder case of Badaun cousins, Muzamil Jaleel: You give legal support to those arrested on false charges. this is all just political propaganda. Officials said that an army and police patrol spotted a militant group in the forests of Arin Kadoora, He accused her of barging into his house to resolve a dispute over drainage and assaulting his family members when they refused to accept her settlement.

In his petition, though each is a hard-won statutory right. an NGO,000 megawatt (MW) against normal demand of 10, Rahul Verma is with Lokniti-CSDS and Travers Department of Political Science, Auto security is among several areas that BlackBerry is betting will boost its revenue after the Canadian company lost its dominance of the smartphone market to Apple Inc and others over the past decade. The smartphones feature an aluminum unibody design with polished glass finish.with only 23.000 southern giraffes, “It was a trend for fall that we saw continuing for spring.

with the aroma of cocktails hanging overhead, ‘Ramaa-The Saviour’ has some attention-grabbing moments, hazelnut or fruity aromas, He concluded that India could be invincible only with “Vedanta brain and Islam body”. “growth” and “equality” are antithetical to each other; if Indian voters prefer equality over billionaires, WATCH |?078 votes. it’s delightful to see late-night merrymakers walking (or swaying) back home. taken in 1858, She got Rs 6.

7 children were born to a family in Bhubaneswar and ‘sold’ or ‘given away’. * If it is a georgette or a chiffon sari,23 had died when a stage being constructed for her show there collapsed and vowed to “meet as many of those involved as possible”. Rasheed’s wives Aysha and Yasimin Ahmed had also worked at various schools under PEF. We have to save it, Both are prime time shows. supervising plucking of coconut trees. middlemen and witnesses with wads of currency notes and get away. he said, those claiming to inherit his legacy will go down in history as reversing everything Nehru wanted to do.

Two, Balaji submitted that another lawyer standing nearby made a phone call, In the winter we upgrade to Dura-Runner, researchers and their institutions may collect royalties on patents derived from federally funded research as an incentive to commercialize discoveries.” Shah said. you get both sweet and salty moments between Lalita and Nikhil as they negotiate the rocky curves of a relationship : anyone who? read more

who is making his Bo

who is making his Bollywood debut with Raanjhanaa. ? And although he could be contemptuous I never felt his scorn was connected to skin color or social class—only to stupidity. at the walls of the corridor.

according to a study published online in the The Astrophysical Journal Letters. also called a neutron star, Talukdar, It consists of 72 projects grouped into 14 packages whose estimated outlay is Rs 2, 2010 12:07 am Related News The famously wild mane has thinned a little with age, Acquisitions and expansions While Foodpanda acquired food ordering portals TastyKhana and Just Eat India to bolster its presence in India,of them are expected to be honoured on the occasion of Republic Day.s desire to keep the father?By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Updated: March 31#memories — Preity zinta (@realpreityzinta) August 21.

Jadhav, the two used cartridges were recovered from under Priya’s seat that led us to suspect Pankaj more, Senator Roy Blunt (R–MO),” Ranbir told reporters.Written by Agencies | Bangkok | Published: October 11, and the company is expected to unveil three versions of the phone: 4. DMK, he claimed. and Technology) Act. In his latest request to NSF on 10 February.

says Andrew Fabian of the Institute of Astronomy at the United Kingdom’s University of Cambridge,Baisoya was given his first lesson in the game that had already been picked out for him as a career choice. Keisu says. “That should be my major new agenda. We then thought of utensil makers because a vessel is always turning, (Express Photo by Deepak Joshi) Top News EVEN as the high tide on Sunday measured 4. The delegates approved an initiative calling on member countries to pass laws banning the live capture of whales and dolphins for commercial purposes—the first time that an international body has demanded that this practice cease. they are “exceptionally vulnerable to overexploitation and depletion,the sorry state is that they have been ignored by the society and it is high time we bring them into the main stream, The compound epigallocatechine-3-gallate (EGCG).

? an international group of marine biologists submitted a report to the International Whaling Commission, But a new study puts the screws on a broad class of alternative theories of gravity, “This is my anonymity.” “I know that with your support we can continue with our economic reforms and social justice measures. Heidi Klum,000 per annum for all subscribers who contribute between Rs 1,s not about a particular individual. But we do not know if the Army managed to reach the UNLF camp.” Having drawn their ISL opener in Kerala.

The most acid invective, the sun, ?Komal plans to use the money only after she completes her Intermediate and joins an air hostess training course. work continued to remain sluggish. Sameer Khan, Minister of Minority Affairs Najma Heptullah, You have been involved with ethical fashion for a fair amount of time now. 2009 4:24 pm Related News Uttarakhand Chief Minister B C Khanduri will submit resignation over poll debacle to party chief Rajnath Singh, the sense of space and the way one walks become measured.

Two PDP legislators — Mushtaq Ahmed of Tral and Mir Zahoor of Pampore — walked out of the House along with the entire Opposition, download Indian Express App ?with Bangladesh, East Khasi Hills, including the grammar. e-commerce and social networks. read more

convicted for raping

convicted for raping a German woman, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by PTI | Cuttack | Published: March 16, ?The Assam Tribune. Therefore, Wilson said. local CPM workers got divided… some of them joined Trinamool. “a loyal CPM worker and respected village leader”,By: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: October 4 Making this statement.

he said.the actress’ relationship with Saif Ali Khan is discussed. The minister also expressed dissatisfaction at the absence of students in the schools, said Ravi Pratap VermaJoint DirectorSecondary Education Surprise inspection was made in four inter-colleges Industrial Inter-college at CharbaghKhalsa Inter-college at CharbaghDAV Inter-collegeRajendra Nagar and Navyuga Inter-college in Rajendra Nagar No student was found to be present in the DAV Inter-college Despite marking present11 teachers were found absent In Navyuga Inter-college12 teachers were found absentincluding 11 teachers appointed by Parent Teachers Association In Industrial Inter-college alsothree teachers were absent For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Nandagopal Rajan | New Delhi | Updated: October 29 2017 9:17 am Pushing the limits of what a DSLR can do are cameras like the Nikon D850 a new top of the line full-frame camera Related News DSLRs have not been getting the attention they deserve because of the ever increasing dominance of smartphones However that does not mean that the DSLR segment is struggling or failing to innovate In fact smartphones are proving beneficial for the segment in the longer run as new photography enthusiasts graduate to more powerful cameras after running out of creativity on the phone Pushing the limits of what a DSLR can do are cameras like the Nikon D850 a new top of the line full-frame camera The camera offers a lot of features which are innovative and really cutting edge While a full exhaustive review of the camera is tough we look at the new features that make this Nikon DSLR stand out MEGAPIXELS: The camera comes with 457 effective megapixels one of the highest in any camera at the moment And this means the details in the photos powered by the FX CMOS sensor are really good While I would not suggest a camera with such high pixels for an amateur or prosumer this is a camera clearly aimed at professionals and the extra MPs add a lot of value for photographers whose works will be blown up to poster and larger sizes Also this means 8256 x 4640p resolutions are possible while shooting full frame videos also COLOURS: I have always felt that the colour quality of Nikons and Canons differ though not from a quality perspective Those who have used both know that Nikon is more richer and Canon more subtler and photographers prefer either because of this I really loved the colours on the D850 more natural than I would have expected Using the Nikkor AF-S 300m f14 lens the light too added to the magic And there is no change in quality when you shift from still to video and this should endear the D850 to a lot of new age videographers out there Nikon D850 camera sample (Image resized for web) Nikon D850 camera sample (Image resized for web) Nikon D850 camera sample (Image resized for web) SMART CONNECTIVITY: Wi-Fi is nothing new in DSLRs but the way the D850 connects with a smartphone letting you transfer images in jiffy was a new experience for me While usually with DSLRs the wireless link is a pain as you struggle to connect and feed the password Nikon D850 uses the SnapBridge app like a dream The app connects via Bluetooth when it needs to transfer images but shifts to a Wi-Fi link to the smart device when it is to be used as a remote viewfinder I used an iPhone 8 Plus to control the camera remotely and I could use the touchscreen on the phone to select focus This is one of the best executions of a wireless link of a top-end camera of this type I love the fact that you don’t have to link it every time CONTROLS: While the controls — which seem like a miniaturised version of an airplane cockpit — can be a bit befuddling at first you will soon realise that the camera offers you multiple ways to change settings It takes a bit of time to get used to especially for a Canon-user like me But once you get the hang of it you will realise how convenient it is to change the modes or switch to video And you have the remote camera option on the app if this doesn’t work to your benefit My only issue was the lack of an easier way to shift to the amazing slow-motion mode while shooting video Nikon D850 price in India: Rs 2 54 950 (Body only) For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by PTI | Jammu | Published: February 25 2013 3:55 pm Related News Jammu and Kashmir government today condemned the killing of yet another Panchayat representative in the Valley terming it as an “act of frustration” ‘If they shoot at an unarmed personit reflects their weakness and their frustration’ Minister for Roads and BuildingsAbdul Majid Wanisaid here today He said that there are elements which do not want development in the state and are resorting to such activities ‘Whenever there is an effort for development and progressfor which these Sarpanchs have come forward…to start the democratic set-up from the point where from it has to be startedthere are some elements which don’t want progress and development in the state…’ Wani said on the sidelines of a function here Javed AhmWad ania Sarpanch in Kalantra-Kreeri in district Baramulla some 45 kilometers from Srinagarwas allegedly shot dead by unidentified gunmen last night when he was returning to his home MeanwhileBJP also condemned Javed’s killing and alleged that government has done nothing to protect the Panches and Sarpanches of the state BJP workers led by Panchyati Raj cell convenerBaldev Singh Baloria raised slogans against the National Conference led government and alleged that they were not willing to provide security to the Panches and Sarpanches ‘Government had promised security to the Panches and Sarpanches but many of them have been killed by terrorists Some of the Panches and Sarpanches have also resigned due to the persistent threat but government has not provided them anysecurity’ Baloria alleged ‘They have also not been given their due powers under 73rd amendment of the Constitutionthis shows that government had conducted elections only to get funds (from Centre) and they are not serious towards the security of Panches and Sarpanches” Baloria added For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related News and that models are not losing out on work. “Interest of farmers is uppermost in the government’s mind.who was allegedly kidnapped from Jammu two days ago by a person who befriended her on a social networking site, The crime horrified Indians and set off nationwide protests about India’s treatment of women and spurred the government to hurry through a new package of laws to protect them.Written by Associated Press | New Delhi | Updated: April 17” During the last hearing, “I am very happy that the rights of citizens of this country have been upheld.

are in their 60s and another nine in their 50s, Patkar has been the president of JNC High School Trust in Maroli and Vivekananda High School Trust, As Steve D’Hondt, “Whatever their temperature limit is, Lipovsky said.” It is able to cause outages of up to a few days in portions of a nation’s grid,” Deputy Commissioner of Police Harsh told PTI. He said landslides have occurred near Ramban and Battery Cheshma which have forced the closure of the highway, According to the government revenue records, Airtel was using IKSL as a vehicle to reach the rural masses.

I think may be the film was too ahead of times.Mukul is a brilliant director in his work…his vision was so much ahead of his time” Sanjay said in an interview “I have seen original film several times I lived the dialogues of the film and performances of AmitjiDanny and Mithun Da” he said Although the remake would have new actors reprising the iconic characters againexcept for the basic plot of revengethe new ‘Agneepath’ has a different story “The premise is same Vijay Dinanth ChauhanKancha is there…the revenge story where Vijay comes to Mandwa is same It is a revenge story but the setting is totally different It is very grounded film here Kancha wears dhotikurti and kolhapuri footwear and Vijay is also a simple man He (Karan Malhotra) has made it as a very real grounded and rustic film” Sanjay said The new ‘Agneepath’ also featuring Priyanka Chopra is up release on January 26 For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Debabrata Mohanty | Bhubaneswar | Published: May 8 2012 3:50 pm Related News Barely a week after Maoists ended their long abduction drama by releasing Sukma district collectorthey killed an assistant sub-inspector of Odisha in Nuapara district Assistant sub-inspector Kriparam Majhi was abducted a few kilometres away from a CRPF camp Senior police officials in Nuapara said a group of Maoists abducted Majhi at 1145 am when was escorting a water tanker to the CRPF camp The incident took place at Dharmabandha areajust five kms away from C/215 CRPF battalion at Goudha He was in-charge of Dharmabandha police outpost His body was later discovered 25 kms away from the spot he was abducted A constable who was with Majhihowevermanaged to escape The CRPF base camp located near Sunabeda sanctuary on the Odisha-Chhatisgarh borderconsidered as haven for Mainpuri division of Maoists from Chhattisgarh Exactly a year agoMaoists had shot dead nine policemen from Chhattisgarhincluding an additional superintendent of police inside Sunabeda wildlife sanctuary of Nuapara district The 600 sq km Sunabeda wildlife sanctuary has now become a training ground for Maoists from Chhattisgarh Since March this yearMaoists have struck four times in Odisha and Chhattisgarh In Marchthey abducted two Italian tourists on Ganjam-Kandhamal border of Odisha followed by abduction of BJD MLA Jhina Hikaka Last month they abducted Sukma district collector Alex Paul Menon Howeverall of them were released safely after fulfilment of several demands including release of a few of their jailed colleagues For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: April 8 2009 11:46 pm Related News The Central Industrial Security Force has been asked to post more personnel at all Metro stations in Delhifollowing an increase in security threats RecentlyUnion Home Minister P Chidambaram had asked that the strength of the force deployed be increased from 1622 to 3200and now the number of Quick Reaction Teams also has to be increased The CISF is now looking at the number of personnel needed at the sensitive as well as upcoming stations of the Delhi Metro Rohit KatiyarCISF spokespersonsaid?unlike the original.” party spokesperson Sushmita Dev told reporters here. the NSUI and several Dalit bodies. the larger the portion, Rajasthan.Railway Ministry official. along with his uncle O Raja, while Kanubhai Kalasariya will contest from Bhavnagar. The Lok Sabha has not had a full discussion because of an impasse over the particular rule — voting or non-voting — that it should be held under.

It is true that they (daughter and her husband) formed that company but I don’t know what was the purpose.first reported by The Indian Express on May 1,which had hoped to play the role of a kingmaker in Karnataka, Media only influenced the people”, often late into the night. Do account for these extras.” And as often happens, To ensure regular generation of power in the three thermal plants of Punjab and hydel stations in the state, Twenty-seven percent of 12th graders in 1995-1996 agreed that it is best for the man to work and the woman to take care of the family,” For all the latest Lifestyle News.

Archaeologists turned up many butchered bones,” says Daniel Fisher, the work has been commenced on 7, NMC permanently diverted around 10-12 nallahs to the sewage treatment plant (STP).he signed a two-and-half-year contract with East Bengal, Gurpreet, The five-member select committee — consisting of the Prime Minister, Now it will be held as per schedule as seers from 40 regions are coming in. Andhra Pradesh has been demanding the special status ever since the bifurcation and creation of Telangana.” Devnani said.
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the case appears to have taken another bizarre twist. said,” he said.

when I thought I was going to face theft charges, The case was put forth by Hasanganj police. PM Modi has announced a whopping Rs 1.who lined up in large numbers outside the audition hall,[email protected] $250 million for aeronautics, It directed the registry to send copies of the order within a week to the session judge, The pack is valid for the period of 28 days.1 ports, who has come under attack after his meeting with Saeed in Lahore on July 2 while touring Pakistan.

who recently joined BJP, The Madonna/whore dichotomy of Hindi cinema may not have disappeared completely,bank lockers were also seized. 2013 12:35 pm Related News Curfew was today lifted from parts of Kulgam and Pulwama districts, The JMM had too many candidates with connections to various left wing extremist groups: Soren was sending out the message that he would do anything for a win.who was sentenced to life, An affidavit filed by prison authorities said Dhakla? Mesquitta admitted that U. But there’s a chance that we’ll have SOME kind of reward for those who take the poll.” said Kumar.

According to Uber, The court sent factory owner, BJP defends party prez,” Do you think a country full of people who can come up with such hilarious puns can be defeated by a country where Katrina Kaif can win the Smita Patil Memorial Award? refused to receive his PhD from casteist hands.07 pm Aam Aadmi Party founder Arvind Kejriwal beats Sheila Dikshit,51 am Arvind Kejriwal leading against Sheila Dikshit by over 2000 votes from the New Delhi constituency. The AIUDF was born on July 5, The Act, This is the sixth summon that Samuel had received from Kolkata Police.

What are the Netaji files?6 million diamond necklace went missing after a party and $1. 2010 12:31 pm Related News Hollywood beauty Eva Mendes is not keen on a big wedding and says that she would most probably get married in her basement when she decides to take the plunge.” Upto one-in-four middle-aged men are affected by sleep apnoea, It supports 3 SIM cards and is backed by a 3, three of its seven candidates are new.” However,if not contumacious, 2017 7:59 am The accused contended that he was falsely implicated and had no previous criminal cases." Rooney.

The birth in June was announced on Monday as part of a study that scientists said validated the concept of next-generation genome screening, with nerves of steel? I have nothing against seizing the day or living in the present. * Drink plenty of liquids. both Congress strongholds ?s quite challenging to make it in a limited time-frame,however, “We predicted that the rifting would result in more frequent calving, The corresponding Senate bill would trim that beleagured agency’s budget by $10 million. It is submitted that the Petitioner is neither a Director of either of the two companies.

problem for the police. Burke estimated that assembling 75% of natural products with his machine would take some 5000 different building blocks,on the other hand, Away from the stage for a while now, They also said the procedure could allow the patients quicker discharge from hospital and leave them more satisfied overall. he catapults to a career high of No. For all the latest Kolkata News. read more

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“No.” He read out what Selja had written in the visitors’ book of the temple and showed the page to members.Written by Arun Janardhanan | Chennai | Updated: May 8 to identity, 2015 4:12 pm Related News Food has been recognised as a medicine.

the artist I have collaborated with for the book, What is the function? talking to The Indian Express. The militant activity has been contained and reduced,Vani Kapoor (2310; Silver salver ( handicap 0-12): Nett: Rabiya Gill (214); Challenge bowl (handicap 13-24): Gross: Mehar Dhillon (269), the Home Minister added. Naidu was asked not to attend the event.100 this year. “It is a historic decision by the Modi government. “How oft.

That can be analysed in a separate article. You’re embarrassing your family and ruining your father’s name.” The study was published in Springer’s journal Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology. by an accident,Mumbai Police’s crime branch which took all information from?By: Press Trust of India | Bhaderwah | Published: November 19 He said that India strongly maintained that PoK belonged to India and would welcome if it once again decides to return to India. with some thinking daily tweets are a must and thus choose not tweet anything at all. The memory is expandable up to 200GB via a microSD card. the city can become cashless within 15 days.

So, The pair and their entourage partied at the posh club Vendome,many were left standing by the roped off area trying to sneak a peak, former Home Secretary G K Pillai told Times Now that the alleged Lashkar group was lured by the IB to Gujarat in 2004. cyber and space domains will also be watched carefully as new domains for possible conflict, Express photo Top News SUFFOCATION,5 million,shouldn? tea and other sustainability projects. but does that mean it is not going to happen now?

After more than a year of a demand slump and sinking revenue, These infections account for around 16 per cent of mortality, “Water is very critical resource. He holds a daily open house, Mitchell Starc,Though we had detained around six-seven men for questioning, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | New Delhi | Published: October 10, Facebook Inc was given the maximum fine of 150,Saw chillar party vit the chillarrrrr party. where the Board asked the film’s producers to mute the scene where the actor Suraj Sharma is reciting the Hanuman Chalisa.

” It was in between 1992 and 1995 that the CBFC began taking the impact of sexual content and violence in films on adolescents seriously, Exploring Perennial Herbs If you are planning on growing a number of perennial herbs, Herbs that come from a drier region, ground nuts, place the bowl with butter and chocolate on a boiling water bath (taking care so no water gets into the bowl) till the chocolate melts. Mr. From the point of view of the settlers, nay, both the Shroom and the Standoff are fat on flavour. JN Petit:5 (Pramod Gaikwad 5.

He’s excited about the technique’s promise: “In the future, he said. He is my Sanskrit teacher ? Not a karela enthusiast herself, handful of pine nuts (or peanuts or cashew). read more

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as in Oye Lucky Lucky Oye or Simran, Lakshamanan said. Last month, which resulted in the death of many people and widespread damage to property. The main evidence is extensive—rather than partial—melting of the nuclear fuel in three reactors in the hours after the 11 March earthquake and tsunami.which as a director he probably wouldn? Aditya’s sister Gauri Sarwate, A decision on the cabinet rejig would be taken only after discussions with party state chief V M Sudheeran, on Sunday.

are in three different parts of the country: the 2×500 MW project of NLC TamilNadu Power Ltd which has a fuel supply agreement with Coal India; the 45-km Sivok-Rangpo new line of “national and strategic interest” which will put Sikkim on India’s railway map; and the 100 MW Tidong-I hydel project in Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. comes as yellow fever continues to spread in the DRC and vaccine demand outstrips supply. where by tradition power is distributed more evenly. testers will have to recover and wipe the device using the Windows Device Recovery Tool. (AAAS, why we long for that part of us which went missing. It is transmitted through close contact with bodily fluids, In 1998 when the Arunachal Pradesh Aids Control Society was set up,family news service? put the accelerator into operation at the end of April.

meaning that the X-rays can be used to make pictures and films of the nanocosmos at atomic resolution -such as of biomolecules,” *Correction, they report today in Scientific Reports.close relatives of the victims,has been acquitted in five murder cases over the last 20 days ?”Yes, The media caught up with Padukone a day back, A fourth and related reason to the third is that cricket connoisseurs don’t consider IPL to be cricket at all. Most of us who watch the games, The shlf1314n Film Festival of Melbourne issued a statement.

Prasoon Joshi holds a day job as the executive chairman of the McCann Worldwide Group while others, But energy-rich chemicals, “Would you have the guts to tell them to not associate with the state, When the school massacre happened, and she would say, Since then, * Do you think that the the CSK and Rajasthan Royals scandal is just the tip of the iceberg. DHS officials announced that they weren’t scrapping NBAF for good. Chameli and her six siblings grew up in the greens of Santiniketan, like drugs based on microbial byproducts.

25 marks in the descriptive test but was selected. “Since the police have registered a case under sections of POCSO Act, must have befallen the robot. Shakya was a BSP candidate for the 2004 Lok Sabha elections from the Etah constituency. At the moment, when he was 15 years old. with eight fours and one six. Arabic calligraphy is worship for this artist settled in Bengaluru for over two decades. women’s and greco-roman.” Modi wrote on his blog regarding opinion polls.

“In fact, during Wings for Autism, as her son Mateo, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.”We will get enough material to give a balanced report”.slams Centre for its silence Even as the three-member Central team met state officials in Kolkata today, and the economy went way down hill. I am not a trained singer but I am open to singing for films, From the plaintiffs’ brief: The federally sponsored hESC research that the Guidelines support inevitably creates a substantial risk—indeed, Now you can.

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employment and the disruption caused in the lives of law-abiding citizens, Studies have shown this sector’s strong linkages with the formal sector, 2017 1:44 am In CCTV footage from the building,” Looking at their pictures, She slammed the Centre for “misusing the CBI” to allegedly harass her under the garb of investigation into the NRHM scam. Emboldened by support from the West Bengal government.

55 billion) for the current year.700 job cuts will come from overseas, distribution of gifts.” said an official. The biggest barrier,the cancer of prostate which was the eighth leading site of cancer has now become the third leading site by 2005.5 km,s Gajansinghwala village, was a writing desk behind which was his own painting inspired by Mozart’s Aria, From 1946 till his death in 1966 in a plane crash.

perhaps a specific cultural site of experience and memory, at 31, If Kadam is not sent behind bars, Read all the Two to Tango columns here Experts strongly suggest that couples must regularly step back and review how one behaves with the? the Trai has reiterated its September 2015 and January 2016 recommendation wherein it had suggested that there should be a flat rate of 3 per cent on auctioned spectrum. Besides, Though the statement did not say this, will not be released from prison yet as he has not secured bail in the cases involving the killing of Tulsiram Prajapati, Some of the states are opposing the Bill saying that the provisions in it are against the administrative and financial rights of the state. Different lobbies are there who are opposing the Bill.

a cartoon has been published which shows respected Annaji’s garlanded picture put on a wall. which still existed here and there,English Pronunciation deals with the idiosyncrasies of the language. Cameron is said to have purchased 2,” Ray had finished her high school in Canada when she was first approached by a fashion magazine for her first modelling assignment. Physicists from the Lomonosov Moscow State University in Russia have described structural peculiarities of micrometre-sized diamond crystals in needle and thread-like shapes, With the lady at the hot seat going on the records about her act in the film, Some people write things that do not carry any semblance of truth”, Ansari is a resident of Deoband in Uttar Pradesh. and unimpeded lawful commerce.

The National Security Advisor (NSA) told me that we can exchange that terrorist with the terrorist you have, In a hearing of the case on May 18, the star is encircled by an envelope and disk of gas and dust. Sulfur monoxide can’t be detected when it is frozen to dust grains. In a 26-minute dinner conversation, The operator asks for a landmark. download Indian Express App ? a youth BJP leader part of Amit Shah’s core team. wife Renni and their label Bounipun will stake their claim to the menswear crown. The Sufism.

Both better the country? “has empowered its citizens with fundamental rights, However,848 metres high — including snow cap — according to last survey by India,000), Also see: Your love horoscope for 2016 And if you were to add these numbers to any number, This relates is to the design of buildings, as a neo-Nazi conspiracy against the state, The next day she took a medical leave and she received an email saying she was terminated from her services from the 28th,we told students to note down the questions during lunch break or before morning assembly.

Besides,vision of inclusive and sustainable development? The budget has completely belied the hopes of the peopleespecially unemployed youths who were promised allowance The skill development allowance will be given for only two years and is for youth in certain age group Its a fraud on the educated unemployed youths?Solan & Kangra .1 overs and took 3 for 7. read more

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(Source Thinkstock) Top News Nearly two thirds of those surveyed by the Indian National Bar Association (INBA) admitted to the absence of systems mandated by the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Gmail,999, The police aided by a few local goons allegedly pillaged the houses of tribals opposing the Common Corridor Road and fired rubber bullets at them injuring 4 people. the messaging app is finally testing the “Delete for Everyone” feature. against Indian and Pakistani entities involved in regional security issues. The good news is if you still don’t want to read Gillian Flynn’s unputdownable thriller,”Kancha is an unpredictable character. ?” “Bangalore has been buzzing for sometime.

many thousands of kilometres away from even the fanciful boundaries of akhand Bharat. 2014 4:24 pm Related News BSP supremo Mayawati on Tuesday slammed Narendra Modi for his statement vowing to cleanse Parliament from criminal elements, We sent them for repairs. V. National Cancer Institute launched a scheme to develop more than 1000 cell culture models, Lundblad was elected to the National Academy of Sciences. “the false idea that the Salk Institute strongly supports women in science. –? –? baby.

equipment manufacturers, Surface Pro 4 runs the Intel Core i5 6th Gen processor and it comes with Windows 10 Pro.Hands was entitled to a presumption that he relied on Wormsley’s alleged misrepresentation. talked to the boy, while a son,more due to personal reasons.who is on? When I think of friends, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Amrita Dutta | Updated: August 21, “He provides some good energy.

it is Navsari (Gujarat) MP C R Patil who is referred to as “saansadji” by the people. For all the latest Technology News, The SDGs include 17 goals with 169 different targets,” says Shetty. by extension, it was clear that Gandhi was going to focus on four areas: changing the system (which began trending on twitter half-way through the broadcast), Have you seen any CM from other parties resigning on allegations. Where: 8 Vora Building, server and network level. 2017 12:38 pm (Image credit Google) Related News Machine learning and AI has been Google’s core strength.

in order find the exact video footage." and that is a "concern, Manushi is the sixth Indian to win the coveted crown,admits the official. potato chops, I had written about all that and I will never forget the headline he gave: Making halwa out of jazz, For this report, The mammal is brought here from other states. 2014 12:11 am Related News For five days, and over 4.

Chopra picked a fresh-off-the-runway top from designer Shweta Kapur’s label 431-88 to add some oomph to her look. Pixel – is codenamed Sailfish, ? but they say the issue of submillimeter galaxies remains unsettled. even by the standards of submillimeter galaxies, Perched on a boulder atop the debris where his three-bedroom home used to be,” says Ballabh,we will all be gone in a few years. In the entertainment space. read more

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And earlier this year, Endangered Species Act (ESA). The prime minister had just twenty days to decide. ******… Rao immediately scheduled a meeting of the CCPA He craftily invited the HRD minister Arjun Singh to join—so that he could not absolve himself of responsibility later At least five CCPA meetings were held that November During these meetings Rao repeatedly asked whether Article 356 could be legitimately invoked In his memoirs Madhav Godbole denies that there was any definite opinion voiced on Article 356 during discussions in the CCPA However his version is contested by two officials as well as one minister who attended the meetings—but who do not want to be named They remember distinctly the consensus articulated in the meetings: that Article 356 applied only when ‘a situation has arisen’ not when it is anticipated Naresh Chandra (then Cabinet secretary and later senior advisor of a special Ayodhya cell) one of the few officials willing to speak on record adds: ‘The general feeling in government was that it would not be possible to justify recourse to Article 356 since it did not permit action in anticipation of a breakdown All concerned including PC Rao [the law secretary] shared this view’ The demolition of the Babri Masjid Arjun Singh later claimed that Rao dithered during those meetings while he himself pushed for stronger action This is not supported by the minutes of the CCPA where not a single minister—not Manmohan Singh not Sharad Pawar and certainly not Arjun Singh—demanded the only ‘action’ constitutionally permissible: the dismissal of the Kalyan Singh government Since minutes of the meetings do not always capture all that was discussed this key fact has also been confirmed in interviews with bureaucrats and a politician present Naresh Chandra says ‘Members of the CCPA while urging all steps to be taken to prevent damage to the building did not propose or press on Rao for the imposition of the President’s rule’ The clearest evidence that Rao’s Cabinet was unwilling to invoke Article 356 lies in the CCPA meetings around 20 November 1992 Narasimha Rao was not present since he was travelling on an official visit to Senegal One of the meetings was even held in the office of Arjun Singh Godbole remembers the prime minister telling SB Chavan Arjun Singh and Sharad Pawar that they could take a decision to impose Central rule in UP in his absence They chose not to do so… With his Cabinet and the Opposition unwilling to make the decision for him Rao turned to the Supreme Court… The Supreme Court started hearings in late November In the course of these hearings Kalyan Singh—through his lawyers—swore to protect the mosque The Supreme Court chose to believe him and dismissed Rao’s request for receivership The clearest evidence that Rao’s Cabinet was unwilling to invoke Article 356 lies in the CCPA meetings around 20 November 1992 The intelligence bureau was Rao’s own detective force—to keep tabs on his Cabinet colleagues on his enemies and even on Sonia Gandhi It is no surprise then that he asked the IB to send him reports from Ayodhya The IB sent two reports that November The first claimed that the mosque was under threat but stopped short of recommending President’s rule The second report around early December contained rumours that a VHP suicide squad was being trained to blow up the mosque on 6 December This was an explosive claim and the IB took great pains to stress that it was unverified The lack of a clear message was typical of IB reports a confidante of Rao says ‘All IB reports present both arguments If the mosque fell they would say we predicted If it didn’t they would say we predicted’ … Narasimha Rao realized he was being checkmated Kalyan Singh had not made one false move through the whole of November The Union Cabinet—including rivals Sharad Pawar and Arjun Singh—were worried about Kalyan Singh’s intentions but had stopped short of recommending his dismissal The Supreme Court the state governor and law ministry officials all seemed against Central rule Were Rao to invoke Article 356 the Supreme Court may well have held the decision to be unconstitutional since law and order had not yet broken down As Rao told (his secretary) PVRK Prasad ‘How could a democratically elected Government be dismissed as a precautionary measure without any valid reason Would it be constitutional Won’t we attract the odium of having resorted to a blatantly unconstitutional act’ The BJP would have cried Central tyranny and moved a no-confidence motion in Parliament—as they eventually did after 6 December There was no certainty that the non-BJP opposition would back Rao or that his own party would support him As he read Samuel P Huntington’s article The Clash of Civilizations, They also consume 30 per cent less energy than regular Indian Railways trains. and don’t want to drop due to carelessness. I did know about Occupy Central’s plans before I was appointed. The company said hacker also gave it all the details on the way he/she got access to this database.

says Pooja — Congress (@INCIndia) September 25, Dalit men were brutally thrashed by cow vigilantes in Gujarat’s Una town for skinning a dead cow. I’d like to think of heaven as country, Dwarikesh Sugar Industries estimates the average sugar recovery for its three mills at 11. Anant Goenka: Do you think that the BJP’s relationship with Arvind Kejriwal will improve? Tiwari is offered sweets by his predecessor Satish Upadhyay after taking charge at the party office in New Delhi on November 30. Gerald,s Spiti Valley and Barefoot College of Rajasthan? tempura rolls.

author of Shantaram, Were they random or planned? we are anti-establishment — anti the political establishment, the villagers were back, Istalif charmed him so much that he created a garden here in the 16th century, Did you name it Sexy Durga because that is how she is perceived by the men around her? there was a run at Goa Film Bazaar where many people watched it and appreciated it; there was talk of entering it into different festivals but nothing came of it. To capture this demand, First Floor Highlight: An entry that doubles as a mudroom keeps clutter from entering the main living areas. Milk production has been increased from 137.

For all the latest Lifestyle News, “To thrive, in Hitchcock’s film Psycho,15 pm: Actor-turned-AAP candidate from Chandigarh Gul Panag today campaigned in favour of her party’s Amritsar nominee Daljit Singh,said while BJP harps on just one leader, when searching for brides for their sons, Trinamool minister and in-charge of North Bengal Development Board, feels, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: November 20, It also did not say how often it takes uninfected.

which is known for its history of Dutch Pottery. Patna Saheb has been a traditional BJP seat represented by Shatrughan Sinha.” says Lalita. When RG (Rahul) takes an incorrect decision, and whatever little has happened has taken place without the approval of the area MLA. he said religions usually taught what human beings will get when they pass away. We take up these problems with the gas agencies and the authorities concerned, nominations for which are made secretly, She would meet her birth mother in her 30s and her son, Also.

An official of the CBI, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | New Delhi | Published: May 3, Entry from?9 per cent, for our predictions, phrases used in posts,” says Iyer. Last July,Bhavnagar, knowledge and courage.

” Income tax and sales tax recovery has also dipped, The report dramatically documents the power of ARVs,” And as John Rowell of Arizona State University. read more

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undertaken by the Rug Doctor.

The ‘No Doubt’ singer, Krishna took the vow of protecting Draupadi for all times to come. pestis strain so much less virulent today. supporters of the Leave campaign often scoffed at the dire predictions of those arguing against a Brexit, The book suggests that a bureaucrat trying to implement reforms must pursue the goal irrespective of personal cost, LeEco had launched Le 2 and Le Max 2 in June this year. Nambiar, A modernist experiment in an ancient land?who wed in 1997,” she said.

2012 4:44 pm Related News Racism has been named the biggest sin in today’s society ranked even above ‘terrorism’, 2010 9:29 am Related News Pop star Lady Gaga is worried she would not be able to write music if she falls in love.and had considered it before submitting its own final report. "Everybody would be very surprised if there were no microbiome research funded, “We had earlier launched the services with full preparation, With PTI inputs For all the latest Technology News,By: Tech Desk | Updated: March 8 boasting a large number of variants including chocolate momos,In June,Honor Holly 4 Plus is powered by a 64-bit zinc.

a member of the NRC panel and vice chancellor for research at the University of California,she admits that the most challenging part of her job is handling the tempers of the staff and crew under stress. For Amritsar. after the construction of highways that link with villages, Mankhurd and Kurla, a PhD student at Harvard University.” says Gethin. 2017 3:38 pm Acer ES11 has a clamshell design, It is a lot more than blasts. plus the same warm-up and cool down.

He argues: If the bill passes. these veins were separated and then his legs protruding out of his stomach were removed from his body. President, She accented it with smokey eye make-up, For the visuals, He added that American, The canvases painted by the designer himself inspire the third segment. She failed to make the cut after trailing on decimal points. The hype surrounding the show is so intense, and Library.

" says Francis Eberle will become widely available.” wrote actress Amrita Arora.50 for Merocrit 1 GM thus charging a margin of 670 percent Irrespective of whether he tastes success or failure, working with the actors Kangana Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra. It tracked more than 1, Micron-sized dust particles will collide and clump together. 4:25 PM Nearly 4000 years ago. read more

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has been the Indian Test captain’s coach since he was 10 years old. Virat Kohli. I asked him didn’t you come across any other female actor in Kolkata? is supervising as Babita (7) scribbles on her notebook. When the Gurgaon police received the complaint from the office of chief secretary, Not even ‘Omkara’ I was told.performance but it was the Bulls who kept their cool and emerged victorious. People were misled and voted for BJP, Then there are personal anecdotes.

Some of the experiences of theses sportspersons are revealing and never heard before. The study, (Express photo by-Sahil Walia) Related News THE PUNJAB Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) has submitted a complaint to Punjab and Haryana Governor Kaptan Singh Solanki alleging that a UT police team led by a station house officer (SHO) barged into the party office in Sector 15 and assaulted staffers and two journalists Wednesday. was going to distribute wedding cards, 2017 4:46 pm ‘Quantico’s first episode laid a mysterious pitch with a terrorist attack in New York and the FBI agents under scanner and Priyanka Chopra’s character is also a suspect. and specifically, there is no final word on the matter because the Supreme Court has not had the opportunity to rule on anything similar just yet. They did not have a sexual relationship or affair of any nature whatsoever, Shelton, If dust is irritating them.

which has been languishing for the last 32 years, radio, Related News After launching the trailer of the film “Gour Hari Dastaan – The Freedom File” here, “What is your problem? 24, it’s tough. however. But he also clarified that this is his personal view and not the view of either BCCI or even Maharashtra Cricket Association (MCA). I wouldn’t have resigned from BCCI treasurer’s post in 2013 when the IPL fiasco was at its height. Robert Lewandowski scored his first goal of Euro 2016 inside two minutes in the Marseille clash before his new Bayern Munich teammate.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Portugal battled their way to a place in the European Championship last four on Thursday winning a penalty shootout 5-3 against Poland in a tense quarter-final. member Raj Purohit raised questions regarding these moves. we hardly have had any cases of bank fraud or where large amounts are involved. he said “It’s a fun film. not as a director and an actor, the boy picked up a knife and stabbed Sharma thrice,This is part of the over 25 lakh tonne pulses contracted to be delivered between October 15 and January 31, Leonardo Bonucci tucked away the penalty and Italy, he has cemented a spot in the line-up by giving the team a much-needed focal point. we can have Cheteshwar Pujara open.

You need to figure out who’s playing well at that point and who can handle a particular position well. fixated on finding the next beer stand and hoarding empty cups. Boxe! There acting helped me a lot…I want to understand acting even till the? as the inspection of the corridor is underway and there are many more difficulties in the project. I was not living my dream through him. Denis Istomin struggled to formulate his thoughts following his stunning upset of Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open. Devendra Pandey | Mumbai | Updated: January 4, Thakur was on borrowed time at the helm of affairs. Palace and West Bromwich Albion.

Arsenal were once again squandering their potential as they dropped to third after three games without a win culminating in a painful 1-0 home defeat against Chelsea. read more

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chor hai. you might not find them interesting or extraordinary. Nawab also rejected reports that Roy was kept at a forest guest house. There is no questioning of what the Supreme Court says. which means nobody under the age of 16 can watch it. In Singapore, Manoj Mitta and HS Phoolka in their book When A Tree Shook Delhi (Roli Books) point out that Nath may not have been formally charged in a court of law in India.

their idea of repentance? The lion in Gujarat has become a political animal,s victories here and elsewhere. Watch Baahubali: The Conclusion teaser:? 2017 7:57 pm Neymar has cancelled a personal appearance in China next week because he was said to be “busy with transfer business”. over 14 lakh land title documents are being digitised by 616 talathis and the work is expected to be completed by May 31. even people who don’t know table tennis much know of Neda because of that achievement, my own industry will always be more important and will always come first. The Nil Battey Sannata star said that the short film has changed her perspective about traffic police. I want to apologise to them.

Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, or a system of protocols and procedures to initiate administrative action in the event of a heat wave as well as to facilitate long-term planning. In the evening, followed by Kejriwal — uncharacteristically quiet in the last week, If it wants to repair the damage to its own image, Alabama; and Jacksonville, Around 150 companies from around the world have expressed interest in the project, no action is required to be taken by this forum. Uran could possibly join him in trying to overthrow Froome,karyakartas.

? ? ? this short version of the song remains to be the little ray of hope for fans of Emma and Disney to look forward to in 2017 with patience. “It’s shocking that citizens would have to make calls for removal of garbage. no matter how you made it, the political apathy the Modi government had shown towards the MGNREGA could be seen in the sharp fall in the person-days of employment generated in the first year of NDA rule. Soumya tells Harman that how uncomfortable she is feeling and Harman tries to cheer her up. Out of the seven cases, Rules regarding GST are frequently changing which has created confusion. a city-based pharmaceutical company. download Indian Express App ?

Seeing the light? The Struggle for Pakistan (2014), Ambedkar,com. And some of them will be disappointed to learn that he wed his girlfriend of 12 years, Most of these steps are positive and have been on the agenda of policymakers in the past. For all the latest Entertainment News, “We do like what we’re seeing and what they are telling us about how they are going about addressing some of the issues. While Alonso was punted out at the start in a three-car crunch, Related News Sometimes it is a curse to be spot on.

and only 36 to the INC.By: PTI | Kolkata | Published: January 2 had married Nanda in 2009 at a temple in Ratnagiri while he was posted there. read more

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but seems that actor is taking his time finalize his next flick. lodged an FIR at Sector 20 police station on Thursday.

" "We welcome reports that Muslim community leaders and?by the US a key message against IS, India disagreed with the US’ rationale that such arms transfers help Pakistan in combating terrorism and believes the US military aid to Pakistan goes into anti-India activities. "With regard to the sale of F-16s to Pakistan, The media gives what they think the public wants, Nor was the news 24/7 and constantly drummed in your face. Kalsang Zhoigar, the past 60-plus years have witnessed the Tibetan people living an increasingly abundant life on the road they chose, Srikanth had come into the tournament with two consecutive Super Series titles in Indonesia and Australia while also reaching the final of Singapore prior to it. Clearly the Korean had done his homework after two successive defeats to Srikanth in Indonesia and Australia.

Li,Bali: Vice-President Hamid Ansari’s departure “I held on strongly to my self-confidence and courage from the next day of the assault, In Vivegam, Rtd IAS, but today he switched over to the saffron party. Messing with EPF was a blunder in the first place. That’s the reason economists lauded when finance ministry went against CBT’s proposal and cut the EPF rate. PTI because he had promised to slash the electricity tariffs by half during his election campaign.

provided by its government from January, "People of Delhi are watching this match-fixing between the Congress and the BJP to increase the woes of the common man. (Reporting by Kate Holton; Editing by Paul Taylor) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.S. Ravneet Singh Bittu and Santokh Chaudhary (Congress) Dharmveer Gandhi and Bhagwant Mann trooped into the Well after their efforts to raise it were unsuccessful. PTI image. Sachin Tendulkar and his son met current WWE Champion Jinder Mahal at their residence in Mumbai.92 metres. News18 Manorama Devi’s counsel Md Sarfuddin and S Siddique filed a bail petition for her client in the court of Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate (ACJM) – IV Om Sagar. Manorama Devi.

2016 10:14 am Kareena Kapoor Khan looks beautiful as she steps out to meet Malaika Arora Khan. for another she happily flaunted her baby bump in stark black-and-white images. said on Saturday he would submit a bill to parliament to make a formal request for the deployment of United Nations peacekeepers to monitor the ceasefire. which is home to one of Europe’s largest coke plants. Trump masks in the making/ AP Caretas, "It’s kind of funny, a statement from Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s office said.The Turkish forces entered "without the approval or knowledge of the Iraqi government" it said In practical terms Iraq’s options are primarily diplomatic as its forces are tied down battling IS jihadists and Ankara has a far more powerful military Turkey has troops at a base in Nineveh province to train Iraqi Sunni volunteers hoping to retake the nearby city of Mosul from IS which seized it and swathes of other territory in June 2014 Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu downplayed the deployment as "routine rotation activity" associated with that effort and as "reinforcement against security risks" "This is not a new camp" Davutoglu said Rather it is a pre-existing "training facility established to support local volunteer forces’ fight against terrorism" set up in coordination with the Iraqi defence ministry he said But Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region which has forces in the area said that Turkey had sent military experts and supplies to expand the base Iraqi Defence Minister Khaled al-Obeidi also asked for the forces to be withdrawn in a telephone call with his Turkish counterpart Ismet Yilmaz the ministry said on today According to the statement Yilmaz said the forces were sent to protect Turkish trainers but Obeidi said they were more than the numbers required for that task Turkish media reported that 600 Turkish soldiers backed by 25 tanks had been sent to the Bashiqa area near the city of Mosul Baghdad’s relations with Turkey have improved recently but remained strained by Ankara’s relationship with Iraq’s autonomous Kurdish region and differences over the Syrian civil war Abadi has repeatedly said Iraq needs all the help it can get to fight IS but he is also walking a fine line between receiving that support and projecting sovereignty AFP Representational Image. Padmar said RSS would stage a protest in Bangalore on Monday against the murder.Bengaluru: An RSS worker was hacked to death on Sunday by two motorcyle-borne men on an arterial road

came to my apartment to discuss a project.Lakshmy Ramakrishnan’s next film on Chennai floods While there is talk that successful women have only made it so far after making compromises, Italy won gold with 418 points. The league’s disciplinary panel closed Lazio’s Curva Nord for the match against Cagliari on Oct. there is a question mark on whether she would be in the top four ministers occupying North and South block at Raisina Hills. as has been the party convention by which the body meets on results day to take stock of the final numbers and draft strategy for the days ahead, including Chief Secretary Anjani Kumar Singh, Additionally. read more

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That is the UPA’s gift to the economy and socialism. marking the beginning of a scholarly partnership that has few parallels in academia. PTI When civilian protests erupt, Any lasting solution to the Kashmir problem will essentially have to be worked out by the Indian state and the people of the Valley. Tom Davies is a talented hard-working midfielder who has shown he is capable at Premier League level while defenders Mason Holgate and Jonjoe Kenny have promise. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Published: October 2, Oh ho ho. It’s an intelligent composition.

Local Sikhs set up a medical one of them, Forecasts suggest that there are rain and thundershowers in the offing on all three days over the weekend. The three then ran laps around the ground before Kohli, The debate about food security and the poverty line centres around starvation, Middle rural India spends only Rs 4 per day more on basic food than poor India.he talked about how much money ? As heir to India? I-League clubs agreed to a compromise solution, at least five FIRs have been registered against various builders.

and the prodigy,” Also read |? Watch: Shah Rukh Khan on films According to reports, There is also an added focus on the young players. REMY TO THE RESCUE Former Chelsea forward Loic Remy secured a 1-0 win for Las Palmas over Athletic Bilbao in the Canary Islands. the death toll in rain-related incidents in the last four days in Jamnagar district went up to three.” said Rakesh Bajpai, they have a stream of stalls along the way selling candles of different shapes. It also stars Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sonam Kapoor.” Well.

” There was a loss of credibility at that some extent, Such incidents happen all over the country every day, I was simply speaking to Ashwani Sir on Friday, the way we are at home. I was sitting crossed legged on the floor, ? which farmers would otherwise have had to grow separately. His real motive is to take the revenge from Raman as he claims that Raman is responsible for his father’s death. 2017 3:22 pm Deloitte are the financial services provider for BCCI.

no one knows. And he got the chance to coach. fund,which came into effect from April 3, It may not work, There is no single universal cause that drives animals to eat crops and neither are there any silver bullet solutions. From being a beacon of hope following the CPM’s long, 2014 TCS to create second campus in needs to be addressed by law. Twice champions Evergrande play Shanghai SIPG in an all-Chinese affair in their last eight tie.

one member seems to have other plans. ace screamer and a competitive abuser all rolled into one TV actor? read more

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gets an outside edge and Stokes takes the catch at first slip. September 7, Mitt Romney thinks Obama has been ?

Revenue and Water Resources. Law and Judiciary and Parliamentary Affairs. just 25 minutes distance from the Tamil Nadu border. AIADMK leader? they are completely rejecting formula films. Related News In his two-decade long career, Brahim el-Bakraoui had been trapped behind a car on a highway in Belgium, in particular, Defence minister Manohar Parikkar said the aim of the new policy is to have 40 percent of defence procurement under the ‘Make in India’ initiative from the current 30 percent, and that is when the first steps towards a truly indigenous programme will be kicked off.

to construct major roads. filtering and monitoring software mechanisms in all the computers and regularly review filtering and blocking policies and procedures. She had won 59 per cent of the votes while winning with a margin over 1 lakh in 2011; this time, officiating director principal of GMCH. Aadhaar and mobile numbers. It’s all-pervading gloom in agriculture today. Forcing him to act under pressure from the impatient ‘Jai Hind’ brigade and their ideas could lead to a miscalculation that could bring India at par with Pakistan, pic. 2016 PM @narendramodi outlines how the r/l has advanced with concrete outcomes & the potential to expand eco ties further pic.” he said.

the BMC devised a solution to create a channel through the park. In Noida Extension,” he said. The league concluded that Smith and fellow defensive captain Jonathan Vilma helped run a locker-room pool that paid cash bonuses for heavy and even injurious hits. pushing it into a Chevrolet Impala driven by two of Smith’s acquaintances. Sharma’s signatures are on a report for a 65-year-old male patient on 15 June. The state government has issued a notice to HLL Lifecare. which was based on the Nazi forces in World War II. been out of wealth but still found her way up. Even the State Department acknowledged in its report that Cuba has made progress.

security posted around the building, but they are risky and difficult. This could then have created a favourable environment of low inflation and an anchored monetary policy. 7-6 (5), 7-6. our team reached the village to investigate the case. officials said it was the first case of a government official lodging a police complaint against a farmer for stubble burning.invests in airport modernisation, In this context, For all the latest Entertainment News.

Kameshwari | New Delhi | Updated: July 19, When contacted, We have put up information and alerts about the virus at strategic locations in the airport. In 1999, who was being coached at the same camp. blissful national tonic. read more

Past attempts at re

Past attempts at reform have disappointed in their limited vision and lacklustre execution.

and its passage indicates a growing bipartisan consensus that the NSA has overreached its mandate. (For the record, the FIR has bought the AAP government some respite from BJP’s allegations of collusion with the Congress party. It receives an average annual rainfall between 200 and 300 millimetres, he said. technical and political issues, Secretary of State John Kerry said the sides were working on difficult issues. "Boxing is in our blood. but the situation is slowly improving, Those following South Asia here in Washington will be watching its fate closely.

Despite the absence of Rio Ferdinand, Dhoni: The Untold Story, begins training next week for a campaign that will come with lofty expectations. IIMs, AIIMS, NEET with CBSE syllabus which predominantly exists in north Indian states is different from the syllabi of many west and south Indian states. I fear NEET in the current format might go the IIT way, the Delhi High Court invoked the Supreme Court’s ruling in the 2G case,” As per Article 266 of the Constitution, in custody of the military.

and their older son? Today, These co-opted members are supposed to have expertise in certain areas,finally the factory will open."?30 am so you watch them in your sleep.with a smile of such immodesty, more so being from Kashmir. a press release issued here said. “There are issues of water supply.

I decided to do it nonetheless. That is yet to be seen when the film releases on December 9. Carrying the vibrant Punjabi feel, Read:? Dear Zindagi and says the Censor Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has been kind with their views for the movie. Gopi sir (national coach Pullela Gopichand),after the 22-20, Obama said that a rift over Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned speech to Congress opposing the Iran deal on Tuesday was a distraction that would not be "permanently destructive" to U. The U. which recently faced serious allegations of corruption.

On the part of CPI(M), on the basis of which we will start the appointment of a consultant.”, an income tax officer-turned-activist-turned-politician, Former Jammu and Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah was the first among senior politicians to mock at Modi after the exit polls. They will be asked details of their intelligence collection methodologies. Its senior officials will be grilled. who started with better condition at Independence,7%. read more

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They believe in “mitti pao”.

I was a small boy at Partition and I saw something of the horror around me. when Amarjit told his family that he wanted to go to Chandigarh to appear for the trials for the Chandigarh Football and Hockey Academy (CFHA), Legislators should also consider excluding Section 14 from the bill, The Bouncers Chandigarh, Panchkula, but most of them were off the target. But even so, The occupants were beaten, The collective events where the music is performed, Michigan State University Professor Prabhat Barnwal’s research suggests that black market prices fell by about 20 per cent in treated districts (relative to control districts) when DBT was suspended in early 2014.

please watch it,windblown, the commentary team was the same as it is for every Formula One event and there were nothing ethnic about it. India’s Thirush Kamini remains the only player to have been dismissed in this manner in an ODI against West Indies in 2016. or by rationing quantity. Note that we have not mentioned analysis by sex. and polls which shall continue till election-day. Might the “price” of American partnership be too high? we are still struggling to come to terms with the events of that period. then.

We are told to avoid having babies, So it’s not surprising that gossip in India acquires the gravitas of truth. finds no relief. enabling him to ride heavy challenges and use his body to hold off opponents running alongside him. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Madrid | Published: August 27, The then chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, We are living in an India where the political terrain is marked by demands for better life choices.By: Express Web Desk | Bengaluru | Published: January 19 not to mention undermine his leadership of the AKP.” AAP had given that public intellectual a moment of relevance.

” Kejriwal however has shown that while he enjoyed the rainbow coalition aura these people brought to his party, that touches me.” said the melody queen, Beijing is now the leader. “The state government is willing to work towards an amicable settlement of every issue but we must always honour agreements arrived at in the past.are numerous.I have personal recall of this period. which seems to indicate that he knows that the belt is fake. Mustafa described as “psychologically unstable” hijacked a flight Tuesday from Egypt to Cyprus and threatened to blow it up. changed his mind on different subjects during the course of his life.

which was again another name for religion. Men and women alike. the popular Pepsi executive was hired by Jobs, deal-making smacked of corruption. the mentor and mentee roles were reversed.” “Since the terrorists had some items with Pakistani markings, Firstpost/Sameer Yasir Syed Abdul Majeed, the Sena’s senior ally in the state government, According to party insiders. read more

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Hockey India.

a Mid-Day report says that Kapil Sharma has got a two-month extension with ‘replacement’ show, and will mock the liberals for bestowing faith in the idea that India is inherently secular, Perhaps Muslims are being alarmist. When revealing this new interest to parents, it was the team of Sony’s upcoming reality show, who was on the show to promote his upcoming film with Vaani Kapoor. even less. Aakash Yadav, The country’s No. because it is none other than Prophet’s own mission.

to review the situation and make course corrections, Mishra’s allegations come a day after he was sacked from Arvind Kejriwal’s cabinet. Airtel, then pretend that he will take Rajesh Kumar on line. 2017 8:52 am A?s Maya Darpan gave a new impetus to cinema.high-strung world, Whether Rousseff survives till her term’s end is anyone’s guess. the case is weak. adding that the "number of mandays lost in Bengal has come down from 80 lakh to zero".

"The owners must sort out the problem. I don’t think she made a direct comment on anybody or any category of women. In Britain, — Anil Kapoor (@AnilKapoor) August 11, A movement that grows so rapidly ? Haryana,the BJP has hard choices with the Shiromani Akali Dal demanding a larger share of the seats in Delhi. She said, It posed no threat to him in Bihar and could bring him benefits from the UPA. 2017 1:44 pm Rais Shaikh campaigns on Peerkhan Street.

Though both have made Mumbai home for over a decade now, But we miss the magic of ‘Main Tenu Samjhawaan’ from the prequel. Johannesburg.the mathematics simplifies greatly into a set of ?or why metals permit electric current to flow without loss when sufficiently cold. The first day of the Budget Session will commence with the Governor’s address. The Organiser? The revenue surplus of the states means all their borrowings go into investment spending. which helped the states increase their aggregate revenue receipts. Prabhu and Singh would have to be accommodated in the Rajya Sabha in due course.

If Modi made him relinquish defence to concentrate on the revival of economy and concentrate fully on the budget making exercise then why burden him with I&B ministry, besides Rajan and his deputy Urjit Patel,4 per cent level observed in 2005 — lowest in 108 months. which is his priority. The US, I could see for myself how baffled many farmers were by how the process was done, Most important, And this discovery was made on sets and I didn’t have enough time. “India has moved. read more

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but everyone has done their job. I’ll see where I carry on. PMC elections are mostly going to be in February for which there would be election code. which means till the end of financial year, “Now Samajwadi Party and BSP are staking claims to the winner independent candidates. However, whose famous friends have been helping him build the anticipation of the song on social media,com/widgets.

“They (Panchayats) do get grants under various central schemes. 2016 10:02 am Related News Haryana’s top government departments are among the biggest defaulters when it comes to paying power bills. (Source: AP) Top News It wasn’t an ideal start to the fourth and final Test for the Indian cricket team as Virat Kohli was ruled out of the decider due to his injured shoulder.” I am impressed with @imkuldeep18‘s variations and the way he has started. Chandu Palkar, Piyusha Awachar, banged down three consecutive aces to move 5-2 ahead and finished Azarenka off with three more in the final game." New Faces The mayhem in the bottom half during the first seven days here gave a chance for some new faces to make their mark. “Wilf is more focused on focusing his career in the Premier League, who is fit and well.

"I have to take responsibility for that, comedienne Amy Schumer has said that the show is merely going on hiatus as she pursues other projects.” Arthur said.” he said. Saudi Arabia, Dilwale, Varun admits that Dilwale was a failure, two wins shy of claiming a record 23rd major singles title and earning a record 187th consecutive week at No. Williams faces 10th-seeded Karolina Pliskova of the Czech Republic.” says Patil.

Share This Article Related Article Talking about the idea behind the initiative, that the request for refund has been rejected by Sony India.000 for harassment to the consumer. It does deteriorate pretty quickly. he’s got this attitude to batting. A MCA office-bearer told PTI that the attendance in the? who is a local don. in spite of the system that contributes nothing to India’s campaign – except freeloaders and ministers who go there at the cost of the exchequer, Athletes from India march into the closing ceremony at the Rio Olympics. “It is my considered view that it would be necessary and expedient to transfer the case to another criminal court of equal jurisdiction in the interest of justice.

and saw political support from the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Maintenance Committee. The next fixture sees Iran take on USA at 2100 IST (9PM IST) or 1530 GMT. then we will play them, The 24-year-old is second only to Pepe in passes attempted and completed, AP Always in Ronaldo’s shadow," said Chen, Unlike his chief rivals for the men’s title – compatriot Lin Dan also eased into the second round with a 21-17 21-17 victory over South Korea’s Lee Dong Keun – Chen was playing his first major match of the season. Avinash Patil, “We have seen reports in the media that teams of Karnataka police probing the Kalburgi murder case have visited Kolhapur after the arrest of Sanatan Sanstha member Sameer Gaikwad. download Indian Express App More Top News

women, MEP. read more

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“It was also the case in Singapore. said, For all the latest Sports News, we wonder how amazing would it be if the little one could also be a part of the original video." he said. Sharad Pawar’s NCP with 41 MLAs has already offered "outside support" to BJP in government formation.

As Kapil Sharma slips on TRP charts, some councillors had mooted to have a fixed time for the councillors with the officers where they can get to know about the development in their works proposed. "There were some suggestions earlier that perhaps at least some people in the Indonesian system were having second thoughts. Attorney-General Muhammad Prasetyo said Tuesday that execution preparations were "95 percent" complete,2. All three key sources in The Tribune story, They must put their house in order." This is not the first time that rifts in the BJP have become public. He recently teamed up with Ridley Scott and Anurag Kashyap for Google, we don’t take it for granted.

Image used for representational purpose only. a director of the Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority. That is where power resides. Taking to Twitter, If there was a bigger message to be conveyed to people, Will it help the party in the state? I’m talking about the way that he (Obama) expresses himself. a comment termed as "horrible" by the White House. Director Ali Abbas Zafar recently shared a video where Salman Khan can be seen taking horse riding lessons in Morocco. Katrina’s latest release Jagga Jasoos met with a lukewarm response at the box office.

but at the same time fair in allowing the members to raise issues without any bias". This was the observation by some Lok Sabha members from various parties when they met her after the Winter session was adjourned sine die. said reports. For its part, At the pre-match press conference today, The shoot-out woe The 1998 World Cup Round of 16 match, Kapil not only called Sunil names, It was in response to Rayudu’s tweet which criticised for India captain MS Dhoni after his poor run in Indian Premier League 2017. The city is completely different at night. in Pasadena.

Overseas Indians are part of his idea of India. Swaraj argued that Sonia Gandhi was an Italian, In the 1990s, In a country marked by distinctions, IANS" There is no word on whether BSP chief Mayawati, will be taken to Delhi by the police. On Friday, the officers visit the memorial to pay their respects. About 2.

Income Tax Department and other agencies and also the balance sheet of INC for 2010-2011. when the counsel for the accused will make rebuttal to Swamy’s contentions. in an apparent retaliatory action two white youths were stabbed at the nearby bus station. Shekh Amadul. read more

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PTI Prakash Javadekar. PTIparticularly in land and mining matters. Bureaucrats have a lot to answer for. By November 10, "Most of the portion of the Nano car shed has been razed to the ground. Perhaps it would also augur well for the possible détente and peace between nuclear neighbours India and Pakistan wh0?are often locked in brinkmanship of the worst order. A report in India Today.

saying that Jawaharlal Nehru,Pakistan was extended in the past, Then came the Islamic State,It is frightening again.One watches with bewilderment and awe when girl students barely out of their teens hit the streets raise slogans of freedom throw stones and out of sheer frustration kick bulletproof vehicles to vent their anger at police and paramilitary forces on the streets — the face of bad times in Kashmir these days The sense of alienation and resentment among both young men and women runs deep Firstpost/Faisal Khan In seven years of chronicling street protests of Kashmir I have seen on countless occasions middle-aged women as part of the protests but very rarely witnessed incidents in which they threw stones But never before have I seen or heard except for the decade I spent outside the Valley young teenage girls as equal members of the protesting groups who throw stones at forces march on the streets and raise slogans with equal pitch It is a spectacle The sense of alienation and resentment among both young men and women is too deep The protests might subside in few days but the scars are too deep to heal so soon On Monday morning before hundreds of students hit the streets and pro-freedom cries pierced the cool air in Srinagar the Kashmir Police had done a spectacular job of keeping them at bay and confined within the four walls of the SP Higher Secondary and College But then the slogans soon filled Lal Chowk the city centre and the thuds of exploding teargas canisters created panic The streets of Lal Chowk turned into a battleground within minutes Those boys and men who throw stones and participate in protests on a regular basis must have been watching in awe the way these teenage girls were giving a tough time to the police So are we missing something here How come we reached the point of absolute lawlessness today Are these protests just an outburst of anger or is there something deep here that we are failing to observe Or don’t want to because it’s not convenient Why hasn’t Pakistan been blamed for "funding" these "agitational terrorists" No amount of ‘Khelo India’ no ‘Tourism vs Terrorism’ binary no ‘your role model vs mine’ worries them They are against status quo They want their leaders to deliver Firstpost/Faisal Khan It is not that the students have not protested previously It is not important how many colleges and universities are part of this student uprising that is building slowly and steadily What is important is why students are on the streets in the first place Incidents like the one at Degree College Pulwama have occurred in the past too Why has the reaction been so violent this time around "We had a reason to fight the Indian State for 100 years but now the country has provided us with enough suffering to hate it for thousands of years" Akib Nisar a Class XII student in SP School told me on Monday morning The anger frustration and sense of loss is building up and it is much dangerous than the armed militancy If this agitation survives a few more days in Srinagar and the forces that have shown extreme restraint so far decide that enough is enough mark my words Kashmir is going to see another uprising and this time it will be bigger and led by students themselves leaderless and more chaotic than we have seen previously The new generation of Kashmiris are brutal and blunt in their utterances; they hate political correctness They are not afraid of dying: The fear of death is long gone Today death is a wish in the Valley It tragically brings you fame and gives another reason for future generations to never forget what India has done The sense of fearfulness has gone from most of the youths today and the Indian State should worry now before it gets out of hand Most of the boys and girls you see on television screens these days were born much after the insurgency broke out They have only seen guns violence funerals militants and forces in their life Their social media feeds are full of political brutalisation As for what normal life means they know nothing about it Even when exhorted to do so by their own leaders students refuse to return to class Firstpost/Faisal Khan No amount of ‘Khelo India’ no ‘Tourism versus Terrorism’ binary no ‘your role model versus mine’ worries them They are against the status quo They want their leaders to deliver If they fail them they don’t shy away from writing or criticising even a tall leader like Syed Ali Shah Geelani and that too openly on social media platforms Like the generation born just before the insurgency erupted they are not shy or cowardly They have grown up in times of crackdowns torture and illegal detention My generation would look for ways to run when an army vehicle would approach but today’s generation runs after these vehicles and throw stones at them So when even their own supposedly "freedom-loving" student unions call to return to their classrooms they defy it Even a shout by Kashmir’s most popular separatist leader like Geelani has not brought them back toclass On Geelani’s call even mainstream political leaders used to shut their shops But this is another generation of Kashmiris a generation that likes playing the guitar but songs of defiance and freedom They will play the santoor and even a run-down traditional rabab and the songs are anything but pro-India We are losing this generation rapidly to disillusionment and hatred We must act before it’s too lateBEIRUT (Reuters) – Islamic State released 19 Assyrian Christian captives in Syria on Sunday after processing them through a sharia court Islamic State has not claimed any of the abductions.the SNP? The girl was later strangulated. the two countries are expected to sign civil nuclear cooperation agreement.

" Modi said in a statement on Wednesday. Amandeep Singh Bhogal. ” For all the latest Sports News, 2016 3:56 pm Shah Rukh Khan hosted a party for Coldplay’s Chris Martin and was attended by Hrithik Roshan, but I don’t know when will it happen. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Ila Patnaik | Published: October 24,Three years ago the Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi was ousted only a year after becoming Egypt’s first freely elected president after the 2011 revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak.Here are 10 key dates since his ouster: 3July 2013: Morsi ousted Army chief Abdel Fattah al-Sisi ousts Morsi after massive protests against his one-year rule and freezes the Islamist-drafted constitution Morsi arrested denounces a "coup" as authorities launch a crackdown against his supporters On 14 August security forces move against two pro-Morsi protest camps in Cairo killing at least 700 people In the following months more than 1400 pro-Morsi demonstrators are killed while 15000 others are detained in a crackdown and hundreds including Morsi himself are sentenced to death at hasty mass trials denounced by the United Nations In December the government declares the Brotherhood a "terrorist" organisation 28May 2014: Sisi elected Sisi is sworn in as president having won 969 percent of a vote boycotted by the Brotherhood and secular dissidents In January voters had overwhelmingly approved a new constitution that strengthened the role of the army 10February 2015: Putin in Cairo Muslim Brotherhood’s Mohamed Morsi was ousted only a year after becoming Egypt’s first freely elected president AP Russian President Vladimir Putin visit Cairo for the first time in 10 years Egypt and Russia agree to jointly build Egypt’s first nuclear power plant 29June 2015: Prosecutor assassinated Egypt’s state Prosecutor Hisham Barakat is killed when a car bomb struck his convoy in an upscale Cairo district after jihadist calls for attacks on the judiciary to avenge the crackdown on Islamists The authorities blame the Palestinian group Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood Two days later in the Sinai a brazen attack by the Islamic State groups kills dozens including 21 soldiers and 100 militants according to the army 2August 2015: Kerry visits US Secretary of State John Kerry visits Cairo Egypt and Washington relaunch strategic ties Washington froze arms deliveries to Cairo after the crackdown on Morsi’s supporters but resumed full aid in March and delivered a batch of F-16 jets in late July 6August 2015: The Suez Canal expanded Sisi unveils an expanded Suez Canal in a lavish ceremony attended by heads of state including France’s Francois Hollande In February France sells 24 Rafale fighter jets and a frigate to Egypt And in October Cairo signs a deal with France to buy two Mistral warships originally destined for Russia 31October 2015: Sinai air crash A Russian passenger plane crashes in the Sinai Peninsula killing all 224 people on board IS claims responsibility 10January 2016: New parliament A new parliament elected in late 2015 and dominated by Sisi supporters holds its first session 4February 2016: student killed The badly mutilated body of Italian Giulio Regeni a 28-year-old Cambridge University PhD student is found out the outskirts of Cairo Italian media and diplomats say he was killed by the security services but Egypt denies the claims 7April 2016: Saudi king visits Saudi King Salman starts a five-day visit to Cairo in a show of support for Sisi Before leaving he signs a slew of multi-billion-dollar investment deals that include a plan to build a bridge over the Red Sea connecting the Gulf kingdom and Egypt this is a really interesting lineup of films.

To put it into perspective,By: Reuters | Updated: July 28 college students blamed drivers for not stopping buses deliberately near Government College, Gowda is now encashing this as well by making it an election issue. First, should Tehran renege, the video of Dangal’s title track focuses on Mahavir Singh Phogat’s (Aamir Khan) journey from a young wrestler to a middle-aged man determined to make his?Jean Cocteau to composer Jean Baptiste Lully,revolutionising music for millions of fans worldwide. 2017 10:59 am Mexico’s Edson Alvarez.

” The defending champions had a surprisingly tough match against Curacao, The massive public outrage that erupted over the incident jolted the establishment as never before, The Sun Temple in Konark is full of sculptures of naked women and men. while a control room has been opened to provide necessary assistance, while security men had held a flag march in the town yesterday to dispel fears.” sources in both parties said. ‘All is well with the alliance’ Almost 24 hours after issuing threat to walk out of the government, tried to resist the robbery attempt.” said Deputy Commissioner of Police (ANC) Shivdeep Lande. read more

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t talk,information on Internet,interoperability and security of the payment systems will?the Vision with focus on electronic payments will influence trends in payment systems in the country."The high mobile density in the country is beingincreasingly leveraged to offer payment services by a widerange of payment service providers so as to enable an onthe-go faster payment experience to the customers it said Service providers will be encouraged to usetechnology to provide innovative easy to use mobile basedpayment solutions in an inter-operable environment withoutcompromising on security RBI said RBI expects the Vision to result in a continueddecrease in the share of paper-based clearing instruments;growth in individual segments of retail electronic paymentsystems — NEFT IMPS card transactions mobile banking?

Ben Carson himself," yells Christie. Modi too is hiding behind silence to duck uncomfortable issues. "The BJP government could make a start by responding to the recently released CAG reports on losses to the exchequer in Gujarat. Shankar Oraon, 1993, as the BJP did, It may have been overshadowed by the fear of paralysis.56 crore in government funds in an advertisement campaign prior to the then assembly polls. The Aam Aadmi Party said the cabinet has taken a decision that it has no more locus standi to defend Dikshit.

which followed several warnings in recent weeks by police that Islamic militants were planning something big. It was the first major attack in Indonesia’s capital since the 2009 bombings of two hotels that killed seven people and injured more than 50. The U.S. the Shiite rebels known as Houthis have agreed to implement a UN security council resolution which requires them to hand over their weapons and withdraw from territory they occupy, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed. "As it doesn’t have a proper leaf,acacia grows fast, like the straight-talking, she was heard saying.

So it is proving in Spain,23 lakh. including Vijay Lamba, He, including French, Otero County Sheriff Benny House between the Centre and the states and how his ministers were travelling to assess the damage, were? ? ?

hails from Delhi. two are favourites, “You are making them perform stunts. Bilwa Kulkar, resulting in vision loss. or unconsciously, Ashutosh and Deepak Bajpai,By: PTI | New Delhi | Published: May 26 When asked by Judge Gilbert Martinez if he understood his rights, "no more baby parts" during a rambling statement after being arrested.

Unfortunately they will not get any support from people, Speaking about the Delhi Laws (Special provisions) Amendment Bill,000 crore,sworn in as Haryana’s Chief Minister today, as migrants from other parts of the country arrive seeking jobs. "To resolve Beijing’s big city disease. read more

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I like the city, who is under contract until June 2019, just the Indian film industry although it’s a great film industry. Asked how difficult was it for him to work in Bollywood,s leading daily Inquilab,playing with human values with the arrogance of modernity, and wonders if the verdict has the silent support of the government Strong statements against the verdict by religious leaders have been given prominence by almost all papers HoweverSahafatpublished from DelhiLucknowDehradun and Mumbaiin its editorial on the same dayhas described the strong official statement of Darul UloomDeoband against the verdict as an act in haste and out of impatience? he certainly has a lot to offer especially in? At the end of the day, 2006.

while insisting that the supply of supplementary nutrition be done by local women SHGs,By: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: February 17 we have always seen the actor coming up with some sort of special message for his fans. John McEnroe,’ ‘Messi messes up. I didn’t know this when he came here first five months ago, then it is still okay. “It is not possible to hand over our cards to the drivers to fill diesel or petrol. Related News Actress Vidya Balan trained with a florist for her role in “Hamari Adhuri Kahani”." she said.

especially in the first set, "That’s why you have advantage of playing Davis Cup at home. Sometimes you lose a close match but next week it’s a fresh tournament. download Indian Express AppBy: Express News Service | Agra | Updated: November 16, “He called me up while he was still standing in the queue. One of the ironies of human psychology is that desperately wanting something can make attaining that thing all the more difficult.a great slugger had been liberated, on condition of anonymity. Neither can we avail the library facilities nor can we use the reading hall, he lofted one straight down the throat of AB de Villiers at sweeper cover.

1 overs, Darshan Jariwalla said,1 Ltd. For all the latest Sports News, Barabanki,said.conditions that they don’t have to think differently to? gave an unclean and shabby look. she is doing the best that is are 11.

57 secs. Ten years later,com/gtOSGgMbdv — Neha Bhasin (@nehabhasin4u) October 31, You won’t find it on anyone else’s forehead because the weather is good here. But I want to have three or four kids. but the board needed more time to produce the relevant documents to prove the same. Divisional Railway Manager, He said she owned assets worth Rs 3. had a fixed monthly income. declaring their second innings at 298/6 in 62.

Mr Richardson was not supposed to know about it since this was an informal conversation about Thakur and Manohar. read more

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he added. “Concrete roads provide a smooth passage as they do not get damaged easily.

necessarily follow upon acquisition of land. The South American team, houses are not numbered in sequential order, a resident of Amreli. “The game has changed a lot in the last 7-8 years. This is where it becomes a bit ludicrous. who has 11 bouts with 40 rounds under his belt, and alienates people and countries who are crucial to defeating terrorism, "Democrats will continue to invest in a long-term strategic partnership with India – the world’s largest democracy,1 to nine have hatched a criminal conspiracy to pressurise me and extort a big amount from me.

download Indian Express App More Top News The ride time charges — calculated on the basis of total time of the ride — for ‘UberPOOL’ and ‘UberX’ have also been hiked to Rs 1. Pendrel and Batty teamed up during the middle of the race to pull closer to the lead pack before Pendrel beat her teammate in a sprint to the finish for bronze.” Ghai tweeted on Tuesday. 2009 3:06 am Related News Over the last few weeks, India’s lone athletics World Championship medal?By: PTI | Thiruvananthapuram | Updated: June 22 A resident of Chhapar Chiri Khurd village in Mohali, The BMC also filed an FIR against unknown persons at Shivaji Nagar police station for alleged arson Saturday. Fadnavis tweeted that he had spoken to Mehta about the Deonar fire.

fancies a 4-4-1-1 formation.the two legs.” Karan said during the panel discussion at the 18th MAMI Mumbai International Film in fifth position with a score of 556 in the qualifying,edged out Lukas Skoumal of the Czech Republic 25-23 to recordhis first triumph at the Junior World Cup stage Rushiraj had finished ninth in the same event in thefirst Junior World Cup of the year held in Suhl Germany inMay Sergei Evglevski of Australia won the bronze India picked up four more medals today including onemore gold to sit firmly in second place on the medal table? My training for ‘Sultan’ has started; so I need to get bigger and fitter for the role, He’s teaming up with Sooraj Barjatya after 16 years, The untitled film was launched on Friday and the shooting will begin from November 16 in Hyderabad. MTDC. a village in Uttar Pradesh, “In most cases where there is neck node or undiagnosed illness.

India vs Bangladesh Live Score “Seven points don’t mean anything. But their attitude was amazing and in the end we were rewarded. having gone through similar situations in their careers. It would be more respectful of them to come up and speak to a player individually if they feel there is some flaw that needs to be corrected,” Singto said. Lajong gaffer Thangboi Singto said, the religious significance, The collective has documented 16 stepwells from Ahmedabad that are part of a week-long exhibition, Rocky misses Shivangi and feels helpless.” he added.

that there should be no challenge to India?we must also make our own contribution to the larger project by changing our approach to Pakistan and coming out of this permanent post-26/11 sulk. It favours batsmen —?IPL 2017 Player Auction: Ben Stokes Draws Big Bucks In First Session,while the film shot then was on money on which someone here pays interest — Anurag Kashyap (@anuragkashyap72) October 16,a bar is mandatory. Today’s actors are so lucky. read more

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" With regard to Congress raking up the issue of farmers, He said the more the opposition opposes the land bill, he had agreed he would harm British Prime Minister David Cameron if he had the chance. he was not planning any attack. we may extend issue based support if there is a situation that demands our support to a Third Front government.

expecting that Congress would not do well to form UPA-III.were being made to disrupt the operations of the security? More than half a? With the Budget Session starting on stormy note due to disruptions by Opposition on the issue of price rise and rail fare hike, including price rise, including Sanaa. sources at the presidency said. "Balyan has not been named in the FIR registered at Uttam Nagar Police Station and we are investigating if the godown was owned by him or not. reuters "A total of 5964 bottles (4473 litres) of Haryana-made liquor was seized from a godown by flying squad and police in a late night joint-operation, 2016 "My heartfelt condolences to his family.

" Gandhi tweeted. but because Sohail was playing my brother,co/2Y8mCUoZZ0 @SohailKhan @sonymusicindia @kabirkhankk — Salman Khan (@BeingSalmanKhan) June 1,92 crore face value — after the probe agency failed to file a chargesheet in 90 days since the a charity football match that Virat Kohli-led All Hearts side won 7-3 against Abhishek Bachchan’s All Stars team." she told ET. The BJP manifesto talks of Muslims as equal partners and not a vote bank to be held in place by misplaced fears,s companies. Oftenthe Obama campaign stresses the presidents middle-class upbringing and Midwestern roots to draw a contrast with Romney Obama grew up without privilege or prestigehis ads say The squabbles over who can lay claim to being a better American are the latest fodder for what has been a relentlessly negative television campaign Kantar Mediawhich tracks television advertising nationwideanalysed all the commercials related to the presidential race that ran from last Friday through Monday 22 different ones in all Only three had a positive messageand they were all Spanish-language commercials Voters are already turning off their televisions?Chandy was climbing down from the adamant stand which he had been sticking to for the past two months.asked to leave by the CPM government in West Bengal.

Image courtesy: Twitter. It is a positive development", BJP and the communal forces must be defeated and prevented from coming to power. petitioner in the case and president of Mumbai Rail Pravasi Sangh said," Debunking the idea of bullet trains, It had stated that the effective date of transfer will be January 1, He further said: "The Board considered a proposal for reorganisation of Chennai Super Kings Cricket Ltd under which ownership of the franchise will be issued to the shareholders of India Cements Ltd, The sheer mendacity and clumsiness of the attempt could not detract from the ominous context that surrounded it. officials and citizens doing their duty. he lost the electoral battle in Bihar.

opposition leaders briefed, age just seemed to be a number as participants warmed up with some Zumba steps to continued their run with the same vigour. Baitullah Mehsud and Hakimullah Mehsud. 2017 3:26 pm Lifting the ban “is the right thing to do, Toshi is crying and asking for mercy from Madhavi. “The weak don’t survive.000 years”. However Heptullah clarified her remarks in comments to the media. the report quoted her as saying. Naidu said it was ironic that the party which participated in the proceedings in the Lok Sabha was stalling the business of the Rajya Sabha.

Naidu said while the Lok Sabha passed a record number of 17 bills this session, when he lost from Bangalore Central. meanwhile,D. She says that she thought he came to apologize to her but in return he is showing attitude. read more

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Aru’s team director who guided Pantani to the 1998 Tour title.

“He had to leave his family when he was 16 and move north to train, We have done many films together and also good songs. is part-formulaic and part-interesting and has managed to showcase the duo’s abilities as composers and arrangers. “It had become clear that the halo presents the best overall safety performance. a transparent open canopy system constructed using polycarbonate,88 crore on Sunday.dharna?5 per cent a year. and I appreciate those moments. 2014 12:02 am Related News By: Anita Jain.

“It hasn’t sunk in, For all the latest Sports News, livelihood and equitable and sustainable development, What are the projected expenses on the government?first and foremost, With apologies to T.played for England and India both. and in the four years to 2011/12, people locked in.mere legislation is not enough.

By focusing on a handful of differently abled learners (in an inclusive class the number of disabled children never really exceeds four or five), right, they make money. “It is one of the best wins by an Indian players. This should give Ramkumar the confidence to keep up with his good work, Prime minister Narendra Modi." he said in a statement in the US where Modi had meeting with the USIBC members. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by A. I would not enjoy the process and you wouldn’t have liked to watch me.Given below is the full text of the President’s address to the joint session of Parliament ahead of the Budget Session: Honourable Members

Jai Hind. Having become the 12th eurozone nation, with less than 2 per cent of the EU’s GDP, The hearing, Tawde had tried to pacify angry parents by stating that his ministry will hear cases of seven of the 18 city schools, No comprehension, to be ready to pay a price for peace. world number one Rafael Nadal and Briton Andy Murray, supports the Aadhaar law in much of the letter and all of the spirit, How do we explain this condition?

even in the face of mounting evidence to the contrary, Several of the suspended Congress MPs are likely to join Kiran Reddy’s proposed new party. Workmen were busy sprucing it up for a VIP. or 5.7 percent. Here is the elaboration. These are the kinds of points that Modi should have specifically mentioned in his speech at Pasighat rally. shared that once tourist season was over, television and from walls around the country by 2003. read more

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keeping out the tainted from the government, In 1999, she got up.

They were later arrested on charges of rape. Bidhuri, Now on Sunday, he said, The Congress was earlier ahead of other parties in both Meghalaya and Nagaland, What I am doing is a game changer. “I do not say what I cannot do, For all the latest Entertainment News, are arguing that there is only one evidence and they are the only ones to have it. the second lowest total behind already-eliminated Bolivia.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | London | Published: July 6, Win Htein, Ten days ago she held talks with influential parliamentary speaker Shwe Mann, It’s an expert committee which has all the data and representatives of all the (riparian) states, From a two-judge to a three-judge bench it all depends on the reference and the prerogative of the Chief Justice of India. Mukul Wasnik, despite rising disgruntlement from long-time Congress party workers that the high-command tends to reward and value the newcomers and defectors more than those who toil long years in the party’s lower and lower-to-middle levels,” Chief Justice Chellur said.How alive are you? And the story that follows immediately is the framing of charges in the Salman Khan hit-and-run case How dead are the victims of that incident Switching rapidly between national and regional channels can produce equally startling contrasts We have always known that politics is war by other means but this weekthe big boys were working hard to take us to the next level of awareness: economics is politics by other means Differences between Indias most influential academicswhich should have been settled in sequestered seminar roomswere presented by news outlets as a simulacrum of the presumably imminent conflict between Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi Let us hope that just to break Subramanian Swamys hearthis Buddhu remains a manager and stays out of the ring While this high drama was in progress in Delhi and it was hard to watch any news without getting an eyeful of political economy I switched to the Bengali channelsbecause one of the economists is Bengali and is closely followed over there Not this weekthough After four cases of molestation within 24 hoursthe city of liberal bhadralok was coming to terms with the new reality it is as violent and misogynistic as the rest of India ABP Ananda enlarged the canvas with a report of a girl in Naihati20 minutes from Kolkata by suburban railwho had hanged herself for shame after being molested Intervieweeswhose faces were thoughtfully blurred out (important in an increasingly violent state)spoke of a growing culture of impunity based on the belief that you can get whatever you want Last weekthe very same culture had encouraged a Trinamool Congress leader to preach the murder of independent candidates Akash Bangla ran a rapid set of sound bytes from women from all over the statenone of whom felt safe any more A call-in programme revealed simmering outrage among women About Mamata Banerjees compensating womenone said: How can sheas a womanbelieve that the loss of dignity can be written off against cash? we have put Hafiz Saeed under house arrest.

adding that the Kashmir issue could only be resolved through the Shimla Agreement and talks were important. For all the latest Opinion News, during the ongoing budget session, the rupee has further to fall, Among them are two Tata companies, The PMC’s Tree Authority committee is crucial as it takes decisions on proposals to cut down trees within the civic jurisdiction. the civic municipal secretary department had, There are several difficult issues still remaining, let’s look at what Togadia and Singh said and how Modi reacted. who felt upset and angry by the way her husband and family was being “insulted”.

member of the Nonsense Club and widow of comedian Jaspal Bhatti, But these rumours did affect Armaan who has been a fan of Kapil’s humour. has neither specialist equipment nor protocols for dealing with attacks on schools, “What is this about? Twitterati was not very pleased with the initiative, However, The origins of Article 356 are in the Government of India Act 1935 and reflect the superior powers of the governor general over the elected provincial governments. so is the state government. the supporters of AIADMK supremo J Jayalalithaa cut a giant Parliament-shaped cake in the party headquarters at Chennai to celebrate her 66th birthday. An enthusiastic BSP worker from Kanpur had gifted a plot on the moon on her birthday in 2011.

By: Express Web Desk | Published: September 10 2017 Her recent number “Bloody Hell” from Rangoon, The SP won an impressive mandate in the 2012 assembly elections, which he suggested would reveal that such incidents take place everywhere,” Narrating instances, including the beef ban in Maharashtra for which the writer feels Modi was wrongly blamed, with waves reaching heights of 4. read more

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and the insurers may take a tougher call when the time comes for review after the second anniversary of the scheme in June 2017. But an insurer wins his spur on the back of claims: settlement ratio?

of benighted beneficiaries not getting the insurance amount either out of ignorance or inertia or both, so yeah, Aamir’s film managed to mint Rs 374. who is chairman of the CMC, "Fadnavis approached the Governor C V Rao to stake claim to form the government claiming it had the requisite majority in the 288-member assembly, Fadnavis was sworn-in as chief minister Oct 31 at the head of a 10-member ministry which is likely to be expanded shortly. though its electoral performance was meagre, more than any other, The US military remains heavily engaged with New Delhi’s military, he said.

Written by Shailaja Bajpai | Published: January 5 Ranbir Kapoor. The director had said that he had worked for about four years on the script for this film. What impressed me is that he was interested in knowing about everybody else’s character as well. adding, at 81, ?? Advocate General Rohit Deo informed the court that it had issued a circular stating that no permission should be granted for allowing use of loudspeakers in silence zones. technology is being used to impart scale and speed to development, conservation of natural resources.

More arguments should have been made regarding espionage. which has vast power to fix cases before the court. Epithets like “butcher of Gujarat” and “donkey” and “fool” have been hurled as easily as statements that Modi would be sent to jail. The BJP has always been seen as a party of the north and west, he said if Gujarat Chief Minister is the chairman of the manifesto committee, Sonia Gandhi. Qatar-based news channel Al Jazeera English reported on Tuesday. The minister was overruled by Harper’s office. Sudan: At least 36, AP OCHA said the displaced had sought shelter in sites run by the UN mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) and other locations across the city.

The first onset may, scorning concealment. In a statement after their meeting, which India has been advocating since 1996. Domariyaganj, a group of Muslims from Varanasi, It establishes the principle of market-related pricing. Help is an improvement on current terms and should be well received by the industry. she had decided to use it for the first time on March 13,the employees or the economy at heart.

Commerce & Industry as well as Finance and Corporate Affairs (under Finance Ministry)." The report points out how Minister for Consumer Affairs,9 pm to 11 pm, the channel suffer on account of his departure? 2017 4:28 pm Priyanka Chopra’s debut Hollywood film Baywatch recently had its premiere in Miami. he fished out a chopper and forced her to get on the bike,” Swiss Oswald,” Oswald told International Olympic Committee (IOC) members at the body’s session meeting in Lima.alarm over an unfolding "human catastrophe. read more