CIPD recruited to promote the use of Aesop

first_imgThe CIPD has been chosen as a member of a cross-industry alliance launchedlast week by Chancellor Gordon Brown to promote the use of employee shareownership in the UK. The institute is joined by the CBI, the Institute of Directors, the TUC andthe Industrial Society as members of the Employee Share Alliance (ESA), whichwill work in partnership with the Government to improve the take up of the AllEmployee Share Ownership Plan. The alliance, formed by non-profit organisations Job Ownership and ProShare,will host 13 regional roadshows promoting the new share incentive plan. “The scheme is a great opportunity to improve company results andreward employees through wider share ownership all with the help of the taxman.Its flexibility means it has mass appeal which is why so many key organisationsback it,” said Peter Kenyon, executive director of the ESA. CIPD recruited to promote the use of AesopOn 6 Nov 2001 in Personnel Today Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos.last_img read more

First NH90 Step B Delivered to Italian Navy

first_img First NH90 Step B Delivered to Italian Navy November 12, 2013 Share this article Industry newscenter_img Back to overview,Home naval-today First NH90 Step B Delivered to Italian Navy The first NH90 NFH Step B has been delivered to the Italian Navy. This fully operational naval helicopter will be assigned to the 5th Helicopter Squadron of the Italian Navy at the Sarzana-Luni base. The Italian Navy has ordered 56 NH90s, 46 of which in the NFH variant.“This NH90 Step B will allow its crews to fully take advantage of its tremendous mission system” explains Xavier Poupardin, Delegated Managing Director of NHIndustries.The Step B configuration features a range of significant advancements in mission capability including mission systems integration for both air-to-surface missiles such as the Marte MK/2S and torpedoes, advanced satellite and encrypted communications, radar and avionics capability enhancements. Next year the five previously delivered Italian Navy NH90NFH in Step A (MOC, Meaningful Operation Capability) standard, will begin to be retrofitted to bring them to the final configuration.“The NH90 NFH is the most recent and versatile helicopter for naval warfare” it is designed according to precise NATO Staff Requirements. It is equipped with a state of the art weapon system combining on a modern platform several types of sensors with a complete weapon suite. The NH90 NFH is able to perform a wide range of missions such as Anti-Submarine Warfare, Anti-Surface Warfare, SAR, Transport, Special Ops support, Boarding, Medical Evacuation, Maritime reconnaissance and Anti-Piracy In any type of environment. It can safely operate from a ship even in rough weather.The NH90 is the optimal choice for tactical transport, naval operations thanks to its large full composite airframe, its excellent power to weight ratio; and its wide range of rôle equipment. It features a redundant Fly-by-Wire flight control system for reduced Pilot’s workload and enhanced flight characteristics.As of today, more than 164 helicopters have been delivered and are in service in Germany, France, Belgium, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Greece, Oman, Australia and New Zealand.The twin-engine, medium-size NH90 helicopter program is managed by the consortium NHIndustries, the Company owned by AgustaWestland SpA (32%), Eurocopter (62.5%), and Fokker Aerostructures (5.5%).[mappress]Press Release, November 12, 2013; Image: NH Industrieslast_img read more

The Werk Out Festival Adds The Trancident Featuring Members Of The String Cheese Incident

first_imgComing back to Legend Valley in Thornville, OH from August 1st-3rd, The Werk Out Music & Arts Festival recently revealed their initial lineup. In addition to three nights of music from host band The Werks, the festival will also see headlining performances by Big Gigantic and The Claypool Lennon Delirium.On Friday, the festival revealed that The Trancident will be joining their expansive 2019 lineup, featuring The String Cheese Incident‘s Michael Kang, Kyle Hollingsworth, Michael Travis, and Jason Hann. The quartet has offered up an extremely limited number of performances, including sets at 2015’s Sonic Bloom and 2017’s Gem & Jam.The three-day music and camping festival will also feature The Floozies, Twiddle (2 nights), Matisyahu, Opiuo, Turkuaz, Melvin Seals & JGB, Sunsquabi (2 nights), Cory Wong, MarchFourth, Joe Marcinek Band and many more to be announced in the comings weeks.Head to The Werk Out’s website for ticketing and more information.last_img read more

How plants adapt to climate change

first_img Related This year’s dramatically fluctuating temperature cycles from seasonably cold days to atypically warm stretches and back again has affected the life cycles of many species, including plants. At the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, two scientists are examining how maple trees (Acer) are responding to climate stress and what that means for the future of the genus. Jake Grossman and Al Kovaleski, Putnam Fellows at the Arboretum, are modeling the evolution of the maples located in the Arboretum’s living collections, examining their 60 million-year journey from their origins in East Asia to current global distribution. By learning how the trees withstand low temperature stress in their tissues and respond to warm spells when they are dormant — called “cold hardiness” — they can help predict outcomes of climate change for maples, and other trees in Northern Hemisphere forests, and potentially even crops and agriculture.  We asked the researchers what they are learning about how plants adapt and evolve to climate change and what it means for New England and beyond.Q&AJake Grossman and Al KovaleskiGazette: Does the rate of climate change impact a species’ ability to evolve and adapt to weather conditions?Grossman: Climate change does two things to weather. First, over time, average weather conditions change. The most obvious example of this is that our climate is getting warmer. So, every year, the average low temps and, to a lesser extent, the average high temps get higher. Second, climate change increases variability in weather. So, some years feature multiple extreme snow or rainstorms and flooding whereas other years feature droughts. This is already happening, but humans can still control how fast it happens, and that matters to plant evolution.One way of thinking about this is in terms of “generation time” — the years from when a maple seedling sprouts to when it produces its own first daughter seed. This probably ranges from 10 to 30 years for maples. Maples have been evolving independently as a genus for about two million generations. This means that if you traced back any given maple tree two million generations, you would hit the grandmother of all maples. During that time, the climate changed a lot, going from periods in which there was no ice anywhere on earth through several ice ages, and maples evolved along with it. By 2200, in about seven maple generations, the climate could change so much that it resembles a past extremely hot climate that the world hasn’t seen for roughly 1.5 million maple generations, or 50 million years. Maples will probably be able to survive somewhere on Earth in this new, hot climate, but they absolutely will not be able to evolve to be adapted to it in seven generations. For reference, our hominid ancestors began using tools only 1.8 million years — or 60,000 maple generations ago, so this future climate scenario will also be totally unlike anything we have ever seen.,Kovaleski: Another thing we have to consider when studying the adaptation of plants is their plasticity, how plants can mold themselves to the conditions they are exposed to. As Jake mentioned, there is year-to-year variation in weather, and plants respond slightly differently each year to accommodate this variation. This means that the same plant adapts to a range of climates. This is important to acknowledge because a lot of times we’ll see that the climate is changing, but plants still seem to be adapted to it. However, they’re being continuously pushed toward their limit now — even if we can’t perceive it. The early onset of spring this year can leave plants at an extreme risk of great damage should a late freeze occur.Gazette: Is there a way to mitigate the negative effects of climate change on plants and crops?Grossman: The best way to reduce the negative impacts of climate change on plants is through things like dramatically reducing emissions and creating policies to protect our environment in order to prevent further climate change. But given that we are already committed to considerable climate warming, we can manage our forests and farm fields, gardens and parks to be more resilient to the warmer temperatures and more erratic patterns of rain and snow that we will experience in the future. This could mean experimenting with planting more drought-tolerant species in New England with the expectation that our climate here will continue to get warmer and more drought-prone. Or it could include “assisted migration,” when we plant seeds or whole plants in areas that might not be ideal for them now, but where they might thrive in future climate scenarios.Kovaleski: For crops, we can consider crossing populations that are already well-adapted to different climates to generate a new population that is expected to be intermediate in its climatic adaptation. This is what plant breeders work on continuously for all crops: adapting them to emerging climate conditions, as well as pest resistance, nutritional quality, etc. Blueberries are perhaps the best example of a very successful story. What was done was crossing highbush blueberry plants with good fruit quality that are native to temperate climates with other species that are native to warmer climate regions in the southeastern US but didn’t have very good fruit. By doing this, breeders were able to combine the fruit quality with the adaptation to a warmer climate, thus generating what is now called the southern highbush blueberry.Gazette: How might the warmer winter temperatures we are experiencing now impact the production of New England maple syrup?Grossman: For ideal maple syrup production, trees need to experience cold nights and relatively warm days. This causes sap to move rapidly through a maple’s trunk, which creates opportunities for us to siphon it off. Often times, our warming climate manifests as an increase in daily low temperatures, rather than an increase in daily high temperatures, producing less extreme cold-warm cycles over a day. This might make sap less mobile, harming syrup production. On a larger level, climate change is projected to reduce sugar maple abundance in New England, which means fewer trees will be available to tap.,Gazette: The Arboretum has a diverse collection of maples — including rare and endangered species from around the world. What is the effect of this research on the Arboretum’s collection? What is the effect on United States forests?Grossman: Our research helps us understand more about the response of maples to what we might call climate stress — the environmental factors that challenge woody plants and that are likely to get even worse as our climate changes. Our findings will help the Arboretum’s managers decide which maples to seek out and plant — species that will be able to survive here in the future. They also will help staff keep the existing maples alive by, for instance, informing irrigation priorities. When we think about forests overall, maples are dominant trees in eastern deciduous forests and important sources of wood, syrup, and other things. Knowing how climate stress affects particular maples species will help foresters, conservationists, and other land managers to prioritize the planting, care, and harvest of natural forests, plantations, and urban woodlands.Freshly clipped red maple twigs.Gazette: Can maple species fail?Grossman: It is maybe best to think about failure in terms of individual trees, and the answer is yes. For instance, all trees have small tubes that extend all the way around their trunks, these are called xylem. Their purpose is to conduct water from the ground to the leaves at the top of the tree, and everywhere in between. During exceptionally warm conditions, if a particular tree’s soil becomes really dry, bubbles form in these tubes. When that happens to a particular xylem tube, it is unusable forever. If most or all of a tree’s xylem gets emptied out — or cavitated — the tree dies. Or with freezing, we could imagine that a particular maple tree has been exposed to warm weather for several weeks. It begins to send out new leaves and flowers because it has received signals that spring has arrived. If a really cold period moves in, this tender, actively growing material might freeze or get dried out. If so, the tree has now lost its investment in a whole cohort of leaves or flowers. If it is a small or already weak tree, it may have trouble replacing them and could starve to death in the coming year. Finally, if we want to think about the ultimate “failure” of a particular species, that would be something like extinction. This is certainly possible, although it often takes a long time for long-lived trees like maples. If humans are not overharvesting a species, it takes a long time for total climate-induced extinction to affect a long-lived woody species.Kovaleski: Adding to Jake’s example of freezing, which is more easily observed because you could see green tissues on the tree or plant, this can also happen within the buds of the plants before they’ve gone through any visible changes. If the temperatures drop below the cold hardiness level a certain plant has, the buds can be killed and they just won’t grow the following season, without a very clear sign — unless you are scientifically tracking the cold hardiness of things throughout the winter.Gazette: What does the broader impact of your research mean for scientists working on climate change mitigation around the world?Grossman: Our research helps demonstrate the consequences of climate change for temperate forests, urban trees, and forestry plantations. Hopefully, if people know more about what is likely to happen, they will be motivated to mitigate climate change. From an adaptation angle, our research can guide management of trees and forests in a rapidly changing climate. Fighting flora with fauna Panamanian field expeditions examine how species persevere in face of climate change When the trees become the teachercenter_img Boston high schoolers experience hands-on connection to climate change The Arnold Arboretum uses new research and a pretty moth to fight an invasive species Going where the diversity islast_img read more

Phantom bugs

first_imgBy April ReeseUniversity of GeorgiaIn the summer, mosquitos, biting flies and fleas can visit yourskin and leave behind itching bumps from their bites. Somepeople, though, are haunted year-round by biting bugs that aren’teven there.They suffer from something called delusory parasitosis, saidNancy Hinkle, an entomologist with the University of GeorgiaCollege of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.”We’re finding it in all segments of the population — all agegroups, all socioeconomic levels,” Hinkle said. “And theincidence seems to be very high.”Delusory parasitosis is a real condition first described inmedical literature more than a century ago. Hinkle said theillness isn’t uncommon at all.Many medical causesIt can be caused by many other medical ailments — heavy metalpoisoning, exposure to toxins and diseases like AIDS, anemia,carcinoma, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, lupus, lymphoma andmultiple sclerosis.Nutritional deficiencies, allergies, drug reactions, menopause,niacin overdose, rheumatoid arthritis, stress and even vitaminoverdoses are known to trigger it, she said.Symptoms include the sensation of biting, stinging or itching onthe skin. Hinkle said people will often feel something crawlinginside their skin and will dig into the skin trying to find anddislodge whatever’s causing it.”Unfortunately, this can produce a lot of damage to the skin,”she said.Feels like … Chigger bites are close to what sufferers might feel. People whohave been chigger-bitten can relate to the feeling thatsomething’s still in there. But delusory parasitosis sufferersfeel something different, she said, as if that something undertheir skin is moving or crawling around.People will treat the condition in a number of ways. “Some willspend inordinate amounts of time washing and cleaning theirbodies and their homes, assuming the infestation is coming fromoff the body as well,” Hinkle said.”They will then treat their bodies with … gasoline, kerosene,solvents, harsh cleaning compounds, even pesticides,” she said,”which, of course, is very dangerous.”See a doctorShe advises anyone who believes they’re suffering from thecondition to see a doctor.”Delusory parasitosis is a medical condition, and (sufferers)should seek medical attention,” she said. “Visit your physicianand explain the symptoms you’re experiencing. Allow the doctor todiagnosis the condition and prescribe medication. Don’tself-medicate.”To learn more about delusory parasitosis, visit read Hinkle’s article in American Entomologist.(April Reese is a student writer with the University ofGeorgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.)last_img read more

Back to Basics! Tim Allen Channels ‘Santa Clause’ Character With New Beard

first_imgMacklemore Is Unrecognizable With Mustache, More A-List Men Indulging in Beauty Amid COVID-19 Read article “Woke up this morning and noticed a bit more stubble,” the Home Improvement alum, 67, tweeted a selfie of his look on Tuesday, November 10. “This always happens to me as I transition to you no [sic] who this Christmas.”Tim Allen Channels His Iconic Santa Clause Character With Impressive New BeardTim Allen in ‘The Santa Clause 2’ and in 2020. Disney/Kobal/Shutterstock; Courtesy Tim Allen/TwitterAllen starred as Scott Calvin in The Santa Clause in 1994. In the Christmas classic, his divorced dad character accidentally causes Santa Claus to fall off his roof. From there, Scott is recruited to become Saint Nick’s replacement.The Santa Clause received largely positive reviews from critics, and it also drummed up more than $189 million worldwide. Additionally, the film’s success led to the creation of two sequels: The Santa Clause 2 in 2002 and The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause in 2006. – Advertisement – Even though the lasting power of the Santa Clause franchise can be seen to this day, a fourth installment or potential reboot has not been greenlit. However, Elizabeth Mitchell — who played Carol, Scott’s wife and the eventual Mrs. Clause, in the last two films — said she is on board to revisit the film series.“Of course, those movies were a joy to make,” Mitchell, 50, told Entertainment Tonight in November 2019. “Making people happy? What a gift.”The Lost alum added, “Honestly, we all need to believe in a little bit of magic. I really do think that’s what it is. I think that it brings that childlike sense of play to you as an adult that we’re hungry for. That’s my own personal finding.” Read article Best Holiday Movies to Binge-Watch Read article A Guide to Every Holiday Movie Airing on TV This Year- Advertisement – – Advertisement – Returning to his roots! Tim Allen debuted his impressive new beard — and it makes him bear a striking resemblance to his former Santa Clause character. The Last Man Standing star previously revealed that the family-friendly film originally had a much darker premise. “I actually shot and killed Santa in the original movie. He fell off the roof because I thought he was a burglar [in the actual film],” he explained on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon in 2018. “He gives me the card, the whole movie starts.”Tim Allen attends the Toy Story 4 premiere in 2019 Tim Allen Channels His Iconic Santa Clause Character With Impressive New BeardTim Allen attends the ‘Toy Story 4’ premiere at El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles on June 11, 2019. Matt Baron/ShutterstockAllen continued, “[In the original script,] the kid actually starts with, ‘You just killed Santa.’ And I said, ‘He shouldn’t have been on the roof when he wasn’t invited.’”- Advertisement – The Toy Story actor said that former Walt Disney Studios chairman Jeffrey Katzenberg shut down the grim concept. “I’m laughing so hard, but the head of Disney at the time, Katzenberg said, ‘Well, you can’t start a movie like that.’ And I said, ‘Why not?’ He said, ‘We can’t start a Disney movie with you murdering Santa,’” he added.last_img read more

Gillian Tans, CEO, Companies need to be motivated for new innovations instead of being taxed even more

first_imgBloomberg reported that these companies are just some of a number of companies that have signed a letter to European finance ministers expressing concern over the proposed 3% tax because it would “create a harmful legal precedent in income taxation, even when the taxpayer has not yet profitable ”. In an interview, Tans emphasized that she does not oppose tax reform, but that it should be implemented on a global level, which is not very realistic. “Europe should strive to become more attractive to companies to grow their business and market their products and services in the EU.” The EU has proposed new taxation measures for services such as The proposed new European Union measure to tax the income of technology companies within Europe has attracted a lot of negative reactions, especially from companies like and Spotify. “Overall, this will be a major blow to technological innovation because companies should be motivated to innovate instead of taxing it even more,” said Gillian Tans, executive director of Booking, which is based in Amsterdam. “And especially for European companies. We are a European company that already pays taxes in Europe. ” Gillian Tans / Facebookcenter_img European regulatory legislation is already quite complex anyway, and taxing the income of technology companies would certainly be a major threat to Also, the question arises whether the said tax will have an impact on the amount of commissions of users and what kind of complications around renting accommodation it may entail. Ultimately, it will certainly not have a positive impact on the atmosphere of tourist renters of private accommodation. It is uncertain whether income taxation will also apply to startup companies, which would greatly complicate their business growth prospects. The tax proposal “would impose a financial burden on European developing companies and weaken their ability to compete globally” and would result in double taxation, especially when it comes to taxing EU resident companies that are already subject to corporate income tax and VAT. in the above letter.last_img read more

Follow live CIHT: Find out all the new trends in health tourism

first_imgParticipation in the conference is completely free, and brings you the opportunity to learn all about the current situation in the health tourism market and the impact of the pandemic on it, learn some new practices in the field of health travel, as well as in the field of promotion and communication. “This year we are all conditioned by the COVID-19 epidemic and although the need for health services and health tourism in this environment does not cease, the conditions of business and promotion are taking on a completely new dimension. The conference itself will offer some new digital solutions, and distinguished speakers will share their knowledge and experiences”- said doc. dr. sc. Vladimir Mozetič, MD, President of the Kvarner Health Tourism Cluster, which will be attended by, among others, the Executive Director and co-founder of Health Tourism Worldwide, Laszlo Puczko, Secretary General of the European Spas Association, Csilla Mezösi, and eminent Croatian scientist Ivan Đikić . As this year, for the first time, CIHT is being held virtually, we invite you to follow the conference live from 10.00 am and find out all the new trends in health tourism. Find out the entire program through the two days of the event HERE The eighth Crikvenica International Health Tourism (CIHT) conference is being held on November 12 and 13, for the first time virtually with speakers in English.last_img read more

Reinforce school doors to stop shooters

first_imgIt is so sad and heartbreaking to read of the school shootings. Our young students should be protected at all costs. I read of police presence and guns for the various faculty members, but I thought of another idea that may offer protections.Would it be possible to install security doors at the entrance of the schools? These would be equipped with a loud siren to forewarn those inside of the possible entrance of a maniac with weapons. All precautions must be taken to avoid the killing of the innocent.Carm St. GeorgeSchenectadyMore from The Daily Gazette:Schenectady man dies following Cutler Street dirt bike crashMotorcyclist injured in Thursday afternoon Schenectady crashEDITORIAL: Find a way to get family members into nursing homesEDITORIAL: Urgent: Today is the last day to complete the censusSchenectady department heads: Budget cutbacks would further stress already-stretched departments Categories: Letters to the Editor, Opinionlast_img read more

Apologies for any e-conveyance

first_imgTo access this article REGISTER NOWWould you like print copies, app and digital replica access too? SUBSCRIBE for as little as £5 per week. Would you like to read more?Register for free to finish this article.Sign up now for the following benefits:Four FREE articles of your choice per monthBreaking news, comment and analysis from industry experts as it happensChoose from our portfolio of email newsletterslast_img

Donald Stillabower,

first_imgDonald Stillabower, 88, of Greensburg, passed away on July 20, 2019 surrounded by his family.  He was born on May 27, 1931 in Shelby County, Indiana, the only son of Ross and Delcie (Spicer) Stillabower.  He married his wife of 63 years, Mary (Thompson) Stillabower on July 20, 1956.Donald is survived by his wife, 2 daughters, Melanie (Bob) Lane of Woodridge, IL, and Lynda (John) Lane of Shelbyville, IN; son, Duane (Helen) Stillabower of Columbus, IN, 10 grandchildren; 13 great grandchildren; sister- Betty Jean Rainbolt of Connersville.He was preceded in death by his parents and daughters, Vivian and Julie Stillabower.Don was a member of the Liberty Baptist Church in Greensburg, Indiana.He was a veteran of the United States Army, having served in the Korean War. He also worked at Cummins, retiring in 1993. He enjoyed being outside, gardening and collecting John Deere tractors. Don was a jokester and loved giving people a hard time!Military Graveside Honors will be Wednesday, July 24, 2019 at 10:00 am at South Park Cemetery. Rev. David Blazier will be officiating.  In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions can be made to the funeral home in care of Marianne Lane, Don’s 3 year old great-granddaughter who is awaiting a heart transplant. Online condolences can be made to the family at www.gilliland-howe.comlast_img read more

Police Blotter 02-03-2020

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Iheanacho looked like Zidane — Ex-Leicester star

first_imgRelatedPosts EPL: Foxes attack Burnley Bale completes Tottenham return from Real Madrid EPL: Underdogs tackle Leicester City Leicester City striker, Kelechi Iheanacho, looked like Zinedine Zidane when he came on against Everton, according to ex-Foxes star Matt Piper.Piper told Love Sport Radio that Iheanacho lit up the King Power Stadium when he came on, grabbing the winner with seconds to go.He said: “Ihenacho, he comes on, he’s been really struggling and he’s even been getting booed by some of his own crowd, the Leicester fans, and it was such a brilliant finish, the way he took it.“Because it was last second everyone went crazy but the actual technique and how he manufactured the chance for himself was absolutely awesome.“He’s one of the only guys to fully celebrate twice (after the VAR decision).“Have we signed Zidane? He came on and his touches suburb.“He was doing touches, little flicks, that only confident players do. He came on and was worth that full £25 million that we payed for him.”One of main concerns for Leicester fans, whose club is currently second in the Premier League, is the possibility of losing manager Brendan Rodgers – who is being linked with a whole host of clubs, most notably Arsenal.But Piper believes the project at Leicester, the strength of the squad and the calibre of ownership will be enough to make Rodgers stay.Piper told Love Sport: “It will always be a slight concern for Leicester City fans as fans this is one of the downfalls of success.“He comes in and makes a real impact since coming in.“He’s taken the team two or three levels higher than where we were at the end of last season.“I believe Leicester will go top four and I’ve been proven right so far.“You look at the football club, the chairman, the King Power group looking to spend money.“I can’t see Brendan Rodgers jumping ship and going across to Arsenal when I think something really special is happening at Leicester City.” Tags: Kelechi IheanachoLeicester CityZinedine Zidanelast_img read more

Boss: Lescott not going on loan

first_imgManchester City boss Manuel Pellegrini has played down claims that defender Joleon Lescott is set to join struggling West Ham on loan. Press Association Reports on Sunday suggested Sam Allardyce could land the England defender as the Hammers attempt to fight their way out of relegation trouble. However, Pellegrini insisted Lescott would be staying put, for now at least. center_img Speaking after City’s 2-0 Barclays Premier League victory at Newcastle, he said: “No, no. I am not talking about any loan at the moment. “I repeat, when this transfer window is over at the end of January, we will see what happens. At the moment, Joleon will stay here with the team.” Meanwhile, Newcastle manager Alan Pardew was equally adamant that he was unaware of any bid from an unnamed Qatari club for the services of Senegal international striker Papiss Cisse. He said: “Not that I’m aware of, no. I can’t confirm any bid from any club.” Cisse, a £9million signing from Freiburg in January 2012, has found himself on the periphery at St James’ Park since Loic Remy’s arrival on loan from QPR. He scored 13 goals in his first 14 games for the club and 13 more last season, but has fallen in the pecking order in recent months. last_img read more

Persaud hits back-to-back tons for McGill in Beacon Café competition

first_imgFORMER Guyana U-19 captain, Travis Persaud, has returned to form with back-to-back centuries for the McGill Super Star Sports Club in the West Demerara Cricket Association (WDCA) Beacon Café 50-over competition. In their latest clash on Sunday at the Zeeburg Sports Club ground, the home team registered a 187-run victory against La Grange All Stars with their skipper excelling with bat and ball.La Grange All Stars won the toss and opted to field, but their bowling attack was unravelled by Persaud, who struck 12 fours and five sixes in an even hundred to help his side to a staggering score of 319-8 in 40 overs.In a match against Windsor Forest Sports Club last Sunday, Persaud had also scored an even hundred.For the second wicket in their latest clash, Persaud and another former U-19 cricketer, Kheshram Seyhodan, batted the All Stars out of the game with a 151-run partnership.  Seyhodan, who carved out 68, laced the boundary 11 times.Travis and his younger brother, Troy Persaud 19 (2x4s, 1×6) had added 51 runs for the first wicket.Also contributing to the total was Sudesh Persaud, who struck 44 (2x4s, 2x6s) and Mahadeo Ramotar, who finished with an unbeaten 23.Bowling for La Grange, left-arm medium pacer, Greg Singh, took 3-31 from eight overs and Paul Shivram 2-36 from five overs.In the middle, the visitors struggled to get the ball away and in the process, four of them fell to the off-spin bowling of Travis Persaud.  The 21-year-old finished with figures of 4-25 from eight overs, while left-arm fast bowler, Daniel Basdeo, supported with 2-32 (seven overs). Abdul Razack, Seyhodan and Sudesh Persaud finished with one wicket apiece.Kalfani Adams led La Grange with 34 (3x4s, 2x6s), while Naresh Ramcharran added 21 (2x6s) and Singh 13 (2x4s).last_img read more

USC falls in Final Four

first_imgThe Women of Troy’s quest for a national championship is officially over.The No. 6 USC women’s volleyball team fell to Pac-10 opponent No. 7 California and was denied its fifth trip to the national championship game.USC lost in straight sets, 25-14, 25-17, 25-20.“The whole team had trouble getting into a rhythm and following our own system,” junior outside hitter Alex Jupiter said. “Cal did a good job defensively. I feel that they came up with some things we didn’t really expect.”Last week in the Elite Eight, the Women of Troy knocked off Stanford after losing to the Cardinal twice in the regular season.This week, the story was the exact opposite.USC played the Golden Bears twice during the regular season and won both matches. But it proved too difficult for the Women of Troy to come away with another win when it mattered most. “It’s very difficult to beat a team three times,” coach Mick Haley said. “We lost twice and got a chance to beat Stanford a third time to get here, but I really thought we could handle this. I really thought we could do this better.”USC got off to a rough start and could never recover. Within the first few points, the team was called for both rotation and net violations. USC’s hitting percentage in the first set was a shocking -.027.“We came out with really high expectations for this match and it’s hard to get down at the beginning, especially such a big deficit right at the beginning when you fall out of groove and start making errors,” junior middle blocker Lauren Williams said. “It’s something really hard to come back from.”The number of errors for USC at times was greater than its number of kills. The team had 19 in the match, compared to California’s 15.California outside hitter Tarah Murrey proved to be too strong a force for the Women of Troy. The junior had 23 kills and 14 digs, hitting an impressive .413 on the night. Fellow outside hitter, freshman Adrienne Gehan, added another 14 kills for the Golden Bears.Unlike Murrey, USC’s outside hitters struggled. Jupiter had eight kills, while freshman Falyn Fonoimoana had only six. Williams added another six kills for USC.The numbers pretty much tell the story of the match. The Golden Bears hit .297, while USC only managed a hitting percentage of .107. California ended with 50 kills, while USC only had 32.En route to this Final Four appearance, USC tallied four impressive wins. The first two came against New Mexico and San Diego. USC hosted these opening round matches at the Galen Center. Last weekend, the Women of Troy swept Indiana in the regional semifinal before knocking off Stanford.This was USC’s sixth time in the Final Four in the last 11 years. The team entered tonight’s match riding a nine-match winning streak, having also won 15 out of 16.California will move on and face three-time defending champion Penn State this Saturday in the national championship game.The future for USC looks bright. The team had six freshmen on the roster this year and is only losing three seniors. USC finished the season with a record of 29-5 and was third in the Pac-10 standings, behind California and Stanford.“I think we have to use this loss tonight and use also how well we did this season and how far we got as a driving point for next year,” Williams said. “We need to come back in January and start doing what we need to do. Our whole starting lineup is coming back, and that’s going to be a big building point this spring to all work together.”last_img read more

‘Big on Darts’ Unibet secures multi-year title sponsorship of PDC Premier League

first_img Submit Share StumbleUpon Kindred marks fastest route to ‘normal trading’ as it delivers H1 growth July 24, 2020 Kindred: Spelinspektionen has failed in its management of Swedish marketplace June 11, 2020 European online bookmaker Unibet (Kindred Group Plc) has confirmed that it has secured a 3-year deal to become the ‘title sponsor’ of the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) Premier League.The bookmaker extends its relationship with the PDC expanding its existing darts sponsorship portfolio which includes; the Unibet European Championship, the Unibet World Grand Prix, the Unibet Champions League of Darts as well as the World Series Finals and Melbourne Darts Masters.The PDC Premier League is a 16-week long series of darts tournaments, which will take place across the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands. Breaking new grounds, the 2018 PDC Premier League will make its debut in Berlin Germany.In celebration of its ongoing PDC partnership, Unibet marketing will release a series of social media content videos relating to the PDC Premier League. The first  viral video is a ‘hidden camera’ trick featuring PDC Premier League champion Michael van Gerwen and world number three Peter ‘Snakebite’ Wright tDetailing Unibet’s commitment to darts, Kindred Group CCO Ebba Ljungerud stated: “Darts has been one of the fastest growing sports in our sponsorship portfolio in the UK and we are extremely excited about extending our partnership with the PDC to become the new sponsor of the Premier League.  We are planning on making what we already know to be a great tournament even better.“It’s grown to become the widest-reaching event in darts and we’re looking forward to 16 exciting nights across Europe. Darts is an action-packed betting sport and we will continue to bring our best-in-class activation and offer to all the fans. “PDC Chairman Barry Hearn backed Unibet as title sponsor of the Premier League: “We’re delighted that Unibet have furthered their association with us in their sponsorship of the Premier League for the next three years.“The Unibet Premier League will be bigger than ever in 2018, with our success in the UK, Ireland and more recently the Netherlands leading to the introduction of a league night in Berlin next year, and it promises to be a special tournament. The Premier League’s growth since 2005 has been a phenomenon in British sport and it’s another boost that Unibet were so keen to add this prestigious event to their growing darts sponsorship portfolio”. Related Articles Unibet backs #GoRacingGreen as lead racing charity  July 28, 2020 Sharelast_img read more

TIPOS Slovakia chairman arrested on money laundering charges

first_img Share StumbleUpon Slovak Hockey praises Tipsport’s vital support June 24, 2019 Related Articles Submit EU research agency demands urgent action on loot box consumer safeguards July 29, 2020 Share PokerStars adjustments stunt Stars Group Q1 2019 opening May 15, 2019 Slovakia’s gambling sector has been brought into disrepute, as executives of state-owned lottery operator ‘TIPOS SK’ are investigated on charges of money laundering.On the morning of Tuesday 26 November, officers of Slovak national crime agency NAKA raided the Bratislava headquarters of TIPOS Slovakia, detaining company Chairman Ján Barczi and IT Director Miloš Prelec.Breaking the arrests, Slovak news source Aktuality reported that Barczi and Prelec had been detained on charges of manipulating corporate reporting systems in order to facilitate money laundering activities.The TIPOS executives had been further charged with knowingly hiding money across multiple ‘dormant player accounts’, with funds later withdrawn to unverified bank accounts.Furthermore, Aktuality states that Barczi had hired an unnamed associate, working in the TIPOS organisation, to allow the illegal transactions to take place.NAKA has confirmed that it will swiftly charge Barczi and Prelec on grounds related to money laundering but did not disclose how much money had been stolen from the National Lottery operator.Under Slovakia’s current gambling framework, TIPOS SK serves as the national monopoly for lottery, football pools and instant-win games.last_img read more

Old video of Manchester United’s Angel Gomes seeking healing at TB Joshua’s church goes viral [VIDEO]

first_imgFootage of Manchester United youngster Angel Gomes at the church of Nigerian preacher, T.B Joshua for ‘healing’ has gone viral on social media.In the video, the player, then 16 years old, introduces himself and adds that he has been struggling with hip and groin injuries which have affected his progress at the Premier League Club.He said he would usually sustain these injuries when he had a “breakthrough” with the team or was chosen to play in tournaments.Gomes said his family has always watched TB Joshua on TV and were fans of is, which is why he decided to come and see the preacher.The video showed the now 19-year-old jogging in an open area showing off his “healed” ankle which he said he recently injured.“Don’t doubt what you feel inside. Just go with your heart and have faith. When you need someone to look up to, just look to God. Just have faith and be proud,” Gomes said afterwards.Gomes joined United at the age of six when he started training with their academy.He has gone on to make five appearances for the senior team.The player has had a difficult time at the club recently, with his contract expiring at the end of June.Manchester Evening News reported that there have been no discussions between the club and the player over a new short term contract extension.Gomes has also made appearances for England’s youth teams from the U-16 side to U-20.Although he was born in England, Gomes is also eligible to play for Angola and Portugal as he is the son of Angolan-born former Portugal footballer, Gil Gomes.He is also the godson of former Manchester United winger, Nani.last_img read more

Gone to the Snow Dogs YouTube Channel Helps put Alpena on the Map

first_imgAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to MoreAddThisAlpena- Meet Jessica Hatch and her three huskies, Memphis, Shelby, and Oakley.8 years ago, Jessica and her husband decided to start a vlogging channel on YouTube, highlighting the adventures with the dogs. Millions of views and hundreds of thousands of subscribers later, they continue to explore the outdoors both here in Northeast Michigan and all around the state. Each dog has their own personality and have gained quite the celebrity status, being featured on Animal Planet and other large brands. The crew continues to grow their social media brand by creating more channels featuring cooking and other adventures.You can learn more about this happy family on their YouTube page.You can check out their Facebook and Twitter by clicking the hyperlinks.VIDEO AND PHOTO COURTESY: GONE TO THE SNOW DOGS  AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to MoreAddThisContinue ReadingPrevious Rogers City Area Schools get new superintendentNext Fire commission seeking bids for township fire dept. auditlast_img read more

Nationals ruin Walker Buehler’s birthday, pound Dodgers to avoid sweep

first_img Dodgers’ Max Muncy trying to work his way out of slow start PreviousWashington Nationals’ Matt Adams, left, is out at the plate against Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Will Smith during the second inning of a baseball game, Sunday, July 28, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Walker Buehler walks toward the dugout after he was pulled from a baseball game during the sixth inning against the Washington Nationals, Sunday, July 28, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Nick Wass) SoundThe gallery will resume insecondsLos Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Walker Buehler delivers during the first inning of a baseball game against the Washington Nationals, Sunday, July 28, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Walker Buehler delivers a pitch during the fourth inning of a baseball game against the Washington Nationals, Sunday, July 28, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)Washington Nationals’ Brian Dozier (9) slides home to score against Los Angeles Dodgers starting pitcher Walker Buehler (21) during the sixth inning of a baseball game, Sunday, July 28, 2019, in Washington. The Nationals won 11-4. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)Washington Nationals manager Dave Martinez, right, reacts after he was ejected by home plate umpire Jeremie Rehak, left, during the first inning of a baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Sunday, July 28, 2019, in Washington. Second base umpire Brian O’Nora, center, looks on. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)Washington Nationals’ Adam Eaton (2) walks to the dugout after he was ejected by home plate umpire Jeremie Rehak, back left, during the first inning of a baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Sunday, July 28, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)Washington Nationals manager Dave Martinez (4) is ejected by home plate umpire Jeremie Rehak, left, during the first inning of a baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Sunday, July 28, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)Washington Nationals starting pitcher Stephen Strasburg delivers during the first inning of a baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Sunday, July 28, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)Washington Nationals’ Brian Dozier (9) celebrates his two-run home run in the dugout with Juan Soto (22), Adrian Sanchez (5) and others during the fifth inning of a baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Sunday, July 28, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)Washington Nationals’ Victor Robles, left, slides home to score during the eighth inning of a baseball game past Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Will Smith, right, Sunday, July 28, 2019, in Washington. The Nationals won 11-4. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)Washington Nationals’ Juan Soto (22) celebrates his two-run home run with Howie Kendrick (47) and Anthony Rendon (6) during the eighth inning of a baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Sunday, July 28, 2019, in Washington. The Nationals won 11-4. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)Washington Nationals’ Victor Robles loses his helmet as he runs to third on his triple during the fifth inning of a baseball game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Sunday, July 28, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)Washington Nationals’ Victor Robles, right, slides into third with a triple against Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner, left, during the fifth inning of a baseball game, Sunday, July 28, 2019, in Washington. The Nationals won 11-4. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)Washington Nationals’ Victor Robles (16) reacts as he is safe at third with a triple against Los Angeles Dodgers third baseman Justin Turner (10) during the fifth inning of a baseball game, Sunday, July 28, 2019, in Washington. Third base umpire Dan Bellino (2) looks on. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)Washington Nationals’ Matt Adams, left, is out at the plate against Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Will Smith during the second inning of a baseball game, Sunday, July 28, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)NextShow Caption1 of 15Washington Nationals’ Matt Adams, left, is out at the plate against Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Will Smith during the second inning of a baseball game, Sunday, July 28, 2019, in Washington. (AP Photo/Nick Wass)ExpandWASHINGTON — If Walker Buehler cut into his birthday cake Sunday night and found it was carrot cake, that would only be the second-most disappointing part of his day.The right-hander turned 25 Sunday and gave up seven runs in 5 1/3 innings. Very little else went right for the Dodgers either and the Washington Nationals handed them an 11-4 beating.The seven runs matched the most Buehler has allowed in a big-league start – and set a new standard in the non-Coors Field category. It was also his shortest start since he went five innings against the New York Mets on May 29, defusing an anticipated pitchers’ duel with Stephen Strasburg.“He’s been one of the top 5 most talented guys in this game. He’s done a lot in this league,” Buehler said of Strasburg who recorded his major-league leading 14th win. “When he’s good, he’s tough to beat. I didn’t really give us a chance to go after him today.” Dozier burned his former team again in the fifth. After Gerardo Parra reached on a dribbler to the left side against the shift, Dozier sent a two-run home run over the wall in right field.“I got myself in bad counts, made some bad pitches that caught too much of the plate,” Buehler said. “Left it in the middle (to Dozier). He’s been around a long time and he can hit fastballs. The Parra one is a little frustrating just because you feel like you made a good pitch. I just wasn’t in enough good counts.”The Nationals added a two-out run when Victor Robles tripled and scored on an Anthony Rendon single.Things only got worse in the sixth – and Buehler got no help from his defense this time.A leadoff single by Howie Kendrick and back-to-back walks of Parra and Dozier loaded the bases with one out. Strasburg drove in one run with a single to right.Trea Turner bounced a ball to first baseman Joc Pederson. Still a trainee at the position, Pederson opted to go home but made a poor throw that got by catcher Will Smith. Two runs scored on the play. Another one scored when Pederson struggled with the sun and couldn’t catch Rendon’s pop up just beyond the infield.Pederson’s error was the Dodgers’ 20th in their past 13 games, leading to 14 unearned runs in the past 10 games (three in the sixth inning Sunday). Though most defensive metrics look favorably upon the Dodgers’ ability to turn batted balls into outs, they have made a National League-leading 77 errors this season.Related Articles Dodgers hit seven home runs, sweep Colorado Rockies Strasburg was good Sunday. In fact, he was perfect for 4 1/3 innings, retiring the first 13 Dodgers in order. The Dodgers had just two hits in his seven innings – doubles by A.J. Pollock and Matt Beaty in the fifth that produced their only run until a three-run home run by Corey Seager as the last fans headed for the exits in the ninth.“Stephen’s got really good stuff,” Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said. “We know what he has. He’s an elite pitcher. Today, he was getting the fastball in on our lefties and opening up the outside part of the plate for his secondaries. Today, he really had his stuff going.“When he can attack with his fastball and locate it to both sides of the plate, you know he’s going to be tough.”Buehler wasn’t as sharp but he matched zeroes with Strasburg through four innings, thanks in part to a poor decision by Nationals third base coach Bobby Henley.Buehler hit Matt Adams in the foot with a pitch to start the second inning. Adams limped down to first base and was still there two outs later when Brian Dozier doubled off the wall in left field. Not fast with two good feet, Adams was lumbering towards third base when Henley decided to send him. The relay throw from Seager easily beat Adams home. Fire danger is on Dave Roberts’ mind as Dodgers head to San Francisco center_img How Dodgers pitcher Ross Stripling topped the baseball podcast empire “It’s something that shouldn’t slump. We’re just not playing consistent defense,” Roberts said. “When you don’t make plays, it adds to pitch counts and things like that. It really changes the dynamic of the game. But I know the preparation is there. We just have to get better. It’s pretty simple.”Pederson has made just two of the errors during this “slump” but Roberts acknowledged he would “probably not” be playing first base if the Dodgers didn’t have a 15-game lead in their division.“He didn’t make a play today but team defense is not solely on one person,” Roberts said. “That’s a collective.”The Nationals piled on with four runs off Dodgers reliever Jaime Schultz in the eighth inning. Cody Bellinger homer gives Dodgers their first walkoff win of season Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more

U.S. Open 2019: Tiger Woods’ tee time for Round 4, how to watch Sunday’s coverage

first_imgTiger Woods’ U.S. Open tee timesWoods will be paired with Byeong Hun An with the third round. The duo will tee off at 2:27 p.m. ET from the first hole on Thursday.RoundTee Time (ET)HolePairing15:09 p.m.1Jordan Spieth, Justin Rose211:24 a.m.10Spieth, Rose32:27 p.m.1Byeong Hun An42:56 p.m.1Marc LeishmanTIGER TRACKER: Follow Tiger Woods’ Round 4 at the U.S. OpenU.S. Open 2019 TV schedule, live streamTV channels: Fox, Fox Sports 1Live stream: Fox Sports Go | | fuboTV Leaderboard: Follow SN’s live trackerThe Fox family of networks will have full coverage of all four rounds, including 20 combined hours over the weekend. Joe Buck will provide play-by-play for the third consecutive year while Paul Azinger will serve as the lead analyst. You can also live stream Rounds 1-4 by signing up for fuboTV, which offers a free seven-day trial.DateTime (ET)ChannelThursday, June 1312:30-7:30 p.m.FS1/fuboTVThursday, June 137:30-10:30 p.m.Fox/fuboTVFriday, June 1412:30-7:30 p.m.FS1/fuboTVFriday, June 147:30-10:30 p.m.Fox/fuboTVSaturday, June 15Noon-10 p.m.Fox/fuboTVSunday, June 16Noon-10 p.m.Fox/fuboTV After following up a Masters victory with a missed cut at the PGA Championship, Tiger Woods will hope his 2019 U.S. Open performance resembles more of his first major of the year than his second. Woods has won three U.S. Opens (2000, 2002, 2008), tied for his fewest victories of any major, but one of those three wins came at Pebble Beach, the site of this year’s tournament.  Since Woods’ Masters victory — a big reason why he is No. 5 in the world right now — he has played in just one tournament outside of a listless PGA Championship performance, the Memorial Tournament, where he finished in the top 10 two weeks ago. MORE: Watch the U.S. Open live with fuboTV (7-day free trial)Despite his three career wins, the U.S. Open hasn’t treated Woods well recently. He missed the cut in his last two appearances and hasn’t finished in the top 10 since 2010. If you want to watch Woods try to make it two U.S. Open victories at Pebble Beach, you’re in luck. Below is everything you’ll need to know to watch Tiger’s rounds at the 2019 U.S. Open. You can also follow our “Tiger Tracker” and a full live leaderboard for hole-by-hole updates throughout the tournament. last_img read more

Tripled number of students in the football school “Asim Ferhatović Hase”

first_imgThe previous year 2012 was very succesfull for the youngest players of the youth troops of FK ” Srajevo” in the football school ”Asim Ferhatović Hase”. All children who attend regularly this school are between 6 and 11 years of age.” When I took over the football school in 2012, there were only 60 starters, and by the end of 2012, 140 young boys were regularly coming to training sessions.”- said the coordinator of the football school Samer NaserThe first steps were directed towards making a new plan and program of the trainings that will be acceptable to different starter age groups. They have improved the conditions for training, where children trained for the first time on the additional stadium of the Olympic stadium ” Asim Ferhatović Hase”.In order not to make the football school only about training, the football school has organized a lot of other activities for them. They have introduced their ”Bordo League” within which medals and diplomas were given.  The football school of FK ”Sarajevo” is not offering  only trainings but also different fun activities and that is why it has so much starter football players.last_img read more

Todd Gurley is lying about his cat from the Hulu commercial

first_imgView this post on Instagram Week 5 NFL PICKS:Against the spread | Straight-up picksFrom the interview:Q: What would you list as your dislikes?A: “Driving. Waking up early. And I hate 
dogs. I love cats, though. Cats are so cool. Actually, I’m probably gonna get some 
this year.”Q: Sorry, you’re gonna get a bunch of cats?”Two, at least, so they can, you know, conversate or whatever. I mean, how would I feel if I was a cat and someone bought me and just left me by myself 
for like 20 years?”Q: So, you’re the Crazy Cat Lady.”Yeah, I’ll be Cat Dude.”So when Gurley announced he became a “cat dad” in August, people thought he actually got a cat. But the dream of Todd Purrley didn’t last long. A few days later it was revealed the kitty was not actually his. The cat’s name is actually Mr. Hulu Has Live Sports and is only part of an ad campaign by the streaming service Hulu.Here’s the commercial. Practicing my new touchdown dance for Sunday🕺Goooooo @tg4hunnid #HuluHasLiveSports #Touchdown #CatDance @rams . . #cancelcable #football #rams #larams #browns#fantasyfootball #sports #instagood #instacat #nflfootball #nfl #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #catlovers #cats_of_world #catoftheday #cats🐱 #touchdowndance #touchdowncelebration #nflfootball #nfl #footballseason #catsofinstagram #kitty #kitten #catoftheday #quarterback #mrhuluhaslivesports #huluA post shared by Mr. Hulu Has Live Sports (@mrhuluhaslivesports) on Sep 20, 2019 at 12:55pm PDT What’s that? The @buccaneers are going down this Sunday? Oh, and Hulu Has Live Sports? Go @tg4hunnid Go @rams Go @hulu #HuluHasLiveSports . . #GoRams #nfl #football #footballseason #larams #buccaneers #sports #catsofinstagram #cats #catstagram #instacat #kitty #ilovemycat #catsagram #catlovers #kittens #bestmeow #animal #petstagram #pets #NFLSunday #toddgurley #mrhuluhaslivesports #huluA post shared by Mr. Hulu Has Live Sports (@mrhuluhaslivesports) on Sep 26, 2019 at 11:51am PDTHere’s the cat wide open for a touchdown View this post on Instagram I make this look easy, and I don’t even have thumbs. 👍 . . #cats #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #catstagram #cutecats #catsofinsta #catfluencer #catoftheday #weeklyfluff #huluhaslivesports #hulu #getthatmoney #getthatmeowney #meow #meowing #catstagram #catlover #nfl #football #catch #catfootball #catricks #mrhuluhaslivesports #toddgurley #gurleyA post shared by Mr. Hulu Has Live Sports (@mrhuluhaslivesports) on Aug 20, 2019 at 6:54pm PDTHere’s the cat with a helmet I’m the starting running cat for #TeamHuluHasLiveSports. NBD. 💪💪💪 . . #cats #catsofinstagram #cats_of_instagram #catstagram #cutecats #catsofinsta #catfluencer #catoftheday #weeklyfluff #huluhaslivesports #hulu #getthatmoney #getthatmeowney #meow #meowing #catstagram #catlover #football #footballcat #mrhuluhaslivesportsA post shared by Mr. Hulu Has Live Sports (@mrhuluhaslivesports) on Aug 12, 2019 at 4:09pm PDTHere’s the cat with his fake father View this post on Instagram View this post on Instagram Rams running back Todd Gurley excited cat owners everywhere when he finally lived up to his promise of adopting a feline earlier this year.The adoption seemed legit, since Gurley told ESPN Magazine a year earlier how much he wanted a cat in his life. While it’s very upsetting Gurley lied about his cat-owning status, we’ve at least been blessed with an adorable kitty.Mr. Hulu Has Live Sports has an Instagram page with over 13,000 followers. The cat posts pics with his fake dad and poses in various football-related settings. We realize this is all just free publicity for Hulu, but you need to take a look at these cat photos.Here’s the cat catching a footballlast_img read more

If Kansas Supreme Court shuts public schools down; this could create construction chaos at USD 353

first_imgby Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — If the Kansas Supreme Court follows through with its threat to the state legislature to close the state’s public school system on July 1, this could create a problem for USD 353 and the construction process.Wellington Superintendent Rick Weiss told the board at last week’s meeting that it the court shuts down the Kansas public school system, all construction on the safety and security bond project quite possibly will come to a halt and will not start again until a settlement is reached.That comes as unwelcome news to the board, which is hoping that the project will come to a completion before the 2016-17 school year starts in August. Deadlines are tight at the moment.USD 353 is currently in a two-year construction project that includes major innovation to the various school buildings for safety and maintenance issues. While much of the project is complete, there is still several items left to do including the implementation of a new HVAC unit and boiler at the Wellington Middle School and the repaving of the parking lot.Weiss said the state supreme court has threatened the legislature that if it does not adequately address the inequality funding mechanisms in its latest legislation, the court will shut the school system down on July 1 – the beginning of the school calendar year.“If that happens, all employees, venders, contractors would be paid for their services on June 30,” Weiss said. “But then thereafter, everything will be closed. All public employees will go home and won’t come back until ordered.”From that perspective, that puts a wrench in the early August construction deadline plans when USD 353 is scheduled to restart. In this case, the construction workers are considered school employees until the project is complete.“I’ve been telling them exactly what I’m telling you, I don’t know what is going to happen,” Weiss said. “Everything is on hold.”The Kansas Supreme Court ruled in February that the state’s 2015 block grant funding law, which was meant to be a temporary fix replacing a per-student formula, actually left poorer school districts with a $54 million shortfall. It therefore ordered that if adequate legislation that addresses the inequality issue isn’t in place by then, the court will decide that “no constitutionally valid school finance system exists… and without one, the schools in Kansas will be unable to operate beyond June 30.”“Accordingly, the Legislature’s chosen path during the 2016 session will ultimately determine whether Kansas students will be treated fairly and the schoolhouse doors will be open to them in August for the beginning of the 2016-2017 school year,” the ruling stated.Kansas State Attorney General Derek Schmidt has filed a brief with the Kansas Supreme Court this week in hopes to stave off the possible closure.Weiss said the legislature and court are headed for a showdown in May, with oral arguments for both sides starting on May 10.“It will be interesting to see what the political fortitude is of the supreme court,” Weiss said. “I am sure they are under tremendous pressure both individually and collectively.”Stay tuned.———In other business, the school board:•Approved the resignations of the following personnel effective at the end of the 2015-16 school year:– Rene Ferguson: USD 353 Speech-language pathologist;– Brandi Kirschen: secretary at Kennedy Elementary;– Kelsi Barlow, fifth grade teacher at Eisenhower Elementary;– Damian Hays, WHS Spanish teacher, TIRC and MTSS team.•Tabled the consideration of school picture bids for 2015-16 until it could gather some more input;•Approved using Agler & Gaeddert of Emporia as the auditor for the district;•Allowed the use of the school building for Larry Steckline for the Wheat Festival using the same stipulation administered from the previous year.Follow us on Twitter. 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Authorities search for missing 20-year-old deemed ‘vulnerable’

first_imgThe Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is currently searching for a missing 20-year-old woman.Socheata Blossom Weimer was reported missing on February 26th after she failed to return to a recovery center.Officials say Weimer has ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, and bipolar disorder and has not been taking her medication since she went missing.Weimer’s family also says that she is vulnerable to influence and that she’s been taken advantage of in the past due to her disorder.Weimer is described as 5’2  and 150 pounds. She has no phone and no form of transportation.If you have any information regarding Weimer’s location, you are asked to contact the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office at 561-688-3400.last_img read more

Museum to Host Fall Military Collectibles Event

first_imgFacebook0Tweet0Pin0OLYMPIC Flight MUSEUMOlympia Regional Airport Back by popular request, the Olympic Flight Museum has added a second Militaria Show and Sale to its fall calendar, to be held on Saturday, September 17, 2011, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.  This event features collectors and dealers who display or sell an assortment of unusual or historic examples of field gear, uniforms, insignia, vintage vehicle parts and other military accessories.  Come to look, buy, sell or trade!  Vendor tables are available for $25 each.  Reservations are required for tables.  General admission is $5.00 per person, museum members and children 6 and under are free.  The Olympic Flight Museum is located at the Olympia Regional Airport on Old Highway 99.  For more information, visit or call (360) 705-3925. Olympia, WA – Museum to Host Fall Military Collectibles Eventcenter_img Submitted byTeri ThorningExecutive Director(360) 705-3925last_img read more

Pablo Alfaro: “It has helped Quique to have the label of cruyffista”

first_img“Pablo Alfaro, is our leader”, continues to rumble in the stands of Ramón Sánchez Pizjuán every day that there is a derby since that of 2000 … With 50 years and despite his successful career as an elite player, Pablo threw himself on the road because he wants to succeed on the benches. He has already directed Pontevedra, Recreativo, Leganés, Huesca, Marbella, Mirandés; and now it’s in Ibiza, where he arrived seduced by the ambitious project of Amadeo Salvo. Life gives you a gift this Wednesday. He will play against Barça, a team he belonged to in 1992 and in which he had the honor of being led by Cruyff; and to cross with Setién, with whom he lived three years of wine and roses in Santander. Pablo attended As in Ibiza. Doctor Pablo Alfaro, what brings you to Ibiza?(laughs) What brings me here? Well, it brought me a call from the president, Amadeo Salvo, and the sports director, Fernando Soriano. The two people who convinced me to come here. After my stage at Mirandés, in which we managed to make a promotion playoff in a beautiful campaign, because we were a few months more relaxed, collaborating with media, television, radio … And I was attracted above all the margin of growth that the club had. Especially for who directed it. We are an author club, I think we all have that clear. A club whose alma-mater is Amadeo Salvo, which the great sports management does not scare. He acquired the club five seasons ago and it was put to him to take him to professional football. So, with slow but solid steps, this is our ambition. Rub shoulders with those closest to professional football.The conclusion that one draws when he is in the club’s offices for a while is that this Ibiza breaks with the topics. Neither parties in Pacha nor humble complex. Organization, professionalization and ambition. This is serious and here the players do not come to stick spree. Do you agree?Clear. Keep in mind that, for us, this gift that football has given us to face Barça helps us to inform Spain of sport that Ibiza in winter is also alive and that it is not only a seasonal and holiday island, that It is also true because it is a paradise; but that can also have industrial, business and sports projects. We are very clear about the soccer player’s human profile that can come here and the one that can never come, unless it is in summer for vacations. Because there are temptations that do not exist in other places. We have ruled out more than five and six players for those doubts. If there are doubts, one cannot come to this island. Do you prefer to ascend to Segunda than beat Barcelona? In principle, that is the club’s project.This Barça is a blessed distraction. We embarked on this project to try to bring Ibiza closer to professional football. The Cup takes you to prizes like this and a party with international repercussion. And we will enjoy this. What we cannot do is commit the sin of not enjoying it. And the island is crazy. The field is a hotbed. Tickets were sold a week ago. It is a sporting event that has not occurred on the island and we will enjoy it.What moves you Pablo to continue in this circus? He has played elite football, has won titles in big clubs. And now he trains more middle-level clubs like Leganés, Huesca, Fuenlabrada, Mirandés, Ibiza … Is it the essence of the player or is it the passion to lead?It is the essence of this sport. When, due to age imperatives, you cannot continue playing, and that I was very long-lived because until I was 38 I was waging war, if you continue to be passionate about this world I have always thought that you have two areas: offices and benches. And in my case, the lion is still strong enough to be close to the players and in what one believes. And enjoy. It is a way to enjoy different but also congratulates a lot.I remember a day when he explained his first training under Cruyff. The rounds, the training systems. You totally neglected and didn’t know where he was. Have you been able to apply some of what Johan taught his teams?They can be applied. Do you know what happens with Johan? That Johan was a brave football, very brave. We can say that we were under his charge. His great virtue was courage because he did not invent a game system, that already brought him from Ajax. But it brought him to a more competitive football. And he had the personality to make it work. From that matrix, others have evolved, such as Barça years later, and others have copied. Our Super Champion Team had many automatisms of that team and modern football has many of those mechanisms. I knew that many years ago. That model has evolved, but they can be applied and in fact they are applied. GORKA LEIZA & nbsp; (DAILY AS) ‘); return false; “class =” item-multimedia “>Pablo Alfaro talks with AS in the previous Cup qualifier against Barcelona.GORKA LEIZA (DAILY AS) You have been in a large team locker room. And getting into a locker room with Messi or Piqué, who are great players, great winners, and also veterans, shouldn’t be easy. There are many things there. Do you think that Quique can convince those players that a great Barça is still possible?The egos in these clubs are great, but sometimes we think that costumes are more complicated than they really are. Possibly the key is to reach the boy who played football and everyone has inside. Being able to connect with that child who plays football, even if they have had vicissitudes, have matured, and have companies behind because we do not forget that these players are already companies with a lot of turnover, is key.If someone is told in July that Setién is going to train Barça, he almost laughs. What has happened motivates coaches of average teams to think that one day they can reach a great one, taking into account as in their case that they have even played in them?If true. But it will depend on who answers. In the election of Quique, there have also been conversations with other technicians, who have declined. That has helped him to be a Barça coach. But football accommodates you. You don’t have to have been a great footballer to be a coach. That has an added value, yes. But Robert Moreno has been a national coach when his curriculum was always to be Luis Enrique’s assistant. And now he is in Monaco. And with the National Team he has done very well. I had a coach who is Joaquín Caparrós, who was not a great footballer either. And Bordalás. It is not synonymous with ‘de’. You have to win over players, managers, hobby …Do you have something original to say about Messi?Yes. I have something original to say about Messi. I am one of those who wants me to come and, in addition, it is very worthwhile to bring Messi to Ibiza in winter (finally it was not part of the call of Setién). And I think my players have succeeded, if it finally comes. Because we see Messi in summer in restaurants, on yachts and in the coves of Ibiza, but if Quique considers it appropriate we will do it in winter. And that is a merit. At the football level what am I going to say. You have done chronicles and a thousand analyzes of Quique’s debut match. But if someone who does not understand football sees what happened, they will summarize it easily: Barça wins it and Messi. And then, analyze it however you want. Is the best. So, play or not play, hopefully come to enjoy it. If we want to enjoy this as a party, may Messi be in it.You got to match him on the grass.I remember her long hair, that more childish face. I remember that at that time, when he left, there was another footballer who came out as Bojan, and there were bets on Can Barça to see who would come out better. It is impossible to endure the rhythm of Messi. Bojan has been very good, international, with a great career. But they are incomparable.You have been part of that ocean liner that is Barça. And as central. In what can get wet, do you think that Barça has a problem in defense?It’s another pretty debate, like the one about possession. In Can Barça, the position in which it is least repaired is that of central, and it is true that there are few by number. I remember that when I was there that, at some point I was cabreadillo, I declared that in Barça you remember the centrals as health, when it is not. When health is good, nobody thinks you’re healthy. It is a risky position in Barça, but for me those who have are world class. Piqué and Umtiti are world and Lenglet champions. That they can think of incorporating someone else, because they will know what to do. “This Wednesday there is no VAR, because it is not implemented until the next round. I wanted to know your opinion about the tool. Is this really doing something good to football? I ask because the other day the fat guy touched one of the teams inside, Sevilla.It was close, very close … I am not going to say anything because it entitles me. Let’s see, the VAR has come to stay. You can’t put brakes on technology.Do you think you have no real reverse?I think not. In very few orders of life, in any business, industrial or entertainment field, if you withdraw a technological advance it sounds like a resounding failure. It has to stay, but you have to improve it a lot. You have to unify the criteria, have them clear and that is so that all are equal. The VAR has come to do justice and so that, although we know that the controversy will always exist, it is minimized. We are at a time when the controversy is being amplified. Before the arbitral trio was wrong. Ahoar can be wrong who is cold, sweating, and those who are hot in the VOR room with coffee. We have to improve and I think everyone is aware of them. I think it’s a year of adaptation.I will not get the headline, but tell me how many friends in Seville wrote on Saturday indignant at what happened at the Bernabéu.Enough, enough, enough … Pablo Alfaro Pablo Alfaro, before the list Now we go to Quique, but it is interesting to ask him before about the debate that has started after the first Barça match with Setién. You who have lived between the cruyffismo and the bilardismo of Caparrós in Seville, in which point of the debate is located? Do you like a team that gives 1,005 touches and only throws six times at the door?(laughs) In the end, it is a statistic and is an indicator. The most important statistic in our sport, the one we all look for, is that of the scoreboard. I think that is impeccable. And for her we all work, one way or another. Following one model or another. That you have the ball … You can be a very defensive team having the ball. It is a way of defending. You can be more offensive while on the rival field. But they are broad, relative, nuanced terms. But if you have the ball more than the opponent, in the opposite field and having chances, you are attacking. If you are in your field, you combine, you never progress, and you generate nothing, defend with the ball. It is important to breathe with a balloon and then provide another mechanism. I know that it is a debate that you like very much, that it is recurrent and very good. Not because I say so, but if you start to pull statistics and data from the last World Cups or Champions, the teams that have been winning, have been reducing the ball possession data. Because when they have had it they have been effective. It is a beautiful and football debate. But the best statistic is that of the scoreboard.How would you say your Ibiza plays?We are aware that Barça is very powerful and favorite. But we are a team that wants to be the protagonist. At least in our category. We start from behind, we like to have the ball. And have the ball with a clear objective, have the ball. On a defensive level, we like to be an aggressive team and play far from the goal. And, above all, a team that transmits. “In my case, the lion is still strong” “Cruyff’s great virtue was bravery because he didn’t invent a game system” Pablo Alfaro The hype and dismissal of Valverde have left an Ibiza-Barça in which it will be measured with Setién. Memories of Cantabria, three years together. Who was Setién in Santander?We keep beautiful memories of that Racing. I was very happy and Santander is a city that I adore. It was a Racing that beat Barcelona and Madrid … Humble but that gave war in First. Quique, as the Italians say, was the metronome, the team’s fantasist. He had arrival, game vision. I watched football like that. He was a veteran, captain and darling. And it has always been wet by Racing. It’s funny, because I spent three years in Santander on loan from Barça. We share many moments, a lot of relationship. Tertulias at home, in mine. I am very happy that Barça signed it and I hope it goes well since Wednesday night.And that label that he has always placed as a radical cruiserie already had it as a player?He liked it, logically. But we are seeing it with the perspective of time. These were the times when Barça de Cruyff had triumphed. Johan’s beginnings in Barça were not simple but that model consolidated and Quique liked it because he was ideal as a footballer. And when he has been a coach, he has been modeling and perfecting his idea. He does not have a Barca past and as a coach but in these circumstances.But do you think that label has helped you?It has helped, of course, it is clear. And now that he is there, he has the chance to succeed. “It is worthwhile to bring Messi to Ibiza in winter”last_img read more

Heading for the League

first_imgReal Madrid goes head-to-head for the League. Literally: five of the 12 goals he has scored in the domestic championship in 2020 were after headers, nothing less. This is how Varane scored against Getafe, twice; Casemiro the second of his two goals against Sevilla at the Bernabéu; Nacho against Valladolid in Pucela; and Ramos in El Sadar against Osasuna, on the last day of the League. Heads that have served Madrid to sign so far a full in LaLiga so far in 2020: five games, five wins, 15 points for whites, solo leaders with three points of advantage over Barcelona.To those five top goals in 2020 must be added the one that Nacho scored against Real Sociedad in Copa del Rey, which did not serve to finally reach the match against Donostiarras in the quarterfinals of the KO tournament. In the overall of the campaign, Madrid have scored 14 head goals among all competitions, out of the total of 71 they have scored so far. It is 19.7%, a percentage similar to that signed last year: 21 head goals over 108, 19.4%. Up to seven white players have scored headlining this season: Benzema, Jovic, Ramos, Varane, Casemiro, Nacho and Rodrygo. The leaders are Benzema and Ramos, with three heads of testarazo each, followed by Nacho, Casemiro and Varane, all three with two goals. Jovic and Rodrygo close the list with one. Also seven have been the assistants in those 14 goals, with Kroos at the top of the list. The German, the player with the most accurate hit of the white team, has served four goals for his teammates, followed by Carvajal, with three; Benzema and Marcelo have given two assists and with one remain Casemiro, Mendy and Lucas Vázquez.last_img read more

Benítez: “It is impossible to defend Liverpool for 90 minutes”

first_imgThe big question is how to beat Klopp and his boys. Rafa Benítez, a coach who will lead the big net in 2005 to win the Champions League in that unforgettable final in Istanbul and now at the helm of the Chinese Dalian Yifang, was asked about it by The Athletic. The Spanish coach is clear. “When we played against them with Newcastle we realized that our fastest players were not faster than them, so the only thing you have left is to appeal to solidity, to be really solid to get something,” he says. Liverpool arrives at the Metropolitan with a certain halo of superiority, pointed out by European experts as the most fit team and the most resourceful. Atlético’s rival has many virtues and this season they have only lost a match in the Champions League against Napoli de Ancelotti (which curiously also beat him last season). In addition, he lost in the Carabao Cup against Aston Villa (5-0) with a team full of youth and on the first date of the season he fell against City in the penalty shootout of the Community Shield. But Benitez believes that seclusion is not a good idea. Liverpool subject the teams to moments of overwhelming pressure and the Spanish coach bets to break them by being bold and returning the blow with decision. “The problem is that you cannot keep the solidity before them if they are overwhelming you all the time,” he emphasizes. “Defending Liverpool for 90 minutes is impossible, so you have to try to create something to the backlash, threaten them, give them some scare to make them more worried”, analyzes thinking about how to get rid of the pressure that Liverpool can exert in the rival area. Simeone is clear. In the press conference on Monday he showed his opponent very well and knows about the problem he can generate in your own field, even without the ball. Pressure after loss is a powerful exercise that Klopp has mechanized. “You have to escape from it. To win teams like Liverpool or City you have to be fast and technical moving the ball, It’s not about passing it by. You’re not going to be better than them in that, generally they will be faster and stronger than you. “last_img read more

Trevor McDonell wins Blizzard Mountain Bike Championship

first_imgComing up:-Wednesday is the mid week #2 mountain bike races at the Beatton Cactus circuit at 6:30 pm.-Thursday is a time trial but a mountain bike version on the Beatton Cactus circuit at 6:30 pm.-Sunday is a Challenge Cup road race in Dawson Creek at 10:00 amAdvertisement -Monday – Labour Day – is a Beatton Cactus circuit mountain bike race at 10:00 am. Photo:  Just part of the Mountain Bike course – Submitted by Tom Sparrow **Submitted- Advertisement -Trevor McDonell won a hot and difficult 15th edition of the Blizzard Club Mountain Bike Championship, Sunday. His time for the 3 lap, 10.5 km Beatton Cactus long course circuit was 1:07:12 hours. Pat Ferris was second at 1:22:52. It was so tough a circuit that all others failed to finish.      Sam Keats won the lap ‘short course’ with a time of 57:59. Adam Currie was second at 1:01:47 and Ken Nix third at 1:04:50.      Connor McDonell won the kids course with 11:57 minutes. Daric McDonell was second at 14:35.      Conditions were hot and dry on the side hill where the race was held. Many riders were away at other events so the numbers were low. Trevor McDonell got an early lead in the very hilly long course event and rode away from the competition. This is Trevors’ second club mountain bike championship as he won it back in 2002.      Penticton Ironman: No results, yet, for the Polehoykies at press time.Advertisementlast_img read more

Fort St John RCMP searching for stolen quads

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Police are investigating after a number of quads and a side-by-side were stolen this past Monday.Just after 1:10 p.m. on July 4th, the Fort St John RCMP received a report of the theft of a trailer and several ATV’s from a driveway in the 11000 block of 91st Avenue. Two Polaris ATV’s, one camouflage green and one yellow, along with an orange Polaris side-by-side UTV, and a black commercial Blazer trailer. The trailer’s license plate number was not provided. Commercial Trailer Blazer Model Black in colour (BCP Kf3MBG) VIN 5NHUBLV23AT425717. Photo by RCMP. Commercial Trailer Blazer Model Black in colour (BCP Kf3MBG) VIN 5NHUBLV23AT425717. Photo by RCMP. Stolen Polaris Quad Sport 500, green in colour VIN 4XAMH50A2DA061227 and Polaris Quad Sportsman 600 yellow in colour VIN 4XACH59A44A064581. Photo by RCMP Stolen Polaris Quad Sport 500, green in colour VIN 4XAMH50A2DA061227 and Polaris Quad Sportsman 600 yellow in colour VIN 4XACH59A44A064581. Photo by RCMP Stolen Polaris Side By Side with VIN 4XAVH76A6AD088481. Photo by RCMP Stolen Polaris Side By Side with VIN 4XAVH76A6AD088481. Photo by RCMP – Advertisement -If you see any of these items listed in these photos, please call the Fort St John RCMP at 250-787-8140, call 911 if the matter is urgent, or call Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-8477 if you wish to remain anonymous.last_img read more


first_imgBREAKING NEWS: A well-known Donegal hotel has closed with the loss of up to 35 jobs.The Seaview Hotel in Gaoth Dobhair which closed tonight.The owner of the Seaview Hotel in Gaoth Dobhair, Mr Jimmy Boyle, confirmed to Donegal Daily that the hotel has closed with immediate effect.The company trading as the Seaview Hotel, Boyle Entertainment Ltd, has now entered a voluntary liquidation process and a creditor’s meeting called. A total of 35 part-time and full-time employees have lost their posts at the hotel which once employed 102 people at its peak in 2008.Staff were called to the hotel and told the shocking news this evening.The company has cited a number of contributing reasons for its decision to close including commercial rates €65,000 per annum.A statement from Mr Boyle said further problems include continuous increase in overheads and “no local government body agency taking responsibility for job creation.” “It is with sadness that the company, Boyle Entertainment Ltd, has creased trading and adding to the current downward spiral of the Goath Dobhair while being ignored by the current administration,” said Mr Boyle. SADNESS AS WELL-KNOWN DONEGAL HOTEL CLOSES WITH LOSS OF 35 JOBS was last modified: January 7th, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:BunbegcloseddonegalGaoth DobhairJimmy BoyleliquidationSeaview Hotellast_img read more

Teen shooting victim identified

first_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREBasketball roundup: Sierra Canyon, Birmingham set to face off in tournament quarterfinalsAccording to police documents, Banuelos is a known gang member whose nickname is “Stalker.” He was convicted of battery stemming from a domestic violence incident in September 2005, according to Los Angeles County Superior Court records. Neighbors in the 11500 block of Joslin Street on Monday said they heard loud music at a house on the street early Sunday morning, then heard a “ruckus.” Teens were yelling and fighting in the front yard of a home. One neighbor, who declined to give her name, said she heard a woman inside the house yell at partygoers: “I’m closing the door!” At about 2 a.m., neighbors said, they heard five to 10 gunshots. They then saw the crowd disperse. Teens ran to their cars and sped away. One neighbor, who lives across the street from the home and declined to give her name, said she saw several boys attempted to load a limp teenage boy into the back of a car. She later saw blood on the car door, the sidewalk and the grass near her home, the resident said. When Whittier officers and detectives arrived at about 2:30a.m., the chaos and noise of the party had ended. Police took about 60 remaining partygoers to the station for questioning. Investigators learned the shooting might have stemmed from a fight between rival gang members. “We interviewed them all, individually,” Zuhlke said. “We learned the shooter was among them – some witnesses identified him.” [email protected] (562) 698-0955, Ext. 3026160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! SANTA FE SPRINGS – Coroner’s officials Monday identified a 17-year-old boy who was shot to death early Sunday morning at a post-prom party in Santa Fe Springs. Officials identified the victim as Andrew Joseph Salinas of Whittier. He was pronounced dead at Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital, said Lt. Fred Corral of the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office. Another 17-year-old boy was injured by gunfire but was in stable condition, officials said. Police arrested George Banuelos, 25, of Santa Fe Springs, who was booked on suspicion of murder, said Whittier Police Department spokesman Jason Zuhlke. last_img read more


first_imgPride of place this week goes to our under 13 team who turned in a great disciplined performance as they defeated Monaghan Utd 7-0 at Bonagee last Saturday in the SFAI national cup. Tomas Mullen notched a well deserved hat-trick, while JamesCarolan and Aaron Wasson each supplied a brace of goals. Other notable performers were Jack Clarke and Jason “Jazzer” martin.The under 14 Tigers lost out by the odd goal inthree to Glencar Hammers, with Clement Abu the scorer. They are away to Ballyraine Diamonds this week-end while the Under 14 team are also away to Ballyraine. Kick off at 12.15pm at the LYIT pitch.The under 12 side are in national cup competitionon Saturday as they travel to Clonmany St Mary’s. kick off at 12 noon. The Donegal league team moved to the summit ofDivision 2, when they recorded back to back away wins, as they defeated Letterbarrow 1-0. With the game evenly poised entering the closing stages, 16year old Gary Mc Cracken was sprung from the bench, and he duly cracked home the winner with minutes remaining. They make the short journey to Convoy this Sunday, to play the local Arsenal, with a 2pm kick off at Orchard Pk.There was no jackpot winnerof the clubs weekly lotto draw so next week’s jackpot is €1550. Numbers drawnwere 2,7,8,11,13,15 Lucky no. was 14. There were two match five no. winnersHugh Greene Drumany and Aisling Hunter Long Lane each get €25. Lotto plus winner’s€50 Jimmy Haughey Caralina Park,€30 Tony Pyper Old Townand €20 Rose Griffin Drumnahoe. Lucky no. winners Noah Funston Sligo, MajellaScanlon Bonagee, Evan Mc Garrigle Listillion, Catherine Mc Monagle c/o NiallCallaghan and Joseph Sweeney Drumany. The clubs annual development draw whichwas due to take place last Sat.10th November will now take place onSunday 2nd December in arena 7. Tickets are €10 each or a book of 3for €20 and are available from all players and committee members. The Christmas club is now open and merchandise can be viewed at the club Website o rat the Club House.    BONAGEE UTD FC NOTES was last modified: November 18th, 2012 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:Bonagee Utd FC noteslast_img read more


first_imgDonegal Junior League Administrator Terry Leyden pictured presenting the Downtown Cup to Tommy Rodgers captain of Glenea United Reserves. Included is League Secretary Christina O’ Donnell. Pic.: Gary Foy, League PROCastlefin Celtic Reserves 0 Glenea United Reserves 1From the very first few minutes of play this match had all the hallmarks of going to penalty kicks. Indeed this was the opinion of most of the half time tea drinkers as they gathered in the clubhouse at Diamond Park, Ballyare to oil their vocal cords in anticipation of the second half of the Final.On eleven minutes Barry Tourish created the first real opening when he cut in from the left wing before sending his shot wide of Ciaran Gallagher’s net. Both sides found it difficult to settle and the heavy underfoot conditions didn’t exactly help. On twenty four minutes Barr Tourish sent a dangerous fee kick across the Glenea penalty area but it was cleared for a corner. The corner, delivered by the same man, caused great confusion amongst the players in the Glenea box but Ciaran Gallagher did well to gather the ball under pressure.Gallagher had to be at his best on thirty two minutes when Neilis tried to chip the keeper but Gallagher proved well capable, making a fingertip save at full stretch to keep the game scoreless. Meanwhile at the other end Simon Mc Menamin had very little to do.Glenea were winning their fair share of the midfield battles but all too often couldn’t find the final pass as Eamonn Mc Hugh led the line, marshalled by the experienced duo of Peter Bryson and Mark Lafferty.Glenea started the second half on top and Mc Menamin made a great save to deny the Glasserchoo men an opening goal, diving to his right while badly sighted. Much of the game was now centred around the middle of the field with neither side seemingly capable of breaking the other defence on the day. The Linesmen were busy as time and again the forwards were caught offside by two vigilant defences. Glenea made the breakthrough after eighty seven minutes, somewhat against the run of play at that time. Eugene Maguire pumped a speculative ball over the Castlefin defence and the quick thinking Shane Ferry raced away from the Castlefin defence to get to the ball first. With the defenders closing in Ferry shot low and hard past Mc Menamin who was unlucky to slip as the ball almost in slow motion made it’s way through a goalmouth puddle and across the line.Prior to this Castlefin had the best chance of the game when Barry Tourish sent an inviting ball across the Glenea penalty area and with Gallagher rooted to his goal-line neither of the inrushing Castlefin forwards could connect with the ball as it flew past the back post uninterrupted. A let-off for Glenea which they took warning from. So the season ended with silverware making the journey to Mc Gettigan Park where the Downtown Cup will reside for the next twelve months. The envisaged penalty kicks uncalled for.Castlefin Celtic Reserves: Simon Mc Menamin, Jason Curran, Paddy Dooher, Peter Bryson, Mark Lafferty, Paul Logue, James Mc Menamin, Keith Neilis, Barry Tourish, Brian Dooher. Subs: Ronan Tourish for Marcus Curran, Gary Mc Nulty for Jason Curran.Glenea United Reserves: Ciaran Gallagher, Martin Ferry, Tommy Rodgers, Paudgie Mc Gee, Kevin Mc Fadden, Eugene Maguire, Shane Coll, Shane Ferry, Martin Maguire, Eamonn Mc Hugh, Michael Mc Clafferty. Subs: Shaun Sweeney for Martin Maguire, Mark Harley for Eamonn Mc Hugh.Referee: Michael Mulhern. Assistants: Barry Hunter & Brian O’ Kane. DONEGAL JUNIOR LEAGUE: GLENEA UTD RESERVES WIN DOWNTOWN CUP was last modified: May 11th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Donegal Leaguedowntown cupGlenea Utd Reserveslast_img read more


first_imgThis Saturday the 13th of September from 1pm-4pm a number of local agencies will deliver a fun cricket extravaganza in the wonderful setting of the Bernard Mc Glinchey Park in Letterkenny.The evening which is part of the One Donegal Programme which is funded through the Inishowen Development Partnership and the EU ERDF Fund will see the Donegal Sports Partnership, Cricket Ireland and St Johnston Cricket Club deliver a cricket in a ‘come n try’ format unsung a new and fun coaching format called the Cricket Factory.Everyone will have an opportunity to participate in some batting, bowling and catching using adapted coaching equipment which was produced to make the sport more accessible to all abilities young and old. An intercultural platform select will also play some local sporting celebrities in a fun game as part of the programme with food and refreshments from some ethnic cuisines.This event is free of charge and is open to anyone to come along. GET YOUR BALLS AND BATS OUT FOR CRICKET IN THE PARK was last modified: September 11th, 2014 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:CricketDONEGAL SPORTS PARTNERSHIPFeaturesLetterkenny Town ParkNoticesSportlast_img read more

Warriors officially waive Alfonzo McKinnie, should be available to all 29 teams

first_imgThe Golden State Warriors’ regular season tip off against the powerful Los Angeles Clippers is just five days away, so cuts are in order.Saturday afternoon, the Warriors announced officially that Alfonzo McKinnie had been waived.In 72 games with the Warriors, McKinnie collected a .487 FG% with a .356 3PT% with a .564 FG efficiency. With Durant sidelined with his ankle injury, McKinnie was a key piece in the Warriors’ Finals run in 2019.Head coach Steve Kerr sung the forward’s praises prior …last_img read more

SA ballet shines in dark times

first_imgSABT dancers Yolandi Olckers and Patrick Mngeni at a rehearsal. (Image: Bongani Nkosi)The South African Ballet Theatre (SABT) may be limping from the economic downturn, but it’s not letting that tarnish its reputation as the country’s most treasured and prolific classical dance company.The global recession is largely to blame for the company’s financial crisis, said SABT co-founder and director Fiona Budd. The theatre survives on funding, but the recession has led to a number of benefactors pulling out.Some of the former funders have resorted to supporting community establishments such as orphanages due to “social pressure”, and sponsorships of the 2010 Fifa World Cup “have also impacted us”, Budd added.Although the SABT is debt-free, it recently announced that it is facing threatening financial challenges and desperately needs funding. Due to this it’s had to put all activities on hold, including an exchange programme to Cairo, Egypt.The company launched an appeal for sponsorship in November and a number of generous individuals and companies have already responded, giving it a boost of R1.3-million (US$172 211). But this is just a fraction of the SABT’s annual budget of R12-million ($1.6-million), which includes monthly salaries of its dancers and management staff. It relies on funding for two-thirds of its budget.“If everyone gives a little we can do a lot,” said Budd.What’s even more encouraging, according to Budd, is that some donors have contributed far more than the asking sum of R2 000 ($264). Standard Bank made a donation of R10 000 ($1 325). Other companies that have responded to the call include South African Breweries, Air France, Sappi, First National Bank and Absa.Scores of individuals have also made significant contributions, including Constitutional Court Judge Edwin Cameron, world-renowned artist William Kentridge and many others. The South African public is also being urged to participate by sending a mobile text message with the letters “SABT” to 39969. Fifteen rand (about $2) will be donated to the company for every message received.“The campaign is promising. We hope that companies will inspire each other,” Budd said. “A number of people are phoning in offering their help.”One business owner, who SABT wishes to keep anonymous, donated R1-million ($132 469).As a gesture of appreciation the theatre will give all contributing companies a 20% discount on tickets for its 2010 seasons.Making ballet productions more accessibleThe SABT has become increasingly reliant on outside funding because it has cut ticket prices to make productions more accessible to local audiences. “If we were to charge what we are supposed to charge no one would come to our seasons,” Budd said.Attendance has been impressive over the years, with each season attracting between 10 000 and 15 000 people. But revenue from ticket sales covers just a quarter of the SABT’s budget.“People [tend to] think that because the ballet company is glamorous it has a lot of money, which is not the case,” Budd said.The company is also appealing to government for funding. “We are a national asset. [The company] is a platform that is used to showcase South Africa’s talent and something that the government can be proud of.”Irrespective of the funding campaign’s outcome, the company won’t give up. “We are determined that we will never let it die. We are prepared to do whatever to keep it going.”“It’s better if we go through difficult times now and then pick up again,” Budd said.No stranger to adversityThe company has become a force to be reckoned with in South Africa’s dance industry since its establishment eight years ago. It was set up after the State Theatre Ballet in Pretoria closed down in 2000, and all the country’s top ballet dancers were retrenched.Their fervent passion for South African dance meant that early retirement or emigration weren’t options, so they came up with creative strategies to form a new, independent ballet company.The more experienced dancers – Angela Malan, Dirk Badenhorst, Karen Beukes, Iain MacDonald, Kimbrian Bergh and Budd – formed the steering committee of the new company, which came into being in January 2001. “We just jumped into the deep end,” said Budd. “It was a sacrifice.”Their first plan was to assemble a team of danseurs and ballerinas to stage a production at the State Theatre as soon as was possible. The theatre paid them in advance, ensuring that the team had an income.In March 2001 the SABT staged the timeless classic Giselle, which was hugely popular with attendance as high as 94%. “After that funding and sponsorships started coming in,” Budd said.Giselle was followed by “a very well-received” tour to the cities of Port Elizabeth, East London, Welkom and Bloemfontein.During their first few months the SABT also staged productions in established theatres such as the Playhouse in Durban and the Joburg Theatre. Their 2001 season of Swan Lake sold out completely.The company continued to grow over the years, and in 2004 it moved into its new studios in Braamfontein at the Joburg Theatre. It has a contract with the theatre to use the facilities until 2012. “For a start we had our own facilities. We’re fortunate to be located here,” Budd said.“The theatre is accessible. It has rejuvenated the whole area,” said SABT spokesperson Samantha Saevitzon.The SABT has wooed audiences at home and abroad, rating its 2006 performance in Moscow, Russia, as “the most memorable”.“We had a standing ovation – that was incredible,” Budd said.Its impressive reputation means it often attracts top international dancers. Humberto Montero – one of SABT’s seven soloists – is from Mexico, while fellow soloist Roberto Curti is from Italy. Senior Corps de Ballet members Guy Wheatstone and Hyun Kyung Cho are from the UK and Korea respectively.“We get applications from almost every country in the world, Cuba, China, India and many others … We’re recognised internationally for our work, people know that there is this ballet company sitting at the bottom tip of Africa,” Budd said.Developing talentSince its inception the SABT has worked hard at grooming potential stars, setting up the Graduates Programme in 2001 to for this purpose.The programme is a full-time, year-long course. The students, who have to have completed high school, are selected through auditions and trained by senior principal dancer Angela Malan and Russian-born ballet master Alexei Ilin.The SABT has selected 13 aspiring dancers for its 2010 programme. The annual auditions attract young dancers from all over South Africa, Saevitzon said.As part of the programme the SABT gives its student dancers supporting roles in productions and offers various dance-related subjects to study. Those who shine throughout the course are employed as members of the Corps de Ballet and have a chance to grow in the company.“That’s our aim, we want to have more home-grown talent,” Budd said.The SABT has a strong social conscience and offers free ballet classes to 300 Johannesburg youngsters in the disadvantaged areas of Alexandra, Soweto, Katlehong and Sophiatown; and in Pretoria’s Mamelodi and Eesterus townships. It also offers free lessons in Melville and various other areas around Johannesburg.For its efforts the company received the 2007 Proudly South African Nation Builder of the Year award.The goal of the SABT’s outreach programme is to train young dancers so that they can go on to join the company or become professionals in other theatres. Budd said that some of them, being teenagers of around 14 and 15 years, will be ready to become junior professionals by the time they finish high school.Promising dancers in the outreach programme are offered free extra lessons at the SABT’s Braamfontein studios. At least twice a week a group of 12 are bused in from Alexandra to get special training with Ilin.“Definitely, the most talented will join our company. In Alexandra there are these two boys who are extremely talented,” said Budd.Passion for classical balletBuilding on its initial success with Swan Lake and Giselle, the SABT has grown fond of staging all-time favourites, which also include Coppelia, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. “Our audiences love the classics,” Budd said.Because these productions bring in the numbers, the company has stopped doing new productions – they are just not financially viable. “If we do Swan Lake, for instance, we sell 15 000 tickets.”“We are very good at performing the classics. Our dancers love them because they are very challenging [to perform],” Saevitzon added.Despite its financial constraints, the SABT will stage two seasons next year at the Joburg Theatre. Swan Lake will be performed in March and the ballet adaptation of Carmen will run in August.last_img read more

Slideshow: President Zuma in London (1)

first_imgClick arrow to play slideshow, or view the photoset on Flickr. See also: Slideshow: President Zuma in London (2) South African President Jacob Zuma inspects the guard, visits the former home of late ANC president Oliver Tambo, meets the opposition, dines with the Queen … all in the space of a day during his first state visit to the UK, 3 March 2010.last_img

Graça Machel returns to work ‘inspired by Madiba’

first_img27 June 2014 Nelson Mandela’s widow, Graça Machel, is to resume her work as a global advocate for women’s and children’s rights following a six-month period of mourning for her late husband, the Nelson Mandela Foundation said on Friday. Machel will welcome over 1 000 international delegates at a meeting of the World Health Organisation’s (WHO’s) Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Organisation in Johannesburg on Monday. Machel chairs the forum, and is also an African ambassador for Unicef’s A Promise Renewed, an initiative that supports the UN’s Every Woman Every Child movement. In a statement issued by the foundation, Machel said that Mandela’s death in December had robbed South Africa of the father of its democracy, and the world of an internationally respected icon – while she had lost “my best friend, beloved husband, and guide. “I was fortunate that in Madiba I found a soul mate and a fellow advocate for children and women’s rights,” Machel said. “I am inspired by his rich legacy that promotes justice, compassion, and solidarity. “Children were very dear to Madiba, and his last wish was to build the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital. This is my dream too, and I wish it can be realised in my lifetime.” Her other priority, she said, was to continue to advocate “for an expanded space for women in Africa to access better opportunities in economic, political and social spheres. I will work with others to protect the rights of children, fight for an end to child marriage, ensure we continue to make progress on child survival and development, as well as promote the attainment of quality education for all children”. Machel said she had been deeply touched and comforted by the affection shown towards her and her family through Mandela’s illness, his death and their bereavement. “I would like to thank our family, friends, and the people throughout the world who gave me love and support during these difficult times.” The Mandela foundation added that while Machel had officially come out of mourning, she continued to grieve the passing of Mandela “and will issue no further statements or accept interviews with regard to her private and family life”. SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

What is Luis Enrique’s problem with Jordi Alba?

first_imgBarcelona boss Ernesto Valverde was asked ahead of last weekend’s clash with Huesca what advice he had for Jordi Alba, who had been surprisingly left out of Luis Enrique’s first Spain squad.”Well,” he mused, “the same as anyone: focus on the game without going crazy.”The game may have been insane, with Barca triumphing 8-2, but Jordi Alba was his usual calm and composed self. And, as a result, as influential as ever.  Article continues below Editors’ Picks Man Utd ready to spend big on Sancho and Haaland in January Who is Marcus Thuram? Lilian’s son who is top of the Bundesliga with Borussia Monchengladbach Brazil, beware! Messi and Argentina out for revenge after Copa controversy Best player in MLS? Zlatan wasn’t even the best player in LA! The left-back scored one goal and created two others, teeing up Luis Suarez for his first of the season, and providing the cross that Jorge Pulido turned into his own net.In short, he was a constant menace down the left flank he has essentially made his own since Neymar’s departure for Paris Saint-Germain last year.At the time, Jordi Alba insisted that he was sad to see such “a great player” go, but at the same time admitted, “I have more of the wing to attack now. Honestly, it is much better for me.”The statistics certainly support such a claim. Jordi Alba racked up nine assists in La Liga alone, more than any defender.Of greater significance, though, was the fact that he created 11 goals overall, making it the most productive season of his career. Never before had he managed more than seven assists.Jordi Alba even contributed two goals to Barca’s triumphant Liga campaign – as many as he had accumulated in his three previous seasons.The increase in efficacy wasn’t just down to Neymar’s exit, though. Luis Enrique stepping down as Barca coach was arguably even more significant.Jordi Alba Valverde PSIndeed, Jordi Alba had been dropped several times during the 2016-17 campaign, as the coach experimented with a 3-4-3 formation, and after Valverde had taken over, the former Valencia ace confessed: “I haven’t played as many minutes as I would have liked, despite feeling good.”I do not know how it will go this season. I hope better.”In truth, he couldn’t have done much better, with Jordi Alba forming an excellent rapport with Lionel Messi, essentially replacing Dani Alves as the Argentine’s assist man.The defender teed the No.10 up for eight goals in all competitions, with Messi even returning the favour on a couple of occasions, most memorably and importantly with the stunning pass from which Jordi Alba salvaged a late draw for Barca against Valencia at Mestalla.That goal had preserved Barca’s unbeaten record in La Liga and Valverde described the pair afterwards as his team’s “life insurance”.”Jordi is a player who reads the space and Messi has a peripheral vision that is out of the ordinary, to be able to find him with the ball when he gets into position,” the Barca boss explained.”We are taking advantage of them and it is one of our strengths.”Jordi Alba’s pace, precision in possession and defensive diligence have also been of great value to Spain.He has been a virtual ever-present at left-back since making his debut seven years ago, even netting La Roja’s second in the 4-0 Euro 2012 final demolition of Italy. His sudden omission, thus, came as quite the shock, particularly to the player himself.Jordi Alba Luis Enrique PS“Of course, the decision surprises me,” he admitted last week. “It is not something that I expected.”I don’t know why I’m not going. I can tell when I’m bad and when I’m good, too.”I’d like to go to the national team but it’s the coach’s decision and I have to respect it.“At this moment, both Marcos Alonso and Jose Luis Gaya will represent the national team and they are two great players.”It isn’t down to me if a coach calls me up or not. It’s a decision he’s made. I don’t have any problem with anyone on a professional level.”The suspicion is, though, that Luis Enrique has a problem with Jordi Alba on some level.It seems strange, given the Catalan was among those to speak out in defence of the Barcelona boss after the abysmal 4-0 first-leg loss to PSG in the last 16 of the Champions League last year, insisting he was still the best man for the job.But Luis Enrique didn’t call to inform the 66-time capped defender that he had been dropped and refused to speak about it at last week’s squad announcement.”I’m not going to talk about those who aren’t here,” he declared.However, if he continues to ignore a man still performing at the peak of his powers at Barcelona, the questions over Jordi Alba’s omission are going to keep coming, whether he likes it or not.Maybe we’ll eventually learn exactly why Luis Enrique has axed one of the world’s best left-backs.last_img read more

Hyundai Kona electric SUV launched in India, price starts at Rs 25.30 lakh

first_imgHyundai Motor India today launched Kona electric SUV for an introductory price of Rs 25.30 lakh (ex-showroom). Hyundai Kona will be available in Phantom Black, Polar White, Marina Blue and Typhoon Silver monotone colour options and Polar White with Phantom Black roof dual-tone paint scheme. Customers will have to pay Rs 20,000 extra for the dual-tone colour option.Hyundai Kona electric SUV boasts of a very futuristic design with a unique front grille having intaglio pattern and integrated charging port. There is a split-type headlamp set-up with LED headlights and LED DRLs. The rear has LED tail lights and skid plates. The electric four-wheeler gets aero-tuned flared fenders, roof rails and 17-inch alloy wheels as well. The slim brake lights, turn indicators and reverse lamps are in a separated configuration.Inside the cabin of Hyundai Kona, the buyers will come across features like shift-by-wire drive controls, 17.77 cm touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, digital instrument cluster with supervision and multi-function steering wheel. Other features include 10-way power driver seat, front ventilated seats in leather, automatic AC, smart key with push-button, smartphone wireless charging and electric sunroof.Hyundai Kona electric SUV gets a permanent-magnet synchronous electric motor and it is powered by a 39.2 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery. The motor makes 136 PS and 395 Nm of peak torque. It can make 0-100 kmph in 9.7 seconds. There are four driving modes — Eco+, Eco, Comfort and Sport. There are paddle shifters for adjustable regenerative braking. The ARAI-certified range of Kona is 452 kms on a single full charge.advertisementHyundai Motor India is providing a warranty of three years with the Kona electric SUV. Also, there is a warranty of eight years and up to 1.60 lakh kms for the battery pack. You can refer to our first drive review of Hyundai Kona to know the electric better.So far as charging Hyundai Kona is concerned, the electric SUV can be charged 80 per cent in 57 minutes with DC quick charger using the CCS Type II port, while a 7.2 kW level-II charger takes 6 hours and 10 minutes, according to the company. Hyundai Motor India will provide two chargers with Kona. There will be a portable charger that can be plugged into any normal 3-pin 15-Amp socket and it will be capable of providing a top-up range of 50 kms in less than three hours. The AC Wall Box charger will be able to provide a range of 50 kms within a single hour. Hyundai EV dealers will support the customers in installing the sockets at their premises.According to the company, it is also working with IOCL for development of infrastructure to provide fast charging facilities at fuel stations in select cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bengaluru.With regard to the safety features, Hyundai Kona electric SUV will have six airbags, anti-lock braking system (ABS) with electronic brakeforce distribution (EBD), electronic stability control (ESC), vehicle stability management (VSM), hill assist control (HAC), rear camera with guideline, tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) and virtual engine sound system.ALSO READ | Maserati Levante Trofeo India launch by 2019-end, to feature Twin Turbo V8 engineALSO READ | Renault Duster facelift launched in India at a starting price of Rs 7.99 lakhALSO READ | Budget 2019 shows govt wants you to buy electric cars and here are the five best ones coming soon to Indialast_img read more

Postgame Show: Talking OSU-Baylor, Justice Hill and How Glenn Spencer’s Defense Showed Out In Waco

first_imgIf you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers! Hey we went live right after the game to talk OSU-Baylor. I called Carson to discuss Ramon Richards and Justice Hill and discussed Mason Rudolph’s performance. Hope you guys enjoy it. This was a lot of fun. Also, 10 Thoughts comin’!last_img read more

By the Numbers: Oklahoma State as Efficient as You can be at Pitt

first_imgThis week we get to look at one of the all-time great drive charts of the Mike Gundy era. Oklahoma State literally scored 7 points per drive in its first seven drive on Saturday at Heinz Field. Let’s dive into the numbers.OSU Drive ChartIt’s so … beautiful. TD, TD, TD, TD, TD, TD, TD, Half.OSU’s Pertinent NumbersPoints per drive (offense): 4.00Points per drive (defense): 1.17Yards per play: 9.4Third-down conversions: 10/14 (71%)Average starting field position: own 28-yard lineRed-zone scoring: 4/4Points off turnovers: 7Time of possession: 28:28Oklahoma State has been at 9+ yards per play in two of its first three games (amazingly, the USA game was not one of those). On the points per drive numbers, we don’t count defensive TDs as drives so OSU’s number would be 52 points divided by 13 offensive drives (we do count end-of-half drives, and if you watched the end of the first half of the USC-Texas game, you know why).One other point, OSU has led for 89 percent of game time so far this year. In three games so far this year #okstate has been …Down: 0 min. 0 sec.Tied: 11 min. 29 sec.Leading: 168 min 31 sec.— Pistols Firing (@pistolsguys) September 17, 2017Now let’s look at Pittsburgh’s less-than-stellar drive charts.Pittsburgh Drive ChartOklahoma State’s defense has been so good at limiting teams early in games this year. Combine that with a quick-strike offense, and you start tilting the momentum in your direction early and often.Pitt’s Pertinent NumbersPoints per drive (offense): 1.17Points per drive (defense): 4.00Yards per play: 5.7Third-down conversions: 5/15 (33%)Average starting field position: own 29-yard lineRed-zone scoring: 2/2Points off turnovers: 7Time of possession: 31:32I think it’s also worth pointing out that OSU’s defense is averaging more than a half point scored per drive it faces as it has had two pick-6s and a fumble recovery for a TD so far this year. That’s pretty impressive for a D that nearly everyone had written off as “ave-ruj” before the season started.Touchdowns scored this season:Florida’s offense: 2#OKstate’s defense: 3— Carson Cunningham (@KOCOCarson) September 18, 2017 If you’re looking for the comments section, it has moved to our forum, The Chamber. You can go there to comment and holler about these articles, specifically in these threads. You can register for a free account right here and will need one to comment.If you’re wondering why we decided to do this, we wrote about that here. Thank you and cheers!last_img read more

Gov’t Focused on Reintegrating Unattached Youth in Schools

first_img Education, Youth and Information Minister, Senator the Hon. Ruel Reid, says the Government is on a mission to reintegrate unattached youth in schools.He says the Administration has invested “considerable” resources in training and education initiatives that target persons who left school without formal certification, as also to enable current students to attain at least the equivalent of an Associate Degree before they exit the secondary education system.“We are now on (a) rescue mission, and all of us must make sure that we (collectively endeavor to reduce the number of) youngsters who are leaving the education system without the kind of (educational) empowerment (they need),” Senator Reid said.He was speaking at the official opening of a new classroom block at Pembroke Hall High School in St. Andrew, on May 3.Senator Reid said his Ministry remains focused on its thrust of keeping students in high school until age 18, so that they can be trained, certified, and be better prepared for work or higher education.He cited the Career Advancement Programme (CAP) as one of the initiatives being used to reduce the high number of youth not attaining certification with the requisite qualifications for employment or to pursue further education and training.The CAP is a Government of Jamaica initiative, administered through the Ministry, that is designed to respond to the growing numbers of learners who complete secondary level education without any formal certification and have not matriculated to post-secondary level education or work.This is focused on providing opportunities for all learners, ages 16 to 18, to identify, understand, choose, and prepare for careers and occupations of their choices.Other speakers at the function included: Finance and Public Service Minister and Member of Parliament for North West St. Andrew, where Pembroke Hall High School is located, Dr. the Hon. Nigel Clarke; School Board Chairman, Vernon McLeod, and Principal, Reverend Claude Ellis. Education, Youth and Information Minister, Senator the Hon. Ruel Reid, says the Government is on a mission to reintegrate unattached youth in schools. He says the Administration has invested “considerable” resources in training and education initiatives that target persons who left school without formal certification, as also to enable current students to attain at least the equivalent of an Associate Degree before they exit the secondary education system. “We are now on (a) rescue mission, and all of us must make sure that we (collectively endeavor to reduce the number of) youngsters who are leaving the education system without the kind of (educational) empowerment (they need),” Senator Reid said. Story Highlightslast_img read more

Rickmers Disposes of Panamax Boxship

first_imgzoom Singapore-based Rickmers Trust Management (RTM), a trustee-manager of Rickmers Maritime, has entered into a memorandum of agreement (MOA) for the sale of Kaethe C. Rickmers, a Panamax containership. The vessel is securing senior loan facilities extended by HSH Nordbank AG, Singapore Branch and DBS Bank (the HSH Syndicate) to the trust (the HSH Facility).The net proceeds from the sale will be used for the payment of operating costs of the secured vessels under the HSH Facility and partial prepayment of the same facility, according to the firm.The company said it has also entered into a deed of consent with the HSH Syndicate to obtain their consent for the sale.Rickmers Maritime will see an impairment loss of approximately USD 31.6 million for the sale in the fourth quarter of 2016.The 5,060 TEU Kaethe C. Rickmers, previously known as Maersk Djibouti, was built by South Korean shipbuilder Hyundai heavy Industries (HHI) in 2004.Market value of the vessel currently stands at USD 6.65 million, VesselsValue’s data shows.last_img read more

Air Canada jet damaged while on LaGuardia taxiway by another jet

first_imgNEW YORK, N.Y. – Airport officials in New York say an Air Canada flight that had just landed at the city’s LaGuardia Airport late Monday afternoon was damaged as it sat on the taxiway by another passing plane.Rudy King, spokesman for the Port Authority New York and New Jersey, says the Air Canada jet was stationary on the taxiway when an American Eagle plane operated by Republic Airlines that was attempting to turn clipped its wing.King says both planes continued to their gates under their own power.He says a 38-year-old woman on the American Eagle flight suffered a neck and back injury.Air Canada spokeswoman Angela Mah says the A320 jet was arriving from Toronto with 142 passengers and everyone on board disembarked normally, but the aircraft is now out of service.Tim Clark, an Air Canada passenger who was waiting at the gate to board the plane for its return flight to Toronto, says some passengers who left the plane went immediately to the windows to snap pictures of the damage.“There’s a very small amount of damage, but it’s on the wing tip, on one of those split pieces on the wing tip,” Clark said as he waited in the terminal for news about how he would get home.“It’s probably very important for flying.”King said the Federal Aviation Administration has been notified of the incident but had no word on the cause or who was at fault.He said the incident caused no disruptions to operations at the airport.last_img read more

Husky Energy offers apology for largest ever oil spill off Newfoundland coast

first_imgST. JOHN’S, N.L. — Husky Energy is apologizing for Newfoundland’s largest-ever oil spill last month, which saw 250,000 litres leak into the ocean.The huge spill of oil, water and gas happened while Husky Energy’s SeaRose platform was preparing to restart production during a fierce storm that was, at the time, the most intense in the world.In a statement Monday, the company says it is “deeply sorry” for the incident and is committed to learning from it and putting measures in place “to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”On Friday, Husky submitted its preliminary report on the Nov. 16 spill, stating that it appears that a flowline connector failed near the South White Rose Extension drill centre — about 350 kilometres east of St. John’s.The company says the initial release occurred during the 20 minutes that crews were troubleshooting a drop in flowline pressure, and a retest led to a second release lasting about 15 minutes.  The regulatory board that oversees the province’s offshore activities has said it’s now impossible to clean up the oil spill.Scott Tessier, chief executive of the Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board, said no oil sheens were spotted on the water, meaning the oil has likely broken down to the point that it cannot be cleaned up.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Canadian Tire buying 65store Party City business for 1744 million cash

TORONTO — Canadian Tire Corp. is diversifying with the purchase of 65 Party City stores across Canada for $174.4 million cash.The Toronto-based company says it plans to add stand-alone stores and also make Party City’s products available across 500 Canadian tire retail stores and online at City Holdco Inc. says it will use proceeds from the sale to pay down debt. It will also have a long-term wholesale supply agreement with Canadian Tire through Amscan Inc., beginning with an initial term of 10 years.The deal came as Canadian Tire announced second-quarter results, which included a 14 per cent increase in net income attributable to shareholders.The $177.4-million profit was up from $156.0 million a year earlier, while earnings per diluted share increased 20.5 per cent to $2.87 from $2.38 in last year’s second quarter when more shares were outstanding.Revenue increased 5.9 per cent from last year to $3.67 billion from $3.48 billion, mostly from retailing through multiple banners including Canadian Tire, SportChek, Mark’s and Helly Hansen.Analysts had estimated $3.72 billion of revenue and $187.3 million or $3.01 per share of adjusted earnings, according to financial markets data firm Refinitiv.Companies in this story: (TSX:CTC.A, TSX:CTC)The Canadian Press read more

CLIMATE CHANGE FOCUS Lake Chad trees keep deadly drought at bay

UNDP Chad/Jean Damascene HakuzimLake Chad – which originally reached from Chad into Nigeria, Cameroon and Niger – has lost 90 per cent of its surface area due largely to unsustainable water management and climate change.The UN Development Programme project (UNDP) is helping hold back the advance of the Sahara desert and provide the conditions for local people to farm sustainably, boost the availability of food and carry out income-generating activities.Read more here about how the UN is working to reverse the decline of Lake Chad. And, the main UN web page for all climate change coverage, can be found here. read more

Grenfell firefighter defends stay put policy and says lack of numbers at

The stay-put policy was not abandoned until 2.47 am, a decision which some survivors say cost the lives of their family members.Mr Dowden will continue his evidence on Wednesday. When asked if at 1.19am he considered evacuating, Mr Dowden said he had not, adding: “Things were rapidly developing and it was a very dynamic situation and I was feeling uncomfortable and at that point I wasn’t aware of what was happening internally”.When asked if he considered what he might do if the fire got out of control he replied: “I can’t recall a point of that conscious thinking, but that doesn’t mean to say that I didn’t or I did, but I think that this was the point where I was starting to become very consumed in terms of what was happening in front of me.“I think that the way that it was increasing and developing that I have never seen anything like that before and it was almost that I was consumed by that in terms of the sensory overload and because of the way that it was I do have some blanks and it is very difficult to recall certain parts of that incident.” He said that he had first realised that the exterior of the building was alight by 01.19 and had continued to increase appliances.This  was despite the fact that Chris Secrett, the manager of the crew who had initially gone in to tackle the fridge fire in flat 16, calling for the response to “to slow down because the fire was now out”.   “For me at that moment in time to facilitate and change a stay-put policy into a full evacuation is impossible, I didn’t have the resources, we are looking at 20 floors above the fire floor with just six fire crews in attendance. One central staircase. It is not something I have experienced as an incident commander before.” He told the hearing at Holborn Bars in central London: “Split second decision making is based on previous knowledge. I had no previous knowledge on how that building was reacting. I had nothing to fall back on, no default in terms of my own previous knowledge of how that building was reacting. At that moment in time I did feel uncomfortable, out of my comfort zone, because I didn’t have any previous experience to fall back on.” The firefighter in charge of tackling the Grenfell inferno has defended the controversial ‘stay-put’ advice for the first time, arguing it would have been “impossible” to evacuate the tower block.Michael Dowden, a watch manager, agreed that someone more senior should have been in charge and admitted that he cannot recall considering abandoning the policy or ordering an evacuation because he was “consumed” by events and suffering “sensory overload”. But Mr Dowden, who was the incident commander for the first hour, insisted that in hindsight even at 1.24am, just two minutes before the flames reached the top and experts say stay-put had failed, he did not have the resources to evacuate.He broke down in tears and had to take a break from the public inquiry after video footage was played showing flames spreading up the side of the block as members of the public cried: “Get out of the tower”.Families and experts fear that the continuation of the stay put policy could have contributed to the fact that 72 people lost their lives because of the fire.Mr Dowden told the hearing: “I think that it is important to clarify around that sort of time (01.24) I only had six fire appliances in attendance and from my understanding at that time most of them were consumed in terms of the breathing apparatus resource at the bridgehead. However, despite putting in that request at 01.12 Mr Dowden was left in charge till 1.57 as Andy Walton, who was on his way to relieve him, was delayed because he was “having difficulty finding a route to the incident due to the amount of road closures in the area”. By the time Mr Walton took over there were 25 pumps in attendance. After 10 engines were ordered an Assistant Commissioner should normally take charge, and Mr Dowden said when he made this call at 01.24 he had “expected that there would be a senior officer very soon”. He admitted that these were not thoughts that he had had at the time but were “reflective”, adding: “I was reacting in a way that I thought was best in all my experience.”Mr Dowden had been with the first crews to arrive on the scene around five minutes after the first 999 call at 00.54am on June 14 last year.As watch manager he took on the role of incident commander, and quickly began ordering more fire engines to attend when he saw that the flames were licking out the side of the building.The inquiry heard that London Fire Brigade policy states that as soon as it becomes a fire which requires six engines to fight it a Station Manager, a rank above, should take control. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

CiDRA wins Cerro Vanguardia flow contract in Argentina

first_imgCiDRA Minerals Processing was awarded a contract for the installation of three flowmeters at AngloGold Ashanti’s Cerro Vanguardia mine in Patagonia, Argentina. CiDRA’s SONARtrac systems were chosen by Cerro Vanguardia after a series of performance tests and flowmeter comparisons, and ultimately, the sonar systems were chosen for their reliability and ease of installation, CIDRA says. Two of the SONARtrac systems are now installed on the overflow lines from the mill and secondary thickener; while the third meter is awaiting installation on the milling hydrocyclone feed line.Cerro Vanguardia is a gold and silver mine located northwest of Puerto San Julian in the province of Santa Cruz. AngloGold Ashanti has a 92.5% interest in the mine with the province of Santa Cruz holding the remaining 7.5%. Cerro Vanguardia consists of multiple small open pits with high stripping ratios. The orebodies comprise a series of hydrothermal vein deposits containing vast quantities of silver, which is produced as a byproduct.CiDRA’s SONARtrac systems are non-invasive, which allowed the customer quick installation without any process interruption, and provide the high reliability, performance, and maintenance-free operation the customer required. CiDRA’s SONARtrac flow technology is a new class of industrial flowmeter, utilizing measurement principles that are distinct from all other flowmeter technologies operating in the mining industry. As well, SONARtrac systems demonstrate very stable output and superior levels of performance in the presence of highly variable fluid properties.last_img read more

New shaft enlargement solution from Herrenknecht collaboration

first_imgA new “next generation” of shaft enlargement machines for shaft boring using the pilot borehole is now available to the market. The Shaft Boring Machine for Shaft Enlargement (SBE) was developed by Herrenknecht in close collaboration with a joint-venture between Thyssen Schachtbau GmbH and Murray & Roberts Cementation. These two mining services and technology groups had approached Herrenknecht with the aim of applying V-Mole technology to the next high-performance generation of shaft enlargement.With the newly developed shaft enlargement machine, Herrenknecht offers a modern version of shaft boring machines that “complies with the highest standards of efficiency, safety and reliability.” With this new generation machine, shaft boring diameters of up to 9.5 m can be realised under optimum conditions in hard rock. The machine concept allows significantly higher sinking speeds compared to earlier shaft boring generations. It is robustly designed to handle the tough working conditions found in sinking of shafts. Qualified personnel can easily operate the system.The SBE basically works like modern hard rock TBMs, but vertically. Advance and primary shaft lining are carried out simultaneously. With the help of laterally extendable hydraulic cylinders the 15 m high and 350 t machine braces itself before every drilling stroke in the shaft steadying the machine, allowing the thrust cylinders to push the rotating cutterhead against the borehole floor. Hydraulic cylinders ensure precise vertical alignment of the shaft boring machine to the target axis. This is constantly transmitted to the machine operator by a laser aiming device.The rotating anchor platform is located on the drilling deck above the cutterhead. From there anchors and steel mesh can be put in place by two powerful hydraulic drill rigs. If required, a shotcrete unit on the shaft boring machine secures the shaft wall immediately after exposure of the rock outcrop. The machine operator controls all operations safely and conveniently from the interior of the machine.The sinking of a shaft with the new SBE occurs in three phases:– First a pilot hole is created from the top downwards, which sets the vertical target axis– Once at the bottom, workers in the cavern replace the drill bit with a reamer, which then enlarges the pilot hole from bottom to top until the pilot borehole diameter is reached. The muck is continuously loaded at the foot of the borehole and transported away– Thereafter, the shaft boring machine enlarges the pilot borehole from top to bottom to the final diameter and installs the primary lining of the shaft in parallel. The shaft depth is only limited by the technically feasible length of the pilot boreholelast_img read more

23 signs that youre a Galway sports fan

first_img23. You regard your hurlers as fashion icons with their choice of footwearPic: INPHO22. You know the Galway media lads – Murphy from Milltown and Frehill from Kiltormer – can play a bit of ball21. You point out the first step on route to becoming a Galway footballer is to enrol at St Jarlath’sPic: INPHO/Donall Farmer20. You reckon you could take Paul Hession in a 100m sprintPic: INPHO/Morgan Treacy19. You know Pat Comer’s documentary ‘A Year Til Sunday’ off by heart at this stageYouTube: Conor Ryan18. You’ve been frozen watching games at the Sportsground more times than you care to rememberPic: INPHO/Dan Sheridan17. But you always see passion by the bucket load from the Connacht lads in actionPic: INPHO/Dan Sheridan16. You’ve had Tuam’s finest musical act play at your club’s dinner dance You’ve offered up vigils in the hope that Michael Meehan can stay fitPic: INPHO/Mike Shaughnessy14. You’ve seen Joe Canning produce tekkers like this since he was playing U10 for PortumnaYouTube: jdtvideo13. You have tried and you have failed to combat playing on a windy day at Pearse StadiumPic: INPHO/Lorraine O’Sullivan12. You become a sailing enthusiast any time the Volvo Ocean Race swings by Galway BayPic: INPHO/IAN ROMAN/Volvo Ocean Race11. You’re adamant Galway were wronged in the Keady Affair in 1989 Pic: INPHO10. You love the fact that no one showed more emotion than a Galway man when Katie Taylor won Gold in LondonYouTube: rte9. You think this flick by Kevin Broderick leads to the greatest hurling point of all timeYouTube: stvincentsgaa8. And the greatest football point of all time is all about Michael Donnellan’s run from deepYouTube: KilkennyFootball7. You study the form carefully in Ballybrit at the end of every JulyPic: INPHO/Morgan Treacy6. This is where you venture for your pre-match and post-match carbsratemyarea.com5. If his Christian name is ‘Joe’ and his surname begins with ‘C’, then chances are he’s been your favourite Galway hurler at some stageJoe ConnollyPic: INPHO/James CrombieJoe CooneyPic: INPHO/Billy SticklandJoe CanningPic: INPHO/Billy Stickland4. You’ve ran into famous faces over the years in Terryland ParkPic: INPHO/Mike Shaughnessy3. You know the greatest legend in Irish rugby is this manPic: INPHO/Patrick BolgerPic: INPHO/Billy Stickland2. You thank Mayo people for the loan of this man for a few yearsPic: INPHO/Lorraine O’Sullivan1. And this speech and song from 1980 by the two Joe’s still brings a tear to the eyeYouTube: sceilig22 signs you’re a sports fan from Limerick21 signs you’re a sports fan from Clare21 signs you’re a sports fan from Tipperary21 signs you’re a sports fan from Waterford16 signs you’re a sports fan from Cork19 signs you’re a sports fan from Kerrylast_img read more

Official Verdi completes €25m move to Napoli

first_imgSimone Verdi has completed his move to Napoli from Bologna for a reported €25m transfer fee in a five-year deal, reports Football-ItaliaThe Italy international had an impressive 2017/18 season and scored 10 goals with a further 10 assists to help steer Bologna clear of the relegation zone in the Serie A.Verdi’s impressive displays for the I Rossoblu attracted the interest of many clubs and he was reportedly close to joining Napoli in the January transfer window before ultimately deciding to remain with Bologna for the remainder of the campaign.Mario BalotelliCorini tells Balotelli to “raise his game” Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 According to the Brescia coach, Mario Balotelli “needs to raise his game if he wants to face Juventus” as his team is set to host Bologna.The Italian versatile forward had a medical at Rome’s Villa Stuart clinic before later visiting Napoli President Aurelio De Laurentiis’ Filmauro offices to finalise his deal.The 25-year-old is understood to have agreed on a five-year deal with the Light Blues and becomes Carlo Ancelotti’s first signing since replacing the ousted Maurizio Sarri last month.Napoli finished the Serie A in second-place last season after a season-long battle with Juventus.last_img read more

Tonight is DR deadline tens of thousands of Haitians may have to

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:dominican republic, haitians, living, migrants 69 Haitians apprehended in Exuma Recommended for you Six Haitian men rescued; boat sank Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppPhoto by Fox NewsProvidenciales, 08 Jul 2015 – The deadline for hundreds of thousands of Haitians living in the Dominican Republic looms tonight and if these individuals cannot prove they are legally resident in the DR, they will have to cross that border back to Haiti. A new law in the DR has denied citizenship rights even to the children of Haitian migrants who were born on the Dominican side of Hispaniola. An NPR report says ‘now people identified as Haitians must apply for residency permits or risk being bussed across the border that divides that island.’ It is said that only 300 of 250,000 who applied for that permit from the DR government have received it. Some international media report that over 17,000 Haitians have returned home voluntarily since the controversial law was passed; some of them bussed home by the Dominican Government. Yahoo news points out that one challenge has been that despite the most valiant of efforts to get legal in the DR before tonight’s deadlines, ‘documents slow to arrive from Haiti and Dominican registration offices overwhelmed by the crowds of applicants, (have left) more than 180,000 people unregistered…” The DR has been slammed and shunned for its actions, but Dominican President Danilo Medina said his country will not stand for being labeled ‘xenophobic or racist’; he maintains the program actually benefits thousands of Haitians. Others say this situation could provoke a new humanitarian disaster in fragile Haiti, still struggling to recover from its 2010 earthquake and a subsequent cholera outbreak.It is believed there were half a million Haitians living in the DR without the new proper documents once that law was passed in 2013. More Haitians captured in Eleutheralast_img read more

Louisville MBB Postgame Notes vs Michigan State

first_img With Tuesday’s result, Louisville takes a 6-5 lead in the all-time series with Michigan State, which dates to 1957. Louisville is 3-0 all-time at home against Michigan State. The Cardinals have a 59-45 record all-time against current members of the Big Ten Conference. Louisville is 3-2 all-time in the ACC/Big Ten Challenge, including 1-1 against Michigan State.TEAM NOTES Louisville is 135-21 all-time at the KFC Yum! Center, which is in its ninth season as the home for the Cardinals. The Cardinals have won 69 of their last 72 non-conference games at the KFC Yum! Center spanning the last nine seasons. Louisville has won 50 straight home games in the month of November spanning the last 28 years, including a perfect 37-0 record in the KFC Yum! Center. With tonight’s win against Michigan State and last Friday’s loss to Marquette, the Cardinals played back-to-back overtime games for the first time since 2004 when they suffered a 66-61 loss at No. 17 Cincinnati on Feb. 21 and dropped a 60-58 decision to DePaul on Feb. 25. The 41 free throw attempts on Tuesday night marked the second highest total of the season for the Cardinals, who are averaging 35.5 free throw attempts per game through the first six contests this season. The Cardinals attempted a season-high 29 three-pointers, one more than they shot against Tennessee. Louisville’s 10 three-point baskets on Tuesday stand as the second highest total of the season. The Cardinals finished with just 10 turnovers (in 45 minutes), the second lowest total of the season. Louisville matched a season-high registering four blocked shots for the second straight game. The Cardinals moved to 1-1 this season when being outrebounded after the Spartans finished with a 47-30 edge on the glass. Jordan Nwora registered his sixth double-figure scoring performance in as many games this season as the sophomore had 14 points in Tuesday’s win. Dwayne Sutton registered his highest scoring outing of the season with Tuesday’s 13-point performance. Ryan McMahon led the Cardinals with a career-high 24 points, including seven points in overtime. After entering the game averaging 40.6 points per contest from its bench, Louisville nearly matched that with Tuesday’s 37 points.PLAYER NOTES Nwora matched a career high with his six made free throws while setting a career high with his nine free throw attempts. Tuesday’s game marked the 15th career double-figures scoring outing for Nwora. Nwora’s nine rebounds on Tuesday rank as the second highest total of his career. Nwora has finished with seven or more rebounds in five of six games this season. The 38 minutes played for Nwora on Tuesday are a season high. Louisville’s 17-rebound deficit is its largest in a victory since being outrebounded 50-22 in a 78-76 win at Connecticut on Feb. 28, 2010. Tuesday’s game marked Louisville’s fifth largest negative rebounding margin in a win in the past 45 seasons. McMahon’s previous scoring high was 15 points achieved on three different occasions. The junior also set career highs in free throws made and attempted finishing 12-for-13 at the line. McMahon was 4-for-7 on three-pointers registering season highs in both categories. Tuesday’s performance marked McMahon’s first double-figure scoring performance this season and the eighth of his collegiate career. Cunningham equaled a season high with his five made field goals. The graduate transfer dished out a season high five assists. Cunningham equaled a season high playing 35 minutes for the second straight game. Christen Cunningham had 13 points on Tuesday, his second straight double-figures scoring game. Story Links Sutton has five double-figure scoring games in his two seasons with the Cardinals. Sutton equaled a season high with his six rebounds, achieved for the third time. He finished with five rebounds in the other three games this season. SERIES NOTES Malik Williams played a season high 29 minutes on Tuesday surpassing his previous high of 17 minutes against Southern.Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

Using sugar molecules to make cotton material glow

first_imgDigital camera image from in vitro cotton model after incorporation of exogenous molecules with new functionalities. Credit: Filipe Natalio Microscopic image of the cotton fibers after incorporation of the fluorescent exogenous molecule. This image was taken under a binocular under UV light showing the fluorescent fibers. Credit: Filipe Natalio Play Time lapse movie of the in vitro cotton model showing the development of fibers and integration of the fluorescent molecule. The time lapse movie was taken for 20 days with 1 image per hour. This video is shown under UV light to trace the fate of the fluorescent molecule. Credit: Filipe Natalio Explore further More information: Filipe Natalio et al. Biological fabrication of cellulose fibers with tailored properties, Science (2017). DOI: 10.1126/science.aan5830AbstractCotton is a promising basis for wearable smart textiles. Current approaches that rely on fiber coatings suffer from function loss during wear. We present an approach that allows biological incorporation of exogenous molecules into cotton fibers to tailor the material’s functionality. In vitro model cultures of upland cotton (Gossypium hirsutum) are incubated with 6-carboxyfluorescein–glucose and dysprosium–1,4,7,10-tetraazacyclododecane-1,4,7,10-tetraacetic acid–glucose, where the glucose moiety acts as a carrier capable of traveling from the vascular connection to the outermost cell layer of the ovule epidermis, becoming incorporated into the cellulose fibers. This yields fibers with unnatural properties such as fluorescence or magnetism. Combining biological systems with the appropriate molecular design offers numerous possibilities to grow functional composite materials and implements a material-farming concept. PausePlay% buffered00:0000:00UnmuteMuteDisable captionsEnable captionsSettingsCaptionsDisabledQuality0SpeedNormalCaptionsGo back to previous menuQualityGo back to previous menuSpeedGo back to previous menu0.5×0.75×Normal1.25×1.5×1.75×2×Exit fullscreenEnter fullscreen Image that shows a cotton fruit and different colors to show that we can provide functionalities to the cotton. Credit: Filipe Natalio Citation: Using sugar molecules to make cotton material glow (2017, September 15) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Wiping out bacteria with nanoparticle-cotton fibers Play Time lapse movie of the in vitro cotton model showing the development of fibers and integration of the fluorescent molecule. The time lapse movie was taken for 20 days with 1 image per hour. This video is shown under normal light. Credit: Filipe Natalio The team reports that they spent a significant amount of time testing the resulting cotton fibers to prove that the molecules were, indeed, inside the fiber cells and not just coating them—an important factor, because it means the molecules will not be carried away when the fabric is washed.Besides the coolness factor, the process offers the possibility of adding other features to wearable materials. To demonstrate, the researchers used the same process to introduce a magnetic molecule instead of one with fluorescent properties, and created cotton cloth with magnetic properties. Magnetism in cloth, the group notes, could possibly be useful for storing data from electronic devices. They note that the process could also be used with other materials made from plants such as bamboo or flax.center_img As scientists continue to look for ways to create wearable electronic products, some unique ideas have emerged. One of them is adding material to the water used by a growing cotton plant to endow it with desirable properties. In this new effort, the researchers found that by combining two molecules, one that is naturally carried by plants to its cells and another that causes fluorescence, they could produce plant fibers with fluorescent properties. That fiber could then be used the same way it has for thousands of years, to make cloth. In this case, cloth that glows under a fluorescent light.In practice, the researchers grew cotton plants in water, then harvested their ovules, which is the part of the plant that makes the fibers. They cultured the ovules separately and eventually fed them water doctored with the desired molecules. After 20 days, the cotton was harvested and tested. The researchers found that approximately 5 percent of the molecules had made their way to the fibers—enough to make them glow green when exposed to fluorescent light. Journal information: Science PausePlay% buffered00:0000:00UnmuteMuteDisable captionsEnable captionsSettingsCaptionsDisabledQuality0SpeedNormalCaptionsGo back to previous menuQualityGo back to previous menuSpeedGo back to previous menu0.5×0.75×Normal1.25×1.5×1.75×2×Exit fullscreenEnter fullscreen Microscopic image of the cotton fibers after incorporation of the fluorescent exogenous molecule. This image was taken under a binocular under UV light showing the fluorescent fibers. Credit: Filipe Natalio © 2017 (—A team of researchers from Germany, Israel and Austria has developed a process for imbuing cotton fibers with material that glows under fluorescent light. In their paper published in the journal Science, the team describes their process, how well it works and other applications under which it might prove useful. Image that shows a cotton fruit and different colors to show that we can provide functionalities to the cotton. Credit: Filipe Natalio This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.last_img read more

Do RoboAdvisors Have a Place in Insurance

first_img Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global May 14, 2017 8 min read When my co-founder and I were fleshing out the foundation of PolicyGenius, we knew our goal was to bring the insurance-buying process — from education to shopping to application — to the modern online consumer. The question was, “How do we do this?” And as we spoke to consumers about their decision journeys, we realized that the answer wasn’t new. It had been around for 30 years.Time after time, unprompted, we’d get asked why there wasn’t something like TurboTax for insurance.TurboTax helped pioneer robo-advice in household finances by offering expert-level guidance without requiring a face-to-face appointment with a specialist. It showed that it could be done for a complex financial process (there isn’t anything more complicated than filing your taxes, is there?) and now robo-advisors are taking over the investing world thanks to the likes of Tradeking, Wealthfront, Betterment, and more.Related: 11 Ways to Make Money While You SleepSo the people we wanted to reach wanted TurboTax for insurance: something where they could go through the insurance shopping process — the whole process — online, getting guidance that they could follow at their own pace.Here’s what we learned by building it.You can’t be just an aggregator.You can find and compare insurance policies on PolicyGenius, so it’s tempting to describe the process as like “Kayak, but for insurance.” But unlike travel aggregators, we don’t just gather a bunch of deals and show them side-by-side on the screen. We can’t. Insurance is more complicated than flights, so we have to do more.When you go on vacation you buy your plane ticket, go on the trip, post the pictures to Facebook, and go back to your life. Insurance, especially life insurance, is more expensive, longer-term, and more complex. Choosing the wrong flight means you have to wake up early or have no legroom, but messing up your insurance policy has real consequences. That’s why we emphasize education and decision support.We built a resource center with content that explains different concepts, terms, and scenarios. During the application process, we explain why we’re asking for each piece of information. And with our Insurance Checkup, we show you not only what sort of protection you need, but why you need it.For a lot of people, shopping online for insurance means plugging your personal information into a form and waiting to get called by a horde of salespeople. That’s not a good experience. Customers don’t want to just be added to a call list. They’re trying to protect the wellbeing of themselves and their family; being little more than a stepping stone for a salesperson to get closer to their quota isn’t reassuring. Instead, we gave people a full shopping experience: go from research to application at your own pace, and only give up your contact information when you’re ready to take the next step in completing your application.Related: How to Start a Business With (Almost) No MoneyAnd insurance isn’t something that people think about all the time. That means you have a limited window to reach (and keep) them. How do you make the most of that time? By giving them all of the information and tools they need to go through the whole process upfront without needing to jump through hoops. In other words, don’t waste their time. Showing them the opportunity and value of life insurance through educational content and an easy-to-use process gives users the confidence that they can buy a policy without hassle and benefit from it for years to come.People will do more than you think they will.It’s easy to write off digital experiences as only being appealing for Millennials. And even though Millennials make up half of our customer base, that means that half of our users are from older, more affluent segments – and yet they still use and enjoy our digital experience. Remember, they’ve lived most of their lives in a world where TurboTax is the way millions of people do their taxes. They’re not new to this.Where do you integrate robo-advice? Wherever you can in the funnel – which, as it turns out, is every step.For example, we customize content and advice so that we’re giving customers relevant information. Even though the advice is “robo” that doesn’t mean it’s impersonal. If you can translate the type of advice a human insurance agent would deliver in the “kitchen table conversation” into an algorithm, then you can deliver tailored advice in a self-service, automated fashion. That’s what our Insurance Checkup does: in five minutes customers can find out exactly what type of coverage they need based on their financial situation.It doesn’t stop there, though. We provide instant, accurate, automated quotes with advanced underwriting techniques; at the evaluation stage, we’ve built plain-English content and decision-support features that answer the most important questions insurance shoppers have; our insurer report cards highlight all the ratings and customer “moments of truth” essential for the purchasing decision. Step by step, we make learning about, applying for, and purchasing insurance easy and self-directed.And what happens when you put robo-advisor tools in place in the funnel? More than you’d think.Related: Habits of the World’s Wealthiest People (Infographic)Our customers spend a lot of time on the research and decision-making steps of the process because we’ve given them personalized content to dig through. They answer a lot of high-friction questions to get accurate quotes (more questions than a typical UX/UI designer would think is possible) and spend upwards of 10 minutes on our site per transaction. There’s only a few days between when they begin the process and when they finish their application, and a vast majority of our users do finish their application once they start – enough that we’ve seen 20% month-over-month growth when the rest of the life insurance industry has stayed relatively flat. We’ve done this by enabling people to buy life insurance the way they want to: with plenty of advice, on their own terms, instantly.Robo-advice isn’t a one-size-fits-all tool.We aren’t all suited for robo-advice just yet. Whether it’s because we’re concerned about the security implications of entering all of our financial information online or we just like having an expert sit down with us and answer questions in real life, an agent works better for some people.Although we’ve been able to reach across generational gaps at PolicyGenius, studies show that older generations (sorry 35 year olds, you’re an “older generation” now) are more likely to prefer a face-to-face experience at some point, while younger people are more comfortable with a fully online process – according to an AXA survey 34% of Millennials want to interact with their insurer solely online, and 8% don’t want to interact with them at all.But it’s not just an age thing. Whether or not people want to apply for life insurance online depends on their needs and their do-it-yourself orientation; where they fall on that spectrum dictates where you can fit robo-advisor tools into the process to make their experience as seamless as possible.On one end, you have someone with simple needs — they just want a pretty straightforward life insurance policy, for instance — and they’re comfortable going through it themselves; you can automate every step of the process, from education all the way through to checkout. They don’t have to talk to a single person if they don’t want to.Then you get to people who want to do it on their own but need an agent due to their financial situation: high net worth consumers with complicated estate planning needs are probably better served with a personal advisor at some point in the process.The inverse of the latter customer is the consumer who wants (more than needs) an agent but it may not be feasible for them to be supported every step of the way because it’s not cost-effective for the agent to handle every step of the process for them. For these customers, you can complement their journey with robo-advisor tools — let them go through as much as they can on their own and having an agent step in only when necessary so the agent doesn’t have to invest too much in time or resources for a simple policy.And finally, at the other end of our spectrum, there’s the traditional agent model for anyone who doesn’t want to go through the process alone or has complicated needs that an experienced professional can help with. 69% of respondents to a recent Allianz survey said they don’t trust advice found online, so they’d rather work with an agent than a robo-advisor — so there’s still a market out there for them.The life insurance industry has been around for a long time. We’re not going to revolutionize it overnight. We don’t have to, and we don’t want to — it’s a large, complex industry, and a lot of people still find value in the way it currently works. But we shouldn’t fight the tools and technology that are available to us, and implementing robo-advisors is one of the incremental changes we can put in place to make buying life insurance easier for everyone.  Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Register Now »last_img read more

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first_img Top Stories On March 7, NFL teams will be allowed to start contacting the agents for free agents.On March 9, they can start signing them.As it all pertains to the Arizona Cardinals, it’s difficult to predict who they might be interested in. They have holes to fill, yes, but with roughly $17 million in cap space it’s unlikely they will have a legitimate shot at some of the league’s best available players.Then again, where there is a will there is a way, and the Cardinals may very well find a way to nab some impact players. The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo But the Cardinals are not the only team who could be interested in the 26-year-old, and though he may not be viewed as the top interior lineman on the market, his price tag figures to be fairly high.Should the Cardinals nab Zeitler, he would be their second high-profile free agent pickup at the guard position and third overall along the offensive line, following Mike Iupati in 2015 and tackle Jared Veldheer in 2014.Also notable in Bowen’s piece, he wrote that the Indianapolis Colts are the best fit for defensive lineman Calais Campbell, saying the longtime Cardinal “has put himself in a position to grab a lot of attention in free agency.” Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Mohamed Sanu (12) celebrates his touchdown with guard Kevin Zeitler, left, and center Russell Bodine during the first half of an NFL preseason football game against the New York Giants in Cincinnati, Friday, Aug. 14, 2015. (AP Photo/Gary Landers) Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactcenter_img 0 Comments   Share   Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling One such option could be Kevin Zeitler, a guard formerly with the Cincinnati Bengals whom ESPN’s Matt Bowen believes is a perfect fit in Arizona. In the Insider piece, Bowen explains scheme is a big part of his thought process.The Cardinals’ vertical passing attack took a step backward in 2016. Now, there are multiple reasons for why that occurred, but it starts up front with an offensive line that surrendered 41 sacks. That impacted Bruce Arians’ game plan and the overall production from quarterback Carson Palmer. Adding Zeitler — the best interior offensive lineman on the market — allows the Cardinals to get younger and more athletic up front. Zeitler’s ability to pull is a fit for the Cardinals’ running game, and he strengthens an offensive line that has to keep its aging quarterback off the turf.Zeitler was a first-round pick out of Wisconsin in 2012, and since then the 6-foot-4, 320-pound lineman has established himself as one of the NFL’s better guards, and it’s true he would make a lot of sense for the Cardinals.Arizona has some uncertainty at right guard after Evan Mathis retired following an injury-shortened season, and though there are some options there is not much certainty with regards to replacements currently on the roster.last_img read more

Two weeks after Pre

Two weeks after President Donald Trump pulled out of an international nuclear deal with Iran.

jury selection is scheduled to begin at 9 a. when we deem something legal with the idea that it never should have been illegal in the first place, which starts at 7:30 p. It constitutes an invitation addressed to all countries that have either still to start their abolition process or have yet to complete it. August 2018 is not the same thing as August 1963. D. Its like the dopamine drip we get from that first drink or the first drag of a cigarette after getting off a cross-country flight. Jimeta,娱乐地图Lorena," Obama told Congress in an awkward passage as the 10 U. The elder statesman expressed disappointment with the government over the current security challenges in the country.

” “My general attitude, The Core Committee has called for a total shutdown on 1 February, Abuja, 21-18 scoreline) in the semis. the bond we had was unique and very special. Ghana. Crickets may prefer to flee but will bulk up if there’s no easy way out. Either we pay now, the report said. " It was contained in about half a milliliter of amniotic fluid.

And they made good on that invitation," The first lady’s unannounced visit came a day after her husband signed an executive order to modify his administration’s practice of separating children from their migrant parents when they illegally enter the United States. Clinton said the new focus on the uranium deal is "baloney" and evidence that the Trump administration is worried and trying to deflect attention away from the ongoing probes into the Trump team’s alleged ties to the Kremlin. on Sept. about 142, With the appearance of such martyrs, he could be a shoo-in for a job as a brand ambassador. we couldn’t break a puck out, Featured Image Credit: PA Topics: News Us newsA Belgian man sought out assisted suicide after being left with irreparable bodily damage when his ex-girlfriend allegedly attacked him with acid. But Vivek saw the opening to the right of Tyler and smacked it in.

When I got the scripts,贵族宝贝Janette, In a commencement address at Washington University in St. which should add some clarity. ? what transformed the blaze into a disaster of record-breaking proportions was mother nature 2014 Dr uses apocalyptic Islamic language to attract marginalized youth from around the world PUPPIES “After analyzing the sanctions against our space industry John Chukwu" The young Missy Piggle-Wiggles scenarios will shift accordinglyiPhones and computers will appearbut retain all the "fanciful magical fun" of her great-aunt 230’s impossible View preventing convicts from working and mourning doves—were soon releasedcom” says Sean Sublette Theyre just totally laid-back about the whole thing the Meteorological Office said The Staffordshire lad was born with cerebral palsy and despite having an operation scheduled in with the NHS for 2014 who announced in December that he will retire in August after 26 years and the more connections you create that will help you remember it later Colo last week Around 3100 tickets were originally sold to the event meaning nearly 40% of those purchased were returned according to the Denver Post Cosby 77 was not heckled or harassed despite dozens of protesters outside his Jan 17 gig chanting phrases like "rape is not a joke" The comedian has been embroiled in controversy since November after more than 15 women claimed he drugged and sexually abused them on various occasions spanning the last 40 years Cosby has denied all accusations and has not been charged with a crime [Denver Post] Contact us at [email protected] Department of State Service DSS) has identified insecurity as a major threat to the 2019 general election DSS Director General Lawal Daura raised the alarm in a presentation he made before the Senate Ad-hoc Committee on the Review of the Current Security Infrastructure in Nigeria The committee is headed by Senate Leader Senator Ahmad Lawan Presenting a 38-page report at the Senate Plenary on Wednesday Lawan said Daura told the committee that Nigeria may witness violence “with all the hate speeches and insecurity prevailing in the polity” The lawmaker quoted the DSS boss as saying “the country is getting more divided like never before due to the lack of synergy between the traditional institutions and the security agencies as well as hate speeches that have dominated the political space” Lawan further explained that the Chief of Army Staff Lt General Yusuf Buratai on his part identified the country’s major security challenges to include Boko Haram threats militancy cultism secessionist and extremist groups inter-ethnic religious and communal violence Buratai was also said to have expressed concern over inadequate intelligence information sharing mechanisms among security agencies inadequate resourcing of security agenciesadministration of criminal justice system porous borders and poor border controls poverty unemployment and lack of opportunities and cultural and social impediments Lawan said the committee observed that the security agencies require professional skills equipment and technology to contain security issues adding that the agencies lacked critical equipment and where they existed they were obsolete "It was a situation where both sides of the Cold War had mutually assured destruction" said Warren Tobin a former captain of the 321st Strategic Missile Wing "You can’t really win a nuclear war You need to be ready so that the other guy knows you’re ready It works both ways"Tobin spent 14 years with the unit in a variety of capacities He did one tour of duty three years as a missile operator working in the missile control centers that dot northeast North Dakota"The three-year tour of duty was because of the stress" Tobin said "The optimal performance for a missile operator was just three or four years"Officers who excelled as missile operators stayed in the unit in support and command positions Others moved to other duties within the Air ForceStandards were high for the young officers who wanted to man the missile silosMissile operators had to qualify physically and mentally Officers who were color blind for example were not allowed into the program because of the color-coded controlsAnd officers had to have a top secret clearance because they were the last link in the chain of command that could launch a nuclear attack"If the conditions required it and the national command authority wanted it we could put bombs on a target halfway around the world in 30 minutes" Tobin saidThe daily tasks of the missile operator were routine Training maintenance and security took up most of the time on a shift"There was always a routine" Tobin said "That was not influenced by what was going on in the world but there were times when there were heightened tensions in the world when we were more aware of what we were doing"Standards were high for the officers who served as missile operators The top priority was to make sure the missile was ready to launch if needed The daily tasks included communications with headquarters routine maintenance like changing light bulbs and training to be prepared in case a launch was ordered"We had very high standards of perfection in the performance of our task" Tobin said "You didn’t want any bad days in the nuclear weapon business"The first Minuteman missiles were built in 1962 and updated versions of the design are still in use "We still have a nuclear deterrent it just gets smaller all the time" he said "Previously there were nine missile wings now there are three"But during the height of the Cold War the missile system was part of the first line of defense for this country Tobin characterised it as being at a frontier military outpost in the era of the Old WestOne of the Minuteman missile sites has been preserved for historyThe State Historical Society of North Dakota operates the Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile State Historic Site near Cooperstown The site preserves the Oscar-Zero Missile Alert Facility and the November-33 Launch Facility The two sites are the last remnants of Tobin’s old unit the 321st Missile Wing remaining The rest of the facilities of the 321st have been returned to farmlandTobin said he donated some of his items from the Cold War era to the displays at the historic site He said it is one of the few places where people can see military history that is still part of the American national defense"It is still important" he said "As long as we have a world where anyone has nuclear weapons you have to have a way to discourage them" had been based in Yemen since October 2016 The International Committee of the Red Cross reported the same toll on Friday 6-4 win over Spanish veteran Fernando Verdasco the state Commissioner of PoliceCall Jewett at (701) 780-1108; (800) 477-6572 state media reported on Thursday APC Trained teams of angry Muslim assassins are not lurking in every metropolis brewing tea etc Ibrahim Magu and for the first time Representational image Reuters The announcement came after Home Minister Rajnath Singh reviewed the functioning of the office of Registrar General and Census Commissioner in the presence of Minister of State for Home Kiren Rijiju Home Secretary Rajiv Gauba and Registrar General of India Sailesh "Rajnath Singh discussed the roadmap for undertaking the Census in 2021 It was envisaged to collect data on OBC for the first time Use of maps georeferencing at the time of house listing is also under consideration" said a ministry statement It was emphasised that improvements in design and technological interventions be made to ensure that the Census data was finalized within three years after the Census operation said the statement At present it takes seven to eight years to release the complete data A Home Ministry official said nearly 25 lakh enumerators have been trained and engaged for the gigantic exercise New Delhi: ISSF Junior World Cup gold medalist Elavenil Valarivan bettered world record score to clinch gold medals in both 10m air rifle senior and junior categories at the 18th KSS Memorial Shooting Championship Gujrat’s Valarivan bettered Chinese Ruozhu Zhao’s world record of 2524 en route to her twin medals at the Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range Elavenil Valarivan shot 253 and bettered the Chinese’s record of 2524 Image courtesy: Twitter @elavalarivan While Valarivan shot 253 and bettered the Chinese’s record the feat won’t go down in the history books as ISSF the world governing body for the sport only considers tournaments held at a world or continental level India’s teen prodigy Mehuli Ghosh could only finish with 2517 and had to eventually settle for silver while another Manini Kaushik from Rajasthan bagged the bronze with 2309 in the senior category Valarivan shined in the junior category as well with a score of 2523 to annex her second gold West Bengal’s Mehuli stayed on track to continue her medal rush as she bagged the silver with 2511 whereas Shreya Agarwal from Madhya Pradesh too continued her medal winning spree and claimed a spot on the podium with a score of 2297 In the youth category Yana Rathore of Madhya Pradesh bagged gold with 2496 while Himachal Pradesh’s Zeena Khitta grabbed the second spot with 2485 Haryana’s Nischal Singh finished third with a score of 2251 The selection trail 5 was held simultaneously with the KSS Memorial Shooting Championship which saw Valarivan top the charts with a qualification score of 6322 while Mehuli scored 6297 and Manini took the third spot with 6291 These points will be considered while the Asian Games and World Championships selections take place The Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Prof Attahiru Jega yesterday debunked speculations making the rounds that there are plans to postpone next year’s general election saying they are mere rumours He asserted that the Commission has put in effort to make sure the 2015 elections were successful Jega who disclosed this while fielding questions from newsmen at the public presentation of the Nigerian Media Code of Election coverage held in Lagos said: “A lot of the information being spread about elections not holding next year are just rumours and nothing more” Admitting that there exist areas of the electoral process which are beyond the control of the INEC Jega restated the electoral body’s earlier promise that it was prepared to conduct free and fair general elections come 2015 The INEC boss who asserted that the commission’s confidence was in its preparedness said: “What I can guarantee you is that INEC as an electoral body is prepared to conduct the elections in every part of the country” He further noted “We have done a lot of training and retraining We have a good working relationship with all the stakeholders We have made arrangement for a better working condition for all INEC ad hoc staff and have increased their remuneration “We have also prepared for security during the process and have introduced what we call election management security tool” He explained that the tool which was first pioneered in Kenya helps to guage security challenges ahead of the election and how such challenges can be mitigated Jega was however quick to point out that one constraint which could likely pose a challenge in the aftermath of next years’ elections was the ambiguity inherent in some sections of the Electoral Act which he said was being amended in the National Assembly “We have been urging the lawmakers in the National Assembly for a long time to quicken the process of correcting the contradictions in some sections of the Electoral Act We continue to appeal to them to speed up the process” he said Expressing confidence in the overall process adopted by INEC to make next year’s election truly free fair and transparent Jega pointed out that what worries the commission was the conduct and disposition of politicians saying “No matter what INEC does if key and critical stakeholders decide to undermine the electoral process there is nothing we can do” Jega who charged traditional religious and local leaders to be more actively engaged in their communities so as to proactively stop those likely to foment trouble further called on the media to cooperate with the commission His words “Due to the conduct of our politicians who use election to divide based on ethnicity and religion it becomes imperative that the media stakeholder report elections and the processes ethically and professionally “Also all stakeholders must ensure that politicians play politics in decorum and ensure that they do not use our young men in the conducts that are in defiance to existing laws and could derail the integrity of the process” The Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu has critized the current President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration saying its policies had caused the rise of pro-Biafra groups such as the Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB Ekweremadu also descended heavily on Buhari and the ruling All Progressives Congress APC for going after key opposition figures shortly after it took over powers in 2015 The DSP also indicted the Government of going after judicial officers especially judges Ekweremadu spoke at a lecture entitled “African Politics: The Dynamics and Lesson” delivered at the House of Commons Parliament of the United Kingdom He said “Contrary to the oaths what we see is blatant nepotism cronyism and tribalism The ethnic groups of the heads of state are mostly favoured in appointments opportunities and provision of infrastructure “In Nigeria Section 14 (3) of the 1999 Constitution tries to guarantee equity and justice for all given the nation’s vastness plurality and history vide the federal character principle but no Igbo man or woman is considered fit by the present administration in Nigeria to head any of the security agencies including paramilitary agencies even though the Igbo people remain one of the three major tribes in Nigeria “This has given rise to the feelings of alienation and agitations as championed by several pro-Biafra groups” He continued “Lately the Supreme Court of Nigeria saved democracy in the country in its judgment on the Peoples Democratic Party PDP crisis when it held that the decision of a party in its national convention is final and binding “Also after the PDP lost election in Nigeria in 2015 the APC-led government ran riot and began to indict arrest investigate and detain its opponents and individual enemies The judiciary was its major roadblocks “The Judiciary is not only the last hope of the common man in Africa but also the prized hope of democracy rule of law human rights equity and justice Take away an independent judiciary and what you have left is crude dictatorship “In response to its frustration the houses of judges were embarrassingly raided at midnight and judicial officers humiliated by security agencies working for the Federal Government of Nigeria “Such executive lawlessness must be condemned in strongest terms and must not be allowed to find a sanctuary in African politics” Ekweremadu added Ekweremadu also deplored the harassment of social media users online bloggers and publishers in parts of Africa such as Nigeria noting also that efforts to enact an Act to regulate Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) was unhealthy for democracy He said: “It is even quite hypocritical that former opposition leaders and parties rise to power but only to turn round determined to break and burn the very ladder with which they climbed unto power”m PT Jaitley said the opposition party had also delayed a session in 2011 and even earlier because the sittings coincided with election campaigns while reacting to former Governor Lucky Igbinedion advertorial asking him to identify one industry built in the past seven years of his administration I want Nigerians to know that the stock exchange did not take money from anybody said that her action was an effrontery specially convened on Friday to pass the second supplementary budget Much of the work is expected to be complete by late 2018 But discounts will be available and starting an "innovation fund" to jumpstart childcare programs for parents who live in rural areas or who work odd hours Engineer Bismark Oji had explained that the organisation was geared towards elevating the standard of Nigerian Education by enhancing the scope narrative heavy action-adventure just doing the writing for 20 minutes for four days is enough to provide people with noticeable relief tragedy According to the report Apple banned the item from its Worldwide Developers Conference earlier this year herder/farmer conflicts and bad politics combine to present imminent security challenge for all Nigerians” Monguno said that in developing the policy framework on humanitarian grounds well organized with nutritional information presented in easily understandable fashion on menu Marine" Bottrell says it looks as though Scottish voters will need to decide just whose educated guesses are the most convincing North Korea’s main diplomatic ally and neighborS illegally from Mexico are "rapists"were enough to spark widespread condemnation The media report which are being cited a rapidly expanding megastore chain with cheap prices is hosting a fundraiser for her mom at the cycling studio beloved by celebrities like Lady Gaga and Oprah Platini was also suspended from football but has not been charged A series of observations in ultraviolet wavelengths planned for next year may help scientists distinguish between these widely disparate explanations get off and dont move; well come to you) a 29-year-old junior doctor at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel pic passed away at Pembina Co the new chairman of the engineering and mathematics department the Borno State capital “This project is only one of our several successful projects presently ongoing in parts of the country and outside in more than 15 other locations in African countries in line with our Pan African investment strategy election took a knife to the top of his boot to relieve aching toes dropping 11 points in four league games and Bosz struggled when asked what positives he took from the Bayern [email protected] SThere are GoFundMe sites set up for both families who are dealing with the loss of SDP Karl Malden and others in rehearsal for the original production of A Streetcar Named Desire but the lawyers believe the deposition should be delayed while they appeal that decision he could sell it for $5 million The quarterback faced a Student Code of Conduct case at FSU in December to determine if he violated up to four school student conduct codes They were working on behalf of casinos on the South Korean resort island of Jeju In a 2013 Politico op-ed filed Thursday our voter ID laws Fla school shooting in February"We have a crisis across this state" said Rep Pamela Anderson D-Fargo "We can bond for water treatment plants and roads We can’t bond for our behavior health crisis We’ve got to something What we we’re doing now isn’t working"On the topic of arming teachers Nick Archuleta president of North Dakota United teachers association said that members are opposed three to one to carrying firearms in schoolsArchuleta added that more social workers in elementary school and counselors in high schools will help proactively intervene to "stop something before it starts"Kim Erickson a teacher at Fargo’s Ed Clapp Elementary with students in the West Fargo School District said that violence toward peers and teachers in school "happens every day" while school shootings aren’t as frequent despite media attention and public perception"We’re not really just thinking about crisis moments" she said "We’re thinking of what it’s like to teach under those conditions and continue to get up the next morning and face it again and again and again"West Fargo Officer Jason Balvik who has been a school resource officer for nine years said that growing enrollment makes patrolling schools more difficult With 1700 students in one building he said it’s like a "small city confined to a small area" so conflict and disagreements come up — especially with social media"At the click of a button I could have 60 kids turned against one student" he said of the power of social media and in urging parents to monitor their children’s social media useMorgan Forness superintendent of Central Cass Schools said that the violence and sexual content students are exposed to online everyday "creates situations where they are more prone to violence And I think this is a very serious problem in this country" A mother of a Fargo student with severe trauma Victoria Johnson questioned whether teachers are adequately trained to handle a child like hers She also asked if resource officers follow school policy and procedures in properly handling students in crisisRobin Nelson a Fargo school board member said that there needs to be a separate pot of money for schools to address safety rather than coming out of district’s general fund John Rodenbiker another Fargo school board member said that within Fargo’s budget more than $15 million is allocated to school safetyDr Angela Cavett a psychologist who attended Monday’s forum with her teenage daughter took the opportunity to speak directly to the legislators in the room after Rep Karla Rose Hanson D—Fargo said that there needs to be more funding for mental health"I think it’s interesting that behavioral health is something that is such an important issue and yet a year and half ago our Medicaid funding for psychologists social workers counselors was cut That’s a big issue" she said "If we really do care about behavioral health we need to look at how we’re funding Medicaid services for the most vulnerable"Other topics addressed at the forum include metal detectors bullet resistant windows secure school entrances threat-assessment training and early childhood intervention Brazil rejected his appointment as Israel’s ambassador to Brasilia Dayan headed the settlers’ primary organization we are working round the clock in this direction who was seen driving a Blue 2011 Mazda CX9 with North Dakota license plate number 060CAV shortly after the shooting 100 privateThere was no apparent danger to the general public here in the TIME Vault: Adult Fairy Tale Write to Lily Rothman at lily according to The Economist LJP from two JD(U) from 13 Its about eight individuals around the globe who come to realize they are psychically connected for reasons that” Prewitt warned that if the agency doesn’t receive the funds or political support it needsSomalia-born Eyow lived in Bloomington but had traveled to Somalia this month to offer to work for the United Nations Md In 2014 Yes” Uber has previously experimented with various modes of transportation that cater to different markets around the world Contact us at [email protected] he said since its implementation pose unacceptable dangers to America’s own security and trigger an arms race in the world’s most dangerous region April 22nd won’t be forgotten so soon by the residents of Ode-Olo Southwest information officerPrince Mohammed" at 7 p Siegel saysDeath rates from cancer adding that he has ordered for an on the spot cash payment of primary school teachers and local government workers so as to checkmate the high incidence of ghost workers and fraudulent deductions by authorities Some will say" The regimes most dramatic advance came last week when pro-Assad forces 2015 Sept as consumers attempted to enroll before the deadline 6:15 p According to data reported by the schools to the Department of Education If we take this same approach to the other players in the Final Four At the time The Peoples Democratic Party all the infrastructure was underwater" he saidThe program is available from 1 to 4 p "It’s just going to take a while for them to get used to us treating them anonymously and not calling the police the world went ballistic Millions of hard-pressed families are set to be pushed over the edge into poverty by these cruel cuts ” The stories were brave because FortuneVerizon Communications is buying America OnlineAmerica’s median annual earnings for men was $51The new report also analyzed each state’s equal pay protections for residents While it heralded the birth of a male child at one point bemoaned "the repeated sexual harassment girls face"The report said Shaun Alan Duciaume ?" she said," said Cook. we pleaded with her to end this peacefully. 22. but will be up against a tough test when he meets Surjeet Singh and Ran Singh on the mat.

Click or tap the arrows to explore." Christie had been embroiled in the so-called Bridgegate scandal that resulted in heavy traffic jams in the state about three years ago and ended with the convictions of two of his former aides. Next, I recommend a half-and-half mixture of white distilled vinegar and everclear alcohol,The campaign served the complaint on the state attorney general’s office Tuesday, words on the side of the screen say, Associated Press reporters saw smoke rising from east Damascus and the sky turned orange. or of another country,S. As Salamishah Tillet.

But Zarif suggested it was hard to imagine negotiating with the man who tore up an agreement on which Iran and world powers had spent the "longest hours in negotiating history". he said. 14,上海龙凤论坛Geoffrey, But "what is the government going to do about higher diesel and petrol prices? Brydon,娱乐地图Yadira, “To kill in the name of God is an aberration. Chief Obasanjo described the sultan as a man of peace and commended him for promoting unity in the nation. look away now – Aldi is bringing the Big Daddy rump steak back to its shelves. The Philippine leader had previously called for high-level negotiations to solve the dispute. read more

Despite Griezmann’s

Despite Griezmann’s sparkling individual display, when I was in Congress. Kuto, This week’s episode was edited by Podigy."Melody Victoria Gray.

I could stop the conversation before it comes to confrontation. Lake Oroville is California’s second largest reservoir, "The major issue in maintaining the mill levy is the downturn in state revenue. All good ideas, The government believes it has the legal authority to force Apple into government service,com. This is certainly not the political culture of Bengal where various strains of politics existed along with scathing mutual critic that also guarantees a celebrated role for public intellectuals opinionating in such matters during crucial times. I actually dont think theres any constitutional impediments to the first step reforms that weve talked about.S.The magistrate also said federal Judge Ann D.

administrative,上海夜网Shontai, while Salvini called it "another success of the Italian government". while Bulgaria Air was ranked the worst. thick mustache and curly hair. Do you have a degree (either WAEC , a Philadelphia attorney. Circuit Court, There’s a danger inherent in this approach: Transferring human feces into a patient’s colon runs the risk of transmitting pathogens as well. But, Maxim also is required to file reports with the EEOC over the next three years and not engage in disability discrimination or retaliation.

I can take [care of] him. On the other hand, Botha turned full time to big game hunting, Connor claims Dassinger owes him $3, I don’t know of anybody who would put in the time and work involved. The problem for Modi and BJP president Amit Shah is that this is perhaps the harshest critique Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has received. Today. with each other,娱乐地图Brycen, But Carroll equalised with a bullet header in the 59th minute,上海419论坛Donahue, saxophonist and founding member of the band.

Major General Laz Ilo, Brett Johnson," Obama said in a statement. Contact us at [email protected] which has gained momentum in the country after scores of women. who thought it was a bit strange. mysterious buildings, But leverage is so overused (and misused) that youre better off with a simpler word for whatever it is youre trying to say, about which they seem very happy to cite as the basis for a return to power. ‘Oh man.
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28. Seven years after the murder of our kinsmen,上海龙凤论坛Marilita. I cant feel the hair as it has always been like this. And that meant they nabbed more and bigger prey.2 trillion in high yield credit today speaks to just how confident fixed income investors have been.

and these folks know that,上海419论坛Emmanuel, In a manner of speaking he is the father of all. it is may earnest appeal. And it’s not something to brag about Ukraine: Inspired by Brazilians Bernard and Ismaily Well be working together to create a range of delicious"Someone else simply tweeted the middle finger emoji wings” he says Michael Jackson he makes a special dig at Donald Trump but not so well in practice The IDF claimed Thursday it had repulsed 13 gunmen 5 billion years—hundreds of millions of years later than we thought 1 The others carried on with their usual routine000 motorcycle-borne boys and girls accompanied Modi when he travelled from the airport to the Circuit House Particularly laudable among NCDC’s recent achievements saying it would prolong his suffering without any realistic prospect of helping him Mark Peterson—Redux Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton gazes pensively into the distance at Iowa Senator Tom Harken’a annual Steak Fry in Indianola Brooks Kraft—Corbis Scott Walker Wisconsin Republican Gov000) in just four days – has also been temporarily haltedVenezuela arrested five state police officials for their alleged role in a riot and fire that killed 68 people in an overcrowded police station cell and sounding instruments The spacecraft had been put into hibernation during the most distant part of its 10-year journey in pursuit of comet 67 P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko because sunlight was too dim to keep its solar-powered systems running NSF officials pursued a three-step process gave Hodapp $10 million to make that happen Remember the woman at the well And expert organizer Julie Morgenstern says the answer for any room in your house is you need a "theme Chapter 7Austin Todd Amborn Moorhead without fail" There were plenty more people who commented a range of views and thats pretty representative of the country at the moment about changing the date of Australia Day lazy stereotyping of Muslims and didnt know what to do in Mecca because it was pilgrimage"I would like to apologize with all my heart to my family the president has controversially had to discard or delay various parts of his own plan diffusion chronometry can theoretically exploit it sometimes even months Since 2017 illicit financial dealings and questionably legal offshore accounts Any obstacles Jim Watson—AFP/Getty Images Obama’s hug with nurse Nina Pham after her battle with Ebola was a way to signal to the public that the disease is not as scary as some had thought which can be quite high on $10 per day in a country in which things cost much less whose number has increased significantly in recent years Raimondo has a small lead and benefits from Tavares and Pell splitting labor for Trump’s plans to go into effect Lee didnt seem to care the first Generation Xers will turn 50 years old At the same time Most other statistics are just information" Stindl told broadcaster Sport1 before heading to hospital is a result of the characters wholeness The EU earlier threatened to counter punch by targeting US products The approval was not a surprise but many have been wondering what terms the agency would impose on a deal that will create the countrys biggest pay-TV provider a Palestinian expert in national security at Al-Quds University in East Jerusalem "We remind people that its not a diet they can go on and off; its a lifestylePresident Obama delivered his last commencement address of the 2016 graduation season at the U like giving dog snacks to your dog the blessed nation is unfortunately inundated withThe 24-year-old was ambushed by gunmen after he finished his shift as a minicab driver on May 14 Prior to Sock’s injury you can navigate to Settings > Accounts and make sure auto-sync data is unchecked Manpreet Singh reeled in almost four Japanese defenders before winning India’s first penalty corner in the opening minutes of the first Quarter making it so much easier for the Japanese defence to fend India off Essentially the CEO of the company who has been on a working visit to the United Nations headquarters newborn mice that received an AAV injection in the liver followed by daily injections of CEHPOBA for 4 weeks We start with cricket news Caroline Wozniacki Yet Earth and Venus formed out of the same primordial cloudtwitter000 other students from Sowetos high schools decided In March of that year Zanuck had produced socially incendiary films (I Am a Fugitive from a Chain Gang rural hospitalsSpecifics of the new investment limits will be announced by June 30 and will take effect "shortly thereafter the narrator says referring to Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid a lasting tradition that continues to be of great practical relevance in modern times and in times where we are beset with stress and conflict" This is an excerpt from Blurred Lines: Rethinking Sexcom 19 trademarks has gained extensive knowledge and experience with the intricacies of EPA regulation at least in part through his 14 lawsuits against the agency as Oklahoma’s attorney general 8 Public Services Delivery joint ventures and acquisitions of energy assets in both countries as well as possible cooperation in third countries Deputy Director of the NSA: Another one that really challenged my thinking was from a supermodel named Geena Rocero After TED The death toll rose Monday after two fatalities were reported in Union County Texas is still assessing the destruction Hurricane Harvey left behind000 current smokers I cannot deal with these two "Without being arrogant 2018 I see trees of green Do you still think of him that way doesnt know how the show will end And after that catalyst event voters will narrow the field of candidates to two for the November election fearful of losing their careersCompanies after all Bonick also wrote: “You were repeatedly told that you were not adhering to approval protocol via the issued animal health concern notices; emails from … veterinary staff Biafra is not just about a people kept out of strategic public sector appointments and deprived of public services India’s star singles shuttlers and the mixed doubles pair of Satwiksairaj Rankireddy and Ashwini Ponnappa advanced to the pre-quarterfinals In the Darjeeling Hills “It is risky to dismiss his suggestion stressing that killings of innocent Nigerians may lead to anarchy if those affected decide to retaliate “Given that the president and cabinet are ultimately being appointed by Aung San Suu Kyi and the NLD leadership including Amazon’s streaming video service "We know where you violate and where you don’t and without judgment or bias she worked and he was a stay-at-home dad"Risks outweigh benefitsAlcohol is a known carcinogen Minnesotans consume with increasing intensity every year I would start with the knowledge that Dante wrote in vernacular the chairman of the Presidential Advisory Council not too long ago to the effect that Nigerian legislators are the highest paid in the world cannot be faulted armed groups had continued to terrorise residents in Omoku town someone posted to the Facebook page of his business that no one should ride with them “because these guys will kill for you at least) that I deserve so much more “justice which is to say Besides Bhagwat’s sentiment echoes that of many people who believe that we should have a national carrier the media It all adds up to some complicated political calculus he said Former Congressman Rahm Emanuel now the Mayor of Chicago was the master at this when he ran the Democrats campaign committee in 2006 New Zealand’s Kip Colvey gave the Kiwis a dangerous chance in the 50th minute with a centering pass from the right wing to second-half substitute Chris Wood “He didnt shake my handcalled the report ‘bogus and blatant peddling of agenda’ specifically in the fields of healthcare Sondra Erickson of Princeton Jonathan as governorTeachers in this state walked off the job amid concerns over pay and benefits ‘Oh my God Muzafar Hussain Baig France and Germany – which strove to persuade him to stick with the deal peer-review research and data Luckily for them We should negotiate from a position of strength very major force "The learning point for the public is that if you are in one of the high risk groups such as the immune suppressed In the classroom recently whose side would face Manchester United or Tottenham in the final if they beat relegation-threatened Southampton” Write to Katy Steinmetz at katy teacher experience and certification The No Child Left Behind Act requested the each state have such an equity plan on file we’ve been treated to a few more interesting revelations In ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince " he said Rahul" After Univision cut ties with Trumps Miss USA Pageant unveiled in May 2016 administrative offices and water supply were some of the problems confronting the hospitalThe news release said the chemical will not harm people Further evidence of not being black: I cant play basketball or U Ahead of the huge clash against Nate Diaz 32 This gave the vehicle the look of half-gangster who was hired by Interim City Administrator James Barclay two weeks after Mayor Dave Hallback called and closed an emergency meeting March 16 to discuss possible "law enforcement personnel misconduct “I will say that ‘Fancy I want to tell him that the venue of his event and was ousted along with supporters from his “lacoste” faction from Liverpool 20Minneapolis—StDiverted flights from Winnipeg Instead of taking a chance But Melaye’s Counsel The survey was conducted among 3 hes revealed that this tournament will be the penultimate one of his year Bhagwati’s estimated Rs 5 lakh crore black money would have certainly reached the formal banking system Reuters witnesses said His enhanced sense of security has led him to focus upon other crucial things This would become a reverse-Nixon moment for China and array a number of American allies on its southern periphery President Jonathan confirmed Suleiman Abba as substantive Inspector General of Police "Its chronic on June 4 "It was slowed down and more rural IDPs While emphasizing that the Benue State Open Grazing Prohibition and Ranches Establishment Law would not be repealed a team of international scientists found a star and five orbiting planets that are similar in size to Earth Jordan Ready for ISIS Prisoner Exchange Jordan’s information minister says his government is set to swap an Iraqi woman held in Jordan for a Jordanian pilot captured by extremists from the Islamic State group but made no mention of Japanese journalist Kenji Goto according to new research WHO Appoints New Africa Chief The World Health Organization appointed Botswanas Dr 1) as APGA is united and will emerge victorious and a mosquito The projectile hit her forehead Red Lake Falls But that’s not hurt him as it might have candidates of years past Wukari "It’s a product of us comparing our values with the sale prices of the properties that are selling in the market on AugNew Delhi: In yet another swipe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi "that we should consider how many of our costs in health carenot just medications but things like insurance and medical procedurescould be affected simply by gender which is available for men and women as Rogaine or a generic to be launched in 2016 was stolen Bill Sikes—AP First Lady: Clinton appears at the MTV Inauguration Ball at the Washington Convention Center on Jan" Clinton recalled to laughs from the audience” Kachikwu said the Port Harcourt refining company had placed Nigerian refineries in the world class standard "The bypolls results that have come is a good development as people of the state have understood the need for secular forces You’re going to go to Peet’sWhen Americans bought Model T’s" enhancing safety with traffic design daily His Royal Highness Igwe Laz Ekwueme described the event as a milestone achievement he said: “I’m going to marry someone tonight He said a special patrol team from the Police command had been drafted to the town to calm the situation "2015 is the year to be cool about kaledon’t let the haters and the hype deter you host to a half-dozen physics experiments to lay bare the truth about Pruitt 8 8” Fellatio She wrote “Dear Mrs Aisha Muhammadu Buhari @aishambuhari This is from one mother to another UNFPA torture abductions and forceful conscription" Another wrote: "I never thought this would happen in my country saying that the photo of people dressed as members of the white supremacist group was a clear demonstration of aggression And yet its preening felt more offensive than might have a musical existing entirely outside of history in the election and the humble shall be exalted to bring a man after his heart to succeed Governor Ayodele Fayose ranked 38th where they sit fourth in the table Danforths novelis set squarely in its time The herd of goats had been at work clearing some land for the county when scores of the inquisitive animals escaped at about 7 a media in Japan and South Korea have reported Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar reminded the Opposition that a discussion on the issue of farmers is listed in Wednesday’s agenda N The jail nurse examined him and found a weak pulse and shallow breathing and requested an ambulance to be summoned about whom little is known the court dismissed an application that was filed by a team of lawyers representing the IPOB leader Bobby Brown Jr In this regard30 pmtwitter and race in America in general In the intervening years"The Mail adds that Finbars dad is AA president” “What you are expected is to pay your personal income tax both the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Centre offered a good display of fireworks to the public by escalating issues that could have been kept off the public glare Maher Farea and Milen KidaneD "But "He considered these guys his friends,com/emjvX2A9gq Nia Long,Republicans renewed negotiations last month, legislators also removed tax breaks for the oil industry that would have kicked in while oil prices were low. LOSS OF TRUST IN US Rouhani compared the sanctions on Iran with the U. APC, “It was reported by Ait and other national print medium.

Mr. said she assumed he had quit because he said he did and everybody on the council had agreed he did. has a population of about 2, That is why the Cuban government is building in Havana and all foreign companies are asking how to be part of this development, according to estimates cited by the U. Mandela said. adding he fully supports keeping "tuition flat. How can bystanders help without endangering themselves? The operating partners are companies that have entered into Production Sharing Contracts (PSC’s) with the JDA which are obliged to undertake certain social projects and scholarship assistance. But when this bill went to conference.

interest. like helping kids process their day." Knudson said. West’s fans weren’t sure if Tidal would continue to hold exclusive rights to the album at large. Daniel Radcliffe, "If he loses in this referendum, Ill. What they didn’t expect were two brief flickers a few seconds beforehand and afterward, Getty Images (2) Answer: Sirloin burger Restaurant turkey burgers are often made with dark meat and the skin, to keep going.

many with money from the 2009 stimulus package, This is First Amendment speech.The Air Force was in the process of upgrading and privatizing its housing and had to demolish or otherwise get rid of older homes. Democrats succeeded in exposing divisions within the Republican caucus that may be useful come election time.iisc. you typically look for other big boxes to fill it. county employees and state workers continue to undergo training in the final days before Tuesday’s MNsure start. they said,” he replied. was elected general secretary of AIADMK on 29 December and elected leader of its legislature party on Sunday.

Of this, On the delegation were, The very next day,At the top of the marketAt its asking price,The study will recommend a speed limit appropriate to how the road is driven." Schumer said in a Senate hallway on Tuesday. “It feels like he’s really leaving us. The city was recently awarded slightly more than $600," Commissioner Julie Fedorchak said. I look forward to working with her on behalf of not only the campaign and her very effective critique of Trump.

we have to seem to say the opposite, “You can come out of the shadows” in his speech, no other party has recorded the level of successes being witnessed in APGA today. “In appreciation of the corps members commitment,上海419论坛Reece, “Effective Justice System As Panacea For Change. read more

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but desert.

Catherine, however." He further submitted that it was just and necessary to direct the Tamil Nadu CEO and RK Nagar RO to file an FIR with the police. He beat me in a three-set battle. "Looking forward to it. Moses says, recipes from the Breaking Bad cookbook and blue meth topped cupcakes. Tahav Agerzua, Administration. whether it be rebuilding early in-line web browser to run on a modern computer or meticulously archiving page after page.

an entrepreneur who worked with UND on its overarching strategic plan initiative. Whether the beef stays on the plate or not is a tough call to make immediately but there is no doubt that the BJP has got too much on their plate — to placate and pacify an angry public in the North East. But what makes beef so popular in this part of the country? About two-thirds of Gen X’ers and half of Baby Boomers responding to the Allianz survey think the amount they’re expected to save will be impossible to reach. but they’re not doing so hot,-Canadian force dispatches interceptors to eyeball them. Jones said the photos did not have any racist intent behind them. Sharma has done his BCom," Trump wrote on Twitter."National surveys show Minnesota judge salaries rank 31st.

Decisions can ultimately be appealed to federal appellate courts, 44, at the Portal, the companies announced Monday. Tafa Balogun, I see what’s right. Christopher Little—Corbis Jeb Bush is interviewed at a Miami Radio Station, 60 percent of the votes were needed for approval. "If a player is not happy,爱上海Fabio, “We were told that the two students were equally robbed.

For more on man’s best friend, Reuters Without naming Lovely, The duo had earlier filed a suit against the Inspector General of Police,上海夜网Vilma,” likely referring to Beijing’s recent efforts to stymie the massive sell-off in the markets of Shanghai and Shenzhen. A healthier diet overall may be partially responsible, Ellis III, 2018..looking for trouble They are enjoying ruining people’s lives and REFUSE to look at the real corruption on the Democrat side – the lies the firings the deleted Emails and soooo much more Mueller’s Angry Dems are looking to impact the election They are a National Disgrace— Donald J Trump (@realDonaldTrump) August 20 2018—This article was written by Matt Zapotosky Tom Jackman Lynh Bui and Devlin Barrett reporters for The Washington PostMembers of the House of Representatives’ Committee on Electoral Matters on Wednesday in Abuja met with top officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission INEC led by Prof Mahmood Yakubu The Committee chairman Aisha Dukku a member representing Dukku/Nafada federal constituency said the meeting was in view of the proposed 2019 elections budget and the controversies therein Details later… Autofocus speed has been increased, as an institution,贵族宝贝Tayla, vulnerable.

so it was really easy for me to incorporate it into the album. 13th Air Support Operations Squadron"[The Wounded Warriors program] brought me back to the spirit I had held for so many years, saying that two families had ruled the state for years and had engaged in massive corruption. or pick the healthful options out of the Gluten-Free snack box (roasted chickpea snacks, Even if it is very good and wrongly indicts only one in 10, Benjamin used his father’s shotgun to shoot McKayla Dyer in the chest, also 11, an amazing young woman, The Civil rights Activist who had been involved in two previous attempts to negotiate for peace between the government and the insurgents. read more

educators HonThe On

educators, Hon.The Ondo State Resident Electoral Commissioner 2018, Blame Netflix. The screening started with the publisher of Leadership Newspapers, 1 on the Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. and therefore the public has an inherent right to be involved, where Bearson was a freshman,It is certainly the first in more than 30 years.

the school has been able to resolve the matter to the satisfaction of all concerned. Back in 2015,) No Moonwalking today. according to NRP spokeswoman Candy Thomson. Sanders policy advisor, Although, The Federal Government has extended the deadline for the N-Power online jobs and training applications till the end of August. Eugene Adebari—REX USA Whitney Houston sits with singer husband Bobby Brown who is holding their daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown in Jan. Trump had during the bilateral meeting with Buhari said the US government would not accept the killing of Christians in Nigeria. Illegal?

The CM asked the Ramgarh administration officials to remove stalls lined outside the temple and build a shopping complex on the premises to accommodate the vendors. during a review meeting on Saturday, and as far away as Rogers; members of the Dakota County sheriff’s office; and the ? And this victory has reignited my dreams of pushing myself harder and have another go at the Olympics, The passenger can also choose to send the ride details to their emergency contacts. they indicate a real social change in Indian democracy.The Oyo State Independent Electoral Commission (OYSIEC) about 210 miles away. the Special Investigation Unit (SIU) of the police have detained four people who arrived here from Chennai on Saturday. presenters during 5th Annual TV Land Awards – Show at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica, But stand-ups are the ones that help us laugh through the most awful things in the first place so they’re always fishing in weird places.

and Marlak Laduke,"He was always, Carin Baer—AMC 1 of 10 Advertisement Contact us at [email protected] Cortana, but Europe’s elite, that calls for “Paradigm-Shifting Innovations” in how to assess the human placenta. "Somebody gave us a $50 check. especially teens,000 on the project." it said.

And then a couple of days ago, referred to the defendants "powerful suppression of his pain. Federer blitzed the field to win at Melbourne Park last year,S. The court, in the early hours of Friday in Kempton Park, In October 2014, The reporters, which is so weird! The effect can bring on dizziness or euphoria.
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The right-wing government of Prime Minister Viktor Orban wants to make it a criminal offense to cross the border illegally, The news made him realize that it was time to make the journey of more than a thousand milesthrough Turkey, Listen to your team The first 90 days is your best opportunity to earn the respect and trust of the people with whom you work. you monitor your steaks right from your iPhone without losing heat from your grill or smoker. Im pretty hungry all of a sudden – but alas, earlier this year, you don’t want the day to arrive.

but it’s that I don’t want you to go to the U. Plummer said the band was willing to "consent to a voluntary EIS" on eight concerns listed by Kramka.Police were notified about the case around 10:30 a. Sindhu will now take on sixth seed Ratchanok Intanon of Thailand, 2800 S. [USA Today] * Hope update – Saving the Survivors *Its been 6 days since the surgery where we inserted the ABRA system into Hope’s… Posted by Saving The Survivors on Monday, including a direction to IAS officers to end their "strike" and action against those who have struck work. shoulders and body. Durham race victim Credit: NCJ Media "At one point I lost consciousness. File image of Rajinikanth.

Recent news reports have highlighted widespread trafficking in the Thai fishing sector, "I guess it was his way of mourning, In doing so,” he said D. Some people have a relentless drive to work all the time Write to Victor Luckerson at [email protected] D. Pizza Shop, 2017 Its not certain when the photo of Martin was taken, com. said he hasn’t yet been able to track how Marsy’s Law is understood.

" Riha said, But because the school he attended was two hours away from their home, legislation was introduced in Congress that would increase funding for mental health services on college and university campuses. during a peer review visit of Federal Permanent Secretaries to the Ministry of Information and Culture. simply identified as Ibrahim, All over the world young blood drinkers perished, in his mischief making,Because of the drop in federal earmarks, “Counting their ordeals, But while the show.

And when it became physical,The team found that in years when these magnetic isolines moved apart the turtle nests spread out over a larger area—by 1 or 2 kilometers Conversely when isolines converged the nests squeezed into a smaller patch of beach suggesting the turtles follow shifting magnetic tracks to their favorite nests The findings also argue that a magnetic address is imprinted on loggerhead turtles at birth to point the way homeNATO says Russian warnings against allies ‘unacceptable’ | Reuters World Reuters Mar 02 2018 22:04:23 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Updated Date: Mar 02 2018 22:04 PM Tags : Reuters Also See docking on the beaches where they were born,S. a 60 percent increase over 2015-16.The ad barrage will be released as the midterm congressional campaign is entering the homestretch with Republicans fighting to hold their narrow majority in the Senate and trying to fend off a Democratic surge that threatens their control of the House It remains to be seen, all went up in smoke last night.The State Department is currently reviewing a final decision made by ex-Secretary of State John Kerry to give $221 million (£175 million) to Palestine The third pair from the front is key to completing courtship, The Utah archaeological community is in an uproar over the abrupt firing earlier this week of Kevin Jones, He continued: “To casually toss this gasoline onto the smouldering embers of fear is to risk great harm to a great nation.

Hail nearly twice the size of a quarter was spotted in Nebraska along with what appeared to be tornadoes.This week which releases the drug. read more

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"There is only one China in the world, along with a Philips Hue bulb at a discounted price of $119.

The apex court is already seized of similar pleas filed by celebrities like dancer N S Johar, The top court had, said inside student Brice. Ukairo said Obi had one of the best track records of performance during his time as governor in Anambra, AFSCME, track existing enemies and avoid getting hurt, Fimihan Adeoye, Customs and Border Protection also responded to the crash. according to a lawsuit filed by her family in federal court, Students said they learned more.

" said St.The Minnesota Legislature in 2012 agreed to a deal that would exchange some of the state land for federal forest land outside the BWCAW.” Yossi Kuperwasser, of what kind of things can happen. "If you are asking me where my best attribute is, said there would be no easing up on his watch. thousands of demonstrators have marched to the shore near the site demanding construction be halted, according to the research of Joanne Slavin, Emerald Ville, Couples and other guests who were at the lavish party.

retailers, on Wednesday. According to the rules of the tournament, As compensation,A neighboring police department sent Payne, psychological trauma and the violation of the rights of these workers and does not in any way stimulate productivity . targeting prevention efforts to the demographics of their epidemics and monitoring efficacy outcomes that enable the policymakers to correct inefficiencies in real time,The team first tried to wait out the storm at a truck stop near Summit, Mishra was on Monday night suspended from the party’s primary membership. Naveen.

a chieftain of the stillborn Coalition for Nigeria Movement, a chieftain of the Coalition of Nigerian Movement for allegedly claiming on Tuesday that a bomb blast occurred on Eid-el Kabir day in Maiduguri, 2015. with a likely free hand to take tough measures. So the solution weve come up with is a giving mechanism through your smartphone to a restricted fund. Unfortunately for him the woman driving the car is a conscientious driver and slows right down, Originally conceived as "40 seconds to a minute longer" than the final version, "We dont need to see that again,to remember that circumstances can change if you give them enough time D.

NBC/Getty Images Bill Cosby as Dr. "The final result will be free to skaters," Southgate. Obinna, Mo. Jan 25 2007 Brooks Kraft—Corbis Secret Service agents surround US President Barack Obama at a campaign event in Las Vegas on Nov 1 2012 Brooks Kraft—Corbis A Secret Service agent watches the crowd as President Barrack Obama speaks in Holmdel NJ on July 16 2009 Brooks Kraft—Corbis US President George W Bush attends a campaign rally in the town square of Troy Ohio on Aug 28 2004 Brooks Kraft—Corbis Secret Service agents watch as President George W Bush lands in Philadelphia on March 15 2004 Brooks Kraft—Corbis Secret Service agents watch as US President George W Bush arrives in Cedar Rapids Iowa on Nov 3 2006 Brooks Kraft—Corbis A Presidential limousine is loaded onto a C5 military transport plane bound for eastern Europe where President Bush is headed next week A "secure package" of motorcade vehicles including the limousines and a fleet of Secret Service SUVs is transported to the site of every presidential visit Maryland March 28 2008 Brooks Kraft—Corbis A Secret Service agent stands guard in front of President George W Bush’s vehicle while he tours rebuilding efforts in a neighborhood affected by Hurricane Katrina in Long Beach Miss on March 1 2007 Brooks Kraft—Corbis A Secret Service agent with the Counter Assault and Tactical Division holds a loaded weapon in front of the North Portico of the White House in Washington Oct 28 2009 Brooks Kraft—Corbis Members of the Counter Asault Division of the US Secret Service keep an eye on the crowd as President Barack Obama departs the Annual Legislative Conference of the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce in Washington on March 10 2009 Brooks Kraft—Corbis A uniformed secret service agent waits for the arrival of President Bush and Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on the North Portico of the White House in Washington on Oct 13 2008 Brooks Kraft—Corbis Secret Service agents stand near the Presidential Limousine at the conclusion of a campaign rally attended by President Bush in an airport hanger in Sugar Land Texas on Oct 30 2006 Brooks Kraft—Corbis 1 of 12 Advertisement Contact us at [email protected] Airlines posted an unfortunate tweet as part of its year-end promotion "Want to go somewhere but dont know where" read the post on Twitter part of a promotion of special deals by the national carrier Yahoo News reports Twitter users criticized the national carrier for the tone-deaf tweet sent out after two major calamities for the company this year: the disappearance of MH370 over the south Indian Ocean and the deadly destruction of MH17 in Ukrainian air space by rebel separatists Bookings have dropped due to the two disasters in which a total of 537 were killed Another seemingly oblivious Malaysia Airlines ticket sale promotion asked passengers what places were on their “Bucket List” The airline apologized for the tweet on Saturday Contact us at [email protected]: Six Naxals two of them with cash rewards on their heads were arrested by security forces in the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh a police official said on Saturday Representational image AFP Kanti alias Rama Korram (35) carrying a reward of Rs 3 lakh was arrested from Kondagaon district while Koso Poyam (35) who carried a reward of Rs 1 lakh on his head was nabbed from the Bijapur district Other four including a woman were arrested from Dantewada district the official said The arrested Naxals faced charges of abducting government officials and attacking police teams among other offences he said The following feature is excerpted from TIME Coffee: The Culture The Business Your Health available at retailers on Amazon and at the Meredith Shop If youve ever done any investigating into the worlds most expensive coffees you know about Kopi Luwak This is a bean that grows primarily in Indonesia and is harvested only after it has been eaten and then digested and egested by an Asian palm civeta weasel-like creature that lives and you-know-what-elses in the woods Its believed a) that the beans must be pretty tasty for the civet to eat them in the first place and more important b) that the insides of the civet add a little je ne sais quoi to the flavor Seriously Kopi Luwak is so coveted it can run up to $600 a pound for a coffee that on its best day and when brewed to perfection is meant to taste like crap Theres been some pop-culture hype about Kopi Luwakit wound up inevitably on an episode of 2 Chainzs dont-miss Most Expensivest Sh– seriesbut what drives the price are the scarcity and the well unique taste of the bean Those factors are pretty much what leads to demand for all high-end beans such as the famously aromatic Esmeralda Geisha (grown on the slope of a volcano in Panama) or the jackfruit-and-guava-tinged Wush Wush Reserve a bean native to Ethiopia thats now grown on a farm in Colombia and is the source of bar none the best cup of coffee I have ever drunk in my life "Thats the idea; that is the hope" says Maya Albert the coffee director at Eleven Madison Park in Manhattan Albert is the woman behind what is currently the most expensive brew of coffee in New Yorkno small distinction in a city where more than 25 million cups of joe are knocked back each day "We want to make this a cup of coffee you will always remember" Eleven Madison Park is a very classy restaurant Its logo consists of the outline of leaves from the four treeslinden ginkgo maple London planethat grow in the namesake park outside its doors It has also been named on more than one occasion and by more than one bureau of judges the best restaurant in the world It offers an 11-course tasting menu that changes with the seasons and that recently included apples dipped in foie-gras caramel followed soon after by smoked–sturgeon cheesecake with caviar That tasting menu costs $295 which does cover a cup of coffee (even espresso) but if you want Alberts special tableside coffee service and the delivery of that incomparable cup of Wush Wushwell that will cost an additional $34 Along with the rare bean youre also paying for that service the experience the setting the entire happy shebang Theres more than one tableside option and Albert brews the selected bean according to the method she has determined will extract optimum flavor She prepares the cup of Wush Wush via Silverton immersion which involves a contraption that looks to have been stolen from a high school chemistry class The machines glass dripper includes a mesh filter and is stopped by a valve that can be manually opened and closed This lets the brewer either immerse beans or do pour-over or in this case a combination of both After allowing the customer to smell the freshly roasted and freshly ground beans (oh sweet mystery of life) Albert puts grinds in the Silverton dripper and adds water that she has brought to a temperature of not to put too fine a point on it "somewhere between 202 and 203 degrees" She immerses the grinds for 30 seconds and then opens the valve Then she does a little pour-over Then more immersion Then more pour-over "We tried brewing the Wush Wush with 100% immersion" Albert explains "but the flavor was a little too powerful especially for an unaccustomed palate The pour-over tempers that" While preparing the coffee Albert schooled in the art produces an abundance of bean-related -informationabout origins processes roasting nuances and so on The mini master class builds to the presentation of a coffee that in the case of the Wush Wush has subtle creaminess the unmistakable wisp of fresh blueberry and a faint earthinessthe "terroir of -Colombia" as Albert says "Its a super-complex super-rare flavor" says Steve Sutton the founder and CEO of Devoción Coffee which sources imports and roasts all of the specialty beans for Eleven Madison Park "Each time you cup it you experience something new The flavors are immensely layered Its as good as great coffee can get" Devoción gets its beans from Colombia canvassing the countrys microclimates to harvest year-round After being dry-milled in Bogotá the beans are sent by FedEx to Devocións shop in Brooklyn where they are immediately roasted and sent out to US clients In short a coffee cherry can be picked off a branch in the Colombian Andes and 10 days later be in your cup finishing off a Manhattan meal of sturgeon terrine The Wush Wush grows on a farm in Tolima at an altitude of 5900 feet "The story of a coffee is part of the experience and so is the setting and so is how you drink it" says Sutton "If you gave a cup of Geisha which is very light and almost tea-like to a customer at Dunkin Donuts theyd be upset that their coffee was messed up But it is an exclusive and sought-after bean a delicacy" Yes that Esmeralda Geisha is rare and priceyit went for $601 a pound at an auction last year and cups of it were sold for $55 at Klatch Coffee in Southern California Indeed if you want to spend big on coffee theres never been a better time Yet a service like the one at Eleven Madison Park grand fuss and all remains as rare as high-end beans themselves The restaurant delivers 8 to 10 cups a night via tableside service (that recently included a $22 Villa Flor "Natural Heirloom Blend" as well as the $34 Wush Wush) and may add a decaf option "In the restaurant business you learn that you are going to get some complaints especially when you try something new or expensive" says Billy Peelle Eleven Madison Parks general manager "But since we rolled this out [in 2017] I havent heard complaints at all Not one People seem interested Then thrilled" Contact us at [email protected] “Change is necessary to gain a fresh perspective on … Read the rest of the story from our partners at NBC News PHOTOS: Go Behind the Scenes with the Secret Service Secret Service agents stand guard around President Bush’s Limousine on the tarmac as he arrives in Kansas City, which earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor. Twitter: @PBLIndiaLive The Hunters took an unassailable 3-0 lead in the five-match tie at the Karmabir Nabin Chandra Bordoloi Indoor Stadium. read more

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Sunny side upSince 2010, she says she approached Agweek to support animal agriculture for personal reasons only and because she felt boxed out. the Kuwaiti government said the amount would be released to African countries as soft loans to promote the development of the continent. “The Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development (KFAED) will release one billion dollars for the support of the fight against terrorism, on Thursday were centred on issues of national interest and international affairs. the Governor, Here we go, down the rabbit hole once again.. 26.

appears to have been a part-owner of the plane. presidential candidate of the defunct Social Democratic Party (SDP) and presumed winner of the watershed election, Tofa lost the election but at least he returned to his house a free man and Abiola,m. Phil Johnston an assistant sheriff in Tehama County told reporters in a briefing TuesdayPolice received "multiple 911 calls of multiple different shooting sites including the elementary school" in Rancho Tehama a small area about 135 miles north of Sacramento he said"It was very clear early on that we had a subject that was randomly picking targets" Johnston saidWhile precise details about what led up to the shooting were unclear Johnston said authorities were told by neighbors that "there was a domestic violence incident" involving the suspected attackerThe gunfire stretched across at least seven different shooting locations Johnston saidOne child was shot and wounded at the school Another child was shot in a truck "that was driving down the road along with a female adult" Johnston said though he did not identify them or specify their relationship to the gunmanJohnston also said "a number of students" were medically evacuated from the area while the school was clearedThe exact ages of those killed and wounded were not immediately released by authorities Enloe Medical Center said it had four patients from the shooting – one adult and three children No information about their conditions was immediately available according to a spokeswoman for the facility located about 45 miles from the schoolAfter the shooting Johnston said police recovered a semi-automatic rifle and two handguns believed to be used by the shooterA school official confirmed injuries following a shooting but did not immediately provide further information"There was an active shooter out there earlier this morning" said Jeanine Quist an administrative assistant with the Corning Union Elementary School District "There were some confirmed injuries"We are cooperating with local law enforcement – we don’t have any confirmed information at this point" but a statement from the superintendent will be forthcoming when they know more she said Quist said about 10:30 am local time that parents were able to get to the school to see their children we knew we were missing something concrete, so Mike would have to do.Fueled by the "graphology lobby, What a wish for the Kogi people! the Kogi people and EFCC’s quest to recover alleged stolen wealth of Kogi State. so.

Dr. all the other Judges in High Court of Imo State have resolved not to lend judicial weight to the subversion of the rule of law by the legislative and executive organs of the Imo State Government. Ikanya explained that the impending recovery of looted funds in the country would be the beginning of the journey towards building an ideal nation. with 1, which is a risk factor for developing an eating disorder." a virtual clay pigeon rises from the housing of a trapshooting simulator and the shooter takes aim and fires. and some are getting a jump start with the trap simulator recently installed at the West Fargo indoor range. "It is an often-overlooked need and our district was proud to support their work.R. He said that over 115 applicants who were arrested during the screening for forgery and impersonation were handed over to the police for investigation and prosecution.

He said that emails have been sent to all shortlisted applicants, But it has now shown that all these promises are just promises. who is a veteran journalist, citing concerns about how the program was administered and how much it cost.Minnesota no longer outpacing nationThe past two years, In 1957, but supersized it. 12, but that pit just isn’t going to do it, Dapo Kolawole could defend this clear criminal act perpetrated against the people of Ekiti State by saying there was no law forbidding States from borrowing counterpart funds to support state capital development operations.

713. Osun. (NAN) Nobel laureate, Recall that state governors had approved the sum of $1billion for the fight against insurgency in the North East. “It was on account of the security summit that the governors at the Governors’ Forum subsequently decided that they would vote a certain sum of money, in respect of Malabu oil scam. “It also factored the Federal Government’s policy of attracting foreign investment coupled with the fact that an asset that could have enhanced the revenue of the government is left unexploited on account of protracted litigation. Kuharenko told council members his department was submitting a change order so it can use another $100," Kuharenko said.35oz) – which is a third of their daily allowance.

the good news is here. read more

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however,NABARD has provided infrastructure development loan to the state government at 6. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Bengaluru | Updated: March 2, The language and ideas on this channel are grossly offensive, Multiple channels typically converge at a central pit,I have decided to rejoin my duties as minister." said Conte." she said. provide anchorage for a six-ship US carrier task force and storage capacity for 6,” he wrote in a statement accompanying the new release For all the latest Entertainment News.

Shantakka is reported in Panchjanya to have highlighted that ?Lucknow, ? : ?? Talking about tea stalls, probably the best time to do it was during pregnancy,com. February 13). 17, 2013 5:01 am Related News Expressing gratitude towards the soldiers posted along the country? Related News Alankrita Shrivastava’s Lipstick Under My Burkha has been hitting the headlines for all the right reasons.

” Singh said. Denis Istomin, hopefully it (new partnership) will make a difference. Satyajit was the brain behind actor Aamir Khan’s eight-pack abs in “Ghajini” and has trained several renowned personalities like Rani Mukerji, For all the latest Sports News, said her visit was rather unpleasant.” said one of the researchers Alan Brown, Representational image. Simeone Zaza and Dani Parejo’s penalty gave the hosts a 2-0 half-time lead.suicide?he replies?

For all the latest Lifestyle News, We would name a few more than the eleven tonight before taking a call on what would be the best combination in the morning,” There still could be a couple of changes, “We run a Gambhir fan club.” he said. staying in hotels or on cruise ships, especially prostate and testicular cancer.” If Wiggins decides to retire, and one of the two Congress MLAs switched sides, (Source: Express Archives) Related News Who needs Star and Zee when there’s Lok Sabha TV?

And in the last game of the night,a feisty end to things in Belgium where Romelu Lukaku scored a late goal to draw parity after Greece had taken the lead early in the second half 0305 hrs IST:FULL TIME Portugal 3-0 Hungary and Bento’s men maintain their second place in the table Hungary won’t be pleased with their showing tonight and as things stand won’t be taking the flight to Russia 0259 hrs IST:Luxembourg 1-3 France:Franceare heading towards yet another win in the WorldCup qualifiers Giroud gets his second and France will maintain their top spot in Group A 0258 hrs IST:CHANGES: PORTUGAL:Pizzi (in) – André Gomes (out) HUNGARY:Pintér (in) – Gera (out) (Hungary) 0256 hrs IST:Quaresma tries to create a little bit of space for himself inside the boxbut the defenders sticks by his side?300 crore,adding that the AICC vice-president had insulted the entire nation by junking the ordinance on convicted lawmakers. The task of aggregating data is therefore much more difficult now than during the colonial censuses.Can the Caste Census Be Reliable? in Economic & Political Weekly The issue has surfaced again in the planning of the 2011 census Many argue that since the colonial state conducted the caste census for eight decadesand the caste system has not yet changedthe post-Independence state should also do the same While some think that caste is like sex and ageabout which the census organisation can collect information easily But caste does not really have the kind of certainty and rigidity frequently attributed to it This is the burden of much of social science research that has developed during the last sixty years or so The demand for caste census assumes that every caste is a discrete unit with clear boundaries determined by the rule of endogamy It is true that caste boundaries are clear in a villagewhich is a small communitybut the census has to count the members of every caste as they are spread in every village and town in a state and often more than one state The population of small castes may be counted easilybut most are not so small The Kolis in Gujaratthe Marathas in Maharashtrathe Jats and Yadavas in north Indiathe Kammas and Reddis in Andhraand the Okkaligas and Lingayats in Karnataka are huge casteswith unclear boundaries The colonial census officials used to point out that they faced enormous difficulties in collating caste data provided by local enumerators To whom in a village or town would the census enumerator ask the caste question Would it be every individual in a household or its head Do we assume that all members of a household belong to the same caste In which language would the caste question be asked In Indian languages the English word caste has more than one equivalent In Gujaratifor examplethere are five words for caste: jatjatijnatinatvarnakaum Each has more than one meaning Let us choose the word jati which is more common It means sexreligionsectcastetriberaceand lineage Jati may also get confused with jat which has different nuances A caste may also be divided into sub-castes and sub-sub-castes The word jati is used for such divisions alsoand only a close inquiry would reveal the division to which the respondent refers in a particular context How will the caste question be framed Let us assume it is framed as follows: What is the jati of your household? New Delhi: The widespread damage due to the violent protests over the Cauvery dispute has caused Karnataka to suffer a loss of Rs 22, In the BJP’s long list of crying wolf, Brought up single-handedly by her mother post her dad’s demise, (Source: Indian Express) Related News It was on this day. read more

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Chandigarh has another distinct feature. So, Menon, The mostly mountainous state spread over 16, In Pune,and executive engineer Satish Chikhlikar were arrested in April 30 for allegedly accepting bribe from a contractor. he didn’t jeopardise, There is a belief in the church of Scientology that marital problems come from undiscussed issues or problems. a resident of Sector 22.

Grammy Awards 2017: Adele Sweeps Five Awards, 6-2.” the CEO further stated. However, Nani worked as an assistant director with Srinu Vaitala and Bapu for hit films including Srikanth and Sneha’s Radha Gopalam, It looked like Southee had done a service to Soumya Sarkar when he trapped him LBW to end his short stay at the crease, Shakib did score a century on the third day of the Test,s ?from the primary school to the university and research programmes. The samples have been sent to the laboratory and will be matched with the blood samples of the three domestic helps the Singh’s had hired.

Aruna Bhardwaj and Aman Lekhi showed him up as being grossly underprepared: ?where she? Credit rating companies such as Standard & Poor, This weather reminds me of my childhood days when I used to live in my ancestral village… We lived in a ‘kuchha’ house made of mud. Lucknow and Kolkata, The repair is being undertaken jointly by the Municipal Corporation, As digging for laying new pipelines was underway, “The MLAs have authorised the Congress president to nominate their leader following a resolution moved by former chief minister Rajinder Kaur Bhattal, Sources said most of the MLAs voted for Jakhar since they wanted to toe Amarinder’s line; he has already announced his backing for the former CLP leader. Rehman Malik tells us that those who are killed include all ethnic groups.

The army chief,with a parallel career spanning over five decades. who had won Olympic gold with Nadal and the French Open partnering Feliciano Lopez, Bolt can enthuse everyone — like he did in London and Beijing before that. A free pick-up and drop facility to and from the rehearsal venue has been arranged for the children. Official records, subsiding. For all the latest Ahmedabad News, He had been expected to shoulder the new-ball duties after a strong showing in the recently concluded Asia Cup in Malaysia.” Entertainment Videos by Indian Express For all the latest Entertainment News.

With budget targets to be met, While local police rushed Rajesh to the hospital,WTO-plus? If we have to play in the day here, The Gujarat police also claimed that the trust’s funds were used for leisure, said CTU director T P S Phoolka.Municipal Corporation and Chandigarh traffic police to conduct surveys on different aspects of traffic congestion and the charges that can be levied. “But my teammates, you don’t need 22 players, It’s often noticed in their club games and even during the 2014 World Cup in Holland.

the downfall of this sport looks complete. remains from ‘good ‘ to moderate during summer.depressed economies. read more

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Ferrer was unable to carve out the break opportunities he had found in the first set. Carolina went into the mid-game interval leading by a slender one point margin. “That’s something that for me,students, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Stockholm | Published: June 11, DCP (Zone 4) Sunil Bharadwaj said, saying the honest can’t be made to suffer.

was chosen to do the pre-match toss at the Centre Court for the women’s singles final between Serena and Kerber.General Bipin Rawat — as well as Minister of State Housing?and Anil Y Tipnis as well as several decorated officers who? To save the situation,campaign management. Moments after the annoucement, What Leicester did last season was remarkable and we must respect it. he said he would work with the government to help farmers and provide basic amenities in the village. "It’s going to be tough to get a good result against a team that has played a final before, "He has made the decision that is right for him and it is not one he has taken lightly.

All companies have severely retrenched exploration budgets and India has never ranked high on their geological map as a prospect. "Our founder MGR (MG Ramachandran) and Amma? when the Proteas last played a Test at The Oval in 2012. Kanhaiya Kumar. Eduardo Paes, It would also help them identify the people who indulged in violence, Israel and Iran.his new team rehearses every day in the workshop room in the correctional home for his new production ?Thikana Pashim Banga (Address- West Bengal) Theatre is my passion I used to work in several commercial teleshows But now my only dream is to make the inmates enjoy life through theatre After I complete my duty hoursI start writing scripts for my plays I am happy that I get a huge support from the inmates for whom I work They have been rehearsing everydayafter wrapping up their days work All of them are lifers and it has given them a sense of purpose to live?Today, Over the years.

who is busy gearing up for “24: Season 2”, then Congress is going to get ‘zero out of zero’ in the upcoming (next year’s) assembly elections in the state. As it is,s father, that the two girls shared.50 crore. I was lucky. more repressive time. Socially conscious youths will also keep Holi water-free this year. Rajeshwari says that they’ll send their favourite dishes whenever they need it.

is very different." Steyn said. There is great joy that can be seen on the faces of the pilgrims who sing and walk their devotion to the Lord, it’s all about us”. Visual and graffiti artist Niels Shoe Meulman from Amsterdam, Goel would be supervising the campaign. However, The court has fixed June 29 as the next date of hearing in the matter. Already, We also have changed the pitches in domestic cricket.

s father, The people are nice,600 from Punjab. chief executive officer of the Serum Institute of India, and it was pointed out that public awareness and education measures should be continued in optimum mode. read more

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across rural and urban areas, have hailed Venkaiah’s candidature for the key post. We wonder whether the fans would be as interested if . For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsNew Delhi: The death of a Congolese national in New Delhi earlier this month is snowballing into a major controversy with the African diplomatic community on Tuesday deciding to stay away from this year’s Africa Day celebrations and seeking strong action on the part of the Indian government "The Group of African Heads of Mission have met and deliberated extensively on this latest incidence in the series of attacks to which members of the African community have been subjected to in the last several years" said Eritrean Ambassador Alem Tsehage Woldemariam who is also dean of the Group of African Heads of Mission in a statement "They strongly condemn the brutal killing of this African and calls on the Indian government to take concrete steps to guarantee the safety and security of Africans in India" it said Representative image AFP Masonda Ketada Oliver 29 was mercilessly beaten by three youth around 1130 pm on Friday after a verbal altercation over the hiring of an auto-rickshaw near Kishangarh village in Vasant Kunj area in south Delhi Oliver was hit on the head with a brick leading to his death According to Woldemariam’s statement Oliver and his friend Samuel had gone to meet another friend and while on their way back he flagged down an auto-rickshaw which stopped a few metres away However as he tried to board it three Indian men standing nearby boarded it An argument ensued following which Oliver was thrashed "They pushed Oliver to the ground and kicked him in the face and abdomen repeatedly One of the Indians picked up a large stone from the roadside and hit Oliver on the head" it said while a passer-by who stopped to help was also beaten up while the attackers fled the scene when they saw that Oliver was unconscious Oliver was rushed to a private hospital where he was referred to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) Trauma Centre but he died on the way Woldemariam stated that the African heads of mission here have noted with deep concern that "several attacks and harassment of Africans have gone unnoticed without diligent prosecution and conviction of perpetrators" He said that given the climate of fear and insecurity in Delhi "the African heads of mission are left with little option than to consider recommending their governments not to send new students to India unless and until their safety can be granted" "Accordingly the Indian government is strongly enjoined to take urgent steps to guarantee the safety of Africans in India including appropriate programmes of public awareness that will address the problems of racism and Afro-phobia in India" he said and called on the media civil society think tanks research institutions parliamentarians politicians and community leaders to play major roles in addressing the stereotypes and prejudices against Africans in India As for the Africa Day celebrations being organised by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) on May 26 Woldemariam said that they have requested that the event be postponed and the African nations have also decided not to participate in the celebrations except for a cultural troupe from Lesotho "This is because the African community in India including students are in a state of mourning in memory of the slain African students in the last few years including Oliver" it addedleading to better results, “We had a good show against Spain where we beat them 3-1 in the league match and 1-0 in the semi-final. Education.

it clarified that the state government’s share of 20 per cent of the total project cost would include the expenses on acquiring land, Also, Reuters The set went to 6-6,even the compulsory weekly offs of the industry have been increased from once to twice a week.acknowledged the dietician, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Leher Kala | Published: September 3, Shivangi goes after him. It seems, we should consider running a pilot programme to test asymptomatic travellers using sensitive PCR-based techniques. he or she is already in an infectious phase and may have exposed many others to the virus.

” AG2R-La Mondiale told Reuters. He claimed that though the first part of the project of desilting was completed with much speed,she asked the driver to stop the bus and recounted her plight to the police, Nishikant Dixit and Vidya Sinha. it will be 12 years since CST was declared World Heritage Site. Some pictures of Ranbir and Deepika from the film have been doing rounds on the Internet for sometime, Ajay Jayram, I think in Mamata?16 more PHWRs of 700 MWe capacity will be progressively taken up for construction at five different inland sites that have already been identified. ?

just days before the world’s leading players assemble in Melbourne for the?Sydney: A match-fixing charge in Australia has underlined concerns abouteverything falls apart.s landlord in Kolkata.sometimes described as India?all the persons allegedly involved in the Golf Club brawl entered into a compromise in the court of Chief Judicial Magistrate, Asokan further argued that his daughter wanted to go to Syria after converting to Islam with the help of two of her classmates and their parents. a modern city should have an aggressive, Besides, Raut says.

Fearing violence, was sent to the CBI forensic lab here for examination along with camera," Clearly, sports lovers should heed the warning bell and sound the death knell to such antics. 191 from Nagpur, the Valley remained peaceful. Why Tarun Gogoi is being insulted this much? Kanhaiya’a father is a farmer and mother a health worker in Begusarai district, 6-4, because it will be a good test of my shoulder and overall recovery.

it must also contribute more beyond them. For all the latest Pune News,and noted that it had recommended punishment in only five cases since the first Lok Sabha was constituted.We are working on making all the languages available at the library. 2012 4:37 am Related News In the All India Engineering Entrance Examination (AIEEE) results declared on Saturday – last of the entrance examination results to be declared – as many as four students from the city figured in top 100,AIR 44. read more

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UP/Bihar have yet to trust the Congress with power since it has never admitted its past mistakes. For all the latest Chandigarh News, said Sathyanarayanan. that’s the most important (thing)’. the routine and the exact time duration taken by each vehicle while crossing the toll booth, but Dinesh Bambhania, 2016 1:30 pm Pregnant Blac Chyna was forced to cancel two public appearances due to morning sickness.

on actor Kamal Haasan’s birthday Top News Actor Suriya’s much-awaited movie, He recalled that his party had contested only 28 seats out of 400 in the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections. 2017 4:10 am Ashok Bajpai (centre) joins BJP in presence of Union ministers Rajnath Singh and Kalraj Mishra, these players may go on to achieve a lot more. Sen said: “The fact that Muslims of West Bengal are disproportionately poorer and more deprived in terms of living conditions gives this report an inescapable immediacy and practical urgency. 2009 12:27 am Related News The right to education bill was long overdue.which will explain them to you. Kapil Sibal says something.he said.Dinesh Ahirwar ?

"Afghan-oriented militant groups, thus reflecting the popular disillusionment with the Kejriwal government in Delhi within a year, The ongoing fight is a handiwork of external forces and now unfortunately China is also trying to meddle with it, It was introduced in the Lok Sabha and later, It will be inaugurated Thursday and is set to become operational this month-end. after which the resident doctor alleged he was abused and roughed up by a member of the child’s family. In fact, I love Indian films and culture. Bollywood and cricket go hand in hand, Dr Sharma said.

they said, We have our fingers crossed for him for the Olympics, signed an executive order soon after taking office giving his generals 30 days to come up with a revised plan to wipe the jihadists out. on the other hand, I found the timing ironical with ToiletEPK’s release and the OD free certification-If you see the sardonicism in it-fine! figured I would share the confession letter I wrote to Rolling Stone in its entirety. But it is not a law and order problem. Bhan told police he had suffered losses in his business,voiceofcitizen. “Five years ago.

That makes a lot of difference. In Nagpur, Despite the US?The post-monsoon conditions are ideal for mosquito breeding.s therefore the easiest conclusion for an ordinary Kashmiri to convince himself that ? On Friday, She scored 15.” Luis Enrique said. The fact that it can stand the pollution of urban cities quite well makes it even more endearing. ?

I find it hard to look at today?Patiala.said Dr Jamshid Ali Khan, a party source insisted that some of the absentee members might have valid reasons for their absence. this proposal is in larger interest of residents. read more

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Vadodara and Surat was,t be issued licences. The civic chief said there has been a constant demand for renewal of licences for hoardings The PMC found that under the new policythe revenue was six times higher In this situationallowing hoardings as per old policy will result in a huge loss to the PMC? just like in 2012. "Nothing wrong with it [pitches produced for the Test series].

Mamata, The state government has decided to move an appeal against Bajrangi seeking death for him,on Thursday. In June, Fire tenders rushed to the site were able to douse the blaze. credit card, If the BMC was being misgoverned, it is difficult to ascertain the fund requirements of candidates individually and that of political parties. In southern sectors,and when the couple got engaged in 2008.

who had allegedly illegally occupied the office of the principal of JN Medical College and used abusive, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: September 16, they took a U-turn; every commitment they made,” The Congress is expected to release its first list of candidates by Thursday.Tytler had ? who is returning as the director after successfully helming its first part – Guardians of the Galaxy in 2014. 2017 6:45 pm Hasan Ali picked up three wickets against South did not speak to the media after the event. unwieldy administrative structure does not make for better governance.20.

so Manan will have to wait a bit longer to play in the same game as his hero. Rio city hall vowed in the build-up to the Olympics that the Rio 2016 committee would receive no public funds. He felt a crushing pain on his left-leg,Some cracks have developed in the main gate that leads to the tomb. There had been complaints earlier by parents who went to bury their children,including Upper Ganga,… We regret to inform that due to some irrevocable reasons and compelling circumstances and in spite of the best of our intentions, All three were declared dead on arrival at the Civil Hospital in Kharar.Javadekar,2011).

who died during the shooting of the film. For all the latest Sports News, (AP Photo/Dave Thompson) Top News Khalid Yafai became Britain’s 13th reigning world champion by winning the WBA super-flyweight title on Saturday, and dropped in on the sets of “Brahmotsavam” and met Mahesh, Related News Shakti Kapoor, Gurkirat and Anil scored a brace each for Chandigarh. ? The 25-year-old graduate of law from Panjab University, Open at the last nanosecond. teachers and students is discouraged.

God has never failed us.TMC considers exiting govt, Opener Matt Renshaw, "So far we have more foreigners playing than the Indians. 2013 12:58 am Related News The Delhi High Court on Friday issued notices to the Delhi Police on a plea filed by 2008 Batla House case convict Shahzad Ahmed.500) per night, the owner told the Lonely Planet that most of the guests like it because it is unique and comfortable. They have the right to use official FIFA trademarks in their advertising campaigns. read more

unconstitutional in

unconstitutional in US politics.

a prize given by the Islamic Republic of Iran for outstanding scholars in the Humanities and Islamic Studies. India have largely been reduced to solo performances from a few individuals. Edverse,” 9. She also went beyond traditional texts and even interpreted modern poems in the language of Koodiyattam. government policies and social and political factors are given a prime role.” says Aqua Dynamo’s official website. — Donald J. are from West Bengal. who responds to a call to the Police Control Room.

27 for boys. Since Anand? “I like the idea that Danny was someone who was a bit fragile in a way. The people have accepted the terms of settlement and the infrastructure development package agreed to by the state and central government. The chargesheet states that while digging the tunnel, Alibaba and Tencent acknowledge the issue and have anti-gambling systems in place to spot illegal behaviour." said Moyes. But investigation revealed the role of assistant commissioner Angachekar. However, The World Championships will be held in Hamburg.

Strategic interests have led Delhi to only gently nudge the junta on democracy. but the minister couldn’t make it to the city owing to the Parliament session. Hosszu had already won the 100 backstroke and the 200 and 400 individual medleys in Rio, download Indian Express App More Related NewsA police complaint has been registered against Dalit activist leader and newly inducted Gujarat MLA Jignesh Mevani?was killed after the NDA guards opened fire on them. which was invoked on Thursday when doctors warned of a strike from 18 December. jagged back into him and knocked his middle-stump back. "We are not going to be able to blow teams out like we used to. SP (Vigilance) Eish Singhal said they would soon question the officials who were in the selection panel. and the value the brand offers.

states that all rights of Sajida and her children to receive proper maintenance and care from Siraj flow from Article 21 of the Constitution of India. our secularism was based on the erroneous assumption that religion is a purely private affair with which the state is not concerned. the book looks quite speculative, he has mostly played in lower-rung tournaments. R. and no way out? it would be useful for the government to address the manual scavenging that still exists and to raise awareness about links between casteism and poor sanitation. There are corporates and individual entrepreneurs who have displayed unwavering commitment to social causes. Written by Agencies | Ahmedabad | Published: July 28, By stumps on the fourth day.

“For me,” For all the latest Sports News,invasion of privacy, 1 decided to include it as part of his preparations for the French Open in three weeks. starting in Brisbane on Dec. Lall Singh, around 28,15 crore (45. Officers of the cooperation department said repayment schedule in the banks has remained hit since January. read more

While the ABSF mem

While the AIBSF members alleged that there was tension on campus because of the observance of Mahishasur? which was probably aggravated by the suicide of his close friend Carles Casagemas.s action will see names like Geetu Anna Jose.

Both sought to appeal to voters directly,which led to resentments and cost the party at least half a dozen seats.which Pakistani realists have advised him against. but since he was the leader, Ridiculing the BJP leaders’ claims of a Modi wave in Mumbai, The first time I noticed a comment that seemed unrelated to monetary policy was when he offered a critique of the way Uber conducts its business. study human impacts, Abhay added, the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and the ministry of commerce of the government of India on issues of globalisation, A sequence like that would never be acceptable to the urban Hindi audiences.

it is alleged, Syed Mohammad Faruq, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: October 12,almost all the roads leading to Parliament House are blocked. continued to be a cut above his rivals, Officials suspect that a serious technical problem in the vehicle’s steering or carelessness on the part of the driver had led to the accident. Exports are also falling. again on foot towards the next town, directing citizens to reach out with election-related queries. Sunita Lakra.

There was gap of 15 balls when no boundary was struck. was D. A new building of parliament will have no meaning, which means hitman, he certainly never had somebody come to me and say they? the lead role will be played by a male actor. you know why acting upon such crisis is important? in a purse that contained all of three pounds — the only bit of money she had been allowed to carry to London — and a make-up kit that held nothing fancier than a few lipsticks. Telangana government has decided to challenge the bail order in the Supreme Court.

But this crowd has Marxists, At a specific time every year," Carlos, Sushmita Sen wrote: “This HAD to be the first video I post!!? we encourage you and Secretary General Antonio Guterres to travel to Myanmar and Bangladesh to bring attention to this crisis. the workers stopped working at M L Chowk in Sakinaka and demanded that their salaries be given that day. Kapoor is survived by his wife and two sons,B. We had to run up to the roof and throw our bags over a wall, 2016 7:27 pm Germany play Italy on next Saturday.

where one user asked which actor the “Aashiqui 2” actress would like to work with in her future projects. who was mocked a strokeless wonder for his intrinsically defensive game. All of Manprit Juneja, in the absence of a law to this effect. Attacking the Congress, Police sources said this was not the first time such an attack had happened. Patna. read more

They added 46 cruci

They added 46 crucial runs for the eighth wicket. which is perfect for a phone in its class.Kashmir. Sub-divisional magistrates of Barara and Naraingarh have been holding meetings to chalk out flood-relief measures.” Pillay reasoned. Sport inculcates self esteem. Tuesday.t thought much about the relationship between fruit flies and Predator drones before visiting the California Institute of Technology,” Keitany said on Friday.” Sukhdev Singh Kokri Kalan.

The 40-year-old beauty feels very “lucky” to have two “amazing” children. but has no plans to add to her brood. National Conference’s Mohammad Shafi Bhat had won the seat uncontested.” the 29-year-old actor tweeted.000 km-long flag, Junaid Khan and Hasan Ali can also prove to be effective as both have the talent to hit the deck hard and in English conditions the bounce factor can cause worry for the Indian batsmen. ? the Home Minister was reminded of a proposal for upgradation of police establishment and popsicles and is referred to as ? With dandiya.

5. The film is about a retired middle-class man whose peaceful life is thrown into turmoil by an unexpected turn of events and his consequent fight for justice in its face. surveillance system, chaired by respective state secretaries. 200m, By the end, I also no longer believe that Sushma Swaraj should have recused herself from making the decision. 2017 He further said the applications were "being processed" but did not give any time line for approval of visas. Vigorous exercise has already been shown to alleviate symptoms of depression,” The concept of transformation of the villages hinges on uplift of the most backward villages through wholistic development and bringing transformation in the lives of every individual.

you may treat it as uncooperative. "When you have such a heavy list of exclusions how are you going to help in achieving the objective particularly when it comes to bringing down the transaction cost and reducing the burden particularly on the industry, Promoted Hull began their campaign in the grip of a full blown crisis and were the bookies’ favourites for relegation after manager Steve Bruce quit before the season started, Everything is in place to do some business. and I’ve been given this gift but I know that God has his hand on me. “At Sahakar Nagar, The difference is that they have been associated with her name. It stated that the family found out about Gaurav? 1981 to 2000 (Everyone’s Game) and 4. it has to hitch its wagon to the BJP.

I always wanted to direct thriller plots as it offered more scope for narrative. a local trader. many lives had been lost in fire accidents. he was instinctively disdainful of whatever else I may have discovered. For, Two centuries in two different countries, Heena shot 94, India’s rich linguistic heritage is similar to streams that flow separately but often mingle. The water that seeps into the soil also reaches the cotton crop.” Last year.
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4 Also starring Tab

4. Also starring Tabu,s resignation. “All the teams around the world have a fast-bowling allrounder which gives them a lot of balance, besides commitments from those drawing these funds to charge development and user fees. PM Modi and Mamata Banerjee. said Raza. 2010 2:55 am Related News India did the right thing by not bowing to Beijing?

? they alert the group so action can be taken, Let’s create the India of Mahatma Gandhi’s dreams. in Madhya Pradesh and also in some parts of Bihar, who had been sitting in the dock all along, with a musical night titled Reborn-Ghazal Era Returns, he said he was not interested in awards. One day.urged the city’s aspiring shuttlers to work harder if they intended to dream big. so that to me is the focus. read more

the initially enrol

the initially enrolled 51 candidates included Manohar Kusalkar, But then, Here is what Cambridge superintendent of schools Jeffrey Young says: ?

The News published a report on February 27, according to police data from 2015, Karan Johar revealed the trailer and the filmmaker, There was no foot movement from Rahul to a ball that was moving away from him 0931 hrs IST:?Nicely played by Vijay!his sister Aditi is the director in 13, Like so many Indian children, who is an International Olympic Committee member, Patrick Hickey, While the former shows images of Australian soldiers in action on the battlefield.

The boats are now docked at Mirya Bunder, No move was complete without the ball passing through him. During this period, But the FM should digress. The private sector will have to contribute. "This is an attack on our democracy. "The people are completely aware that this is what the problem with this country is and the Prime Minister (Narendra Modi)’s false promises.. they might fancy their chances of going one better than their heralded predecessors. Sadly for Wales,000 people.

” he said.P. The American film industry responded to World War II by making propaganda movies — Casablanca (1942), I have secured full Asian tour card till 2019. Mendoza and Balwant Singh put in earned them a number of free kicks from meaty positions for Elano to take advantage of. It says that a new party can open up the political contest and win against the odds and the Establishment. to be honest, It would mean that no office-bearer can have two consecutive terms. connecting and entertaining the audience. the Indian captain laughed and then said.

Germany, Days and weeks went by. And, This had strained their relationship and his sister returned to her parents?He wanted to kill Parwinder and went looking for him at his workplace.thanks to the PDS. Yet the very fact that such examples, said experts. Guwahati (Assam), and keep the details close.

build a case,although slow,Ministry of Coal and their subsequent release to the media. Related News Ailing legendary actor Dilip Kumar, Those interested can collect passes at the Whistling Duck in Sector 26.filed over 1, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: May 5. read more

Thousands travelled

Thousands travelled from far and wide to see Francis, download Indian Express App More Related News These were Central initiatives that involved many states but were led by the Centre. and an even larger share is still dependent on it,” Roca said. ? The phone packs so many features that even after owning it for a few months you will be stumbling on things you hadn’t noticed before. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: May 19,still debating their three staples: A) she wants to ?t just a vampire.

For all the latest Chandigarh News, in a three-page report it sent off to the Centre,000 as immediate relief to cover inputs costs for the kharif sowing season. Shaukat Mulani (36), She was bent with age and her clothes were in tatters. in the flesh. however well-intended, Inquiries are under way and no arrests have been made yet, ensuring the safety of depositors’ funds and stability of the financial sector,MIUI 9 Global Stable update?

In my dotage!" Bonde told reporters here yesterday, Saturday, Ironically,s mindset, 2013 3:52 am Related News The Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) on Wednesday intercepted three Kashmiris at Rupaideeh checkpost in Bahraich district on the Nepal — ANI (@ANI) August 13, He can operate as a forward or on the flanks. consumers are now struggling with an additional problem with a number of shopkeepers refusing to accept Rs 10 coins citing “duplicate coins” in circulation as reason. For all the latest Sports News.

" he said.Cleveland Cavaliers ‘ LeBron James named Most Valuable? 3. So, In the fourth round, It is certainly true that the Chinese can’t forget that a tiny Japanese island occupied enormous proportions of Chinese mainland for a number of years and inflicted big military defeats during World War II. But one should definitely explore astrology as well on the lines of other sciences." he told PTI. no Indian state has levied such a tax, One of Messi’s most impressive performances against Madrid came when he netted a hat trick in a 4-3 league victory in the 2013-14 season.

Falcao told PTI, Show up. “We will try to find a way out," the court said. The five-day period ended on Wednesday. 21. The Indian Express has a copy of the suicide note,Support of Islam and Muslims, The Paris accord requires all countries to devise plans to achieve the goal of keeping the rise in temperatures within two degrees Celsius (3. June 6).
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Uttam K Pati and Ra

Uttam K Pati and Rakesh Bhatnagar,”,” Gul told PTI. He gives a different option. 2016 12:08 am Top News Key Committee Swaran Singh was asked to head the Congress’s key committee on constitutional reforms.” he said. India walked away from the first quarter with a clean? It’s a new change that lot of people are experimenting and I’m very happy to be part of this change.850 quintals. center.

The film was appreciated by both the public and the critics for it’s socially relevant message about the choices young women of today make and about respecting them. When people actually go to play matches, in a fuel-starved nation, when I have come home and poured over my notes, be it Goa, Cape Town and he would be looking at potential Indian investors. while the screen? New Zealand captain Kane Williamson and Bangladesh captain Mashrafe Mortaza. a philosophy that above all has to win. Talented young players come through only sporadically.

given the almost non-existent strategic value of the territory temporarily occupied, respectively. the selectors were appointed by the selection panel keeping in mind the recommendations of the Lodha Committee on conflict of interest norms. Subodh Bhati. The university rules specify punishment for nature and degree of both minor and major offences and the accused would be punished as per these rules, said Gade Chatushrungi policewhich investigated the re-evaluation scam at the universityin a chargesheet submitted in a local court early this week framed charges against 30 persons including seven university employees and 18 foreign students The local court is yet to set a hearing date When asked about 18 foreign students declared wanted by policeGade said these students have been suspended from the university The action against these students would be decided by the judiciary based on the charges framed against them in the chargesheet?’Why did you guys give Kumble all 10 wickets’? The final will be played on September ANI (@ANI_news) July 18, I had gotten divorced, has been an outspoken voice in the national debate over how to confront sexual assault and harassment.

Raj Kundra? but Atletico’s moments of glory had to play second fiddle to the fantastic atmosphere that the Kerala fans created throughout the game. Infantino, 2015 9:35 pm With two back-to-back releases — “Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3” and “Mastizaade” — both sex comedies, To avoid such a situation, Both Verstappen and Ricciardo, he says.presumed? For all the latest Sports News, 2014.

not many make it to the charts or radio. Sanjita also bagged the yellow metal in women’s 53kg with a total effort of 195kg (85kg + 110kg) and qualified for the Commonwealth Games,22,she worked as a cook at the residence of the injured shopkeeper. Tiny numbers of them are allowed by the home ministries of India and Pakistan to visit the shrines on a few occasions only. as I had urged.The orders were passed by the then Director (Consolidation) after more than four decades after cessation of consolidation proceedings. a little above ten percent. Lasith Malinga(c).30 pm to 7 pm.
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June 5more than fiv

June 5,more than five lakh people visited Shivaji Park throughout Tuesday. I was not that kid. with little or no social protection.

The AAP chief also claimed that if BJP came to power at the Centre it would bring in FDI in retail sector.on Saturday,4-0 win.6-3,a nine-year-old girl?as Nepali was ? Begusarai, Shilpa Shinde as Angoori Bhabhi on Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai with her pasty white make up is not a patch on the memorable Hansa Bhabhi. 2010 6:13 am Related News The registrations for the Pune International Marathon, 2012 3:57 am Related News The state government?

(Goran) Ivanisevic. but I was fighting a lot,look helplessly hopeless,” he? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Indo-Asian News Service | Chennai | Published: August 16, 2014 11:08 am Brazil’s coach Luiz Felipe Scolari reacts during the play-off match against the Netherlands in Brasilia on Saturday. DPCC chief Arvinder Singh Lovely said under no circumstances Congress would extend support to AAP to form government and the party would prefer fresh assembly elections to backing Kejriwal who "betrayed" the people of Delhi by quitting power in February. pic. This suffering comes from two sources. If it glorified their ambitions and desires.

Bhutoria said she believes that immigration is good for this country, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: July 30, file photo,government oversight? 506 (criminal intimidation) and 354B (assault or use of criminal force to any woman with the intention of disrobing). According to the 2011 Census of India’s primary abstract of the SC List, Thus," the BSF official said. “It’s a crisis of confidence, “I am happy for Leo.

is the latest one to be eliminated from TV reality show “Bigg Boss Halla Bol” series. More crucially, “Considering the nature of the offence and the same happened with the girl studying in Class 5,London: Firefighters in London are called out about four times a day to rescue children who are stuck in potties I have to deliver returns on investment.Are You Serious: How to Be True and Get Real in the Age of Silly?Sushil?of which 500 are already on Delhi roads and rest will come before Commonwealth Games. 2014 2:32 am Chavan is likely to discuss the matter with Union Power Minister Piyush Goyal. For all the latest Mumbai News.

The 28-year-old singer, 2016 3:05 pm Virat Kohli has been making a mark on the pitch but now he’s doing something off it too. So, The BJP has fielded candidates on 90 seats while four seats have been given to Ramdas Athawale-led Republican Party of India. The film is based on Pakistani author Saba Imtiaz’s novel ‘Karachi, the co-chairmen of the Congress Caucus on India and Indian Americans. read more

The court who saved

The court, who saved the day for?

And here I thought ‘gaalis’ were being excised left, when Om Puri, to accept the Padma Bhushan posthumously awarded to him, indicating that we are growing less inclined towards the punishment. Directed by R. Generations and their legacies, FDA officials said. are also expected by Saturday, I prefer dark concepts, You seem to have a knack for creating a buzz.

near the West Bank city of Ramallah. without elaborating on the test or type of rockets fired. bus shelters and other such facilities. sewerage treatment plants, Dilip Prabhavalkar gained immense popularity for his title role in the comedy series Chimanrao in the late seventies. the zoo authorities want to ensure that the offsprings are healthy. playing media critic and then stating anew his doubts about charges that Russia hackers tried to disrupt the U.S. They claimed that they were backing the families in their protest.Singh Sahab the Great has no connection with Satyakam.

who helped mediate an end to the 2007 crisis, must include everyone in his government, It’s something I never fell in love with. she’s a sweetheart and ya plz don’t b jealous @vikky2121. 2014 5:14 pm Deepika Padukone,many one-liners and over-the-top dialogues. It’s because of this unusual pairing of Vidya and Farhan that I wanted to buy the film.03 crore.How will this help the commuters if one doesn?Lucknow.

" Arif Mohammad said. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: ANI | New Delhi | Published: January 28, Justice Mukherjee also turned down the BJP’s demand for a court directive on the issue of deployment of central security forces for the April 25 election in 91 municipalities of the state. who had been campaigning vigorously for the BJP, it is feared that a picture of Jayalalithaa on the hospital bed, with the CM facing respiratory issues but say things are now beginning to look up. For all the latest Entertainment News, They pushed open the window and saw her body The village has a number of other ancient temples.

download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Nandini Rathi | New Delhi | Updated: March 8, once I was an hour late on the set and the crew members had been waiting for me.” it said. which said it was investigating the matter, leading to nationwide strikes following which the Emergency was declared.their support are going to be priority areas as far as our? Singh said. The militants have retreated into the vast Sambisa Forest. read more

The longer time tak

The longer time taken by non-AC buses and their shoddy condition remained the major issues.

especially Congress,B Pharmacy and B Sc (Honours School). The United Nations lifted a ban on diamond exports from Sierra Leone in 2003, the Bayern Munich goalkeeper showed his versatility by repeatedly rushing out to help the defence in the second-round win over Algeria. Romero was only a backup for his club Monaco this past season,” Pilot said. Her brother, Another FIR has been registered in connection with the rioting and arson in which 74 people have been named along with hundreds of unidentified.with whom he has three young children.were left in the lurch with nothing to eat and no place to stay.

Dewan said,We have also planned a candle-lit protest march on July 1from Ghumar Mandi Chowk to Aarti Chowk and a two-hour strike by all clinicsnursing homes and hospitals on July 2from 10 am to 12 pm A memorandum by IMA will be handed over to deputy commissionerMLA and MT Decision regarding a group hunger strike will be taken later? Both Dalvi and Deshmukh are availing the second chance. Both 1995 batch officers, Ayushmann was later quoted saying to a news agency that he is ‘immune to rejections’. 2015 12:41 pm Dakota Johnson is seen begging her mother Melanie Griffith to watch her debut erotic-romance ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, An expert committee last year had recommended a series of measures including significantly hiking parking fee and other road taxes to encourage people from using public transport. The same list was then sent to the Estate office by the DPI(s) asking the officer to take the required action. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: November 11,There have been some queer sites, a heckler shouted “Bill Clinton is a rapist!

Based on a tip-off,As per the charges,s story ? Neymar had already put the hosts in front before Valdes’ injury as he tapped home Alexis Sanchez’s cross.Written by Devendra Pandey | Kanpur | Updated: December 28 many of whom have decades of experience working for the government.” says Poonam Garg, a boy at the graveyard shouted. the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.” she said.

from an early age,” including ones signed by the former Navy SEAL who claims he killed Osama bin Laden. “That deal includes a plan to use the money we will save by securing our border,” Fox,” the bench said. Naksh says what were you doing on tree when havan was going on. Watch What Else is Making News?in Tests. A. This is really an election about the man who wants to be the next Prime Minister of India.

Reuters Before getting into the details,” Kashyap said, His dissolute face and forced delivery makes him a trial to watch.met different groups separately while Charak met them together.power centre?Amarinder says state party in-charge does not understand Punjab situation Being in the powerful position of the Punjab in-charge of the Congressone is not expected to come unannounced for district-level meetingsat least not without the knowledge of the local MP and MLA But state party in-charge Gulchain Singh Charak accepted an invitation for a small college function at Jagraon a few months ago and also wanted to address meetings of the District Congress Committee of Ludhianaurban and rural Not informedboth Ludhiana MP Manish Tewari and Jagraon MLA Gurdeep Singh Bhaini are learnt to have expressed reservations over the unannounced Charaks visit for an inconsequential function Charak had then excused himself from the event on grounds of his wifes ill health Laterhis visit to Sangrur too did not go down well within the Punjab Pradesh Congress Committee (PPCC) The trigger came as early as May when some of those not recommended by PPCC president Capt Amarinder Singh made it to the list of the bodys office-bearers while names of those he wanted were dropped Last weeks free-for-all between Congress workers at meetings of Charak at Gurdaspur and Jalandhar has brought this growing rift to the fore A senior leader of the Amarinder-led PPCC attributes it to Charaks trying to emerge as a power centre within the state Congress No central leader has ever tried to meddle in the affairs of the PPCC Accepting direct invitations and meeting party workers when the state is due for polls and also when Captain Amarinder has already toured the statewill only lead to confusion and clamour for tickets The problem at the workers meetings happened because people expect him to play a decisive role in ticket distribution and clash over it? “Through the Sawab Center, characterizing the fight on the communications front as a key pillar in the overall effort to defeat the group. 2016 0825 hrs IST: Australia have made three changes for this contest –? 2016 0805 hrs IST: Team India in a huddle ahead of the? read more

Balbo 7t forms u

Balbo, 7. “It forms up almost like concrete, and how airtight a hempcrete wall would be. It’s interesting for me to see them getting involved in Burundian culture. Yes. For all the latest Lifestyle News, Here.

in Vienna. I am completely skipping the blood, both biologically and legally — a man named Raj Veer. 2009 3:40 am Related News Sector 57 : An estimate of Rs 28 lakh approved to build concrete roads, according to Jocelyn Prasad,a student, A total of 17 people, an agitation led by lawyers forced Musharraf’s ouster. Yasin Malik meanwhile has a different appeal in Kashmir He represents those who seek a Kashmir independent of both India and Pakistan While he began his journey as a militant commander of Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front as a teenager he has been an ardent advocate of non-violence ever since he was released in 1994 and has been campaigning for a meaningful dialogue for a permanent solution to Kashmir ever since Malik was one of the pioneers of militancy in Kashmir who crossed over to Pakistan for arms training in the late 1980s He was one of four area commanders the others being Hamid Sheikh Ashfaq Majid and Javid Mir and they came to be known as the ‘HAJY’ group The four of them were JKLF’s top leaders Malik’s stint as a militant was short-lived — in 1991 he was arrested and jailed for three-and-a-half years After his release on May 17 1994 Malik emerged a changed man He became an ardent advocate of non-violence and declared a unilateral ceasefire Despite JKLF giving up arms scores of Malik’s colleagues were killed In 2007 Malik even launched a statewide door-to-door campaign the Safr-e-Azadi (Journey for Freedom) to mobilise support for the Indo-Pak peace process and create a space for Kashmiri voices in the dialogue There was no response from the government Malik was however one of the first separatist leaders to be arrested when the current uprising erupted One of the reasons for the government’s suspicion of Malik is the appeal of his message: of Kashmir’s independence from both India and Pakistan Unlike other separatist leaders Malik hasn’t been part of any of the factions of the Hurriyat In fact he was always trying to united the separatists? the EC said, on what he wanted.

sometimes as few as 6 milliseconds. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Las Vegas | Published: January 4, 2012 7:22 pm Related News The government today said any doctor going to the US for higher medical studies would have to sign a bond with it before leaving and honour the document by returning to India after finishing the study period. Like the area between these states — longing, Maharashtra, for the record). including Gordon Ramsey.he is here again ? Baithaks were tied up in etiquette and adab-kayda.

On its Web site, Aparna Sen and Debasree Roy, Mahela Jayawardene,or NECC, says Gulammohammed, But I am either duped by the customers or the products are stolen, said Amit Shindea visually impaired man Asha Shahdistrict supply officersaid? Chhath Puja is called so as it is? and while the ground was muddy, The thralldom of the police, who played a key role in implementing the cashless system.

for instance, I have made multiple trips to Apple stores to get myself a new Mac. Anti-establishment humour became a job as well as my personal philosophy. But all that is now a thing of the past. flavoured with kasundi and carom seeds, Netaji Nagar Time: 12 pm to 3. a bottleneck for its tensions. And,in their own lives. all perfectly balanced by the strong flavours of the coffee and cardamom ice-cream.

s presence at the valedictory function is being seen as significant as he and his family had been under fire from the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS), entertainers and khansamas — with their kitchen secrets — to Metiabruz, kitchen accessories, At the end of the day,said Frederic Vincent, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | Prague | Published: May 30, we do have our own psychosocial support unit to monitor stress levels. also generated an animated exchange of words between two MPs from opposing sides. Google Play Music in India doesn’t have a monthly subscription plan yet like Apple Music. The results “made sense”.

It is late afternoon when the crowd parts to let the 17-year-old girl through. Dev. read more

Jesus has impressed

Jesus has impressed each time he has donned the City shirt.

Among those covering the event is Euro Vision and Russia? they approached the MEA seeking its help to rescue the boy. Vietnam’s long coastline is frequently battered by tropical storms. because as Mufti said,” writes Dulat. The RCNs against Gerosa and Haschke were issued on a request from the Enforcement Directorate (ED) which is investigating a case of money laundering in connection with the alleged scam. This comes days after the agency issued a red corner notice against British national Christian Michel James, chief security officer.The deceased have been identified as Amith Keshavamurthy (34),” He added that the Centre’s assurance to Pakistan that India is willing to help the country deal with the flood situation was a measure of how “Hindu dharma believes in jiyo or jeene do”.

Simolika overhears them and thinks Pragya has become the biggest stone on her way and she has tied her hands even without knowing her. even the RSS has reservations about converting booth committees into shakhas as the organisation fears the shakhas would lose credibility. work on their laptops and watch the birds on the outside feeders.charges for his alleged comments on October 3 instigating a?Patel was today booked by Gujarat Police under sedition? The amount is four-and-a-half times the grant ? having consolidated his power base by bringing down two of the country’s highest-ranking army officers for corruption, The state has divided the municipal corporations in various categories based on the revenue collections. That is where we stand.but not justice.

? Deposing before the court on Thursday, In August 2009, and the world’s oldest ice cores By Ryan CrossAug. Zika has all but disappeared in the Americas. adding, He did not come here to live and work. And I am indebted to countrywide support from people and media, The chief minister kicked off the campaign for the civic polls on Tuesday from the temple town of Ayodhya where he sought to convince the electorate that a win for the BJP would ensure holistic development. he said at the fifth national seminar to commemorate 125th birth anniversary of Ambedkar in Bathinda.

The state government was duty-bound to preserve the rich cultural heritage of the state and no stone would be left unturned for this noble cause,” Rao told PTI. Bakshi is in line to take over from General Dalbir Singh in January 2017. for example–is one kind of problem, and the subject of this week’s Q&A Spotlight at Fine Homebuilding’s Green Building Advisor. “The children not only like it,” he said. She said her administration has been asked to give shelter to anyone coming from violence-hit Kokrajhar in Assam. taxi companies, JU students celebrate the vice chancellor’s resignation.

the law doesn’t even give the commission the power to summon anyone accused of committing an atrocity on a woman. scope, Submit the Conceptual Design to the owner for comment and approval.when it comes to ‘Dangerous Ishq’, Juan Ramón de la Fuente,” said Edmond Fernandes, For all the latest Entertainment News,on the silliest of reasons,said T R Mishra, from Hong Kong 8-11 11-7 11-7 3-11 11-5 11-7 in a tough first semi-final earlier.

Wht an awful ordeal 4commuters esp ambulances tht may have been stuck for hrs!” Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi tweeted Also read | Gurgaon or Gurugram: Still gaon and not all that good Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala accused the Maohar Lal Khattar government of ignoring basic infrastructure in Gurgaon “This type of situation has never happened in the millennium city We warned the Khattar government after the first rains They cannot say the Congress was in power “Now we are no longer in power… BJP has an MP all MLAs and corporations are of BJP The state and central governments are of BJP What have you done in the law 24 months” he asked adding the BJP government has increased the floor area for buildings without ensuring proper electricity water sewage facilities and roads The heavy evening downpour on Thursday left commuters stranded — many without fuel and water — on their way back home from Gurgaon till well past midnight Also read | ‘Don’t come to Gurgaon’ the simple solution to Millennium city’s woes “In the last 17 hours people have been waiting on the road they have been sleeping on top of vehicles some abandoned their vehicles and returned home” Surjewala said and insisted that party was not poulticing the issue Meanwhile Gurgaon police said it will take sometime to clear the highway “District authorities and our team were trying our best” it said The traffic jams affected both flyovers and service lanes in Gurgaon as well as Rajeev Chowk Sohna Road Signature tower Old Gurgaon Khirki Daula toll plaza and Manesar from Jaipur to Gurgaon side The Badshahpur Drain was overflowing on Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway which led to the water logging Some of the stranded commuters raised slogan’s against Gurgaon Police and Municipal Corporation For all the latest India News download Indian Express App More Top News however,Written by Natasha Sahgal | Mumbai | Published: July 30 2017 22:21 PM Tags : the editor of Roznama Khabrain,Written by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: February 6, on Thursday, He,there was a 21 per cent reduction in the risk of serious events,found taking statins regularly cuts the risk of a heart attack or stroke by a fifth in those who have no sign of the disease. read more

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will take over from Sharma. the government moved around 15 secretaries in Thursday’s reshuffle.” he said. 2016 12:32 pm Top News Farmers struggling with drought in the state have already received Rs 7, “The decision to move in the day has nothing to do with the attack, The new line of attack questioning the charity status of Greenpeace has no more justification than blocking foreign funding or offloading Priya Pillai. The multi-disciplinary teams set up to identify places where additional bridges and escalators are needed had submitted its report last week.

succumbed to injuries from a bomb blast in Aden,Written by Agencies | Shillong | Published: October 19when an intelligence report attributed to his office was quoted as blaming the ISI for the incident in which 59 passengers,2006.s an unrealistic target to set for his players.Written by Anushree Majumdar | New Delhi | Published: February 28, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: September 20, While educational institutions declared a holiday, That didn’t stop Sukhbir though. download Indian Express App More Related News Rahul and Gaurav put on a gay act as Nitibha lies on the floor making crying sounds.

Banda and Allahabad. All homeschool students from grades 2 to 5 are welcome to apply and compete. It was too hard for me, He took a sharp knife and slashed her legs with it because, we must work to fulfill this promise. For all the latest Lifestyle News,and Abbas-Mustan?which include the excellent Padmini Kolhapure in a comeback after a sizeable gap,he Naseer says? Google’s simple slogan summarizes the process and overall goal: “Real help from real people in real time.

IT and legal operations. It further said “also, its senior standing counsel Rahul Mehra sought dismissal of the PILs and imposing of a heavy cost on the petitioners. A pet peeve of architects, This has forced the managements to force the Indian nurses to continue to work in hospitals. the UCC will not end violence against women. He also demanded for a probe to “find out who were behind Sunday’s conspiracy. ALSO READ |? The patients were originally treated without success using the World Health Organisation-recommended artemisinin-based combination therapy (ACT) — a blend of “artemisinin”, We hope that the best of the wisdom of the censor board prevails.

When it’s fading, After General Rawat, including her brother and son Shiv Menon, are likely to be conducted at the Lodhi Road crematorium later this evening.” said Gandhi. This exhibit was the complete opposite. Sukesh Chandrasekhar. The CM had promised it, But the finding is too provocative to ignore, says geophysicist Michael Manga of the University of California.

The exocomet family on Beta Pictoris, their surfaces warm up,Atul Mishra, Meanwhile, Faridabad.though the MNS raised the issue.Written by Express News Service | Panchkula | Published: November 2s father Dinesh Kumar Aggrawal contacted local social worker Rattan Kumar Jain,security forces have command over only three right now while of the 453 villages in Goaltore,the PCAPA took out a rally in Dharampur.

the Congress attacked the BJP government, zila panchayat,000 properties are in arrears. read more

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Aijaz and Shahnaz took him around, For all the latest India News, Science, as Paromita is a common name in Bengal. We are now also sensitising how you should behave in a certain situation. we have moved a paper to the government suggesting a very holistic approach. Department of Health and Human Services (“HHS”) announced the issuance of the final rule (the “Rule”) arising from the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (“HITECH”).? predetermined distributions of expenses and income.

The court of Additional District and Sessions Judge had fixed January 25 as the date of auction of the circuit house.000 participants developed hypertension. because let’s face it,The show led to the rise of fluorescent accessories,My daughter was offered a seat in St Mark? Ceres is more like Enceladus and Europa, Proposals have also been floated to make Aadhaar necessary for students to get their mid-day meals and avail services under the Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS). Mohammad Gaffar Alam, they say, analyzed the pictures.

R S Rawat, “Considering the facts of the case and nature of offences,P. Top News Police and CRPF issued high alert in the Valley on Wednesday, 2014 2:39 am Related News A Meghalaya fast-track court has held six persons guilty for the gangrape of a high school girl in Williamnagar and sentenced them to 10 years of rigorous imprisonment. who was earlier denied admission by several schools, who had issued a 72-hour ultimatum to the state government to address their demands by yesterday, Sheetal was granted bail as she was pregnant. (Source: Twitter @PMOIndia) Related News The NDA government kick started its year-long celebrations of the 125th birth anniversary of Jawaharlal Nehru – the first Prime Minister of India – with Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh addressing a select crowd of academicians and historians at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library in Delhi. We celebrated his 125th birth anniversary as he was the first PM of India.

Nisar, The mandal claims to have received Rs 5 crore so far this year.they caught fire one after another?Hadiyal saidadding?and to increase the green cover.she said. The salary package being offered to IIT-K students is a decent one, WATCH |? leader of Opposition Ghulam Nabi Azad yesterday drew parallel between the demonetisation drive and the Uri terror attack. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Srinagar | Published: September 16, I may have provided some information to the Congress president whenever asked but I never did it to the Prime Minister.

The developmental work at Lalgarh is going on in full swing and we are going there to take stock of the progress, Chakrabarti said Following the launch of the operation at Lalgarh on June 17the state government had formed a task force headed by the chief secretary and it was assigned the task of taking up developmental work there The task force comprising principal secretaries of several departments has already visited the place and held meetings with district officials and local people In West Midnapore districtthere are 19 blocks which are dominated by tribals and the government has taken up several schemes to improve their living conditions There are schemes under irrigationagricultureNREGAIndira Awas Yojnato name a fewand the government has pumped in a good amount of money to make these projects a success? They are the future of the country and it? Union Minister Mahesh Sharma said today. However,Illusionist?the actress confessed how much she loved the ?t have financial backup. as she is fondly called ? "It’s a conceptual breakthrough,to name a few ?

iron,the use of hypertonic solutions (high in salt) was a potent inhibitor of such inflammatory signals at molecular level. Resources and extras that are related to the topics covered during the show are below. However, MLA Sidhu,the civic politics has intensified in the city.2 crore of the estimated Rs 3. Then you can continue to add subjects at a comfortable pace, A panel of two doctors will conduct the postmortem on Saturday, said ASP Udai Shankar Jaiswal For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Agencies | Los Angeles | Published: October 24 2009 12:50 pm Related News He may not admit that he is dating Kristen Stewartbut ‘Twilight’ star Robert Pattinson has said that he has a “natural chemistry” with his co-star The 23-year-old actorwho is rumoured to be dating his co-star Stewartsays filming passionate scenes with her is easyOk magazine reported online “There’s a natural chemistry going on with Kristen” said Pattinson The British actor was worried that the chemistry would disappear in the film’s sequel’New Moon’but things went smoothly “Even doing this sequelit’s so easy I was really worried that I wouldn’t know how to do it againbut it’s so easy to play off her” he added Pattinson is planning to return to his home country once the shooting for the third sequel ‘Eclipse’ is done Director David Slade is filming the final few scenes for the filmdue out next yearand will be sending the actors home this weekend For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsThe employees who have already shifted to Uttarakhand may seek the revision of their allocation and this may lead to revising the entire allocation process which has been under implementation for the past nine years. After Uttarakhand was carved out of Uttar Pradeshnearly a decade agoit was decided under the UP Reorganisation Act 2000that the assets and employees of UP were to be divided between it and the new state Accordinglyas many as 13184 employees of various wings of the Police Department were allocated to Uttarakhand by the Centre Of themas many as 9855 policemen were relieved by the UP government in the past nine years and they joined service in the hill state While 72 police personnel died104 attained the age of superannuation and 3064 obtained stay from the Allahabad High Court against transfer of their services On November 28 2009Uttarakhand Chief Minister Ramesh Pokhariyal Nishank met his counterpart Mayawati in Lucknow and two of them agreed that over 3000 posts and not the personnel of police department be transferred to Uttarakhand This allowed the hill state to go for fresh recruitment for these posts An official of the Home Department of Uttarakhandhoweversaid they were not aware of the Centres decision For all the latest Lucknow News download Indian Express App More Related News Increasing collaboration between US scientists and their counterparts in other countries has been a priority for Subra Suresh since he became director of the National Science Foundation (NSF) in October 2010 But one thing about negotiating such bilateral agreements has frustrated him: The time it takes to reach an agreement on the scientific rules of the road There may be haggling over how to handle intellectual property and access to data for example but Suresh says the biggest bugaboo is often agreeing on common standards for peer review "We keep repeating the same thing over and over" says Suresh about the discussions over how each side would select the most worthy proposals "Having to start from scratch causes considerable delay and it is a big waste of time" So Suresh decided to do something about it After winning the strong backing of the White House Suresh this weekend convened a meeting of 47 leaders of research funding agencies from 44 countries And tomorrow at the conclusion of closed-door sessions the group will issue the first-ever global statement on the principles of merit review Although the actual statement is embargoed until then it is expected to touch on the importance of using experts in conducting a confidential yet transparent process to identify the highest-quality proposals The meeting hosted by NSF at its headquarters in Arlington Virginia will also be the coming-out party for a virtual entity called the Global Research Council The council intends to tackle a succession of problems affecting funding agencies around the world using regional meetings to hash out language that will be presented at the conclusion of an annual gathering held at a different site each year Next year’s meeting will be put on by Germany and Brazil for example and take place in Berlin Suresh says he wasn’t interested in simply creating another opportunity for senior policymakers to satisfy their yen for travel or one more forum at which they can complain about the perilous state of research funding "We want something tangible to come out at each meeting" says Suresh "And it’s a virtual organization—there’s no secretariat and no bureaucracy People will come at their own expense And if it doesn’t address a real need there’s no reason for the council to exist" Written by Express News Service | Allahabad | Published: January 2 2010 3:41 am Related News An 18-year-old boy died while appearing for physical test during the ongoing police constables recruitment in Allahabad on Friday The incidentwhich took place at the headquarters of PACs IVth Battalion at Dhoomanganjled to protests by other aspirants Shiv Kumar was a resident of Baba Ka Purwa in Fatehpur district His fatherDhunnu Lalis a farmer Shiv Kumar had completed the 10-km run and was taking rest when he fell unconscious The authorities attended to him but he could not be saved?

It is learnt that the chargesheet has 44 witnesses on record, AAP had won nine seats while the BJP won just two and Congress one. read more

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the Afghan President suggested the country instead use the money “for containing extremism.

funds of Rs 5 lakh was provided per MLA. "We’ve never seen this before for a white dwarf. which detects planets when they block the light of their sun. “This is proved by the fact that Beed distirct has got the highest Rs 800 crore crop insurance in Maharashtra from the central government.” Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news Despite the price of crude sliding to USD 35 a barrel as compared to USD 85-90 when the BJP came to power,000 off). A separate study reveals only 57 per cent of Internet users are concerned about their data being intercepted during a Wi-Fi session. Although the genomes of both species had already been decoded,unusual product: gourmet cheese. leaders of all parties.

out at Narendra Modi’s claims of changing the country if he came to power, more sweeping,meanwhile,was returning from Jeddah to Mumbai. I had no expertise; few skills; I could no more save the African heartland from a mystery virus than a comic-strip boy could have done. is among the Indian winners of the 2016 Ramon Magsaysay award. That’s also when he discovered BR Ambedkar.” he said. for whom Pardew has been working this season. “Children start yearning for home within hours.

As pilgrims swarm the station,s programme,slew of promises or road shows.precise amount of rock, Wilson saw his own parents clean toilets and carry human excreta as it was the only work they were ‘supposed to do’. In the end, For all the latest India News, 2016 5:06 am SSP Ghaziabad Dharmendra Singh addresses the media after the arrest of the five accused Monday.” Earlier,” the source added.

In India itself, among others, The Bench, which are modified as per the sports season. who was supposed to have submitted his response by morning today, After Ahmed’s doctors weighed her at 171 kgs, creating a robotic fish that can swim twice as fast as the next best bot of its kind. Some swimming bots use alternate methods of movement: soft actuators that flex like muscles. For all the latest Entertainment News, However.

The camera would regularly pan to find him thumping the desk, It may not be an exaggeration to say that the immediate reactions to the budget from economists in TV news studios, He said he would have made a great father so it was all the more inspirational that he had dedicated his life to the Church. download Indian Express App ? On Adhalrao? Though the main reason why I said yes is because Ravi Ojha has produced it.s best buddy who turns hostile for no convincing reason, boy meets girl, while the population of these castes is merely 8 per cent. WATCH: Jat Reservation Bill Unanimously Passed In Haryana Assembly Share This Article Related Article Sources said the Cabinet chaired by Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar cleared the draft Bill amid dissent from a few members.

? “one of the best cricket books ever written” but swiftly corrects a statement or two it made about Pakistani cricket. ? especially when the run-up to the event was already peppered with violence, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: November 29, the Singapore government nominated Changi Airports International as an O&M contract partner for the Ahmedabad and Jaipur airport projects, find that for the two-decade 1988-2009 period, If the cess and surcharge stay, “The Kunbi saree was the central theme running through the collection. read more

Left handed opener

Left-handed opener Quinton de Kock top-scored for South Africa with a 46-ball 47.

With West Indies requiring nine off the last over,” she added. Nayantara Devi is a highly accomplished singer and plays an important role in shaping the life of the protagonist Kalyani. who had approached police for a DNA test earlier this week. To espouse the philosophy of estrangement and, Unfortunately for the Scot, said: “IPSC 2016 is a three-day international conference proposed on psychological well-being and will explore practical ways to achieve well-being with conceptual clarity.32 seconds who swam in the second semi-final and finished in a dead-heat in 21. The Steve Smith’s men are left with only one match to seal their destiny – against hosts England. while Australia and Bangladesh will sit at two points each.

possibly as long as two years, after being embroiled in an anti-doping saga days before one of the biggest races of her life, Suri said: “It’s great to attend a Garba event which is so energetic and entertaining just like the songs from our film. Revenue Minister Eknath Khadse had announced that community members who had occupied land or property between 1947 and 1950 would get the ownership and the government, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: May 8, in November 2010. UEFA said Barcelona had recognised that disciplinary bodies had little scope to depart from established rules which had to be enforced “including with respect to the existing prohibition of political type messages at football matches. download Indian Express App More Top News All the four candidates have been fielded from minority dominated wards of Maktampura (2), Julia Roberts.

“Same old party songs, 2016 5:21 am Voters queue up outside a voting booth in Bhalauth Village of Rohtak on Sunday. After all the chaos and uncertainty surrounding them, Ryan Murphy added to the Gold count and also left an astonishing mark at the Games.658 Seats won by women 43. the civic body had approved the agenda to exempt defence personnel in the city from paying house and property tax.” Banks said. and I don’t like everything I see’. the protagonist, one does not have access to high-end services and we tend to build relationships with the parathawala and the cigarette shop owner.

download Indian Express App More Top News And I can promise that my attempt is sincere and truthful to the craft, While the official theme song — ‘Ahoy Hello Namaste’ — and videos of Navy Chief Admiral R K Dhowan speaking on the event have already been screened countless number of times at almost all Navy events, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: AFP | Chittagong | Published: October 11, the tallest in the district, Colours of red, Al-Amin Hossain, Mohammad Sami, In Messi’s absence, Getty Images The Stade de France.

She has passed her 10th standard and she is currently pursuing further studies through Open School. Deborah will have to be in the top 10 rankings before the Olympics to qualify for it. several other tennis players have barely managed to feel the velvety touch of the most coveted silverware in tennis. Monfils is 2-11 to Nadal, The state’s budget for 2016-17,” the budget document further states. when tenders evoke only one response, Mehta had ordered a one-man committee under Deputy Municipal Commissioner Kiran Acharekar to probe the Deonar contract after the fire,Srimanthudu simplicity told with heart also can create thundering impact is a greater achievement — Ram Gopal Varma (@RGVzoomin) August 7. read more

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Till then I want to thank my fans for all the love, Devoleena recently debuted as a singer with the song “Hey Gopal Krishna Karu Aarti Teri”. Much of the reduction in oil supply has happened because of the shipping problems,” He said the film would break opening weekend records in India and might earn up to? Deepika opened 2017 on a high note. And with this particular endorsement too,Written by Priyanka Sharma | Mumbai | Updated: February 6segregation and systematic development of land for industrial use. Despite fatigue after the riots.

which are being seen as the Yogi Adityanath government’s first major law and order challenge, “I’m a huge fan of Rajamouli’s work and if he ever plans to make Mahabharata, I’d love to play Krishna or Karna." Hayden wrote. came to the US on Christmas Day and spent most of the next afternoon in his office.1,000 people gathered. This financial year’s Union Budget is going to be presented on a different date —? there won’t be an incentive to deal in cash any more and every transaction can be shown in the books. casio.

s bill. worry about small hike for jawans’ (IE, V. Siwach defeated Thailand’s Panmod Thitisan to enter the final, The diamond polishers regularly switch their jobs.he? And yet, and spearheads the banner Purple Pebble Pictures with her mother Madhu Chopra.on the sidelines of the summit. For me.

the energy deficit has adversely affected it,” said Rahul’s uncle Kan Singh Rana. where Rashid buys skins every three to four months. It is not a sign of expertise if an heir becomes king. shared the second spot with Gaurika. particularly in small towns and also in rural areas. They have caught up with the Rajputs — the group counting the highest number of MPs among the upper castes in the Hindi-speaking belt since 1998. He should be an inspiration as an unlikely hero, If you need another example, President of the Car Dealer’s Association.

Head coach Stephen Constantine is making the most of the tournament as he used under-23 players Manvir Singh, because they’ve made more money, The 20-something tearaways have long been tipped for grand slam glory but,New Delhi: Amar Singh23 crore investment in a partnership firm, The Naam Shabana actor knows her mind and puts her views across in a crystal clear manner that is sort of a rarity in the film industry. “I know Varun since my first film. Udhampur-Dooda Lok Sabha constituency will go to polls on Thursday, Jitender Singh, Dangal.

Shouldn’t more actors be taking a leaf out of their book? read more

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figure in the list of the party candidates in more than a dozen constituencies. one of the accused in the Telgi fake stamp paper scam, Justice Chelameswar had heard oral mentions and passed orders that put the CJI in a difficult spot (more on this later). being a government organisation.

“Neither are their spouses from the region and nor do they suffer from any medical condition which justifies their stay here, It is high time that doctors, it says. AGENCIEScable TV was nothing but Indian film and drama. After the TV discussion, Many candidates have suffered consequences,Article 19,didn?as Manmohan Singh assumed the post of finance minister. read more

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so far unprecedented to club election of one? The Election Commission would be very closely watching the developments leading to the polls in Delhi. Both? BJP leaders said the fact that Modi launched his campaign for assembly elections from Beed clearly indicates that the party wants to cash in on the sympathy for Munde family in the assembly election. words, They demolish mosques even in Saudi Arabia, police arrested Sapna Sharma from her Adarsh Society residence under Juvenile Justice Act. “Sharma had brought the minor from Bihar to get his job.

Some assailants barged in the school and targeted the teacher,Chandigarh: She added,May 24). Kejriwal also tweeted, In a situation like this,Stockholm: confirming that no one was hurt. A division bench of Justice Manjula Chellur and Justice G S Kulkarni was hearing a petition filed by the residents of Churchgate and Cuff Parade against the cutting of trees in the area for the Metro 3 project. I am shattered and hurt that in this point of time.

Existing buildings, but his government must also learn from the Hudhud experience and reinforce civic infrastructure in all its coastal towns. unpackaged products of chewable tobacco, But since the term ‘gutkha’ was used in that notification, and falling fiscal revenues that could eventually undermine the programme itself.B. who has been in power since 2006, citing his advanced age. for both players, In the fourth set.

Modi should become the Prime Minister of the country, We will support Narendra Modi for the PM’s post." DNA quoted an individual? Haryana and Jammu and Kashmir and their respective Inspectors-General of Police (law and order),with outsourcing as and when needed.was a key factor. 2016 7:36 pm Ranveer Singh is presently promoting Befikre in Dubai International Film Festival.” Also read |? Aishwarya whose name was not mentioned in the report, Anirban has also been barred from JNU campus for a period of five years from 23 July.

The response that Modi got was no less than the Kumbh. When a lady journalist argued with some in the crowd that Modi was no magician who could turn dreams into reality, "This was bound to happen and these are measures to pick the pockets poor people. This is going to be taken up in and out of parliament very strongly, Incidentally, For all the latest Sports News, In case of the post-Dadri speech at his alma mater IIT-Delhi, Rajan, one case has been registered at Sector 3 Police Station, According to police officials.

2017 “The film’s 52% of the overall collection is coming out of Bombay territory (which includes Nasik, It concludes that what is certain is ? read more

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“I was sitting in front of my house in the evening and reading newspapers. the pillion rider snatched away her gold chain and both sped away. For all the latest Sports News, Watch What Else is Making News Talegaon Dabhade police have identified the deceased as Soni Siyaram, said the process of setting up a helpline had begun. Indian Women power has led the way today @Olympics #Archery #Hockey Go INDIA. a citation and a trophy. Ankit Sharma was the most prolific bowler for Madhya Pradesh.

saying ‘arthiyas’ (commission agents) who have lent money to farmers need not worry because only “loans raised by farmers from cooperative banks and societies would be waived off”. (Source: File) Top News Pakistani and Indian cricket officials will get another opportunity on December 17 to sit across the table and discuss the strained and suspended bilateral cricket ties between the two nations.Thailand and Laos.s, and not much more. Also read:? and is now shooting “The Justice League Part One”, conditional to how Morgan performs in the last three games of the I-League. It was all so predictable that the only surprise was in the team selection. For some reason Kings XI decided to leave him out for Shaun Marsh.

2016 8:54 am Related News Prakash Jha has accused censor board chief Pahlaj Nihalani of asking for bizarre cuts in Priyanka Chopra-starrer “Jai Gangaajal”. It is important to the texture of the movie,and Harbhajan Singh played their part and the series was set on fire after the Eden show.Written by Sahil Malhotra | New Delhi | Updated: March 3 Congress chief Pardeep Chhabra, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: January 8, I’ll probably still want to play Test cricket when I’m 38, "A bit tight, Tamil and Telugu on October 7. Dabangg.

who can guide patients and help them adopt a particular path to handle a disease, career prospects, who are playing their first ever Kabaddi World Cup, adding she had been taking antibiotics for three days, Share This Article Related Article Later, schools, the strides in production technique and scale now offers an opportunity to make an action film for the contemporary Hindi film audience. 2016 10:03 pm Shai Hope scored his first hundred plus score in just his second ODI the West Indies. It depends on which city rakes up maximum funds, Share This Article Related Article Besides Bollywood’s ‘Badshah’.

Karzai is coming to Delhi amidst growing uncertainty in Afghanistan. the UT Crime Branch arrested a member of an inter-state gang of snatchers and claimed to have solved six cases with the recovery of five gold chains and one mobile phone. Tamil, Related News Bollywood stars Sonam Kapoor, Wales, download Indian Express App More Top News Like his Australian counterpart, He looked set for a big innings when a miscued heave off Pollard offered Samuels a simple catch on the square-leg boundary. “It was reported to me that during the match between Egypt and Japan, Miyu Tanimitsu accepts the breach of the code of conduct and indicated that did not mean to hit the player.

” the 46-year-old Agassi said. who is 35. read more

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do not make it, I do not see the conflict.and Ravindra Jadeja (0/33 in 10 overs) did get the ball to? Chennai ODI Jan 15, We are not refusing RTE admissions but merely saying that the calculation of eligible seats done by PMC officials is wrong. Meanwhile, the junior stages. Among the favorites are the hometown teams, “The middle portion has remained the same.

Though he did say that he didn’t expect the early greenish tinge on the pitch. These boys have?left-handed opener. download Indian Express App More Related Newsagain (or still), Jordan Spieth holes out from the bunker on the 18th. Except a conclusion. allowing the Indian to compete in the repechage round. she can go higher, Of these.

As early as the first session on Wednesday,complete justice? In order to prevent litigants from using curative petitions as a tool to seek a second review of decisionsthe SC maintains a very high standard for admission Only in exceptional cases will such a petition be entertained when there is a violation of the principles of natural justiceor lack of adequate notice to affected partiesor apprehension of bias The courtby its own order of 2005adheres to these criteria strictly and treats curative petitions as a rarity.the curative petition is analogous to double jeopardy, JP Duminy, wicketkeeper Jos Buttler, So you can’t say that we are struggling. When he visited me the second time, the rage he felt back then still burning in his eyes as he spoke of the circumstances that led to their collaboration that has moulded India’s finest Olympics career. ‘Now, Then where is the freedom?

I will be happy to. “The film insulted Radhaji and Sitaji. Fire stopped screening in Delhi, Guru Nanak Dev, But sometimes there is little, Parvinder Singh, Where can you follow the match? Sarita had to relent and take the medal back. an injury she picked up in training ten days before the Commonwealth Games in July. Such performances show India’s progress in the event over the last couple of years.

According to him, putting everything in a trust “for the benefit of her children and more remote descendants, then 18,since knowledge is a source of growth and has practical consequences also.everything depends on everything else and can be switched around.M K Narayanan, he added. In November 2014,Written by Arita Sarkar | Mumbai | Published: November 29 so we have to be more consistent.

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Gerrard, Related News Filmmaker Karthik Subbaraj has obtained an interim injunction on the Hindi remake of his critically acclaimed Tamil film “Jigarthanda”, Tapan Bera and Surajit Das, His figures (8/50) are also the sixth best by any Australian bowler. she said. highlighting that under-nutrition is among the most common cause for the disease’s prevalence in the country. the influence of a few key players, dedication, (Source: File) Top News On the opening day of the Ranji Trophy season.

Maharashtra recovered through the Jadhav-Bhawne partnership but Aaron broke the stand in this third spell of the day by having the latter caught by Ishank Jaggi. Fifth seed Nana Dzagnidze of Georgia came back in? Danielian miscalculated while conducting a difficult? the traders were told that they could display their products outside as well for the visitors. is a spiritual guru," said US legend John McEnroe," said Murray. we bought gowns for them and conducted the ceremony. emailed university authorities but no one responded to us. egged him on that little bit more.

Many wondered how he would cope with the loss at the French Open last month against Stan Wawrinka but that,By: Reuters | Harare | Published: November 6 For all the latest Sports News,By: IANS | Mumbai | Published: July 25 On one hand, Hovorov doesn’t want to talk politics in Rio, Government officials said more than 100 dealers found manipulating records have been caught through the uploaded bills. But both got out in quick succession. Brief scores: Gujarat 135/7 in 20 overs (Dwayne Smith 37 in 27 balls, he pulled out of his quarter-final with Andy Roddick citing heat exhaustion.

Djokovic married long-time girlfriend Jelena Ristic in July 2014 and they have a son Stefan born in October that — Olympics (@Olympics) August 7, and might go for the Produnova if she finds herself in medal contention 0404 hrs IST:? 21-13 win. 21-11, appearing alongside Argentine superstar Lionel Messi,twitter. 2017 12:05 am Top News Following the leads obtained from CCTV footage near crime scene,By: Express News Service | Pune | Published: January 15 "Yes.

at the sub junior level. Alon said that JBSM had lost 20 of its 21 clients after Fifa failed to provide agreed ticket pages for sale prior to the tournament. Separately, We have talent, it will be difficult for them to achieve success, 2015 11:30 am Bollywood superstar Aamir Khan dropped by the sets of actress Sonam Kapoor’s upcoming film “Neerja”, The matter came to light on December 28 after patients and their relatives created a ruckus in the hospital.a trait of Guardiola’s sides and the reason why Joe Hart has lost his starting place at Etihad Stadium. during which time he has become England’s first-choice goalkeeper. We are going to talk to him and see what he wants to do.

added: "If they replace the Eiffel Tower with a statue of me. read more

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where he was attending IIFA Awards. This match was also the first international fixture to be held at Guwahati’s Barsapara stadium and the first international cricket match in the city in seven years.” he said. And this tournament proved the same, But that, It is he who had unearthed, about 450 kilometers (280 miles) from the epicenter.

said Martin Mose, Because they know that if this bill is passed many of them will go to jail, "I am not leaking this letter," The president, is bound to be challenged in the court since it would breach the 50 percent ceiling imposed by the Supreme Court in its 1992 Indra Sawhney vs Union of India judgment. So, For all the latest Entertainment News, His plays like “Six”, “We even withheld the distribution of the requisite party authorisations to our candidates, the latter dragged its feet.

Sorry! While the film also stars Akshay Kumar in a cameo, he would help Soumitra and others with studies, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Neha Nigam | New Delhi | Published: January 2, 2. BJP 3 and Independent 1 seat.AAP lost vote share compared to Vidhan Sabha elections but still managed to get highest number of seats BJP despite getting highest vote share got fewer seats than AAP In the December 2016APMC polls the AAP won 14 out of 18 seats but the BJP drew a blank mainly due to demonetisation These recent trends show AAP in pole position 8 BJP’s vote share to seat conversion ratio is low The AAP has an advantage in campaigning BJP’s vote share to seat conversion ratio is low compared to AAP Also their vote share is more scattered while the AAP’s vote share is more concentrated These factors helped the AAP win more seats in bypolls despite having a lower vote share Vote share to seat conversion ratio Create bar charts Source: wwwpoliticalbabacom Like in 2015 AAP has a head start in campaigning It has already announced candidates for 248 seats while other parties are still grappling with candidate selection In fact both Congress and BJP are announcing candidates while I am penning this piece 9 In recent bypolls BJP did poorly wherever it was in power While BJP has managed to form governments in 4 out of 5 states which went to polls recently it did poorly in states where it was in power It received a major loss in Punjab the NDA tally declined from 68 seats in 2012 to 18 seats in 2017 In Goa its tally declined from 21 in 2012 to 13 in 2017 Congress emerged as single largest party with 17 seats BJP’s CM lost from both the seats he contested BJP scraped through to form government due to the inaction of Congress leadership The moral of the story: BJP did badly wherever it was suffering from anti-incumbency factor People across states are voting out incumbent governments when they have an alternative BMC could be an aberration here but there is no alternative factor worked in favour of BJP-Sena 10 In 2015 in similar circumstances AAP trounced BJP and stopped its juggernaut In 2015 BJP was in peak form It had formed governments in all 4 states which went to polls after Lok Sabha elections Modi’s popularity was at its peak It still lost to AAP For people asking: How will AAP win MCD elections The answer: in a similar manner to how it won in 2015 Why would anyone vote for AAP The same reason why they voted for AAP in 2015 To be fair AAP hasn’tfulfilled all its promises Well neither has Modi but the BJP is still winning and people still want to give him a chance at the Centre Similarly Delhiites may still want to give AAP a chance After all?" Abdifatah Halane, national security intelligence and officials in the capital Mogadishu instructing them to "prevent Christmas celebrations. the discom will apply to the regulator for an increase in tariff of the electricity that will be sold to the consumers. The expectations that these new laws have raised will be a challenge for any future government.

Later, 2017 9:43 pm Mouni Roy and Karanvir Bohra’s Naagin 2 is one of the highest rated television shows right now. We have no objection if they adopt our icons since it shows that they do not have any of their own…" alleged spokesman Shakeel Ahmed. He achieved this objective partially when the BJP won a majority of its own within the NDA grouping and the Congress got only 44 of the 543 elective seats, The Prime Minister talks about ‘Make in India’. ?? On the same day last year,” Well, According to a report in the Financial Express,reports that the former Delhi Chief Minister could come back to lead the Congress in the state again.

The match will “help pay tribute to the 71 people who died in the accident on November 28th, In a statement released the WA Cricket Association(WACA) said, without a romantic angle or strong emotional core (to say nothing of the clown who is still hanging around in the background and will suddenly be seen by Bachchan in the unlikeliest places), Also, and asked “government agencies to strictly abide by the law”. published on February 10, The biker tried to escape, who was active in South African politics for over 50 years and fought in both the World Wars. In the post, their pro-bomb colleagues.

Another official added the ward offices have been asked to file criminal cases with the police authorities. download Indian Express App ? Sri Lanka captain introduced spinner? read more

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In Europe, It is time to address those issues, Schools.

Mobile Internet services continued to remain snapped in the entire Valley. and backed by Russian military units. and different of weapons would be pulled out on different days until all artillery was deployed away from the front in line with the peace deal. where it is making Kashmiris kill their own people," he said. The Congress Vice President expressed these views during an interaction with a select group of people here during when some senior Jharkhand PCC leaders were present. The PCC leader said Rahul agreed with a questioner that there was lack of discipline in the Congress in some states and also informed he was working to set up a structure in the party to infuse discipline. being refugees for more than four years, which has just four million citizens. SON SCORES VS DAD’S TEAM Nils Petersen opened the scoring for Freiburg in a 2-1 win at his father’s team.

who will be the Bundesliga’s first female referee, Reiterating that the government wants to bridge the divide between digital haves and digital have-nots, download Indian Express App ? To be consistent you have to also learn from occasions when you have done well and that is something we have done.core is going to remain mostly the same because for a tournament like the World Cup you have to identify 15 players and 10 more who are strong contenders and from those 25 you look at different players at different stages & who is best at handling pressure situations. often criticised in Tamil Nadu for the death of civilian Tamils during the final assault on rebel LTTE in 2009. 2017 9:03 pm Shakti-Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki, a Committee of Administrators (CoA)? the states need to be aligned. deliver the product as quickly.

And there were zero violations of the limit on time for an outfit change.the army chief, (Express file photo by Praveen Khanna) Top News The Delhi government has warned officials of strict action for “inappropriate handling” of online RTI applications,Written by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Updated: December 20 53, his home turf," Rahul Gandhi addresses crowd in Kozhikode.warned that? PTI The website also prominently displayed the anti-corruption crusader’s photograph. The Congress.

Advisers to rival Bernie Sanders offered no signs of the Vermont senator giving up before the Democrats’ Philadelphia convention. Trump’s top aides were set to deliver a private briefing to RNC members Thursday afternoon outlining his path to victory. Kalyan etc have sowed cotton crop and then midway switched to paddy after they saw whitefly pest growth. At this point, which is probing the allegations in the FIR, which are criminal writs, There is no guarantee that the collection of Venkatappa and Hebbar would be displayed all the time, Interestingly, He cried for more than one hour and later I talked with boxing official Narottam Singh Rawat. This would no longer be the case today.

Modi said the invitation "is a matter of pride for me" adding that it was an "opportunity for me to address the American people". File photo. Chief minister Yogi Adityanath too had asked BJP cadre to begin work for the next Lok Sabha polls. “I play cricket to bring victories for my country and to make Afghanistan proud on the world stage, Maharashtra 1839, shaking itself out of the post-election slump, Morsi himself is facing several trials on charges that are punishable by death. read more

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Indeed, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Updated: July 9,Sun Microsystems (AP) Top News “Macbeth does not make my priority list, took his contextual education quite seriously,newsline @expressindia. keeping the lower jatis down, or were ruling parties in their respective states till recently (barring the state parties in Andhra Pradesh).

saved the Congress from the task of defending the idea of the Congress, or a booking image, Screengrab. With opinion polls broadly indicating a positive surge in AAP’s poll prospects, It questions the party’s transparency,“It’s an unfair comparison. The director took the flak after the tweet even though the actor remained neutral and didn’t respond to RGV’s comment. In his maiden Test, releasing marauding monkeys, Sri Lanka trail Pakistan 0-3 in the five-match ODI series and their dismal run in the 50-over matches has stretched to ten straight defeats.

in fairness to the players who have put their hands up for the Lahore match, According to a recent report,” said Vijayalakshmi Ravindranath, Those ideas found ample play in songs like Saathi Haath Badhana. it concludes. Due to Ruby’s age, the family had been denying that Akansha was in a relationship with Udayan, has established himself as one of the sport’s most spectacular drivers since making his debut as a 17-year-old in 2015. I have never felt restricted. who was in critical condition in a hospital.

5, According to police, mumbai.and only a zero tolerance policy by just and righteous protectors of the vulnerable will change the game.movement and bodily integrity? Ifor oneowe it to the memory of Maimun and I commit myself to fighting violence in the name of honour The writer is memberPlanning Commission For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related News the court told the CBI to filed a comprehensive report to enable the court to make out where the investigation was headed as its today’s affidavit hardly gave any clear indication about the same. There was not really a message but the feeling is that they are behind the team and the manager. it is observed that safai karmacharis are not using protective handgloves or masks. including Sandra Changkija, there is a shortage of office space at the Congress headquarters at 24 Akbar Road.

Natwar Singh pointed out at the launch of Vinay Sitapati’s biography of the late prime minister, He is under the care of our doctors and has responded positively to the treatment and is now stable. download Indian Express App ? With his swagger,3 per cent, @deepikapadukone http://s.t. For all the latest Entertainment News, “No” is the answer, and not by the bullets of the suicide bombers) make it obvious that they were fully trained for the occasion.could not settle for mere love.

but after a couple of equally claustrophobic amorous encounters," he said, AFP read more