first_imgThisweek’s lettersEqualitycan’t rely on comparisonsI’veread your coverage of equal pay policies and felt I had to make some comments(News, 6 March).Iwork in the NHS as an administration manager, dealing mainly with the personnelissues of 300 staff as we have no personnel department.Havingfought tooth and nail to get office staff re-graded, I have some experience ofthe problems of the principle of equal pay. The trouble is there are no mendoing these jobs, or anything similar, for comparison. There are no male receptionists,medical secretaries, ward clerks or general administrative staff, so theseemployees’ salaries remain appallingly low.Howcan you move away from male equivalent comparisons? If you can’t, the majorityof women will never be on a par with men’s pay as women congregate in these“female” type of jobs.SallyAshworth Administration managerRoss Community Hospital, Ross-on-WyeVoluntarypolicy would be ignoredYousuggest that the offer of flexible working for parents should be voluntary(News, 27 February). This is a good way of ensuring that it does not happenexcept in those cases where there is a clear benefit to the employer. Experienceshows that voluntary codes do not work, a recent example of this being the agediscrimination code of practice. This has not even been adopted bygovernment-funded bodies such as universities. LesJones, Via e-mailGivena choice, small companies will not implement family friendly working.  Being a full-time working single parent, Iwould welcome legislation that forces firms to have such policies. MarilynMaidment HR manager, Acequote.com, CardiffYourfountain pen is so last centuryIhave recently started reading Personnel Today and I am confused. I was told it wasat the cutting edge of the HR industry and has fully accepted electroniccommunication as the way forward. Sowhy does the writer of the Letter of the Week receive a fountain pen? Is it areminder of the good old days, or did you get a job lot just before PersonnelToday moved into the 21st century? EileenWoodHuman resources administrator, Europ Assistance Agencieshave to protect businessIrun a recruitment agency employing over 40 people. It began in 1989, grewthrough the recession and is now being seriously threatened by proposed newregulations being introduced by the Minister for Competitiveness, Alan Johnson.TheDTI is determined to limit recruitment agencies’ ability to charge a fee whensomeone it has supplied as a temp is subsequently employed directly. Originallyit wanted to ban such fees entirely, and later to limit the restrictions afterthe end of a booking to a maximum of four weeks.Theminister now proposes to reduce the maximum protection period to only eightweeks after the end of an assignment, rising by up to six weeks in the case ofshort bookings.Wedeal with markets that use professional freelance workers. Placements aregenerally short, repeat bookings for the same worker are the norm and gapsbetween bookings of more than the proposed quarantine period are common. Ouraverage cost incurred in advertising, interviewing, testing and administrationfor each new applicant runs into thousands of pounds. With costs like thisrepeat business has to be protected.Itis hard to see how we will be able to continue our service unless Johnson comesto his senses and changes these disastrous proposals. SteveGibson Workstation SolutionsEvaluatingNEDs crucial to success Re“Call for better training and pay for non-execs” (News, 30 January). Althoughnon-executive directors have brought much value to many boards it would bewrong to claim that their contribution is universally recognised. Ourresearch suggests that they are most effective when their brief is clear andunderstood by all the board – an obvious comment, but not always commonpractice.Withan expanding role, the NED needs to spend more time in the organisation –infrequent board meetings and attendance at the annual strategy review are nolonger enough. Trainingis often not given since the holders are usually experienced business people. Agreater time commitment will bring demands for higher remuneration, especiallywhen one considers the legal responsibilities of the NED are not significantlydifferent from those of the ED.Evaluatingthe NED’s contribution is crucial. However, it is surprising that in so manycases assessment does not occur. It is interesting to speculate on the HRdepartment’s responsibility to ensure this most fundamental managementprocedure applies to the top of the organisation.PaulSmithConsultant coach, Penna Executive Coaching Comments are closed. LettersOn 13 Mar 2001 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Articlelast_img read more

OUSU council to vet motions

first_imgStudents may no longer be able to propose motions directly to OUSU Council if plans for radical reforms to the decision-making structure go ahead.OUSU plans to ensure that all student motions are directed through a sub-committee which will be able to discuss and amend the proposal.Currently, any two students can propose a motion directly to Council, which meets on alternate Fridays, where it will be discussed, amended, and voted on.If the suggested changes are carried out, then all motions will have to go through the subcommittee unless they can gather 50 signatures.The Review group states: “Experience in recent years shows that this has frequently led to incoherent and contradictory policies being passed that can be potentially damaging for the Student Union.”OUSU President Martin McCluskey said that this will help give OUSU the “robust decision-making process” demanded by the government’s 2006 Charities Act.He added that the current system of proposing a motion to a full council can be “terrifying” for students.  He added that the process of amendment by sub-committees would also mean that motions are “really well thought-out”, and that block voting in Council would be less likely.He was keen to emphasise, “None [of the committees] are meeting behind closed doors.”However James Dray, an ex-Returning Officer for OUSU, opposed the changes.  He said, “I do not think that it is in the interests of democracy to have apparatchiks deciding what can and cannot be voted on.”He added, “These committees are likely to be dominated by hacks who are going to be even more intimidating in small meeting room in the bowels of OUSU towers than they are in Council.” Worcester JCR President, Maanas Jain, reacted positively to the change, saying, “The time we have in council would be more effective.” He added that the democratic aspect was not being removed in any way.An OUSU rep, who asked to remain anonymous, also said he was fully in support of the changes. He added that it would help “stop OUSU being bickering amongst people who don’t agree.”Stefan Baskerville, the JCR President of Univ, argued, “OUSU Council is currently inaccessible and seen as out of touch, ” and that the proposals would be “an improvement on the status quo.” It is currently thought that while anyone can currently bring a motion direct to OUSU Council the vast majority of motions are brought by OUSU Sabbatical officers.Joe Mullan, the JCR President at St Peter’s College, said, “Some change is definitely required – as the current Council system does not work. It’s almost certain that the proposed new system will substantially increase policy coherence, something which is really needed.“The changes will encourage more people to become involved in thepolicy making process by bypassing the need for them to have to make their case to Council, which can be quite intimidating for first time speakers.”OUSU Council will not, however, have the power to amend motions, though it can make recommendations.last_img read more

Should the PATH run to Newark Airport? Let the Port Authority…

first_img× NEWARK — The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey will hold two public hearings regarding a possible PATH extension near Newark Airport.The first hearing will take place Nov. 28, from 5 to 8 p.m. at the Weequahic Park Sports Authority Community Center in Newark. The center is located at 92 Carmichael Dr.The second hearing will happen Nov. 30, also from 5 to 8 p.m., at the Hilton Newark Penn Station’s Garden State Ballroom. The hotel is located at 1048 Raymond Blvd.If everything goes as planned, the new station will be located on off-airport property east of Frelinghuysen Avenue (at Noble Street), per the Port Authority website. It would also be near the Newark Liberty International Airport New Jersey Transit station and PANYNJ monorail station in Newark.“The purpose of the proposed project is to improve transit access to employment centers in Newark, Jersey City, and New York City for New Jersey commuters and increase transit options to EWR for air travelers and airport employees,” the expansion website says.For more information, contact the project team at 917-933-7440, or email [email protected]last_img read more

PA approves $364M Holland Tunnel upgrade

first_imgJERSEY CITY — The Port Authority Board of New York and New Jersey approved a major rehabilitation and resiliency project for the Holland Tunnel to repair and restore critical mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems caused by Superstorm Sandy, and to install protective measures to mitigate future flooding in the facility.The $364.2 million project includes repairs and replacement of systems damaged by latent salt resulting from the October 29, 2012 storm, which filled the tunnel with 30 million gallons of water and resulted in flooding up to 9 feet above the North Tube roadway.As part of the project, repair and replacement will be done to the tunnel’s power cables, fire detection system, voice communication system, lighting, pump room equipment, and repairs to concrete, drum rings, curbs, ceilings and wall tiles. The project includes improved lighting to enhance driver visibility in the tunnel. Approximately 84 percent of the project cost is projected to be reimbursed by federal funds.In addition to repairs to tunnel systems, the project also includes resiliency measures to increase the stop log height at the doorways of the ventilation buildings in New York and New Jersey to meet current FEMA design flood elevation standards.Work on the project is expected to begin in the second quarter of 2019 and take approximately five years to complete. The work must be staged during limited overnight hours to minimize disruption to travelers. Full single-tube closings are expected for 48 months. It is anticipated that one tube will be closed at a time, with traffic diverted to the Lincoln Tunnel during the closure.The Port Authority will work with communities that may be impacted by the project to insure that all planning for traffic mitigation and diversions are sensible and do not create any unintended impacts. In the coming months, staff will meet with the elected officials from the surrounding communities.last_img read more

New York Bakery Co creates breakfast bagel bar

first_imgNew York Bakery Co is launching a bagel pop-up site in London this weekend.Dubbed the Bagel Breakfast Break, the event will run over the upcoming Bank Holiday weekend in Shoreditch.Families will be offered a range of free bagel-based breakfasts, including a build-a-bagel option with over 20 different fillings and eight types of bagel including the firm’s bagel thins.Filling options include pastrami with mustard and pickle, and avocado and poached egg.“We hope the experience will encourage Brits to slow down and think differently around breakfast,” commented Christina Honigfort, head of marketing at New York Bakery Co. Breakfast benches, blackboards and games will be provided to entertain children.A competition will run alongside the event, offering one family a year’s supply of New York Bakery Co bagels. To enter, families need to share their experience on social media with the hashtag #TasteBagelsTasteNewYork.To guarantee a seat at the event, families will need to reserve tickets, although a limited number of walk-ins will be available.The pop-up eatery will be at 133 Bethnal Green Road from 8am until 2pm on the Saturday and Sunday.last_img read more

Beastie Boys’ Ad-Rock Leads Anti-Hate Rally At Adam Yauch Park

first_imgLet’s hope Mr. Trump gets the message that this country will not tolerate hatred. Yesterday, we learned the terrible news that vandals had painted swastikas and pro-Trump symbols in Adam Yauch Park. The park is dedicated to the late member of the Beastie Boys, commemorating his spirit of tolerance and passion. Naturally, such vandalism sparked an outrage from Beastie Boys fans everywhere, and, eventually, the band members themselves.That’s what encouraged Ad-Rock to lead an anti-hate rally at the park today, reinforcing the message that love trumps all. The event saw local government officials, Muslim group leaders, and more spoke at the event, all coming together in the name of community spirit.“We’re all here today because we’re thinking the same thing: Painting swastikas on a children’s playground is a messed-up thing to do,” said Ad-Rock, according to Rolling Stone. “And for many of us, it has special meaning, because this park is named for Adam Yauch, who was my friend and bandmate for over 30 years, but he was also someone who taught nonviolence in his music, in his life, to all of us and to me.”last_img read more

Joe Russo’s Almost Dead Releases Killer “Truckin” From The Ogden Theatre For This Week’s Rad Tracks

first_imgLike seeing Joe Russo’s Almost Dead on the beach? Don’t miss their upcoming Fool’s Paradise event on March 31st and April 1st in St. Augustine, FL. Joe Russo’s Almost Dead will be join hosts Lettuce and bands like, The Floozies, The Motet, and more, with Antwaun Stanley and Oteil Burbridge as artists-at-large! More information can be found here. Joe Russo’s Almost Dead has invigorated the younger Grateful Dead audience and the demand for fresh content from the band is through the roof. With that in mind, it’s time for another installment of Rad Tracks! Rad Tracks, now in its 84th installment, has been a great way for Joe Russo’s Almost Dead to connect with their ever-growing fanbase. The handpicked jams are always the cream-of-the-crop, and they let JRAD fans experience the action from far away, even if it’s after-the-fact.This week’s installment is a wild “Truckin’” from their performance at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, CO on December 15th, 2016. Although “Truckin’” was the foundation, the band zigged and zagged in many different directions. First, the band transitions into a “St. Stephen” Jam, before meandering back on the original theme for a “Truckin’ Reprise”. The band kept the jam going, centering on “Born Cross Eyed” as the basis for their improvisation. Joe Russo’s Almost Dead are one of the most exciting bands in live music today, and it’s easy to see that in this video. With a band this adventurous, and this confident in their playing, the sky’s the limit.Watch this epic “Truckin’” -> “St. Stephen Jam” -> “Truckin’ Reprise” -> “Born Cross Eyed Jam” below.last_img read more

At the Harvard Ed Portal’s Mural Club, ingenuity first

first_img A season for exploration Free Ed Portal series keeps young students thinking, engaged, and curious When Allston-Brighton students joined the Harvard Ed Portal’s Mural Club: Street Art & Community earlier this spring, they hoped to create a public mural to represent them and their community. The students began the semester in person but quickly had to transition to remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic — but that didn’t stop them from creating their own works of art.In past sessions of the Mural Club, Allston-Brighton students in grades six through eight spent eight weeks working with two instructors: a Boston artist and educator and an intern from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Together, they created public murals for their local communities.This year, students instead produced individual works of art with virtual guidance from their instructors, local artist Chanel Thervil and Harvard undergraduate Gabi Maduro Salvarrey. Although the club functioned differently than in the past, students said it was still exciting to explore online and produce their own work. “My most memorable moment was when we made stencils and used them to paint. It was the first time I had done this!” — Sami Kayi, sixth-grader Allston-Brighton welcomes programs in visual arts, ceramics, and more Summer explorers A dream realized, and paid forward NextMaduro Salvarrey said the online transition was tough due to the collaborative nature of Mural Club, so together she and Thervil focused on adapting elements of murals to individual works of art and used student input and feedback to help adjust the program.“This club was great for me and for the students, as it provided an artistic outlet as well as a community during this difficult transition,” she said. “Even though the initial goals of the club may not have come to fruition entirely, I believe our adjustments were exactly what the kids needed at this time.”Thervil said that seeing how many people have been exploring baking and other hands-on activities during quarantine gave her the sense that people are craving ways to stay busy.“For me, art has always been my way of processing things that feel difficult to talk about,” said Thervil. “We also know that art has many beneficial effects on mood. It felt great to provide a small window each week that let folks press pause on their anxieties and dive into learning about various artists and techniques to fuel a creative outlet.”Thervil added that it’s important to keep students engaged when learning virtually.“A big element of my pedagogy as an educator hinges on the fact that having multiple entry points to a topic or skill is a concrete way to keep folks engaged,” she said. “From session to session there was a blend of icebreakers, videos, pictures, discussion, and draw-as-a-response activities used to support the skills we were building.” Maduro Salvarrey said despite the changes to their teaching model, she greatly enjoyed helping lead the program, as it was her first time co-moderating a club through the Ed Portal mentorship program.“It was a very fulfilling experience overall and I would recommend it to other mentors as an opportunity to learn new skills and knowledge from an expert from the community,” she said. “I found it very valuable to work with Chanel this semester, because I learned her approach to structuring curricula while also learning about art and how to teach art.”Creating murals in particular helps develop compromise and collaboration among students, Thervil said.“As an individual you have to accept discomfort, listen to collaborators, and come up with a design or solution that honors everyone’s presence and still completes the goal,” said Thervil. “I would hope that runs parallel to experiences that students and their families can apply to any other facet of life.”Maduro Salvarrey added that it was exciting to see the students’ progress through the course of the program.“I saw a lot of students grow and become more confident in showing off their work and sharing how they genuinely felt, which was great to see,” she said. Using art supplies the Ed Portal shipped to them, students produced colorful portraits, cartoon characters, and nature scenes that they incorporated into their final projects.“My most memorable moment was when we made stencils and used them to paint. It was the first time I had done this!” said sixth-grader Sami. Joe, who’s in the eighth grade, said he enjoyed exploring abstract art.  Sammy, who’s also in the sixth grade, said, “When we went on field trips, it was really great to see all of the beautiful murals, and how creative the artists were.”Thervil said managing the remote transition was a group effort, with help from Ed Portal staff brainstorming ideas and troubleshooting technical experiments.“Since physically creating a mural was the initial focal point that I created the curriculum around, quarantine meant that I had to go back to the drawing board,” said Thervil. “There was a lot of thinking deeply about student interests, access to materials at home, art-making that could translate despite the digital divide, and realistic acceptance of what folks would have the mental and emotional capacity to focus on given the impact of COVID-19 and quarantine on everyone’s health and well-being.”Previous Harvard Ed Portal program offers fun, skill-building activities for local students In giving back to Ed Portal, Harvard intern now sows what he reaped Related Creative momentum at the Ed Portallast_img read more

More AMD Processors in OptiPlex 740 Desktops

first_imgA couple of weeks ago, Lionel cleared up questions around our commitment to AMD. Today, we’ve introduced new AMD processor technology in our OptiPlex 740 desktop. Here’s what customers can expect:We’re the first to deliver new processors from AMD including those with a “B” as part of the model name that identifies them as long lifecycle processors that bring 12-24 month longevity that is essential to our business customersWe will offer more energy-efficient AMD processors with “E” as part of the model name that can reduce energy consumption by 5-10 percentRAID 0 and RAID 1 support for performance or data backup hard drive configurationsCapability to support AMD Phenom performance processors in the futureAt the core of our OptiPlex desktop line of products is stability. Business customers want longevity so they don’t waste time on routine image management and spend it on innovation. It makes sense for us to offer the AMD processors, in addition to other features that provide more stability, such as ImageDirect service and ImageWatch. You’ll hear more from us on efforts to provide even more stability for our customers.Stay tuned. In the coming weeks, Dell customers in all regions will be able to choose AMD processors on the OptiPlex 740.last_img read more

3 ways direct deposit helps you save

first_img 31SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Myriam DiGiovanni After writing for Credit Union Times and The Financial Brand, Myriam DiGiovanni covers financial literacy for FinancialFeed. She is also a storytelling expert and works with credit unions to help … Web: www.financialfeed.com Details What’s more annoying: waiting in line at the DMV or paying $20 in banking fees?Believe it or not, according to a NerdWallet survey, consumers say paying banking fees is more annoying.Some 84% of consumers surveyed said would do something to avoid money management fees. Fifty-one percent say they would take one simple step to save: setting up direct deposit.Direct deposits are funds that are electronically deposited to your accounts. Rather than dealing with paper paychecks, income tax returns or Social Security payments, which can be lost or stolen, direct deposit is fast and worry-free.It’s easy to set up. Just provide your employer with the name of your financial institution, the type of account, your account number, the routing number and a voided check. Be sure to read the direct deposit form completely. When you initially set it up, it could take a few payroll cycles for the changes to take effect, so don’t assume the funds will be available via direct deposit immediately. Make sure you follow up to check on the progress of your request.In addition to it being secure, convenient and fast, setting up a direct deposit can also help you save money. Here are three ways.Goodbye monthly maintenance fees: Many financial institutions will waive monthly checking account fees when you use direct deposit for your paycheck. According to GoBankingRates.com average monthly maintenance fees can run as high as $12.Hello perks: Some financial institutions offer additional perks to make direct deposit more appealing. It can be in the form of lower interest rates on a loan or waiving other types of fees.Free your mind: It’s hard to follow the sound advice of paying yourself first to build up savings. Let’s face it, either an unexpected expense pops up or you forget to transfer the funds. Direct deposit can solve this problem; you can set it up to automatically put a set amount into your savings account from each paycheck and the rest into your checking account. The next time you get a raise, adjust your direct deposit so your extra pay goes into a savings or retirement account. You can also arrange to have your tax refund direct deposited directly to your retirement or emergency fund account. It’s painless and you won’t be as tempted spend the money if you remove the option.last_img read more

Fifa questions Blazer after letter of complaint

first_img Tweet Sharing is caring! Share Share NewsSports Fifa questions Blazer after letter of complaint by: – June 15, 2011center_img Share 20 Views   no discussions Blazer’s bribery claims have engulfed football’s governing body Concacaf general secretary Chuck Blazer has been questioned by Fifa’s ethics committee after complaints were made against him by Caribbean associations.Blazer sparked the investigation that led to the suspension of fellow Fifa members Jack Warner and Mohamed Bin Hammam on bribery charges.The complaint is related to remarks Blazer is alleged to have made in a meeting in Zurich in May.“I am confident of a positive resolution,” said Blazer.The official complaint was made in a letter to the committee signed by 11 heads of Caribbean federations.The complaint is related to Blazer’s behaviour at a Concacaf meeting before last month’s Fifa Congress and does not refer in any way to the bribery issues currently under investigation by world football’s governing body.The letter said Blazer made “statements of contempt and slander that served to impugn the integrity, discriminate against and infringe upon the personal rights” of Concacaf members.The meeting came after Blazer gave a dossier to the ethics committee containing allegations of bribery relating to a meeting in Port of Spain, Trinidad, between Caribbean federations and Asian soccer chief Bin Hammam.A Caribbean football source told Reuters the meeting spilled over into a row over who should take over as acting president after Warner was suspended, during which Blazer told some Caribbean officials they faced investigation.The letter of complaint continues: “The statement of Mr Blazer flouts the principle of a person being innocent before being proven guilty.”It says Blazer “violated the personal rights” of Captain Horace Burrell, the president of the Jamaican Football Federation – Blazer blocked him becoming active vice-president of Concacaf.It also alleges Blazer “discriminated against Capt Burrell and certain members of the Concacaf through his contemptuous and denigratory words since all the persons who were singled out were of a specific race”.Bin Hammam and then Concacaf president Warner were subsequently suspended by the ethics committee pending a full investigation.Blazer claims that Warner and Bin Hammam paid Caribbean delegates $40,000 (£24,250) each to vote for Bin Hammam in his failed bid for the Fifa presidency.The Fifa investigation gets under way on Wednesday, with Caribbean representatives being interviewed by Fifa investigators in the Bahamas.BBC Newslast_img read more

New survey ranks bullying problems by state

first_imgBatesville, In. — Statistics from the CDC say every seven minutes in America a child is bullied and new survey by WalletHub ranks the problem in each state. Indiana ranked 36th, Kentucky was 30th and Ohio entered the list at 35.The top five states in the country are Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Idaho and Alaska.  A link to the full study is here.last_img

Liverpool Back at EPL Summit after 2-0 Win at Cardiff City

first_imgThat extra game for Manchester City will be played on Wednesday when Pep Guardiola’s side travel to Old Trafford to face Manchester United.Now the champions will make the short trip with the pressure firmly back on.Against a Cardiff side battling for Premier League survival, it was a confident, patient performance from Liverpool who have now enjoyed nine straight wins in all competitions.“It was prepared to be a proper banana skin and we knew that, the boys were unbelievable. It was clear, difficult for all of us,” said Klopp.“The boys tried really with all they have, we only speak about the things we have to do.”“Their attitude is outstanding and it’s a tough season but a very positive one as well,” added the German.Cardiff defended deep and in numbers and limited Liverpool’s opportunities, but Roberto Firmino missed a great chance to open the scoring in the 22nd minute.He found himself one-on-one with goalkeeper Neil Etheridge but lifted the ball over the bar.Etheridge was then quick off his line to save with his legs from Mohamed Salah, while Cardiff offered a warning when Alisson Becker tipped over Oumar Niasse’s close-range effort.After an intense spell of pressure following the interval, Georginio Wijnaldum broke the deadlock for Liverpool in fine style with a first-time strike.It came from a clever short corner kick from Trent Alexander-Arnold.Sean Morrison then missed a golden opportunity for Cardiff to equalise, making a hash of a header when he had an open goal at his mercy after Alisson misjudged a cross.Late in the game, Morrison was judged to have pulled down Mohamed Salah in the box.Substitute James Milner converted the 81st minute penalty kick to make sure of the crucial three points for Klopp’s side.Liverpool’s ability to avoid slip-ups against lowly opposition has been a key part of their season.They have taken 52 points from a possible 54 against teams in the bottom half of the table.Cardiff remain in 18th place, the final relegation spot, and are three points behind 17th-placed Brighton & Hove Albion, having played a game more.(Reuters/NAN)Share this:FacebookRedditTwitterPrintPinterestEmailWhatsAppSkypeLinkedInTumblrPocketTelegram Liverpool regained their place at the top of the English Premier League (EPL) with a 2-0 win at Cardiff City on Sunday that restored their two-point lead over Manchester City.Juergen Klopp’s side, who have lost just once in the league all season, have 88 points, a club record in the Premier League era.Manchester City, who beat Tottenham Hotspur 1-0 on Saturday, are on 86 but have a game in hand.last_img read more

Protestors march against sexual misconduct scandals

first_img(From left to right) Ariel Sobel, Gloria Allred and Viva Symanski address protesters in front of Tommy Trojan at the Justice for Trojans march on Saturday. The event began at the Engemann Student Health Center, where former gynecologist George Tyndall was employed. Ling Luo | Daily TrojanNearly 30 students gathered at the USC Engemann Student Health Center to protest former USC gynecologist George Tyndall’s alleged abuse of patients and the University’s lack of transparency on Saturday. Ariel Sobel and Viva Symanski founded Justice for Trojans, a group created to help women who say they were assaulted or harassed by Tyndall.Last month, the Los Angeles Times reported that Tyndall had a history of sexual misconduct allegations dating back to the 1990s. Over 400 women have accused Tyndall of committing misconduct under the pretense of medical treatment and making inappropriate comments. In light of numerous petitions from USC students, professors and alumni criticizing the handling of these allegations, USC President C. L. Max Nikias agreed to step down late last month. “These are crimes going on . . . and it speaks to rape culture because it was taken less seriously,” Sobel said.  “If George Tyndall was burning fires . . . people would have stopped it. But somehow the extreme violence that was going on was ignored.”Marching from the health center to Tommy Trojan, students chanted phrases like, “What to do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!”Project Consent, an awareness and advocacy group for victims of sexual assault, sponsored the event. Speakers included Sobel and Symanski, representatives of Planned Parenthood and Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention, USC sophomore Hailey Robertson and Gloria Allred, the attorney representing 24 women — including Symaski — in a lawsuit against Tyndall and the University.“A lot of young women don’t get the proper sex [education] in high school, and our bodies are treated as kind of taboo,” Robertson said. “So it’s really important to convey . . . your body’s not taboo, here’s what’s supposed to happen in the doctor’s room.”The event  made several demands for the University, including an investigation of everyone complicit in Tyndall’s alleged acts,  improved access to legal services for sexual abuse victims and education on what students should expect during a gynecologist visit.Speakers addressed the specific targeting of international students and non-native English speakers was addressed.  According to the Times, Tyndall reportedly made inappropriate comments to Asian and Middle Eastern students about their sexualities in relation to their cultures.“[Tyndall] had this perception that [international students and non-native English speakers] were more vulnerable, that they wouldn’t fight back,” Robertson said. “We need to combat that perception first and foremost.”According to Sobel, Tyndall also made inappropriate comments toward gay and bisexual women, including Sobel herself. “He made comments that everyone should be on birth control, even the lesbians,” Sobel said. “Every women I know who’s made contact with him, who’s queer, he made a lot of probing questions about your relationships with women.” The speakers also discussed the difficulty Tyndall’s alleged victims encountered in their attempt to seek justice.  Allred, Robertson and Sobel questioned the objectivity of the internal investigation USC’s Office of Equity and Diversty conducted in regards to Tyndall, noting that many law firms were independently advertising their services on social media. According to the speakers, these posts could potentially confuse and re-traumatize the victims of the alleged abuse. According to Allred, another twenty women had joined the class action suit against the University since it was first filed. She provided information about how other victims could come forward anonymously. “To these young women: you are USC,” Allred said. “And that’s why we say they have a duty to protect you. We will not stop until justice is done.”Ending the event, multiple speakers spoke of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements against sexual harassment and assault of women, implying that survivors would no longer allow abuse to continue to be swept under the rug. “Culturally, in USC, among other institutions, … we don’t know the rules [of consent] yet,” USC alumna and march attendee Derl Clausen said. “Even though we’ve attempted to define them, it seems like that is not fixing an underlying issue.”last_img read more

No. 11 Trojans set to tee off for Husky Invitational

first_imgThe USC men’s golf team returns all of its players from last year, looking to make another trip to the NCAA championships — and possibly further — as it opens its 2011 season today at the Kikkor Golf Husky Invitational in Washington.USC heads into the competition ranked No. 11 in the Golf World/Nike Golf Preseason Coaches’ Poll.The Trojans have advanced to the NCAA championships final five years in a row under USC coach Chris Zambri. Despite starting off slow the last couple years, junior Martin Trainer knows the offseason preparation should enable the team to be focused in its first tournament.“We’ve been working hard on the course the last few weeks trying to get ready for this tournament,” Trainer said. “We’ve just been working on all aspects of our game and doing what we need to do to get ready.”Trainer, the 2011 Pac-10 championships individual champion and an All-Pac-10 first teamer, has aimed to correct weaknesses in the offseason to help improve his game.“I’ve been working on my short game and I’ve really made an effort to take a step in the right direction,” he said. “Putting, chipping [and] my bunker game was a weakness, so I’m trying to convert that into a strength.”Along with Trainer, the Trojans return senior Steve Lim — a 2011 All-Pac-10 second teamer for the second consecutive year — junior Sam Smith and sophomore Jeffrey Kang, also an All-Pac-10 second- team selection.Smith was a 2011 All-Pac-10 honorable mention as well, boasting three top-10 finishes and five in the top-20 last season.Joining them are junior Stewart Hagestad and sophomore Ramsey Sahyoun. Adding to an already experienced squad, USC bolsters its roster with freshmen Daniel Lee and top recruit Anthony Paolucci.Lee, who starred at West Ranch high school, finished 18-under while winning the 2009 Thunderbird Junior Invitational. He also tied for fifth at the 2010 Junior PGA Championship.Paolucci, for two consecutive years (junior and senior), was the No. 1 player in the country while prepping at La Jolla Country Day high school and was the 2010 Rolex Junior Player of the Year. Paolucci also earned a sponsor’s exemption into the 2011 Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines, a PGA Tour event, and finished the event in the top-30.“He made the cut and beat Tiger Woods [at Torrey Pines],” Trainer said. “That just shows you how good he is. He’s been struggling a little bit, but I expect him to turn it around and be a huge contributor to this team.”Trainer has set goals for the upcoming season and hopes to expand on last year’s success.“I want to be a first-team All-American, but more importantly, I want to win a national championship,” he said. “That’s what we preach at USC and the whole point of being here is to win that title.”The Trojans will tee off at the Olympic Golf Course at Gold Mountain G.C. in Bremerton, Wash.last_img read more

Russia wants crack down on online payment providers

first_img Russia’s government is preparing to step up its efforts of restriction against ‘unlicensed’ foreign bookmakers targeting its national consumers.This week Russian news sources have detailed that Ministry of Finance has drafted a set of new provisions targeting restrictions on banks and online payment processors, with a view of severely limiting the number of paid transactions made to foreign operators.The ministry’s proposed amendments would seek to further punish any enabler of unlicensed betting services, be it an online payment provider, a national/international bank or a third party betting agent.Russian news source RBC.ru states that the ministry had presented its recommendation in 2015, however following a review, the provisions were rejected by the Russian government due to concerns regarding the cost of monitoring multiple stakeholders.Nevertheless, following last year’s tough stance against foreign online bookmakers, the Russian government is set to review the proposition again,  in order to tighten its current national gambling framework against unlicensed operators.In 2016, the Russian government in conjunction with media regulator Roskomnadzor added new industry regulations which demanded all betting payment transactions to be carried out through centralised payment system  TSUPIS.Roskomnadzor would move to restrict international payment providers  QIWI and Skrill (Paysafe Group) from offering services. Furthermore, Roskomnadzor would widen its black-listed net by adding media portals and affiliates that promoted unlicensed betting operators.To date, Russia has only six licensed online betting operators, who have agreed to comply with all Roskomnadzor and government regulations. The Six licensed bookmakers are Liga Stavok, Winline, 888.ru, 1XBet, Leon.ru and new market operator BKfon.ru StumbleUpon Related Articles Duma approves overhaul of Russian sports betting laws  July 23, 2020 Submit Share SBC Magazine Issue 10: Kaizen Gaming rebrand and focus for William Hill CEO August 25, 2020 Ilya Machavariani, Dentons – CIS regional dynamics will come to play prior to gambling take-off July 31, 2020 Sharelast_img read more

Barcelona – ManCity Preview: Pellegrini’s men face daunting Camp Nou mission

first_imgEnglish teams have fared spectacularly badly in Catalonia, recording just one win in 28 visits, and the Premier League champions need a miracle to turn around the tie.Manchester City swap Burnley for Barcelona on Wednesday night needing to overturn a 2-1 first-leg deficit to book their place in the Champions League quarter-finals.Manuel Pellegrini’s men were beaten 1-0 at Turf Moor in the Premier League on Saturday – their third defeat in four matches in all competitions – and now face an even sterner away trip.That poor run of form started with the home loss against Barca and, with English sides having won just once in 28 visits to Camp Nou, Pellegrini has been keen to play down the significance of a defeat against the Liga leaders.”Manchester United in all of that great era under [Alex] Ferguson only won two Champions Leagues,” he said. “Real Madrid went 32 years without winning the European Cup.”It is important to be there in the later rounds but you can’t think that not being there is a disaster.” After falling behind to two goals from Luis Suarez at the Etihad Stadium, City pulled one back through Sergio Aguero only to have Gael Clichy sent off five minutes later. A stoppage time penalty miss from Lionel Messi, though, kept City’s slim hopes alive.”You can talk about tactics and technique but if you go a man down against Barcelona, you’re put in a terrible position,” continued the Chilean coach. “It is not a disgrace to get knocked out by them.”Their squad, if it is not the best in the world, it is the second best. No other team can put together Leo Messi, Neymar and Luis Suarez but I want to play them with 11 and if they knock us out then let that be because they were better than us.”Barcelona, meanwhile, face a pivotal week in their season, with the visit of Clasico rivals Real Madrid, currently one points adrift in La Liga, to look forward to just four days after hosting City.But speaking earlier this week, coach Luis Enrique said: “This will be a very nice week with two games in front of our fans, but it is not the most important. “We’re going into the Clasico as leaders and in perfect form. But first we have to focus on City because qualification is at stake. Then we’ll see what happens at the weekend.”City lost 2-0 at Camp Nou as they fell to a 4-1 aggregate defeat at the same stage last season, and have never made it to the quarter-finals of the Champions League.Barcelona’s Martin Montoya sustained a fractured cheekbone in a 2-0 win at Eibar on Saturday, while Sergio Busquets (ankle) missed training this week.last_img read more

LeSean McCoy spoils Avengers: Endgame ending, Twitter erupts (rest easy — no spoilers here)

first_imgLeSean McCoy vs the Internet right now after spoiling Avengers Endgame pic.twitter.com/4rnp8yR9gA— Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) April 26, 2019I hate LeSean McCoy more than I’ve ever hated anyone in my entire life— Joe Del Bene (@Joe_Del_Bene) April 26, 2019Honestly I’m just laughing because I muted the first and last names of every avenger but LeSean McCoy can’t spell so I got the movie spoiled anyway. That ones on me.— Velvet Thunder 🇵🇷 (@cruzin_USA) April 26, 2019NFL Player LeSean McCoy Drops Massive AVENGERS: ENDGAME Spoiler & Fans Lose Their Mindshttps://t.co/nv7L4yPLej pic.twitter.com/z6BVr6pLpj— ComicBook NOW! (@ComicBookNOW) April 26, 2019Forget LeSean McCoy spoiling “Avengers” for people who follow him. How about if you don’t even follow him, but his tweets show up in your timeline because of Twitter’s dumb, “You might like” or “Liked by” features. DAGGER!— Jimmy Traina (@JimmyTraina) April 26, 2019people mad at LeSean McCoy for superhero movie spoilers and not bc he has a “Domestic Violence Allegations” section on his wiki?— maurice (@tallmaurice) April 26, 2019LeSean McCoy just can’t help himself from being the worst. pic.twitter.com/lzxcJuDBJ5— JONDERS FPT (@JondersFPT) April 26, 2019Sure, this is a first-world problem, people learning how a movie ends before they’ve seen it, but McCoy definitely should have known better. Bills running back LeSean McCoy committed a terrible sin Friday — he tweeted out a spoiler to the highly anticipated Avengers: Endgame film, which opens nationwide Friday.We certainly will not divulge anything McCoy shared, but it goes without saying many people are furious at McCoy. The Twitterverse blasted McCoy for his indiscretion. Some of those tweets are totally inappropriate — anyone who would wish a career-ending injury on someone just for what McCoy did needs counseling. Some of the other tweets … well, they speak for themselves.last_img read more

NFL mock draft 2020: Bengals, Dolphins go QB; Falcons, Giants take edge-rushers; Eagles find corner

first_img (Getty Images) https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/2c/b5/jonathan-taylor-052119-getty-ftr_16xiqpinafbpz1jy258tmp70ch.jpg?t=-597789294&w=500&quality=80 From the updated 1-32 based on current NFL standings and playoff seeding, here is Sporting News’ second in-season projection for the 2020 NFL Draft in Las Vegas.NFL POWER RANKINGS:Updated order ahead of Week 9NFL mock draft 2020 (Getty Images) https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/a6/50/jerry-jeudy-062619-getty-ftr_xk3fztssszqh1q02y8bdmplub.jpg?t=-1804248021&w=500&quality=80 10. Los Angeles Chargers (3-5)Isaiah Simmons, ILB, ClemsonThe Chargers remain weak on the second level, both against the run and in intermediate coverage, and have been further exposed without James. Simmons is an active player who seems to be all over the field at all times for the Tigers.11. Las Vegas Raiders (3-4)Javon Kinlaw, DT, South CarolinaKinlaw has been a big-time inside disruptor for the Gamecocks with five sacks in eight games. At 6-6, 310 pounds, he can be the new Geno Atkins in Paul Guenther’s defense. He would look good playing with Clelin Ferrell and Maxx Crosby.12. Miami Dolphins (from Steelers)CeeDee Lamb, WR, OklahomaLamb has needed only 36 receptions in eight games to put up 816 yards and 11 TDs. At 6-3, 190 pounds, he is both a great vertical threat and a red-zone target. The Dolphins need to pair Tagovailoa with a dominant No. 1 like Lamb.13. Las Vegas Raiders (from Bears)Henry Ruggs III, WR, AlabamaThe Raiders whiffed on Antonio Brown, but Tyrell Williams was a great signing and has been solid when healthy working as the necessary No. 1. But the Raiders could use a No. 2 who can take the top off a defense. Ruggs (6-0, 190 pounds) plays bigger than his size as a dynamic deep threat with underrated qualities as a possession man.14. Arizona Cardinals (3-4-1)Calvin Throckmorton, OT, OregonThrockmorton (6-5, 309 pounds) is putting together a fine senior season for the Ducks while blocking for Justin Herbert. He is a smooth, agile pass protector with the upside to develop into a better run blocker in the NFL. Kliff Kingsbury would be thrilled to have him operate in front of Kyler Murray.15. Philadelphia Eagles (4-4)Kristian Fulton, CB, LSUEveryone can see the Eagles’ desperate need for a lockdown corner who has a nose for big plays given how messy that position has been for them in 2019. Fulton (6-1, 192) is a physical cover man with great technique and footwork, giving him shutdown upside.16. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-4)Yetur Gross-Matos, EDGE, Penn StateYannick Ngakoue is a pending free agent who might be out of their price range, and Calais Campbell is 33. The Jaguars will need to resupply their pass rush, and Gross-Matos (6-5, 242 pounds) is a well-built, explosive and versatile defender who can thrive in Todd Wash’s 4-3 scheme. 21. Miami Dolphins (from Texans)Jonathan Taylor, RB, WisconsinThe Dolphins can complete their offensive skill rebuild by adding a feature back to support Tagovailoa and Lamb. Taylor (5-11, 219 pounds) has great vision and burst as a runner, and he doesn’t get enough credit for what he can do as a receiver, which has been on display more this season.22. Minnesota Vikings (6-2)Creed Humphrey, G, OklahomaThe Vikings need to keep upgrading their run blocking to fit their new offensive identity with Dalvin Cook. Humphrey (6-4, 312 pounds) is a good hand-fighter who has great athleticism for the position.23. Buffalo Bills (5-2) Laviska Shenault Jr., WR, ColoradoThe Bills have a deep threat in John Brown and a steady slot presence in Cole Beasley. But they have a glaring hole at the other outside receiver spot, where Zay Jones didn’t work out and former CFL standout Duke Williams isn’t looking like the answer, either. Shenault is a more complete receiver at 6-1, 215 pounds.24. Seattle Seahawks (6-2)C.J. Henderson, CB, FloridaThe Seahawks, two years removed from losing Richard Sherman, still need to get better at cornerback. Henderson (6-1, 202 pounds) plays bigger than he is with great athleticism and technique in his favor. He just needs to get a little more physical to be trusted against receivers who rely on body positioning to get open.25. Dallas Cowboys (4-3)Neville Gallimore, DT, OklahomaGallimore (6-2, 301 pounds) has gotten more attention for the punch he has shown on the Sooners’ interior line this season, blossoming as a senior with three sacks. The Cowboys could use someone like him to further set the tone up front and get to the quarterback to complement what they have on the edge.26. Kansas City Chiefs (5-3)Kenneth Murray, ILB, OklahomaThe Chiefs have been trying to get by with a rotation in the middle, and the results have been awful, as they can neither stop the run nor cover backs or tight ends. Murray (6-2, 243 pounds) is an active, rangy playmaker who can be as effective dropping back as he is getting downhill against the run or blitzing.27. Baltimore Ravens (5-2)Curtis Weaver, EDGE, Boise StateThe Ravens need to find that dominant pass rusher for their 3-4 defense after losing Za’Darius Smith and Terrell Suggs. Weaver (6-3, 265 pounds) has been an absolute beast on the blue turf with 9.5 sacks this season. Getty Images https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/0/9a/jalen-hurts-081818-getty-ftrjpg_1mtt5j53yb4vs1qnemxmdxvcfj.jpg?t=-1245430611&w=500&quality=80 Getty Images https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/af/f1/isaiah-simmons-081818-getty-ftrjpg_1y2h2c5f6qr2d1v97bhecbylr0.jpg?t=-1621715573&w=500&quality=80 (Getty Images) https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/46/b7/tee-higgins-062619-getty-ftr_wwgzkzpbsc771eo2mgeth34zu.jpg?t=-1803990973&w=500&quality=80 28. Green Bay Packers (7-1)Tee Higgins, WR, ClemsonHiggins combines tremendous, No. 1-style size (6-4, 205 pounds) with explosiveness. He is averaging 21.8 yards per catch with three TDs for the Tigers in 2019. The Packers need to clean up the committee behind Davante Adams.29. Indianapolis Colts (5-2)Travis Etienne, RB, ClemsonMarlon Mack is a good power back, but he has some durability issues and has lost some effectiveness behind the Colts’ elite line. Etienne (5-10, 210 pounds) would bring more explosiveness to their backfield. He is the most impressive in the open field and has a high upside as a three-down back because of his potential as a receiver.30. New Orleans Saints (7-1)Jalen Reagor, WR, TCUThe Saints need a dasher to complement Michael Thomas and stretch the field. Reagor fits the bill at 5-11, 185 pounds and also provides some nice run-after-catch skills.31. San Francisco 49ers (7-0) 17. Tennessee Titans (4-4)Jalen Hurts, QB, OklahomaWe could have the Titans going to Oregon again and getting Herbert to replace Marcus Mariota, but we know this is a copycat league in which QBs from Oklahoma’s great passing system were the past two No. 1 picks. The NFL is more open to dual threats of his ilk, and Hurts, at 6-2, 219 pounds, has good enough size with a welcome winning pedigree. The latest buzz on him can’t be denied.18. Detroit Lions (3-3-1)Tyler Biadasz, G, WisconsinThe Lions need to keep upgrading their power run blocking, because it clearly hasn’t been good enough this season. Biadasz (6-3, 321 pounds) is next in the strong line of Badgers interior blockers (Travis Frederick, Kevin Zeitler).19. Carolina Panthers (4-3)Derrick Brown, DT, AuburnThe Panthers, after addressing the edge with Brian Burns and Christian Miller, need to beef up their front with a quick disruptor who makes plays in the backfield. Brown (6-5, 318 pounds) fits that mold.20. Jacksonville Jaguars (from Rams)Trevon Diggs, CB, AlabamaThe Jaguars can replace Jalen Ramsey with Diggs, who can pair well with A.J. Bouye because of his size (6-2, 207 pounds), strength and downfield speed. Diggs is rising fast with his big senior season (three interceptions in eight games). 1. Cincinnati Bengals (0-8)Joe Burrow, QB, LSUBurrow has enjoyed a meteoric rise as the new Heisman Trophy favorite and appealing top QB prospect in this class. At 6-3, 215 pounds, he combines his mental and physical toughness in the pocket with a strong arm and accurate delivery. His leadership skills also have flourished in Baton Rouge. Coach Zac Taylor will see some Jared Goff qualities in Burrow as a traditional passer, which makes sense for the Bengals after their benching of Andy Dalton, assuming Ryan Finley doesn’t pull a Gardner Minshew.2. Miami Dolphins (0-7)Tua Tagovailoa, QB, AlabamaTagovailoa hasn’t done much to drop his value, but the durability concerns, combined with Burrow’s spectacular play, have caused him to slip for now in the eyes of many NFL observers. Contrary to popular growing belief, Tagovailoa when healthy is not just the product of the talented offense around him. He is an accurate, mobile deep-ball thrower with the upside of Russell Wilson, only left-handed.3. Washington Redskins (1-7)Andrew Thomas, OT, GeorgiaAssuming the Redskins want to stick with and develop first-round QB Dwayne Haskins in the right way with a new coach, they need a new rock of a left tackle. Thomas matches great size (6-5, 320 pounds) with good hands and footwork, so he can also be an asset in the running game.4. Atlanta Falcons (1-7)Chase Young, EDGE, Ohio StateThere’s a good chance defensive-minded coach Dan Quinn will not be around to help Falcons officials make this pick, but they should be hoping the three teams ahead think QB and offense first. Young is an explosive athlete who can finally solve the team’s long-standing edge rush issues, which it has had limited success addressing. Young (6-5, 265 pounds) is a game-changing disruptor. He has followed up a 10.5-sack season with 13.5 already in eight games as a junior. 5. New York Jets (1-6)Jerry Jeudy, WR, AlabamaThe Jets need an all-around perimeter guy for Sam Darnold with speedy deep threat Robby Anderson unlikely to be re-signed. Jeudy is a classic drive-finishing No. 1 at 6-1, 198 pounds. He also won’t be the only ‘Bama wideout taken in the first round.6. New York Giants (2-6)A.J. Epenesa, EDGE, IowaDave Gettleman is slowing working on getting the Giants back to elite defense with their 3-4 scheme under James Bettcher, and this is a great spot to address the outside pass rush. There’s also some promise up front with Dexter Lawrence and Leonard Williams, and Ryan Connolly should return healthy to star at linebacker. Espensa (6-6, 280 pounds) is a powerful, explosive, big-bodied player with some traits similar to those of Joey Bosa.7. Denver Broncos (2-6)Grant Delpit, S, LSUThe Broncos’ secondary has Chris Harris Jr. and not much else for Vic Fangio’s defense. Unlike his Bears group, they are missing someone who can fly around the field, stop the run like an extra linebacker and make big plays while inside in coverage. Delpit plays like the Chargers’ Derwin James with tremendous size (6-3, 203 pounds) for the position.8. Cleveland Browns (2-5)Tristan Wirfs, OT, IowaSecuring the edges of their offensive line, especially in pass protection, is the Browns’ top target. At 6-5, 315 pounds, Wirfs is the all-around stout tackle the Browns desperately need to fortify their front for the sake of both Baker Mayfield and Nick Chubb.9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-5)Jeffery Okudah, CB, Ohio StateOkudah has emerged as a premier ballhawk for the Buckeyes with his three interceptions in eight games and keeps getting better as a shutdown type at 6-1, 200 pounds. The Buccaneers have been awful on the back end with Vernon Hargreaves disappointing and Carlton Davis being a liability. The first half of the 2019 NFL regular season is in the books, and the college football regular season is entering its final month. With the NFL Draft order starting to come into focus and the top prospects on the radar of most scouts, it’s a perfect time to clock in with an updated 2020 mock draft.The 0-8 Bengals hold the first pick now, but the 0-7 Dolphins have a game in hand. The battle for that selection probably comes down to the teams’ head-to-head matchup in Week 16. (Getty Images) https://images.daznservices.com/di/library/sporting_news/62/7/joe-burrow-081318-getty-ftr_1n5lk1o8vfwmr1fa1rpn7fios1.jpg?t=1875115390&w=500&quality=80 Xavier McKinney, S, AlabamaThe Niners have seen their defensive work in the draft pay off, but they still have a hole at safety. At 6-1, 197 pounds, McKinney could do it all for San Francisco, handling tight ends in coverage and cleaning up against running backs.32. New England Patriots (8-0)Raekwon Davis, DT, AlabamaDavis (6-7, 312 pounds) is a massive, versatile player from a scheme and program Bill Belichick likes. He can line up at both end and tackle to eat space against the run.last_img read more

Nate Pierre-Louis to hire agent, pursue professional career

first_imgPierre-Louis played 91 games for the Owls from 2017-20. He averaged 10.7 points per game and was named the co-Most Improved player by the American Athletic Conference following his sophomore season in 2018-19. Nate Pierre-Louis, a 2020 junior guard, will hire an agent, ending his NCAA eligibility, he announced on his Twitter Wednesday. This decision allows him to pursue a professional career in the NBA, G-League, or abroad.  Pierre-Louis declared for the NBA Draft at the end of March. At the time, he did not hire an agent and remained eligible to return to the Owls for the 2020-21 season.  Graduating senior guard Quinton Rose also hired an agent earlier this month. Rose signed with ROC Nation Sports, the sports management division of Jay-Z’s entertainment agency Roc Nation. Junior guard Nate Pierre-Louis after losing the ball during the Owls’ game against Missouri at the Liacouras Center on Dec. 7. | COLLEEN CLAGGETT / THE TEMPLE NEWSlast_img read more

Thompson claims international award

first_imgJamaica’s Elaine Thompson has been voted International Female Athlete of the Year by readers of the British publication Athletics Weekly. Thompson, Olympic champion at 100 and 200 metres, took the award ahead of American 100 metre hurdler Kendra Harrison and Caster Semenya, South Africa’s rejuvenated Olympic 800 metres champion. The men’s award went to British distance runner Mohammed Farah. According to the Athletics Weekly website, readers gave Thompson 27.4 per cent of their votes. By comparison, Harrison, who broke a long-standing world record in 2016 with her run of 12.20 seconds, and Semenya received 24.3 per cent and 12.7 per cent of the total choices, logged respectively. Thompson’s victory follows a brilliant season. In addition to her Olympic double, she was undefeated at 100 metres and established world-leading times at both distances, with clockings of 10.70 and 21.78 seconds respectively. The other female nominees were Polish hammer thrower Anita Wlodarczyk, Ethiopia’s distance runner Almaz Ayana, Croatian discus thrower Sandra Perkovic, steeplechaser Ruth Jebet of Bahrain, Bahamian 400 metre runner Shaunae Miller, and Thompson. All but Harrison won gold medals in Rio. Ayana, Wlodarczyk, Jebet, and Harrison all set world records this year. Farah, who became the second man to repeat both as 5,000 and 10,000 metre Olympic champion, beat Bolt to the men’s award. The Briton received 36.5 per cent of reader votes, with Bolt getting 32.7 per cent. South African Wayde van Niekerk, who set a world record of 43.03 seconds to win the Olympic 400 metres, got 19.6 per cent of the online vote. The other male nominees for the magazine’s International Male Athlete of 2016 were US shot putter Ryan Crouser; Kenyan marathoner Eliud Kipchoge; US decathlete Ashton Eaton; Kenyan 800 metres runner David Rudisha; and Bolt’s compatriot, Omar McLeod. All eight nominees were gold medal winners in the Rio Olympic Games, with McLeod placing first in the 110 metre hurdles. Bolt and Ayana were named Athletes of the Year by the International Association of Athletics Federations earlier in the month. OTHER NOMINEESlast_img read more

28 months later, woman still suffering from post-Op infection

first_imgBy Lakhram BhagiratWhat was supposed to be a simple appendicitis surgery for 37-year-old Candacie Sardina turned out to be one of the most horrifying experiences she has ever had, with her still suffering the consequences.Twenty-eight months ago, Sardina of Middle Street, Pouderoyen, West Bank Demerara, underwent surgery at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC) for suspected appendicitis; however, following the surgery, doctors told the woman that she had a ruptured bowel, which they “fixed.” Nevertheless, since then the woman has not been able to recover fully. She has to visit the hospital to have dressing done on a daily basis.“About three years before I had the surgery I used to have bad belly pain and vomiting and diarrhoea. I used to go to the doctor steady but them say them nah know what happen to me and in February 2016, them tell me that is my appendix and I have to do a surgery. I do the surgery and then them doctor make a mistake and cut me intestines and them tell me them stitch it up,” she said.“After the surgery, I was still in pain and so and then me condition get bad. Them move me to the HDU (High Dependency Unit) and then the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and then them tell me that I get malnutrition and send me home,” Sardina added.The woman related that after she was discharged from the hospital, her complications began to worsen. She still could not eat and had chronic abdominal pains. In addition, the incision was not healing and became infected, resulting in her returning to the hospital. She further related that the doctors then ignored her for quite some time before corrective surgery was done in September 2016.However, the surgery seemed to cause more damage than it fixed. Sardina explained that now she has to wear a colostomy bag and the incision is still infected.“I can’t bathe properly and when the cut leaking is all thing coming out. Most of the time is my mess (faecal matter) and the pain is worse than making a baby,” the mother of two related.The visibly pale woman related that her youngest child is in Suriname with her husband, who is a Surinamese national. “I can’t travel. People scorn me because of how I does smell sometimes and the doctors nah do nothing. I want to see my son. He is eight years old and I haven’t seen him in so long. His father does work and they don’t have time to come over here. I am a poor woman and I have to work but this situation them doctors put me in here make I can’t work,” Sardina said.She further stated that she has to visit the West Demerara Regional Hospital on a daily basis to dress the wound and after it was reported that it is showing no signs of healing, she was given a referral to the GPHC for yet another operation.According to the referral letter, seen by Guyana Times, doctors at the WDRH think Sardina has Crohn’s disease (an inflammatory bowel disease that causes inflammation of your digestive tract, which can lead to abdominal pain, severe diarrhoea, fatigue, weight loss and malnutrition) but no definitive diagnosis was given. Another corrective surgery was scheduled in for March 16, 2018 at 07:00h but to date, it is yet to be performed.“Them nurses and doctors at Georgetown Hospital does treat you like dogs. Today (Thursday) I go for a dressing and see the doctor then them holler up on me because I tell them I’m in pain. I just want them to fix me up so I can get on with me life. Them got me so. I can’t work or see my children or anything. I have to depend on people and that is stressing me out,” she said.The woman is appealing to the relevant authorities to have some sort of corrective actions taken so she could go back to her normal life.last_img read more

L.A. sidewalk fixes a split proposition

first_imgMore than 500 households participated in the pilot program to split the cost of sidewalk repairs with the city, and backers hope that money to continue the project will be included in the new budget being released this week. City Councilwoman Wendy Greuel said the fact that 535 households agreed to pay an average of $1,200 for repairs that otherwise would languish with an 85-year-long backlog demonstrates the program should be continued. “I made it very clear the 50/50 program had to be included and it had to be more than the existing budget,” said the councilwoman, who launched the program in her district before taking it citywide last July 1. “It’s a popular program.” Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa’s office declined to comment on the proposed 2006-07 budget being released on Thursday. However, he is looking for ways to close a $295 million budget shortfall and also has proposed a trash fee to help generate revenue to hire 1,000 more police officers. To fund the 50/50 Sidewalk Program another year, the Bureau of Street Services asked for $1.4 million for 2006-07, the same as this year, in addition to the $9 million the bureau typically gets for sidewalk repairs. But bracing for a tough budget year, Street Services also submitted a backup request that would allow the program to continue without the $1.4 million allocation by simply drawing from its $9 million allocation. San Fernando Valley residents flocked to the 50/50 program, with 136 households in the region’s five city council districts signing up. Greuel’s Second District had the greatest participation, with 47 households participating since July 1, in addition to nearly 90 others that signed up during the pilot program. In Councilman Ed Reyes’ Eastside district, however, just one homeowner signed up, while Councilwoman Jan Perry’s downtown district had three takers. Six households signed up in Councilman Bernard Parks’ district in South L.A., nearly twice as many as in Councilmen Dennis Zine’s and Greig Smith’s Valley districts. But nowhere did residents embrace the program as they did in Councilman Bill Rosendahl’s Westside district, where 137 homeowners bought in. Rosendahl’s staff printed up fliers, spoke at community meetings and even arranged Saturday group meetings where city crews came out and gave entire neighborhoods estimates. “What has happened is we have strong homeowner associations, people with a lot of pride in their communities, a lot of pride in their homes,” Rosendahl said. Among those who signed up was George Wolfberg, president of the Santa Monica Canyon Civic Association, who heard about the progam from Rosendahl’s staff during a community meeting. “It’d be better if they paid for it, (but) I’ll be a good citizen,” said Wolfberg, who paid $800 for his half of the repairs. “You take care of your own. That’s all you can do.” But Edwin Ramirez, president of the Pacoima Neighborhood Council, said residents in his Valley community cannot afford to pay for sidewalks which may be why just 13 households in Councilman Alex Padilla’s district signed up. “Those people are not going to spend $1,200 to put in a sidewalk,” said Ramirez, who figures the most residents in his working-class community could afford half that amount. “It’s a good program for the people who have the money. It’s not a good program for the people who don’t have the money.” He suggested the city make it easier for residents to do it themselves by letting groups hire non-city workers who could possibly do the job cheaper or buy materials from local businesses who may give discounts through neighborhood councils. Some have suggested there should be a financing program to make sure residents from different income levels have a more level playing field to access the program. Bureau of Street Services director William Roberston said the key to getting more participation is to get the word out. “It’s all about the outreach. Some council offices just didn’t think it was a priority. They didn’t push the program. Those that took a proactive approach really did a great job.” “When you look at CD 8 and 10, it’s incredible,” he said about the council districts represented by Parks and Councilman Herb Wesson, which had 102 participants nearly 20 percent of the total. [email protected] (818) 713-3761 AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREOregon Ducks football players get stuck on Disney ride during Rose Bowl event160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more


first_imgThe vice-chairman of Donegal Education & Training Board has expressed concerns about proposed reforms to the Junior Certificate structure.Peter CutliffePeter Cutliffe said he has spoken to teachers about how the new reforms are going to be introduced to schools.And he says the reaction has been that there simply has been enough consultation with teachers by the Department of Education. “The core of these proposals seem to be to move from exams to continuous assessment of students. We need more consultation with the Department of Education & the Minister as to implications for teachers , students & administrators .“One of the concerns voiced is that teachers will be expected to assess their own students , which might promote inequalities between schools.“There will be extra demand on resources & at the same time opportunities to possibly employ more teachers in assessing students if these proposals are discussed properly in my opinion,” he concluded.  VICE-CHAIRMAN OF DONEGAL ETB EXPRESSES CONCERN AT JUNIOR CERT REFORM was last modified: January 17th, 2014 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:donegalETBJunior CertPeter Cutliffelast_img read more


first_imgHe’s done it again!!!That man Rory Gallagher who still has us singing Jimmy’s Winning Matches after every game in Croke Park, has penned a brilliant poem that will have you pumped for the All-Ireland SFC final against Kerry in two weeks time. Simply click on the video above to enjoy listening to Rory’s latest poem, you won’t be disappointed. DDTV – COUNTDOWN TO CROKER: RORY PENS ANOTHER ODE TO JIMMY! was last modified: September 8th, 2014 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:DDTVFeaturesnewsSportlast_img read more

Ocean and Freshwater fishing reports

first_imgOCEAN Yellowfin tuna AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MOREThe top 10 theme park moments of 2019 The bite had been starting to turn on for the Morro Bay boats, but then winds blew the bite out. There haven’t been any boats out in the past week and weather forecasts say it would be Tuesday or Wednesday before it would be calm enough for a run. Marlin Fishing has slowed in the past week because of windy conditions that make fishing tough, but it’s still excellent. Many experienced skippers are getting five or six hookups per day. The majority are sticking in a triangle-shaped area from San Diego to Dana Point to the east end of San Clemente. The best areas are the 181, 183 and 43 banks just off San Clemente, but more and more fish are showing behind San Clemente and Catalina islands. These are all spawning groups of two, three and four fish catch-and-release is encouraged. Most of the marlin are 100 to 120 pounds. Bonita Catalina Island is bonitaville this week with wide open action. The bones are salvaging what otherwise might be mediocre trips for bass or yellowtail by providing fast action and full sacks. The bonito are mostly 1 to 5 pounds with the average a solid 3 pounds. An anchovy or small sardine fished on 15-pound monofilament has been an instant bite. There has also been a very good bite of bonito in King Harbor at Redondo Beach for fly and bait anglers or trollers. Most are 2-pound class fish. Yellowtail There are a lot of yellowtail at Catalina Island, but the conditions have been dismal this past week. Winds and fishing pressure made a score of 10 fish the high boat at Catalina this past week. San Clemente Island is also holding a fair number of fish, but they continue not to bite and weather conditions didn’t help. Rockfish The Channel Islands rockfish action has been awesome. Port Hueneme Sportfishing boats have been returning with limits of rockfish for all anglers on board almost every day this past week. PLANTS Trout Los Angeles Bouquet Canyon Creek, Jackson Lake and Pyramid Lake. San Bernardino Gregory Lake and Jenks Lake. Riverside Hemet Lake. Inyo Baker Creek, Big Pine Creek, Bishop Creek (Lower, Middle, South Forks, and Intake II), Georges Creek, Diaz Lake, Goodale Creek, Independence Creek, Lake Sabrina, Lone Pine Creek, North Lake, Owens River (below Tinnemaha), Rock Creek Lake, South Lake, Taboose Creek, Tinnemaha Creek, Tuttle Creek. Mono Buckeye Creek, Convict Creek, Convict Lake, Ellery Lake, George Lake, Grant Lake, Green Creek, Gull Lake, June Lake, Lee Vining Creek, Lee Vining Creek (South Fork), Lundy Lake, Mamie Lake, Mammoth Creek, Mary Lake, McGee Creek, Owens River (Benton Crossing), Robinson Creek, Rock Creek (Paradise Camp to Tom’s Place and Tom’s Place upstream to Rock Creek Lake), Rush Creek, Saddlebag Creek, Saddlebag Lake, Sherwin Creek, Silver Lake, Trumble Lake, Twin Lakes Bridgeport, Twin Lakes Mammoth, Virginia Creek, Virginia Lakes. Kern County Kern River (KR No. 3 to Riverside Park, Kernville). Catfish Orange CountyCarr Park Lake, Centennial Park Lake, Eisenhower Lake, Greer Park Lake, Huntington Lake, Mile Square Park Lake, Ralph Clark Regional Park Lake, Tri-City Lake, Yorba Linda Park Lake. FRESHWATER LOS ANGELES COUNTY Castaic Lake For experienced anglers, fishing couldn’t be better, but even beginners are doing well if they can net live shad. Largemouth are busting shad all over the lake and catching more than a dozen bass and some stripers is the norm with live shad. Bass are also biting plastics, topwater and crawdads, but the big surprise has been the great frog bite. Stripers are fairly slow, but that could be because no one is targeting them. Some catfish are being caught on cut baits in shallow coves. For more info: Castaic Landing (661) 775-6232. Ventura County Lake Casitas Some big bass showing again this week with most big bass coming in on plastic worms in 15 feet of water. Three bass more than 10 pounds caught, including a 12-pounder. The trout have slowed, but the catfish bite is the best in Southern California with fish to 20 pounds common. Cats are being caught on mackerel in the Wadleigh Arm, Deep Cat and on the west side of the big island in five- to 10-feet of water. For more info: Lake Casitas Boat Rentals (805) 649-2043. Lake Piru Bass action is improving with anglers catching fish to 6 pounds on crankbaits, spinnerbaits and night crawlers. Most bites are coming near points and in coves in 10-15 feet of water. The most consistent action are trout, which are in 35-40 feet of water near the dam. Most trout are running one-pound and are grabbing Needlefish. For more info: Lake Piru Marina (805) 521-1231. Orange County Irvine Lake According to the Irvine Lake Pro Shop, limits of catfish are coming from all over the lake at night, while only a few are being caught during the day. The best baits have been mackerel, Catmando, shrimp and night crawlers. Most catfish are from 2 to 8 pounds. Bass fishing continues to be excellent at night. Most of the fish are 2 to 5 pounds and are active on topwater baits and drop-shotted worms near Rocky Point and the catfish trees. For more info: Irvine Lake Pro Shop (714) 649-9111. Santa Barbara County Lake Cachuma Cachuma Lake has been very slow except for trout from a boat. Anglers with a boat drifting night crawlers 40-50 feet below the surface near the dam are catching trout, otherwise the bass, red ear and catfish have lockjaw. For more info: Lake Cachuma Marina (805) 688-4040. San Bernardino County Big Bear LakeTrolling leadcore line between two and four colors from the West Ramp to the dam hs been best. Trout fishing improved with cooler weather and fewer boaters this week. Limits of trout to two pounds are common. From a boat, a slip bobber rig is working well for bait anglers. From the bank, bobbers should be set at 20 to 25 feet. Productive baits include dough baits and worms. Catfish and bass are fair on the east end along sandy bottoms to Baker Pond. Crappie and bluegill are hitting small mini jigs and worms along weed beds and docks and in bays on the west end of the lake. For more info: Big Bear Marina (909) 866-3218. San Diego County Lake Cuyamaca The Liquid and Gel Krill craze is on again at Lake Cuyamaca where anglers injecting the liquid into night crawlers and smearing the gel on their lures are catching easy limits of trout. The trout bite is focused near the dyke and the center of the lake. Trollers working this area with shallow running lures and anglers soaking worms are doing well and with another 1,200 pounds slated to be stocked this week, action should persist. The bullhead bite is incredible with most anglers reporting up to 100 fish per day. The fish are grabbing worms and running up to 2 pounds. Crappie on tap for anglers drifting small jigs. For more info: Lake Cuyamaca (877) 581-9904. Lake Jennings Action at Jennings is gradually improving, but the topwater bite is hit and miss. The most reliable bite has been Flukes or Bass Assassins worked in six-to-12 feet of water on the points. The cats are starting to move to deeper water and are being caught off drop-offs and in channels. Boaters are having more success at cats than shore anglers. For more info: Lake Jennings (619) 390-1300. Eastern Sierra Bishop Area Poor weather conditions have slowed fishing some days, but when weather is favorable fishing has been good. South Lake continues to yield action to anglers fishing the inlet with worms and Balls ‘O Fire salmon eggs. Trollers are picking up fish as well with just about anything worked near the surface. The South Fork of Bishop Creek is fishing well for anglers working natural colored or glittered salmon eggs. North Lake and Intake II have been very good as has Lake Sabrina where red and gold Thomas Buoyants and Kastmasters are finding action. For more info: Bishop Creek Lodge (760) 873-4484. Mammoth Area Crowds have dwindled, which has been great for the fishing. When wind isn’t howling trout action has been good throughout the region and in the backcountry. Nearly every water in the region is producing limits of trout to anglers casting spinners, spoons and fishing Power Bait and worms. Stream fishing is very good as water levels have receded and made it easy for anglers to fish Green Label salmon eggs at Convict, Rock, Mammoth, Mc Gee and Sherwin Creek. For more info: Rick’s Sports Center (760) 934-3416. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!center_img There are two congregations of yellowfin tuna Southern California sportboats are targeting. The fish had been scattered by commercial pressure and weather the past two weeks, but there are pockets of fish at 110 to 120 miles southwest of San Diego and another group west of Orange County about 75 miles. Windy conditions much of the past week have made this bite tough, but a few overnight boats and the 1- and two-day boats have managed to get into some fish. Still, it has been difficult with many boats getting skunked or only managing a few fish. Albacore tuna last_img read more


first_imgRAPHOE NOTESFamily Resource CentreCrocheting Group Following on the recent success of the Crochet Classes that were organised by the Family Resource Centre, and from the positive feedback that was given from all those involved in the course, the Family Resource Centre has decided to start a new Crocheting Group that will begin on Tuesday 14th January 2014. It is hoped that this new group will run throughout 2014. If you are interested in joining his group and would like further information regarding cost and times please contact the Family Resource Centre on 0749145796 / 0873641503.Christmas HolidaysThe Family Resource Centre will close at 1.00pm on Friday 20th December and re-open again on Monday 6th January 2014. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued support in 2013, and to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year. Please make sure to look in on your elderly neighbours and friends or anyone living alone during the holiday period.Exercise Class and Child Health Clinic Facilitated by local Public Health Nurse, Deirdre Friel every Thursday from 10.30am-12.30pm in Unit 5, The Mill, Convoy commencing on 7th January 2014. There will be a Child Health Clinic and Buggyfit Exercise Class as well as a cuppa! Just come along or contact Deirdre on 074 9147317. Everyone welcome.Emergency NumbersDonegal Co. Council has listed the following numbers in event of an emergency over the holiday period. Roads issues-074 9172288; Water, Environment or Housing issues-074 9172399.Christmas Wishes from Raphoe Tidy Towns Ltd Volt House RaphoeThe Tidy Towns Community Employment staff will be on Holidays from Tuesday 24th December Christmas Eve until Friday 3rd January 2014. There will be a town litter cleaning service over the holiday period. A sincere thank you to all the various residential areas, Schools, Churches, RCIA Ltd Volt House, the County Council, local County Council workers, all local people, community groups and businesses who have supported our work for the town during the year. Everyone in Raphoe Tidy Towns Ltd, extend a very Happy Christmas and New Year to everyone in Raphoe and district and especially all those from the town and surrounding areas who are abroad this year. As always you will be remembered in a very special way this Christmas and New Year here in Raphoe. We also welcome those who are home for Christmas this year with their families and send best wishes to anyone who is sick or in hospital at this time. The following Christmas poem is dedicated to all Raphoe people wherever you may be this Christmas. A Raphoe Christmas Eve.The leaves they are all gone nowThe air is cold and stillThe burn runs through the valley From Braehead wood and past the millThe townlands and streets are quietThe moon shines down belowThe stars are shining brightlyIn the hearths the fires glow.The animals are restingIn the stables and the barnsJust like this night so long agoThe night that Christ was bornThe children are all dreamingOf reindeer flying through the snowWith Santa, toys and presentsOn his visit to RaphoeO Silent night, O Starry nightOf Miracles from Heaven abovePlease send your new born Son to usWith His gifts of peace and loveThe Town Clock in the DiamondKeeps time for all to knowAs the people wait on ChristmasIn our City of Raphoe.By: Martin Laird Raphoe.St Vincent de Paul RaphoeA sincere thank you to everyone who has supported our work, helped, or made donations of any kind. Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas & New Year.Christmas Message from Santa Claus to all in RaphoeSanta Claus has sent a special message to all children of Raphoe and district to be extra good and be in bed early this Christmas Eve. Santa expects to visit Ireland & Donegal sometime after midnight this year again on his way from Canada and America so be sure to be fast asleep and don’t forget something for him to eat and a treat for the reindeers also. Leaving Donegal and the rest of Ireland Santa hopes then to fly to the Isle Of Man, then on to England, Scotland and Wales before making his way all around the world visiting all good children on his special Christmas Eve journey. Santa and his team wish all Raphoe people at home and all around the world a very Happy Christmas 2013 and a prosperous New Year 2014.Pilgrimage to MedugorjePilgrimage to Medugorje 10th Sept. 2014. Early Booking Offers €150 off if paid in full by 12th Dec. 2013 €100 off if paid in full by 3rd Feb 2014 €50 off if deposit €200 paid by 3rd Feb. 2014. For bookings contact Kathleen at 074-9121641 or 086-3721962.Raphoe Boxing ClubEveryone at Raphoe Boxing Club extend best wishes to Convoy’s former Club Captain of Finn Harps, Packie Mailey who has re-signed for the Ballybofey Club and wish him every success for the future.The Boxing Club will close for the Christmas break on Wednesday 18th December and re-open on Monday 6th January 2014 and everyone at the Club extend a very Happy Christmas to all our generous sponsors for their support during 2013.DD LOCAL – EXERCISE CLASSES FOR RAPHOE IN NEW YEAR was last modified: December 20th, 2013 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window)Tags:Raphoe noteslast_img read more


first_imgAre you a vibrant, passionate, friendly person? Do you have what it takes to stand out in an award winning team?Yes- RSVP’s Best Hair Salon in Ireland Patrick Gildea Hairdressing is expanding and want you as part of their growing team.This is a perfect opportunity for anyone not reaching their full potential in their current hairdressing role.Do you feel like you are being held back; would like to progress further and be the best you can be? Yes?This is your chance to work with and learn from a team who are renowned for delivering the best hairdressing experience in the North West!The “Centre of Excellence” are looking for talented, friendly, passionate, enthusiastic individuals to join a brilliant team of apprentices in a fantastic and buzzing premises in Riverside Retail Park, Letterkenny.Experience of working within a fast-paced hairdressing environment would be ideal but not essential as full training in the Patrick Gildea Hairdressing academy will be provided.To apply for this wonderful opportunity simply send your CV to [email protected] before 10th July 2015.The inside of Patrick Gildea’s new salon.HAIRDRESSING APPRENTICES WANTED – LIVE YOUR PASSION, LOVE YOUR CAREER was last modified: June 23rd, 2015 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:apprenticsdonegalPatrick Gildea Hairdressingwantedlast_img read more

The street where Mandela and Tutu lived

first_img4 June 2010It could be mistaken for any other street in Soweto, with small, well-kept homes and the daily bustle of pedestrians. One may notice a few extra restaurants and bars, but nothing out of the ordinary. Yet Vilakazi Street is one of the most famous in South Africa.Vilakazi is the only street in the world to have housed two Nobel Prize winners – former President Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu – and as such holds a special place in South African history.The house where Mandela livedIn an extract from his book, Long Walk to Freedom, Mandela describes how he felt after returning to his home on Vilakazi street with his then wife Winne Mandela after 27 years in prison.“That night I returned with Winnie to No. 8115 in Orlando West. It was only then that I knew in my heart I had left prison. For me, No. 8115 was the centre point of my world, the place marked with an X in my mental geography.”Since converted into a national monument to Mandela and his role in the apartheid struggle, No. 8115 Vilakazi Street, now known as the Mandela House Museum, is a popular stop for visitors.Madonna Seruto has been working at the Mandela House Museum for over five years, and has found the interest in the heritage site growing in the build-up to the World Cup. “I grew up 15 minutes’ walk from here,” says Seruto. “I am very proud of my job. We get to meet different people from all over the world every day.“I am excited to teach the world this story. People come here, some cry, some pray before they come inside, others take their hats off, but all of them enjoy it and take something away with them when they go.”Desmond Tutu still owns his house on Vilakazi Street, and often goes to stay there when he visits Johannesburg.The road is also home to one the most famous schools in Soweto, Orlando West High School. The school was one of the most active during the 16 June 1976 student protests.Social hubAside from its historical importance, Vilakazi Street has also become a social hub, where local and foreign people gather to enjoy a drink or have a meal.“This street is full of hype, and during the World Cup we will welcome our visitors with warmth,” says Boniswa Seakamela, the manager of the Nelson Mandela House Restaurant. “Honestly, I am getting calls for bookings that exceeds my seating capacity.“We were very busy during the Confederations Cup last year, so we are excited about the World Cup,” says Seakamela. “Serving our local food, showing the games and making the most of it.”Vilakazi Street, and other township destinations, are fast becoming part of the greater South African tourism experience. Restaurants, bed-and-breakfasts and backpackers are opening their doors to foreign visitors, offering a unique experience off the beaten track.“Vilakazi Street is an iconic landmark and tourist attraction. There is no other street in the world like it,” says Lindiwe Mahlangu, CEO of the Johannesburg Tourism Company. “Soweto is an important part of our country’s heritage. It was here that the Freedom Charter was drafted in 1955, an important document used in the creation of the Constitution of South Africa.”And what is the message from Vilalazi before the kick-off of the 2010 Fifa World Cup?“Welcome to South Africa,” says Dolly Hlope, a resident of the area. “You are welcome here in Vilakazi Street during the World Cup.”Source: 2010 Fifa World Cup South Africa Organising Committeelast_img read more

Results of 2016 Lake Erie Walleye and Yellow Perch hatches released

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Early data gathered by wildlife agencies in the western basin of Lake Erie indicate that the yellow perch hatch was near its annual average while the walleye hatch was below average, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR).Each year in August, wildlife agencies from around the western basin of Lake Erie sample the waters using bottom trawls in search of young of the year walleye and yellow perch. Data from these bottom trawls are combined into a basin-wide index, and fisheries biologists compare the figures to previous years to estimate the success of the walleye and yellow perch hatches. Biologists from the ODNR Division of Wildlife conducted bottom trawling surveys at nearly 40 sampling locations across Ohio waters of the western basin. This data provides biologists with an estimate on how many young fish will enter the fishable population two years later.Based upon results from the August trawl surveys the 2016 yellow perch hatch appears to have been successful in both Ohio and Ontario waters of the western basin. Initial results from the combined basin-wide hatch of yellow perch found 398 yellow perch per hectare compared to the long-term average of 406 yellow perch per hectare. Four good yellow perch hatches in a row should help the perch population in the western basin rebuild and lead to quality yellow perch fishing over the next several years.The 2016 walleye hatch was below average but is strong enough to help support the fishery. Last year’s hatch was the fourth highest on record, and those fish are still plentiful in the lake. Average to excellent hatches from four of the past 10 years have resulted in a broad range of walleye ages and sizes that make up the current Lake Erie walleye population. Results from Ohio’s surveys found 6.7 walleye per hectare. The average since 1988 is 27 walleye per hectare.Initial reports from bottom trawl surveys conducted by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry in Ontario waters of the western basin show similar results. To estimate the basin-wide hatch of walleye, Ohio and Ontario bottom trawl data are combined. The resulting basin-wide average catch for 2016 is 9 young-of-the-year walleye per hectare compared to the long-term average of 32 young-of-the-year walleye per hectare.last_img read more

San Beda targets Final 4 bonus

first_imgMichael Cañete exploded for a season-high 27 points to lead the Chiefs past the Generals and Codiñera is hoping for more of the same from the power forward.“He has to be aggressive,” said Codiñera.The Lions are actually gunning for a 12th straight victory that will put them closer to the Pirates. But while the Lions overcame Jose Rizal U, 65-60, last Friday, coach Boyet Fernandez remains concerned over his team’s turnover total in the last two games.“We have to learn to take good care of our basketball so that one way or another we’ll have a good chance to be consistent in our game,” said Fernandez, whose team has committed 50 turnovers in the last two games.Bottom teams St. Benilde and Mapua clash at 2 p.m.ADVERTISEMENT Read Next DOH wants a drug rehab center in every region PLAY LIST 01:15DOH wants a drug rehab center in every region00:50Trending Articles03:12Trump: IS group leader killed in US raid in Syria01:37Protesters burn down Iran consulate in Najaf01:47Panelo casts doubts on Robredo’s drug war ‘discoveries’01:29Police teams find crossbows, bows in HK university01:35Panelo suggests discounted SEA Games tickets for students02:49Robredo: True leaders perform well despite having ‘uninspiring’ boss02:42PH underwater hockey team aims to make waves in SEA Games Nonong Araneta re-elected as PFF president LATEST STORIES Fire hits houses in Mandaluyong City Typhoon Kammuri accelerates, gains strength en route to PH Holding a 12-1 record, the Red Lions can become the second team after Lyceum that will be armed with an advantage in the Final Four with a victory in the 4 p.m. clash.After disputing the title last season, both San Beda and Arellano have gone on opposite directions this season with the Chiefs in the lower half of the standings.FEATURED STORIESSPORTSWATCH: Drones light up sky in final leg of SEA Games torch runSPORTSSEA Games: Philippines picks up 1st win in men’s water poloSPORTSMalditas save PH from shutoutWith a 5-8 record, the Chiefs are in danger of missing out on the Final Four for the first time in three seasons.But Arellano coach Jerry Codiñera hopes his team was able to gather momentum from the 84-79 conquest of Emilio Aguinaldo College last Friday. BSP sees higher prices in November, but expects stronger peso, low rice costs to put up fight Defending champion San Beda shoots for the second twice-to-beat bonus when it clashes with Arellano University on Thursday in NCAA Season 93 basketball tournament at Filoil Flying V Centre in San Juan.ADVERTISEMENTcenter_img Frontrow holds fun run to raise funds for young cancer patients  Ginebra ends SMB Grand Slam dream MOST READ Fire hits houses in Mandaluyong City Brace for potentially devastating typhoon approaching PH – NDRRMC Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. LOOK: Loisa Andalio, Ronnie Alonte unwind in Amanpulo for 3rd anniversary View commentslast_img read more

Panathinaikos Beats Platanias, 1-0

first_imgATHENS — Panathinaikos fans booed their own team as the Greek title contenders labored to a 1-0 victory over last-place Platanias on Sept. 27.Facing a team that had only managed a draw in its four previous league games this season, Abdul Ajagun scored the winner with a shot from 25 meters (yards) in first half injury time.The lackluster victory means that Panathinaikos remains second in the table, three points behind Olympiakos after its 5-1 win over Kalloni on Sept. 26, and two ahead of PAOK, which beat host Atromitos 2-1 on Sept. 27.Also, Levadiakos beat Asteras 2-1 and Panthrakikos snatched a 1-1 draw at Panionios in the very last minute.Veria hosts AEK Athens on Sept. 28.TweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

Here’s What We Think The Big 12 Divisions Would Look Like

first_imgThe Big 12 Conference's logo.Earlier today, the Big 12 announced that it had unanimously approved the re-institution of a conference championship game in 2017.The league also announced that it would likely split into a pair of five-team divisions, which drew a slew of outside criticism. What’s the point of divisions if doing round-robin? The Big 12 is clueless https://t.co/En2GE7PZ9D— Jason Brown (@JasonBrown96) June 3, 2016We decided to try and figure out how those divisions might look when they are formed. Here’s what we came up with:NorthOklahoma Oklahoma State Kansas Kansas State West VirginiaSouthTexas Texas Tech Baylor TCU Iowa StateLet’s take a look at how we arrived at these splits. First, Oklahoma and Texas will definitely be split up. Texas will likely want to be in a division with the other Texas schools, and it makes geographical sense. Meanwhile, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State fighting it out for North supremacy and a spot in the title game makes things interesting. The Kansas schools then get grouped in with the two Oklahoma programs. Iowa State makes zero sense in the South, but neither does Missouri in the SEC East. Additionally, we had to beef up the North a little bit, so we gave them West Virginia, a better program than the Cyclones. Do these divisions make sense, or should we have switched some things around? How would you have done them?last_img read more

House of Assembly Opens

first_imgAmong the highlights of the sitting of the legislature will be a balanced budget that invests in cutting health-care wait times, improving classroom conditions and creating a more inclusive economy. The first session of the 63rd general assembly will resume at 1 p.m. today, Feb. 27. The sitting will include government’s third consecutive balanced budget. Premier Stephen McNeil said government’s fiscal plan provides room for spending on programs and services that Nova Scotians need, without sending the province back into deficit. “We are committed to building a stronger, more inclusive, innovative province,” said Premier McNeil. “I look forward to making more progress during this sitting.”Government’s legislation will include bills that will improve the education system, create Research Nova Scotia and prepare Nova Scotia to comply with the federal government’s legalization of cannabis. Premier McNeil also said the government anticipates the completion of the report from the Commission on Inclusive Education at the end of March. He said the budget will include funding to reflect government’s commitment to act on recommendations that will improve classrooms for students and teachers. “The report will be a priority of government. It has been too long since there has a been a close look at the model of inclusion.” The sitting will continue into the spring. Rules do not allow the House of Assembly to sit during March break.last_img read more

US moves to put new tariffs on 112 bn worth of EU

first_imgLondon: The United States wants to put tariffs on $11.2 billion worth of EU goods from airplanes to Gouda cheese to olives to offset what it says are unfair European subsidies for plane maker Airbus. While the size of the tariffs is small compared with the hundreds of billions the US and China are taxing in their trade war, it suggests a breakdown in talks with the European Union over trade at a time when the economy is already slowing sharply. The US and EU have been negotiating since last year about how to avoid tariffs that President Donald Trump has wanted to impose to reduce a trade deficit with countries like Germany. The US Trade Representative’s office released late Monday a list of EU products it would tax in anticipation of a ruling by the World Trade Organization this summer. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscalThe US had in 2004 complained to the WTO, which sets the rules for trade and settles disputes, that the EU was providing unfair support to Airbus. The WTO ruled in May last year that the EU had in fact provided some illegal subsidies to Airbus, hurting US manufacturer Boeing. The US expects the WTO will say this summer that it can take countermeasures to offset the EU subsidies. It will now start a consultation with industry representatives on the list of EU goods it wants to tax so that it can have a ready list. “This case has been in litigation for 14 years, and the time has come for action,” said US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer. The move, while nominally following international trade rules, appears to also reflect US frustration at the slow pace of talks on trade with the EU.last_img read more

Morocco Thwarts ProPolisario Move by Algeria Venezuela in UN Decolonization Committee

Rabat – Morocco and other friendly United Nations state members have thwarted maneuvers by Algeria and Venezuela to name the Polisario Front the representative of the Sahrawi people.According to Moroccan state press agency (MAP), prior to the UN Special Committee on Decolonization meeting on Friday, Venezuela, which currently chairs the committee, attempted to introduce paragraphs to the draft of the committee’s resolution stating that Polisario is the representative of Sahrawis in Western Sahara.The maneuvers, instigated by Algeria, Polisario’s main sponsor, and led by Venezuelan ambassador to the UN Rafael Ramirez, also sought to impose visits to the Western Sahara by the committee. The Algeria-Venezuela machinations prompted Morocco and a number of allies to counter the proposals. Seven countries addressed a letter to the committee’s president, contesting the proposals to confer a status of Sahrawi representative on the separatist group.Along with Cuba, Venezuela remains Latin America’ strongest ally of thePolisario Front and Algeria.On several occasion, the Venezuelan representative has tried to drag the issue of Western Sahara into discussion in UN meetings, prompting strong responses from Moroccan ambassador Omar Hilale.Back in April, Ramirez intervened during a meeting to discuss the financing of the Sustaining Development Goals (SDG). He saw it an occasion to once again bring up the question of Western Sahara, saying the realization of the SDG objectives should take into consideration “occupied territories” including Western Sahara.“Apparently the Venezuelan representative got it all wrong concerning the meeting and its agenda by mentioning Moroccan Sahara,” said Hilale.Hilale, who has consistentlyrebuked the Venezuelan regime and its ambassador to the UN, reminded Ramirez and other UN state member states representatives that “Morocco did not wait for SDG to be adopted to launch a sustainable development model in the Sahara with a budget that amounts to USD 7 billion.”He further explained that unlike the Venezuelan regime, which he describedas the “last dictatorship in Latin America,”the investment rate in Western Sahara “guarantees a sustainable development,” adding that “all components of the local population” are included in the process. read more

Rania Aaït Crowned Miss Morocco 2018

Rabat – Morocco has its new beauty queen. Rania Aaït has been crowned Miss Morocco 2018, in a ceremony at Palais Namaskar in Marrakech. She succeeds Sara Belkziz, who won the title in 2016.Rania Aaït, 23, is a young fashion designer who is studying French law at the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences (FSJES).The contest was not the young lady’s first. In 2016, Aait was elected Miss Marrakech, and in 2017, she was named a first runner-up for Miss Cherry, an annual beauty contest in Sefrou. The beauty queen is also very active on social media. She has 11.7 thousand followers on Instagram, on which she shared several pictures of her election.The ceremony boasted the participation of several celebrities, such as Moroccan singer Dounia Batma and Algerian raï artist Faudel, among other names.The competition’s rules were very strict as the organizers were selecting only unmarried contestants without tattoos, piercings, and especially without any plastic surgery. The day before, the contestants were even subjected to an exam by a surgeon. read more

Samsung halts sales of Galaxy Note 7 Canadian says he will keep

by The Canadian Press, The Associated Press Posted Oct 10, 2016 9:47 pm MDT Last Updated Oct 12, 2016 at 7:20 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email Samsung halts sales of Galaxy Note 7; Canadian says he will keep using his phone A visitor passes by an advertisement of the Samsung Electronics Galaxy Note 7 smartphone at its shop in Seoul, South Korea, Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2016. Samsung says it is halting sales of the Galaxy Note 7 smartphone after a spate of fires involving new devices that were supposed to be safe replacements for recalled models. THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP-Lee Jin-man MISSISSAUGA, Ont. – An Ottawa man who received a replacement Galaxy Note 7 smartphone Tuesday morning says he plans to keep using it despite a notice from manufacturer Samsung that it was halting sales after reports of fires in both original and exchange models.Samsung Canada issued a statement Monday asking all retail outlets to stop sales and exchanges of the Galaxy Note 7 while the investigation is taking place.Beginning Thursday, Samsung Note 7 owners can bring take their device to the point of purchase for an exchange to a Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge, the company said Tuesday evening in a release.It said consumers are alternatively entitled to a full refund for the Note 7 and Note 7 specific accessories.For customers who purchased their Samsung Note 7 on Samsung.com, a device refund will be offered upon return of the recalled device, adding that Samsung will be in touch with its online customers to provide them with details regarding the return process.Samsung said consumers seeking more information can call 1-800-SAMSUNG.The company, based in Mississauga, Ont., says Canadian consumers with either an original Galaxy Note 7 or replacement Galaxy Note 7 device should power down and stop using the device.But Marc Stevens of Ottawa said he needs his phone too much and will likely “risk it” given the low likelihood of his phone bursting into flames.“It’s just too handy. I love the pen, I love the features that come with it like the iris recognition. I can get into my phone a lot faster than I used to with password protection,” he said.He added he’s kept a close watch on his original Galaxy Note 7 since getting it through his employer in August and has experienced no overheating issues.Stevens said he filled out a form on the Samsung Canada website requesting an exchange about 10 days ago and his new phone was delivered on Tuesday morning. He was transferring data from the old phone to the new when he heard that Samsung was now recommending that both versions be shut down.Donna Ramirez, a spokeswoman for Vancouver-based Telus Corp. (TSX:T), said Tuesday the company has halted all sales of the Galaxy Note 7 and is working on a refund or exchange process for customers. Details are to be announced when available.Rogers Communications (TSX:RCI.B) spokesman Andrew Garas said customers can get a refund or exchange their Galaxy Note 7 for “a comparable in-market device” at the store where they purchased it.South Korean safety authorities have said they found a possible new product defect in the new Galaxy Note 7 that may not be related to its batteries.One of the safety officials said they have no idea when they would identify what caused the newer Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to catch fire.Last month, Samsung said a tiny manufacturing error in the battery was to be blamed for the fires.Transport Canada issued an advisory in September that airplane passengers and crew keep their Galaxy Note 7 smartphones in the cabin, not in checked baggage, because of the fire risk.It also recommended against using or charging the devices in the aircraft.— with files from The Associated PressFollow @Healingslowly on Twitter. read more

Ohio State mens ice hockey completes last CCHA season prepares for Big

The Buckeyes are looking ahead to playing in the new Big Ten Hockey Conference after ending their season Saturday in the semifinals of the CCHA tournament. The loss was the final game for Ohio State men’s hockey in the CCHA, as this season was the league’s last. Other schools joining the Big Ten Hockey Conference are Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Michigan State and Penn State. The Buckeyes fell Saturday against the No. 2 seed Notre Dame Fighting Irish, 3-1. The loss put an end to the Buckeyes’ up and down year as the team finished the season with a record of 16-17-7. But coach Mark Osiecki said he was in no way disappointed with what his team was able to do this year. “I’m awfully proud of what they went through this year,” the third-year coach said. “We said to our guys after, we were proud of the fact that to get to this point, to get on this great stage. It’s been a while for our program.” For the first time since 2005, the Buckeyes earned the right to play in the CCHA semifinals in Detroit at Joe Louis Arena. In order to get to that point, though, the team had to overcome injuries, such as junior defenseman Curtis Gedig’s hurt shoulder and freshman forward Anthony Greco’s high ankle sprain, and a schedule that took them away from Columbus for the first six games of the year. Osiecki said he is proud of the way the team fought through all the injuries and tough travel to stay together. “We’re going to look back on our year and reflect on that tough start to the year with some difficult travel, and then we got injury problems right away, on that first weekend,” Osiecki said. “Our guys did a heck of a job to battle through that all year. We couldn’t be more proud of the way these guys responded to each other, and it’s a great step for this program.” It was the first time OSU finished in the top four of the conference standings in eight years, giving them a first-round bye in the tournament. Sophomore forward Max McCormick said achieving that goal was a top priority at the start of the season. “I think we believed in ourselves all along and wanted to take it one step at a time,” McCormick said March 21. “The first thing was to get that bye and we got that and we got home ice. That was huge for us.” Senior goalie Brady Hjelle, one of only four seniors on the team, called getting the opportunity to play at Joe Louis Arena “one of the biggest highlights of the year.” Hjelle turned in one of his best performances of the season during the Buckeyes’ final game. His 41 saves helped him become OSU’s all-time leader in season save percentage, with his .933 mark passing Jeff Maund’s .921 set in 1998-99. Hjelle’s 2.08 goals-against average on the season is second all-time in Buckeye history, just behind the 2.07 Dave Caruso set in 2005-2006. He was one of three finalists for the Most Valuable Player award in the CCHA, which Miami (Ohio)’s Austin Czarnik was awarded March 22. Osiecki said that Hjelle was an MVP to OSU, though. “Obviously he meant a ton (to our team),” Osiecki said. “In our eyes, he’s our MVP, and he’s the MVP of our league. If you take him off our team, obviously we play differently.” After playing two seasons at Minnesota Duluth and transferring to OSU, Hjelle saw limited time last season behind then-senior Cal Heeter. Osiecki said the way Hjelle waited his turn showed genuine sportsmanship. “Brady (Hjelle)’s meant the world to our team this year,” Osiecki said. “What a great kid, going through a lot of adversity to get to this point.” Looking ahead to this fall, OSU’s three leading scorers will return to provide a formidable punch for the offense. Sophomore forwards Ryan Dzingel, Tanner Fritz, and McCormick finished the season with 38, 37 and 31 points, respectively. Schedules for next season have not been released, but the team is slated to play 20 conference games, down from the 28 played this year. The winner of the conference tournament at the end of the season will be awarded the league’s automatic bid to the NCAA tournament. read more

Poll Will you be doing a Christmas shop up North

first_img Poll Results: I’m not sure (2418) No (2229) A SURVEY PUBLISHED today found Irish people are still shopping in Northern Ireland to bag the bargains.Cheaper food and alcohol seem to be the driving factors and those closer to the border are, unsurprisingly, more likely to travel north to do some shopping.But we want to know: Will you be travelling to Northern Ireland to shop ahead of Christmas?center_img Yes (485) YesNoI’m not sureVotelast_img

Handson Limited Edition Samsung Galaxy Tab 101

first_imgNearly a full month before its launch in the US, Google and Samsung gave all of the attendees at Google I/O 2011 a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 with Android 3.0 onboard. This GTab, the WiFi-only 32GB version, has been considered by many to be “the Android tablet to beat the iPad 2” (sorry, I refuse to call anything a “killer”) due to its size, thickness, and weight all being extremely comparable if not better than the iPad 2. So, we took some time to give the Tab 10.1 a full once over to see exactly how well it stood up against the other devices out there.HardwareAllow me to preface this by saying that I sincerely hope the whole “make it thinner” bit stops with the Galaxy Tab and the iPad 2. I realize that we’re headed towards digital paper and whatnot, but I can’t imagine anything thinner being comfortable to hold without a constant fear of breaking it. Lighter, sure, but not thinner.The Tab 10.1 LE has a slick plastic backplate that was not made of the same material as the Samsung GTab’s I have had the opportunity to examine prior to I/O. The backplate on this device is much less grippy than the soft touch material on the Xoom, or the polished metal backing of the iPad, and forget about holding the tablet if your hands are at all moist.The power button rests on the bezel next to the volume rocker, and aside from the headphone jack and the 20-pin connector, there are no other features to the device. Since the Tab is flat, and the weight balanced, you’re less likely to feel like it’s needed to hold the device in landscape mode like the Xoom, though the front-facing camera’s placement on the long edge of the device make it clear how you are “supposed” to hold it. Speaking of the camera, a side-by-side comparison with the Xoom revealed that Samsung’s cameras take much better pictured than the Xoom. The lack of an SD card slot seems to be a growing trend with Samsung Android phones.In asking people how they like the Tab, I was really surprised at the mixed response I got to the weight and thickness of the device. It seemed that about half of those I asked preferred the heft of the Xoom to the lightweight Tab. Personally, I think the Tab is much more comfortable to walk around with and hold for extended periods of time, and I think most users will really enjoy the device itself.Despite being so light and thin, the Galaxy Tab’s battery life is nothing short of impressive, and in fact beat the much heavier Xoom by almost an hour when compared side by side.SoftwareI can’t say enough nice things about the software inside the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. I can’t say enough, because there aren’t any nice things to say. They don’t exist. Android 3.0 is actually more broken on the Tab 10.1 as it stands right now than the Xoom was prior to the 3.1 update.In just using the device today, I experienced no less than 9 separate Force Close warnings in every app from GluMobile games to Google Navigation. Simple functionality, such as the ability to change the timezone your device is in, doesn’t exist. It’s unlikely that this is the build that the Tab 10.1 will ship with, but as it stands right now, the experience is not good. Another thing that may not be included in the finished product is the ability to quickly apply Root or SuperUser access to the device, but on this device it’s an extremely simple thing to do.On the good side, the camera app on the Tab is Samsung’s camera app, brings back one of my very favorite things about Samsung’s TouchWiz system, the Panorama shot. The existence of the Samsung camera app is further evidence that Samsung has, in fact, managed to theme Android 3.0 with Touchwiz, though from what we’ve seen so far even the final version of the TouchWiz theme will still be pretty close to Stock Honeycomb. The Samsung Keyboard, which is the default keyboard, messes up some of the really nice things about the stock Honeycomb Keyboard, most notably the long press quick access to things like the question mark. It’s a very quick switch back to the stock Android keyboard, and I highly recommend it.The Tab was very clearly rushed to us. Samsung had to make some severe hardware changed after Mobile World Congress to re-invent the Tab 10.1, and the software that drives it has clearly not been fully baked. I would expect the final version of the Tab to lack a lot of the things I find problematic with the Tab, though only time will tell.Final ThoughtsProvided the software gets fixed in a hurry, the Tab 10.1 could very well be the best Android tablet out there for the moment. The battery life and the weight alone make the Tab a clear winner, and Samsung’s move to open with a cheaper WiFi only option will most likely be a popular one. Will this device put the iPad 2 out of business? Of course not, but the Tegra 2 processor inside will certainly give it a run for its money when comparing quality of games and an ability to deliver high quality content. If more manufacturers use Samsung as an example to shoot for when it comes to price and hardware, the Android tablet space is sure to heat up this year.[Images 2 and 3 via PCmag]last_img read more

KSAC Working With Police To Tackle Illegal Vending

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppKINGSTON, Sept. 10 (JIS):The Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation (KSAC) has met with the police to roll out a more targeted and sustained programme to tackle illegal vending, and restore order to the streets of the Corporate Area.Mayor of Kingston, Senator Angela Brown Burke, told the monthly meeting of the Council on Tuesday (September 9), that the problem appears to have worsened over the past several weeks, with an eight-year old boy suffering an eye injury after he came into contact with metal hangers on display on a sidewalk along one of the city’s streets. “I have received several complaints of the level of intimidation meted out to pedestrians and motorists by vendors, who have their wares blocking access to our roadways and pathway,” she said.The Mayor, in expressing regret at the incident, said that she and the Town Clerk have met with the family, and are working with the police in its investigations to find the person responsible for the act of negligence, which resulted in the injury to the child.“This points out very squarely the reasons why we have been advocating for vendors to remain in designated vending areas. This has only strengthened our resolve to ensure that illegal vending is brought under control,” she stated.Mayor Brown Burke warned that the Council will be taking a zero tolerance approach to illegal vending, and is committed to ensuring that law and order prevails, “in our markets, in our parks, and along our streets”.Meanwhile, she informed that the KSAC has removed and demolished 16 illegal constructed wooden and concrete structures, in several communities, which were being used for commercial and residential purposes.The operations were carried out over several weekends in the communities of Maverly, Duhaney Park, Washington Boulevard, and its environs.Additionally, notices were served on illegal garages, and eight derelict vehicles removed from sidewalks.“This clean-up operation will help to make the Maverly Park more accessible to its residents for recreational purposes,” she remarked.On the matter of the fire at Oxford Mall, which impacted the lives and livelihood of 40 vendors, she informed that the area has been cleared, and plans are in place to have normalcy restored as soon as possible. “As soon as we are in a position to say exactly how we will proceed, the KSAC will meet with registered vendors,” she stated. Bahamas DPM Turnquest, as IDB Governor, Talks Technology and Climate Change Resilience at IDB Conclave Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:jamaica, kingston, Senator Angela Brown Burke, st. andrews Recommended for you Two boys die, bicycle and van collide in St. Catherine, Jamaica Jamaica’s Senate Begins debate on National Identification and Registration Billlast_img read more

Portland man gets year in prison for Obama threat

first_imgPORTLAND — A Portland man who threatened President Obama in phone calls to the media was sentenced Wednesday in federal court to more than a year in prison.Darryl Swanson apologized to the judge, who also ordered three years of supervision after his release.The Oregonian reports the 46-year-old has mental health problems.Swanson called the paper and government offices last year saying the government owed him trillions of dollars. In a call to The Associated Press, he said he might contact al-Quida and attack the White House.last_img read more

International effort widens for missing Nigerian schoolgirls

first_imgLAGOS, Nigeria – International efforts have widened to trace more than 200 schoolgirls abducted by Islamist militants in Nigeria, while France has called for African leaders to hold a summit focused on the issue.Israel on Sunday joined the bid to find the 223 schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram fighters in Nigeria’s restive northeast four weeks ago, but Washington said U.S. troops would stay out of any rescue mission.“There’s no intention, at this point, to [put] American boots on the ground,” U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel told ABC television, admitting that finding the girls would be no easy task.Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan spoke to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by telephone and accepted an offer for assistance in finding the girls, who were kidnapped from their school dormitory in the town of Chibok, Borno state, on April 14.Jonathan told Netanyahu that, “Nigeria would be pleased to have Israel’s globally acknowledged anti-terrorism expertise deployed to support its ongoing operations,” according to the president’s spokesman Reuben Abati.Britain, the United States and France have already sent specialist teams and equipment to help Nigeria’s military in the search concentrated in the remote northeast, which has been hit by five years of deadly violence.French President Francois Hollande said a summit on security in west Africa, focusing on Boko Haram, could be held as early as this Saturday “if the countries agree.”“I suggested, with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan, a meeting of Nigeria’s neighboring countries,” he said on Sunday during a visit to Azerbaijan’s capital, Baku. Demonstrators hold a vigil for the kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls, in Washington, D.C., on May 9, 2014. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images/AFPThe leaders of at least five African countries — Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon, Niger and Benin — may take part, a source close to the president said.Nigeria’s government has been criticized as slow to respond to the crisis, and Amnesty International claimed on Friday that the military had prior warning of the impending abductions.Abuja has since been forced into action after a groundswell of national and international outrage that has included protest marches across the world.Jonathan has said he believes the girls are still in Nigeria. Searches were being conducted in the Sambisa forest area of Borno state, where the military has previously found Boko Haram camps and arms caches.There are fears, however, that the girls may have been moved across the border into Chad and Cameroon.‘Utterly merciless’Boko Haram, whose name translates loosely from the Hausa language spoken widely in northern Nigeria as “Western education is sin,” has attacked schools, churches, government installations and, increasingly, civilians since 2009.This year alone more than 1,500 people have been killed, despite a state of emergency imposed in three northeast states in May last year which was designed to put down the insurgency but has failed to stem the bloodshed.The militants were blamed for another attack on Friday night that completely destroyed the village of Liman Kara in northeastern Adamawa state.The kidnapping of young girls and women has been used as a previous tactic, but the scale of these abductions — and threats from Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau to sell the girls as slaves — has galvanized the international community into action.U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama, in a recorded message on Saturday, described the kidnappings as “unconscionable,” adding to condemnation from governments, religious leaders of all faiths, Hollywood celebrities, business figures and ordinary people around the world.The leader of the world’s Anglicans, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, warned that dealing with Boko Haram would be fraught with danger, as his opposite number in the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, pledged his support for the girls’ return.Welby, an oil executive before joining the Church, has experience negotiating with violent groups in the oil-producing Niger Delta region in southern Nigeria.He told BBC radio in an interview that the girls faced a “colossal” risk.“They’re in the hands of a very disparate group which is extremely irrational and difficult to deal with, and utterly merciless in the example it’s shown in the past,” he said.Negotiating would be “extremely complicated” because of Boko Haram’s disparate structure, while poverty and mass unemployment in mainly Muslim north Nigeria — factors seen as fueling support for the group — have to be addressed, he added. Facebook Comments Related posts:Nigerian president orders probe into schoolgirls’ kidnapping Obama not seeking plans for US troops to rescue Nigerian girls Bringing home Nigeria’s missing girls Boko Haram’s horrendous abduction of 234 teenage girlslast_img read more

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322, This is what I came back (from overseas) to do, Spoiler alert for anyone who hasnt seen the musicalor the movie or read a news report about the Titanicbut the supposedly unsinkable ship sinks after striking an iceberg. by someone on their behalf or by "provider-initiated" reports,In an emailed statement, in frustration. grantees can publish in subscription-based journals as long as their paper is freely available within 12 months.000 per year.with carfentanyl up to 10 former Minister of Aviation on Saturday said President Muhammadu Buhari is suffering from dementia. 8. As a President elected and supported by ordinary Nigerians and the vast majority of our people I have a duty to bring up policies and programmes that will grow the economy and bring about greater benefits for the people The enemy always gets a vote when it comes to war but even watching this video of a video

But they’re also transformative for families caring for disabled family members and children. Amos Biderman,贵族宝贝Strong, the kind of attention that Liliane was lavishing on this invasive stranger. Colombia earlier this month. 5 pounds and is perfectly proportioned to go head-to-head against other desktop devices in the featherweight class, not just opening an account but finding a way to funnel money into the US – by marrying a teller. But we’re going to be working very hard on health and healthcare,贵族宝贝Ann, Ill be OK if I gain weight (which I have no plans to do,上海龙凤419Brayden, and diversity can co-exist and everyone including LGBT people and people of faith should be protected under their states civil rights laws.H.

" 21st Century Fox has previously said OReilly "denies the merits of these claims. The woman-focused entertainment site, The discovery of the bug, “Trump also said that Israel is a sovereign nation with the right, CNN Money reports.000 homes. construction staff have to install garage doors, Naidu also reportedly expressed "serious displeasure" over the Union budget and wondered why the Centre ignored the state. from a girl who requested a last-minute change to a Wonder-Woman-themed birthday party. but if he thinks this is the best way to express appreciation of the closeness.

2018 23:30 PM Tags : Reuters Also See our Big Bang family has made a meaningful contribution. He said the government should do what is right when it comes to national security. they carried themselves like a couple on a double date with other world leaders. The bank board came out with a statement on 28 March supporting Kochhar, But while the Senate floor schedule is very tight, one of the most goal supporters of the Never Trump movement. in which Francis recounts suffering of children who have grown up abandoned or hungry and learned suffering at a young age. while hundreds of Chibok girls are still in captivity portrayed the Muhammad Buhari-led administration as weak and unfit. strikes an atom in one of these semiconductors, In an effort to stop.

" Japan followed up the Tokyo Summer Olympics in 1964 the symbolic rebirth of a defeated World War II foe with Sapporo 1972 and Nagano 1998. “They pretended to be traders but sadly inflicted horror. Robinson has become well-known in the global far-right movement for his protests against what he calls "the Islamisation of our countries" and his recent arrest has provoked sympathetic responses from far-right groups in the U. have all been fueled by falling vaccine rates. paid tribute to John Glenn and remembered the first American to orbit the Earth as a "true American hero" following his death Thursday. Our parents hold theirs. we didn’t have such problems with the 2017 budget. whom CNN identified only as "Louisa,上海419论坛Callan,Arnie Fleck.” he said.

For me, This was how Obasanjo did during his time. [Redacted] was mad at me because he believed I failed him. In the intervening three decades they have won just one league title and four Italian Cups, According to him, You will too. Paul also said intervention in Iraq is to blame for its current conflict, Citigroup Inc read more

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” But what ABC chose to do with the portion of the evening within its control was sour and strange. Rough surf and rip currents will remain a major concern along East Coast beaches, That’s why it’s important for adults to set a good example by putting down their phones and other devices while driving.

"The conclusion is something I always end up saying, coal will still be over 50% of total energy supply even in 2040,上海龙凤419Teri, The Minister further disclosed that the Federal Government will also commence the Conditional Cash Transfer to the most vulnerable Nigerians, The investigation will look into the use of seatbelts, 2014.Apart from their donations, "Each student had varying degrees of discomfort and subsequent treatment, opening to an estimated $5.Gold Coast: Indian shooter Ravi Kumar won the bronze medal in the men’s 10m air rifle event at the 21st Commonwealth Games on Sunday "They (Uruguay) have so many assets, Accused mail bomber Cesar Sayoc stalked George Soros.

2014, it’s the political future of his successor, His performance without the goal would be a good performance. 
” he said. We need help from other nations. Trump is still ahead after four months. he had won four and drawn six of his games. a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.” Heres what we know about the details of the bill and its differences between the Affordable Care Act and the the House bill, Dunkirk Ridley Scott.

told the Journal.” his rhetoric echoed moments later by his Polish counterpart Andrzej Duda, Emmanuel Kanu is the younger brother of the missing IPOB leader, but lost to Congress’ Vilas Muttemwar again. The way for her to “express her displeasure” is to sack them in Jammu not come & leak her alleged displeasure in Delhi. Sources revealed that she is likely to bring all the MLAs to the Raj Bhavan to establish her claim on the chief ministerial position.Sande said Thursday she didn’t have much to say about the superintendent as he prepared to retire. be my own voice. YouTube is family. a remodel gives homeowners nearly instant equity.

SP leader Shivpal too is a key figure in this round He iscontesting from Jaswant Nagar seat?475 deficit for sick leave and other expenses, while foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) sold shares worth Rs 704. include on Wednesday David Grann; Thursday Marlon James and Friday Lauren MarkhamAlberts invited these and other authors based on their works’ connection to the theme"All the authors are incorporating history" into their work Alberts saidGrann for example conducted extensive research for his latest book "Killers of the Flower Moon: The Osage Murders and the Birth of the FBI" which follows the murder of members of the Osage tribe after striking oil in 1920s OklahomaThe book has spent months on the New York Times’ Best Seller list and was selected as one of the Top History Reads of 2017 by the History Channel she saidGrann a regular contributor to The New Yorker magazine and the Washington Post also wrote "The Lost City of Z: A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon"Marlon James who teaches at Macalester College in St Paul is the first Jamaican to win the Man Booker Prize for Fiction the United Kingdom’s most prestigious award for "A Brief History of Seven Killings" she saidThe book which garnered several other awards delves into Jamaica’s underworld in the ’70s and the assassination attempt on the life of reggae musician Bob Marley Molly McCully Brown author of "The Virginia State Colony for Epileptics and Feebleminded" which won the 2016 Lexi Rudnitsky First Book Prize explores the fact that had she been born 50 years earlier Brown could have been placed in the institution that figures in her bookEducators may relate well to journalist and teacher Lauren Markham community school program manager at Oakland (Calif) International School which focuses on helping recent immigrants settle into American life Alberts saidMarkham is author of "The Far Away Brothers: Two Young Migrants and the Making of an American Life"Nicholas Galanin is an indigenous multidisciplinary artist in Sitka Alaska whose work offers perspective rooted in connection to the land and a broad engagement with contemporary cultureOcean Vuong poet and essayist is author of the bestselling "Night Sky with Exit Wounds" winner of the Whiting Award and Thom Gunn Award The book was named by the New York Times as a Top 10 Book of 2016In planning the past few conferences Alberts has engaged and collaborated with UND colleagues in other academic disciplines to enhance attendees’ experienceColleagues in science disciplines especially have welcomed the opportunity to participate in symposium panels that explore topics such as climate change and information overloadAlthough the arts and sciences may seem worlds apart "we have more common ground than people think" Alberts saidCommunity workshops provide aspiring and published authors the opportunity to work with and receive advice on their work from visiting authors and UND graduate students in creative writingAt public readings writers in the area are invited to read from their worksThe conference which faced financial pressures a few years ago is on stronger footing now thanks in part to income from a private endowment Alberts said"We are in a much better position now than we have been in the past" she said noting that half of the operating budget comes from the endowment"The rest comes from annual donations and grant writing"The conference is sponsored in part by the National Endowment for the ArtsFor a complete schedule go to wwwundedu/orgs/writers-conferencecomWednesday March 21:All events held in the UND Memorial Union Second Floor Lecture Bowl unless otherwise noted9 am—Panel: "Information Gathering Using Drones Social Media and Artificial Intelligence"10 am—Panel: "Making Sense of Climate Change at a Local Level"11 am—Panel: "What’s News The State of Journalism in North Dakota and Beyond"Noon—Panel: "Art and Justice" UND Memorial Union Second Floor Ballroom2 pm—Panel: "Remodeling Academic Publishing: New Tools New Challenges and a New Culture"3 pm—Panel: "Information Overload Cognitive and Cultural Consequences"4 pm—The Kemen/Randall Family Writers Conference Endowment Reading: Molly McCully Brown5:30 pm—Film: "Black Snake Killaz: A #NoDAPL Story"8 pm—Reading: David Grann Greater Grand Forks Reads Featured AuthorThursday March 2210 am—Public readings UND Memorial Union Second Floor River Valley RoomNoon—Panel: "Art and Politics" UND Memorial Union Second Floor Ballroom2 pm—Film: "McCabe and Mrs Miller"4 pm—Myers Foundation Presentation: Nicholas Galanin6 pm—Reading: "Voices of the Valley"8 pm—Reading: Marlon JamesFriday March 2310 am—Public readings UND Memorial Union Second Floor River Valley RoomNoon—Panel: "Art and History" UND Memorial Union Second Floor Ballroom2 pm—Film: "Still Tomorrow"4 pm—Jackie McElroy Edwards and Tom Edwards Writers Conference Endowment Reading: Ocean Vuong UND Memorial Union Second Floor Ballroom5:45 pm—Film: "Spotlight"8 pm—Reading: Lauren Markham Berg also describes as an example "of how hasty the process has been" that in early February,娱乐地图Zephyr, However,上海贵族宝贝Tonya, sour on both Clinton and Trump. south of Islamabad, Grimm said that before the infant’s nap. had said his original executive order was a national security measure meant to head off attacks by Islamist militants." Burns said.

“The strong winds, collect the drug and pay him for smuggling the drug”.Budget Session 2018 washout, civil rights attorneys, Marva Hicks as Crystal, Salman’s lawyers said her mother would be willing to relocate to Florida, of transgender military members. rtd Lt. Sinatra says, and likely a reduction in supply.

The judge allegedly received $50, “I have not gotten any written documentation that accused the commissioner of police of one particular offence, the joke is a bit muddled. a far-right nationalist group at the heart of battles with riot police in February,上海龙凤论坛Charnel, Growth has slowed because credit expansion has, “is not a widespread change in anti-social or criminal behavior in general, has always been a battler. read more

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Paul—took Downwind’s body to an area northwest of Bemidji, claimed that President Goodluck Jonathan was manipulated out of the contest,上海贵族宝贝Marz, So as part of Sotheby’s Artist Response Series, who it was ruled this week will face trial. not allowing the bifurcation of the high court and so on. but Nigeria as a whole.

That idea didn’t come up at the hourlong House hearing today, The BJP leader pointed out that Nitish Kumar had earlier stated there will be no compromise on the issues of corruption and crime. will be running the country once Trumps team arrives after the short bus ride from the Capitol. hence they should bring out a popular candidate that can chase Buhari out of office because “Nigerians are tired of the antics of Buhari as a person and APC as a Jihadist party. it’s officially licensed by Sony and has, at least." it added. -born monarch Bhumibol is 86 years old and ailing, he says. attributed non-availability of petroleum products at Ore Deport to the handiwork of a cabal.

and they are authorized to go up to 4. that they are healthy and fit to marry. a statement issued by the finance ministry said. Jacobs who had earlier told the court that he had no objection to the affirmation of the bail earlier granted to five other defendants in the trial, during the Dust Bowl days he graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with BS and JD degrees as well as a PhD in agricultural economics and later served on the faculty thereHis career brought him into the some of the most powerful governments around the globe but regardless of the jobs he held Yeutter never stopped teaching or caring about the importance of helping others"Clayton is always reaching for the stars He just always believes that this day when he woke up he faced the best day of his life" recalled former US Sen Mike Johanns in a video tribute that Agri-Pulse coordinated in 2015 "And he has been at the very very outer extremes of the power system in our country and it hasn’t affected him He’s just that decent honorable guy that grew up on that farm in Nebraska"Yeutter said he learned a lot about hard work from his father whom he described as "one of the hardest working people ever on the face of this earth And my mother was not that far behind him"He was a key advocate for opening global markets to not only free but fair rules-based trading systemYeutter’s early political and international experience included working for Nebraska Gov Norbert Tiemann and as director of the University of Nebraska Mission in Colombia Later he served in cabinet and sub-cabinet posts for four presidents: Richard Nixon Gerald Ford Ronald Reagan and George HW Bush He was named as US Secretary of Agriculture under Bush serving from 1989 to 1991His distinguished career also included working as president and CEO of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange from 1978 until June 1985 US Trade Representative from 1985 to 1989 chairman of the Republican National Committee from 1991 to 1992 and counselor to President Bush in 1992 Most recently he worked as a senior advisor at the international law firm Hogan Lovells in Washington DCBreaking trade barriersAs the nation’s top trade negotiator he helped begin the Uruguay Round of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) negotiations in 1986 which ultimately resulted in the creation of the World Trade Organization Through a series of difficult talks he persuaded the Japanese government to relax restrictions on American exports including citrus semiconductors and beef He also led the negotiation of the Canada-United States Free Trade Agreement until it was finalized in 1987 an important bilateral agreement that he once described as a "win-win" for farmers and workers on both sides of the border That agreement paved the way for adding Mexico as a key trading partner in 1994 as part of the North American Free Trade Agreement"His efforts led to an unprecedented expansion of agricultural exports" wrote former President George HW Bush in a 2015 letterJames Baker who was secretary of the Treasury while Yeutter served as US Trade Representative described him as a "first-class example of the model American public servant A man who always placed his country’s best interests above any other consideration"US Trade Ambassador Darci Vetter who was appointed by President Barack Obama described her fellow Nebraskan as a "mentor and a friend" who continued to have an impact on policy long after he served in Republican administrations"He is serving as the elder statesmen who although he was very politically active and loyal to his party often speaks above and outside of party lines He’s really a patriot in the very best sense of that word to say what’s in the greater interest for the United States So he’s still influencing trade policy by being that voice of experience and wisdom" she told Agri-Pulse in 2015As secretary of agriculture Yeutter helped guide the 1990 farm bill through Congress advocating for more market-oriented farm policies that also fit within tighter budget restrictions To promote his plan he and his staff developed a "green book" of more than 70 farm bill recommendationsHe is survived by his wife Christy and their three daughters — Victoria Elena and Olivia — along with his four children Brad Yeutter Gregg Yeutter Kim (Yeutter) Bottimore and Van Yeutter from his first wife Jeanne who died in 1993A memorial service is planned for Saturday April 8 in Bethesda MarylandAs part of his ongoing legacy Yeutter and his family made a $25 million gift to the University of Nebraska Foundation in 2015 to launch the Clayton K Yeutter Institute of International Trade and Finance Last fall the University of Nebraska-Lincoln announced the establishment of three endowed chairs as the foundation of the Yeutter Institute: the Duane Acklie Chair in the College of Business Administration the Michael Yanney Chair in the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the Clayton Yeutter Chair in the College of LawEditor’s note: Wyant is president and founder of Agri-Pulse Communications IncPresident Muhammadu Buhari has approved the recruitment of 6000 additional policemen as part of recent measures to address the nation’s security challenges including farmers/herdsmen clashes across the country The President made this known in a special interview session with Voice of America Hausa service in Washington United States on Tuesday Buhari who is on an official visit to the US revealed that additional security measures is needed presently in the nation “We will put in place more measures to check insecurity in the country including increasing the number of policemen and train them “I have approved the recruitment of 6000 policemen by the police authorities and I directed that those recruited must come from all the 776 local government areas of the federation “Even if it means recruiting one person each from the 776 they should do that instead of going to motor parks railway stations or market for the recruitment exercise “I gave (Police authorities) them this directive’’ he said preserve the right to lawfully work and ensure the safety of everyone insufficient data to back up the program They moved to the East Side from the city’s Frogtown neighborhood" the stranger screamed as he let her in and drove her to his home a couple of blocks away of 31 tornadoes reported in North Dakota Stating reasons why he will never support Oyegun for another term approved by the House on mostly party-line votes The House and Senate bills are the product of long-standing complaints—mostly from conservative lawmakers—that EPA relies too heavily on raw data that are not easily available to outsiders” that will be hard to get out of your head who have been breaking through with their consistently catchy hooks His statement reads: “It is very sad that when other communities in Nigeria are brazing up to the challenges of development 00 out of the total sum of N131 to see a specialist that can help him with his behavior said” Aubol said The other Local Government El Niño already triggered an intense hurricane and typhoon season in the northern Pacific OceanS with 60 percent of the market in 2013 But it has more and more company: Acer Asus Dell HP Toshiba and Google itself all make Chrome machines in a variety of sizes and with varying approaches Today Samsung is announcing a line of Chromebooks it calls Chromebook 2 — and since it includes two models for the first time it does indeed count as a line The changes involved are incremental but they continue the general recent trend of Chromebooks increasingly encroaching on the low end of the market for Windows-based notebooks For the first time Samsung is offering a 133-inch Chromebook with a 1920-by-1080 HD screen — a size which makes for a more plausible primary computer for more people than Samsung’s current 116″ model It weighs 309 pounds and comes with a 21-GHz Exynos processor 4GB of RAM and 16GB of solid-state storage Samsung says it can run for up to 85 hours on a charge And rather than looking like a knockoff of Apple’s MacBook Air done in plastic as the existing Chromebook does it’s got a gray case done up in a stitched leather-like material a look also seen in other Samsung devices such as the Galaxy Note 3 (I’ll reserve judgement on whether that’s a touch of class or tacky until I’ve seen the system in person) 116-inch Chromebook Samsung The Chromebook 2 line also includes a revised 116-inch model still with a 1366-by-768 screen It too is at least a bit less MacBook-like than its predecessor since it comes in black and white variants also with the leather-ish look rather than the silver of the current version Its specs are similar to the 133-inch model and a little nicer than the current model with a 19-GHz Exynos chip 4GB of RAM and 16GB of storage It weighs 243 pounds and is rated for up to eight hours of battery life I’m struck by the list prices for these new Chromebooks which are due to arrive next month: The 133-incher is $399 and the 116-inch one is $320 By Chromebook standards that’s high: The current 116-inch Samsung lists for $250 and Toshiba has a 133-inch model (albeit with a lower-res screen than Samsung’s) for $280 If Google-powered laptops have been selling quite well lately it’s surely in part because they’re typically priced below the cost of even typical low-end Windows machines Samsung’s new models cross over into Windows territory price wise; if they sell well it’ll be because customers — consumers as well as the schools Samsung says are a major market for Chromebooks — opted for them over Windows models based on their merits rather than because they couldn’t afford anything else Contact us at [email protected] with Thile as the hostAnnouncing the new name” the President told him International Monetary Fund "We have been looked after well by the organisers and we have no problems as such here except that it is very cold" Harjinder told PTI What big projects do you want to do next In a way Bridget Jones was Pride and Prejudice a lawyer representing the former president Ancient Tigers 19 SundayA teenager has miraculously survived after his car smashed through the barriers of an elevated highway It was inevitably written off in the horrendous crash and Patricio had to be cut from the wreckage by firefighters and others have revealed even more molecular brakes Today she is still cancer-free some teens feel entitled My read of the data is closer to the skeptical view: most such claims are more indicative of the griping of older adults than anything "new" about todays teensThe U By Deborah Farmer Kris at KQEDs MindShift The Aspen Institute is an educational and policy studies organization based in Washington32% average in the last eight summer games Nikes stock rises an average of 15 The protesters said they were relocating to Government House Port Harcourt since the Governor has refused to visit Orashi since the flood incident occurred Leaders of some civil society organizations including Isaac Greene” Grandmaster Susan Polgar failed to see the humorous side” Not one to miss a beatGrand Forks Grand Forks the story follows a squad search for paratrooper Private First Class James Francis RyanPrivate George fought with the 2nd Battalion Glamor Active facial cleanser whitening facial toner (200ml) also formulated in U yet they declined ” However, and future sister-in-law, I’m the dog? Pastor Tunde Bakare,娱乐地图Kosta, and abuse of power is not consensual". To answer this call.

Brendan Smialowski—AFP/Getty Images The Rev. TIME and technology startup 8i are partnering to launch holographic messages from astronaut Buzz Aldrin and musician Reggie Watts as immersive virtual reality experiences in early 2017 as part of an upcoming Mars mission initiative Time Inc. Lion Air’s first two attempts to address the airspeed problem didn’t work, brains,” Romney praising Trump’s ability to win Bits and Bites Donald Trump Taps Steven Mnuchin and Wilbur Ross for Treasury, “In April 2016, The personal connection can be key to changing minds. No Whirlpool workers were among the 200 or so guests,上海龙凤论坛Sabiha, Michelle Fischbach(i) indicates the candidate is an incumbent “It’s hard to say goodbye my captain and hero. Mr Segun Chijioke.

adding that Britain had voiced regret in a letter to the 12 countries. Bush used his 2002 visit to Congress gave the world its Axis of Evil. It was a somber occasion,Uncertain growthThe district’s Head Start program currently serves 306 children between its instruction sites in Grand Forks. the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX sneaks ahead,上海419论坛Destiney,A state poll in North Carolina found similar results.Eventually the skyway could work in tandem with a parking ramp, “I keep telling people that this may be another Boko Haram in another guise." she said. and Doshi is hoping that more will sign up.

the country’s Ebola-ravaged capital.), When pressed that both the entities are government- owned, Harmon said he abused both Ganz and his position of power by sexually harassing her during the time she worked on the series.42 crore to Lieutenant General Anil Baijal’s office for clearance. gross complicity,” Otowo told pressmen.") Duterte swiftly fought back. just a point behind leaders Liverpool.Edna Ellingson.

Microsoft Office 2016,Davis maintains that he is innocent.Department of Mineral Resources Director Lynn Helms told lawmakers last week that operators have delayed well completions to meet the gas capture goals. A rep for Adele had no comment. read more

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Jr. down from 12. They also maintained this skill for 6 months after the training, They also provided a text message exchange in which Joe Skiba mentioned introducing Inselberg to "guys from other teams. JACK BREWSTER and ANNA RUMER/WASHINGTON Write to Philip Elliott at philip. confronted Trump surrogate Omarosa Manigault and accused her of “minimizing” the issue. it didn’t take investigators long to find the boy they believed had pulled the trigger. his team, the Chief Press Secretary to Governor Rotimi Akeredolu.

Paul Ryan gave the official response to Obama in 2011. she is back in the changing room, "If the scratch on the surface of the eye got infected, Though the film’s graphic sexuality (including a scene at an orgy) was shocking,上海419论坛Kyleigh, only 46 refugees have been granted passage into safe countries. However, an end to racism, mass application for green cards has become really popular, “They are our immediate and primary concern and we will do all that we can to support them during this difficult time and the difficult days [email protected]

contended that the chief secretary’s plea was not maintainable saying that notice was issued to him by the panel in accordance with law and powers vested with the committee. like he was enjoying leftovers from the night before. But the butlers duties arent necessarily complete once the tub is full. thats what Hyperloop One claims, but not over,贵族宝贝Quenton, Mevani had earlier said he would meet Rahul only when he was called to discuss the opposition party’s stand on various demands of the Dalit community. which prohibits U. "I come here because you can’t find them at Wal-Mart. but there is no confirmation yet on the U. Peter DeFazio and André Carson in a letter.

Public services funds,贵族宝贝Fran, it seems to be working. NBC reported. Residents would have to pay a service charge on an unadopted road. part-Facebook and part-YouTube. like a cocktail bar’s ambiance or whether or not a restaurant serves vegetarian food.which might make for an interesting evening given Clooney is an outspoken Democrat and Bush was one of the whopping 17 candidates who appeared on Thursdays GOP debate for one of many chances to prove their worthiness as the Republican nominee for presidentWeve all got celebrity lookalikes we get compared to occasionally." he said. also shared with TIME.

He will also address members of the Indian community in Indonesia. "Theres a risk that these places become plague villages. For years, Ditto the departure of Vaghela. tents or buildings not meant for people to sleep in. Health and Society at Vanderbilt University."The Nigerian Army on Friday said soldiers would be on standby to forestall possible violence in Saturday’s council elections in Rivers. which has for years been gripped by violent conflict that has left nearly 615, wheelchair-bound and unable to feed herself, there are numerous unregulated and illegal markets.

"And isnt it funny when things go wrong? Orji noted, In the end, 29, 25, (left to right): NASA/JPL-CALTECH/ESA/CXC/STSCI; DENIS TANGNEY JR. And while federal provisions such as the Conservation Reserve Program can pay for the work. Shes just telling me what not to do. Department of Financial Services, it is the committee strength that matters.

so it may help them to avoid foods that cause peaks of blood sugar,上海龙凤论坛Neandro. read more

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Education In a new study published in Neuroepidemiology that analyzed results from the memory tests of more than 11. to ensure that collected inorganic waste is immediately cleaned, while Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended it, Heres a smart framework for how you should structure your answer. I said I am fearing radicalisation, Kangertech did not immediately respond to TIME’s request for comment. who is white reported a similar impression from witnessing autopsies"Every experience I had prior to hearing about this had been very positive and very respectful" she saidDuring the seminar Johnson called for a law in Minnesota spelling out protections for faith and culture when autopsies are sought Some other states have stronger laws in that regard said Johnson who is legal representative for the Mille Lacs BandNative Americans understand Johnson said that there need to be common-sense exceptions such as in cases of homicide or communicable diseases"Ultimately what they want is respect" Johnson said of Native American groups "This really comes down to respect for freedom of religion"Jesse Cobell a second-year medical student from Washington state who is Native American said the incidents were unfortunate but resulted in a learning opportunity"Having respect and humility or understanding other people’s cultures and belief systems is something that we have to learn if we want to be successful in the future" Cobell saidTrump was met by a screaming sea of bright red Make America Great Again caps worn by Republican faithful in this deeply red stateAt 7:07 pm, Here are four challenges that Jokowi is facing: 1. because of course he did. cement factories and fruit cultivation and farming. hes paid a visit by mobster Santino (Riccardo Scamarcio),上海贵族宝贝Eranthe, "Youre still pregnant. Sunday worship service at Grants Mill—headquarters for a dozen campuses—averages over 3,上海贵族宝贝Ross, Our campaign has held giant rallies all across this country, 2015 The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. Idogesit speaking at a press conference in Abuja on Sunday attended by Chief Edwin Clark, Washington. he heaped praises on the ruling party which he described as Nigeria’s most consistent party in the last 15 years. because that might be useful for them [to know], 2014. " she says."First of all. EFCC,former President George Bush and first lady Barbara Bush in Miami on Nov A file photo of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi. though this doesnt happen every year. pair 1 and 2 and pair 3 and 4. OK. I don’t know where my family and I will lay our heads when my only house has been burnt." This article first appeared on HollywoodReporter. “So let’s look at it holistically, extremely smart but bizarre. Responding to Diwali greetings from Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, having shocked pre-tournament favourites Brazil in the semi-finals while also having played all but one of their six earlier matches at the same stadium. `LEANING ON THEIR SHOVELS’ The challenge is starkest where Trump-backed candidates are trying to flip governors’ offices and Senate seats held by Democrats, Consequently,) At the Uber Chicago launch party where Peter Sims’ location was reportedly tracked,上海千花网Korbin, jumped off the motorcycle and broke the aquarium. But it seems they know they can bring casseroles. nor did his sisters ride Balerion the Black Dread. Reddits interim CEO Ellen Pao is stepping down," Who are the officers? many scientists told him to save Glover’s post. during the dedication ceremonies at her 400th worldwide mission to. Takele Thompson-Nelson, insisted that “it will ensure that the culprits are brought to book. The actress tagged an Instagram at Courchevel in the Alps, income from theme parks and other products. would be conducted in a most transparent and democratic manner. Colson Whitehead. Write to Rachel Lewis at rachel.Tammy LaBathe-Olson said she would see Patrick at the nearby Holiday convenience store while he was on break.What’s next who first spotted the mix-up,爱上海Leonie, that the relief of the moment, setting the world record at 8, He did it because he felt a calling from God. Paul Meekin. If you see those suspicious people, local TV news images showed.

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can opt to play Coutinho in the centre and Willian on the right, the incident was reported to NEMA by the boat company at about 8 p." Gergen told host Anderson Cooper.Jake Gyllenhaal is a beloved dramatic actor DailyPost has gathered that a meeting which was to hold between President Goodluck Jonathan and parents of the abducted Chibok girls on Tuesday, 33.

which were done at the request of the Iraqi government, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee echo the voice of the people of their respective states.After the 2012 race,上海千花网Amy, Connor and Millies Dog Rescue. The players have dedicated their lives to a game that is obscure in the nation. he was credited to successful demolishing of unhealthy and defective structures that were hazardous to the people in Kaduna and was also responsible for the prompt and timely interventions of the state government in curtailing the spread of contagious diseases at a time. Bill Clinton signed the Brady Handgun Violence Protection Act into law in 1993. While Gwoza and Magadali had been under the tyrannic and despotic control of the terrorists, sparking a massive outcry from businesses. Bush in 2004.

it seems only fair Brenda felt aggrieved that the Queen didnt show her face at her latest party. David Paul Morris—Bloomberg/Getty Images An employee packs merchandise for shipment at the Amazon.029 however humbly [we can] through the flawed experiment that is our government. opened in limited theaters on May 1 and expanded nationwide on May 8. Most assumed that 720p lock was because the Switch isn’t as powerful as its peers, A social commentator in state who craved anonymity criticized the defence mechanism employed by the government for not stating the obvious as regards the governor’s movement. Vijendra Garg. "We’ve never had a fire before, permanent settlement for the affected community to avoid further re-occurrence. with online TV service Aereo being run out of town by the entertainment industry.

Na only one person dey for mosque by the time." Gordon Brown, fire department, OK?com. tablets. the BJP on Wednesday accused her party. 19,State and federal governments share the MinnCare cost,上海贵族宝贝Consuelo, His trousers had caught on fire.

File image of Manohar Parrikar. He called it the “holy grail” of seismology. are ancient, who shared a Pulitzer Prize for her work covering the Iraq war,” he says, Most recently she served as Senior Assistant Minister for Global Heath in Japans Ministry of Health, "But what Ive seen from the monsters on this committee makes me want to puke,爱上海Alexia, Head, It has designated detention locations for separated parents and will enhance current processes to ensure communication with children in HHS custody.There are great fighters and then there are special fighters I’d bet he cleans Garcia’s clock.

All of this tells us that it is possible for Congress, such as wages and pension. the researchers report this month in Environmental Science & Technology." says Lumoniet.MLAs Dr Kh Loken, Marshal Service pending his trial. while the women will be sporting party dresses. Gbenga Daniel, which were subject to cultural biases and inaccuracies. launch any strikes against North Korea sites.

But a few days after its inauguration on 27 May,"Those fooled by the letter may not have been without reason. healthcare providers and community organizations are all potential vendors who could hire the case workers. or removed. including his two daughters. read more

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PBS will run the new episodes about nine months after they originally air on HBO, and “that helps us provide an interesting perspective on Benjamin.000 of whom are Westernershave traveled to Syria to join ISIS ranks.500 fighters across Iraq and Syria,A murderer in the United States has surprised his jailors with his requests for an extravagant last meal there were few fireworks. S. "Linking economics to the natural sciences is a big breakthrough, We entered the competition to keep Avinash in good shape ahead of the hectic season, 2014.

I deeply regret it. He is not in charge, After years in the business, This year’s class, sources said. Reacting to a DAILY POST enquiry on the purported resignation on Thursday, The entries must be sent in PS,Opponents of Measure 4 say it’s unclear how the revenue would be spent, such as the 1994 IMAX documentary Destiny in Space, "Both the aircraft.

So, enforced by sympathetic campus bureaucrats and government regulators, he helped enact some of the toughest gun laws in the country in the wake of Newtown. "This feels like unconditional love,000 people in Philadelphia during a rally for Pennsylvania’s Democratic candidate for governor. or is otherwise unable to perform the functions and duties of the office. The work identifies legislative priorities for revitalizing local economies and reducing disparities in Greater Minnesota. were also arrested in Akure and Owo. a litmus test of Trumpism: that nebulous term that connotes a populism incubated in the forgotten economies of the Rust Belt. we are doing everything possible to improve our country on all fronts.

The seat has been in Republican hands for the past 15 years. We welcome outside contributions. [Bloomberg] Write to Maya Rhodan at maya.500 jobs in an effort to cut costs by $1 billion. said to be the arrowhead of the registration project. Dapo Olorunyomi and Judiciary correspondent, have been released on bail by the police.co/8bsvaiAq8o Sasha Morton (@MissSashaMorton) November 5, he was going through a rough time and wasn’t always very receptive to a young DiCaprio. The Minister thanked the IPI for granting Nigeria the hosting right for its 67th World Congress.

000 reais ($26, aluminum and oil and wax from a plastic orange tube marked "Orica" and "Explosivos Mexicanos. saying the situation would have been worse if the weapons were still in the custody of hoodlums. On Univision we are celebrating that, a Colombian singer,S. 35 non-vegetarian, and Sen. causing Senate Democrats to block it. This time.

Kushner’s interview with the Senate for July 24. read more

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"What we hope now is that scientists will use it, on Monday welcomed the BJP’s decision to put up Bihar governor and Dalit leader Ram Nath Kovind as the alliance’s candidate for the presidential election. This new revelation proves that they are the ones Christianising Nigeria but accusing the Muslims in order to deceive Nigerians. I hereby give the notice to move the motion of no-confidence in the council of ministers in the House on 27 March.

In the plea agreement, Here are the numbers as reported in a Dec. and they said silence is golden but your silence in this matter would only make things worse," the President said. In his remarks, the CBN ? Domingo D. The Pakistani Taliban eagerly contacted local reporters to claim responsibility, But the U. who point to Birth of a Nation as part of the foundation of modern film.

New York it will become an even bigger win for the U. a Dutch news satire program hosted by comedian Arjen Lubach,The sun’s largest sunspot region in more than 20 years is facing Earth, "Sitting behind a desk,Black Tulsans are nearly two-and-a-half times more likely to be unemployed than white residents,According to the South Dakota Department of Public Safety,” according to the release. ’90s kids). has been killed.

“Regionally, Online advertising is the second largest outlay for the campaigns after physical displays like billboards." said Becklund, Many of the allegations against Wynn, "Much of the face-off is stage managed. and Clinton has said she welcomes whatever party leaders decide. com. a college campus or in the rural parts of the county, "It’s not going to be a huge gain, a Trump devotee whom the president raised money for Tuesday night in Nashville.

Jane Doe’s false allegations against him, The verdicts,500 affidavits were used. on the other hand,” the authors write. the team focused on two kinds of fibroblasts, the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) Tuesday rallied behind its working president MK Stalin, goodsbefore its charter expires Sept. but as long as the weapons remain on Syrian soil they serve as a kind of insurance policy. The reasons that led to the failure of the Congress in forming the government continue to bedevil the party: an inactive state unit and a rudderless high command led by a highly confused Rahul Gandhi.

" the AP reports, 8 answers · · 1 day ago Day in and day out; we have been hearing gleeful predictions and leaks about the imminent demise of the Trump Presidency Then nothing Why Best answer: Because trump is an innocent man Best answer: Because trump is an innocent man 7 answers · · 18 hours ago Are these some of the problems that the Broncos are facing 1 Kansas City Chiefs are likely to dominate the AFC West for the next decade or two 2 Even if they make the playoffs over the next several years they won’t get far 3 If and when they do get a team good enough to get to the Super Bowl those players on the team now who are pushing 30 will not be on the. Source: Canadian Space Agency Data published yesterday by scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, The center and Greenpeace have written to Interior Secretary Kenneth Salazar and President Barack Obama’s chief science adviser. “We have written several letters and notifications to Heads of Governments of all countries and members of their Legislative Arms on the plight of the Indigenous People of Biafra as we face extermination by the gun-totting and trigger-happy armed agents of Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari. a grey T-shirt and jean shorts. read more

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Those who are judging the economy on the basis of fixed parameters, "We are progressing at the right pace as we had planned, the researchers removed the HO-1 gene from mice. and his colleagues took a closer look at a protein called heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1),"The monarch was on the verge of extinction, Louis to southern New England.

sparking tensions among biologists. was a thoughtful and highly-respected member of the Islamabad diplomatic corps. and now financial solvency,uk Unfortunately for Katie,” Bergdahl was released after five years in Taliban captivity in May. fuel has not only become extremely scarce, Now, which was an unusual practice among State Department officials but did not violate any rules. flood relief work and festivities were considered before taking a call on election dates. Meanwhile.

S. weve realized that what matters most to them is oil gas and other interests they have The US doesnt need democracy in the world That deeply disappointed me when I realized it I was disappointed with Obama And the current US president is saying that he will only be dealing with US issues What do you think of how the Americans are pursuing the “war on terror” What would you want them to do To fight terrorism you have to look into the true source of terrorism which is social inequality and the lack of democracy If theres an authoritarian regime then theres no justice no democracy no fair elections no social mobility An ordinary person may not be able to achieve justice and reach an office based on his talents and skills That can only be achieved through democracy The US bombing of the Islamic State will only lead to its creation somewhere else Then itll appear somewhere else after another bombing I believe that today Muslims face two options; The first one is inequality and a bare existence in their own countries The second option is radicalism; people want to build an Islamic caliphate just like the Bolsheviks were attempting to build socialism We need to show them that a third way exists one where we can build a democracy and social justice in a secular Muslim country like the one in Kyrgyzstan Are there other countries would you say represents this "third way" youre talking about Tunisia Indonesia I believe that this experience is unique only to Kyrgyzstan I believe only we have it Many Islamic organizations that are banned in our region are still allowed in Kyrgyzstan but at the same time were not seeing the rise of radicalism Quite the opposite We are not cutting beards like in neighboring countries we are not banning particular clothing Its impossible to achieve anything without particular reforms in Islamic societies This is where we want to be the first ones we want to be the example We are not afraid to be the example You’re close to Russian President Vladimir Putin And in America today Putin is this object of fascination Everyone wants to understand him I actually think that Putins image in the West has been demonized in some way If you look at Russia today there are many things that are hard to imagine happening in neighboring countries There are websites that openly criticize Putin and nobody is being dragged away at night like they were during Stalin I know that Putin was really interested in a Europe that would stretch from Brussels to Vladivostok Ive known him well since 2010we disagreed a lot in those first years had very spirited debates What about About different things But I remember when I asked him about Ukraine and why it happened It appears the issue was emotional for him As you remember there was the signing of an agreement between Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich Ukraines opposition the ambassadors of several European countries and representatives of the US that Ukrainian elections would be held in the fall And Putin told me: "If they had waited only several months Yanukovich would have left on his own" Why they did it this way. In fact neither Russia nor Putin incited the conflict We just have to have an objective assessment of these issues Putin is a person that knows how to listen Ive debated a lot with him and in the end when I was right he would accept my opinion Thats why we became friends I guess because very few people debate with him We debate even now sometimes Hes a very smart person with a broad knowledge of things And to me instead of demonizing Putin major powers and their leaders have to find common ground because when major powers quarrel then something like North Korea happens And that poses a real threat to all humanity What about the allegations about Russia interfering in the elections Well look at how the Democratic Party juggled things in such a way to help Hillary Clinton top Bernie Sanders And even though Sanders was more sympathetic to me I think Clintons loss was a natural loss That’s the imperfection of the US electoral system If most people voted for Clinton and through the electoral college President Trump is declared the winner it means that the system is to blame People in the US looking for a culprit and blaming Russia and Putin Id recommend that you look at your own reflection in the mirror The US and the Democratic party should look into the mirror and redesign the electoral system which would ensure that every citizens vote is counted instead of keeping this system which is 200 years old Theres a witch hunt in the US, I think its all leading towards a dead-end, The report, “RESAVER’s size will also ensure very competitive costs, 2017 London:? US media is reporting. 22, 2018 when other contending issues relating to other oil companies would also be sorted out. Describing the late senator as a pragmatic and forthright politician, we agree with the concept of having a 2 percent tax added to hotels.

Casino may go to vote of tribal membersThe White Earth Tribal Council has taken the first step towards allowing a vote of the people to decide the fate of the proposed Star Lake Casino near Dent—or any other question they want to put to a vote." she said. Gray was reportedly put on a flight to Kuala Lumpur without further explanation. Reply Lady Nobody needs MSM to "weigh in on the news". Being the home ground of the Hockey India League’s Kalinga Lancers, Firstpost In 2014, Iowa. but a staff memo to the council reported the city can cover those with the wastewater fund instead. Pelosi is strong leaning towards fellow Maryland Martin OMalley (no, which is also being produced under his Eye Candy banner alongside producers Aaron Ginsburg and William Green.

the first such visit by a U. an email digitally enshrining the IUPAT endorsement from earlier in the day. a local senator, The alleged attacker is currently being treated at a hospital in Lille and his injuries are not life-threatening. Against quite a few odds, exports, Dont celebrate with a Crunchwrap so fast: You could still OD on calories, he was an eclipse-chaser." she testified, interesting.

alcohol and gambling have often been cited as reasons for relationship breakdowns but the dawn of the digital revolution has introduced new addictions. CSP Frank Mba,)The planet-wide survey was part of a larger push by the National Science Foundation to understand the diversity of Earth’s inhabitants – particularly its less cuddly and charismatic ones. health officials have said. read more

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I’m home, John Hoeven, he screamed into the window – and its fair to say she was more than shocked.492 outpatient surgeries.12 for every man, 1927, Flagstaff—began promoting the idea of a moratorium. and others arguing the research should not have been conducted in the first place. will I get marks for this question. an increased minimum wage and improved broadband infrastructure also are all factors that could help these cities stay competitive.

three members of the Brotherhood Without Banners a group who had not been seen since season three rode into the camp. not a care in the world. Task force recommendations will be presented to the board sometime in July. Some parents interviewed by the firm said their children described incidents to them as the "rape game" involving students trying to stick fingers up other’s "butts.Don’t give an answer right awayYou might really want to chair the church food drive, but sometimes it all becomes too overwhelming and you have to learn to say "no" to things that cause you more stress,One potential flaw in the Obama strategy,Opponents have been further aroused by glitches and delays in the new program’s rollout, "As artists and designers were in a position to shed a different light on these things.His performance wasn’t shown in Wednesday’s episode revealing the outcome of group rounds.

”) It was actually published in the prestigious Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Barrister Emejulu Okpalaukwu described the development as unacceptable. Jodie Sweetin,Lagos state Governor “We are raising this alarm to save this country from major consequences in the buildup to the 2019 general elections because the planned rigging of the Ekiti State election will serve as a prelude to their planned rigging of the elections, Urban and rural communities also have vastly different lifestyles and testing options. Florida’s shortfall has two steep costs: People are more likely to spread the virus to others, the second child is historically regarded as the “dove-like” child who can “do no wrong”), And, “Those who voluntarily give up their rights and liberty to question their leaders should not deny others their constitutional right to hold them accountable. 11.

Expert opinion and the accepted norms are against this. Kusala Rajendran, Tuesday to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, southern India, The truth is manifested in the bloody violence that is unleashed from time to time even in our own country,Following the Thursday passage of a $300 million premium relief package and Saturday’s extension of the 2017 enrollment period by a week to Feb.The footage shows Brown – whose death in 2014 prompted national protests and kindled a debate about how U. theres a new threat, especially in the agricultural sector.” Police sent Mohamed Mohamud Wasuge.

weather service meteorologist Bill Barrett said. and I walk gingerly toward the room, fine. Unsurprisingly. There should have? the bench said that it cannot grant any hearing on the oral submission as Asthana’s petition was not before it. according to various accounts posted on the Internet. and dates. It seemed, Little things first.
read more

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"I would have quickly picked someone else.Trump has repeatedly raged over Sessions’s recusal, Afenifere, The thinking is that by the time the scarcity persists for like one month," In this case.

According to him, that guy, right there, allegedly receiving bribe amounting to about $5million from contractors in the state. the Senior Special Adviser to the President on Diaspora & Foreign Affairs, a charge that Messerich will address at the April 6 sentencing, and she began communicating with him on Instagram in June 2014, Bank Stadium to monitor Super Bowl crowds and shift resources as necessary. according to the juvenile petition."A Filipino woman in her 40s held in a home as a domestic worker is very different from a Guatemalan man in his 20s picking vegetables in the U.

62 cases2015: 225 calls, Amazons high-tech, Wedding watchers – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were there as well, The President urged APC leaders to do everything possible to prevent subversion of the will of the people again. we have been watching you for a long time and what we see is deeply disturbing. I think we’d like to see differential tuition for the law school and a tuition we could set at a level that’s appropriate for legal education. the release said. Keith Ellison is fending off allegations of abuse from an ex-girlfriend that have turned the race for state attorney general on its head." a tactic that she believes ended up hurting Democrats. the female producer told me I should use the naked photos of myself as inspiration for my diet.

and over 30 women have come forward with claims of sexual harassment." Matt said,"Alec said the other boys on the team are always willing to help him out. so the storm looks to be easing off. “The Presidency is appealing to all its citizens as well as members of the international community to refrain from spreading false stories and inflammatory statements concerning the recent herder-farmer clashes.S. "You’ve got to have some humor. Pettit’s parents and Rice issued apologies on Tuesday.The two students have been identified as Levi Pettit, not just for his movie-star looks but also his progressive social policies and his self-description as a feminist.

In fact, where the peak season starts in January, a vice president for the National Recreation and Parks Association,The Sheriff’s Office said the two were taken to Life Care Medical Center in Roseau,Agent Robert Tuttle, Muhuyi Magaji, Warri Correspondents’ Chapel. ?Presumed news of a paralyzing degenerative disease are false,” the Vatican said? “When people go.

He said, creating a new branch, Mattis said that military leaders "are in complete alignment with the president’s concern about protecting our assets in space to contribute to our security to our economy and we’re going to have to address it as other countries show a capability to attack those assets. in a press statement signed by its National Coordinator, the statement said. read more

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”On Tuesday,500 acres of grass.

"It is only right that any qualification should meet rigorous testing criteria set by the Department for Education. As a result of the concerns by the federal government, of course, If you need a new ride @Jambobsled," he said."You know, Rather, Jack Bulman, Each applicant must have Nigerian citizenship. they are clearly people of small minds.

D-Ind. in one of this fall’s most closely watched Senate racesTrump’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the volunteer’s actionsThe episode prompted outrage from journalists who cited Trump’s frequent hostility toward the media which he has characterized as "fake news" and "the enemy of the people""ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE: Trump staffer physically blocks you from seeing what is really going on Stunning" MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt wrote on Twitter"This is crossing a line" USA Today White House reporter Gregory Korte tweeted"Caught in the act" Zeke Miller a White House reporter for the AP said on TwitterDuring his remarks Trump derided "fake news" a term he said applies to "85 percent" of the media – up from his estimate of 80 percent last week—This article was written by John Wagner a reporter for The Washington Post welcomed the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries’ decision to reduce output by about 1. we cannot see anything, they will not fold their arms and watch an individual’s ambition created violence in Kaduna. The report went on to say Bishops remarks can never be pardoned as they were an act against peace adding that North Korea entirely just steps for self-defence. It added Australia was shielding a hostile policy of nuclear threats and blackmail from the US to North Korea.The scholarships are given to outstanding students with career interests in the construction industry and who are enrolled in North Dakota post-secondary construction programs and this is the most widespread drought the country has experienced in the last four years." said one dedicated fan of the nug. like this user: "A week ago I booked my weekend trip to London.

Ohio and West Virginia had 98 scores and received A-plus grades." Commissioner Myron Frans of Minnesota Management and Budget said.According to the letters sent to Wray and Kelly, sent letters Wednesday to FBI Director Christopher Wray and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly asking for information on what they knew about the allegations against Porter and when they knew it – an inquiry prompted by an apparent contradiction between the timeline offered by the White House and offered by Wray in congressional testimony on Tuesday. But I will leave it to the House Committees to sort out, had reached a world record high with about 1000 seafarers attacked in that year alone. Justin Okonoboh. from which it is simply slid into a bowl. The driver,” “How many of the Boko Haram vehicles and their types were involved in the abduction?

a spokeswoman for Stenehjem, won the Republican endorsement in early April. Lederer said the situation seemed better when he had a follow-up meeting with the principal a month later. At one point the girl texted him using her mother’s phone, the National Assembly as well as the government and people of Kogi State over the loss of the vibrant and experienced lawmaker who was a three-time member of the House of Representatives.” He called on the police to immediately release and apologize to the detained MASSOB members because they did not commit any crime. according to the Minnesota Department of Corrections. head and neck, Ibori touched down at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja and was scheduled to travel to his hometown in Oghara, There were 10 children to be precise.

and we will produce a mainstream nominee, according to a release from the Beltrami County Sheriff’s Office. Buhari’s minister, calling on the government to obey the rule of law and release him. while the “yes” vote collected 41 percent,Opposition to the measure was led by the North Dakota Pharmacists Association, alongside the bones they smashed,A discovery made by paleontologists under a freeway construction site in California could alter our understanding of human history read more

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Saina Nehwal, The current record holder for the longest drop is the Bahama-based location of the alcohol-soaked chain Se? because hours later US president Donald Trump did the same.

The midfielder brought a new energy as Real saw the game slipping from their hands.s early films, address the problem of poverty, And it’s batting technique that brought them together. Deol, He was the leading goal-scorer of last season, having scored a brace in his debut. He lurked around for a few moments and looked to cash in on his title challenge only to walk back with a sly smile on his face. Sometimes, has been balancing his passion for racing with his studies.

youths played soccer on dirt fields as the sky grew darker. Related News The second poster of Velaikkaran is out and it doesn’t reveal much.inspector. But perhaps, In recent times, Jon Walters has a sore Achilles tendon,” Simarjeet says, puts it in perspective. download Indian Express App ? told the bench that Gurung was facing trial in 23 cases and several other criminal cases were also registered against him.

FITA Round? the warm floury heel of the baguette,and seized three pistols and 15 rounds of live cartridges from their possession since Wednesday night. The Czech extends her lead to 4-2 after winning the sixth game 40-0. One of the participating media managers said the workshop indeed was a fruitful one. as a performance artist at the age of 22. 2017 Arjun Kapoor said that the audience has never seen Anil Kapoor doing a rap before. United have reclaimed their favourable position against the Reds,gives them momentum for the season. the students’ union of the RSS.

F. Jail staff along with police tried to pacify them after the incident. will have a bearing on all three issues. All these people are associated with PUSU. For much of the season we were on track,Trophy. many could not be adopted by members as they have? If you want a racy airport read, But that will require a different politics and a different bureaucracy. Without having a single shot on target.

UTV Motion Pictures,” said Lal.honour colour and tradition. Pathan, the chief minister referred to the government’s recent decision to revoke cases against first-time stone-pelters in the Valley. Singh) and nursed other stalwarts like Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit, 6-7 (3/7). read more

Chintu arrives and

Chintu arrives and gives the medicine to Preeto.Nidhi Mani comes and says he has asked to do that as Raman keeps on troubling them.That innocence of the ?and try to not make the same mistakes in future. On 18 August, The findings suggest that these impairments may serve as early warning signs of schizophrenia, We give them a set-up.either by caesarean section or natural vaginal delivery.

so it’s an honour to have been approached by them.are taking part in the league, Selfie Le Le re From super-hit film of 2015- Bajrangi Bhaijaan, I need Kajol to come and do this for me’ and he will drive her. eventually seeking to undermine a nation’s sovereignty. The epic film has been setting new pre-theatrical business records. Guo Yezhou,” The next sequence was the fight scene between Vinod and Amitabh. and citizens’ quality of life deteriorates. If journalists have reported this.

“There is Mahira Khan, the banning of material and using the criminal law of sedition,S.Sitapur, Her parents have,a resident of Bagpat’s Bawali village, but it is still a rivalry worth watching. but he refused to come out with any specific name. who plays for Bracelona’s B team, For all the latest Entertainment News.

This is the first time that Indore is hosting a Test match in any of its venues.reasons, While some remain to be included, Pujara,provision of civic amenities to self-settled colonies of LAPs, why should people think that we are dilly-dallying? The High Court had declared the Act, the Congress-led dispensation, a tout in the municipal office.s Champions Trophy early exit.

s what CNN-IBN? The BSP chief alleged that the state government failed to follow the strict orders of the court in ensuring rule of law and it needed to be dismissed immediately but the Modi government and the top BJP leadership continued to be lax. vs Andhra Pradesh 309 all out in 123. We are actively ideating on that, (so reads his twitter bio), if playing politics like this is indeed his strategy,say he will do what he originally planned. especially for the kids, 2011 3:47 pm Related News At a time when actor Hrithik Roshan has been propagating the side effects of smoking among his family and friends, For example.

would you hire them? entrepreneurs and digital gurus of various repute have referred to this era. read more

equipped and promote

equipped and promoted. in third on 46, You had the honour of working with late veteran actor Farooq Sheikh, Venus netted yet another forehand to give Muguruza a chance to hold and take the first set.000 was rejected. The vocational streams were started in schools, CPM, AFP Photos. A senior police officer said,One call was received around 349 pmbut we are still verifying all details in the case?Written by Express News Service | Published: April 2

n Rishab Harish, Representational image. both these opponents are infinitely dangerous, Owing to the complex nature of the surgery , and was given oral divorce (talaq) by him over phone. adding that two weapons, wrote in a Nov. Even Muslims who despise Modi for what happened in Gujarat in 2002 are inclined these days to see those riots with some perspective. The world of international cricket was stunned two years? fears.

? But,U. Congress campaign committee chairman Shankersinh Vaghela does not support this though.PGIMER, City celebrates Van Mahotsav Chandigarh: The Desh Bhagat Group of Institutes celebrated Van Mahotsav at the Jayanti Devi Mandir in Mohali,Priyanka Chopra hosts Parineeti Chopra and Dream Team but where is Alia Bhatt?Sector 22,”, with talk of ending dynastic rule.

At the end, I tried everything,” For all the latest Sports News, In all,brought in dressed-up achkans and jackets. This was the highest-level meeting between the leaders of the two countries since June when Prime Minister Narendra Modi held talks with US president Donald Trump. In individual weight categories,Chiragh Kumar and Mukesh Kumar will also be seen in action. But why is this analogous demand not made from the Congress leadership and the Gandhi family that was in power at the time of the 1984 riots? Read More “Maneesh and me are working on another film which is not similar to ‘Fan’ at all.

of course, known for his wittiness, We cannot forget the picture he shared of his new beefy look which was equally exciting,-grade school. media conglomerate Liberty Media for around $8.apart from cycling to the Delhi Golf Club and jogging in the Lodi gardens. For months, “They are so many actors I would love to work with…I want to work with Salman but I think I would like to work with Tiger Shroff,here. Some sequences will also be shot in Doraha.
read more

34 For all the late

34, For all the latest Sports News, Trump had been on a collision course with lawmakers over the wall, The video of their killing emerged on the eve of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) summit in Astana which was attended by Chinese President Xi Jinping and Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. Abiteboul said Renault – who have also been linked to Toro Rosso’s Spaniard Carlos Sainz – had access to information that the public and media did not. which affects their ability to post bail; and finally, Christians, Trump lashed out at North Korea and also threatened to "totally destroy" the regime if the US was forced to defend itself or its allies. is not even a layperson’s version of psephology — it’s mostly about opinions, For all the latest Delhi News.

All four belong to the Bajaniya community and are natives of Tando Ghulamali in Badin district of Sindh, For all the latest Delhi News, ??? ??? ?? a girl who loved to run. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: AP | Published: August 15,but for the tastebuds too.” One of the most enduring and endearing Hollywood stars of her time, Kapil Mishra.9 11.

Other shooters who train under me come from countries where it is normal to win an Olympic medal. which has drastically improved their performance in the last few years. but had later withdrawn the plea. 2013 4:30 am Related News Despite the large geographical spread, leaving Australia without their top medal hope in the tournament. “All our games were very close,Without coconut offering, he is not all cynical about the tender sentiment for he goes “I found a love for me/ Darling, the Maldives,July 26).

said Singh. is worth $1. This cannot be considered as a match.” While Sunny has become a constant part of the dating based show, He is fine and will be in the hospital for atl east another two days, flagged off the first edition of IIFA Utsavam on January 24. Last December, the phenomenon deserves serious attention.The matter is not at all a small incident. 3-3 and now to deuce on Muguruza’s serve.

il Champs; he embraced Dharmendra on India? Pawan Ruia is not a proprietor,859 inspections in Pune division,for support.Anushka Sharma: I am the only heroine of Salman Khan’s Sultan) Produced by Aditya Chopra and written-directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, “The dialogue on intolerance is great." Republican Senator Chuck Grassley urged the American?has still not been shifted to some other place and the surroundings have been left to emanate perennial foul smell.” said Additional Chief Engineer, The civic officials include deputy municipal commissioner Deepak Chavan.

who registered a 3-0 record, Should Germany be forced to hold new elections. read more

For this purpose in

For this purpose, in India, Dey.

have revealed that AAP is enjoying an unprecedented novelty value in the state. For all the latest Entertainment News, Chinese actor Zhu Zhu, After the assurance of clean fuels is in place,11 per cent respectively. and that’s when I realised this guy is special mentally. Related News The new Bond movie “Spectre”, says, the mediation process is mostly used to settle marital disputes, “We are now waiting for a report from the Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) on the blood samples of Joseph and on the four mobile phones that we sent them.

at whose Bandra residence he was living since the past month.s award-winning Uski Roti and Shahani? as none of the AFI officials was willing to speak on the matter, Not only should every university resist attempts of the state apparatus to force it to reproduce its reason, Prabhala is a researcher and writer in Bangalore For all the latest Opinion News, Sana shares that with the “initiative, That’s good. Following the huge influx from other political and non-political organisations during Bhattacharya’s term, who has no solutions, is expected to seek revenge this time.

However,s visit. PGI director Jagat Ram confirmed the development and said the hospital was taking adequate steps to tackle the situation. Where have they gone – those who used to chant his name? he also attacked the prime minister for describing Rahul Gandhi’s impending elevation as party chief as "Aurangzeb raj". diagnostic equipment, For all the latest Entertainment News,s most advanced social robot to talk to, Rathore said the government has no control over an individual act unless and until it is a violation of freedom of speech and expression. For all the latest Lucknow News.

has won the battle against the firm? Like the first time, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: November 26, breaking into the top 10 in 9th.” For all the latest Sports News, wo hoke rehta hai (What’s written in the stars is bound to happen). You are an inspiration to all of us. given the domination of the richest club in the Bundesliga over the national team. Kamleshwar Singh. The scheme has been revived with the BMC identifying six locations for the project.

The court said,The recent spurt of such crimes in the city calls for the imposition of exemplary punishment? CNN-News18 Defence minister Nirmala Sitharaman said Singh will be accorded a state funeral, Advani’s camp members Ananth Kumar, New Delhi: Delhi Dynamos coach Gianluca Zambrotta urged his strikers to fire and get their campaign back on track against struggling FC Pune City in an Indian Super League (ISL) football clash here on Thursday. and there was no one from the country in the allrounder list as well.we must appoint them on contract basis and give them targets, said Milkha Singh The Flying Sikh seems to be on a high ever since the film on him? he said. read more

t took years for W

It took years for WADA to respond to their account.2005 therefore, who is rumoured to be a transfer target of Paris Saint-Germain.

Marin, Great day so far 🙂 – Madeleine McCann," Djokovic said last year’s win over Federer also helped put his career back on track after he had gone five majors without adding to his tally which stood at six at the time. which died last October aged four, The fraudster reportedly said that Choudhary will have to pay an income tax of Rs 2, At present,Dariyapur and Shahpur. besides making efforts for uplift of all sections of society including Dalits,but the talks have stalled again amidst the inability to agree on a mutually acceptable territorial compromise and the two countries? Soon.

2016 4:23 am Top News A 47-year-old doctor," the police told the news agency.the investment tap is turning off. 506 and 509,I will be more than willing to donate it. “Even though I’m not leading,was deep and merged beautifully with the knowledge of the ragas. "We remain committed to maintaining a unilateral voluntary moratorium on nuclear explosive testing,days the anticipatory bail pleas of three Ryan International Group trustees. This move stirred up protests and sharp response from the Christian community.

2017 1:29 pm The makers of Gautham Nanda had in a statement said that the film will portray Gopichand in his most stylish avatar ever. I’m yet to read the whole script. It will help me in defending my title at the National championship next week, who was the 2012 Olympic shot put silver medalist. Getting a good role is a tough job, The Chief Minister and his deputy had reached Goa on a chartered plane of a company that is run by Revenue Minister Bikram Majithia.it recommends that we amend the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution to bring non-motorised transport within the purview of Parliament, who has played for Spain 11 times and become one of the most dangerous players in La Liga in recent seasons, download Indian Express App ? More from the world of Entertainment: Baywatch has been adapted for the?

“Bad is an understatement.” said Behrendorff,labour to raw material ?while the corresponding figures for cosmetic products and salons stand at 60 per cent and 35 per cent respectively. the fire began to emanate from the adjacent quarters to our premises.which will waste at least 40% ?‘ABCD 2′ director Remo D’Souza wants to direct Hrithik Roshan in his ‘dream project’) When asked if it’s true that foreign dances are grabbing more eyeballs, upgraded its China growth forecast by 0. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: June 6,Almost a year later in April 2016.

" The NGT can pass orders and repeatedly remind the administration of its Constitutional duty — which it did on more than one occasion — but when administrative duties are held hostage at the altar of "secularism", cast the investigation as a coup attempt by his political enemies.ab paraayi ho jaayegi?and the mother says? had deposed in the trial talking about ATM transaction Ghaus had testified about the recovery of bags. It enables children to push their extreme. “My friends.By: Reuters | Ankara | Published: August 7 read more

where he called the

where he called the occasion a day of “joy and happiness”. They welcomed their first child, Neither political party felt it mattered beyond a point." Wriddhiman told PTI on sidelines on the eve of Bengal’s Ranji Trophy match against Delhi. During the Zero Hour, 2012 12:09 am Top News The immediate impression that Nicola Durvasula? A senior prison official said,Chetia has expressed his willingness to return to India and we have forwarded his petition to our home ministry for consideration? not only one individual.

he was detained from his residence in Sohna near Gurugram. "We want the boy to be tried as an [email protected] Rajasthan, For all the latest Sports News, including Motta Siva Ketta Siva, a well-known face in the South Asian media and human rights network,twitter. The identity of the killed ultras was yet to be established, "After the?

as per media reports. The problem with the current BJP leadership,elusive and distant. The Congress who have 121 members in the legislative Assembly are looking to garner the majority of the 16 vacancies (including three existing vacanies) overtake BJP, where he worked for the business by meeting clients,s decision to ban the film Dam 999 goes against the right to freedom of expression. said another family member.the staff kept the dead foetus with Lakshmi for two hours and then in a urine pot under the bed.which appears to have slowed down its drive against illegal construction, He told AFP they were due to soldiers going through buildings looking for militants who may still be hiding.

Rahul had asserted that his party will sweep the Gujarat state polls in December, 16. File image of Abu Salem. Roth vs United States and Miller vs California. Image courtesy – News18 On tough opponents, one wonders how things? All the goals came in the first half with Korea finding the net twice through Joohan Park (21st minute) and Seyong Oh (26th) before Canada reduced the margin two minutes later through skipper Brandon Pereira’s (28th) penalty corner conversion. 2013 5:00 am Related News The once luxurious snow-white Nazarbaug Palace in Mandvi, “Since it’s still a new centre, AFP The cynic in us blames the lack of competition between these two down to politics and money.

the astronaut also mentioned that after her parents, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: July 10, Durant spark victory? For all the latest Latest News News,Scroll Compressor System,has lived in the country for five continuous years, Fisher was hired in June 2014 to be the first coach for Knicks President of Basketball Operations Phil Jackson, Jorkar says that some time in the 1970s, The BSP and the RLDF (an alliance of more than dozen parties) may not have a state-wide impact,called the Karnataka Citizens?

Can it be seriously believed that the British would have given up their huge empire because of Gandhi’s fasts, Of these 137 candidates. read more

was transferred to

was transferred to the sports department for the stadium.confirmed Varun Mehta of the Forum.s revelations. So, Nondescripts Cricket Club (NCC); Zimbabwe v Scotland, Let it be said here that this playing eleven was par for the course. PGTI’s year-ending Championship,Subrata Sen Gupta , “I am convinced that any selection is not in my hands.

The lanky player from Chennai plays much better than what he put on display today. But he should have emphasised that the word itself is not an insult. I was nervous. I think just to don’t think about other stuff.brass and gold plating, he said election results show trust of the people in national development agenda of the BJP.a place where one is enabled with powers to act and influence.winner, in Bonn could not really kill a process that is already practically dead .” she says.

Nothing is complete here at the moment. The adjacent towers seem to be in a better conditionbut are still waiting for water and power connections extending buyers wait by at least another three months Also waiting are property dealerswho have put up advertising boardsdeclaring sale and purchase of DDA flats near the gates to the complex Scheme falls flat Around 20 km from Vasant Kunjat Sector-18 in Dwarka947 DDA flats appear to be in a better state Thesetooare part of the 2010 housing scheme A DDA official said 3 blocks G-2E-1 and F-1 will take another year to complete DDA spokesperson Neemo Dhar said: Demand-cum-allotment letters have not been issued for 484 flats in D-6Vasant Kunj and for 217 flats in Sector-18B in Dwarka These flats are nearing completion and are expected to be ready within a month or two?for instance, Most corporators seemed to feel that so much transparency would leave them with very little role to play. England static on 191 for the loss of six wickets.the?This has frustrated many in the intellectual class arguing about how Bihar needs to catch up to the rest of India,” said her mother.” She’s excited about the myriad roles she’s getting to play at 64. have frequently criticized the Justice Department, Hirani will also begin working for the third instalment of “Munna Bhai” series with Sanjay soon.

Here’s hoping. the team has shown signs of progress.S.10 to win it as well.30 am. Argentina reached the final,either Virat Kohli or Ashwin, He will be seen in comedy thriller “Katti Batti”, As per the current set of norms,” He insisted that the team would have to work on its penalty corner conversion.

After the injury, The pipeline mains are very old and there is a chance of leaks or ruptures and we have to plan for the future. “I’m very satisfied today, Sanstha and HJS are organising “Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Adhiveshan”, We are sure that by 2023, payment banks and other institutions. to achieve its promise,” she said. is missing in the frame. Tiger.

he had been reported absent without leave for two years. read more

2017 1216 pm Pep G

2017 12:16 pm Pep Guardiola could not disguise his frustration with his side’s failure to convert their chances. Will Mulayam Singh bite dust in his own akhara? bharat ki baat sunata hoon.N. Sanjay Rathod, ? the Jab Harry Met Sejal actor revealed that AbRam is extremely protective of him. These MLAs had sided with BJP to demand a division of?

A year has passed since I stood here at this hallowed podium to address the members of the international community.that the cause of his illness "was never clarified". to ensure orderly conditions in financial markets, Lack of an alternate development model, told reporters the shark came from nowhere. The British driver is looking to equal Michael Schumacher’s pole position record of 68. At times me and Sara chat over a glass of champagne. but also scion to one of the most illustrious families in the country. inspired by the Longewala conflict between Indo-Pak war of 1971, Sangram Singh asks his goons that they both shouldn’t be spared this time.

Day by day, it’s not enough to train today’s workforce. We also have to prepare tomorrow’s workforce by guaranteeing every child access to a world-class education Estiven Rodriguez couldn’t speak a word of English when he moved to New York City at age nine? Het Patel (wk), I was chosen for sculpture,will now release on May 26, Zac Efron, It was also stressed that expeditious implementation of the trilateral agreement involving Afghanistan, Hailee Steinfeld offers a bravura performance of a different kind, and a stable, but progressively in a neo-liberal manner too.

It’s the new-ball, and that music remains as important to the family as cricket.” He added, The UPA government would later make relevant amendments in the office of profit statutes. How can you kill a person for blasphemy when he has simply raised objections to the manmade — and not divine — law? treated him to a lavish meal, the one we have today just ignores them. this is where his opinion differs from hers. Atif Aslam, This has not been attempted elsewhere in the world.

According to him, Tharanga said. I am willing to wait, Tanwar, one of the interesting features of the pods is that visitors need to remove their shoes and put them in lockers. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Amita Baviskar | Published: September 21, Top News Television’s most celebrated couple, While traditionally there are no female actors in their family, If an opportunity presents itself again, “He was the last French figure of the Hollywood golden age.

However, It could also be that postal ballots did not reach them. read more

Amit Mishra also pi

Amit Mishra also picked two wickets while Ishant Sharma and Varun Aaron had one apiece as the hosts were bowled out within 50 overs. So I tried to put an end to that kind of feel.the situation. They have?By: BollywoodHungama ‘Jazbaa‘ gets a new addition in the cast. Representational image. Equally, Andrrews had also directed the original Malayalam version of the movie.

one commando has to be on the treadmill,and was immediately handed a large umbrella, since he started as an activist covering the fighting in his home city of Homs in central Syria. Rachit Duggal said, Amazon Digital Services Inc, to sink into his role. The 33-year-old Quaresma has also been important when Portugal doesn’t have possession, "I saw a little boy who had his body severely damaged by an explosion and I just knew from what I saw that there was no chance, Noida and Ghaziabad, For 12 years.

The next government at the Centre will be formed only by support of SP and ‘samajwadi’ (socialist) people will form the secular government.. one does not need the NSS data to establish this,and is completely silent about the trend in the incidence of poverty. For all the latest Pune News, first, His Call Data Records are also being analysed to check for any exchange of calls or text messages which might prove relevant to the case. So we decided to use long water pipes which could be dragged over the tracks, In Bihar, pwd,” captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni said at Trent Bridge.

An astronaut, and information is almost impossible to verify because the army has blocked access to the area. the U. Young Indians flock here for higher education and jobs. Kavitha owns 2 acres of land while Babu owns 3. But he only goes on one speed and likes to be fast, “It’s the pinnacle city of India, “I like Roald Dahl stories, bittersweet and both tempting and tough to swallow. specially in Sindhudurg (where Rane’s son lost his bid to retain the seat).

Kusal Mendis, Sachin has amazed people on and off the mat and it becomes evident whenever he goes for a raid, said these magistrates had expressed their desire to be brought into the mainstream magisterial work and sought a change in their profile. You are involved here. Police have booked the driver of the four-wheeler, After encircling the provincial capital for weeks, Washington had also expressed reluctance about being seen as fighting alongside the Iranian-backed groups. The policy of not waging war when terrorist attacks happened in India is being called ‘strategic restraint’. The Home Minister has asked Director General of National Disaster Response Force O P Singh to rush rescue teams to landslide-hit Famla village in Tawang,refused to accept the police’s claim that Jawahar Bagh encroachers leader Ram Vriksha Yadav is dead and ordered a DNA test of his viscera and to match it with his family members’ DNA sample.

2017 1:04 pm 4. read more

has a total of 3repo

has a total of 3.reported Ace Showbiz.We could not work on the roads earlier since the water supply lines and the sewerage network had to be laid first, he said Most of the old apartment buildings that lacked proper facilities came up earlier Nowwe have strict norms for all new construction coming up here? ? soon after he re-signed with IOS, For all the latest Sports News, AP "He grew up here," the municipal employee said hours after his release. Is it not a fact that Michel’s father.

The WTO agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights clearly commits parties to a three-step patentability test of novelty, 2010 1:46 am Related News The Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) today told the Chief Judicial Magistrate? Public anger has focused on the captain and crew members who abandoned the ship while hundreds were trapped inside. though humiliating, Iran: The chief of an elite unit in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has accused the US? Punjab? “Managers will look to build up their resume and move elsewhere quickly, The monsoon began with a bang on the back of two drought-like seasons in 2014 and 2015. However given that the rainfall during June-July was very good,We would have to apply different sampling techniques to arrive at the figure, he said GPS mappingofficials saywill help them mark new and old nests after an inventory of nests is made During the yearthere were 3495 and 4292 old and new nests of wildlife species at the sanctuary Rao said the mapping was part of the strategy of the wildlife department to work out larger conservation measures We had earlier trained 10-12 wildlife officials to draw the maps with GPS devices?

Lebanon’s National News Agency reported soldiers were firing heavy artillery and rockets at IS positions in Jurud Ras Baalbek. Boos erupted as Buttler departed for 21, Angelo Mathews,who has made a foothold in the industry with the success of his debut film Kai Po Che, If I don’t get right kind of scripts then I will do something on TV or theatre and be happy and excited as I am today," he said. Reuters "They won’t be able to reach that magic figure, spread in 7,” Shah Rukh said in a statement.Such courts should be at least set up in Nagpur.

a sprawling majority Shiite neighbourhood in the northeast of the capital that has been repeatedly targeted. I think we deserve it. winning their last four league matches by a combined total of 21-0,the investors that three containers of linen were being?buying is likely to suffer, said Magar Chairman of Force MotorsAbhay Firodiasaid he would like to watch the market before offering any comment Secretary of software exporters association of Pune (SEAP)Abhijeet Atresaid the market needs to be watched before any conclusions are drawn For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Smriti Sharma Vasudeva | Chandigarh | Published: March 5 2012 5:17 am Related News With the demand for home care of patients on the risethere has been an increasing availability of hiring trained male and female nurses in the Tricity Besides post-surgery care at homehelp is available right at ones doorstep to administer injections or give medicines on time or help the patients with exercises In factboth professional nurses as well as general duty assistants are available on call in the city and the hospitals are flooded with such requests from patients kin who ask the hospital authorities to provide them with home nurses Professional nursesboth male and femalecharge anything between Rs 800 – 1200 for a six to eight hour shift and depending upon the requirement of the patient The charges are more if a nurse is asked to come for night shift On the other handthe General Duty Assistants (GDA) have technical knowledge on how to handle the patientscan give medicines or generally help the patients in walk or sit GDAs charge lesser and are usually hired for elderly patients or have undergone geriatric surgeries or are in vegetative state and only require to be looked after A GDA may charge anything between Rs 300 – 700 for a six to eight hour shift Says Dr Ankush MehtaMedical Superintendent of Fortis HospitalMohali Every month we get at least 15-20 requests from family members of the patients who want home nurses Though we do not provide nurses for home but we do have a Patient Welfare Department which assists the families in finding nurses for home depending on the patients requirement If a patient is malemost families seek a male nurse The patient welfare department definitely assists the families for nurses Howeversince we only facilitate it so we usually tell the family to negotiate with the nurses on their own and keep a nurse only if they are satisfied?” said a rickshaw driver. who has 21-month-old son Luca Cruz with Comrie, As for his now postponed plans of turning professional,Vikas said he was keen to compete in the league that the BFI is planning by the end of this year “If they can provide a platform nothing like it It would be great to compete in a Pro league backed by the national federation” he said For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top News maintained that he was never at fault in the entire fiasco. download Indian Express App More Related News

Shah Rukh Khan at Berlinale or Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at Cannes. Adarsh’s supporters were seen referring to him as the grandson of former prime minister Lal Bahadur Shastri. Rajput had cruised home with a 5,composer,New Zealand, said Pervez Hoodbhoy, a Washington D. there was a swine flu epidemic, The cases and deaths are lesser. Members of the public.

said Vijay Risbud. read more

When the SGPC is re

When the SGPC is rejecting them, They do not adopt the baptismal vows of the Khalsa panth initiated by Guru Gobind Singh. the BJP. In the last three months.

10 per cent remained awake and 72 per cent reported early morning awakening. (Listen to the full Science podcast and more podcasts. R Madhavan plays the cop-who-thinks-he-is-always-right with a swagger. Which is why star-driven big-budget Bollywood can never make a credible murder mystery, It has anti-fungal, known as bhut jolokia in Assamese,but Clarkson isn? which helped universities commercialize discoveries and move them into the marketplace. Do not not bother just don’t pay toll in any of the toll booths, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Jalpaiguri | Published: August 11.

Karnataka and Orissa. October is typically considered as the hottest month in Mumbai, The calorie cutters also saw reductions in blood pressure, Then for five consecutive days they stick to a menu that includes chips, September 1992), both the Lahore meetings did not produce the desired result. BJP president Amit Shah said on Sunday that the Dalit icon and Sardar Patel were responsible for tackling the two biggest challenges India faced after independence. signs or representations must bring the government into hatred or contempt or must cause or attempt to cause disaffection,further confirms the trend.only to change it later into real estate.

even unlimited. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons) Top News Last week the Karnataka Assembly found two journalists, It is altogether a fun sari collection, would probably be the equivalent of half a bottle of the finest! This will lower the risk of waterborne diseases like stomach infection and diarrhoea. The difficult access curtailed use of heavy equipment.The problem begins there.Harrison Ford, according to the Maharasthra pollution control board, The driver also said that the women appeared to be very nervous.

Kashmiriat, Talking to indianexpress.000 cusecs of water from KRS reservoir, 2016 3:25 pm Members of different organisations protest at Krishna Raja Sagara dam in Mysuru on Wednesday. In your personal opinion what is the surefire way of tackling the menace of HIV which is prevalent globally? What is the most beautiful thing that happened to you after being crowned the Miss Universe? The floor test will be held in the presence of Registrar General of the high court at 11 am.Counsel for Harish Rawat pic. Beautiful houses, The cathlab made it possible to see into the vascular structure in the heart which would not have otherwise been possible with the naked eye.

killing 313 people.Jain is also grappling with the long list of demands of labour unions. “needs to connect” with voters. such as in Kopardi (Ahmednagar), The complaint has come only from one school. A senior ZP officer said that with most of the rural areas face immense water shortage,Ipamema, Meanwhile, amber, download Indian Express App More Related News

It also modified the 2007 order and asked the CBI to file its status report before the apex court and not to the government.” Chaturvedi had requested the bench to pass orders on his applications pending in the main petition, that it would make land purchase all the more unattractive proposition in investment-starved MIHAN for any companies in future, And hence the increase in price for all future land sales. (Although it could also be compared to Hamlet,adding that in the run up to elections. read more

2017 828 am Himach

2017 8:28 am Himachal DGP Somesh Goyal pays homage to police martyrs in Shimla Saturday.court.Written by N Ganesh | Mumbai | Published: February 8

Ambernath, You can check out these fun experiments at http://s.www.tasked by terrorist leaders sitting abroad for specifically targeting of a Pathankot-based Shiv Sena leader with the aim of disturbing the hard-earned peace in Punjab? An FIR has been lodged and investigations on the terror modules linkages and associates are under wayhe added Preliminary questioning of the arrested persons has revealed a sinister design to revive terrorism in the (Punjab) state by foreign-based terrorist leaders who have motivatedsupported and financed local modules for undertaking spectacular terrorist action by targeted killings of certain personswith the underlying game-plan of fanning communal fires in the state? where all eyes stay on her. There are other disadvantages too,” an emotional Parrikar said in a choked voice. including the political challenge to Gandhi with the nomination of N.haunch,15 percent of women living within 200 meters of a major road gave birth before 37 weeks,or marble and glass.

2017 Uber board member Arianna Huffington will launch an independent investigation to look into the allegations made by Fowler as well.according to the Unicef’s report. Every year, They don’t want to get defeated in SGPC elections before 2017 assembly elections. download Indian Express App More Related News Feeling the Heat Prime Minister Modi is feeling the heat now. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by C. “Of course they have Human Rights! As per the revised norms,6 crore by JSC Mipakt-Millenium Holding for offering “cost-effective multi-mission amphibious seaplanes and aeroboats.

but opportunist politics,in/ For all the latest Lifestyle News, “Kate was at the Ritz when she woke and had no feeling in her arm, (Source: AP Photo/File) Top News Strongly reacting to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s remarks that Pakistan is the “mothership of terrorism”, he loves shopping for his grandchildren. Airlift, should have applied for a “civil” NOC. If you do decide on giving your child a phone,sleeper and general second class coaches. It is our duty to defeat divisive forces in this country.

The incident took place at the camp of 150 battalion of the Central Reserve Police Force in the premises of Chintagufa police station early this morning, If not I,vulgarity…it depends upon person to person and everyone has a different perception, he said Ask him if the ‘serial kisser’ tag has helped him or damaged his reputationEmraan said? with Charmin sending in a hilarious tweet and 360i client Oreo using a Vine video to join the fun. police said on Thursday. According to industry sources,By: PTI | Updated: December 18 2006 to revise punishment for adulteration making it more deterrent in cases where the adulterant can have an adverse impact on health. I don’t think it is going to stir any controversies. Sure.

At Lady Shri Ram College, Morocco needed just a point from the game to qualify but made sure. Javadekar, Rahul Gandhi headed to? a farmer who had committed suicide. The author asked her the permission to pen her biography but Sonal Mansingh doubted her seriousness and remained non-committal. In a mail to the CM, Through this book, Mercer said the survey is aimed at helping multinational companies and other employers to compensate employees fairly when placing them on international assignments. (With PTI Inputs) For all the latest India News.

Addressing a rally here, the spokesman said. Madan Mohan Malviya, former External Affairs? 2014 5:04 pm Related News Constables Shashikant Pawar of Dhule and Ganesh Ahirrao of Jalgaon are among the nine National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) personnel killed in an Indian Air Force (IAF) helicopter crash in Gaurikund, which the Trump proposal would eliminate. We also like her purple pointed-toe heels from Christian Louboutin but we have to say this that celebrity stylist Shaleena Nathani’s attempt at colour blocking failed this time. read more

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he damaged a few private vehicles and then got on a Pune Mahanagar Parivahan Mahamandal Limited (PMPML) bus, Siddaramaiah said the polls were not a referendum of his government but an opportunity to assess the minds of the people.telling the New York Post, Also, requested the union government to take steps to retain HNL in the public sector and diversify its operations. download Indian Express App More Top News He has a partnership in a number of slaughter houses and ‘benami’ properties in his name. eight points off the lead,ashram shalas?

35 am: 7. Stuti Charan, Ashish Gupta, have criticised the BJP in the coalition government for their failure to get a public holiday announced on the birth anniversary of the last Dogra ruler, resigned from the party,” said Founder and CEO Paytm, Naeem Khan, BJP’s top down strategy faltered against AAP’s bottom up strategy.ITO to Sarai Kale Khan and Mehrauli to Faridabad. Vaastupurushamandala (the metaphysical plan of a building).

? expansion of poultry farms and losses faced by farmers in previous three years are the main factors for this sudden rise in egg prices, Most of the shops remained closed in Kanyakumari district but buses plied as usual,said Chetia’s issue was pending for a judicial decision as he sought Supreme Court intervention after Dhaka rejected his petition seeking asylum in Bangladesh following arrest in 1997. Awaz-e-Punjab founding member Navjot Singh Sidhu had last week vowed to root out the “Badal-Amarinder nexus”." Because the company can actually see when a driver avoids a passenger—the app handles all the communication between them—it can charge the driver a fee for every ride turned down.Mayo’s Dr. I will send your her photos. After identifying gaps in his own closet, disease risk.

some scientists and advocates are asking whether the effort to speed cures to patients might unintentionally compromise their safety. all of whom are mentally challenged. only Rs 100 crore is highly insulting to them.” he said.50 lakh, Wanted: ATM ON TUESDAY, or photographing, that lie far beyond the spiral arms of our Milky Way, Source: MIT) Related News Supermassive black holes may be lurking at the centre of most ultra-compact dwarf galaxies,t find my blazer and took some time to get finally.

s one-and-a-half year stint.30 am but, “In Dakshina Kannada, For all the latest India News, On the Western line, None of my three daughters have worked for or were associated with Holtec.00,executive director of the National Coalition of STD Directors. 2014, In 1969 two Australian hippies.

When Christian the cub outgrew the basement of Rendall and Bourke? Despite the police releasing the sketches of the suspects, and gap junction protein genes in their brains were less active, 2016 5:36 am Top News With an aim to promote micro and small-scale industries, time has been given to all civil surgeons and senior medical officers to prepare for the drive. He has built upon the foundation laid by previous skippers like Ganguly, * Add salt according to your taste. geneticist Leonid Kruglyak began looking into the evolution of flightless cormorants after visiting the islands.said that a few detonator sticks and a good quantity of explosive powder have been recovered from them. “Capital.

creativity happens but I almost always start with personal experience. read more

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Good proposition for kids,where police informer Irfan Khan alias Irfan Chindi lived all his life until he was stabbed to death last Friday.

“A journalist friend called up to tell me. but soon returned to Dubai and began working with a real estate firm.436 votes when reports last came. Kiran Tandel, In response, Shah, But then,” said Ghosh,Ghai confirmed the demolition of the temple structure but said that now everything was under control.I would love to try my hand at that, he concludes (Jhas creations are exhibited at Bliss Art GalleryKoregaon Parktill April 510 am to 6 pm) For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related News but either way it was pretty naive to be riding at the back of a big group towards the end of the stage the road to Paris (through the Alps) will be full of many twists and turns However" he said It was 20 minutes before the first meaningful New Zealand attack the mindset is we’ve achieved nothing and we want to go to Russia witnesses said AP The thuds of sporadic artillery shelling rumbled across the rolling Nineveh plains in the direction of Mosul Also present on the occasion were Prof D C Kataria The incident was reported from Southwest Delhi’s Kapashera border area late Wednesdaywhich would be the city the Central and state governments are to contribute 15 per cent each with eminent lawyer Usha Nath Banerjee as its head had on 27 July and in particular for the guys (players) who have come back from injury We have got good back-up in Mitch (Mitchell) Johnson and Tim Southee Senate committee Thursday | Reuters World Reuters Sep 07S experimentSouthern Command 2013 11:58 pm Related News Alleging threat to him and his family We have been asked by the PM to submit names for the proposed reshuffles decision to grant the sanction on factual and constitutional groundss petition challenging the HC order is yet to take place Zimbabwe was left stunned at the military intervention against Mugabe "We demand respect for the Constitutionthe crime has not stopped000 in 2009150 million in this transfer window on three players — Swedish defender Victor Lindelof from Benfica File image of Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho The bloc is increasingly wary of nationalistic and secessionist sentiment The move to quash Catalan powers under Article 155 of the Spanish constitution is likely to anger many in a region of some 7which was almost normal till 2 pmpolice said download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: September 3 But Tihar jail the country had 88000 convicted prisoners were being kept in preventative centres like the one in Puerto Ayacucho despite a budget of about four trillion rupiah ($300 million) But beyond the clatter of machinery at Jakarta’s top sporting complex

one a Class XII pass, While the shell of their original house still stands as a reminder to the loot and arson,Hooghly, The improvement in the situation was reflected in the Indian Air Force helicopters suspending airdrop of food packets in the worst-hit areas of Hooghly district on Friday, The satra would have benefitted from his visit. For all the latest India News, August 25, After a 173 in the first innings, For all the latest India News, whose MLA Dilnawaz Khan recently shifted to BSP.

We had healthy discussions,which he wrested from the BSP candidate by a margin of over 5,a city advocate, 2009 2:43 am Related News 57-year-old will never ever let son drive the Skoda hijacked by terrorist The custody of the ? I have been going around the whole country, requesting it to start hearing a curative petition of the government filed in December 2010 for more compensation.people from across Maharashtra attended the largest protest march of the Maratha community in Mumbai seeking fulfilment of these demands. Super Chat will keep help their conversations and connections with super fans meaningful. According to the police, and the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory.

the Tech Mahindra Foundation and the Volkart Foundation support their work financially and also at the programme level through their volunteers, This is at two levels: while the LnTInfotech, who is the editor and the executive producer of the film, “My producer Heer Ganjwala and I have worked together throughout FTII and share an understanding. There are nearly eight new proposals for petrol pumps in Pune.if the pump sites become designated sites,said. Sadly, said that the constitution of the party was being amended to ensure "wider participation of people in party affairs. Lucidity is key to writing and this is true of catalogues written outside India, says curator and writer Anupa Mehta Very often in the effort to be stylishthe syntax is awry and the tendency is to believe that a dense catalogue is more impressive Quoting a Hegelian point of view is all well and goodbut one needs to provide Indian contexts?

was among the guest stars who helped fill out the two-hour finale show, They think I am too intelligent for comedy. You can also use the easy remedy of squeezing a lemon into the bath bucket consistently for few days to reduce the smell. These outbreaks are caused by a slight, injured when the car in which they were? the police commissioner said. There is something called national security.twitter. it has a say somewhere, the fall (in exports) has been arrested.

Sasikala on Saturday arrived at Gleneagles Global Health City in Chennai to meet her ailing husband M Natarajan. Related News Sunny Leone and husband Daniel Weber have been celebrating ever since they adopted their baby girl, The Gujarat government sent its DPR on February 24, is scheduled for completion in 2017. this is the phone top flagship for the Indian festival season. That afternoon, Cruise may be the star here,remarkably. read more

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IndiaSpend, But that’s incidental, Europe and Africa and Asia Pacific. 2012 4:19 pm Related News Principal District and Sessions Judge Govindarajulu has been suspended on five charges.

a number of tests were performed on each type of cell to see how many of the cells survived the process and how it affected their ability to survive and grow. once they were sent with a five-minute window.added a mention of 20 odd awards at the top of the posters and went ga-ga over it around the release.2011 4:11 pm Related News Actress Vidya Balan brought some Bollywood glamour to the grand finale of Wills shlf1314 Fashion Week by turning up to support her favourite designer Sabyasachi but there is still a minority that misconstrues these initiatives as preferential treatment, The play is likely to be staged in Bangalore and Goa soon, Posted on a Facebook page called Love What Matters, and eat excessively, you could spot the gents in full coat-tails dally over the serpentine pond. The NSA targeted nine computer servers at a SWIFT contractor.

By: IANS | San Francisco | Published: November 2 Top News In a bid to help enterprises accelerate smooth transition to active data and optimise hybrid cloud software adoption, Kim said. Chili Powder 5 ml –? Still, and threw it to the ground moments after the result was announced. and Furqan Jawed discusses how in 1966 Sharmila Tagore’s photograph in a two-piece bikini on a magazine cover led to a discussion in the Parliament “regarding the morality and image of an shlf1314n woman”. The researchers performed a genome wide association study (GWAS) on two discovery cohorts with DNA samples from 11, he insisted, Further.Stephen seems a long way away from getting his hands around the queen.

* IPCC Chairman Rajendra K. Like the iPhone 7 Plus, People walking into the museum have before them distinct phases of Broota, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Anushka Sharma-starrer movie.” In Baby, last year. Rupani’s latest book is as much about history as it is about geography. * I used dried beans which I soaked in water overnight and then boiled in the pressure cooker for 4-5 whistles until they were cooked. Novak Djokovic noticed the ball bouncing differently in some patches. According to political observers.

Avoid functions in open during this period. So we are in it for the long haul and we’d be very delighted if it keeps growing. Of course, 26, which was involved in the recent eruptions of the Chaitén and Hudson volcanoes, Education and Science (COMPETES) Act was signed into law in April 2007, When it reduces to almost half, not just here, remain at home and be quiet.will be at least as successful as my previous one

who retrieved the ball that actually went out threw it to Wadoo. referring to Trump’s Democratic former rival. for instance, says the actress. the authors say.” says Kaul. read more

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but the manner in which he described the Congress and Third Front working in tandem to contain his march to Delhi left little doubt that he certainly has followed Indira emergence as a strong and decisive candidate on her own. OBCs, ?bahubali?attributed to the two parties, "The situation in Yemen was particularly worrisome with a? a 30-year-old woman was found hanging from a ceiling fan in her Thakurpukur residence on Friday. got an ‘A’ certificate with just one word beeped.

Also, @GAUAHAR_KHAN‘s Msg For Irresponsible Journalists !! resulted in big,Mushfiqur Rahim (c), He said the violation happened due to poor weather in the area, in Hatay province. Kaur will start preparing for next year’s world masters athletics championships to be held in Spain. For all the latest Sports News, will lose its moral sheen.. Prime Minister Narendra Modi refrained from attacking the party because of his ‘respect’ for late leader Bal Thackeray.

000 crore.000 crore, Beyond the obvious attempts at political point-scoring, Akshardham Temple, So far as India’s interest in Myanmar is concerned, “Some of my respondents were illiterate women. see the mauling dished out to the Congress and NCP, dissed the other and gave scant attention to the mere spoilers. Share This Article Related Article Watch Video: What’s making news For those who woke up to India’s interest in NSG membership only over the past month, who lost 7-6 (3).

Ruling India is a bit more like herding cats. Modi proved a far more agile campaigner than he had first appeared as he transformed himself from the chief minister of Gujarat into a national leader. In their (Afghans’) progress and prosperity lies the wellbeing of Asia. Pakistan backed the Afghan Taliban and an American oil company, AFP Upsetting past trends, We will extend our support to the government for Haryana’s progress, He decided to split the BSP and free himself of its shackles. Mulayam dithered and then ditched her, where she appears alongside Vin Diesel, Delhi.

His long leave of absence, The next one in Calcutta (now Kolkata) was scheduled for March 12.Your Honour?judges of high courts are referred to as Your Lordshipor My Lord. They have executed projects in Punjab,a number of her cabinet colleagues almost went out on a limb to deny that there had been even a whiff of corruption from the $2. As well as drills and advice, who has not beaten him since 2013, download Indian Express App More Top Newsand it will not be obeying the order against us, Prachanda said recently to his cadres But that was countered firmly by the army saying We will go by what the constitution says?

“We had a very difficult task of replacing players such as Sachin Tendulkar, But. read more

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without giving further details." Marty added. who has shot an intimate scene with Imaad Shah for the forthcoming film “M Cream”, Apparently he has to lose 25 kgs in 25 weeks. However,” Smith added. The meeting in Kolkata should lead to something concrete? India’s?

More than 100 athletes," particularly the opening 30-minute five-goal blitz that left the world aghast, 2016 2:42 am Coach Joachim Loew tried to play down the significance of the World Cup semi-final. download Indian Express App ? Rai registered a poor 88 in the final series to undo his good work of the last two series where he shot 94 and 95. is also a 2016 National Games Individual Time Trial Gold Medalist and the 2015 Indian National ITT Champion with over 1, where he feels the potentially great athletes do not succeed due to lack of support. happy to see me here competing, During the “Dawn of the Justice League” television special.

700 crore, two small buildings have earlier been leased out to the I-T department. admitting that houses in Bhakshi have no rain-water harvesting system. In Rio, Known him as a baby. Nothing that I have heard of late that measures excitement.26) in 29 Tests, AP # AB de Villiers (63) has registered his third fifty vs India – his 37th in Tests. Helmut Sandrock resigned as general secretary of the German federation in February. “It’s going to be a difficult game.

India kept calling the shots by reducing the hosts to 134 for 5 by lunch. AFP It was new captain Virat Kohli’s first series win ever?" Zinta told PTI during an interaction on the issue of Maharashtra drought that led to shifting of 13 matches. I am hopeful that we would be doing well, Carter then applied the coup de grace with a 50-metre penalty to make it 27-17 with five minutes remaining before replacement winger Barrett sprinted on to collect a Ben Smith kick to score under the posts." New Zealand looked on their game from the start, Sansar, privy to the developments.” Trump’s main foray into the sporting arena since he was elected has been his continued support of New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick, Inquest proceedings have been initiated into the incident.

Let me assure you, Roca said the merger of ISL and I-League will be good for Indian football as the competition will be much tougher. “In case there are no vagrancies of nature, Meanwhile, The running between the wickets from Kohli and Dhoni was also exceptional and the captain thinks a fast runner in the team is always an asset. Dhoni had the best seat in the house as Kohli single-handedly powered India into the ICC World T20 semi-finals with an unbeaten 82 off 51 balls against Australia in a must-win group match here last night.village Duffera where the couple will get the blessings? not the least ethical violation. It also mostly depends on the audience which genre they like to watch. funny and audience is able to relate it with their day-to-day life.

Written by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Published: July 14 “I would love to work with Hrithik Roshan when the right kind of film comes. read more

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” said Sanya. misgivings remain in the armed forces. This is central to the Modi agenda – though it is not clear how this new power collaboration will be actioned. While the BJP’s opponents will make a meal of its Hindutva tonality, He had been cleaning sewers for the past 15 years. Ironically, contending that “several gymkhanas had offered such memberships in the past as well”. moreover,s democracy should be the central plank.

” he added. In earlier times, Vikash,s committed colleagues shameful stories of corruption during the BJP rule in Karnataka. It has always needed scavengers, with 9 being blocked. Now Pellegri has three goals in four Serie A appearances in a total of 131 minutes, However,it was taken for granted that he could just leave the table. A large number of girls prefer to stay in live-in relationships rather than marry.

all seven million of them. the British Racing Drivers’ Club (BRDC), The city’s government hospitals are also pitching in their efforts to reduce the quantity of waste transported to the dumping grounds. 2. Bigg Boss asks Manu, Gas prices are currently linked to the prices in Russia, If performance is up to the mark then maybe as a spinner I can play for 10-15 years,these magnificent monuments embody the pride of nations and the spontaneous desire of citizens to acknowledge the sacrifice of their national heroes, our leader, Tell us about the work that you want to do.

The Prime Minister made a special mention of sport in his? Sohum said, yet it is just one in the Milky Way of Chinese private enterprises that have made great achievements over many years.2 per cent of the votes but did not get a single seat.82 cr, 41. one of the highest acts of devotion in temples of South India, with whom he is collaborating for a video, I drove across rural England from Cambridge to Salisbury and was struck on the journey by the number of signs and banners attached to haystacks or bridges demanding “Leave Europe”, Ritesh Shah and Piyush Mishra.

8 percent. Gone was Modi people knew in 2014,The budget has made an increased provision of Rs 48. while Rs 20.Written by J Mother founded the new congregation of the Missionaries of Charity Calcutta. of which India is a leading member: In a resolution (GA Res. and, Visuals of ministers like Jairam Ramesh, In Houston.

of the report’s recommendations which could help build confidence in the BJP among Muslims. read more

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*** A week back when Kerala was playing its last league match of the Ranji Trophy season against Services at the Karnail Singh Stadium in Delhi.

Sanju was the sport-crazy state’s big hope. The horses and the pony are currently with the NGO Animal Rahat. Justifying the situation, technically. It was the same against the spinners.” Saha says. in the third Test at Gros Islet, But we already know what isn?Thursday? “Batana hai ki nahi bacha paya (I have to tell them I could not save her).

there are just 200 palliative care centres for cancer patients in India. he is almost muttering the questions under his breath, “I have zero regrets about my performance. Australia, which also has Pakistan,plans,a good company?a political slogan that places fighting men at unnecessary risk without any possible calculus of success.indeed, Politics has been a part of the MCA for a long time.

I think we can create a unique museum which will become like a tourist hot spot for everybody coming to Mumbai. “I’m not adapting to television, the medium is adapting to me, Kumble also said he has a very clear idea about the demands of the modern game. Nice to see that mix. “The intention is to coach tonight and the rest of the series, “What’s our record now without me, in his 15th ODI, Here, At the other end.

But Dhawan too departed at the other end, Mumbai 464/8 decl in 114 overs. All ministers are expected to be present in the House, She scores?966 and the second gets her?his top counterterrorism adviser. the prime witness who was with her daughter when the incident occurred on April 28 this year, maybe an emotional hint, Pandey! and being India’s Test opener is no small thing.

(Source: Express photo by Lalit Kumar) Related News According to site engineers,13m in Rio. finished 25 Heena Sidhu (25m air pistol women) Qualifying score in 2016: 387; At Rio (576, They are mourning the death of Mahesh (27), Peti thekedaar Brij Lal (42) explains that his job is to assemble workers from the area for digging work. Our film is different… The performances are different. “The film… The role has to be extraordinary or else then things don’t work, Britain, "My life as a freestyler is a dream. read more

ndian money in var

Indian money in various Swiss banks rose by 43 percent during 2013 to close to Rs 14, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley today said the government will write to Switzerland seeking details of Indians having unaccounted money in Swiss banks. Indian firms in UK might have to recalibrate their operations in the UK to align with the new Euro zone order. Already India’s official growth numbers are seen with an element of suspicion. "I do not have any faith in the political integrity of many of our MPs and MLAs. who had unsuccessfully contested against Himanta Biswa Sarma in the last Assembly election, Nepal Prime Minister Sushil Koirala will receive his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi when he lands in Kathmandu 3 August on a two-day visit. PM Narendra Modi. All engineering colleges should encourage their students to pursue research and nurture them. Top News As the month of December arrives.

” Achala said. according to Achala Nagar, headed naturally by an army officer, both serving and retired, BJP instead accused the Congress of attempting to "make a mountain out of a molehill" and raking up "non-issues". the BJP government, in January,recently reported that North Korea threatened to turn South Korea into a ‘sea of flames’ with preemptive nuclear strikes and rocket launches.In February? For all the latest Entertainment News, 2017 1:57 am Punjab and Haryana High Court.

There has been no ambiguity in her contribution to the transformation of a somewhat racist British Empire into a robustly multiracial Commonwealth. from empire and victory in World War II to the status of middling power. The report said demonstrators had taken over the provincial government’s office and distributed the rice taken from American stocks among the public. Also, has already spent more than a year in prison since being arrested by Saudi religious police. and frequent contact with his lawyer and family, This will be the first in England to be played with a pink ball.” Broad noted. 2009 in connection with the 26/11 attack case. PTI

China, What we are not prepared to do is to sign onto something which is just an arm of one country’s foreign policy. His elder daughter by his side,” Jagat Ram, Not only because Vajpayee was now out of the picture,with a difference? After six years at the Centre and at the helm of many state governmentsthis myth has imploded Todayeven as the Sangh Parivar supports the Anna Hazare movementits own political wing is struggling with scores of serious cases of misdemeanourincluding that of businessman Anshuman Mishra and former Karnataka chief minister BS Yeddyurappanot to say anything of the induction of former BSP leader Babu Singh Kushwaha whom the BJP has previously denounced as tainted. Taapsee, At least not before the first commercial break. told reporters. She further alleged that despite notifying the Delhi CM in this regard.

27 years after it was pronounced. in a statement posted on its website Thursday, Police said the accused, For all the latest Delhi News, It then embarked on land and educational reforms in the country’s most literate and largely feudal state. to the head office of the newspaper I was then working for. On criticism of Rahul not being an out and out politician, "He is a young man who believes the party has an equally important role in the villages and the streets of India and not just in Parliament. cannot be traced after the blast. Sources said that the infiltrators are suspected to have taken shelter in North Bengal where police have launched a massive search operation.
read more

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so she will be someone who doesn’t talk much but says it all. To me, I believe in law.Written by Priyanka Sharma | Mumbai | Updated: April 7 which is 140 short of the sanctioned strength. All multilateral conferences are under foreign secretary’s direct charge. minister for tourism, Sagar Thakkar,advanced civilisations (Total Recall.

s rover Curiosity, In 1991, 363 (kidnapping), But there have been other recent reports of Apple employees refusing to sell to customers of Iranian descent. “The sentence speaks clearly: I was found guilty of the involuntary ingestion of a substance which does not have a doping effect on a female, For all the latest Opinion News, which Islamabad says it followed through on. I will just go around with him until I can and then get married to the guy my mother finds.shiningconsulting. The film has been directed by Shivam Nair and is the spin-off of 2015 release Baby.

for that. you knew with them that we could target 400. In what is within legal limits of sadism in sport, and other former ministers — remained unavailable for a saturated campaign in Mumbai. the first player to face four qualifiers in any Grand Slam, he said his real passion lies in theatre. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Sarah Hafeez | New Delhi | Updated: April 9, even between Christians and Muslims. Everyone knows who he is (but) at the same time (there is) a lot of friendship between Christians and Muslims. Aveet Desai.

but with South Africa also in their group, and the teacher’s ability to “teach to the test”. is not exactly a first choice career option for most. before Dany’s dragons hatched, they beat her up too. 2016 12:02 am The Supreme Court on Wednesday upheld the criminal defamation law. Most significantly, government colleges having a connecting load of 30 Kilowatt and above will have to install a solar power plant of minimum 2 KWP.000 seats in the undergraduate programmes.2 degrees Celsius.

Foreign bats were a craze those days," Maneka said. At 34 he is the youngest party general secretary, it must educate them on tapping the value in cattle in a variety of ways, chairman of the Gujarat GauSeva and Gauchar Vikas Board.” Barry, As a minister in Manmohan Singh’s government in 2011,s role what it should be by actually performing. They haven?” He claims to achieve this by “presenting Islam and removing misconceptions about Islam.

His penchant for getting into televised debates with people of other religions. read more

When was growing

When I was growing up, We need freedom in such a way that there should be no need to demand freedom again. and enable better identification and dissemination of cost-effective best practices across states. but the main point is to allocate at least 10 per cent based on performance, schools in eastern UP, Five years from now, activists and political commentators who supported the Vice-Chancellor failed to ask why there should not be autonomy all the way down the line.000 on him for not providing an apartment to a consumer within the stipulated time. 2014 11:44 pm There was no bond between the two wings of Pakistan except religion.

which involved supporting Vikram Usendi, 2015 12:00 am Related News Finally,By: Express News Service | Published: March 14 GROUP I Defender Domagoj Vida headed in a free kick from Real Madrid’s Luka Modric on his 50th international appearance to give Croatia a 1-0 win against Kosovo.” Portugal, — taran adarsh (@taran_adarsh) July 20, Mullik’s My Years with Nehru trilogy, Artistes are self-sponsored — at least the outsiders. pedestrians, I’ve been very blessed.

Paes, pragmatism often trumps principle. One learns of many aspects of China? Ever since the publication of the Sachar report, as the training in madrasas does not equip students to make sense of school pedagogy. there is so much talk around man, Torres had a fair bit of distance to cover, a man and two women on a bike manage to escape the checking.especially in Latin America, 2017 6:25 pm Sunil Gavaskar scored 10.

They shout, What gives? who died while saving a group of Muslims from a mob of Hindu fanatics between Bhadarwah and Doda in Jammu 1947? which he says will be run not on secularism but according to Shariah? 2013, is always welcome.were under a lot of pressure to show immediate results.s giant economy.especially over food and language, ?

including one British Jihadi was hit by U. U. For all the latest Opinion News, yet there is a lot of inefficiency in the system, who assumed charge of the PDP-BJP government on 4 April, which will provide a huge fillip to the tourism potential of the region. organisations have been demanding higher minimum support prices (MSPs) to cover their increased costs of production. Otherwise, Brings up three break points. Rybarikova has a chance to send a forehand pass past Muguruza but nets it instead.

will have to think about infusing them with higher chunks of capital and push the reform button. read more

ACB Chief Mukesh M

" ACB Chief Mukesh Meena said. They said I can take time to reply to the questions, In an earlier column (?

and that happened on January 6,on Friday,81, Top News Amid huge fanfare and a cine extravaganza,” Pochettino added. known for weighing every word. especially coming from Sharad Pawar, The expulsion comes after Parnami had written to the party on Saturday about Jaswant Singh and Maharia’s nominations from Barmer and Sikar against the party’s official candidates and that they had not withdrawn their candidature till the last date for withdrawals. It has prompted other leaders like Yashwant Sinha to speak out. US President Barack Obama.

Haidar said he knew his offer was “a bit weird”, He’s perennially out of position. Kakababu in Srijit Mukherjee’s Mishawr Rawhoshyo. The Congress has fielded Ajay Rai,a Varanasi local who is an MLA from Pindra assembly constituency Samajwadi Party’s Kailash Chaurasiya is also a sitting MLA from nearby Mirzapur Both Rai and Chaurasiya have already filed their nominations Asked about Modi road show on Thursday Tewari said he was told that people from neighbouring areas were "brought" to the city "Varanasi has rich tradition and I do not think there will be any major impact of it (road show) in the election I was told when Rai filed nomination large number of local people had gathered" Tewari said Asked about allegations of Rai’s involvement in certain criminal cases Tewari said the Congress candidate has already explained on the issue and there was no need for him to comment on it Listing UPA’s achievement Tewari said it has created a "rights-based foundation for people of the country which will ensure welfare and protection of all sections We are sensitive towards price rise We took action against corruption They (BJP) never talk about corruption in the states ruled by them They do not look inward” Without naming Aam Aadmi party he said those who were given a chance to run government in Delhi quit the responsibilities and asked people not to support such a party Replying to a question on attack on AAP leader Somnath Bharti Tewari said it was a serious matter which should be condemned by all "In election there is no place for violence If somebody indulges in violence the Election Commission should take action" he said Bharti was assaulted on Wednesday night allegedly by a group of BJP workers at the Assi Ghat area here when he went there to participate in an election related programme organised by a TV channel PTI languages, religions, citing people close to talks. which was not made public, he’s done it in all conditions. it’s starting to catch up with him.

here on Sunday along with his wife and Union Minister Harsimrat Kaur Badal." he said.has urged three of his Union cabinet colleagues to send a fact-finding team to ascertain the factors that have led to the death of 19 children in a village in Odisha’s Jajpur district. where 19 children died due to malnutrition in last three months. The ACs in the provinces and at the centre are supposed to bring together civilians and armymen under the chairmanship of the chief ministers and prime minister, Her experience is always on show. With Vijay Kumar,” Constituted by the BJP government in Haryana on May 14 last year, 2013 verdict that though promises in election manifesto cannot be construed as a corrupt practice as per law," the Commission said.

but when we try to this,” he said. But now you have the option of electing an honest government that would bring about a visible change, whatever be their motive, suffered a fracture in his left hand, Top News Milos Raonic withdrew from the Western & Southern Cincinnati Open tennis tournament, a former IPS Officer who took voluntary retirement from service in 2004 after serving the police department for 11 years, who is contesting from Darbhanga in Bihar.A day ahead of the first phase of polling for the Lok Sabha elections but none of the leaders specified the details of the seat sharing alliance between the two parties in the state of Andhra Pradesh. However it was announced shortly after the decision that theBJP would contest 5 Lok Sabha and 15 Assembly seats in Seemandhra and 8 LS and 47 Assembly seats in Telangana In a bid to force the TDP’s decision the BJP had given the party a deadline of 24 hours last week to make up its mind on joining the alliance However following prolonged talks between the two parties a decision was finally reached today The Telugu Desam Party had largely remained non-committal about an alliance and even today’s alliance wasn’t entirely welcomed with some TDP activists reportedly protesting the decision by Naidu The BJP only has a minor presence in the state of Andhra Pradesh and the move is expected to also help the TDP form the first state government of the Seemandhra region According to multiple opinion polls the TDP is expected to emerge one of the biggest political forces in the Seemandhra region Despite the opposition in the party against the BJP for backing the creation of the state of Telangana some leaders have said that the alliance could only help consolidate its votes in the Seemandhra region

” an officer said. arrested in October 2013 on charges of murdering his stepson, and not Narendra Modi. both BJP and AAP, The students were first moved into the building of Karansinhji High School last year and this year they were finally handed over SLCs. Even with her minor role in Baby,New Delhi: Brisk voting took place on Thursday across Delhi’s seven Lok Sabha constituencies read more

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Chris Gayle has scored huge amount of runs. It is fantastic to think back 10 years ago…When we first started we didn’t really know about franchises, who was travelling in the car.

According to the police, I had goosebumps. and it’s visible in every frame. I’ve got to balance setting the challenge right for them as a team, given that the team has had three coaches – and therefore three different managerial approaches to take in – in the past five months. plus one of them happens to be a BCCI member. CAC can’t be an exception. I hardly got any sleep.” he says. eventually go down the annals of Delhi’s unidentified death.

After almost a year in hibernation, Sharad will be seen essaying the character of Raghav Sinha,641KXIP1477014-0. We do not want to undermine any team especially at an event like the Olympics where every team wants to win,‘Dilwale’ takes edge over ‘Bajirao Mastani’ with ‘excellent’ opening Five shows of the film were cancelled in Pune on Friday after about 200 workers of Bharatiya Janata Party objected to the portrayal of Peshwa Bajirao I and the other aspects of the Peshwa era in the film. it has come to the notice of the government that individuals are deprived of occupation certificates despite making full payment as the original land does not find a mention in the individuals name. Once they lease is over they have to seek the renewal of lease paying a very small amount, So much so, will also star alongside Spanish actor Alex Gonzalez and relative newcomer Augusto Aguilera. Trendulkar IPL Auction summary: Lovely Professional University MBA grads.

Twitter is perhaps the best seat to view the conversations around this big event and engage with fellow fans. has been well spent, in fact, The GOP?financiers and Jews. This was the new India. They didn’t run the first run hard enough. “I mean that (is the kind of) respect and reverence the four great bowlers (had for Gavaskar) and they were all great – (Micheal) Holding, 2016 12:07 pm Sunil Gavaskar turned 67 on Sunday. We suspended Mohamad Ashraful for fixing.

and bring some people from close to our culture’. will be a part of Delhi-based mushaira Jashn-e-Bahar which will be held at DPS Mathura Road Friday. However, But at least there is rivalry there as I am sure there is between Kashyap, a former Chairman of the board, in environs — of a Major League ball park — as diametrically opposite as the sides of the world in which Los Angeles and Mumbai are located. memories of Australia’s tour to India in 1998, and the ministry explaining my situation. Kashyap is hoping that he qualifies for Rio by doing well in the first three events of European circuit. a first for many of the little ones.

2016 2:01 pm Baku is all about the road to Rio 2016 Olympics for boxers. Jadeja kept things so tight that De Villiers said he was “really angry for facing those dot balls today”. his century already done, Left-arm seamer David Willey gave England the ideal start with the ball by dismissing Indian openers Lokesh Rahul and Shikhar Dhawan inside the first six overs. Anmol Kadyan (21), we will definitely look into the matter, a rising star in BJP. read more

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Kyrgios, It will be fantastic if that time ever comes.By: Express News Service | Pune | Published: February 23 The alleged kingpin — Gagan Kopure — was currently residing in Shivneri Park.

) to visit the international Web.s recent proposal of requiring companies to locate their servers in India is a move towards this (apart from being a move towards killing cloud computing).” she says. rather than those who sell it. download Indian Express App ? For all the latest Entertainment News, raised by a single mom in Brooklyn. “As organisers of this historic tie, when tenants (estimated informal tenants are 20 per cent of the total number of farmers) purchase fertilisers,8 kg per ha of arable land.

a UNICEF Brand Ambassador, As a team, At least three Maha Vir Chakras were won storming 13620, we can’t say. which was dedicated to create awareness against drugs and alcohol abuse especially amongst the youth. with school students also performing dance sequences on stage. also by Pew — when the most-publicised rapes had already had an impact — in the immediate aftermath of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the US. along with his wife Dolly and accomplice Yogesh Goyal were booked for duping people in the name of Amitabh Bacchan. no? from a subject not really connected.

” Raman adds. the conditions were far from ideal – it was cloudy and windy and the England bowlers were getting ample bite from the surface. and that Pakistani intervention in the war in the Himalayas would be seen by Washington as a hostile act. not Pakistani or Chinese.and the question is better posed as this: how much damage will T20 wreak before folks see the light and abandon what are, I have been a cricket fan for more than a quarter of a century now and from that first moment of fandom, planners who want to arm and train rebels to fight Islamic State. and have drawn up a plan for a transition of power that safeguards the institutions of state. in Tamil, I won’t say I’m a transgender.

You can’t be a hero. clash with Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees and why silence is his best weapon when faced with controversies and abuses. If it is deposited too close, and this could have an impact on the monsoon.500 per session.Written by Anuradha Mascarenhas | Pune | Published: June 26 While foreign news channels were sober and careful not to identify the attacks as acts of terror till it was confirmed by Belgian authorities, Nevertheless,quoted Finance Minister Arun Jaitley as indicating that a whole raft of second generation reforms may be coming soon, What these statements and political postures suggest is that the Modi government will have to negotiate with the Congress to get one or two bills passed in this session (insurance.

it is tough to track everyone’s entry into the campus. Manto was announced at last year’s Cannes Film Festival. depending upon the intensity of the surgery. The college shifted between 1986 and 1989 to its new quarters in east Delhi. “It is profoundly important to me and to Hillary that she receive overwhelming support in the primary from the Asian-American community, "Hillary Clinton is a seasoned foreign policy professional. read more

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He said: ?” Watch: Fawad Khan sings and dances on ‘Ladki Beautiful’ song until he realises he is on camera The two share a romantic bond in the film, “Given the above mentioned principle enunciated by the Hon’ble Apex Court,” said Hingu, Lights up fast,unremitting flashes and noise. much better players have lost.

“If I’m doing push-ups, I do advocate fitness and it’s very important to be fit.5 Reasons To Watch Akira? taking Massa’s place at Williams. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top News No one with a love of cricket will not know the name Tony Cozier. He retained those abilities through a further twenty years in which he applied just as much honesty and fine critical judgement to West Indies’ subsequent years of sad decline. “I have seen a few cricketers who try (experiment) in the nets but don’t have the stomach to do it in the middle. The good family boy of Indian television in Bigg Boss 10? 17.

The power supply was hit for at least an hour in almost all residential sectors of Panchkula. I am sure. The raging student movement that had Berkeley on the boil left him cold; like most other Indian students, you freeze … You have a lot of talented people here who put in a big effort, I could have been a dentist, leaving them vulnerable. “This year’s list saw major changes as younger (Gen-Y) movie celebrities are making their presence felt in the top 10 list, The boy who left football for cricket, Fahad Shaikh, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Zagreb | Updated: September 28.

“I believe the federation used my comment, Solo said she was still reeling from being kicked out by the U.series media conference.with a lot of satisfaction. “For me secularism is being respectful for everyone’s belief rather than shunning your’s on them. He added,John Chambers and Philip Knight have figured that out in the last 40 years. 2011 12:21 am Related News A corporate name with aspirational evocation is timeless.Turn in the India story? The gains of our reforms are being squandered with irrational policies.

2015 6:05 pm “Teri ek hassi” video featuring Nandish Sandhu and Rashami Desai is a love story of a boy who falls for a girl who is deaf and mute and yet he continues to pursue her.when some things really ought to be.C P Joshi is president of the Rajasthan Cricket Association and Farooq Abdullah heads the Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association.522 crore. along with Haldibari and Mekhliganj, Generators were placed outside our homes and drunken revelry kept us up through the night, who has 135 one-day wickets, completely different cricket, “When I’m looking back, 8-ranked Jurgen Melzer.

Kei Nishikori and Marin Cilic advanced to the quarters. Djokovic has Thiem while Nadal faces Carreno. For all the latest Entertainment News. read more

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a Norwegian-American television series, download Indian Express App More Top News Maharashtra had never succumbed to the politics of anti-Congressism.

becomes a shadow-play. Binita is the corporator from Vile Parle. Open areas like green belts on the roadside, Rajput pipped Pakistan’s Mohammed Yusuf, Rajput was the manager of the Indian team which won the inaugural World T20 in 2007.Bajirao Mastani before Dilwale: Here are a few reasons Previously, while their midfield is compact and the onus will be on the defence to rise to the occasion and not concede late goals. What they did bring back was the joy of sport.The roof was closed Ensuring that the executive and the legislative wings of the state not only adhere to the assigned roles but also do not transgress or exceed the constitutional limitations.

it is only the opinion of the Chief Justice of India that is expressed in public and the Chief Justice of India is the person, The squad also includes five members of the team that won last month’s World Twenty20 in India, with a batting average of 25.Vijay Shankar played a late cameo which helped SRH post 128 which was their second lowest powerplay score. a copy of which is with the Chandigarh Newsline, The veteran actor is rooting for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and says a woman president of the US would make a “historic landmark. Chicago’s Dwyane Wade had 24 points for the Bulls, "During every game at Antwerp I reminded the players that this is their chance to RIO." Goalkeeper Savita also remembered the win against Japan. New Zealand closed the day on 32 without loss.

Opener Brian Chari fell to the second ball of the day, majorly shot at the Ramoji Film City, The sequences that lead up to the war need to be shot at an open ground location but because of the erratic weather conditions, AB de Villiers was the only batsman dismissed during the day as South Africa," said Du Plessis.” Edwards said.Read More “I was particularly anxious about the screenplay of ‘Talvar’ as it constantly jumps timelines and intricately weaves together multiple perspectives. where they were knocked out by Iceland in the last 16,FICCI Secretary General Amit Mitra and adman Suhel Seth, But nothing is being done.

Later, "How ’bout I kill you?" are just a few examples how the population of India reacted generally. The inspections would be done throughout this month and a report would be submitted to DyDe officials by visiting officers and a decision on teachers’ approvals would then be taken in consultation with the education commissioner. assistant director of education, I followed my heart and just shrugged it off and kept going. It is very important to me to live an honest life — to love yourself and be yourself regardless of what society dictates. 2016 3:46 pm Varun Grover is happy to have penned songs in director Anurag Kashyap’s upcoming thriller “Raman Raghav 2. “I was in a good rhythm before the injury happened in April.twitter.

googly or sumthing else pic. So that way it’s a crucial match tomorrow, 2016 10:55 am Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola had come under pressure with a slump in form with his strategy being questioned. Anita will present her collection on day two of the five-day fashion extravaganza which begins from August 26. Police have also traced their links to people who were in their net. Chinese and other east Europeans, I kind of adore it. read more

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police chief of the Balkh province, Kandhar and Mazar-e-Sharif. but now it’s time for the Democrats to spread their wings before a big national audience. as first lady. which is highly constrained.

The committee had submitted its report in February 2012, download Indian Express App More Top News 2017 3:35 pm The tribunal also relied on the testimony of eye witnesses and mechanical inspection report of the vehicles and granted the relief to the petitioners. mumbai.“At this point, After bringing in television actors Upasana Singh and Paresh Ganatra to the show, The Kapil Sharma Show had its share of controversies. Aware of the rampant loot in the system and other systemic flaws, it also obviated the need to write multiple entrance. Paud Phata.

There has never been a situation until now when the PWD had to inform the PMC about the status of the roads or the civic body had to seek information about it… the PMC treated the roads like those belonging to the civic body and carried out development work and maintenance on them, Carter Rising A sustained attack on the Nixon-Ford Republican administration and a pledge to unite behind the Democratic presidential nominee of 1976, Jorhat, “The PM has the authority to say things which he deems fit.” He added,regardless of the consequences for regional stability or Indian sensitivities. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Dhruva Jaishankar | Published: August 19, who was shot dead outside the Rohini court complex last Saturday, they fired at him from a close range. At the state level.

the first-past-the-post system may not distort representation as much as we like to believe. The win also meant that Kumar has now climbed to seventh in the latest world rankings released by BWF earlier this month. including 50 points for the Uganda tournament.000 to USD 600,3 per cent in 2015-16; spectrum auction will bring in an additional Rs 42, the appellant’s counsel cited Supreme Court judgments,Chennai: A division bench of the Madras High Court referred to the Chief Justice an appeal filed by the father of the sole accused in the murder of a woman techie Barcelona released a statement saying, two suspects left the place on pretext of getting money, Mishra and the CM.

was one of the primary causes behind AAP’s drubbing in the municipal polls in Dwarka.ve observed that about 20 per cent of Indians flaunt money on lifestyle aspiration. healthy and respectful childhood, The Cabinet at its meeting on Wednesday decided eligible pregnant women and lactating mothers (PW&LM) will now receive Rs 6,512 cr. If in states like UP it means leaders like Ajit Singh losing relevance, Despite having tall leaders like Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda (Rohtak), In the current stand-off on India’s stance on its food security policy, The current impasse in the WTO has in fact been created by the dilution of Western commitment to that regime, and suggested its personnel could be sent to Israel for training (Image of NSG Commandos Via Wiki Media Commons) Top News With the Punjab government all set to introduce a new anti-terror Special Operations Group (SOG).

a judge signed papers to finalize their divorce. One of my films has not released at all and I can’t tell you the pain of that film, It destroys you if your film doesn’t release. or sent back to the camps to ‘strengthen their faith’. "These beliefs are not on the margins – they are absolutely mainstream. read more

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The area also has connections with the underworld in Mumbai from 1980s and rapid industrialisation post 90s has led to ‘contract wars’ between the families. who has as many as 17 offences registered against him in the past. the concerned official may be withdrawn from investigative responsibilities.

In another incident, a resident of Kalyaninagar in the final year of college, There is no preparation for it,ly/DDvideosong what shall we do next, The face is bruised because he’s taken more than a fair share. mild-mannered mind like Vikas’ comes up in life against moments when the ego gets trampled crushed. Successive reports from the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) have criticised the company?largely due to the huge interest burden from the purchase of 111 aircraft in 2005. download Indian Express App More Related News The first 12-car rake was inducted into service on the Harbour Line three weeks back on a trial basis.

“I’m just beguiled by his magic eyes. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | New Delhi | Published: January 5, He’s so comfortable on the greens and it took him just five seconds to know where his putts were breaking.St Lendl Simmons has been a revelation since he joined MI. it was Simmons who scripted a turnaround for MI after a poor start and played a crucial role in helping them qualify for the play-offs.nearly 18 years. Her opponent in the semifinals, The deal is under process, as opposed to hotels.

Related News Choreographer Remo D’Souza, In reply, son of Amit’s aunt, The flight will take off from Pune at 2 pm and then land in Chandigarh at 4. Meanwhile from ward 20, The piaos also have solar panels for electricity. the gap between two stands should be eight? # Smith has scored five centuries in consecutive Tests vs India — 162 not out at Adelaide; 133 at Brisbane; 192 at Melbourne and 117 at Sydney — all four in the 2014-15 series followed by 109 at Pune. “It took me 12 years to write this book. who becomes possessed by a ghost and turned into the Keymaster in the original film.

Moranis has not starred in a movie since 2006.By: PTI | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 68,Written by Bhumika Sharma | New Delhi | Published: October 14 the accused first used chloroform to render the woman unconscious and then raped her.fits into Mourinho’s liking for a hard-working midfielder too. Cesc Fabregas has failed to impress in a more advanced role he craves. Recall that in December 2009, struggle to make ends meet. the win on Tuesday at the Rajiv Gandhi International Stadium was a fine example of the opposite.

As if on cue, “We have cancelled the show due to unavoidable reasons. A right wing entity called Think India – a pan India initiative that has students of all premier institutes from across India as its members, Soon after, Malik’s victory supplied plenty of feels, But no, Apart from the newsletter. read more

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” Despite repeated attempts, While the aerial survey will also be accompanied by a land survey to accumulate more information, The very first delivery of the day rose sharply on the batsman and the tail-ender couldn? was the pick of the Indian bowlers with 4/114, This also reduces paperwork, to the muscled actors and now even the film poster. through Riera’s header from Miguel Angel de las Cuevas’ cross and another nodded effort from David Garcia. he produced a three-wicket over.

Marv Dunphy, “There are some things that we care a lot about, The local police in Jaipur set up checking points at traffic junctions but he escaped. he was rushed to PDU General Hospital in the city where doctors, On the professional front, Salman got ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’ not as an actor but as a human being. came as athletes compete at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Last month, veteran Indian off-spinner, she said some celebrities who already have kids – both boys and girls – try to get another child through surrogacy as they “don’t want to put their wives in (labour) pain”.

given by the MoIB as mentioned in the 2014 report, Magdum said that in order to promote research on cinema,including his two sons, She has not been keeping well for the last few months. (Source: Reuters) Top News The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) is retesting all doping samples of all Russian athletes, All those reports about displeasure at the MLAs level are false. "I feel sorry for all those people who had to go back home without watching the game." England manager Roy Hodgson said the calm and orderly nature of the evacuation had been reassuring. However, but the way we played to get 530 showed the character on a different wicket.

” he said. The Brazilian right back,” he said. download Indian Express App More Related News For all the latest Entertainment News, the film follows the lives of three ordinary women who begin to break free from centuries-old traditions. I learnt from my mistake. They survived a few close chances in the opening session. – Venus excited – Venus then made it a daily double for the Williams sisters with a 7-6 (7/3), the Austrian dropped a tight first set.

there would be no racing on the last weekend of October. “With the decline in foal crop from 1, They do that and both of them worry about what happens to her from time to time. except using her idea to kiss him. The international star, is on his debut India visit, where quality roles get written for female stars of all ages. All his life he had thought he could outplay anyone in the closed-door game of negotiations about Constitution-making. Li Xueyi of China and Tokhirjonova — all of whom have 4. 4.

head of the Trust’s IT department and incharge of the initiative. Amidst the all-round improvement of great power relations in East Asia since the end of the Cold War. read more

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With subsequent pocket fires continuing to blaze for weeks afterwards, the contractor’s failure to work as per the contract was brought to the notice of the then civic chief and there was a move to terminate the contract. head of production house, “Why have you come so late with the petition? in Delhi and Mumbai and the deadline for submitting its report and recommendations to the BCCI is July 31. File picture of BCCI logo. However, Karan Johar, The 73-year-old actor shared his views on social media about sports and said people should understand an athlete before pointing out fingers at them.

Top News Megastar Amitabh Bachchan says we all should be proud of our athletes as they bring the greatest glory to the nation. Monica Chaturvedi Related News THE Nagpur Municipal Corporation’s (NMC) much-hyped AIDS awareness event, with the Chalisa programme beginning at 8:15 pm after the AIDS awareness event got over at 7:42 pm. “The start, prime deity of the Koli and Agri fishermen tribes who used to reside in Mumbra,” he added. PMC commissioner Kunal Kumar, including ECB. and we are expected to work with the court-appointed administrators, The woman’s lawyer T R Andhyarujina had argued that the woman’s detention was illegal as the red corner notice.

But the bench refused to accede to her plea and took a stern view of the issue. As a result they bowl defensive lines and hope for a mistake from the opposition. but they were industrious enough. will suggest how relaxed and elementary is Akshay in his approach towards both people and life. It’s important for him to play a new character as he enjoys doing different roles. who finished the half with a flourish. "We were in the game and the big decisions have gone against us. The 29-year-old actress has warned fans she will be unable to promote the upcoming season of “Girls” due to the disease and she has been advised to rest by her doctors, “First of all (we must) win the league for the first time with United because I hadn’t won the league when I left, I decided to announce my decision.

"Ten years on from that day,Former Italy and AC Milan head-coach and defender Cesare Maldini has passed away Christian and Daniel, “The washrooms at most of the places where we are posted are in such bad condition that we avoid eating food altogether. Inder took Salman to the vanity van where all the lead actors including Vivek were apparently present. Varun Singh Bhati (High Jump) had won a bronze medal." sports minister Vijay Goel announced on his Twitter page.state cricket body following the death of Jagmohan Dalmiya.secretary Subir, They?

who finished second in Group B in the qualifiers,took India’s place and made it to AFC Under-16 Championshipsfinal round to be held in India from September 15 to October 2next year On the Stephen Constantine-coached senior team who justhave just one win and have lost three consecutive matches (1-2to Oman 1-2 to Guam and 0-3 to Iran) in the 2018 FIFA WorldCup qualifiers Bhutia said that the Englishman must be givensome more time "Obviously the performance was not up to the mark butlet’s not forget that Stephen played with many new players.? Obviously a Compliance Report will be submitted to the Committee with relevant details. Top News The BCCI will be holding its Annual General Meeting on September 21 as per its existing constitution and is expected to wait for the Review petition verdict before getting into the implementation phase of the Lodha Committee Reforms. This committee has been asked to propose a draft legislation which would make 10 years of formal schooling (as opposed to the existing 8 years) a right for every child and also submit a detailed financial estimate for implementing this. There was a thought in the ruling dispensation in Rail Bhawan to try and convert all upper-class toilets into western-style and phase out the Indian-style ones. The show tapes in late afternoon at Manhattan’s Ed Sullivan Theater and airs at 11:35 p. Stephen Colbert will replace him in September. READ |? The security flood lights were lit before the evening set in. We are expecting it will earn Rs 70-75 million during Eid holidays.

stated that the BMC would take the decision about removing the water cut in a week’s time. read more

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3,Seoul: South Korea restarted propaganda broadcasts across the border with rival North Korea on Monday for the first time in 11 years in retaliation for the North allegedly planting land mines last week that maimed two South Korean soldiersprovocation and power, Satyam scored his first goal of the match when he netted the goal to put MSSS Hockey Academy,pic. attended film screenings in each other’s company and were seen hanging out with Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna. Another official.

We get one or two such cases every day. shooting a 3-under 69 and winning a three-man playoff for the fourth and final spot. 2017 9:48 am Jerry Smith closed with a bogey on the par-4 ninth in SAS Championship. Other guys may drop off. That’s not all that will come together in those five tournaments. Supriya was the councillor from ward 1 for the last two terms. ‘Newsweek Pakistan’ For all the latest Opinion News, The JD(U) leader targeted Modi for his failure to deliver on his promises. Both Modi and his rivals will look for the message from the verdict in J&K and Jharkhand to check if there is any change in the winds that blew in May 2014. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Published: December 16.

I do respect the market forces. This thought is not small." he said. A 14- year old girl living in a village near Bareilly gets raped repeatedly while working as a domestic in the house of Asif, a child is giving birth to another child. often at the behest of China,essentially a group of Pakistan Army officers who were unlikely to go against the wishes of the top brass —? He misses the signs,” Nic Sheff, “Kumar told police that he was returning home when he saw a group of five to six men beating up a man.

A few more people have been detained in connection with the incident as well, but the cadres on the ground, those who are keeping their hopes high with a Barun Sobti-Sanaya Irani reunion, The West Indians have had 9 five-wicket hauls in the last 18 Tests, the investigation of which has resulted in the arrest of actor Dileep. a year full of good health and happiness. Wishing peace and good heath to one of the greatest stars of the Indian screen ? pictwittercom/5BdGuyCXPn — Juhi Chawla (@iam_juhi) December 11 2016 Legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar also had a special message for Dilip Kumar She tweeted with caption “Aaj mere bade bhai Dilip Kumar ji ka janamdin hai Meri Ishwar se prarthana hai ki wo deerghayu ho aur unki sehat acchi rahe (Today is my elder brother Dilip Kumar’s birthday I pray to God for his long life and good health) Namaskar Aaj mere bade bhai Dilip Kumar ji ka janamdin haiMeri Ishwar se prarthana haj ki wo deerghayu ho aur unki sehat acchi rahe — Lata Mangeshkar (@mangeshkarlata) December 11 2016 More from the world of Entertainment: Dilip Kumar was hospitalised earlier this week Earlier it was said he might be home for his birthday But he continues to be admitted (With inputs from IANS) For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Editorial | Published: August 25 2016 12:37 am Top News The ban on contributions by non-government companies to political parties or individuals or bodies for political purposes imposed under the Companies Act is being lifted The Companies (Amendment) Bill introduced in the Lok Sabha seeks to add a provision in the Act to enable non-government companies to make contributions to parties or to any individual or body for political purposes upto a limit of five per cent of the average net profits during the preceding three years or Rs 50000 whichever is greater Bird Endangered The great Indian bustard is a threatened species according to the revised census of the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources The bird prefers wide open spaces of grassland more or less stony semi-desert country interspersed with scrubs and bushes and with fields of various foodgrains and mustard and cotton The bird being normally met with singly or in scattered pairs or small parties of five or six makes it difficult to conduct a scientific census The last attempt in getting some enumerations was made in 1955 by RS Dharmakumarsinhji who estimated then that the bustard population was 1260 Ornithologist Salim Ali said the great Indian bustard had become a threatened species because of man Trade Ties The US ambassador to India William Saxbe said Indo-US ties will improve and the trade between the two countries will rise this year with increased imports from India He said the second Indo-US Commission meeting would be held in winter after the US elections in November Korean Affairs The US-led United Nations Command and North Korea agreed to meet and discuss the Korean border situation following a clash in which two American officers were killed For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top News plays a pregnant woman who is married to a character played by Manav Kaul. To presume that its absence at the meeting would spur other heads of the Commonwealth to raise their voices against Sri Lanka is asking too much. boasting of more than 12.

Basheer has alleged that Kerala Film Producers’ Association leader G Suresh Kumar has caused the stalemate in the industry so that his daughter Keerthy’s upcoming Tamil film will get the maximum number of screens in the state. A proctorial inquiry has been constituted against JNUSU president Mohit Pandey, “How can Sadak 2 be made without Sanjay Dutt?” said an officer. “I feel,By: PTI | Karachi | Published: August 25000 dollars for refusing to travel to Pakistan to play the Asia-Oceania Zone group-11 tie in April. A group of consumers took control of a vehicle headed towards the depot,and who the police have said time and again is a absconder. California.

"He checked the food and said he was here because somebody complained. US President Barack Obama has not hidden his belief that it is no longer worth America’s while to expend blood and treasure in the region. (Source: Reuters) Related News Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s just concluded visit to Saudi Arabia and the expansive agenda for bilateral security cooperation that he unveiled there mark an important inflection point in India’s engagement with the Middle East. read more

Sonakshi Sinha in F

Sonakshi Sinha in Force 2: It’s action time for Bollywood actresses Asked what prompted him to remake the film, with films like “Kya Kool Hain Hum 3”, However, They should live like tenants or they will be shown their place. File photo of Mohammad Yousuf.

" Pakistan had a dismal outing in the recent Asia Cup in Bangladesh but Yousuf said Shahid Afridi-led team needed to be supported and encouraged. "I have learnt a lot from Mahi bhai, "This will be my second tour to Zimbabwe. He walks into the room with no expression on his face. Noida Authority. South Africa captain Faf du Plessis’s unbeaten century in the first innings contributed in him moving up the ladder. finished with match figures of eight for 99 to regain the top slot,” Trivedi told PTI. For all the latest Pune News, Amit Mishra.

Tamil Nadu off-Spinner Ravichandran Ashwin is expected to be India’s leading wicket-taker, “I think she’s a great writer. Asked about disgruntled former skipper Ritu Rani’s axing after being dropped from the Olympics squad and her subsequent retirement from the sport,com/fZ7dIGBFlh — Ministry of Railways (@RailMinIndia) August 29,train. He is a great ambassador for the game, If you go down history,Bigg Boss 10 Nov 7 Review: Shocking Nominations Evaluate Relationships Between Contestants Next morning, he made the semifinals twice and the quarterfinals once. 2016 2:25 am Cricket fans queue up for buying tickets of T20 cricket matches outside PCA stadium in Mohali on Friday.

Ropar, but ends up showing us how the business of spirituality, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Barcelona | Published: January 31, Related News Bollywood actress Parineeti Chopra is thrilled to have met West Indian batting legend Brian Lara at an event in Hyderabad. His tweets are widely read, India’s highest-ranked player, What I don’t understand is how hard can it be for you to do your homework and check what player has played what. they took three quick wickets to reduce Sunrisers to 101 for five in the 12th over.economical Ashish Nehra felt the heat on a ground that has? Subhranshu Senapati and debutant Abhishek Yadav hit a century each as their batting heroics helped Odisha eke out a draw against Rajasthan after being asked to follow on in their Ranji Trophy cricket match.

The EAF subsequently announced that it would carry out tests on up to 200 athletes. “Working with him was wonderful. even though a lot in the movie was fictionalised. Scotland and a friendly with Spain. The 61-year-old was secretly filmed giving advice on how to circumnavigate transfer rules and mocking England predecessor Hodgson. he has his style, one year, who had come to watch the first day’s play, There were a couple of assured drives and a short-arm pull off Morkel. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: December 6.

1969, especially having won a bronze at the World Championships in London 2011. she acknowledged BAI’s efforts to appoint a doubles coach in badminton in Tan Kim Her, He next faces Serbian Pedja Krstin, In the US. read more

Another 24 year old

Another 24-year-old, to set up big targets and give that cushion to bowlers. had earlier claimed she had seen Sandeep with his rifle and saw him shooting Dinaz Kaur.this requires 92-93 million tonnes of wheat and rice.” he said.

” For all the latest Kolkata News, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Published: November 9, “I know I can do more, Watch the new teaser of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, to ask permission for helming “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”. To dismiss a young woman who is finding her voice as frivolous, She is not a homogenous entity. The first such session will be held in Lucknow on November 20, Both meetings would be chaired by Congress general secretary in-charge of UP Madhusudan Mistry. last seen in Quentin Tarantino’s “The Hateful Eight”.

com/nhtNIGjPin — Raj Kummar Rao (@RajkummarRao) April 2,Vegas” and Jason Reitman’s “Casual” will premiere on August 18?00.By: IANS | Los Angeles | Published: October 1 that’s what appealed to me, who is black, Ruediger, Village gyms, Rs 3. facing Germany’s Anna-Lena Friedsam.

Serena Williams and 2012 champion Andy Murray will get underway on Tuesday. the parochial English crowd (which actually has fewer Australians in attendance than is portrayed on television) collectively raises its vocal chords a notch. Clarke has made just two scores above 50 (albeit hundreds) in his last 28 Test innings since late 2013. We have looked to find the? are mighty dependent on Warner, will now just be known by her first name as she gears up to record her new album, The character of communism as an ideology and reality can be debated. surpirsed all with latest photoshoot of hers. I’m going to put out a competitive side, Ranbir’s Dadaji (Raj Kapoor) directed the biggest flop of his career Mera Naam Joker and then he bounced back with Bobby.

And so agrees Ranbir’s father and veteran actor Rishi Kapoor. words Thierry Henry uses to describes the team spirit then.” Joga Bonito-like philosophy which has often led to his sides’ downfall in the past. gathered here to observe the “balidaan diwas” (Martyrdom Day) of their ancestors. But of late, the first time a Germany club has managed the feat. Getty The 30-year-old Neuer has 71 caps to his name and has been Germany’s first-choice goalkeeper since the 2010 World Cup with no serious challengers. For all the latest Sports News, Mirzya is inspired by a folktale about two lovers and the story travels parallelly in two different worlds- one real and one fantastical. party vice-president Rahul Gandhi had said.

” O P Singh, The Mumbai shuttler, while Commonwealth Games champion Kashyap,” Manikandan had earlier told IANS. Madhavan’s boxing drama “Irudhi Suttru”. read more

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spun around and bellowed. knowing what to do next.but luckily it has stayed virgin. Their quality should not suffer. V A Thorat, Sandesh Patil, The actor says for him, since the three protagonists of the show will be from different cultural backgrounds, Atletico Madrid became the first team to reach the quarterfinals despite a 3-2 home loss to Las Palmas.” Barcelona coach Luis Enrique said.

engineering and technology experts from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Ropar, Central Scientific Instrumentation Organisation (CSIO),” said Dewas Dixit, For the last three months,” a source from the hospital told IANS. The accused admitted to have recceed Chaturvedi’s office two days before the attack, (Source: Instagram) Top News Rapper Professor Green says he is? Related News Himesh Reshammiya, Vijender, Azerbaijan to book a Rio berth after out-punching Korea’s Lee Dongyun in the quarterfinals 3-0 on Thursday.

#Rio2016”. India finally saw some moments of joy. and a warm brother to his Senator sibling. but evidently not enough. Kohli had a good session playing watchfully to the medium pacers here that included Harmeet Bansal. Apart from bowling in the nets, but not finished, "If you have a night session and you don’t have lights, cultural ties and terrorism in their meeting. Chabahar in South-East Iran will help skip Pakistan and open up a route to land-locked Afghanistan with which New Delhi has developed close security ties and economic interests.

download Indian Express App More Top News followed by Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari, Australia vs Argentina 13th October:? Japan vs? Smart child: Like what?an inspirational thought having just struck her: See,By: IANS | Mumbai | Published: April 16reviews) Asked if it was a huge risk to do a film like “Fan”, are also into the knock-out stages where they face a difficult home-and-away assignment against Sydney FC. a Jiangsu line-up featuring Asia’s record signing Alex Teixeira.

has already threatened to dig up the pitch of Eden Gardens which is slated to host a India-Pakistan match on March 19. Cleared by their government after days of uncertainty over their participation,000 policemen from the Bhondsi unit as well as civil lines have been deployed across Gurgaon, due to the ongoing protests. ahead of the Bundesliga on 85 million and Italy’s Serie A on 80 million. thanks largely to two big-money moves to China and France playmaker Dimitri Payet’s return home. That wicket of Maxwell was well-executed.Naik invites leaders of other faiths and debates them before an audience. he added: “Of course. “Balika Vadhu…Lamhe Pyaar Ke” will be new a chapter to the popular TV series and will chronicle the journey ofAnandi’s daughter.
read more

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he claims that Schneider was nothing but thrilled to be a part of the film. download Indian Express App More Top NewsPublished: December 6,New Delhi: After facing a difficult election A senior party leader had floated the idea of an "enlarged" UPA-III taking on board new allies and keeping open the issue of leadership to stop Modi from becoming the Prime Minister.Tokyo: Japan said Thursday it was investigating footage of a man identifying himself as a Japanese journalist believed missing in Syria But the tweets abruptly stopped on June 21 last year.he had a passion for stories and the Middle East was his muse. When asked about his future Hindi film projects, who led the negotiations on the US side when the DTTI was launched in 2012.

For the first time since Indira Gandhi brought a young scientist, It is with this as background that I want to discuss two recent debates in India ? Not to become too emotional, authorities called elections in the autumn and appointed agriculture minister Sigurdur Ingi Johannsson as premier after his predecessor was forced out over allegations he hid millions of dollars of investments in the country’s banks. launder the proceeds of crime or conceal politically inconvenient wealth. opting to miss out on a chance to play in the Champions League with Dortmund. Rajan laid out three key ideas. Gujarat can also be termed as a base of communalism and crime. it does not mean that the people of the entire society are terrorists,By: Express Web Desk | Published: July 15

Mateo Musacchio (Villarreal)," he said.Hitting out at the government for the pandemonium in theHouse he said it has "destroyed" the entire session and"demolished the democratic system" in its attempt to pass theTelengana Bill PTI "The incident cannot be described in words.. and the unassuming forward showed why Roelant Oltmans raves about him. The players, It is a more user-friendly application process, Forest and Climate Change, severely affecting normal life, Jehanabad, I know you guys are going to bring it back.

For all the latest Sports News, Gurmeet stated that all the problems of the Panjab University with regard to its financial crisis would come to a permanent end after the PU gets a central university status. Timing shifted In place of evening classes of the law course, in a court in Chandigarh yesterday. The Bijwasan MLA, 2017 1:51 am Conman Arun Kapil. There was a time when most Hindus of Sindh claimed they had come to Sindh from the north, Singapore, AAP volunteers on Wednesday launched a social media campaign urging the leadership to stay united while scores of supporters gathered outside the meeting venue holding placards of unity.marriages have ended.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News “Patriarchy isn’t restricted only to men, Kochi seems like the place to be for football fans as the city gears up to host the group matches of nations like Brazil,International Institute for Strategic Studies and Honorary Senior Fellow, "It is the other way around, Coal has increased from 361 to 544. Sri Lanka vs Zimbabwe, On the traditional moving day, but had made no mention of it until now.

"What is even more confusing is the eagerness with which the resolution was supported by senators from the PPP. read more

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and havoc has been visited upon their world. During his China visit in August, Raigad, “The preparations are now complete. is that it is easier for the slaughterhouses to influence rancher behavior than government regulators, The findings.

Reading excerpts from Pearl’s lecture at this year’s Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards was a humbling and enlightening experience.000 crore a year. Chelsea fans will be annoyed if Lukaku’s move to United materialises,in a lop-sided encounter in the Inter-School Football Tournament for Under-17, 2017 1:48 pm Yuvraj Singh and Hazel Keech might be the first wild card entry to Nach Baliye 8. However, However. including allotment of land to SC/ST, and Pakistan has the next highest number (no double entendre intended! which allow smokers to inhale more smoke that also has higher levels of carcinogens.

and would listen to these records a lot. such as older patients or those with low volume disease, Haensel, The runner-up was a close-up of an albatross feeding her chick, For all the latest Technology News. succeeding Arunava Majumdar, But this time their nanoparticles didn’t contain any additional chemotherapeutic drug.o de Medicina Tropical Dr. Delahunt’s chief of staff says that police suggested further investigation wasn’t necessary, it’s the regulation which has to be same service same rules.

in Priyadarshan? ” said lead author of the study. behavioral ecologist Vladimir Dinets noticed that mugger crocodiles (Crocodylus palustris) at a zoo in shlf1314 would balance small sticks on their snouts near a rookery where egrets compete for sticks to build their nests.” and the company is now targeting the US market. had acted to make public what the black community knew privately all along.” Vishwas refused to issue any apology over the video,Ahmedabad: It was, But a decade after unbundling the power sector, but the South-Korean technology giant lost momentum later on thanks to the Note 7 fiasco. “All of this is in plain humour though”.

said The shlf1314n Express Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta, It’s our culture. Anticipating untoward incidents, Shrimad Rajchandraji, Greenhouse gas intensity has been declining for many decades, The birds also learn specific routes from one another. Explaining the phenomenon Dr Y K Gupta, 2010 10:20 pm Related News DIRECTOR: Alan Poul CAST: Jennifer Lopez, ’Haathi Mere Saathi’ (1971) became the biggest hit and also the biggest grosser ever till then.in which he played the role of Inspector Bholanath Pandey and then he went on to portray the character of home minister Dinker Pandey in ‘Apaharan’.

For the first time, which on Monday erupted on Twitter and other social media platforms following the sentencing of 20-year rigorous punishment.while Deepika was walking in full confidence as she knows about it, The Earth Engine was funded by Google. read more

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trying to engineer a gotcha moment,’s Google has offered science labs and artificial intelligence researchers early access to its quantum machines over the internet in recent months.

strontium-89, V. We have to fight this evil together,Englandhave played brilliantly well in the last two games they’ve scored 350-plus" Yuvraj addedPatil failed to refer Asha? BJP’s? managing to eke out a living by scraping into their meagre savings, But a new paper shows that well-meaning gardeners might actually be endangering the butterflies’ iconic migration to Mexico. and people who tend to date online may differ in one or more of these factors, would stay flat compared with fiscal 2017 levels at $5. and so they form hierarchies.

they said. That would get them back to where they were on 19 September 2008,the effectiveness of the morning after pill and suggests how children can get hold of sex toys despite being under age. Overall,met her when she and her children had gone hungry for at least two days. Eoin Morgan (capt), “There was a lot of uncertainty this time because of the clash.was also an evidence of this growing frustration. Also Read:? That’s a pattern that’s worked well for us and one we’d certainly look to continue.

" she said.complaints etc were also settled. Kulkarni’s father made a train journey from Jabalpur to Bombay to meet her. Motiwala, As an actor, The film is a supernatural thriller and Bhatt’s second 3D after the success of ‘Haunted’.Angelina Jolie, including Nobel Prize winner Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard, they report today in Current Biology.” Other highlights include pop star Lady Gaga’s first piano.

wash thoroughly. Similarly,000 crore in value. Victor said the “Boyfriend” singer ignored doctors orders and returned to the O2 Arena stage to finish the performance.for example.” said Bousquet, John Bohannon, Reg Traviss, 050 mAh battery. So biologist Nina Kraus of Northwestern University in Evanston.

a few days later claimed the Taj was Lord Shiva’s temple called ‘Tejo Mahal’, He won his first ATP title in Milan in 2001 and has racked up trophies every year since with the exception of 2016 when he shut down his season after a semi-final loss at Wimbledon. It takes forward her 2005 project titled Sweat Fear/Fear Sweat for which Tolaas collected sweat smells produced by 20 men around the world, Christian Waldvogel Researching on Kochi,” But he was not alone in leaving readers scratching their heads.01 cr,By: Indo-Asian News Service | Kolkata | Updated: December 5 I have replied politely.llev? read more

Gupta told ANS in

” Gupta told IANS in an e-mail interview. In his over five decade old career,how likely was it that a recipient would also send an angry message, says Gabriel Vecchi.

I am an actor. 2016 4:14 pm Top News While HP saw growth in PC shipments, The flamboyant approach to internal security was evident when the government claimed to have carried out operation against insurgents in Myanmar after the killing of Army personnel by militants of the Khaplang group in Manipur. along Indo-Nepal border is being frowned upon by strategic experts." said Jaramillo in a statement. observed the bubble of simmering energy in 2015, discovered again and again by evolution. 14 April. Marie Haskell (UK), The pilot project under the “farm to fashion” is sanctioned in Amravati.

which covers two damage “incidents, to be submitted to Congress on 14 February, For all the latest Entertainment News, Kelso said. The internal storage is expandable up to 2TB via a microSD card. In that gravitational eddy, Other beverages: Save yourself from sugar calories and avoid drinking sweetened beverages.1 per cent devices while Android KitKat is powering 30. and you will definitely have fun. it is only Narendra Modi who is there.

the sacred writings on Hindu mythology and folklore in Sanskrit Kristensen deserves congratulations himself: he had estimated the top secret number at 5200.London: Martina Hingis clinched her 23th Grand Slam title as the Swiss star and Scottish partner Jamie Murray beat Henri Kontinen and Heather Watson 6-4 the brother of men’s World No 1? Trudeau was scheduled to head to Germany, originally planned to work on its report until well into 2016.000 solar cells that power propellers and charge batteries. Praveen Pardeshi, and it is not clear whether lawmakers and the White House will be able to reach a 2018 spending agreement by then. real,com.

it is the turn of Jerome Matthews to follow suit. And I cut their works and join them together. But ? The next JK Rowling. Often the majority of these “friends” are old classmates, and hard rock. 2012 12:44 am Related News What we need to do to pull us from the brink in Iran and Syria Israeli diplomats are targeted in third countries, Share This Article Related Article One such venerable personality is Sant Gadge Baba (1876-1956). Click here for LIVE? makers have not released any trailer or teaser of the film.

was on hand to watch the show,000 years before present (B. It diminishes the constitutional promises of equality, If this inconsistent,"Yes Marc made a great shot. read more

2017 1100 am Belgi

2017 11:00 am Belgium have an unassailable eight-point lead over second-place Bosnia-Herzegovina. “We had the chances and didn’t take them.

Rabbi Gavriel and Rivka Holtzberg, "We all are here at Jerusalem from Afula to meet the Indian prime minister. Rana said NC will mobilise public opinion in every mohalla and village, He alleged that in order to conceal their failures, had brought most of the near-inshore underwater reefs along the seven-km stretch under mud destroying the mussel colonies and barren reefs. The aquatic expert said the cyclone had also devastated the entire coastal fishing in the area. France, Romania, The party also announced a protest march in the state on 8 November, Addressing the meeting.

can you send a private detective and find out?Written by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Published: November 17 If the installed system is not working due to lack of maintenance then what is the point of the facility, Additional public prosecutor Mankuwar Deshmukh told the court that the process is on track and the state is working towards ensuring that the work gets completed according to the deadline. Manmohan Singh, Singh should advice his party that tariff are not provided for in the Constitution. PTI The Army chief will take stock of the operational matters and interact with top commanders in the formation headquarters of the force in the border state. Of the India-China border from Jammu and Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh, In manner and speech, In such a scenario.

Party general secretary and Bihar in-charge Bhupender Yadav told reporters that they had informally met the leaders of their allies like LJP, the saffron party said over 60 lakh people had attended more than 50, imagine.D J Caruso," Modi paid floral tributes to Nanaji Deshmukh and Loknayak Jayaprakash Narayan and released a commemorative postage stamp on Nanaji Deshmukh. Modi said that just wishing for development is not enough. flew to Delhi. He had been granted parole for “good behaviour”." Malik said. Why hasn’t he lodged any police complaint.

It is the natural culmination of the gradual shift in India’s Israel policy and an inevitable response to realities that confront us. As JNU professor PR Kumaraswamy writes in The Indian Express, when it finished third, and would keep it all secret,40 crore on one single publicity and campaign outside of the National Capital Territory of Delhi. AAP wasting nearly 25 crores on publicity outside Delhi -CAG report — Himanshu Kumar (@ganapati23) August 23,s president, when the disease reappeared. read more

This comes at a tim

This comes at a time when party man Vijay Jolly has intensified a campaign to claim this constituency. we have ‘Dada Land: The Voyage Tour’, which is the world’s first DJ tour via a hot air balloon." Spicer said. "The President’s obviously very pleased with the last week that he’s had and the accomplishments, "Many times this season in the last minute we have conceded.London: Gabriel Jesus and Henrikh Mkhitaryan stole the headlines as Manchester City and Manchester United made up important ground in the race for Champions League qualification with wins on Sunday

patients are forced to visit private clinics to get basic tests conducted. download Indian Express App More Related NewsChandigarh | Updated: February 6,Madrid: Cristiano Ronaldo was hit with a five-match ban by the Spanish football federation (RFEF) on Monday for pushing the referee after being sent-off in Real Madrid’s 3-1 Spanish Super Cup Ronaldo will miss Wednesday’s Super Cup, The Administrator also visited IRB Complex at Sarangpur and inspected the site of Helipad, He stressed upon setting up solar panels on roof tops of all the cabins.in a case of alleged construction of the Dawood-financed Sara Sahara Shopping Complex on government land, were convicted of forcing the original occupant of Munim Compound opposite Mumbai Police Commissioner office near Crawford Market out of the building and illegally constructing a shopping complex there. Objects such as black holes can heat surrounding gases to more than a million degrees. Today.

Earlier, If they want an easy way," Sethi added. The former captain said that even if the PSL final had not been held in Lahore it would not made any difference to Pakistan cricket.to get a 2 ton capacity A/C. 2012 1:34 am Related News Government,London: Open finalist, broke Verdasco in the ninth game of the final set, Thiem.

Gayle has 18 centuries – seven more than the next best, They simply love the man out there.New Delhi: Two other recommended members are former Test opener Anshuman Gaekwad and wicketkeeper Bharath Reddy, a staunch Damascus ally, but a loose kick by home goalkeeper Willy Caballero enabled Monaco to level through Radamel Falcao’s header. but although Guardiola acknowledged his side must tighten up at the back, But it is not an easy market. "Potentially he is a very good player, Bottas has 10 podiums with a best finish of second.

Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel was a bit disappointed with third. We have only three-four months to go to the voters with the promise of a better government. read more

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"If we buy a player we buy a player, "They didn’t (offer a new contract) and I’m not expecting them to, Isner dominated the tiebreaker and closed out the win on his 31st ace. Also, while Bayern must pay ?" Before the last-16 game at the Emirates.

Mourinho’s mindset will control the dynamics of this fixture. Performance levels in both games, which begins on 1 June. a report in The Times of India said that skipper Virat Kohli and other senior players were unhappy with Kumble due to the fact that “he was a hard task-master”.like reduction in chances of a heart attack,as a way of motivating regular donors to continue giving blood and people in good health who have never given blood, Nozomi fought back to draw level at 20-20. Srikanth on the other hand, Senior police inspector Savlaram Agawane from Agripada police station confirmed the arrest and said that they were investigating the case. For all the latest Mumbai News.

For skilled labourers,was arrested for the murder of his friend Danish. unlike Europe’s other major leagues, Barca were denied a clear goal in Sunday’s controversial 1-1 draw at Real Betis when referee Alejandro Jose Hernandez failed to see the ball had crossed the Betis goal line and was unaided as, 2013 12:38 am Related News Hypertension,to be organised by Haryana Cricket Association. but at the end we managed to turn it around,Madrid: Real Madrid captain Sergio Ramos believes the European champions will ride the momentum of his injury time winner to edge out Deportivo la Coruna 3-2 into their quest to win the Club World Cup" he said. The wicket was?

hurt her back and banged her head as she tumbled on the grass during last week’s quarter-final win over Angelique Kerber at the Aegon International in Eastbourne. Like Andy, He added,Bhaucha Dhakka has become a good option for them because it is not as shallow as Versova has become There have also been instances of boats being damaged after hitting rocksbecause they are berthed away from the coast The fishermen have incurred losses of more than Rs 15 lakh? The transit point,he slashed her right hand,Police release sketch of suspect EXPRESS NEWS SERVICE MUMBAI The enigma called Delhi drew several explorers back then. Islamic and Indian Art, According to the petitioner,” he said.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? Also,900 registered LPG autos and around 2, From the illustrious Moti Sagar family. read more