Stationed in the military and police forces to actively serve the masses

October 19th, reporters from the Xining municipal double support office learned that, in recent years, in Nanjing Police Forces and soldiers as the resident home, support and cooperate with the local construction, Yongzheng action, love the private good, actively involved in the creation of the national civilized city, National Sanitary City, national environmental protection model city and national garden city and other activities. At present, the service has achieved remarkable results.

it is understood that in 4 years, the military and police forces in Nanjing a total investment of about 8500000 yuan, troops more than 10 people (Times), vehicle more than 2 thousand and 150 (Times), the implementation of afforestation, disaster relief and garbage removal, sewer dredging, green belt irrigation such as voluntary labor, and 62 village twinning, invested more than 320 million yuan to carry out village renovation, poverty alleviation activities. During the Green Fair, Lake Race and Spring Festival, Kumbum Monastery and other major events and festivals butter flower show, in Nanjing military and local contact with joint control, joint guard, invested 3 million 200 thousand yuan to support the construction of 3 hope primary school, donate more than 50 yuan to help more than 1000 students, to help the masses of more than 60 thousand people, to provide medical rescue service dispatched more than 20 thousand passengers, more than 20 thousand passengers out of school counselors. At the same time, fire forces in fire dangerous missions up to 5388, up to 57 thousand passengers dispatched police dispatched vehicles more than 7980 times. Lushaer town police garrison in Xining, ethnic and Religious Committee, the fourth hospital of PLA, Huangzhong County People’s Armed Forces Department, Huangzhong County Fire Brigade, Huangzhong county government and the Kumbum Monastery signed a long-term agreement to build army and the Kumbum Monastery, "one temple six party building activities, to raise 117 thousand yuan for the Kumbum Monastery five hospital donated 20 computer learning feed Taiwan, 5 sets of air-conditioning, the reconstruction of subsidies for 429 thousand yuan to solve the housing problem of 33 monks, has invested 600 thousand yuan for the Temple scenic spot lighting lighting, purification, road hardening construction etc.. The fourth hospital of the people’s Liberation Army has set up a national ward, specially formulated the preferential treatment policy of the minority people in poverty relief from 10% to 40%, for the children of poor families to receive more than 3000 children for free treatment.


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