Win the first battle of poverty alleviation the province 116 thousand people out of poverty

New Year’s day, 2017, the door of the sun, warm sunshine, bathed in harvest and joy, bathed in vision and future.

in the past, we are walking sonorous, temper forward.

through the efforts of the year, our province "13th Five-Year" poverty battle battle! The successful completion of 6 poor counties hat, exit, 404 poor villages 116 thousand people out of poverty in the last year, the annual goals and tasks, the poverty rate dropped from 2015 at the end of 13.2% to the current 10.3%! Chengguan town of Datong County Tawacun 16 poor households Zhaimao, Huangzhong County Lan Long Kou Zhen Qia Yang Cun 44 poor households were happy to get out of poverty "card of glory"…… This moment, how can not exciting, unforgettable.

last year, the province implemented a total of 7 billion 340 million yuan of special funds for poverty alleviation, equivalent to 12th Five-Year total investment of $77%. The introduction of a wide range of coverage, comprehensive, high gold content of 1 + 8 + 10 poverty alleviation policy system, a clear strategy for the implementation of the path of action, efforts to create a new policy to break out of poverty policy.

at the beginning of the new year, the majority of cadres and the masses in my heart more emboldened! Shortly before the convening of the twelve plenary session of the thirteen provincial Party committee proposed "four change" concept, make poverty alleviation front cadres and the masses confidence, we have said, to deeply study and understand the spirit of the provincial Party committee twelve plenary session of the thirteen, with "four changes" concept, the implementation of a deeper push forward the poverty alleviation requirements actually, let people have pockets, looked up, to achieve synchronization with the national completion of a comprehensive well-off society and lay a solid foundation.

is not the same as the characteristics of the industry to help

[typical case] Datong County, Chengguan Town, Simon Village is a small number of people, to become rich in the lack of industrial county poverty village. The work team, the village Party branch of village of village cadres and villagers voluntarily take charge in the form of shares will be 5400 yuan each, the poor precision of poverty alleviation project investment funds to professional cooperatives in the development of special industries, poor households when the shareholders at the same time, but also to the cooperative work, each can be divided to 450 yuan of dividends.

on the characteristics of industrial poverty alleviation precise, the provincial government according to regional poverty and poverty reduction degree of difficulty, make different policies, increase efforts to implement both the policy requirements, but also reflects the care system. In the field of poverty alleviation, agricultural subsidies per capita 5400 yuan, pastoral area per person subsidy of $6400, an unprecedented high subsidy standards.

I adhere to nurture characteristics as the leading industry to win the battle of the fundamental way out of poverty, based around the resource endowment, to cultivate new business entities and the characteristics of the industry, to build the government guidance, market driven, business entities and the poor households to participate in development, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation mode, strengthen the profit mechanism, effectively enhance the poverty area of "blood" function. Into the industrial poverty relief funds 970 million yuan, the implementation of the implementation of the county to the household industry poverty alleviation projects, driven by the development of the characteristics of the poor people in the production of 162 thousand of the people of the country, the people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China, the county’s Poverty Alleviation Fund for the development of the industry to help the poor;

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