NEC unveils a watercooled Android smartphone

first_imgBrace yourselves, Geek fans: NEC has just unveiled a water-cooled Android smartphone. The downside? The Medias X 06E is a little more girly and embellished than you might like.What’s inside the phone that necessitates water cooling? There’s a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro clocked at 1.7GHz running the show. An NEC spokesperson told The Verge the idea is that the water-cooled chip can run at full power for longer periods  since overheating isn’t an issue.It’s not that the chip actually needs to be water-cooled, however. Plenty of other device makers are using the same chip and haven’t felt the need to cram heatpipes inside their phones (yet).But this phone isn’t for just anyone. The Medias X 06E is for stylish, hip ladies that can’t be bothered with a phone that gets hot while they assault its integrated LTE modem with Pinterest pins and status updates. Since the 06E can remain comfortable to hold for long stretches it has to look good, too. That’s why NEC has dressed it up in frosty white and soft pink shells and adorned it with jewelry.Like the HTC Rhyme %displayPrice% at %seller%, the 06E features a light-up charm. NEC opted to go the ostentatious route, however, and skipped the subtle color-matched cord for the unabashed bling of a faux gold chain.You might think a water-cooled phone should be styled more like the Samsung Rugby Smart, or at least have a badass carbon fiber back like the Droid Razr — so that it looks tough enough to power through your marathon mobile gaming sessions. Maybe NEC will follow up with something a bit more Danica Patrick and a little less Penelope Pitstop.last_img

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