Please dont buy a ridiculously overpriced iPad 2 on eBay

first_imgHere at we are usually the last people to tell others how not spend their money. A look into any of our closets or basements will reveal all sorts of crazy, geeky purchases that were too good to pass up (with the prime example probably being my keyboard collection). That noted, please don’t spend $1000+ on an iPad 2 on eBay, Craigslist, or any similar site.We know the iPad 2 is in high demand. We understand that you want one, and can empathize that you won’t want to wait 5+ weeks. Plus we are fully aware of possible component shortages because of the tsunami’s damage to manufacturing facilities in Japan. But remember this: every time someone overpays for an iPad 2, a geek loses his propeller hat.So why not pay a ton for an iPad 2 on eBay right now? Well, first of all: you are being ripped off. Sure, if you were too lazy to wait in line and you want to buy your friend a case of beer, that’s great. Or if you need one for work and you’re willing to spend an extra $50 on it, we understand. But the prices we’re seeing online are crazy, even for post-release iMania.Second of all, let’s not encourage this sort of activity. If everyone that picked up an iPad 2 (or iPad or iPhone 4 for that matter) early got as many as they needed, the shortage wouldn’t nearly be as bad as it is. Instead people are buying extras in order to resell or smuggle to the black markets of iPad 2-less countries. If the gain on reselling an iPad 2 was limited, say just $25 or $50 above retail, many less people would be willing to wait in line, deal with shipping, and pay eBay fees.Also, you are rolling the dice. Chances are you’ll pay for your iPad 2 and it’ll arrive, just as promised. But you can bet that some people will be getting the wrong model, be tricked into received original iPads, will have their device mysteriously lost in transit, and so on. Every time you buy from a non-authorized reseller you are taking a chance and when you are paying $1000+ for a product through a grey market transaction, there is just that much more risk.Finally, let’s keep in mind that the iPad 2 is not the only tablet on the market. Sure, it’s the best one, but the original iPad is perfectly fine so you can pick one of those up for a reasonable price, use it for a few weeks and then get your iPad 2 when supplies increase. Or you could just use that until the iPad 3 comes out–you don’t really need those cameras do you? And, by the way, there are other tablets on the market. You could buy an iPad, a Nook Color, and a WiFi Xoom for the price of some the iPad 2 sales on eBay right now.So please, use your head and have some patience. There will be enough tablets to go around.last_img

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