VIDEO Your weekend movies vampires and violence critics rating: 64 per cent. Audience rating: 97 per cent want to see WHICH NEW MOVIE release is worth the price of a cinema ticket this weekend?We’re here to help you decide just that, with these trailers.Populaire(movieclipstrailers/YouTube)For fans of: Gallic humour, brooding men, Mavis BeaconAvoid if: You type with one fingerI seriously hope that the star of Populaire progresses to typing with more than two fingers, because there’s something wrong if a typing champion doesn’t know their asdf from their qwerty. This seems somewhat overly-stylised as a film – although the dresses do make me swoon – and perhaps is a little simplistic in plot, but no doubt will be utterly charming. Mais oui. critics rating: no score yet. Audience rating: 94 per cent want to seeByzantium(movieclipstrailers/YouTube)For fans of: Interview with a VampireAvoid if: Blood makes you queasy, you’re worried about ageingOur own lovely Saoirse Ronan plays a teenager who is 200 years old, with a mother (Gemma Arterton) who lives on human blood and is fond of brothels. Neil Jordan is the man behind the camera here, but this isn’t Interview With A Vampire part deux. Instead, we see Arterton and Ronan trying to stay safe in a coastal town, and find out more about their background through flashbacks. This looks intriguing but potentially confusing, if I’m honest. critics rating: 80 per cent. Audience rating: 70 per cent want to see The Purge(movieclipstrailers/YouTube)For fans of: Purging, violence, masksAvoid if: You’d rather a film about the Iron ThroneAn interesting premise here – that one day a year (called the Purge, naturally) all crime is legal, so that the rest of the year the country remains safe. Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey (oh hi, fellow Game of Thrones fans) star as the parents in a family who think they’re safe, but of course find out they’re not after their son takes pity on a man attacked on the night of the Purge. Big mistake, dude.last_img

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