Luo Huining visits news staff

The morning of March 16th, the four meeting of the twelve National People’s Congress has just concluded, the provincial Party Secretary, the provincial people’s Congress, the head of the delegation of Qinghai province Luo Huining in my delegation visited the station, people’s daily, Xinhua news agency, CCTV, Qinghai daily, Qinghai radio and television and other central media in Qingdao, the mainstream media responsible comrades and provincial capital the editors and reporters.

on the third floor of the Inner Mongolia Grand Hotel Wangfujing in the meeting room, Luo Huining shook hands with the editors and reporters. He said that two of the country’s victory ended, we take a look behind the scenes hero. This year NPC and CPPCC period, the central provincial capital in the green media, mainstream media, conscientiously implement the party’s propaganda policy, adhere to the correct political orientation of Qinghai, NPC deputies and CPPCC members to perform their duties responsibly for the full report, Qinghai story, show the Qinghai representatives and members of the style of the times. In particular, the study and implementation of general secretary Xi Jinping’s speech in Qinghai, an important speech, do have momentum, depth, and will be outside China Unicom, Yang Qinghai sound, the image of Qinghai. For half a month of publicity, we work very hard. On behalf of the provincial Party committee, I would like to express my gratitude to the comrades.

Hao Peng, Wang Yubo, and Mu Dongsheng.


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