Demolition of buildings without endangering pedestrians safety inspectors ordered to stop the scene

The east area of Xining city

Industry Building No. 51 Lane family hospital without protective measures in the demolition, flying ash, inconvenience and safety hazards not only to pedestrians and surrounding residents, also a large area of pollution of the road. Fortunately, urban management personnel rushed to the scene to be ordered to stop work, and require developers rectification.

March 13th, the reporter received a public to reflect, Lane No. 51 hospital door hard, I saw on the road is full of ash and small brick, six story building on the west side of the road is being dismantled, the demolition of several construction workers from the roof kept downstairs shovel ash, ash flying, many pedestrians clutching his nose ran cross the road. "Look, what’s in my shop, the shelves are full of ash." A shop owner said, they do not have any protective measures, many children go to school from here, it is not safe." Xining City Chengdong District Zhou Jia Quan Street Office of urban management, law enforcement officers and Jianguo Road community staff in the inspection, found the building without protective measures in the demolition, and pollution of the road, affecting the surrounding environment, will take immediate measures. Deputy director of the urban management department said that they should be ordered to stop construction, and require developers to rectification, take protective measures.


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