Jian Wei collective recognition of advanced collective yesterday

December 25th, held in Xining in 2012 to defend the work of summing up the general recognition of the general assembly. Municipal Committee, publicity minister, Wang Haihong, vice chairman of the Municipal Federation of trade unions, vice mayor Tong Wang, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman, as well as the provincial health department, the provincial Office of the relevant leaders attended the meeting of love, health, and so on. 19 Departments and 27 individuals were awarded in 2012, Xining Jian Wei advanced collectives and advanced individuals honorary title.

it is understood that the city Chuangwei success has been three years this year, the strong leadership of the municipal government, in various regions and departments and the joint efforts of cadres and workers, the people involved, Wei Jian results have been further consolidated, constantly improve the management mechanism, establishment of work and achieved remarkable results. In three years, through continuous innovation and exploration, the city has been achieved by the transformation to create standardized and institutionalized management, has been formed with the levels of love health organization as the main body of the comprehensive coordination and daily supervision and evaluation mechanism, to the area as the main body of the genus of the daily supervision mechanism to the responsible departments as the main body of the daily supervision mechanism, to build the platform for health and special rectification publicity focused on the mechanism of Jian Wei results have been consolidated and enhanced obviously, greatly enhance the participation of city departments at all levels and environmental governance ownership, city environmental beautification, constantly optimization, purification, to promote the city of Xining the social development has played an important role in promoting. (author: Xu Shunkai)

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