Cheng Lihua stressed the importance of promoting employment and Entrepreneurship Transformation and

recently, vice governor Cheng Lihua depth Xining city enterprise communities, business incubators, innovation park, survey of employment and entrepreneurship, focusing problems, interrogation pulse. She fully affirmed the employment and entrepreneurship in Xining, I hope Xining further reform and innovation, bold exploration, play a leading role in a good radiation demonstration.

Cheng Lihua stressed that the face of economic growth shift, structural adjustment and transformation of old and new momentum, employment and entrepreneurship work should give full play to the role of the government and the market two. One should adapt to the development of economy, promote the traditional industry in transition to employment oriented industries and services to promote employment, employment to employment and entrepreneurship combined transformation, to promote physical labor and employment based transition to employment oriented skills and intelligence. Two, we should focus on solving the structural contradictions of employment, strengthen innovation and entrepreneurship education, the implementation of the national skills training program, the establishment of innovation and entrepreneurship education and training system, and enhance the talent training and economic and social development. Three must focus on college graduates, rural migrant workers employment, strengthen labor skills training, build service brand, stable frequency, expand the scale, improve skills, increase revenue, to properly resolve the surplus staff capacity during shunt reorientation placement problem. Four to enhance the employment service ability, strengthen business incubators, business park construction, do a good job of entrepreneurship training, policy advice, tracking support and other integrated services, improve the financing guarantee loan policy, strengthen the policy advocacy and demonstration, guide people to change the concept of employment and entrepreneurship.


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