Our province do fine ecological protection performance evaluation of addition and subtraction

to increase the ecological engineering construction, energy conservation, environmental remediation, plateau beautiful countryside, Sanjiang National Park pilot system affects the index of the source area of Sanjiang County, canceled GDP assessment indicators, reduce the ecological construction planning, supervision and inspection of law enforcement and other routine work index…… In order to promote air plant "four major requirements, and to do" examination "baton" to lead the ecological protection work, this year, the assessment of the provincial leading group in accordance with the provincial government requirements, do fine ecological protection assessment target of addition and subtraction, each unit was consistent to hold ecological red line, build a strong ecological security barrier.

adhere to the priority of ecological protection, increase the impact of strong indicators. Our province according to the priority of the concept of ecological protection to promote the coordination of economic and social development, highlighting the ecosystem protection and restoration and other key work, the ecological engineering, plateau beautiful countryside construction content into the leading bodies and leading cadres at all levels of the annual target responsibility (performance) evaluation target, also part of the State Department of the provincial county, the implementation of new the source of the Sanjiang national park system pilot work assessment content, the guide and promote all localities and units to do ecological protection.

strengthen supply side structural reform, increase the content of green development. According to "the four overall strategic layout, implement the development of the concept of the five requirements, closely linked to the supply side structural reform, science and technology output, energy saving and environmental protection, high-tech industry, tourism industry, cultural industry, food and drug safety and industrial development of science and technology input have focused on the content in each unit and the industrial park the annual assessment objectives, six state unified new ecological economic forest, small and micro enterprises, cultivating green industrial added value of 9 green industry development index, national handicraft industry sales revenue growth reflects the development of quality and efficiency, the weight increased to more than 25%, leading all units to develop ecological environmental protection, green low-carbon industries.

to ensure that the ecological protection measures landing, increase the responsibility to perform their duties. In accordance with the requirements of the greatest responsibility in ecological, strong implementation of major ecological destruction and environmental pollution events in the implementation of "one vote veto" system, while the lateral defines the objectives and tasks of ecological protection is closely related to environmental protection, agriculture and animal husbandry and other provincial units, vertical decomposition refinement to the municipalities state and county (city) government and relevant departments to establish "horizontal to the edge, vertical in the end" and "aspect through the" ecological protection target responsibility system. Who is in charge, who is responsible, who implement requirements, the ecological protection and the source of the Sanjiang national park system pilot as the number one project, on the main leaders and leaders in charge of the responsibility, and through the examination of information platform, phase tracking supervision target task completion and progress, timely warning remind all units to protect the ecological the goals and tasks on his shoulders, in their hands, in the heart.


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