5 billion investment in Xining the top six categories of private projects in order to promote the o

2014, Xining plans a total investment of 5 billion 82 million yuan, the implementation of the top six categories of private projects for the people of the 38. At the end of August, two projects have been completed, the remaining 36 projects in an orderly way.

this year, the city of Xining to increase investment in urban infrastructure construction, the implementation of 7 projects. Among them, the people and the road (bridge), expensive Road (bridge), the road east extension section of the construction project has been completed the project quantity 80%. Urban drainage network expansion project has completed an investment of 60 million 500 thousand yuan. Fourth, the fifth sewage treatment plant project fully completed at the end of October. Smooth project by project funds and other factors, progress is slow. The other two projects have completed the target task of 90%.

in the aspect of social security and peace building, and promote the work for price stability, last winter and spring, transporting 62 thousand and 700 tons of vegetables, 42 thousand tons of vegetables, meat reserves of 2600 tons, exceeding the task; affordable housing has started construction of 27425 units, the operating rate of 76%; the "two rooms" rural construction, rural housing has started to reward the construction of 8215 households, the difficulties of the masses of the reconstruction has started construction of 4930 households; Xining City welfare center and Rural happiness hospital comprehensive community service center project to accomplish a task 40%. The remaining 4 projects have completed more than 60% of the target task.

this year, Xining will also be included in the content of ecological civilization construction projects for the people of practical projects in the plate. The implementation of the airport high speed along the environmental remediation project, has completed 2000 acres of high standard greening and landscape renovation completed 17 kilometers, traffic, landscape, ecological green line route of modern highway landscape belt. Lake environmental improvement projects completed more than 100 million yuan investment. The Beichuan River (core) water project is expected to be completed by the end of the main project, Xichuan river control projects will start construction by the end of September. Coal fired boiler has been completed to 139.39 tons of gas to change, out of the abandoned Yellow car 7315.


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