220 ethnic religious cadres to receive training

work to create national unity and progress of advanced areas to further promote and improve the city’s religious activities democratic management committee director of the management ability and management level, to lay a solid foundation for our harmonious development of religious activities, December 14th to 16, the District Secretary, cadres of the people were temple and religious activities of people will director of more than 220 people in the centralized training.

in three days of training, the instructor carefully prepared courseware slides (PPT) system on the central ethnic work conference spirit, create the profound connotation of national unity and progress of advanced work of importance, according to the management of religious activities and the necessity to do fire prevention and control. Focus on the training through this, to further improve the city’s religious activities the people to manage director of ideological consciousness and policy level, to actively boost the city to create a national unity, religious harmony, social harmony and good environment.


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