China Unicom Sanjiang forum held seminars

April 9th, China Unicom Sanjiang auditorium second lectures held in the provincial Party school. Yue Qingping, entitled "China’s dream of historical reflection and future prospects," a special lecture, more than a thousand people to listen to lectures.

Yue Qingping is a professor of history at Peking University, doctoral tutor, director of the Central Research Institute, room 93 United Front Work Department of the CPC Party committee standing committee. Long engaged in policy research.

listen to lectures Professor Yue comrades reflect historical reconsidering Chinese dream and future prospects as the theme, from the Chinese dream, China dream and the American dream, historical reflection, dream dream China Chinese prospect four aspects of China dream in-depth reading, not only let us know the dream you people who are actuated by high ideals in the revival of the Chinese nation in modern times, since the new understanding of Chinese established China leadership of the Communist Party of the people of all ethnic groups to pursue the dream of Chinese, also from Chinese characteristic socialist road and theoretical system of the future China dream is prospected, so we are fully aware of the Chinese dream after all is the dream of the people, must be implemented firmly we must rely on the people, for the benefit of the people, so as to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese dream. (author: Mo Zicai)


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