Cake shop to join what conditions the whole

China cake shop surely we are not unfamiliar! This is a well-known brand cake business. From its founding to the present has been 24 years, the founder of the brand is their current president Luo Hong. The brand after years of efforts, has now developed into a production and operation of cake, bread, pastry, cakes, and other products Glutinous Rice Balls point, mainly distributed in the country has more than and 70 large and medium-sized city thousands of retail stores, three domestic first-class large-scale modernization of Food Industrial Park, tens of thousands of high-quality staff of the domestic baking industry. In the enterprise.

How much is the

cake shop investment funds?

will become the preferred brand hollyland improvement of people’s quality of life and emotion, and continue to lead the development of the industry. No matter where we are, we can enjoy our healthy and delicious food and service at any time, as well as the happy experience.

will become an excellent team hollyland people aspire to, every employee to work with enthusiasm, optimism, positive attitude, grow happily in love, respect, trust and caring atmosphere, every employee has the opportunity through their own efforts, become the company’s partners, reflect value, realize the dream, have the envy of all life.

will be all hollyland customers the most sincere, the most valuable and most trusted partner, mutual support and common development and achieve win-win situation.

cake store:

1, a natural person who has the capacity to independently bear civil liability or an independent legal person;

2, with brand awareness, have a long-term vision of development, have the appropriate investment ability and risk awareness;

3, have a certain understanding of hollyland brand, understanding and identity management, hollyland fashion business philosophy;

4, have certain food or other industry management experience, have a strong sense of brand management, have common development confidence;

5, with a good reputation and goodwill in the local, with the willingness to participate in the operation and management, with the company in a timely manner to market information feedback

6, according to the application to set up a special shop to buy the area and area, the monopoly operators have a certain amount of capital and liquidity;

What is the

join hollyland fee:

contract term: 1-3 investment amount: 20-100 million


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