Xiamen will establish a management platform about cars

about cars there has been a great challenge, for some people, with the about the car, let people feel the convenience of travel, but also let more people see the use of social idle car drive rate, regardless of the driver or passengers are good. Some people think that the car is not so safe.

as of February 13th, the Xiamen Municipal Transportation Bureau through the platform has been carried out on the background review of 4275 people, the investigation out of the driver does not meet the conditions of access to the 246, the issued about car driver qualification certificate of 1287.

2016 in June, the city Department of transportation, Xiamen City Council by letter about the car to start the construction of informatization supervision platform, breaking the original unconnected "information island", to explore the "Internet plus control" mode. Traffic, public security and other departments of the relevant data on the platform to achieve interoperability and information sharing, you can quickly review the about the car driver has the conditions of employment.

Xiamen this year to increase the management of the about the car, so that the relevant departments can grasp the about the car and the driver’s background, so that more security to the passengers. The material and personal information to the administrative service center window, almost 10 minutes to get the card." Lift the net about the driver’s license to handle the window of the driver, the car about the car driver Wang Liping biggest feeling is fast".

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