The food industry is still very good now luxury brand Gucci net

luxury consumption tide increasingly fierce, even the food and beverage industry is also unable to escape her clutches, from the beginning of 2014, many luxury brands have opened their own cross-border restaurants, and in 2015 has formed a trend in the future is certainly growing, today want to introduce is a cross-border catering brand LV Gucci cross catering. In July 2015, Gucci opened the world’s first restaurant in Shanghai, china.

Gucci is not only interested in the catering industry, LV Louis Weedon, Prada Prada, Burberry Burberry, Hermes Armani, CHANEL Chanel Hermes, Armani Ralph, Lauren Ralph Lauren, Dunhill, MontBlanc, Dunhill MONTBLANC Dolce& Gabbana Dolce & Gabbana and other luxury brands are involved in cross-border food catering industry.

so cross the border catering industry, it is because the luxury business is not good to do.

in China, especially in the retail industry as a whole, the overall trend of decline in the market, the popularity of the mall’s major luxury stores is sluggish.

luxury goods giants began to look for ways of coping, trying to attract more young consumers in many ways, the layout of the catering industry and easy to use, quickly become a consensus, so there is the birth of these dining deck.

these people to join the cross-border catering business examples from superior luxury be too numerous to enumerate, but business to ordinary entrance food, luxury brands catering what do not cross


opened when the appointment to two months ahead of the hot, and now the business situation is as expected, chopsticks to play with the idea to take a look at what these stores have common problems.

cross-border restaurants are mostly coffee shops, dessert shops, lifestyle is still inseparable from the luxury


2014 in March, Prada announced the acquisition of Angelo McKay Co. 80% stake in the company, the company owns Milan’s time-honored dessert "Mackay pastries".

LVMH group’s Italian dessert restaurant brand COVA entered Shanghai in 2010, opened in Financial Street in 2015, the first shopping mall in Beijing.

British clothing brand Vivienne Westwood also opened a coffee shop in Shanghai, Luwan District.

Armani’s coffee chain brand Empo>

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