Do the details of service retain more customers for the whole of shops

although the growing demand for customers, however, to provide customers with the number of shops is growing. The customer is the lifeblood of business survival, the more customers who have the market share, the more, the greater the chance of survival. In the increasingly homogeneous supply of goods today, how to attract and retain those passing, the first time into the store customers, the flow of tourists to stabilize the source, is an important issue in front of the retail business.

Many shopkeepers

experience shows that success in attracting customers stopped, walked into the shop, we should y grasp the needs of customers, more effort in the details, to keep people look at the details of the service "based on"".

grasp the basic information, the establishment of the file will contact

According to

research, a customer into the store within 3 minutes, if the owner cannot with customers to establish the basic relations, also is the customer and the owner did not communicate effectively, then the customer will not produce what impression for the shop, at least not remember the owner. How to open up the situation in this limited 3 minutes, let the customer from the "stranger" into "regulars"? The owner needs to start from the details.

when a strange customer to shop, the owner must actively and enthusiastically and greet customers, ask the customer demand, in order to retain the "newcomer", mainly in the communication "efforts, more attention to observation, according to the customer’s age, dress, language on the spit and other external observation, find the starting point of communication with customers, this communication is a two-way, not just keep asking customers, but also to encourage customers to speak, and through his communication, we can understand the basic situation of the customer, such as work, residence, preferences, family situation, which often go to buy things and so on.

in the Song Dynasty store, especially on the details of the display, which makes customers feel very comfortable

2006, Xiao Song from the army, in the Anhui province Huoqiu County S310 road opened a "snow country parity Department", after the opening, the customer group is getting stronger, this is due to the small details of the service usually do well in Song dynasty. Every time a new customer enters the door, Xiao Song are active and enthusiastic to give customers a smoke pour tea, pull home, through communication to find common topics. Xiao Song will communicate some basic information to understand the collection, with the consent of the consent of the customer, establish a consumption profile to new customers, files mainly include the customer’s name, address, contact information, and other brand preferences.

so that customers feel valued and respected, the heart will have the next thing to buy this idea. For the song, if the next customer to come, he can naturally and customers to open the box, to provide them with personalized service. During the holidays, the song will also call, send text messages and other forms of this

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