Dragon Boat Festival in the great business opportunities aimed at the business to the money fast

Chinese people have strong feelings on the Dragon Boat Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, many businesses have begun to prepare some promotional activities of the Dragon Boat Festival, investors also want to make use of the Dragon Boat festival. So, what are the business opportunities in the Dragon Boat Festival? In the Dragon Boat Festival selling point what to make money? Xiaobian now for you to answer the mystery!

light colored thread wrapped around the red arm, small Fu Xiegua green bun. The Dragon Boat Festival, the color line, there is peace and blessings long moral evil, so go to the wholesale commodity city some color line, put a stall in the crowded place to sell, can also earn a little money.

comments: the existing boutiques can open a space or put stall at the door, which is dedicated to the sale of evil items, the efficacy can be tapped, coupled with the elements of fashion, is also a rare opportunity, for example, Sachet, colorful silk thread etc.. As a special holiday decorations can play a beautiful role, but also can exert its implication of the evil poison effect. Now many young people love.


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