Entrepreneurship is not old after retirement can successfully start the 4 strategies

everyone’s success, is not a simple thing, all need such experience. Fan · Thomas (Van  Thomas) has a young business. In March 2013, when fan · Thomas (Van  Thomas) 63 years old, he created his own name after the hair care series Van  Thomas  Concepts. He was just one example of a man who was born in the baby boom and now has a choice to retire. After more than 30 years of career development for a well-known, mature brand of hair care products, Thomas decided to use his industry and product knowledge to develop their own product line.

Castrina even said that the late bloomer entrepreneurs than their younger counterparts have a greater chance of success, because their financial situation is generally good, their personal lives are more stable, they know what is your weakness. "When you are 50 years old or older, you will know exactly what your weaknesses are. At the age of 20, you think you have no weakness." Castrina said.

1.  rely on your expertise. Castrina suggests that retired entrepreneurs should take advantage of the rich experience they have accumulated in their working lives when they are thinking of opening up their own piece of the sky. For example, van Thomas, whose thirty years of experience in the hair care industry has added credibility to his new product line. "I get the feedback from people:"

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