Guy on the nternet to sell furniture round wealth dream

now online entrepreneurs can really a lot of friends around the open shop also grab a lot. For young people, open shop is really a good choice. Each person will have his own entrepreneurial dream, but the real action, to realize their dreams of wealth seldom, the Chen Zhongfeng stick to their dreams, in spite of difficult, and ultimately realize their dreams of wealth.

"they fear me their counterfeit goods, but do not believe can sell furniture online!" Talk about the initial search for the source of experience, Chen Zhongfeng remember. At that time, he ran dozens of furniture factory, furniture factory ignore him, small furniture factory did not trust him, finally tuoshuren, linked to a furniture factory, but the supply of poor quality, resulting in many problems of customer service. Hard to start the site, and finally because of funding strand breaks down. But he is not willing to fail, decided to change the platform, relying on Taobao mall and Taobao two stores selling furniture. Chen Zhongfeng decisive decision to save the entrepreneurial team.

in the online business, the cost will be much lower, young people have generally do not have too much money, so early is the best time to consider online business. There are many online entrepreneurs, Chen Zhongfeng also saw the opportunity to start online business, choose to sell home, and has been working hard for it, and ultimately realize their dream of wealth.


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