What is the Laotaimen bun join process

steamed stuffed bun to join the project selection, has been very competitive, with the choice of business opportunities. Laotaimen buns? High quality entrepreneurial projects, small business for the franchisee, business opportunities are infinite. Join the Laotaimen bun, what are you waiting for? So, join the Laotaimen steamed stuffed bun has what kind of process?

1, investment consulting. The telephone or a preliminary understanding and Laotaimen appointment to visit the headquarters of the steamed stuffed bun, to discuss specific issues.

2, field trips. The on-the-spot investigation and the Laotaimen strength and visit the headquarters baozi model shop, enjoy the scene of a variety of technical level of product experience.

3, join the application. Study the satisfaction of proposed Laotaimen buns to join the application, by the reception area has no corresponding investment manager review places.

4, sign a contract. To handle the relevant procedures issued by the authorized bronze Laotaimen buns headquarters establishes tracking service archives.

5, management training. According to the level of franchise Laotaimen steamed stuffed bun to explain how the location and layout of the store, the store and the corresponding management strategy.

6, technical training. Model shop on-site training product production technology and process formula, and practical training to learn.

7, product order. Order the corresponding equipment, packaging and raw materials according to the selected level of franchise business needs Laotaimen buns.

8, store choice. According to the requirements and the level of franchise Laotaimen buns headquarters training guidance, select the appropriate operating location.

9, store decoration. The store plans and photos sent to Laotaimen baozi headquarters, headquarters free store decoration construction drawing design.

10, officially opened. According to the business guidance strategy Laotaimen buns headquarters, put a certain amount of advertising, choose auspicious opening.

based on the selected Laotaimen steamed flour and stuffing ingredients strictly Laotaimen buns, nutritional diet recipes secret, so that every diners are nourishing to enjoy the same delicious. The production process is environmentally friendly and delicate, each procedure strictly refined, Laotaimen buns do absolutely standardization.

market opportunities, brand strength is strong, entrepreneurial worry to choose to join Laotaimen buns? In fact, we all know that the breakfast market, has been very hot. Small business to choose Laotaimen baozi project, is the election of the!

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