College Students’ Entrepreneurship and employment forum lecture

in order to allow college students to have a correct entrepreneurial thinking, lectures, forums and other needs often held for people to add energy. College Students’ Entrepreneurship and employment forum lecture in Gushan Cloud Lake Street, the forum set up a special fund to support entrepreneurship.

30 morning, Ji’nan Changqing District Gushan Cloud Lake Street entrepreneurship and employment forum held. The forum invited the Shandong fairy Agel Ecommerce Ltd general manager Cui Bei 40, Beijing Jiu Fang Agel Ecommerce Ltd general manager Ren Xiangjun, general manager of Ji’nan Sheng Digital Technology Co. Ltd. Huang Xuguang three guests share business ideas, exchange of entrepreneurial experience, and interact with university students.

2015 in July, guyuanhu Street on Qilu innovation Valley, the establishment of the Shandong mobile Internet industry alliance. In December of the same year, the area of landmark "building innovation" as the core carrier of creative industry in Shandong Province Association of electronic support, the establishment of Shandong Province, the first mobile Internet industry base, vigorously develop the mobile Internet industry, encourage entrepreneurship, attract entrepreneurial team settled together. Three months, there are 25 related businesses and well-known headquarters of the economy contracted settled, the tax revenue of $30 million.

as a professional incubator, Shandong general manager of the state to create a Business Service Co. Ltd. Li Hui said that youth entrepreneurship risky, the start-up team coaching in the business operation, team development, technology development, market docking and other aspects, can reduce business risk, accelerate the growth of youth entrepreneurship project. I believe that through this forum, you can let the students in the process of employment or entrepreneurial experience, less detours.



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