Anhui Fuyang to promote the development of migrant workers employment


as a special social group, migrant workers have a very large number of components, at the same time, they are the most no craft one, usually working outside more are relying on the toil. In order to solve the problem of employment and Entrepreneurship of this part of the people, Anhui Fuyang government made a great effort to obtain a high degree of recognition of the local people.

Anhui to Fuyang Yingquan district to broaden the channels of employment of migrant workers, promote the migrant farmers get stable income, promote new urbanization and agricultural modernization coordinated development. As of last year, the region’s total number of people returning home reached 1729.

accelerate the pace of industrial development, the spring layout area north of planning for the "three plate livable industry should travel", the construction of the Anhui Youth Business Industrial Park in Fuyang, Linyi mall, Anhui Fuyang national agricultural science and Technology Park and a number of employment platform, driven by a number of local peasant workers’ income.

to strengthen training and education, according to the social need in designated training institutions to open computer operation, appliance repair, CNC lathe, auto repair and other professional, let migrant workers have proficiency in a particular line. Adhere to the stable employment of migrant workers in the city, the development of the implementation of the opinions of the public entrepreneurship, organized to take you home activities and special recruitment of migrant workers, to attract a number of migrant workers nearby employment.

actively carry out entrepreneurship training and micro secured loans, increase the intensity of the implementation of preferential policies to provide free loans, tax relief and other related preferential policies. Pay attention to the wages of migrant workers began work, smooth reporting channels, timely accept the arrears of wages for migrant workers to report complaints, for the problems found timely filing, investigation as soon as possible, once verified, the employer shall be ordered to immediately pay the wages of migrant workers.

It is because the

launch such a policy, so that Fuyang local migrant workers employment and entrepreneurship has been the cause of the development of high speed, not only increases the income of migrant workers, for the local economic development is a huge boost.

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