A few tricks to jewelry products store business back to life

jewelry shop, although it is a hot business opportunities, but in order to operate a jewelry store is not an easy thing, small series for everyone to weapon, easy to solve a few tricks jewelry store crisis. />

1.  location ambiguity. The letter said that the quality of the goods in the vicinity of the small shop is good, but the business can not do, it can be inferred that the store’s product prices are relatively high. Jewelry to sell a good price, in addition to the product itself to have the characteristics, but also the owner of the fashion experience and business environment to support. Ms. Wan this one alone high, in fact, a lot of hidden risks, a little inattentive will be rejected by consumers.

2.  put an end to bargaining. Bargain game is actually the customers and between the mentality, and many customers are exploratory bargain, if the owner agreed to cut prices, even if customers buy, also will feel the store product profit space is large, it is difficult to have continued to buy.

3.  rigid management. When the surrounding business shop, should conduct a thorough investigation, to find out the price of competitors, product system, quickly adjust management ideas, even retained the original products, can also increase and the surrounding quality quite, lower prices of products, stimulate consumption, and not as willing to wait for the market.


2.  the owner also according to different consumer grade customers, setting up clear product echelon, such as 1~10 yuan of products accounted for 25%, 11~30 yuan of products accounted for 40%, 31~60 yuan accounted for 15%, more than 60 products accounted for 20%.

3.  publicity, can please 1~2 clerk, uniform dress, uniform above the slogan; do not consider the commercial street outside the individual, because customers usually don’t have to a car or a special home accessories shop, shop should rely on the flow of people near to operate, the >