2011 investment in the most profitable industry The playful lighting shop let you earn tens of thous

2011 what to do most money, is a topic of concern to many people! The family is now basically have only one child, the parents on the care become a playful lighting industry is not the power failure!

"even sell something more ordinary, there are good ideas, good packaging, can still attract guests." About business, playful lighting store owner Yao Yinlian said. The new popular route at the Century Square this shop specializes in children’s lighting lighting, with full of fantastic color decoration, warm and light, has attracted many customers, the market, aimed at children with childlike lead off is the boss even place the idea of Yao silver shop.

enters the shop, various vivid cartoon characters to fusion with soft light, as if to return to childhood. Lovely princess type, type, type of cartoon, with cartoon character, the moon and the stars, a girl’s dream princess, design variety, not only attracted many children and parents in the eye, many young couples also love to buy put in the bedroom.

"like this lamp, lace lace and pink shades, put in the bedroom light is very warm" to introduce to a clerk. The clerk said that now the shop’s lighting are purchased from Foshan, a total of nearly fifty or sixty models of different lighting, customers can choose according to their different needs.

"eye" health card eyesight has almost become the most children of the "enemy", also plagued many parents. Manager Yao Yinlian in the shop before, the idea of whether there is a child can protect the vision of the lights. It is understood that the eye is mainly used for eye features, will be converted into ordinary 220V alternating current steady DC power, the bulb light and natural uniform and bright soft light, show the true colors, so as to protect children’s eyesight.

clerk to the introduction to the current store lighting energy-saving lamp is bright, the children’s eyes harmless. When a lot of parents to buy Lighting, are very concerned about whether there is the effectiveness of eye care, this vision does bring a lot of business to the store.

The use of

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