An analysis of the way for media people to run their own businesses

this is a comprehensive entrepreneurial era, whether it is agriculture, industry or service industry, the media industry, etc., all walks of life have left the job market, to join the entrepreneurial tide. 2015, the media can be said to usher in a new business season, they broke through the shackles of traditional media systems, began to find their new position in the wave of entrepreneurship.

four media people leaving the business information, from one side to reflect present a basic reality: media venture season has arrived. In the past, the media left to new media company, leaving the company to do public relations, sporadic leave to do a little business, today there is a new wave of – leaving the big wave of entrepreneurship.

from sporadic behavior, to today’s centralized turnover business, from once a specific project to invest today (Xu Shi and Fan Weifeng), business services ("south of the circle of friends), media people into the wave of entrepreneurship’s role in increasingly multicultural, increasingly systematic characteristics. From individual combat to group operations, from self-employed entrepreneurs to have a strong organizational guarantee (entrepreneurial services community and the new media investment fund), escalating.

free media began more large-scale, organized, systematic, ecological media business, in the community formed a new center, the new social organization. Today, some media organizations before leaving the media, has completed the primitive accumulation of Entrepreneurship (such as the side of salmon snowball finance, the original life, Yu Huafeng Luo Xu and Yang Bin, have fun to enjoy off off) the initiate and support more multimedia business conditions.

and like Fan Weifeng, Xu Shi, Zhang Quanling and other former media people, leaving to join the investment institutions, began to use its deep understanding of the media industry, media people venture investment.

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