Some disadvantages of College Students’ Entrepreneurship


students just out of school have some enthusiasm and entrepreneurial impulse, although their capital is young but behind this capital has hidden many problems, they will become the drawbacks of entrepreneurship.

1, the lack of funds. Students start the process, any a good project, a market prospect of invention, if not guaranteed funds, not financing or not from the investment company funds guarantee, not from the investment company in financing or not bank loans will not be implemented.

2, the lack of business management experience. An enterprise to be able to run normally, not only have good projects, funds guarantee, must also have a number of high-quality business management and business knowledge and theory, it is more important to can occur in all business management practice. Huazhong University of science Li Lingling talk about the entrepreneurial process because of the lack of experience in enterprise management so that he went to the crossroads and wandering, is a typical example.

3, the lack of market sales channels and marketing experience. The establishment of marketing channel is very important to the development of an enterprise, but the students have no experience in this field and lack of social relations.

now understand that college students lack of business in the face of these drawbacks, the success or failure of the key lies in whether the entrepreneur’s own weaknesses.

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