What are the experience of retail customers for home service

in order to attract customers, retain more repeat customers, so that the shop’s business is more popular, and now many of the retail stores to provide a more intimate service, many of the shops are provided on-site service. In short, now more and more large and small supermarket, facing the increasingly fierce competition, major businesses have to use their brains, to explore the real, facing many problems in the management of the store. There are many retailers have begun to implement door-to-door service, to take effective measures to do everything to think about the customer, thinking about the customer’s everything, into a passive initiative, to provide warm and thoughtful door-to-door service.

firmly establish the concept of "customer first, service intentions", pay attention to details, focus on the actual, overall planning, careful management, and strive to improve service quality and customer satisfaction. Now, please tell us about your experience and practice in the home service, let us be inspired.

Shaanxi, Baoji City, Weibin district retail Zhang Xiaodong

attention to detail intimate service

Seven years of my

supermarket, the implementation of on-site service for two years, each receiving customer calls for delivery, I will patiently consult a good customer wants what type, price and quantity, carefully check after the customer to buy things at home. Not long ago, the residents of the district to buy five boxes of clouds, I asked the customer what kind of needs for a long time, the customer did not say too clearly.

my home supermarket has a variety of clouds, if you do not ask clearly, just choose to send a home, it is easy to be returned by the customer, both time-consuming and laborious, the loss outweighs the gain. I introduce my business thing about the price of twenty yuan in a cloud (soft treasures) and Yunyan (soft treasures ZJ); the price of ten yuan or so have Yunyan (soft happiness), clouds (purple), the customer after listening to my introduction, decided to choose ten yuan (purple), and clouds I will, in four boxes of Yunyan first time (purple) sent to the customer home.

another time, a customer to buy two bags of washing powder, six bottles of beer and two boxes of jiaozi (X), the total amount of 54 yuan, I check carefully, and call the customer ready to 60 yuan of money, so I delivery back to 6 yuan, the customer said there is no change, only 100 yuan, I said that the line, so I prepared 46 yuan of money, and send the goods to the customer’s home, customers give me a 100 yuan, 46 yuan I find. In this way, neither delay time, but also greatly improve the efficiency of the customer feel satisfied, I also shorten the delivery time. Seemingly small details of life, we need to take seriously, so on their own and have great help to customers.

Heilongjiang, Harbin City, Nangang district retail Sun Jingwei


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