Wuhan soil beat 8 plots total turnover of 1 billion 936 million 140 thousand

with the recovery of the real estate, land auction in full swing. Wuhan’s 8 plots of land, the total turnover of 1 billion 936 million 140 thousand yuan. Let us look at the relevant specific reports!

yesterday, Wuhan (real estate), listed ways to sell 8 plots, the Department of housing prices is min Rong first into Wuhan, won by 972 million yuan, four new green plots; the reserve price of 840 million yuan won the Optics Valley east commercial, will be built 400 meters tall.

this earth beat 8 plots, the total turnover of $1 billion 936 million 140 thousand, the total net land area of 293360 square meters.

Zhengrong estate to 972 million yuan won the Hanyang ZhengXin plots, the floor price from 2500 yuan / square meters up to 6826 yuan / square meter. Lin Zhaoyang, President of real estate, said Rong Rong has been closely watching the market in Wuhan, Wuhan City regardless of the economy, population, industry or education, the development of the real estate market has formed a strong support.

2016 in the first quarter of Wuhan sold a total of 44 plots, the flow of 2 cases, with a total turnover of an area of 2 million 166 thousand and 400 square meters, the total turnover of $15 billion 391 million, turnover rose 41.2%

over the same period last year

in the face of the Wuhan land market unpopular situation, small series can only sigh, who can afford to buy these land, its financial strength is how strong! For the current land market so crazy phenomenon, this phenomenon will last long?

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