What is the mode of joining bass drum

vermicelli in the innovation brand which good? Xiao Bian believes that the good rice drum, drum vermicelli is built by the drum Catering Management Co., Ltd., for the world to build a restaurant brand. Drum Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011, headquartered in Shanghai, operates mainly in the series of rice drum, local characteristics of the snack restaurant. In the rice noodle industry, the first to introduce CIS image recognition system, implement HACCP safety and health system. To carry forward the Chinese food culture and promote the continuous development of Chinese fast food for the mission.

after several years of development, now in many provinces have their own stores, but also reflect the market is also very good, more and more franchisees have joined Dagu nanowires in the near future, will become a well-known brand, join the chain snack noodle drum: This is certainly there.

a lot of investors will ask: big rice vermicelli joined snack bar?

drum vermicelli combining the modern diet concept, to ensure maximum unique flavor of food, food and beverage market, show ingenuity, become an independent school leading the trend of consumption, consumption, create atmosphere, consumers become the most favorite and most popular specialty food brands. The company also has its own R & D team, developed a variety of different characteristics of food, snack chain business is also very prosperous!

currently has the following three main brands called joining:

A. self-management model to join the cost of 120 thousand shop requirements: 60~150 square (area)

B. store hosting mode join fee: Join fee 120 thousand

C. drum franchise model joining fee: initial fee requirements: 40 thousand? Shop more than 30 square feet (3.5 meters wide above)

so many ways to join you always have the right, if you want to join the chain of rice vermicelli snack chain, it is time to move on, please visit our website at the bottom of the message for more information.

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