How much does it cost to join a cafeteria

do not know is not related to small series, love tasting delicacy to the cafeteria, a feeling of love, eat what you feel, is free, rich dishes, rich in nutrition, people can collocation according to their own preferences were randomly selected to meet the needs of the people for a healthy diet, consumers and investors in the market. So, how much money to join the cafeteria? Today, Xiao Bian to answer this question for everyone.

according to the small series of understanding, at present, the cafeteria business model on the market mainly by the independent operation and brand to join these two kinds. In order to be able to make their own shops have been in the forefront of the market, but also in order to allow them to get a huge return, more and more investors began to choose to take the road to join the brand. So, how much money to join the cafeteria? The investment cost is mainly composed of the cost of joining the brand, the rent of the shop, the cost of the decoration, the cost of the equipment, the cost of the material and the cost of publicity. Now, let’s take a look at the details.

join the cost: the cafeteria brand on the market is countless, choose cafeteria brand is different, join in cost also different. Famous cafeteria brand, the cost of a little more than the collection of fees, the reputation of small, the cost of joining the natural charge is less. If the investor has a certain degree of visibility of the cafeteria brand, the need to pay the cost of joining the usual around $10000.

shop rent: the size of the cafeteria and the size of the business district and other factors, will direct the rental costs of the store. In general, the cafeteria opened stores in the high-end residential Deshang shop area of 150 square meters, about 10000 yuan rent.

decoration costs: in the decoration of the shop, the cafeteria style of decoration to a little luxury and high-end some, the cost of renovation costs at least 20 thousand yuan.

equipment costs: investors need to purchase some appliances, production equipment, tables and chairs, etc., also need to install air conditioning, cash register systems, monitoring systems and other equipment, the cost is generally between 3-4 million.

raw material costs: investors need to purchase some ingredients, beverages, etc., the cost of about 10 thousand yuan.

publicity costs: before joining the cafeteria opened, investors need to carry out a lot of publicity, enhance the visibility of the shop, for people to create a good image. Investors can issue a number of leaflets distributed throughout the city, but also in some TV, newspapers, etc.. If you have enough money on hand, investors can also hold a grand opening ceremony, the invitation of the stars for their endorsement, so that the cost of publicity is naturally a little more.


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