How to solve the customer’s repeated exchange of goods

selected a product, because of various reasons, the heart is not satisfied with the exchange of a lot of cases, unless it is a special or affect the two sales of the product, otherwise the general store will agree. However, if a customer repeatedly exchange it? Sellers and how to solve?

a customer selected a pair of shoes, before buying, she asked: "if the shoes have quality problems, I can be returned within the specified date, is not it?" The shop assistant nodded his head.

after a day, the customer because of the wrong number of shoes, to the store to exchange a.

two days later, the customer because they do not like the color of shoes, to the store to exchange a.

a week later, the customer came with his shoes again. This time she asked for a change of shoes. Faced with such a situation, shopping guide should be how to deal with it?

obviously, this is the back of the customer. They easily regret after making a decision. For example, they buy a pair of shoes to wear half yards, feel too loose, will change a pair of slightly smaller; bought a pair of white shoes, and shoes can not help too dirty, will ask for a pair of brown.

they love this kind of psychological, will let them continue to require replacement shoes. Shopping guide to do is to provide customers with satisfactory service, of course, can not create trouble for themselves. If we blindly conform to the requirements of customers, it is bound to affect the overall work. Therefore, the work of the shopping guide to do more in-depth and meticulous, grasp the psychology of such customers, as much as possible to solve all the problems before the event.

error response

you are not looking for trouble for us, although we have no reason to return within 7 days, but you have to wear these shoes we can not sell ah.

you are not tired, I am tired, not to buy a pair of shoes, you have to change third times.

check this time, we won’t change next time!

the first way to deal with is to blame the customer, but did not consider the customer’s feelings, but to stand in the shoes of the point of view of the problem, showing the impatient shopping guide. The second approach is similar to the first one, which is likely to cause customer hostility. And if the customer to buy the shoes is really not appropriate, to come to the exchange is reasonable, shopping guide refused to do the job is not done. Third coping styles are too tough, like giving orders to customers, this does not alleviate the concerns of customers, the customer will arouse more concern, remember, guide duty is to provide satisfactory service for the customer, rather than scold or oppression.

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