Xinjiang is engaged in a number of online entrepreneurship policy support

has now become a network era, in such a background, the network business activities have also begun to pop up, at the same time, the various parts of the country have also introduced a lot of Network Entrepreneurship policy.

autonomous community hall "on the network business that notice" provisions, to shop in the e-commerce platform for real name authentication, identification has been continuously engaged in network business for 6 months (inclusive) above; integrity management, good credit, comprehensive evaluation of network rate or favorable rate in 95% (inclusive) above has been operating; 6 months, the average monthly turnover of 3000 yuan (inclusive) above, while operating two (inclusive) above the shop, and comply with the above conditions can calculate the cumulative turnover.

"notice" provisions of the network business that is valid for 1 years, that more than 1 years of Internet entrepreneurs apply to enjoy the support policy, required by the community sector review its online operation, and held in the network of entrepreneurs employment pass or employment unemployment registration certificate on the note review time, not invalid review by application.

for the majority of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurship through the network to realize their value of life is a very important thing, at the same time, there are more and more network entrepreneurs began to actively carry out network business activities, but also have a good policy effect.


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