Kung Fu join details

Kung Fu to join the brand visibility of the project is obvious to people, because of the marketing process since its inception to now has been welcomed by consumers, but also investors to join the project, so how to join the Kungfu catering? How much is the joining fee? The following Xiaobian to introduce

join process:

first, join consulting

if you want to join the real Kung Fu, want to know more information, you can choose to call us, we hope that you can visit the store Kung Fu style and management condition, we believe that this will increase your confidence in investment.

two, business district assessment

you want to join the real Kung Fu, must bring their own stores, we will arrange for professionals to the store business district assessment, assessment, including the characteristics of the business district, peer competitiveness, rental prices, turnover estimates. We will tell you the results, together with you to decide whether it is appropriate to do the real work, because your success and failure is also related to the reputation of Kung Fu brand, we hope to be a win-win outcome.

three, signed a franchise contract

in the business district through the assessment, we will sign a franchise contract with you, you must pay 20 thousand yuan fee, margin of $10 thousand, to join the valid period of 3 years.

four, design and construction

when we receive the fee and the deposit, we will send senior technicians and designers to your shop for construction design guidance. According to the actual situation of your store, we will be in two to three days to give you a complete floor plan, renderings and construction plans, and to assist you in the construction process.

five, personnel training and technical support

you can come to the real Kung Fu headquarters training, you can also bring two to three staff training and training together with the front desk cashier, for a period of 30 days, we will conduct a series of assessment. After each quarter, we will launch one or two new products, free to provide you with technical support, so that you will never walk in front of the market will not be eliminated.

six, opening preparation

in the early decoration, we will provide you a door-to-door distribution equipment and installation and debugging, and your shop posters, leaflets, light film we will be free of charge for your design, we promise all these in your one to two days before the opening of all ready.

seven, opening

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