What are the most worthy of investors to join the Hamburg brand

In addition to Kentucky Fried Chicken McDonald’s

western fast food McDonald’s, which is the most worthy of the brand of major investors to join, of course, belong to the following three Hamburg brand.

happy star burger

happy star brand mainly engaged in hamburgers, fried chicken, French fries, pizza, and Egg Tart, ice cream, ice, milkshakes, Smoothie, Chinese fried rice and stew packages, juice tea and other fast food delicacy.

happy star Hamburg merchants brand with its rich practical experience, professional food development formula, coordinate and standardize the operation and management philosophy, and constantly meet the needs of the market. To provide consumers with nutrition, health, delicious food.

has successfully developed more than 1 thousand and 600 franchise stores in China, and the brand extends to Burma, Africa and other foreign markets. In May 2010, the company was established as the only western fast food exhibition in Shanghai expo. Happy star Hamburg agent store management adhering to the "health first, quality assurance, the pursuit of perfection, always create a new high" business philosophy.

1985 · Jason; Leo founded Ollie nourishing snack shop in New Orleans Olivier, like most successful enterprises, and by the beginning of Hamburg Ollie home to small snack shop 50 square meters of the development so far, the world has more than 2000 of the chain brand, all success stems from people of delicious nourishing Oliver pursuit: do the world super delicious hamburger


, the foreign fast food burger Ollie boutique clean sweep, authentic taste invincible. Dozens of series of hundreds of varieties, men and women enjoy this delicious nutritious, stylish and convenient. Each delicious let customers by the advent of a new lead a person to endless aftertastes, and immediately caused crazy storm and new trend of early adopters of delicacy.

Beck Hamburg

Beck Hamburg introduction Western-style food process, reduce the meal time make snap, 10-20 seconds, single 5-15 seconds, serving 10-30 seconds, pay 5-20 seconds, the entire process took only 30 seconds, -2 minutes, incredible fast ride, fast-paced city! Fast update quickly seize fresh machine, week new products, selling clothing! Circle buyers’mode, spy stalking the delicacy of delicacy, scattered international fast food brand research and development center, the trend of delicacy initiative seckill insight, one step ahead of fast shipping, exclusive market, hot dumping! Fast vertical support is quickly opened, million yuan investment success! The entire store output, 3 days of training, the 7 day of opening. Just 10 days of income. Products, display, sales, management, publicity and other standardized output, the minimum 5 square meters on the shop.

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