How to do shoe store location

if you want to run a better shoe store, first of all need to do a good job in the relevant site selection, only the location to do in place, you can talk about more business skills, will allow the store to create a greater profit. However, how to shop location is plagued by many operators. So, shoe store site selection work should be how to do?

so how do we get to the shoe store? Small shoes according to the brand marketing experience, summarized the store location of the "three words" – "look, too, than".

a look at

generally speaking, we choose the store is through the view of newspaper advertising, housing agency, real estate fair, the Internet and other shops to understand the information, and then select shops. According to expert analysis, the presence of 37 market rules in the shop, that is, the public rental information shops accounted for only about 30% of the total, while the private transfer of covert transactions accounted for up to $70%. So, we in the shop before, be sure to read more, field visits to the site, widely more channels to store source search. In short, we want to look forward to the eyes of our shoes.

store the location of the main view: 1, professional footwear market; 2, large community shops along the street; 3, supermarket shopping district, central place; 4, bus station, train station, hospital, near the school; 5, the downtown bus station, etc..


shoe store location can not rely on the feeling, you must use numbers to speak. Choose large or small shop, choose the flagship store or shop image, it is necessary to compute the cost of doing business, money is the hard truth, certainly not lose money and earn. Shops in prime locations will obviously rent high, less traffic will be a lot of shops rent will be low, the key depends on the shops, the rent ratio". If the store’s profit / rent is greater than one, we have money to earn, less than one is losing money trading, we must give up. Shop is not in size, but in profit.

because the bustling downtown generally small paved tight, it is sought, rents soared; in contrast, hundreds of square meters of large shops because of lag rent prices fall, in this case, we can group attack, by way of leasing group rented big shops, and then split, so stand the rent is relatively less.

three to

generally speaking, "passenger flow" and "financial resources" are complementary. There is a famous saying, "the first is the lot, the second is the lot, or the lot is third". Some people say that the lot determines the source, the flow of people is a potential source of tourists, so in the bustling lot shop, the probability of success is often higher than the ordinary lot. But there is something special in universality, not all

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