How to control the rapid rise in housing prices in Hefei

prices in social life, the majority of wage earners or people are more concerned about. Hefei in recent years, soaring housing prices, caused great repercussions in the community. In response to this phenomenon, the relevant policies to control the rapid rise in housing prices in Hefei, and the following Xiaobian together to understand.

reporter from the provincial departments informed the day before, I announced the "implementation of the views of the people’s Government of Anhui province to promote the stock market on the stable development of the real estate". Opinions will be in accordance with the requirements of accelerating the urbanization rate of household registration and deepening the reform of the housing system, focusing on solving regional and structural problems, the implementation of differentiated regulatory policies. Encourage migrant workers and other new public housing consumption, support for the rigid demand for residential housing and improve sexual needs, orderly settlement of real estate inventory, effective control of market potential risks.

encourages consumption

to improve the ability of farmers to purchase settled into the city

for the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of farmers settled in the city, the city settled farmers made provisions in our province in accordance with the law of rural land contract and management rights, land use rights, collective income distribution rights (hereinafter referred to as the "three rights") remained unchanged.

adhere to the law, voluntary, paid, in the ownership registration certification on the basis of the development of the circulation of rural land contracted management, promote the farmers housing property mortgage, guarantee, transfer pilot, improve the ability of buyers to pay farmers settled in the city. Farmers settled in the city to enjoy the same employment and social security policies and children’s education, school treatment and other public services.

to enhance the ability of people to pay housing accumulation fund loans

I will support the

province have stable employment of migrant workers, part-time employees and individual businesses such as freedom of occupation into the housing provident fund deposit, enjoy the housing fund extraction, loans and other related rights and interests. Actively expand the sources of funding of housing provident fund loans, advance credit asset securitization, through the issuance of commercial banks and housing provident fund loan portfolio, the implementation of "revolution business loan interest subsidies and other ways, and strive to meet the housing provident fund loans to people.

farmers purchase down payment ratio is not higher than the urban residents

province will encourage the banking financial institutions to increase credit support for the purchase of farmers in the city, optimize the loan approval process, shorten the processing time, the proportion of the minimum down payment is not higher than urban residents.

farmers purchase loans adverse disposal, cash collateral and the proceeds are insufficient to pay off part of bank loans to bear 70% of buyers, the local government guarantee institutions bear 20%, re guarantee institutions bear 10%. Guarantee amount of 200 thousand yuan and below

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