How to choose the project

is the choice of the road of entrepreneurship and investment to join the people too many to count, the project is a world full of coverage, which can provide the profits of the project is less and less, which requires investors to learn to choose their own projects, here, Xiaobian to introduce the method of choice to join the project.

1. project to be selected in the industry’s development prospects and growth space to determine

this information from the State Statistics Department, in charge of the industry sector or industry association, the investigation of the investor’s own is also very important. Special attention is that, sometimes, although the industry’s prospects for development is very good, but by the impact of the project positioning and other factors, making the growth of the selected project space is limited. For example, the overall development of the food and beverage industry is good, but the breakdown of Chinese fast food, western style fast food, Chinese and Western style meals, seafood, abalone and other projects, you have to analyze specific issues. In this case, we should give more consideration to their ability to have the resources to adapt to the needs of the project.

2. understand the history and scale of the proposed project

3. to consult the relevant agencies

in the initial selection of the project and the industry, it is necessary to relevant government agencies, industry organizations and franchise consultancy and advisory, to listen to their project’s industry, a specific project and enterprise views and judgments.

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