Yang Yuanqing nternet companies to enter the field of hardware failures

said Lenovo brand, presumably no one does not know, Lenovo’s products in the market is also very high evaluation, sales are very large, Lenovo Group announced the fiscal year 2012 annual results. Lenovo Group’s annual sales of $29 billion 600 million, net profit of $473 million, the annual market share reached 12.9%.


Yang Yuanqing, chairman and chief executive officer of

Lenovo Group, said at the earnings conference, the Japanese TV manufacturers loss is an important reason for the high cost rate, said the Internet companies to enter the field of hardware failures.

it is reported that Yang Yuanqing has previously said that the future will be like the TV mobile phone market, smart TV to replace the traditional TV is an inevitable trend, so Lenovo early to enter into such a field, manufacturers must adapt to, he believes that domestic manufacturers in the content should be more than ready.

He believes that with the

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