Zhengzhou a district of the existence of security risks why property

as urbanization continues to strengthen, many areas were in residential unit households, but some areas in some years later, will be a series of security problems are prominent, how to effectively solve the security problems become the focus of attention. "The district is full of security risks, fire engines are not entering, I do not dare to live at home." Recently, the Zheng Dong New District Baisha Town, Heng Yuan Garden Court owners reflect to reporters, the district there are security risks, the relevant departments repeatedly urged rectification, community security environment has not improved.

[owners] thousands of community security risks, the owners do not dare to live at home

angry at Mr. Lee Zheng Dong New District Hengtong Baisha Town scenic garden district recently, car was parked in the downstairs area falling upstairs hit the glass tiles, and a large area of the body to repair damaged, spent thousands of yuan, regardless of residential property, Lee can only bear their own costs.

this is a car smashed, the next time if the person was smashed, and that is the problem of life!" Mr Lee said.

Mr. Lee is located in the town of Heng Tong Garden District is located in Zheng Dong new town, the district has more than 3 thousand owners, the resident population of more than 10 thousand people.

10 11 pm, reporters rushed to the District, the guard did not ask for registration, direct release. Reporters saw in the District, a number of residential buildings in the presence of private pull charging line, wire down the gas pipeline, there is a huge security risk.

, a lot of charging line from the gas meter box to pick up, which if in case of leakage, gas pipeline is extremely prone to explosion, but it threatens the lives of hundreds of thousands of people." Owners Mr Cheung said, he repeatedly told the Zhengzhou residential property in the property management company to reflect the situation, but did not have any effect, but, from the village moved to another house to live.

owner Liu said, not just the tiles falling, gas meter private wiring, residential fire exits, occupied house opened more than and 10 undocumented kindergarten property safety problems are ignored.

"I don’t know what to do and how to die. I don’t want to live here."." Mr. Zhang said.

[property] did not consider parking issues, posted notice notice

according to the reflection of the district several owners, Scenic Garden District Hengtong others, property management for Zhengzhou Huarun Property Management Limited, but I do not know when, residential property in Zhengzhou Hongrun property management limited.


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