Hunan college students entrepreneurship mentor will be held in Changsha

college students’ employment problem is related to the social economic development and stability, so that the social direction of the wind from the "college students do not want to start" to "college students willing to start" is the government’s goal. Hunan province is through the support of college students entrepreneurship, so that Hunan has become a place for innovative talent training and gathering.

in the class, Zhao Zichen, star "project with the support of the party and government, association led, market operation" ideas and "Internet plus" mode of operation, relying on high-quality resources, the integration of college students entrepreneurial projects, private entrepreneurs, college students’ creative talents, national entrepreneurship competition, College Students’ Internet hit light online platform, public funds and other resources, by means of socialization, helping governments to create new business heights".

solve entrepreneurship, government, enterprises, colleges and universities need to join family, and many other aspects of power, effective for college students to overcome various obstacles. Let college students have political and economic benefits in business.

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