You can join the Weis cold noodle

joined the project weijiade cold noodle cold noodle? Wei Jia is located in a cold noodle western fast food industry independent research and development, production, distribution, management and sales combination of fast food chain enterprises. Set production and sales as a whole, the use of domestic and international advanced production equipment and technology to support the entire production line. To maximize their productivity, production efficiency, high quality, uniform standards of products. Have a perfect logistics and Distribution Department, every day to multiple batches of stores in a timely manner and a small number of distribution of raw materials. Ensure that the store selling products at the same time, the maximum extent to enhance the freshness of the product. In the northwest region has a high visibility, and has become one of the most famous and fast food chain in Shaanxi. So weijiade cold noodle can join? Of course, the answer is yes.

franchise profile:

Franchise refers to the franchise, the franchisor will have their own trademarks, trade names, products, patents and proprietary technology, business model in the form of the franchise contract awarded by the franchisor, franchisee in accordance with the contract, to engage in business activities are unified in the franchise business mode, and pay the corresponding fees to the franchisor. As a result of the existence of franchising enterprises with a unified image chain management, unified management and other basic features, it is also known as franchise chain, franchise chain.

Wei cold noodle franchise system:

"weijiade cold noodle" Department of Xi’an Hua Rong Wei Restaurant Management Ltd. catering brand. Wei Jia Rong unified Catering Management Co. Ltd. in Xi’an China brand and management mode, authorized franchise business "Wei Jia cold noodle fast-food chain" in certain area.

was licensed use of the "Weis cold noodle" has the trademark, trade name, trademark, logo and other proprietary technology, patents, copyright, domain names and other intellectual property rights, as well as the current and future have the Weis cold noodle the goodwill and other intangible assets, the franchisee in franchise store design and image recognition system the "unified weijiade cold noodle shop business, according to the Xi’an Huarong weijiade Catering Management Limited unified service standards and norms provide catering services for customers.

franchise conditions:

the spirit of cooperation and win-win business philosophy, "Wei cold noodle" voluntarily join the franchise system, supervision and management by the Xi’an Hua Rongwei Catering Management Limited and strictly abide by the "Weis cold noodle franchise management system", and have the following conditions:

1, to abide by the national food service industry related laws and regulations, and highly recognized "weijiade cold noodle" brand value and business products and business philosophy, enthusiasm, and interested in the food service industry;


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